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3:00 AM
@UndotheSnowman yep
Q: Handling Calls to Remove a Moderator

Robert CartainoStack Exchange has some of the best Moderators around — seriously — and that is due in no small part to the communities who scrutinize and vote in our Moderator elections. We have a rather formal process for electing moderators, but up until now the process for removing a moderator has been quit...

(that escalated quickly)
OK, calculation ran through, sleepytime
Oh, the team@ complaint thingy, sure, but we need a button on each mods profile that says IMPEACH, and if we get 50 votes or something the mod goes away.
Only mods can impeach mods?
@hichris123 Kinda.
That's so unfair.
The process may also be initiated by the Community Team at Stack Exchange, Inc. in response to numerous, substantiated complaints from users on the site.
@UndotheSnowman You could make an unofficial system that tracks this
3:01 AM
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish Hah!
That might get me in trouble. Not sure how, but it would
Make it an API app so you can get voter stats and all
@Undo Everything you do gets you into trouble.
@UndotheSnowman dammit I almost shogsniped you
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish has invented a new meme.
Quick, post it on the Meta post!
3:03 AM
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish So can you be timsniped or annasniped or gabesniped?
@UndotheSnowman dooku
timsniping is hard, I once was a Tim
not the Tim, but a Tim. Out of many other proud souls who took on the mantle
Ah, Timmanship.
cue debate on which Tim is The Tim.
3:05 AM
Back on mobile.
Liek if u cry evry Tim
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish The Tim that can suspend all the other tims is The Tim.
But he couldn't before. Does the Theness of a Tim change over time?
I did not know that Theness was transferable
3:06 AM
Coeffecient of Theness.
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish If Theness wasn't transferrable, then the first Tim to register would by default be The Tim.
No, we can have a state of absence of Theness
Then we have to define at what point one becomes The.
There is no becoming The. One is, was, and will be The for all time.
:1687338 Three Tims for the Elven-devs in the Tavern,
Seven for the Moderation-overlords in their halls of 01100010011010010111010001110011,
Nine for New Users doomed to downvotes,
One for the Jeff Atwood on his dark throne
In the Land of Horror where the Coding lies.
One Tim to rule them all, One Tim to find them,
One Tim to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Horror where the Coders lie.
3:10 AM
Tim Boland, Cincinnati, OH
3.6k 7 16 21
^ The first Tim
@jmac Write that as a Meta post. Save it. That is the best LOTR ring poem I've ever heard.
3:35 AM
@Shog9 What script ran today for the CV queue?
Why did we go read only?
@hichris123 not so much a script as we fixed a bug that prevented close vote aging and deletion of abandoned posts
@Undo huh?
@hichris I'm seeing all the sites as read-only.
@Anna Was it the same one that ran last night?
@Undo All? Even SO and meta.so?
3:42 AM
@hichris123 it runs every night. we haven't done anything else (yet) that I know of.
Thanks @Anna
Eeek why is Meta read-only?
@hichris Yes.
@Undo I see it on meta, but not main SO.
@StackStatus Everything's in RO, are we getting HTTPS?
3:47 AM
How are we supposed to live without Meta?
How can we live without HATS?
Hats are life.
Therefore, there is no life without hats.
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish Ah, my mistake.
Is it just me, or am I the only one who's still seeing:
> This site is currently in read-only mode; we’ll return with full functionality soon.
3:58 AM
@hichris123 You're welcome, though apparently it was Undo that needed the lesson.
I was sort of careless in my reading of the transcript.
@Mysticial I'm still getting that.
For what it's worth.
So you're not completely alone!
I'm seeing it too.
Oh ok. I'm seeing things getting posted. My posts are getting votes. Everyone else in C++ chat seems ok.
I thought I got hell-banned or something.
@Mysticial Actually, looks like everything but Meta is back for me.
No, I'm just seeing it on Meta.
4:00 AM
I'm still locked out of all 3 sites that I use. SO, meta.SO, and Anime.SE.
Cleared your cache?
(not that I would expect that to be the problem, really)
We're looking into it.
I tried from a different computer same.
So I'm suspecting is just the servers that are supposed to serve my region is out.
*still not updated
Yay! Devs gonna make hats come back?
@AnnaLear thx!
4:02 AM
@Mysticial Weird. Hey, has your username always had that 2nd 'i'? I always read it "Mystical."
@hichris123 I would, but it would seem that meta is broken. Possibly because someone spoiled the unicorn hat secrets.
@jadarnel27 ahahaha!!! Another victim.
@Mysticial The correct answer is "what two i's" ;)
@Mysticial Darn it! I've been successfully username pranked.
Possibly for quite some time.
@AnnaLear Hey, come on now. I'm already second-guessing myself =P
Link to the meta post where you said that, @Mysticial
4:05 AM
AHAHA, I pwned another victim! One of these days, I'm gonna get rid of that "i" just to troll everybody... :P:P:P — Mysticial Dec 10 at 0:31
What do you mean @Mystical? — jmac Dec 10 at 0:04
Like half the people who try to ping me... :D — Mysticial Dec 10 at 0:02
That comment will be worth it's weight in gold when you do get rid of the second 'i'
(I think you should get rid of the first 'i' instead, just to screw with folks @Mystcial)
Meta's back for MW.
@hichris123 What region are you in?
4:06 AM
How do you edit posts on mobile?
@hichris123 Who is MW, and how do I steal his connection?
US, midwest
@hichris123 I'm in the Bay Area.
Regions don't really matter for this.
4:07 AM
@hichris123 Liar -- MW is ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 for the Distinguished Kingdom of Malawi
@jmac I would correct it if I could. But mobile is so annoying.
Then I guess it doesn't work the same way Google's servers do.
(which may not be distinguished or a kingdom)
When Google pushes changes, it doesn't always get to all the servers at the same time.
Depending on which server is where, an entire region may be "late".
4:08 AM
One of the databases went into read-only mode, but we don't really know why at the moment.
@hichris123 Too late, already booked my flight to Malawi. Thanks for the misinformation...
@Anna Hats, waffles, and jQuery.
Fun fact of the day: Malawi used to be called Nyasaland. And it is a Republic, not a Kingdom.
Or @Undo and I's comment flags.
@Mysticial when we push updates, we just take a webserver out of rotation, so if you hit the site at that time, you'll get routed a different one. we don't flip to read-only for pushing regular code changes.
4:10 AM
@jmac Research project for the day?
@AnnaLear ah
@hichris123 I actually know a fair bit about Africa from previous research projects. Did you know that Namibia ranked better than South Africa on the corruption index?
Did you know that the US has more African colonies than Italy?
(actually, the Italy part is a lie)
(but the US does have a colony in Africa -- Liberia! It was settled by freed slaves, and they named their capital Monrovia after President Monroe)
The US has colonies all over the world. They're called "military bases".
4:12 AM
Talk about imperialism.
I'm leaving you people.
Too much research.
How do I leave a room on mobile?
A: The Many Memes of Meta

gnatMeme: name change to "Tim something". Originator: Tim Post (?) Mentioned: Tavern, May 14 2012 Background: Extraordinary ping-ability of the name @Tim. "Tim" Stone "Tim" ManishEarth "Tim" jadarnel27 "Tim" Site is a Forum "Tim" Yi Jiang "Timootinator" see note on usage specifics below "Tim...

Added as requested.
@jmac look now
@hichris123 You broke the link!
You fix it.
I'm on mobile.
Bye everyone.
4:21 AM
Haha, I totally forgot that brown made it into the Many Memes of Meta (successfully).
Someday I'm going to tell the origin story of why brown is so important to me, and everyone who reads it will be very bored and disappointed.
@jadarnel27 The story is "brown" repeated 100 000 times.
@michaelb958'saSleigh Dude! Spoiler alert.
Some people.
4:51 AM
It's sad how many bad suggestions get accepted from this guy
5:30 AM
5:52 AM
@jmac Lets ban him
@ColeJohnson Or you could just flag one of his posts and explain it in a custom message to the mods. I think that may be easier.
6:05 AM
Hey, sorry to bother you guys, but if you have a free minute I'd really appreciate if you could answer a few questions about your interactions with novice SO users (for an HCI study).
@JakeStoeffler SO, or SE in general?
@jmac SO
Ah, probably not a good candidate then, seeing as how I can't even close stuff.
Really anyone who has used SO much would be a great candidate :) Just looking for any input I can get at this point.
6:46 AM
I know it's wrong, but I really want to edit the title of this question to read 'Portuguese' instead of 'Postgre'. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Q: Are these PostgreSQL hybrid tags useful?

madth3Hybrid tags have been discussed before and the consensus seems to be that they are only useful in particular cases. I've recently found some tags that seem to be used just for problems related with a particular framework or technology when used with PostgreSQL: django-postgresql rails-postgres...

> "Are these PortugueseSQL hybrid tags useful?"
7:29 AM
I want to test something. Could three people please upvote this:
A: When should I make edits to code?

jmacReviewing Code Edits When in doubt, click 'Skip'. "Learn to love that Skip button." Editing Code in Questions Code in questions should only be edited for formatting and readability. Editing the syntax or correcting typos in code in questions can fix the problem that the person asking the quest...

And @balpha, could you take a look at this? Shog said you were the man to ask:
Q: How are "Suggested Tags" chosen?

jmacAfter you've typed in a question, you get suggested tags that appear that look like this: It appears that you need a minimum amount of characters (much like the limit on 'Similar Questions' in the right-side pane): you must have entered a title (any length) and a minimum body length of...

Yeah, I've shied away form answer this so far because it's a long story :)
@balpha Can you give the short version in a nutshell?
i.e. "I am just fiddling around with it and it has the potential to start the apocalypse if implemented wide-scale" or "It is a secret NSA plot to monitor your tagging habits" or "It's a lot of work I don't want to deal with right now"
Oh, I want to answer it at some point, I didn't mean to imply otherwise :) In a nutshell it's a somewhat-but-not-quite-bayesian classifier based on the words in text and title, trained on older questions.
@balpha So the more volume you have, the more useful it will be. Have you done any trial runs on beta sites (for instance, the Workplace, hint hint) to see how it works?
Yeah, that site is way too small. The training corpus should be at least around 20k questions.
7:42 AM
@balpha Thanks for the answer. That makes me sad. It is such a great feature for smaller sites that are starting the categorization effort, and would be an awesome addition. Is there any way to improve it to use a user-defined dictionary to link keywords with certain tags?
(so that it would be possible to use fewer training questions when supported by a human-assisted starter dictionary. Like training it up to a 4 year-old level)
Not really. The way it works you can see why it classifies a certain text with certain tags, but the actual numbers can't be just made up. If you have some values not based on natural occurence in the texts, it won't work anymore
That is a shame. Thanks for the input anyway, makes me a bit sad about the result though. Suggested tags are such an awesome addition and I was thinking of all the possibilities...
7:58 AM
What shall I do if the op finds the answer to his question himself after a few minutes and edits the answer into his question? It's a low rep user that usually has to wait until he can answer his own question, so instead he choosed to edit it into his question.
8:22 AM
@UndotheSnowman HTTPS has been there, just hidden, for a while now
8:35 AM
Wow, I always had reasonable faith in serial voting detection, but something seems off. My rep for yesterday is still there. Or I'm just paranoid of course.
Thanks @balpha. talking about SO here
yeah, I see those votes
Hmm yeah, those votes missed a threshold by a hair. We really have to improve some of those queries
@balpha shouldn't that be sekrit?
All part of my big plan @Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish MUWHAHAehm /me strokes cat
8:41 AM
oh yeah, I'm not going into details :)
Thanks for that anyway @balpha. I was convinced it would be gone in the morning.
@balpha Yeah, but "by a hair"="go to Bart's profile and figure out the approx location"
I just said we have to change the values :) Also, knowing the sekrits, I can tell you it's hard to figure out the exact conditions from the profile
Just enquiring... I can't speak for the rest of the beta users, but Aviation just launched... can we getz hatz?
8:46 AM
@DannyBeckett Much beta very young no hats wow
ah ok
well done on the #1 btw
@DannyBeckett Logan will overtake me in a couple of days. Not going to be here for half a week starting tomorrow
thanks though
unrelated: how come my question isn't appearing under Newest? It shows on my profile. The total site question count hasn't increased from 26 to 27 either
Longer cache for betas?
comes up on search
8:53 AM
n/m it just showed up... guess it is a longer cache
Hmm, the Before it was cool hat is interesting
yeah Logan has it
I need more caffeine
It's not for Precognitive. Hmm
if it was for precog or beta, lots of people would have it
9:24 AM
Meeh, my last message is too long ago.
The lengths some people will go to for their Copy Editor badge... stackoverflow.com/users/1458648/…
(I've flagged for a moderator)
Geez, what is the point in that
Wow, I didn't realise how many pages back that goes.
I would have thought this would trip some kind of gaming detection. That is a lot of sub 5 character edits.
If you don't have copy editor before you can edit without restrictions then you're doing it wrong
that does look quite abusive though
... how is that not abusive @Flyk?
9:33 AM
I... er... re-read what I said and then try again
I think Bart is questioning your use of the word "quite".
then I am questioning Bart's understanding of the language in use
stop confusing me, it's too early in the day and I need more coffee
Oh no, you merely have to question my lack of coffee
Words no make sense without coffee
+1 for both using the coffee excuse within a few seconds of each other
we deserve a hat for that
It's always coffee
or caching
but mostly coffee
9:34 AM
That too
I got an early night last night and I feel worse than the two days I stayed up until an hour before work
damned hats affecting my sleep pattern
I would argue that if you have copy editor before reaching 2k, then you've not really done very much except for editing.
And I didn't sleep last night. Which works wonders for me today
It means you got less than 1k of reputation in the time it took you to make 500 substantive edits.
9:35 AM
@Duncan well since copy editor will get you to 1k rep, then you've generated another 1k from other actions
@Duncan 500 edits of a sufficient length isn't that difficult
plus it's easy to edit on any site regardless of your knowledge of the subject matter at hand
whereas to generate reputation by asking/answering there is a relative requirement of understanding the subject matter of the site
Looking at my history I got to 87 suggested edits before I reached 2k.
That's why reputation from edits is capped, right?
9:50 AM
Hi guys. Just returned and still looking for the horn hat -_-
Which brings me to the other question... no one noticed anything strange on the bash site? Last year we had the unicorn appearing by gathering snow... I wonder if there is something similar this time.
You have to earn the horn. We're not going to give you the horn.... wait, that sounds entirely wrong....
@Bart - Actually I have the strange felling that "10 of the most useless point" means 10 votes on a comment. Working on that right now. Also working on understanding what the script on the winter bash site is hiding.
10:11 AM
@SPArchaeologist it's 5x2, I believe
since I got a +17 comment and that wasn't eligible
10x1 might work as well perhaps? I did 5x2 though
@Flyk - ok, will go around and see if I can increment one of your comment to 5
no no, I have it already
and it's 5 comments to 2, not the other way around!
Yeo, just noticed
well I suppose 2 comments to 5 might work, just working with what I know though
10:56 AM
@Flyk - sorry, didn't notice your post. Thanks for the info. Anyway, I really miss a Cthul hat
I need @<SE employee>
so I can state my demands and get hats for it
I'm holding you all hostage while we wait
move, and I set fire to you
10:58 AM
I'm a greek alphabet, I don't burn
don't lie
everything burns
anyway, this need a test, just in case there is a related hat.
@Flyk Hey, chem.SE mod here, I say that that is false :P
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish my fire is not bound by your petty rules
@Flyk The strongest oxidizing agent, for example, will not burn
probably some fluorine compound
10:59 AM
nope, now you're talking in a language I don't understand
? not working in the tavern?
is the world supposed to end?
@Flyk Tu ne sais pas la langue? Le visage triste.
11:02 AM
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish non
(I have no clue how the French say sad face, just cobbling it together)
google translate more
I can't get used to this
@Flyk Nah, I know enough french to put it together
using Chrome Remote Desktop to access my PC at home
puts me in a really awkward position
@Flyk - that string should trigger the chtulu egg...
11:03 AM
since I can't see the bottom part of the screen so have to type blind
or I can use the 'stretch to window' function
but because it sends all three of my screens over
@Flyk but it doesn't seem to work anymore.
I get a little bar of screens across the middle of the window
and then the chat box is too small
@Flyk Tu dois etudier la langue! C'est la langue de BOOM BOOM!
sets fire to @Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish
@Flyk Le feu n'affecte pas a moi
OK, I think I made a mistake there
must revise french
11:05 AM
met le feu à @Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish
@Shog9 - Sorry for bothering you, do you happen to know if the Cthulu chat easter egg has been removed? don't seem to work anymore...
@SPArchaeologist What did it use to do?
set fire to all sane programmers in the immediate vicinity
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish floating zalgo text all over the page
11:14 AM
It was a reference to this stackoverflow.com/a/1732454/1005187 @Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish
oh, that I understand
11:32 AM
ufff . This is somehow funny. Keeping getting votes on questions/answer on meta when all I wanted was some vote on comments ^_^
@SPArchaeologist hah
I'll help
It's a conspiracy
anyhow, about the Cthulu egg... just posted a question to find out if anyone knows what happened.
@Oded - can I have a tinfoil hat?
Mr @Oded - I have worked out how to get the Eureka hat!
Oh? Do tell?
@Flyk : beat the flash game "Socrates - Pro Phylo"?
11:41 AM
@SPArchaeologist no
You want a private room to tell me in, @Flyk ?
Private rooms are being handed out like candy
going to run out of rooms soon
Just made it private - rooms are not private by default.
well that's because priviate is a mod function
11:50 AM
@Flyk @Oded - sigh, I wanted to know that too :P
@SPArchaeologist 40 upvotes to a question on a per-site meta
(not mso)
@Flyk - thanks, nice to know. Will be hard to reach on SharePoint... ^_^
12:09 PM
some of them really are hard to reach on certain sites
I had to wait days to get the reopen vote one
because Arqade is a relatively clean site
My last reopen was 2 days ago
Must have been just before winterbash started
there have been a couple since then
2-4 or so
most of them were meant to stay close though
anyway - speaking of hats - still searching to understand what the arrow in the knee reference was about.
doge hat? much how? very need... wow
12:36 PM
- just got the Florence hat. Only understood the citation because of that Time Bokan episode...
12:48 PM
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish Just to know, not asking for the unlock code... but what would your IG-88 hat represent? is that a rocket or what?
Ak- remembered him now
Ep V.
@ThiefMaster Btw, you may want to look into the review history of the approvers here

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