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12:03 AM
in Sandbox on Stack Overflow Chat, 20 mins ago, by SomeKittens Ux2666
>>sudo disablecommand disablecommand
I just realized I have several tweets about me deleting posts but none of them actually referenced which post it was I deleted. Do they think I'm going to go search for it to figure out what they're talking about?
@animuson I've once had some random gmail address email me talking about some post I voted to close, but he never told me who he was or which post it was :P
@animuson they think you only delete one post a day. THEIRS.
it basically boiled down to "y u close me rant rant rant"
@DoorknobofSnow Text plz. I want to read that. :P
12:06 AM
@hichris123 I think I deleted it :P
Tweet ignored as unclear what you're complaining about
@DoorknobofSnow I told you not to mess with it! ;)
@animuson I've actually texted one of my friends (who also has an SO account) "question closed as too broad" when he asked how to start learning JavaScript :P
@DoorknobofSnow Recommend a tool also.
@hichris123 it was before the Great Close Reason Change of 2013. :P
12:09 AM
For any community managers who may be interested in making a budding site very happy, please take a look at this meta post.
Why can't the file be smaller? :P
waaaaay back when there weren't even any custom sub-reasons for off-topic! and there was TL!
wait, nvm, I told him it was closed as NC because there wasn't a too broad back then! :P
I'm so used to these new reasons now even though I hated them earlier
wants to close questions
I miss those days where I used to use NARQ as a verb... :D
Ooo flags queue is below 200.
12:11 AM
@animuson You did this? claps
No, Robert plowed through just as many flags as I did today.
When you get it to zero, post a screenshot.
> When
not "if"? :P
Yeah, I'll just flag stuff for him when it gets close.
How do you strikethrough stuff on SE sites (not chat)?
@hichris123 <s>strike</s>
At least, in a normal post that works.
12:19 AM
My chatroom is once again overrun by Bridge folk.
@animuson Thanks.
At least they were/are talking about flags, though :P
@Undo We got told we should do a mass list again by Grace.
@hichris123 But... that means we need to track down Le Mods.
ThiefMaster is awesome, but the SF mods aren't really... receptive to the idea
@Undo I know, though we could just ping some SE team member.
12:27 AM
@hichris123 They're kinda busy.
Or a meta post.
Yeah, meta post would work
And... what about my precious flag count? D:
What do you mean?
@hichris123 Well... it means quite a bit more manual work on our end - making a list, writing a post...
@Undo True, however, we do have a basic framework set up in Charcoal.
12:29 AM
@Undo How about the write API? It can flag, IIRC
or what about OAuth?
@DoorknobofSnow Mods really don't like OAuthing with webapps.
oh, you're talking about mods running this?
no, not really.
yay swag!
@Undo You got it?
12:32 AM
@hichris123 Yup :D
Pics or it didn't happen. :P
I will...
Uh oh. 94 flags left?
Mine hasn't come yet. ):
12:38 AM
@animuson What have you done?
I'm going to start rcherning all my smileys, for Rebecca. (:
foreach (flags as flag) flag.decline('I don't feel like handling this.');
@Undo yay pen drive! Capacity?
@Manishearth 2 GB says the label
12:41 AM
not bad
I usually stuff my higher capacity drives with OSes and all. I'll be able to use this one :p
@Undo those four things, or more?
100% awesome leather notebook thingy with a pen :D
the swag is endless
12:44 AM
@Undo How did you get all this amazing stuffs? :D
@DoorknobofSnow Swag contest.
Regex tshirt!
@Undo YES!
12:46 AM
:o Unicorn shirt! I wonder if that was the shirt Mr. Post was trying to tell me about.
@animuson Mr. Post? Um... since when were you so formal?
My formality is random.
Yes, that's two shirts :D
/resists doge urge
12:47 AM
Yeesh, I didn't realize my desk was so messy.
digs through box
@Doorknob What happened to the bot? Fix it plz?
There's more?
I already have two shirts. And I had an awesome picture idea I still haven't gotten around to. I need to buy some props...
@hichris123 no idea
12:48 AM
@Undo what sites had you filled in the preferences?
@Manishearth SO, mSO, Space.SE
And I think one more.
But me can't remember.
I filled Physics, MSO, ITSec, Chem, and SO, in some order
There's something missing here.
I hope my stuff comes tomorrow! :P
@Undo Just send me some swag. :P
12:49 AM
digs through box more
@Undo the box!
I can't find my diamond hat ;(
No diamonds for you!
@Undo if you have to dig through the box, there's still stuff in it :p
@Undo hah
@Manishearth Just a standard, run-of-the-mill brown box.
12:50 AM
But it wasn't delivered by brown.
Oooh, but the shipping paper is SE-blue!
Whenever I get swag, I hold on to the packaging for irrationally long periods of time. Just because.
I don't have enough space in my room to hold onto packaging.
I have piles of crap on my floor because I have nowhere to put it.
Oooh, I found the little list that tells you what was supposed to be in the box!
black boxes?
12:52 AM
Uhmm... black boxes?
I swear that's what it says
Padfolio? Lol.
@Undo maybe the box is really black
They may need to check what they're saying... it's not very accurate.
@Manishearth That would imply there are multiple boxes. I can't see any more boxes.
Maybe the black boxes are in the padfolio?
12:54 AM
Or they may be drawn invisibly on the black tshirt
There are no black boxes in the padfolio.
I must therefore conclude that they are on top of the tshirt and I cannot see them.
Thanks @TimPost! You are awesome!
@Undo Just the other day I was pointing the HTML regex post to someone who was using regex for scraping
It's rather useful, isn't it?
12:59 AM
This thumbdrive does not attempt to kill my eyes with unholy LED brightness!
@Undo .....it's not a good thing
oh that
And it's completely empty! Yay!
I ought to add a lazer pointer to a thumbdrive. I have one of those tiny ones, and can get my hands on a larger broken one, and I have a small laser somewhere in my room.
This might be the first new thumb drive I have ever acquired that came completely empty!
@Undo What, expected it to contain SE source code?
@Undo wow
1:01 AM
@Manishearth No, I expected it to contain those special file manager thingies that companies seem to think are so helpful.
There may be a hidden System Volume folder, to rain on your parade :p
@Undo haha
@Manishearth Why not?
It would be nice...
Nothing on it except standard OS stuff :D
So gimmetehsource? And what happened to open-sourcing everything @Manish? :P
@Manishearth What does?
@Undo the dot-dot :p
Good idea.
Just sudo rm -f everything.
Hm, it seems to be impossible to rm or rmdir .. and . in Ubuntu
1:07 AM
What should I name it?
however, you can rm ../nameofdir or rm -rf ../../nameofparent
which leaves you in a directory in a directory that doesn't exist. And if you cd .., you get this:
[06:36:18] muon@LHC /tmp/a/b/.. ^_^
which makes no sense
You expect things to make sense?
I'm a physics student. I expect the world to make sense.....at some level ..... ah, what am I saying :p
Exactly. :P
@Manishearth Why physics? You love to code... so that's kinda different from Physics.
Because I love to physics more
1:11 AM
They are joined by XKCD
Jan 1 at 5:40, by Undo the Snowman
@TinyTim Now that I know you're lord of the swag, I have a question: I might have a chance to go to WWDC this year (Apple's dev conference). On Sunday before everything starts everyone mills around and I have very little to do. Would SE be interested in having someone pass out swag?
@Undo ^ did you get the chance?
@Manishearth Dunno yet.
I only get to know like a month in advance.
@Manishearth developer.apple.com/wwdc/students is how I went last year.
Awesome experience.
1:13 AM
Ug, Google just announce the dates of Google IO '14 already!
I've had the chance to go to a couple of really good Mozilla events (sponsored!) around India but no time :/
So flying to San Francisco is probably worse :P
I don't iOS anyway. No Mac.
Once things calm down I might spend more time with the moz community. Even apply to be a rep, someday
1:15 AM
My eyes are burning from staring at flags.
@animuson ...then don't
But, but... there's only 48 left!
reminds me, gotta handle some flags on physics. We have a bunch pending
I would flag some comments but I'm busy looking at my swag.
I'm flagging some NAA's. :P
1:18 AM
I would go handle some flags but my two 10k sites don't have any flags ;(
SO only has 2 flags for 10k'ers right now.
@animuson And... they're both mine. :P
Nuh uh, they're VLQ flags.
Well, someone's handling my flags. :P
Manish told me to not do that...
1:21 AM
> 1002 moderator attention flags
@animuson There's a lot of blue (or whatever the deleted post color is) in my flag history. :P
A: calendarview.setshownweekcount error

user106857Really wish someone would have looked into this. I'm having the same problem a year and two months later.

^ How did that not get flagged?
Physics mod queue cleared
Some things just slip through...
I'm having too much fun with this. :P
@animuson Ping me when your queue is clear.
1:25 AM
Got to go, cya guys!
@Manishearth Should have been a first post, though...
My swagbox ought to arrive in a couple more days, I'll post pics when I get it
@Undo ^
@hichris123 Have any comment flags left?
1:27 AM
@Undo All, why?
poor @animuson
@hichris123 Because animuson has chewed through all the flags.
@Undo I'm flagging NAA's as we speak.
I'm going to unleash 35 comment flags.
3 still waiting...
@Undo Can you add the plz accepts back?
1:29 AM
Yeah, when I finish eating
Okay. :P
I've flagged 17 NAA's today. :)
Wow there:
guys how can I flag suggested edits?
@joeytje50 You can't. If you have serious problems with a user, flag one of their posts as other.
@hichris123 okay will do
Uh-oh, I forgot about my schedule ;(
Me can put in new comments tomorrow.
Me has to go somewhere now.
1:38 AM
More NAA flags. evil laugh
I'm taking a break... too many NAA flags.
@animuson How many in the queue now?
Handle them?
Well these aren't exactly things that can be quickly handled.
Just do it! :P
I've almost caught up to the lizard for this month.
1:50 AM
Well, you have done nice mod work this month. ;)
Post when it's down to 0, then we'll flag some more stuff.
2:03 AM
Hiya @Gnome!
How's it going?
Good. You?
Okay I guess.
Where have you been?
2:08 AM
Around. Just not here I guess. Stuff.
Hiding over in that dark corner, probably.
You're being very vague... you want to talk about it?
@animuson Go back to your flag queue. Is it to 0 yet?
@hichris123 Not really, sorry.
It's fine.
Ooh, MySQL scripting shell!
2:42 AM
come help @hichris try to bork my bot :P


Where you can play with regular chat features (except flagging...
@DoorknobofSnow I may have...
@hichris123 wat O_O
Did I kill it?
idk, it just says "sleeping"
It's not up yet...
3:01 AM
weird answer...
A: css Relative positioning one Element in the center and one on the right

Michele Mariottialready tried with style="float: right;" on the button? i do not know what the fuck do float keyword in css lol

@LaszloPapp Better now?
> Answer deleted for some reason which I coudnt understand since this is cost effective for students on low budgetsor very limited income
You can't understand the fact that you're a spammer?
> You might want to look at how this site works before making any more edits
3:18 AM
sorry @hichris; I can't risk you breaking my computer while I'm asleep :P
I'll turn it on tomorrow afternoon again, 3:30 central time
@DoorknobofSnow That's 4:30 my time... and I broke it. :P
4:22 AM
Spam alert.
No spam wave yet. Only 1. Weird.
Boooo snow tomorrow. :(
Yay, snow tomorrow! :P
Snow is bad. That means I can't go to Lincoln tomorrow. I hate you snow!!!
But... Snow means no school!
It's in read only mode...
4:45 AM
Everything's popping in and out of read-only. stackstatus.net
Replica updates are complete, we will now cutover to our secondary SQL servers in both clusters, resulting in a very brief outage.
Ooh. Okay.
5:07 AM
> Use of undefined constant CFG_THEME - assumed 'CFG_THEME'
sigh Stupid Windows and its stupid use of CRLF... mumbles nasty thoughts under his breath
5:33 AM
Latest Amazon review: amazon.com/review/R1B89MW074SA3A
6:08 AM
Ah, my first angry code comment...
And... I'm gonna go to bed now.
6:34 AM
Does anyone else think this is notananswer? It's just two links to other SO answers.
lol expression web
@Asad deleting it might be counter-productive, though
6:58 AM
Anna got elected as a SO moderator, Stack Exchange stole her away. Anna got hired as a community manager, Stack Exchange stole her away. My company is apparently quite gifted in the area of abduction.
@TimPost They better not steal you. Who knows what kind of swag master replacement we'd get if that happened! I'm afraid! Very afraid!
7:17 AM
@JanDvorak I don't think it would be a huge loss. The links aren't even directly related to the question. The highest voted answer on the other hand, which is in second place right now, solves the problem concisely with a relevant code snippet.
in which case, delete.
You're welcome to try, my flag was rejected.
There you go.
@TimPost Have you figured out if people are actually targeting DVK from Scifi?
@JonathanHobbs Doesn't appear to be the case, I was just about to follow up on that
When you have that many posts, your 'attack surface' is just so significantly larger that you're bound to notice this more.
7:29 AM
@TimPost he has asked another question and concluded all downvotes on it, his answer, and his previous bechdel question had nothing to do with its content
so :(
i have an interest in him actually taking this stuff as legitimate feedback, or just not caring
i discussed it with him until he started to use dishonest discussion tactics.
Well .. all I can say is this:
A: This downvote is awesome

Tim PostThe answer was down voted because I lost my keys. Please, stay with me, let me explain this odd chain of events. Earlier today I couldn't get to the store on time because I could not find my keys. That caused me to miss the opportunity to run over a golf ball, which would have bounced between a...

He's not being targeted. Sites grow, people are strange. Things happen. Feces occurs.
@TimPost That's kinda awesome.
@TimPost I'm glad he isn't. But when a user that proliferous dismisses downvotes as invalid and dares to produce even worse content, and does not use them to reflect on maybe there's something bad about his stuff, that's kind of a bad thing. (Until it finally hits the point he trips the question ban, eventually)
Thanks for your effort though.
@JonathanHobbs This isn't the first time it's come up. Even if the content was technically perfect and the most well-crafted prose to ever have been posted to our network, you can't rule out that which you can't document which is the competency of the voter.
He can choose to not obsess about it and have a good time, or can continue to obsess about it and be miserable.
I suppose so
8:33 AM
@Manishearth I assume the reason will also be a part of the same dict?
1 hour later…
9:51 AM
s/All\ caps/All\ craps/
Btw @TimPost perhaps you can give your definitive diamond answer here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/219582/random-downvoting ? Seems the user is only going for that, ignoring the rest.
long time no see
yay, he's still alive
Thanks @TimPost ;)
no worries
@Manishearth killed in 12 seconds. \o/
@TimPost what's the best method of bringing something to the attention of a SE employee who is big on nuking obsolete flags?
@Flyk where?
Q: Obsolete comment flag handling

kalinaWe've got well over 5000 obsolete comments on Arqade. Since these cannot be handled using any of the user level tools, I have been flagging these so that they can be actioned by a moderator. Unfortunately, our moderators don't appear to appreciate this effort in keeping the site clean? All of th...

a moderator is stating "I'm rejecting valid flags because we don't have enough time to deal with them"
during my latest clean up activity
I would really like somebody from SE to actually stand up for me putting in the effort to clean up Arqade for once
especially since the mod in question basically openly attacked me and accused me of doing this specifically for flag count
Even though clean up processes are something I actively do all the time
Oh man, that's so not cool. Just discovered that researchers patented the techniques they describe in their research paper. Gah. There goes that plan.
10:40 AM
@LaszloPapp you put -2 for what i do not know you are crazy man. — frank 6 mins ago
@Manishearth you've got a pull request from me
Yeah, you are crazy man @LaszloPapp
@Flyk re-reading this makes me cringe, less of the "for once" and more of the "please just point me in the right direction because I'm stuck between a rock and a moderator"
@Flyk Just flag it if it makes you cringe. That user has no business to talk like th.... ah wait
10:51 AM
Bart: :/
Seems the OP has addressed the comments now though @LaszloPapp

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