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12:01 AM
Is this a non-answer/bad-answer/meh-answer?
A: Order of execution PHP / Jquery / AJAX

user1152228Make sure the value of $url is set correctly.

I'm #15 on the weekly rep league... this can't be right.
I'm even above Skeet!
Me thinks it's a problem...
as if #1 got 750 rep yesterday :O
Site classes have disappeared from the realtime feed HTML. EEEK.
12:07 AM
Huh wha? Eeek!
This broke my userstyle. Easy fix - I'll hook to the image URL instead, and just update it when it changes again.
anyone knows where the tag list in the lateral bar went? the one that appears when you click any question along with views and last activity?
it also probably broke my script that hides entire sites under certain circumstances.
cd se-spam-helper && ii se-spam-helper.user.js
Yeah... it broke my userscript. :-/
Wait, whaaat? It's there again...
12:34 AM
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 23 hours to continue reviewing.
@Braiam I haven't tried. Oh, it's a link. Hold on...
@Braiam There's your dupe.
Could not reproduce this bug.
It's A/B testing.
12:49 AM
I have no complaint about this change, but I have a point against A/B testing in general: it's going to spawn off some quite confused meta discussions. — Jan Dvorak 1 min ago
... and they're not even red. (And yeah, come beat me with a giant S. I do realise there are only one rectangles) — Jan Dvorak 1 min ago
> This answer by some guy called "Jeff Atwood" (who seems to know what he's talking about)
That made my day.
@hichris123 link? :D
I'm tempted to link this guy to this room:
1:05 AM
A: How does Stack Overflow formatting works?

JohnsywebThis answer by some guy called "Jeff Atwood" (who seems to know what he's talking about) suggests that you should take a look here: https://code.google.com/p/pagedown/ From that site: PageDown is the version of Attacklab's Showdown and WMD as used on Stack Overflow and the other Stack Exchan...

^ That's the answer.
@Doorknob he won't point them out. In fact, his comment is already gone.
@animuson Can you please synonymize to ?
@hichris123 lol, judging from his rep I'm pretty sure that's a joke :D
@Doorknob Probably. Still made me laugh. :P
At least your response appears to be balanced and have the intent of being constructive to the issue. Thanks for that. — Swodahs 32 secs ago
...as if the question is?
1:11 AM
Is it evil to blame a person of downvoting a post that definitely wasn't downvoted by anyone?
hrm, people appear to have liked my typo code-golf :P I'm trying to discover a trend in what kind of CG questions people like. :P
@Doorknob novel ones
My top code golfs, sorted by votes:
Enlarge ASCII art
9-hole mini-golf: Text Manipulation
Simulate a battle between two creatures
Collatz Conjecture
Give a multiple choice text
Insert typos into text
Minify Brainfuck
Generate a right triangle
Find the best immediate move in a "match-3" game
indeed; it seems that the more unique, the more people like it.
which isn't surprising :P
Frankly, i only upvoted the top two and the bottom one; and I only participated in #1.
1:38 AM
> (provided you define "success" as "stuff got down-voted")
AU gets the most weird spams:
@Braiam Mm.. that's on main? Weird.
I hate weird spam. Borderline good-faith-assumable
2:17 AM
long time no see
@JanDvorak oooh, an old friend of ours
2:41 AM
@Doorknob You're in Chicago, right?
@hichris123 no, Texas.
I did live in Chicago for 3-4 years though.
Wait... who was in Chicago then?
Hmm... thinks.
A: Resize photo with every extensions

GuestI'm on Mac OSX and use a app called "Sizerox". The app is very easy to use and offers very features. Beside resizing you can rename, rotate or watermark your photos with text and image. The app can handle JPG, PNG,PSD,TIFF format. You can try a demo at: http://www.sizerox.com/

is this OK?
does the user have other answers like this?
at this point it's quite link-only. At best.
well, the answer does not really help with the script, so I will flag it.
2:50 AM
Ah, @Joe was the one in Chicago...
3:20 AM
Um... 1) why is this possible spam? stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/4017482. And two: @Undo was shown as closing it, even though he hadn't. :P
possible spam = dubious origin
this includes folks caught in the crossfire - like this guy.
the reopen queue is rapidly becoming just as depressing as the vtc queue
@DennisMeng Example?
mm... wait, the reopen queue has reviews??????????
@hichris123 I could dig out a few examples, but the general thing is that when i see questions closed as off-topic in the queue, the question still isn't much better. An old example might be a question getting a wall of code after being closed for not having "minimal understanding", but has the code without any real clean up.
As if the user plopped it on there trying to do the minimum to get it reopen votes
3:36 AM
@DennisMeng Mm... I'm not sure if I've seen that (only been 3k for ~10 hours). If you could dig up an example that would be great, I'm not quite sure what you're refering to.
You'll see it soon enough; closed questions get plopped into the queue every time they're edited
Yeah, I've already reviewed around 15 of them... like 2 or 1 non-audit reopen.
also, gratz on joining us in the 3k+ club
@Dennis Thanks! I've already done 80 CV reviews... And I only have like 7 CV's left for today. Closing is fun! :P
1 hour later…
4:56 AM
@hichris123 Say that again when the queue is twice as big
i want to say it was around 55k when i hit 3k rep
I have a pretty graph of it since sometime in January....
Around 10K just since then.
1 hour later…
6:16 AM
1 hour later…
7:19 AM
I cast a NAA flag on Stack Apps. I feel weird.
1 hour later…
8:46 AM
There was a Meta question with a title like "There's a bug in the syntax highlighting" that was a canonical dupe target for said. I can't seem to find it... help?
@Stijn I get the feeling that that's the replacement, but I liked the old one better.
Have to be AFK for a while now.
@Flyk morning
@michaelb958 you want to find suitable dupe for this one?
Q: Highlighter inconsistency with #includes

fishI have noticed that in some cases that highlighter uses different colors to semantically identical pieces of code, namely include statements: This is a screenshot of the following answer: How to execute a functor in a given thread in Qt, GCD-style? My test answer in the formatting sandbox sug...

9:21 AM
hi, morning
anyone saw Pops? wanted to signal him a post on SharePoint meta he may find useful to reply to.
@ShadowWizard Yep, that was the idea.
No, I didn't see him but I'm just in for 30 minutes @SPArchaeologist
@rene . Thanks
@TimPost - hi Tim, are you online? Can I leave you a message?
@SPArchaeologist what's up?
9:27 AM
@Manishearth what is the bad keyword?
@TimPost while you're here can you please use your super powers to check what happened to this poor user?
Q: Associated account is empty and I have 2 meta accounts!

NoobEditorSee the screenshot below. You can see 2 meta accounts and no SO or any other associated account of mine. Question: My account has undergone lot of issues lately, like de-merger, closing of some duplicate accounts, etc. Is this issue related to that or is there some other problem?

I got my first double walled press after swearing I wasn't going to get another glass one. I quite love it, coffee stays nice and hot
@TimPost - hi, just wanted to signal to a mod a discussion on Meta SharePoint about scraper sites. Already linked the meta SO post about the reporting procedure, so if you want to add anything else ...
Q: Rival Sites Screen Scraping SPSE

RJ CuthbertsonSo check this out. I was following up on a question I had asked trying to find an answer to it and found this: My question here: What is ms-hcTest? Is on this site: http://qandasys.info/what-is-ms-hctest/ It was pretty easy to spot (Google "ms-hcTest", both are on the first page). I've seen on...

A: Rival Sites Screen Scraping SPSE

Tim PostWe have someone on the community team that handles these specifically. Note that, in most cases, the best we can hope for is that they come into compliance with our attribution guidelines. That said, use the contact form to reach out and let us know, make sure that you include: The URL to the...

@TimPost thanks. A mod post will surely receive more attention. Official staff wording after all.
(in the meantime, I will signal the site with the google results feedback functionality)
10:04 AM
@TimPost can I steal your post on SR?
I want to create an easy to find set of guidelines that could be referenced from a close reason in the future
..... nice. Ignobel awards 2013. An airplane anti-hijack system that will trap the hijacker in a box and then parachute it to earth ..... I must stop looking at that site.
I don't get the parachute...
@rene - that was my first though, too.
10:21 AM
@rene You don't want it to land on someone's head.
"Officer, my head has been hijacked!"
Dangerous thought for the day: "high quality spam" - spam of such a high quality it no longer looks like spam
Designate one flight per year as a bomb/hijack flight. Problem solved.
@Stijn . Easy to avoid. Drop them while you are flying over open sea or any other place that should be almost desert.
bonus points if you manage to make them fall in the middle of the only shark group in a 100km range.
10:49 AM
@Flyk Yeah remix any way you need to, ping-a-ding if you want me to have a look at it once you do
11:15 AM
@TimPost would it be appropriate to tag a question regarding our documentation as FAQ? (and if so, can you tag it)
in fact, could you tag all of these questions as faq?
or is that not appropriate at this point
faq-proposed would be better I think
I've created the tag
1:03 PM
@Flyk yep
There is a sale going on EBay for an Iphone with Flappy Birds installed that is currently running fon 99k USD....
I am officially scared.
@Manishearth why is "fashion" a bad word? :o
Maybe I should sell my nexus 7 with flappy bird installed
@Flyk I took Jan's regex list. It has come up before in spam.
Might want to tweak it though
@3ventic go for it
seem all auditions with bids are for iphone.
1:13 PM
@3ventic nexus? APK, dude :p
Those who have the money to pay don't have time to mess with APKs :p
@SPArchaeologist think the reason is flappy bird is about to be removed, so it would become rare over time.
already removed
oh my
And no mass suicide just yet? :D
1:16 PM
Didn't hit the news yet, probably
Needs a few weeks to discover the casualties
@3ventic yeah, buried deep in their basement
but I wont pay that amount, not even if I could, even for a copy of ET consigned personally by nerd James after he retrieved it from the burial
It is a lame copy of helicopter, not the "Sword of Ultimate Sorcery" (cudos for whoever gets the reference)
1:30 PM
Q: Help us test the alpha version of our iOS app

Arie LitovskyWe are in the early stages of development of the official Stack Exchange iOS app and we need your help with testing. To set a few expectations: there will be bugs, crashes, and missing features, all of which will be fixed in 6 to 8 weeks. We are initially targeting iOS 7 on iPhones only. To ...

does happy dance
@ShadowWizard we're going to send out the first batch today, can't make any promises as to when you'll get yours ;) — Arie Litovsky 48 secs ago
Oh. Wow - the class I was recently ranting about in this chat - it turns out that I was actually adding that class. Except that the script hadn't run this time for some reason.
happy happy!
@JanDvorak so we should add you to the Wheel of Blame? ;)
@ShadowWizard only when my userscripts break, I can be blamed :-)
I don't have many users
My rep is now in the quadruple digits on MSO!
1:38 PM
@RyanCarlson 141.5?
is that a decimal comma?
I should have told them to not use floats...
Yes. You can now get a hundredth of a rep by including freehand red circles in your post.
1.1k is also quadruple
What is the tooltip of the tags here in chat? It just show numbers as tooltip of each tag
OK, figured it... this is the number of posts
Hey guys, if four others agree with me let's reopen this one
Q: How do I make a call to add the status-completed tag?

BalaI raised this question for a bug, I just noticed that bug was resolved, I tried to add the status-completed tag, but it not allow me to add. Now how do I make a call to add the tag or will I leave it as it is.

(My comment explains why I think it's not a dupe)
As a side note, smacking someone who just wanted to keep the place more organized with two downvotes doesn't serve much purpose. But that's meta...
1:57 PM
@Shadow But that's still a dup:
Q: What is the correct way to request a [status-xxx] tag?

DoorknobThis question is now status-completed. (EDIT: deleted now, must find better example) (EDIT2: Another example: this question should be status-reproduced.) How should I request a [status-something] tag on a question? I was thinking of using a flag with the "other" option. Is this the correct thing...

@Doorknob true! So let's reopen and close as dupe of the correct question :)
2:11 PM
@ShadowWizard ok, voted
@ShadowWizard: Is it really worth re-opening and re-closing, though? — Martijn Pieters 11 secs ago
@MartijnPieters yes, better keep it as organized as possible in my opinion. :) — Shadow Wizard 11 secs ago
Copied from info and changed relevant parts.
let the war begin, Braiam vs. Software Recommendation on AU (this will be funny)
2:38 PM
Beer for @Oded!
Q: White text on light gray background in revisions page makes it invisible

Shadow WizardIn the revisions tab of a post, there are timestamps of each revision. However in this specific meta site, those timestamps are not visible due to being written in white color on nearly white (#eee) background. See for yourself: (link) And when highlighting all the text (CTRL+A) it finall...

2:53 PM
Is it just me or is that a horrible theme?
(I hope I didn't hurt anyone by saying that)
@Stijn Jin is now sobbing silently
3:17 PM
Someone needs to make a userscript to add share buttons to posts in private beta.
all caps and typofied
I'm awful at writing. It took me over an hour to write this:
A: How to pass a function as a parameter in Java?

Ryan CarlsonTo add on to jk.'s excellent answer, you can now pass a method more easily using Lambda Expressions (in Java 8). First, some background. A functional interface is an interface that has one and only one abstract method, although it can contain any number of default methods (new in Java 8) and stat...

A NAA flag on Jeff Atwood. Curious to see what will happen
A: Why do jQuery selectors sometimes not work in Internet Explorer

Jeff AtwoodStandard troubleshooting rules apply: construct a small bit of code that recreates the problem. I know it's a lot of work, but for really difficult/subtle problems, it's the only way to make any progress.

@JeroenVannevel umm... it does try to answer the question.
Also, the answer below sucks just as much.
3:31 PM
User can also flag all of Jon Skeet answers as NAA, so what?
Not all flags are valid
@ShadowWizard but this one looks like is
Ah, you're right. I didn't read the question, it's actually a valid answer.
This type of answer is 99% of the cases NAA
oh. The question sucks, then?
Yeah, question would've been closed if it'd be asked now
Where do people go these days to complain about bad reviewers?
I mean bad suggested editors?
3:42 PM
or just flag the review
4:15 PM
What close reason do we use for questions like these (since Shog9 thought it would be cool to remove the "lack of research" close reason):
Q: MD5 Inverse Identity: Does (X,Y) exist such that md5(X)=Y and md5(Y)=X

FlipMcFDo there exist two 128-bit values that hash to each other? Find (X,Y) such that md5(X) = Y and md5(Y) = X can they be found without brute force? For extra credit: Am I allowed to make up the term "md5-itive inverse identity?" The solution set will be sparse, if not empty. For your LOL's to...

Q: Is there any x for which SHA1(x) equals x?

forki23Is there an x where SHA1(x) == x? I'm looking for a proof or a strong argument against it.

Q: Can two different strings generate the same MD5 hash code?

Lieven CardoenFor each of our binary assets we generate a MD5 hash. This is used to check whether a certain binary asset is already in our application. But is it possible that two different binary assets generate the same MD5 hast. So is it possible that two different strings generate the same MD5 hash?

I would assume it's custom with "off-topic because it deals with crytography", but cryptography questions appear to be on topic because I keep finding these, putting a close vote on them, and then the vote expires.
do these need closing? Why?
Also, this:
Q: Generate MD5 hash in Java

Akshay Possible Duplicate: Getting a File’s MD5 Checksum in Java Is there any method to generate MD5 hash of a string in Java?

With no "lacking research" close reason...
@JanDvorak cryptograph != programming
@JanDvorak While cryptography questions dealing with programming are on topic, these don't deal with programming...
it's related to programming. Sure, there's a better site, but that's not a close reason.
@JanDvorak Can you explain how a question asking "Is there an x where SHA1(x) = x", which is a cryptographic (and maybe mathematical) question, deals with programming?
Also, this needs closing (3 votes currently):
Q: What's the best CRLF handling strategy with git?

Daniel JompheI tried committing files with CRLF-ending lines but it failed. I spent a whole work day on my Windows computer trying different strategies, and was almost drawn to stop trying to use git and instead try mercurial. Please share only one best practice per answer.

@ColeJohnson hmm.. voting to close
"minimal understanding" wouldn't be a valid close reason here anyways
4:41 PM
The text of the close reason doesn't seem to fit for me
It's missing something
5:03 PM
I don't know if it's just my imagination but I seem to be getting more necro-rep as 'Kevin Stricker' on SO than I ever did as 'mootinator'
5:59 PM
What makes this suggested edit approved, actually? It really looks like a 'radical change'.
Removed irrelevant stuff? Yuck.
Not to mention there's nothing gramatically wrong with "See my post here" vs "See also my post here".
rolling back
also, flagworthy
wait, why did you edit it, @ColeJohnson?
6:40 PM
@ColeJohnson that question is now closed (about the cr/lf)
7:28 PM
Hey ... :-(
Hey :D
Hey \0/
I was just "terminated" my from my job and I have no idea why :-(
You alone of was the project cancelled?
7:41 PM
@qwertynl Oh no. =[
I was the lone web develepor
Is it because you're 94 and they want to enforce a mandatory retirement age?
... I am 25
They want an app now?
7:42 PM
I have no idea what you are saying @rene
Dang. Fell for the ol' invalid user profile data trick again.
The possibilities: 1. They're idiots and you don't really want to work there. 2. They think you're an idiot and you don't really want to work there. 3. They ran out of money and you don't really want to work there.
@qwertynl App screenshot plz?
I wasn't in the first wave ;(
Well? Bart?
me? nope
Soon, I will no longer be SO's newbie moderator.
Mwuahahahah >:D
@animuson will go all old-curmudgeon moderator on their asses
Waiting for @qwertynl's nomination though
@Undo screenshot of what?
8:09 PM
This election will add 3 more mods? Or are there also mods who step back?
Haven't heard anything about that. SO I guess 3 additional mods
@qwertynl The iOS app (which I assume you have from your meta posts about it)
@Bart If you hand me 500 rep I can nominate myself. Otherwise I am out till next time.
@Undo :-P
Then I'll ask Neal @qwertynl.
@Bart Also I do not think this profile has all the badges.
8:17 PM
Q: Comments are abruptly truncated in feed

Tim StoneAs per the title, comments which are truncated in the feed end abruptly*: There should be an indication that there's actually more text in the comment; the main site uses an ellipsis for this purpose. *They also can get truncated mid-word, which the main site is guilty of too, but bonus point...

Oooh there's a screenshot! :D
@Bart I would want to run as @qwertynl and not @Neal
Why the quertynl anyway @quertynl?
hi, wow only three available moderator positions?
@Bart eh?
Long story.
that's normal @LaszloPapp
8:18 PM
it was 6 last year AFAIK
@LaszloPapp Nope, only three.
We had a few people step down, though.
yeah, so it was 6. ;-)
Anyone wanna hand me 500 rep so I can nominate myself? :-)
Haha, true. But initially it's always 3
right, thanks.
qwertnl: I can if you can make others stop the bike-shedding on my patch on the linux kernel mailing list. :)
8:20 PM
Last year it was 4.
Andrew, Gordon, Flexo, and ChrisF were elected. Then minitech was brought in when Kev left, and I was brought in when Will left.
@LaszloPapp Say what?
@animuson: ok, so how does it work?
how come there is always at least three positions? People stepping down?
@LaszloPapp No, flag counts stepping up :P
@qwertynl: I really do not know. I step aside when bike-shedding happens.
@Undo: j/k or serious?
@LaszloPapp serious. SO is growing.
Even with animuson in the trenches handling flags.
8:23 PM
We complain that the flags queue is always a mountain constantly.
The flag queue is proportional to the number of moderators anyway. At all times.
@LaszloPapp ooook
ok, that sounds good for SO.
@animuson: do you have a brother or anything to involve in flag handling?
Not anymore.
8:29 PM
@animuson doesn't handle flags. Flags handle themselves whenever they notice @animuson is looking for them.
/me still thinks more moderators could help if there are not enough moderators for the flags.
The thing is, electing more moderators at once does not necessarily guarantee good moderators. I'd rather have more frequent elections if necessary, than just electing an X amount of moderators in one big group.
^ this
I was not referring to the election date.
I am just saying it in general.
You are elected for life?
8:33 PM
@rene Yes.
Unless you screw up really bad or resign.
Are there de-elections?
Well, kinda. But it's complicated.
Q: Handling Calls to Remove a Moderator

Robert CartainoStack Exchange has some of the best Moderators around — seriously — and that is due in no small part to the communities who scrutinize and vote in our Moderator elections. We have a rather formal process for electing moderators, but up until now the process for removing a moderator has been quit...

@Undo Hiya mod on SO! :P
8:38 PM
who has been holding the community moderator position for the longest period?
> This election is currently in the nomination phase.Nominations close in 7 days
^ Space please between . and Nominations!
One of these, I assume
@JeroenVannevel Nope. The first election wasn't until 2011. Moderators were appointed before that.
Bill the Lizard was appointed in 2009.
8:42 PM
Oh, I see. Did the SE team reach out to him back then?
Or was it more of a request by the user himself?
Michael Myers was also appointed in 2010.
Jeff Atwood on May 19, 2009

The Stack Overflow moderator election is now complete.

There were two users who clearly ran away from the pack in the voting: Marc Gravell and Bill the Lizard. Between the two of them, they accounted for almost a third of all the 2,880 votes cast.

It was a tough choice determining such a close race — so we didn’t! Both Bill and Marc are new Stack Overflow moderators. I’ve posted some moderation guidelines and flipped the switch on their accounts.

As for Server Fault, that was tougher, because the community is just starting out. None of the existing Stack Overflow team is really qualified to moderate a site intended for system administrators and IT professionals. …

who was the competitor for minitech?
@Shog9 ^^ You should fix that blog post. Looks weird with the non-loading things in the middle.
Bill's comment makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside ;)
I like Jon Skeet's comment. Now we know how he gained all his reputation!
8:49 PM
@Undo I saw. I'll almost definitely vote for you once the voting starts!
I am not sure if Jon Skeet was voted... IMHO, people would try to keep him away from that to keep answering the technical questions. :-)
Pinging @Pëkka. When are you going to nominate yourself? Don't make me ask this each election.
Should I bother nominating myself for the SO Elections? I'm probably among the most active in moderation-related stuff and meta participation, but I only have ~1700 rep.
@RyanCarlson You need 3k repz. :(
@hichris123 Ah. Makes sense
8:57 PM
I don't think I have rep to vote
You do
@3ventic Don't you only need 150?
@RyanCarlson I thought it was higher on SO
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