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12:00 AM
Also, what animuson said
@Manishearth don't what?
Okay, I'm making the room configurable
auto ping
it doesn't ping, it just says your name
by my understanding that's ok, as long as the message isn't obnoxious
@DoorknobofSnow Make it class-based or something, internalize all the things
This room kinda has a lot of people going in and out @Doorknob.
12:01 AM
@Manishearth :P Actually, all I have to do is find and replace 89 to #{room_number}.
or that
Welcome, Undo! Type >>help for help on the chatbot.
I feel welcome.
You also should make the host configurable
12:02 AM
@Undo Yay! I went on a suggested edit spree on Arqade. :P
as in meta/SO/SE?
wat. I got an event in my console for STAR AMOUNT CHANGES
People playing with bots is why I turned off notifications for IRC.
@anim It should be room configurable now after I change a few things; I'll make a separate room for the bot for testing
Ooh. IRC. Reminds me
/adds xmpp powaz to list of things-to-be-created-with-wrapper
And then I can use it with irssi! I already use GTalk and Facebook chat in irssi
@animuson Ought I turn off SmokeDetector as well? (it no longer posts dupes, fwiw)
okay, killed the bot in here and moved it to its own room :P
once it's fully tested I'll bring it here. (I'll make "welcome" and "goodbye" notifications configurable.)
12:17 AM
Hello @YiJiang!
this is a test message that will be moved to the Tavern.
1 message moved from Testing Doorknob's chatbot‌​
heh, first ownership?
7 more edits!
@Undo I'm trying to find the event_type for message moving. It's 19. :P
12:26 AM
@animuson Sorry for bothering, but could you move this message to my "Testing Doorknob's chatbot" room? I'm trying to find the event_type ID for messages being moved into a room. :P
okay, I'm just going to move the bot here for a sec to see :P
Bot ready. Type >>help for help on the chatbot.
this message will be moved to the Tavern
1 message moved from Testing Doorknob's chatbot‌​
Bot killed.
12:50 AM
On phone
Is there a dummy post on stack apps I can use as my apps "post"?
@ManofSnow Sure that's a good idea? The post is meant to be there for accountability.
@michael I want to make my post later when the app is finished
I need one now for testing purposes
@ManofSnow Just post a new question and say "This is a placeholder post for _____ (app name)" or something, and update later
That's what they did for the official Android app.
1:11 AM
1:33 AM
seahawks scored again...
will the other team (I don't know the name, I'm clueless about sports :P) ever score at all this game?! :P
Oh dear
spoilers for the super bowl?
Makes me saddened. I will watch it on a time delay, so I think I will have to forego my tavern for the day. Japan strikes again.
1:53 AM
@DoorknobofSnow Broncos?
@hichris123 ah, yes :P
You're watching it too? :P
@hichris123 if glancing over at the TV every few minutes counts as "watching," then yes :P
Sure. Boring right now...
2:07 AM
35 | 0
@Undo 36*
I already turned off the TV.
I just didn't care in the first place.
denver scored! :O
2:12 AM
@DoorknobofSnow Naw. You're kidding.
I don't really care but my parents are watching and in one of my classes we get an extra point if we guess the winner right, so :P
@hichris123 they did!
Google says 36 - 0. :P
@hichris123 it's out-dated :P
hang on, this is weird. someone ping me please
2:13 AM
@Doorknob Yes?
@DoorknobofSnow Oy
now someone reply to this mesage
|36 | 8 |
@DoorknobofSnow Hi.
@DoorknobofSnow Invisible brown jQuery unicorns!
2:14 AM
36 - 6 says google
thanks, you helped me discover 2 new chat event IDs :P
sigh @hichris123 we've been told not to flag comments on a site :O
@michaelb958 That's apparently the color blue. :P hichris.erwaysoftware.com/…
@Undo I know... how saddening.
@hichris123 BLASPHEMY!
@michaelb958 Nope. THE TRUTH HAS BEEN SPOKEN!
2:24 AM
42 | 8
43 | 8
2:58 AM
Guess who won!
I wonder...
You did?
Ugh... no.
Football game!
I realize that. :P
I thought you might have gone in and played since the Broncos were doing so bad...
I would have probably done about as well
Who knows?
3:01 AM
Hello @DoorknobChatbot
I assume you're new to the network. Lemme show you the ropes :P
1. Sock puppets are not allowed.
2. Undo == @DoorknobChatbot
in Testing Doorknob's chatbot, 29 secs ago, by Doorknob of Snow
Welcome, DoorknobChatbot! Type >>help for help on the chatbot.
3:56 AM
We got another chat troller
Again? Arg...
Oh hey. I just came in to ask what I could do about alerting those in power to that person...
@Shog9 What do we do about chat trollers?
Q: Stackoverflow for Android

user3263965What kind of app is the Stackoverflow for Android? Is it a an example for a native app or a web app? Was it built using HTML, css, JScript? or Java? I'm always confused between native apps and hybrid apps I don't know how to know from interface which type are they. I want to build something lik...

(picking you just because you're the most recently active diamond user :D)
Ugh why the hell did people migrate this?
4:02 AM
@animuson How do you close something without migrating it (like belongs on mSO and such)?
You mean using a custom reason?
Oh, that works? Okay...(sorry, not at 3K so can't use custom ones...)
I found my answer. Guess I should have searched first.
@ɥʇǝS I love that guy
@Shog9 Why?
4:15 AM
@hichris123 Get up and walk around. THE EYES FOLLOW YOU!
Um.. Do you have your phone out or something? :)
4:35 AM
is it really so that 5 recommend deletions and one deletion vote do not get a poor post deleted? stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/3960808
the question is then whether the one deletion vote breaks the 6 recommend deletions series for the deletion?
@Laszlo Weird, deleted now though...
The deletion vote doesn't count toward the recommend deletion threshold though.
yes, I can see that from the deletion now.
Somehow I'm betting that you've already used up your delete votes for the day. ;)
@LaszloPapp Takes 6 recommend deletions or 3 actual delete votes. They don't mix together.
yes, clearly.
I am not sure anymore if delete votes weigh too much though.
bad anwers are usually deleted by recommended deletion lotta earlier than votes
are there frequent cases when delete votes on answers are useful, except mods of course?
4:56 AM
Q: Same Account login at different system automatically

WilliamsI'm in the company where works number of employees. I created the account on the StackOverflow on my system but it login automatically into different system of other employees also. Please let me know why it so and what to do so that it would not login to other system onwards?

Any one here can help me?
You have got a bounty, although not that high. Also, you have not explained the issue to shog with his answer.
The issue is that : I have my SO account which I use on my personal computer. I logged my account in my friend PC once and log out from friend PC also. But When My friend goes to SO then my account automatically logged in the friend PC.
It making my account useless because he can do anything on behalf of my account. That is completely wrong
5:12 AM
people see your question there....
sigh Why did I think programming a new core from scratch was a good idea?
Yep, Any solution ?
@animuson: I am not sure what programming a new core from scratch means.
Take a framework, delete it all, and start building a new framework.
But with how screwed up my old one was... Eww
@ThiefMaster Are you around here?
2 hours later…
6:53 AM
Lots of spam tonight...
@Shog9 Are you around here?
7:23 AM
@animuson: you have not yet accepted my spam flag: stackoverflow.com/questions/10043029/…
7:38 AM
@Williams Now I am. I prefer being pinged with a message including the reason for the ping (not just "are you here")
3 hours ago, by Williams
The issue is that : I have my SO account which I use on my personal computer. I logged my account in my friend PC once and log out from friend PC also. But When My friend goes to SO then my account automatically logged in the friend PC.
Please read my message
Any solution of my issue?, I have done all those which guys suggested to me
Real star shining in Meta
Q: post file in any in facebook

user2486979 How to post any file into any user wall to store permanently in face book? user Access Token..... or other way..........

@Williams you don't need a moderator for this. What OpenID are you using to log in?
A: How to insert records using select in codeigniter active record

sitechum@PHIL, Please what about this something like this using codeigniter bonfire: INSERT INTO bf_course_registration ( student_id, progSubject_id, semester_session_id) SELECT studentID, progSubject_id, sem_session_id FROM bf_programmeSubjects ...

what about this?
@LaszloPapp typical not an answer. Flagged. What about it?
I was not sure, so I rather asked.
I downvoted and flagged because I think it provides no value to the thread.
7:46 AM
@ShadowWizard Gmail
On my friend PC Gmail is not logged of my account
@LaszloPapp it's clearly a response to this comment.
@Williams try to log out on your friend's machine, log out of gmail in there, clear all cache and cookies and it should not log in automatically again.
8:24 AM
@Flyk morning!
Wow, are no more spambots running or do we have no more spam?
8:41 AM
no more spambots
Hmm, okay.
there was one piece of spam, but it's gone now
I've just come from a full screen
@Bart think the mods got upset and asked us to take the bots elsewhere
I think these bots are potentially a good idea, but the problem is everybody was running one
The whole Javascript-y thing got a bit too much @ShadowWizard. But one spam-bot wouldn't be too bad
8:44 AM
they should go off in a channel by themselves so that the people who are interested can see their output without disturbing conversation
@Flyk we need one bot to rule them all :D
but there's nothing in charcoal HQ either
@JanDvorak that's weird, there was some ziraq bot or something, right?
that was from the JS room though
8:50 AM
I meant, there's no spambot running
except mine, which does not post anywhere.
9:02 AM
@ShadowWizard I tried and even uninstall the browser but still have same issue
@Williams OK, email team@stackexchange.com and explain your situation, they can give you the best help.
Just be patient, they got lots on their hands.
Okay thanks :)
1 hour later…
10:30 AM
Too broad (solution required would be a lot of code) or unclear (where are you starting from, what frameworks etc)?
Q: How to map two XML files

Hala RowanI have two XML files, A.xml and B.xml. I have to map these two files like below and display output in browser. Please give me the brief solution to find out my problem. A.xml <A>1</A> <B>2</b> <c>3</c> . . <z>..</z> B.xml <a>3</a> <b>1</b> <c>2</c> . . <z>..</z> A.xml -> map to -> B.x...

I opted for the former, on the basis that it would likely remain too broad even if enough details were posted to make it answerable.
11:18 AM
Half my requests sent to the chat are timing out and the ones that do are very late.
chat is sending you a message
11:49 AM
@3ventic maybe the team is starting to block bots?
ooOOOooo, Monday morning finishes in 5 minutes
@Manishearth flagged you as spam
12:09 PM
@Manishearth Are we still doing bots? I saw this message and was hopeful...
12 hours ago, by animuson
Ok, seriously. Enough with the bots. Take them to some other room.
@Duncan guess he was referring to the hello bots and evaluation bots
12:35 PM
all spam is gone?!
12:54 PM
@Duncan People were testing their bots here. While this bot isn't final, the purpose of it is to link to spam in a room that can deal with it.
I did ask @animuson if this bot was included in his no-bots mandate (which I agree with), but I haven't gotten a reply
1:13 PM
In case it matters: I'm fine with the spam bot...
@Manishearth it's actually starting to appear quite accurate
I had to create an account on your site to flag them, but c'est la vie
another 101 rep account
Another +100 in the achievements dropdown...
I just finish bigging up how accurate you're getting and you do that
It detects spam and crap.
and vampires
1:21 PM
@Manishearth why not do as @DoorknobofSnow did and add a reason? (e.g. "all caps")
@ShadowWizard I believe there was already an array that had a list of reasons that was added to, but I don't know why it's not being used
oops, wrong account
ok, better
@DoorknobofSnow @DoorknobChatbot you also posted a comment with the wrong account
@rene ...oops :P
1:24 PM
On the question where users are now suggesting that they and mods have weekends...tttssshhh ... :-)
@ShadowWizard Didn't really see a need
will add
People see "possible spam" and confused when it's just a bad quality post or all caps.
Had to remove the dupe-detector though, for some reason it wasn't working
1:37 PM
@Manishearth Does the websocket timeout after x hours?
it was running for two days before I updated it
dupedetector fixed. Hopefully
@Manishearth how does it work? Titles can't be same.
@ShadowWizard id and host
it also only stores the last found one. If the realtime bar has spam A, then spam B, then spam A, it will show spam A twice. But if spam A comes with no spam in between (regular posts ok), then it will ignore it the second time
You mean "dupe notification", not "dupe post"?
1:54 PM
@Bart yeah, basically it no longer posts the same link twice
There was an issue the other day where someone kept editing a piece of crap
And a Tavern user had to polish the crap so it wouldn't trip the script
Okay, the "dupe" had me confused there for a while. I thought you were actually trying to detect duplicates
Though...that might be doable
Cross network duplicate detection, sounds reasonable
But I would have to store titles for x seconds (and discard them later, because RAM).
I wonder how much that happens though.
1:57 PM
how do you distinguish dupes from migrations?
@Manishearth My phisosophy is: f* RAM
In the hypothetical cross-post detector? Um... good point. API?
@JanDvorak haha this is a server though, don't want to overflow the quota
I overflow my RAM all the time. Compiling firefox, etc. My computer is very faithful and never overheats :)
Even though it has lower specs
> "Your disk is almost full."
> "But I've never s... Oh. The swap file."
@JanDvorak My friend spent an hour actively trying to fill his Ubuntu disk to 100%.
2:02 PM
@Manishearth success?
Somehow the OS stops at ~5mb, but you can keep poking it till it goes to 0mb
I did that by unzipping the SO data dump on an 80GB harddrive.
Locked up the whole thing and I had to reinstall.
@Undo it won't go 100%
Really? Because I've actually managed to fill disks up to the point where 'free space' was measured in kilobytes and the OS remained responsive.
It threw up a lot of strange errors, but I only had to delete some junk then reboot for it to go back to normal
@YiJiang depends; did you have some extra RAM at that point?
2:06 PM
@Undo reinstall the whole OS? so it must be Windows
@YiJiang maybe it was 5kb
Yeah, but doesn't Ubuntu usually use another partition for swap?
@ShadowWizard Nah, Ubuntu.
@YiJiang yep. You can turn it off htough
if you run out of disk space and ram to run a file manager, you're in trouble.
2:06 PM
It was throwing strange errors and I didn't feel like dealing with it.
@JanDvorak There's always the command line
weird, always gave more credit to it. Oh well... :)
@YiJiang you sure?
what if rm doesn't fit into the RAM?
@JanDvorak Well that's a little... extreme
Q: Is it dangerous to reveal my EC2 instance ID?

UndoIn Stack Overflow answers, I often take screenshots which include Instance ID's belonging to me. Is it a bad idea to reveal these?

2:08 PM
There's always that little bit of RAM reserved for emergency..
^^ (two messages up) I hope the answer is no :P
But you can still reboot the computer. You might lose some stuff, but the state shouldn't be so corrupted that the OS fails to boot at all
depends on the OS and what it was doing though
@Undo why, what's wrong with RAM reserved for emergency? lol
@ShadowWizard Better? :P
2:10 PM
Always great to sneak a message between onebox and "^"
@Undo well, can they use it to post stuff on your behalf to the cloud?
If so then obviously sharing it is a bad thing
@ShadowWizard I don't think so, they need my creds to do that.
So is it like SE fkey?
@ShadowWizard SE fkey is for CSRF protection
No, it's kinda an instance serial number.
2:13 PM
Think you better ask on amazon forums, their team can give final answer I can only guess, and dunno if folks over at Server Fault know for sure as well
@JanDvorak No, my bot can't chat on SO yet because that requires 20 rep :P
we'll give the SF people a chance.
@Manishearth oh, thought it was also some kind of internal ID
oops, I forgot Q-upvotes are just 5 rep
2:29 PM
oops sorry
yay I just found 50,000 comments to flag!
oh boy
Need a comment terminator bot
has comment terminator bot already

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