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6:00 PM
so many really silly people on the road tonight
... you're chatting while driving?
^ this
no, I'm home already
I was going to chat while driving
6:01 PM
Tsk tsk tsk
but I logged out of my account while testing linking IDs to an account a few weeks back and haven't got around to logging back into chat.mso on my phone
and that was just far too much effort
also, not tsk tsk tsk
Should edits that just add a link to a JSFiddle be approved or not?
my phone has voice to text
it works well
6:02 PM
@ProgramFOX Give an example
@ProgramFOX I don't know. Maybe raise it on Meta?
It adds to the post, but it's also rather major.
But it does make it better.
But maybe we shouldn't be encouraging people to go through and robo-edit that in.
No, I wouldn't want to see jsFiddle sprees
I wouldn't either.
Q: Suggested edits that add a link to a JSFiddle: should we approve or reject them?

ProgramFOXToday I saw a suggested edit that just added a JSFiddle to the question. I didn't know whether we have have to approve or reject them, so I asked it in chat. Undo replied that I could ask it on Meta, so that's what I do now. Do we have to approve or reject suggested edits that only add a JSFiddle...

"Hey, hey, Shit House" "No no, it's pronounced Shee-Toose"
Yeah, guy has a strange name.
very angry that it's snowing
very angry that it's not snowing
Go outside and shake your fist in anger. That helps.
6:15 PM
Oh @animuson you're free from the comment flags for a while ;)
Nice though @GnomeSlice
Some really good stuff in that mix. It's like 2 hours long though.
Can I borrow Tim Stone for that? "Hey snow... get off my lawn!"
Also there's a track from Big Steel Wheels in there.
@animuson So why are you angry at the snow again?
6:16 PM
Because it means I can't drive to Lincoln tonight. :(
Unless of course I want to risk my life. But I don't.
@animuson Y U want to drive to Lincoln?
That's where the guy I'm dating lives.
Damn you snow!!
how far of a drive is it?
About 40 miles.
6:22 PM
@Flyk Just checking, did you have a treeless ride home?
no response
Oh, @TimPost, thanks for the swagz!
thinks they could improve the swag with tracking numbers
@Undo You got it?
@TimPost Yup.
6:28 PM
"Honey, when are you taking the tree down?" - NEVAR. I AM LORD OF ALL SWAG AND IT'S ALWAYS CHRISTMAS. MUHAHAHAHHAHA
Step 1 - get hired. Step 2 - Ensure the current swag lord goes to the dev team. Step 3 - Profit. FINALLY, ALL THE SWAG I EVER WANTED!
Suggestion: You need some Stack Exchange wrapping paper. Imagine the looks on their faces!

Undo's swagz

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Q: What's in this box?
Whoa, I can reply to messages in the future!
Hmm, I don't think I have a Stack Exchange USB drive...it's probably filled with unicorn viruses anyway, so I suppose that's for the best.
6:31 PM
When you plug it in, a unicorn starts galloping back and forth on your screen.
@TimStone Nope. First thing I did was ls -a it. Nothing on it :D
Replying to future messages is the best
Don't worry @3ventic I found it.
Now where did I leave my keys?
What did you find?
6:34 PM
is some funky retro stuff
7:03 PM
Man I really need to stretch.
@animuson OK, maybe you are a true cat after all
$15.40 to $100,000,000,000,000 conversion rate? Wow...
7:26 PM
Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe began shortly after destruction of productive capacity in Zimbabwe's Civil War and confiscation of private farms. During the height of inflation from 2008 to 2009, it was difficult to measure Zimbabwe's hyperinflation because the government of Zimbabwe stopped filing official inflation statistics. However, Zimbabwe's peak month of inflation is estimated at 6.5 sextillion percent in mid-November 2008. In 2009, Zimbabwe abandoned its currency. As of 2014, Zimbabwe still has no national currency; currencies from other countries are used. Historical context On 18...
7:49 PM
Ideas for a programmingy tshirt plz!
@Manishearth Hmm?
Give us some context.
print "This is the coolest t-shirt you've ever seen"
@Undo college coding club needs to desig a tee for themselves
On the back we're putting the name (well, the abbreviation) of the club in a github contributions punchcard
On the front ...
I'm thinking of putting (♥ I Coding) on the front
7:50 PM
Too standard.
@Undo you didn't get the joke. The parentheses are important
think lisp
It made me think of Scheme.
I'd like to see a tshirt made sometime with the caption One. Single. Semicolon. D;
@animuson =lisp
7:57 PM
> Are you confirming that you want to delete your account?
No, I typed "Please delete my account." for shits and giggles.
One good thing about Quora: They are really good at deleting accounts upon request.
SO sticker successfully applied to laptop.
@Undo apply next one on forehead
I have so many stickers I don't know what to do with them.
@animuson you'd be surprised...
8:06 PM
@Undo My TI-84 doesn't work though because I'm too lazy to replace the battery.
@animuson I use my TI-84 a lot. But it's probably bored of doing simple math :P
Mine is sitting up on top of a very tall bookshelf collecting dust.
The Arqade election ended! waits impatiently for results
They're polishing the new diamonds now.
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 13 mins ago, by Tim Stone
> Winners are LessPop_MoreFizz, fredley, and Ashley Nunn.
8:14 PM
I don't even remember who I voted for.
It was posted by Tim Stone, obviously is official...
Does Tim have the vote data?
@Undo the vote data is out
you can check it yourself
@Manishearth too much work. Me wants to see the election page populated with winners.
There it is.
8:49 PM
@Shog9 With this whole comment flagging thing, I have two ideas/questions/whatever. 1: Can we bother you or other CM team members to delete comments? 2: How can we make this more effective?
@Shog9 Also, another idea: just let us delete comments on any site in SE or give us diamonds. :P
What flavour would you like @hichris123?
@Bart Erm... the moderator flavor? :P
That's not a flavour. Unless "bitter disappointment" is a flavour
Why not? I want that flavour then. I request it! :P
@hichris123 You can, but I'm not going to promise that I'll actually do it ;-)
I'm going to be much more open to this if you hand me a list of comment IDs AND document the process by which you accumulated them.
9:00 PM
@Shog9 Would user-verified work?
@hichris123 that's not a process, that's just a promise
Q: I need to hire a PHP developer

user2073304Need a programmer for a php automated website. Please contact me only if you are expert in programming Budget is $500K

@Shog9 What do you mean?
I'm surprised no one pointed out careers before shog
9:02 PM
@3ventic lol dunno if it was needed. The OP clearly did not know where he was :-P
He knew what he wanted and had a clear budget. Whether he was being realistic about his goals is another question
It's the difference between,
- You should delete comment *NNNNNNN* because it's bad. TRUST ME!
- You should delete comment *NNNNNNN* because it's a reply to a removed comment and adds nothing but confusion to the thread.
@3ventic guessing Careers doesn't pay for the rest of the commenters' beer budget
Weeeell, that's probably the reason.
@Shog9 Makes sense.
@Shog9 Hmm, so say we do like a batch of comments like "These are unnessecary plz-accept comments and follow up comments" and "These comments are to be deleted because they are obsolete by refering to edits to the post and things that have been edited in." Would that work?
And they would be hand-verified.
9:09 PM
@Shog9 I think I/we have a plan.
Do you also have a man and a Panama Canal?
@animuson Why are you trying to have palandromes? (how do you spell that?)
@animuson Panama you say?
9:14 PM
@animuson ;-)
ok ill go back to non-existence :-)
wait ... I'm confused
@Bart And why is that?
Maybe @amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA could explain that to you @qwertynl
@Bart Ummm He and I are one and the same.
... d'uh
9:20 PM
@Bart So i still confuzzled @ your comment
hence the "confusion" ... sigh ... I'll leave ;)
@qwertynl = Neal = @amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA
@hichris123 No. Use ==. Using = assigns the variables as each other.
Unless that is what you meant to do.
@qwertynl Erm... life != code. :P
@hichris123 Yes. Yes it is.
9:22 PM
Are you sure?
@hichris123 Si.
@hichris123 Just explain the process you used to verify them as well, and that would suffice.
@Shog9 I like you giving us diamonds better... :P
@hichris123 there's a process for that - you have to be able to convince folks on a site that you'll do a good job with it. So, start by convincing me.
9:33 PM
@Shog9 Erm... if I convince you will you give me a diamond on all sites? ;)
@hichris123 no, but you'll be slightly better equipped to convince the folks on those sites to elect you ;-P
@Shog9 1. I love getting rid of crap (literally, if you want to have fun look at my flag history, it has tons of deleted NAA's. :P). 2. I love getting rid of these comments (you don't have to do work). 3. I participate on Meta. 4. I like to close bad questions and 5. givemetehdiamondz.
6. I think he can handle it
The whole point of obsolete comments to be removed is the copy-cat behavior they cuase on the casual passer-by
If you see pointless comments you assume it is okay to do
Reminds me... I may need help in finding NAA's from my search. :P
9:42 PM
@TimPost Those three pens you sent me are the best pens I have ever used.
Three more NAA flags cast...
should this be flagged as spam?
@JanDvorak I don't think so.
@JanDvorak Yes, one other exact copy-paste answer by the same user.
@Undo he posted the same answer to two different questions
9:47 PM
@JanDvorak Oh, then maybe.
This one:
Custom flag, methinks.
A: Are there any free api for IP 2 Location?

user3272790I found this Australian website that provide a free IP Geo location through web service http://www.oneurl.com.au/IP-GeoLoc.asmx?WSDL but you will need to register to get access as they require email and password to be sent

yeah. spammy spam
the questions need nuking themselves
9:48 PM
Hiya @animuson. How's the flag queue?
Oh @Shog9 7: I love other flags! :P
@animuson thanks for your help
@hichris123 Saddening
(llama noise)
9:49 PM
I cast one flag before he deleted it. :P
@animuson What's it at now?
@Doorknob Can you reenable your bot in Sandbox?
@hichris123 ok
@Doorknob Where's your bot? I think I killed it...
wat O_O
9:53 PM
This question appears to be off-topic because it is blatantly off-topic. — animuson 18 secs ago
What is this "goggle" he wants to beat?
I dunno.
@Bart he sat on his goggles, and now he wants to punish the remaining half.
/me types "why don't you look up your arse?" as genuine advice based on @JanDvorak's comment
@animuson any reason for that post to still be around?
10:01 PM
I would contact goggle directly. But you can't via this site. — Bart 7 mins ago
@Bart Poor goggle.
Would have made more sense, to call a search engine goggle.
@Bart I can smell an opportunity for a domain registrator troll
We should register as "Mark Zuckerberg" and supply this Baba phone number
@Bart probably a bad idea if Baba is paid by phone calls, not by subsequent consultations.
10:09 PM
Bah who cares, they won't make it for much longer if what I am creating goes live. — user3272820 2 mins ago
> This question was voluntarily removed by its author
Ooh, then he received a "peer pressure" badge? Could use that as part of this start-up capital.
If that user is nuked can I have his badge?
10:24 PM
@rene If you become that user, sure. :P
@rene you don't want PP
A badge is a badge
PP = "I have previously posted a cr@p answer and I didn't realise my mistake until it got a third downvote"
No one wants peepee. That's gross.
I like how you half-censored crap, like that's some sort of word people who aren't offended by everything in general actually get offended about.
I almost flagged that crap for moderator attention
10:30 PM
Don't half spell at me!
@TimPost much better, thanks, no trees, couple of people trying to turn into my lane without looking but that's pretty normal for this city
11:12 PM
Q: What's wrong with DataExplorer?

The WobbuffetI was testing my app, and it didn't seem to load the csv requested from https://data.stackexchange.com/, so I tried visiting the site myself. It wouldn't load. I tried again. It's not loading. What's wrong with it? Are they updating the site? Does this usually happen?

@TimStone ^
You mean @TimStone
Yeah :P
> Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to data.stackexchange.com
I wonder if it ran out of bandwidth?
@TimStone SEDE no longer fills automagically my user id when I'm logged in...
11:25 PM
This is momentarily intentional, but will be resolved soon.
@TimStone What happened with SEDE?
I have no idea.
+1 good answer. :P
@TimPost But it's not
I want my inline tag editing on SO!
11:42 PM
I want to close questions on SO!
I sometimes wish I could hand my 3k powers to @hichris for a while.
Or Jon Skeet give me bounties...
Hey, Software Recommendations is in private beta!
looks for questions to answer
Is there a CM lurking? Do I need to ping first and ask questions later?
11:46 PM
@jmac You can ping and ask a question at the same time if you want
@Undo Wise-guy. Yes. I could do that. But I want to know if one is lurking so I can do it the organic old-fashioned way.
Well, @Pops likes to be pinged. Right @Pops? @Pops am I right?
(I really would love it if there were a CM super-ping that worked a-la @@CM)
Yep, @Pops loves to be in the Tavern.
11:47 PM
I bet the CMs wouldn't :P
hic thash why'm ALWAYS heeeeeeere! hic
@Undo Which is kind of funny, because when I need them, I just pop in here and ping them, which is the equivalent or something.
@Pops Almost an @ ping for me. :P
Actually I'm here because it's been a long day. What's up?
(the previous message would have been far cooler had I said it 1 minute earlier and substituted pop for @pop)
@Pops The community in The Workplace demands an audience on this question
(s/demands/requests if it better suits you)
11:50 PM
@jmac for mod!
@Chad agree that electing more mods would help... and that we have good candidates for elections. :) That's a very good point you made in the question: "can we get an extra mod or 2 to help handle the volume that we have?"gnat 3 hours ago
I hear that ♦ are very heavy.
And I hear a horrible rumor that ♦ don't get paid for their toil.
@jmac I asked Shog to give me a diamond on every site. You can see what turned of that. :P
If elected mod, I promise to fairly increase my salary on a regular basis such that I am satisfied with it
@jmac Question noticed. I'll pass it along.
2 hours ago, by Shog9
@hichris123 there's a process for that - you have to be able to convince folks on a site that you'll do a good job with it. So, start by convincing me.
11:53 PM
@Pops Thanks. We really could use at least the extra mod slot due to the volume if nothing else. We have a lot of growth and our mods seem to be having trouble keeping up as they used to months ago when we were smaller.
@Pops asks for spammer stats

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