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12:42 AM
@BenCollins Did this ever get built? It's still happening...
1:11 AM
@hichris nope. Prolly will wait until morning. I'll do it myself if it goes longer than that.
wow, some users just get a 'bee in the bonnet' and cannot accept that their demands will not be met
I need help figuring out this answer; I can't tell if it's spam, not-an-answer, or a valid answer based on a not-so-great-question.
A: Social networking site building options

user3295214There are lot of free and paid scripts available in the market and you can choose the one that best prefers your design,budget ,functionality and other requirements. There are lot of programs out there like Elgg,phpdolphin and etc.You can find the complete list by do your own search.I do a search...

There, now it doesn't matter.
@animuson Deletion is always the answer. :P
Heh, fair enough
Also, @Doorknob, did you delete the users from your site?
1:33 AM
@ChrisForrence yep :P there were too many useless ones :P
Drat! I was wondering why I couldn't log in as my XSS user
@Doorknob But... but... :(
I remembered its password and everything!:p
you can recreate them I guess
I'm working on the actual content of the site
1:36 AM
That's some pretty sweet content
the format will be keyboardfire.com/content/{id}/{name of content}
:P indeed it is
Although I do like digging into my brain and trying to actually translate the Lorem Ipsum text
and keyboardfire.com/content/{id}/{anything} will redirect to the right stub. For example, http://keyboardfire.com/content/1/llama redirects to /content/1/keyboard-fire.
Ok, so the last part basically is SEO-licious
yes, basically
also so that the URL actually contains the topic, so it's not just some cryptic ID
1:40 AM
And that way when you turn it into a choose-your-own-adventure, you can have two links going to /4/safety and /5/safety, but one of them leading to a bottomless pit
@michaelb958 You just got called offensive. :P
@Manishearth Maybe tone the offensive filter back a little?
> •Emailing me (email address available on my GitHub profile). For use in case of emergency
I know what I'm going to do now... evil laugh :D
Hiya @bjb568!
3:03 AM
For whatever reason the comment <!-- excerpt: For those who just can't stop clicking `kbd` tags. --> is getting cut off at the last `. *sigh*
@michaelb958 Moar jQuery may help...
@hichris123 I fixed it with HTML entities.
3:30 AM
@hichris123 enough jquery for now, it's dinner time!
3:50 AM
@Qantas Don't you eat jQuery?
@hichris123 It's about every 5 minutes. You were close though. ;P
@hichris Hiya!
@animuson I almost feel like you made that data up just to torture me. ;) Nice answer.
I'd link to the reviews themselves but normal users can't see when the review item was actually created, only when the users involved took action and the item completed.
Our mod timeline does show the review's creation timestamp, though. Finding those was a very... manual process.
Ah, was wondering how you found that.
4:16 AM
good day all and sundry
3 hours later…
7:31 AM
A: How to only display certain images in a folder into a Repeater in ASP.NET

user3201772Etienne plz tell me how you did coding of handler page

I can't ever edit that post, it seems.
7:53 AM
@michaelb958 you broke the bot!
anyone else have a brief hiccup on stackexchange?
@Amaterasu hey, did you have chance to play Okami? ;)
@ShadowWizard No, the bot broke me.
@DennisMeng nop, all appears to work fast and fine
@michaelb958 &ldquo;if you say so!&rdquo;
@ShadowWizard Oh, you're talking about the double-encoding.
7:56 AM
But shouldn't HTML entities be parsed here? Hmm... &nbsp;
@ShadowWizard I meant like 10 minutes ago. Site's working fine for me now too.
@LaszloPapp it got deleted via the low quality review queue :)
@DennisMeng oh, no idea then sorry. {timestamp bookmarked; waiting for creation of time travel machine}
as long as things are better now
8:14 AM
The amount of crap answers this question is drawing is overwhelming
Would mine fall under the "crap" category?
8:33 AM
@DennisMeng yours is totally fine, I'm talking about such crap
There are more, some deleted already some just downvoted.
@ShadowWizard Should we flag the crap as 'very low quality'?
@ShadowWizard haven't had a chance yet, 2 jobs, injury, rehabilitation and general mayhem
@ProgramFOX possibly, yes
morning @Flyk!
@Amaterasu oh come on! that's just an excuse and you know it. :-D
@ShadowWizard lol!
a very good excuse though
8:43 AM
playing Okami will make you feel better believe me :)
i am certain it will
9:14 AM
@hichris123 It's not supposed to have a 100% catch rate. The word "idiot" usually means a bad post; if not spam.
What about the double encoding @Manishearth? Something you can handle on your side?
@ShadowWizard probably
@ShadowWizard okay, turns out that I actually used ascii over there and told it to encode the rest
Oh, doesn't sound very right!
9:35 AM
@ShadowWizard fixed, replaced xmlcharrefreplace with replace
I'll tweak the CSS so I have an excuse to bump again.
@Manishearth thanks, no more fanky encoding!
@michaelb958 bump what?
@ShadowWizard The post with the funny characters that revealed this bug.
@ShadowWizard ..hopefully. THe bot may also just die :p
oh, lol... let's see what happens then!
9:59 AM
..... somebody has mentioned Okami. I was believing to be the only one who actually had played the game.
Strange day indeed. Now I will discover that someone else had actually played TWEWY also.... not going to happen.
oh hmm
I post some questions for the new moderators
rep cap two days in a row
10:22 AM
nice, seems they killed the flappy bird iphone auction.
10:46 AM
If you see some of the messages that guy got, it's no wonder he stopped.
The interwebs are full of idiots
@Manishearth Encoding fail.
That @michaelb958 is so offensive
@SPArchaeologist why?? what's not legit in selling used smartphone?
Ebay's explanation apparently is that smartphones can only be sold at factory settings.
10:54 AM
@Bart that's silly... they sell used clothes as far as I can tell! (saw article once about bizarre things being sold online)
Myeah, I get the idea that it's a bit of "let's cover ourselves before this gets out of hand and causes trouble"
Step 1: figure out how the caps-lock key works.
@ShadowWizard sorry, was away. Don't know. I was going to print the page for the office "Wall of infamy" but it was already gone down the pipe.
11:15 AM
No it's not.
it is
not here :)
20 degrees celsius here so can't snow.
currently: raining.
we are switching to Scottish weather
we just need a little more fog and it will be perfect
11:30 AM
@michaelb958 fixed. hopefully
Good Luck @Doorknob
11:42 AM
Could someone please ping me (testing)
@lix ping
@lix pong
@lix cake
@lix chocolate
@lix caramel
woohooo!!! I'm eating cake tonight! :)
@lix antidisestablishmentarianism
thanks @Flyk :D
@Flyk superpseudoantidisestablishmentarianism
@Lix Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
11:49 AM
@Flyk - from Wales?
I'm from Earth
Me TOO!! What are the chances?!?
We should definitely meet for coffee some time...
it's a little planet in galactic sector zz9 plural z alpha
it has life on it, but I'd hardly call it intelligent
I wish I wasn't stranded here, I want to go home to my own people
@Flyk Meh... do you folks even get any Stack Overflow reception way out there in sector zz9?
...I would hope so?
11:54 AM
if not, you could always hit up area51...
I'm sure the folks over at SE will be willing to set up an amplifier
@Lix good to see you around! Need more ping?
Guess you test your volume?
@ShadowWizard - na... the pingdom has fallen :P
@ShadowWizard - was testing something for this post - meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/220506/…
I'm bored
entertain me
@Flyk - that ones for you
12:00 PM
@Flyk can you see the character here?
Q: Searching for a specific Unicode character returns all posts

slhckI'm searching for answers where the ⎋ character appears. http://superuser.com/search?tab=votes&q=is%3aanswer%20%E2%8E%8B However, it returns 342,562 posts – all the answers you'd get when you just search for is:answer. I'd expect only few of those to contain that character.

I see a square
@ShadowWizard - i.imgur.com/QAjn4y3.png
hello potential future moderator @bluefeet
What is this, @Lix? And why you see this and I don't? :(
@Flyk haha, thanks. We will see :)
@ShadowWizard - You're on a windows machine?
12:04 PM
So it's Microsoft fault?
Dunno who's fault it is... but I do know that there has always been a difference in which unicode characters are displayed correctly (or as white boxes) from Linux to Windows...
Well, it's Apple's escape key
12:17 PM
I have more things to post but I'm already rep capped
so I care, or do I wait until tomorrow?
@Flyk - you could propose a new functionality "donate rep to low-vote site" and have all the rep overflow go to sharepoint
if I could divert all of my excess reputation to another site every time I rep capped, I'd have 20k on multiple sites by now
1:05 PM
... unlike me, who has never rep-capped on any site.
@Qantas94Heavy well, 18 answer upvotes on Nov 17 '13 in Stack Overflow and 240 rep, that's close enough :D
@SPArchaeologist: To use strikethrough, use --Markdown--
Strange, I thought it would work...
@ProgramFOX three dashes for strikethrough
---like this--- like this
@ShadowWizard @Qantas94Heavy @Flyk do you guys want to come to the palace of the sea king SharePoint SE? we have 21 Mortarboard badges. Whole site
1:21 PM
@SPArchaeologist I did work with SharePoint, but it was years ago. I can't really contribute that much. :(
Does anyone here have Java 8?
@RyanCarlson Does that exist?
The Java download page just says "Version 7 Update 51"
I've managed to reduce http://stackoverflow.com/search?tab=votes&q="please up vote" from 31 results to 8. :D
1:30 PM
@SPArchaeologist I would, but I actively work towards gold badges on the sites I'm members of
now it's time to attack http://stackoverflow.com/search?tab=votes&q="please upvote" with 199 results :(
and I wouldn't want to upset the balance of power by creating a new 20k user out of one of your current users
@Doorknob - GL in the elections!
@Lix thanks :)
oh dear... http://stackoverflow.com/search?q="please accept" 523 results
1:37 PM
Luckily "pls accept" has only 6
@RyanCarlson worth to mention that java.net is down. Maybe for good?
@ShadowWizard I doubt it
> The Java.net content area is currently offline for maintenance.

> Project access is still available via "<projectname>.java.net".

> A listing of java.net projects can be located at here.

> We will be back online shortly. Thank you for your patience.

> Regards,

> The Java.net Team
Why? From what I've seen it's not the official Java site, just a community site.
I've seen site "offline for maintenance" for years so personally I don't really trust those messages in random sites I happen to visit.
@Doorknob you might want to include the relevant Meta link in the edit summary, can help users understand why the edit was done.
Let's see tomorrow though. :)
@Doorknob you didn't count comments. Try over 20,000: google.co.uk/…
1:51 PM
Q: Please upvote and accept this question

DoorknobToday I decided to do a search on "please up vote," and it got 31 results. I thought, that's not bad, so I reduced it to 8 by editing. Well, that felt pretty good, until I did a few more searches. Here's what I found: "please mark my answer" - 24 results (this one's pretty much guaranteed no f...

@ShadowWizard that's what Charcoal was made for ;)
2:12 PM
@ShadowWizard Didn't know that when google says 20 bazillion results they won't show you anything beyond 1000
So what you're saying is Google could have been lying all these years?
ah, no, the URL itself is poisoned
@OGHaza new to me too but looks like it's like this for long long years... anyway it was discussed in other chat: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/5587592#5587592 :)
@Stijn possibly, nobody can really verify their numbers.
another spam from same user - @Manishearth can your smoke detector detect such spam as well?
3:04 PM
Wow, I used all of my 90 comment flags today.
Good job!
I've flagged 2 comments ever
@ProgramFOX do you search for comments to flag or do you just look at lots of questions?
@Stijn I searched for "please accept" and "please upvote" comments.
3:22 PM
@ShadowWizard huh... what are they even trying to advertise?
@JanDvorak probably just keywords for Google but still, spam
@GnomeSlice - much more nerdish. Listening to this
Never played Chrono trigger.
@SPArchaeologist Chrono Ark
@GnomeSlice - This. Is. A. Great. Error. (unless, of course, you hate jrpg as a genre)
3:32 PM
Eh, never felt very strongly about them. I've played a few.
@SPArchaeologist Blake Robinson is excellent.
He did a 'Banjo-Kazooie Symphony' set as well.
@GnomeSlice oh oh oh how nice another soul to convert to the cause of jrpgs ^_^
@SPArchaeologist Eh, not really interested, sorry.
If you want nerdy listening: blitzlunar.bandcamp.com/album/triptunes
@GnomeSlice who said you get to choice? :P Just kidding. Anyway, Flyk told me you are the "weird game" expert of Arquade.
@SPArchaeologist By 'weird' she meant that I like Indie games.
@GnomeSlice we were talking about the goat simulator, so I assumed you were a little AVGN clone.
3:39 PM
Haha, goat simulator
Coffee Stain are awesome developers.
Heh, thought I landed in the wrong room at first
I was going to refer you to "The you testament". But that is just bad. Ridiculously bad but still bad
@GnomeSlice well, I did. and Chrono Cross - loong ago. Think I even kept some screenshots!
@ShadowWizard . Chrono Cross... another great game with just one problem: it opened far more plot holes than the one it managed to cover.
the story was intended as closed after trigger.
4:08 PM
@SPArchaeologist honestly I don't remember the story very well... I do remember it was fun game with cool battle system.
It's the first time that I use the chat
Hey @Sam see you took my advice
If you mean to discuss the meta issue, think it's better be done in a new room though
but I'm a bit worried
4:09 PM
Can you create a new chat room?
of course
i will try
So please create new room, give it proper title and post link here for those willing to come and discuss it with you
Personally I'm going soon but hopefully others are willing to hear you out
now I'm curious
You already got everyone here interested
4:11 PM
Just hope it won't rebound on poor Sam
Ohhhhh I really want the iOS app goodness in my pocket! argh!
Let's just say he got lots to say about Meta, and not in a good way
I'm not starting in a good way..
I don't know how to create a chat room
4:11 PM
I have to make a search
"Meta answers" question?
Don't you have "create new room" button here? chat.meta.stackoverflow.com
red button, in the bottom?
I don't have
can you create at my place?
You need 100 rep for it, no wonder
4:13 PM
I will create the room then, sec
thanks a lot
@ShadowWizard Here I am - sorry, had to leave for a moment. You see - the main problem was that some of the main plot element of Cross weren't intended when they developed trigger, so some things just do not match.
@SPArchaeologist oh, that's an obstacle for so many games... but yes, you're probably right
You could said that the view of Robo in the future we get at the end of Trigger is just one dimension, but some other details would still be mayor plot holes
@ShadowWizard at least it is not FF7.
another great game with an evident identity crisis in the middle.
4:21 PM
Apparently Yahoo started blocking other apps from syncing with its mail servers and other services.
4:34 PM
The changes to the close reasons are still confusing to me. How should stackoverflow.com/questions/21707503/… be closed?
> This question appears to be off-topic because it lacks sufficient information to diagnose the problem. Describe your problem in more detail or include a minimal example in the question itself.
That one?
4:50 PM
Just wondering: what makes this suggested edit approved?
@ProgramFOX easy, multiple people clicked accept
I thought that was quite obvious
@Flyk I meant "Should the edit have been approved?", because it changes stuff such as variable names.
right, that wasn't what you said though - I actually think the policy regarding such things is that changing other people's code should be rejected
but, not an avid SO user
@ProgramFOX Probably not as variable names can make the difference between a working program and a broken one
And the review stats usually give an idea:
5:11 PM
Hi Flyk
I would like to apologize for the tone I used on meta in these days
5:35 PM
He missed one 'I', wait let me fix that
@ShadowWizard Um, not really, because most AskPatents questions are similar with more details
5:51 PM
I'm now concerned that I misspelled my email address or something on the iOS app form.
I was apparently in the first wave of invites, but I signed up before they announced it on Meta.
@TimStone same here, really
@Tim I did too - how long after the blog post went live did you sign up?
But they may have noticed that I haven't used the iPad in a while, currently my sister is hoarding it at home
@Undo immediatement
Uhh fairly quickly, I guess.
5:57 PM
Huh, ok
LOL, I literally just noticed the Legally Useless Summary for Short Attention Spans. It's awesome.
> This will teach you what info we collect and how we use it. If you wanted to learn to play the keytar, you’re in the wrong place.
haha, I had some fear about a question having 124 upvotes balance that I would fail at the audit by pressing leave it closed. :-)
but I took my opinion anyway. :)
@Undo I better go somewhere else then...
6:13 PM
hi animuson
Am I the only one getting an ASPX error here? careers.stackoverflow.com/cv
@JeroenVannevel No error for me.
@JeroenVannevel you're supposed to fix it yourself. only then are you worthy of a Careers profile!
"It’s not you, it’s us. This is our fault."
I blame SO either way
SO shadowbanned the lowly career profiles :(
6:22 PM
Q: Design a webapp that uses OAuth, but with tokens that can't be used by the operator?

UndoI'd like to make a webapp that would allow users to OAuth with Stack Exchange, so that they can perform actions like voting through the app. I'm stuck at one point, though: I know how to perform OAuth, but many users don't want to OAuth with my app if I can look in the DB and take their credenti...

^ Want. Solution.
Then I could make all sorts of cool things!
@Undo localstorage
I don't think you can ever guarantee that the app won't do things the user doesn't want to
@JeroenVannevel No, I want to guarantee that I won't do things the user doesn't want to do :P
Oh yay infosec rep :D
@JeroenVannevel I get the error too now
6:26 PM
Yeah, but you are the app after all. If you put a line in your code that upvotes a question of yourself as well as the intended upvote then it will work just as well, right? So there's no way for the user to know what you will or won't do
@Manishearth Proove yourself worthy!
@JeroenVannevel But if the code is open source...
No error here...
> Wonderful! Because of your activity on Stack Overflow, you qualify for a profile on Stack Overflow Careers.
Oooh neat!
But... what if I don't want a job? :P
@Undo Eh, it's an extra barrier but what's to stop you from having a fake repository? I doubt many people compile their own app ;)
@JeroenVannevel Yes...
No luck on GitHub for a Careers CV ;(
> We had a look at your GitHub activity but it didn’t quite meet our threshold just yet. We look at a combination of things, such as commit activity over time.

> Our advice? Create some repos or increase the activity on your existing ones. Then feel free to come back to this page and try again.
@ShadowWizard any idea why I was invited to "Discussion with Sam about Meta site"?
@Undo Would you like an invite or can you already signup?
6:35 PM
@JeroenVannevel Oh, I could signup through SE activity if I wanted to.
But I'm kinda 14 and don't need a job :P
@Undo really? I got one with my github activity a year ago
@Manishearth Yup. Maybe requirements have tightened?
Or maybe it doesn't count work on Charcoal-SE/* stuff?
@Undo It never hurts to accumulate a quick and easy CV for future usage ;)
Latest project: Implement an SE OAuth utility. You give it a key and it gives you an access_token.
@Undo interesting question on OAuth. I think the only way to guarantee the app doesn't do evil things, is for SE to set up an official app repository where apps are reviewed.
6:44 PM
^ Yay!
7:00 PM
Eeek! 4 NAA flags in the meta queue!
7:26 PM
I'm getting too old for these meta programming question wars, Oded nearly always closes them before I even open them ;(
Sometimes I wonder how much he actually spends on development and how much waiting for the next programming question to close.
@Undo since I often sit on the realtime tab all day, I often catch these first.
7:52 PM
Does anyone know how many people you can vote for in the election..? Is it limited to 3?
@JoshC Yes
@JoshC In the final election
In the primaries it's unlimited, methinks
Not sure about primaries
A: An odd request: can we have another week in private beta?

Robert CartainoThis site is all but ready to move on to public beta, but we tend to agree — we're giving this site another week to shore up the core community before launch. You have set up a strong foundation of what works on this site, but this extra week will help you put some of this dialog into action… a...

^ Yay!
7:56 PM
@Undo It's going to be tough.. I want to vote for you, doorknob, slugster, and bluefeet.. I guess I will have to see some answers to decide.
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