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12:00 AM
@hichris123 jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
(yay, my thing is useful when I don't want to do something!)
@DoorknobofSnow givemetehcodez.
$('<button>').attr('class','button').text('random message').click(function(){$('#input').val($('#input').val()+Array(20).join(String.fromCharCode((Math.random()*95|0)+32)));$('#sayit-button').click()}).insertAfter($('#sayit-button'))
click the reply button on someone's message and then click "random message" :D
No, your website code...
@hichris123 why? :P
fine, here's index.php:
Sidenote: My website repo is easy to maintain... commit -> sudo git pull master origin
12:02 AM
<?php session_save_path($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/cgi-bin/tmp"); session_start(); ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang='en'>
		<title>Keyboard Fire - Home</title>
		<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='/global.css' />
		<div id='container'>
			<?php $title = "Keyboard Fire - Home"; include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/header.php"); ?>
			<div id='content'>
				Welcome to Keyboard Fire!
Aww... login.php plz?
Drat. watchout4snakes needs an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header.
So $('<button>').attr('class','button').text('Random message').click(function(){$.ajax({url: 'http://watchout4snakes.com/wo4snakes/Random/NewRandomSentence',type: 'post',async: 'true',success: function(data){$('#input').val();}});}).insertAfter($('#sayit-button')) doesn't work.
@hichris123 no :P although I might open-source the whole site at some point
awwwww, I missed the start of the UTC day :(
still, I must try to beat my record of using all 40 close votes~!
@DoorknobofSnow I already did. :P
12:05 AM
Dang! I've only done one close vote so far today
I've done 0. :D
you know what, never mind :P it's too late
I will wait until tomorrow and set an alarm on my phone at 5:50 or something :P
time to start working on making my wobsite more colorful and stuff :P
Whoop, and there's sirens
I love 'city' life
Especially when nobody knows how to drive in ice and our businesses let out at the same time as schools so everyone is on the road at the same time as snow/ice hits.
12:08 AM
okay, I have to leave for dinner now. bye all
@DoorknobofSnow - Take it easy
12:20 AM
So is it just more, or do audits not happen as often when going through the Close Vote queue?
@DoorknobofSnow Exhausting one’s closevotes is easier than exhausting one’s delete votes, if only because we still have no delete queue.
wonders if @hichris123 will yell at me if I don't use my close reviews today
> You need at least 3k reputation to review close votes.
@Undo GO DO IT, NOW! (or give me API keys, expiry 1 day.)
@hichris123 You can't review from the API.
But you can CV.
12:26 AM
Yeah, true
I'm below the 300 rep level needed. :P
Aw! If I had a question to ask, I'd bounty it
@ChrisForrence Why?
For you to get to 3000. And considering I had gotten a good chunk of my reputation from one answer, I'm alright with bounty-ing
goes to look at that answer
Someone just did accept one of my answers...
@ChrisForrence Great answer!
A: How can I increment a variable without exceeding a maximum value?

ChrisForrenceI would just do this. It basically takes the minimum between 100 (the max health) and what the health would be with 15 extra points. It ensures that the user's health does not exceed 100. public void getHealed() { health = Math.min(health + 15, 100); } To ensure that hitpoints do not drop ...

I am a Java dev, by the way. :P
12:42 AM
Oh, nice!
runs iOS app from his superior IDE
Sorry, I had to do it :P
Liar! :P
@Undo "IDE".equals("AVD") != true
[IDE trample:AVD];
12:47 AM
@Undo "AVD".equals("slow emulator") == true. You do know that, right?
NSUser *user = [NSUser userWithName:@"Flyk"];
[user setFireTo:[NSTerribleTool toolWithName:@"AVD"]];
@Undo Why'd you want to burn me, then change to burning AVD?
Also, we need to bork Doorknob's website...
Because I decided it would be better to set fire to AVD
@hichris123 I've tried evil things like firekeyboard.com/../../something-important, but it doesn't work D:
I know... ):
Yeah /admin.php yielded nothing
12:50 AM

You don't have permission to access /cgi-bin/tmp on this server.
Although, we may need to wait for new content to break so we can break it
I wonder; is it considered kosher to insert a snippet into the review page that alerts you when the next review is an audit?
@ChrisForrence No.
It's possible, but no.
Fair enough
I was playing around with Chrome tools and noticed what was being sent from the server
1:04 AM
@Undo We need to find stuff that is client-side validated...
@hichris123 Yes. I can't find any ;(
I bet there's a bunch of it in the diamond tools.
But we don't have access to that... yet. :D
There's probably even more in the CM/dev tools.
whois.net just told me that the domain was available
1:11 AM
Buy it and break the Internet!
@ChrisForrence What domain?
NSOL told me that it is registered
Alright, I'm done.
Gonna go see that "Leggo" flick
lol, what's with the &#92162;' OR 1=1 /* account name
@DoorknobofSnow whistles
1:23 AM
Open source all the code plz?
I might later
I'm chatting from my phone right now
There's a challenge - open source all the code from your phone.
I do have TeamViewer :-P that's how I saw that new account name
So technically I can
@Doorknob Then do it! :P
1:51 AM
I'm home
why do people constantly try and changed the community-established status quo?
@Amaterasu ...context?
@DoorknobofSnow ah, I have just been reading some posts on MSO seemingly demanding changes, such as lowering the minimum to vote, downvote comments etc
okay then
not sure why I read them, amusement probably
2:15 AM
Hiya @Mr.Abe!
Q: Can we get something that says 'Verification email sent' when registering?

Mr. AbeI recently just registered for a Stack Exchange account through this site (http://meta.stackoverflow.com). When I registered, nothing happened (the form doesn't redirect), so I registered 4 more times, and finally I decided to check my email. I had 5 emails from do-not-reply@stackexchange.com! ...

To those people who know who I am ;)
Em, irl, you know....
hello @Mr.Abe
You are a llama.
^Too obvious for that one :P
No! I am specifically anti-llama.
Though I like llamas.
@Mr.Abe NOOO how dare you
2:17 AM
@DoorknobofSnow I am not a llama. I am homozygous dominant in humanity.
In Uni, i used to belong to a group called FOUL - Friends of the Unnatural Llama
@Amaterasu You could say it's an odd llama ;)
Well, em... going to work on 'C4iOS' if you get it :)
2:31 AM
lots of lipsum :D keyboardfire.com
2:49 AM
That reminds me of a story my father once told me:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed semper, orci quis lobortis luctus, mi nulla commodo arcu, at interdum nisi mi eget lectus. Vivamus laoreet aliquam sagittis. Maecenas lorem sem, laoreet nec fringilla convallis, laoreet quis ligula. Aenean non elit in mi ullamcorper tincidunt eget in quam. Quisque in erat enim. Ut consectetur commodo neque. Etiam purus erat, lacinia ac mauris quis, imperdiet lobortis enim. Sed auctor imperdiet ante vitae tincidunt. Sed quis diam tellus. Nulla vel mauris velit. Etiam lacinia non tu
Well, actually it goes more like:
This page is required to post a comment. But it is always , clinical policies of mourning for a man , my dear there is no advantage of a bow, But at times can save more needs more time. Live performances of some customers. Overview of the Internet a lot , bills that it's to grow strong , here's one around the world. I really no competition in my notebook more work needs than he was. Everyone was in for . As such, please do not . As yet spotless it was, on the fringe of a man very funny and well , financing policies , for instance. But the author of the fina
Someone is wrong on the internet! http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/20457/upvote-vs-up-vote-vs-up-vote

The badges say 'up vote', but the post says it's 'upvote'!
@Mr.Abe Nooooo!
@Manishearth Errr... funny edge case?
Yeah, it trips on foreign titles :P
@michaelb958 ya, different language tripped mine up as well
taunts @hichris :P
Bad @DoorknobofSnow! smites with @Bart's smiting stick
> I recently allowed my website to received do exchange, after putting the code on my website, I clicked to confirm, then am seeing another thing.
umm... what?!
that's literally the entire post
Flagged as unclear
@DoorknobofSnow Mm... closer. :P
@hichris123 only 120 left! :D
3:15 AM
I wonder why @Doorknob... :P
@Manishearth That... kinda messed it up.
@Doorknob I promise I'll have 3k by this time tomorow.
3:17 AM
Please no serial downvoting. :D
oh, I know what I need to do - make my logo clickable and make it go to the homepage :P
@DoorknobofSnow Yes. Yes yes yes.
> This messed up the grammar more...
The activity levels on SR feel like a graduated site :D
And this is a slow time of day :P
3:25 AM
on fire
Hopefully I'll be down to 95 repz @Doorknob. :P
@hichris123 you're so close! ;)
But yet so far. :P
@hichris123 whatever
3:28 AM
Wait... I'm pink/purple too. :P
when I had a default avatar, people complained
when I had a pony, people complained
when I'm an angel, people complain
I'm (kind of) back
3 hours ago, by Undo
NSUser *user = [NSUser userWithName:@"Flyk"];
[user setFireTo:[NSTerribleTool toolWithName:@"AVD"]];
^ @Flyk you set fire to stuff. :P
@DoorknobofSnow Can you provide the Charcoal icon image as a 1024X1024, please?
@Mr.Abe no
3:30 AM
@DoorknobofSnow Also, can you please get yourself online on Skype?
Why not?
@Mr.Abe I didn't make it that big
So how am I supposed to get it larger without getting it pixilated?
@Mr.Abe you don't?
make your own :P
@Mr.Abe Nice sock you have there. :P
keyboardfire.com now optimized for mobile view :D view it on your phone!
oh, I know what I should do - make a favicon
3:34 AM
What is a favicon?
@hichris123 the little icon you see in the tab when you open a page
Ah.. that makes sense.
Req 2 kloz
Q: What's the best CRLF handling strategy with git?

Daniel JompheI tried committing files with CRLF-ending lines but it failed. I spent a whole work day on my Windows computer trying different strategies, and was almost drawn to stop trying to use git and instead try mercurial. Please share only one best practice per answer.

"Primarily opinion based"
3:36 AM
Stop taunting me. :P
I'm flagging the comments
After that, maybe lock it?
@hichris123 Thanks, I just folded it
@Mr.Abe Congrats.
@Mr.Abe is it washed?
I now have a favicon :D
@DoorknobofSnow Yes, it's washed :P
3:44 AM
@Mr.Abe good; I don't like dirty socks
It's watching you....
Now must put away socks (and other things)
3:48 AM
That must've taken you five key presses!
@Mr.Abe 1. Hide layer (the extra fire thingies on the logo and the background) 2. Shift+drag (select a square) 3. ctrl+shift+x (crop to selection) 4. ctrl+shift+f (flatten)
4, actually :P
4 actions
oh, and I set up my email - andy at [my domain]
(that's my name :P)
@hichris123 interesting, how did this conversation start?
@DoorknobofSnow How much data does your email have?
@Mr.Abe 500MB
3:52 AM
Whilese my email only has 5mb
I just shortened this url: x.vu/u to this: goo.gl/MYefxL
What's your web hoster?
My subscription is two-yearly
mine too
3:55 AM
It says it's monthly, or did I read wrong?
@Mr.Abe what does?
The site thing
I didn't read for .com
Just for the account thing
@Flyk Um, Undo thinking his IDE is superior.
Unfortunately, nothing's free in the land of the free
4:01 AM
yay, Thunderbird is officially working :D
@DoorknobofSnow Use this as the logo:
@Mr.Abe I don't think the fellows over at wardandwilson.co.uk will be too happy about that
Just a joke ;)
I'll post a couple more images
Hmm, techfirenetwork.com
What about techfire.net?
@Mr.Abe You can stop spamming oneboxes now -_-
Okay :P
4:05 AM
now both my phone and computer are configured with SSL email to andy @ [my webiste]! :D
I can't go on with testing until someone re-sizes a particular little image
@DoorknobofSnow Most Apple devices come with email clients...
@Mr.Abe I don't have an Apple device...
and obviously all phones "come with email clients," it wouldn't make any sense for them not to
I feel so weird for requesting a private beta extension for SR :P
Q: An odd request: can we have another week in private beta?

UndoIf the CM team so decides, we're scheduled to start private beta in two days (Tuesday). I'm not sure we're ready. On most new beta sites, announcements from the CM team that the site will stay in private beta for another week are met with disappointment. I'd like to stipulate that we really want...

@Undo You mean start public beta...
I have to sleep now; bye
4:17 AM
@DoorknobofSnow Okay then, use one software to download another and then throw it away.
4:43 AM
software recs seems to already be suffering from people accepting suggestions but not voting
I've already given up on that site.
4:55 AM
@animuson I think we have a decent chance.
We have work to do, sure.
The answer quality still looks terrible.
@Flyk mm?
@animuson I blame the questions...
@animuson I'm not saying we're doing it right right now, I'm saying that we have the right crowd of people to fix it.
But you also have a crowd that doesn't want to fix it.
I think quite a few of us do.
5:02 AM
@animuson ... or just don't care... D:
I mean, the fact that Kenny's "we shouldn't even care" answer on my Meta question has a positive score of 4 is pretty damn sad.
5:29 AM
I have a question! takes off to scan site list
2 hours later…
SmokeDetector: Detecting smoking crap since 2014.
My point exactly.
1 hour later…
8:39 AM
Q: love vashikaran spoECialISt baBa+91-9166793050

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how has this survived 12 minutes on SO?
More importantly, why didn't a Tavern bot pick it up?
... or my own bot? Maybe it was edited in the grace period? Should I re-eval questions whose title changes?
10:09 AM
good last hour of morning
This is a follow the sun operation :-)
11:01 AM
Can I have an meta effect here? stackoverflow.com/questions/21658114/…
@rene you mean chat effect.... but the tavern appears to be deserted. :(
@michaelb958 probably the baba discovered how to bypass the regex being used... he's not stupid, this I'll give him.
Well, I hope some people will scan over the transscript and act..
Yeah, otherwise it will get buried in the ever growing close votes queue.
The CVQ is not a problem anymore since animuson got to work on it...for cookies...
11:19 AM
@DoorknobofSnow I think I was testing it locally that time
Can I launch a browser with the current file from Sublime like I can from Notepad++? Or do I have to misuse the buildsystem for that?
11:51 AM
And why exactly can't you use chrome or firebug? Is the webbrowser control the one from c# on a winform? It would really help if you add the questions that you already found and tried to explain what didn't work. Otherwise we start writing your code which ends up to be useless because some solutions didn't work in the first place. That is if someone is prepared to write that working code for you. — rene 1 min ago
12:08 PM
@rene just one more vote needed on that first one, meta-chat effect is working slowly but surely
@rene 115,403 is not a problem? ;)
Not if all mods start doing 1000 binding close votes a day...for cookies...
@ShadowWizard but we need everybody who can close vote in that queue to join the effort...really...every day...
@OGHaza it was indeed. OP felt silent after the first comment left I guess...
12:24 PM
Should robots have this kind of power?
Community is literally the dumbest moderator here. Unfortunately, it's still a moderator and its delete votes cannot be overriden. — Jan Dvorak 1 min ago
Are you challenging the powers of The Community? ;-)
@Jan couple of existing meta discussions
Q: Regular (non-moderator) users should be able to override deletions by Community user

Shmuel BrinThere is a question on Judaism.SE that got deleted by the Community user. This question isn't terrible (we have worse one's there), and I'm not complaining about this question in particular. I wanted to vote to undelete it. However, it says "A moderator has deleted this post and it cannot be und...

Q: Should questions removed automatically for inactivity really be non-undeletable?

Ben LeeThe question Why was my question removed? is about a question that was deleted due to inactivity. There was discussion in the comments about community members casting undelete votes, and the post in question was finally undeleted (and remains so today). Something appears to have changed though....

Not a single word from any SE team though
They don't want to risk getting that Community user upset
Yeah, probably even the great Shog is afraid of The Community ;)
12:43 PM
@hichris123 Can you enable zooming on the CV graph?
chart: {
renderTo: 'container',
zoomType: 'x'
Even the delete votes of users that became moderators after casting the delete vote make the post non-undeletable
does the questions get actually deleted an the moment their vote casters upon (is this a valid construct in english?) get elected as moderators?
@3ventic yep, also discussed and maybe even declined but more likely didn't get any official attention. Honestly it's pretty much edge cases, in the rare event of something that really need to be undeleted moderator can do that.
Interestingly, we can still vote to reopen mod-deleted questions
but not comment upon them.
@JanDvorak no, nothing get auto deleted like that. But if a question got 1 delete vote from John while he was ordinary member, then John became moderator and then Bob (ordinary user) cast the second delete vote, that vote would insta-delete the post.
12:54 PM
so, the logic is when delete vote is cast: if (any delete vote owner is a mod) or (there are enough delete votes) then delete the post?
@ShadowWizard Are you sure about that? This sounds very strange*
@ThiefMaster 99% I saw such a case once reported on meta, yeah
let me search
@ThiefMaster it doesn't, if the information who cast the latest delvote doesn't get naturally through the trigger to its handler.
SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE vote.question_id = :qid AND caster.is_mod vs ... AND vote.id = (SELECT min(vote.id) FROM votes as vote WHERE /*repeat the condition*/)
Wow. The dashboard looks really weird on sites where no task in a particular queue has ever been done (such as the reopen votes on meta.codegolf.se)
@ShadowWizard It did, but no developer action yet.
1:09 PM
> +1 just for being a dick to your fellow competitiors - Jan Dvorak, not yet
@TimStone I see. Couldn't find any proof of my earlier assumption, guess we'll just have to wait and try it somehow to prove me right or wrong :)
OK, that's weird
comment from the future?
Clock desync, perhaps?
@JanDvorak maybe, but it gets weirder... clicking it leads to answer by someone else
> TIL you can exactly reproduce the comment oneboxing, thus making up fake comments and even putting words into people's mouths. - Shadow Wizard, 5 seconds later
oh, you cheat!!
1:19 PM
You can distinguish legit oneboxes in the HTML, though.
should I implement a fake-comment buster? Into @caprica, maybe?
@JanDvorak be my guest! :)
@Manishearth Ah, ok. You should use it then; it would be useful
@Mr.Abe ???
1:36 PM
Hi everybody
@DoorknobofSnow can your bots scan existing delete votes somehow?
@Tim wow that's.... powerful!
Oh, reminds me I took couple of pictures and didn't have the chance to share just yet
@ShadowWizard Uhh, I don't think so. I suppose I could try making it scrape the 10k tools page :P
Good enough @Door.... need to find a post with an old delete vote from a user that became moderator after casting that vote.
We should totally rename those things from "Merit Badges" to "Repetitive stress injury brace decorators"
@ShadowWizard Wait, why do you need that?
@TimPost RSIBDs for short! :D
1:39 PM
Read upwards, I have an unproven theory ;)
hmm, well I definitely can't see who the delete-voters are. (that's impossible in any case.)
I suspect that casting a second delete vote on such a post will delete it, since the existing delete vote becomes binding
1:52 PM
Hmm... wonder if this one is on topic?
Q: Google green site scroll using javascript

nullsofthttp://www.google.com/green/products/engineers/#/intro Please check this link, and try to scroll down and stop scrolling between any 2 parts, the page will automatically scroll to one of those parts. How is that done? I believe using javascript but I've no idea how it's really done. Any ideas?

@ShadowWizard The problem with questions that rely on external resources is...
@JanDvorak too localized?
unclear. If the external resource changes, the question will no longer make sense.

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