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9:00 PM
Lol why does the "nominate yourself" link appear for moderators?
Maybe you can become a mod^2?
With great power...
@3ventic ...comes LOTS OF COOKIES.
That was slightly random
Wait what? Cookies? Nobody told me about cookies. /me is writing nomination
spawns 2700 rep to nominate himself
9:05 PM
@TimStone probably late to the party on this one, but cool gravatar
Hahah, thanks :)
Would go very nice with a moderator nomination.
But then I'd actually have to do work.
That comment would make sense, if you weren't actually already doing their work @TimStone.
Nah, I hardly do anything even remotely moderation-related on SO.
Now if these were just elections for Meta, then sure.
9:10 PM
Ha, check back in 6-8 weeks I guess?
@TimStone that's 6-8 weeks away in the MSO/SO split right?
@Bart Heh, thanks. :) I thought about it, but won't. No time and what Tim Stone said
too slow
... work becomes work when you are expected to do it :)
Oh hi @Flexo!
9:11 PM
@Bart You know, of course, that you would have my vote and endorsement.
As would others in this room!
Okay @Pëkka. Prepare to be poked again next election. I might even sharpen the stick ;)
The level-headed professionalism on display here would be exactly what the site needs.
@Bart haha, ok. :)
And if I were to ever consider being a moderator, I'd have to have considerably more main-site activity. (Though I guess that's largely self-imposed)
Because of the links in this chat, I have 85 consecutive days on SO..
Yeesh, keeping on top of nomination comments is just about a full-time job :P
Ya know, I should probably put my age in my profile for the sake of transparency.
9:17 PM
Age shouldn't matter
Which is?
@Bart My age? 14
Prepare for teenage-mod-of-doom Meta post comment then @Undo. ;)
@Bart Yup. ;)
Q: What does Meta really mean?

user251500This website is meta stackoverflow but i thought its better to know what does it mean really meta ! . Just to give more knowledge about this website. Is it related to only stackoverflow ? or its general questions ?

resits temptation to post "MURDER" as answer
9:22 PM
"Meta is just .... meta .... you know ... like wow that's so meta man"
@Undo I am younger than you! :P
@hichris123 Really? Wow.
You guys are making me feel old...
Me too..
and I haven't even finished school!
Heck, I haven't even had a job
Kevin Montrose on February 10, 2014

There’s been a lot of excitement lately here at Stack Exchange, what with the launch of our Android app and the start of our iOS app alpha.  A few sharp-eyed users noticed, hidden deep within each app, a new version of the Stack Exchange API. After a few more weeks of testing I’m happy to say that V2.2 is now frozen, documented, and released.

Creating questions and answers


Editing, Deleting, and Flagging

Improved OAuth UI on mobile devices

…and lots more

Almost everything done by our own apps is using our public API, but there are a few notable exceptions: …

9:24 PM
the Charcoal team had figured out a bunch of the methods before today :D
The center of that logo really makes me think of a Great Ball.
Is it normal to be getting 'ghost notifications' of nomination comments that... don't exist?
Uh oh.
I think you're getting notified for actual comments, and for edits to those comments.
But I don't see the content of those comments
Awww the admin timeline doesn't work for nominations. :(
9:31 PM
Q: LessPopMoreFizzPedia Brown and the Mystery of the Missing Mentions

LessPop_MoreFizzThere's a new Response to my Declaration! I should go see what it is so I can respond to the concerns of my would be constituents! Except, the newest response I see is my own. From over an hour ago, not a mere 6 minutes ago. Going to the "Responses" tab on my profile reveals not just one, ...

What the...
Good lord, you're right @TimStone!
The comments show up on my responses page!
Can anyone see them on the post itself?
You need to start flagging the older ones as obsolete!
@3ventic My autoflag script works on nominations :D
9:34 PM
@Undo Cinder works too. :P null time.
For a bug like this? D:
It's not necessarily a bug...
Yeah, that seems a bit silly. performs necessary harassment
Uh... teh commentz aren't there!!!
Might just be bad design or unexpectedly many comments
9:35 PM
I think I'm going to play Mafia II in Japanese...
I think I'm going to take a warm shower and head to bed
@3ventic But why does it work fine on 'normal' posts?
@Undo My recommend close flags don't show up in the helpful flag stat. :(
@hichris123 Oh?
looks for @hichris123's nomination
@3ventic The comment stuff was refactored once upon a time and I think the election page just got totally looked over.
9:38 PM
@TimStone eh, the real problem is that it wasn't totally looked over
So... what do I do with the questions in the comments that only sorta-exist?
Answer them anyways and pretend you are psychic.
I just pushed a fix that should bring the "show X more comments" link back on elections after the next build
@BenCollins But they don't even show up after a page reload...
@BenCollins \o/
9:40 PM
@Undo link pls?
Our hero
@BenCollins Bottom of my nomination after quite a few reloads:
@TimStone do I get to be a hero if I make a mistake and then fix it after 6-8 weeks? ;-)
My responses page:
@BenCollins That's what Tim Stone does with the Data Explorer...
9:41 PM
@BenCollins Meh, why not?
@animuson Woah, woah, woah
@Undo right. comments are limited to 15, and we do a rollup of what look like the best comments. What's supposed to happen is that if there are more than 15 (or the "top comments" rollup decides on some other limit based on scores), the link says "show X more comments / add comment" (or the reverse, actually)
@BenCollins Ooooh, okay.
the bug was that the number of comments remaining wasn't counted correctly, so NO LINK FOR YOU
Aha. Makes sense.
9:43 PM
the comments exist, and if you add a comment, they will all expand, but adding a comment, reading, deleting your comment is pretty cumbersome UX :-)
if you look at the sources in dev tools, you'll see a data attribute on the comments table:
data-remaining-comments-count=0 on your nomination
Huh. What happens if I change it?
you'd have to change it as the javascript is loading, so....good luck
hatches plan to view nomination comments through the API
@Undo To flag them? :P
9:48 PM
@hichris123 Probably not. But to at least see them.
Anyone else seeing problems with the IPv6 connectivity of sstatic.net.cdn?
cdn.sstatic.net even
@Undo you're got 19 comments, so there are 4 that just don't show up. Should be back to normal after the next build.
doesn't know if he has IPv6
I just realized that I won't be able to vote in the primaries, because I'm going to be in Allegheny State Park all of next week. At least I'll be able to vote in the final election!
@Flexo I see timeouts on the tracert as well
9:52 PM
@rene I'm getting 50% packet loss (ICMP) and no HTTP successes
@Flexo same here for the packet loss
(and for reference ipv6.google.com is rock solid)
@BenCollins Wonderful, thanks!
@Flexo confirmed as well
9:55 PM
@michaelb958 Huh wha? Where?
@michaelb958 I saw. :P
@Undo See link.
There must be something borked in the CW namecard-maker.
It's because they manually change the owner of the post to Community, but they didn't change the owner of the first revision to Community. So the algorithm probably thinks the first person who edits is the owner of 100% of the content.
10:02 PM
Assuming that's what they did. I'm pretty sure the wiki username said Community before.
Is anyone else's pages barely loading? SO seems very slow from here
@JeroenVannevel It's fine for me.
There seems to be a cdn.sstatic.net hickup/packet loss at least from western-europe
@animuson It did.
Wow, I have 100 rep now, all thanks to this silly answer
10:05 PM
Yeah I only have it on SO, started about 15 minutes ago.
switch off ipv6 to get better results
@rene I switched to another IPv6 enabled device that hasn't been on for a while and it's working fine so I'm wondering if it's got unlucky with a cached DNS record
I'll try a flushdns
seems to work out of its own just now
Yeah, it resolved itself here. No wait, I take that back.
@Mr.Abe I saw that yesterday. I think that post is starting to get derailed from all the answers like that, though.
10:11 PM
It is on and off for me
It looks like I'm stuck somewhere in the ams-ix
I have a little slowdown after gru1.gblx but I assume it's just crossing the ocean at that point since the next one is pnap.net. Works again now though, it's on and off indeed
night all!
@Flyk Night!
I'm out... :(
Why you limit me to 50/day, SE?
Because otherwise the close vote queue would be empty. We can't have that.
10:47 PM
I guess that's one of the reasons. If it was empty, @animuson wouldn't have anything to do and couldn't get cookies!
ooooh election
might as well nominate myself :P
@Doorknob Yes yes yes
Prediction: I get pushed off the top 30 by people with more reputation and none of this matters anyway :P
@Undo You did get endorsed by the Lizard...
@hichris123 Yes, but only the top 30 by rep even have a chance.
Lizard endorsement or not
11:02 PM
Why are the visitor stats all in the past tense?
And why is there a semicolon at the end of them all?;
> too long by 47 characters
And why is my room so cold?
Window open?
11:08 PM
@animuson You didn't put the fire on?
^ Yeah. Find a box of matches and some old pieces of carpeting.
You... don't have a heater?
Your heater is broken?
You... left your cookie outside?
And what the hell are these little metal balls on my floor?
11:09 PM
@animuson Pics or it didn't happen.
Seriously, where did these come from? I'm extremely curious.
> too long by 3 characters
@Doorknob Blasphemy!
I somehow managed to use exactly the limit :P
11:13 PM
@animuson lolwat?
> •I'm very active on meta. I am also active in its chatroom, the Tavern.
I don't even...
We're the only chatroom on meta? :P
@hichris123 :D
@hichris123 it used to be "main chatroom" but I had to save characters. :P
11:14 PM
@Doorknob I noticed something shiny on my floor and was curious what it was. So I picked it up, and then i aw two more, and I have no flipping idea what they're from or how they got there.
@animuson haha
Probably bits of your heater @animuson...
> "I've played a major part in the recent spam waves" sounds ever so slightly like you were the one sending it. A guilty concence perhaps?
@Doorknob ^ :D
@hichris123 I know :P I'm editing, and now I'm 2 chars over!
I feel like I'm code-golfing
Hinty hinty, abreviations help.
> An error occured while flagging
^ Why can't I flag comments as obsolete on nominations? :P
@hichris123 "flaggin"? Quite a casual message! :P
it's deleted now anyway
actually I think that's why you got the error - because it was already deleted
11:21 PM
@Doorknob Couldn't copy and paste it. :P
@Doorknob I flagged it before it was deleted, did it once, got the error, did it again, and the comment was still there.
I need to flag 3 more posts so that I get to 700 helpful flags so that it looks like more :P
11:49 PM
Deliberate that I can't click on the timestamp of a comment on the election page, to grab a link? I could earlier tonight! Useful for sharing in chat
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I just realized that as well :/
Oh I love the notification sound in this chat. Nice. In the SO Lounge we get an almighty ding.
I managed to get a direct link to a comment, but it doesn't onebox :/
(I used inspect element in Chrome, and found the comment ID :P)
Heh, and that's the comment I was going to share ;)
Good luck with your nomination
thanks :)
heh :P
11:58 PM
I ordered Adobe products. I couldn't resist. I miss Adobe so much. :(
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