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1:03 PM
OMG meta has been mean & I am dishearted, now could you delete this question please :/
It has 3 upvoted answers @Telkitty. Just move on
Given that it's officially status-declined, it's good to have around and prevent such requests in the future. Deleting it would give someone else a reason to ask it again.
seriously, why do people jump on answering such questions like this? stackoverflow.com/questions/20658844/malloc-2d-arrays-in-c I mean such basic questions have been answered many times already.
Hey all, unrelated to anything anyone is talking about but: If I comment on a post, and then edit @user into it, does user get notified?
Q: Does the person get notification if I edit my comment and add @hisname in it?

Rookie Possible Duplicate: Will edited comments reach addressees? How do comment @replies work? I sometimes forget to add the @hisname in a comment, so I edit and put it there. Will he be notified after my edits?

@Bart Thank you! Did do a quick search first I promise ;)
1:08 PM
No problem. ;)
I guess some reputation hungry people take those basic questions as an opportunity to move ahead. Perhaps, it would be better to remove the answers, or at least the votes once such a thread is closed?
The better question is: if you edit @user out of a comment, will he still be notified?
@LaszloPapp if voters feel like an answer is worth reputation, why override that decision?
because they should be motivated to upvote the existing answers.
Wow, what happened to the close vote queue? Is it ads or hats?
1:18 PM
Scheduled task was dying and was recently fixed - clearing out about 4k, @Bart
aka what @3ventic said.
Ah, meh. So a temporary victory only
Still not getting proper error messages from imgur, by the way? @Oded
@3ventic that hasn't changed, no.
I suspect Someone a small crowd wanna me Q banned, this is so very not cool :'(
@Telkitty Meh, you're exaggerating. You made a feature request. People didn't like it. You got downvotes. As simple as that.
Unless you're going for the Tinfoil hat hat with that conspiracy idea
1:26 PM
Yeah treating me like as if I was such an ignorant idiot, like as if I did not know how meta works! A herd of meta voters trying to bully a troll!
So you're calling yourself a troll now? Ah well, suit yourself. Whatever explanation makes you feel comfortable I guess.
@3ventic I think Anna said of some development on that coming soon
Wow, wonky sentence much. Me coffee take now not words good very speak
@3ventic you'd be thinking wrong. Well... no one right now, but we have had hats and new topbar in the way. After XMas, work will start in earnest.
1:38 PM
You'd think developing it wouldn't take that long
but what do I know
I've only done relatively small projects
Developing it? What's taking long has been figuring what content needs to be migrated. And how to deal with existing links after MSO becomes the SO child-meta. And... and... and...
There are soooo many assumptions and hard coded decisions based on MSO being what it is and not a normal child meta.
Are you saying we're speshul @Oded? :)
I am now full of food
Very... MSO is not a regular meta...
1:42 PM
time to revert to caffeine ingestion
Food Overflow
@Flyk - have you brought enough for everyone?
well, my food is overflowing, so sure
what would you like, tofu filled sandwiches, coffee tasting tofu, biscuits made of tofu, or cake
oh and quorn sausages
No bacon?
That sounds like a modern Monty Python sketch
Hmmm. Your food sounds very brown.
1:44 PM
@Oded tofu bacon in the sandwiches
brown bread
in the sandwiches
@Flyk "tofu bacon" does not compute
IT'S LIKE BACON... BUT... er... not
No, it's not like bacon at all
It's certainly not a substitute for bacon
which is why I keep flipping between being vegetarian and stuffing myself full of bacon
1:47 PM
I could be vegetarian full time if it weren't for bacon
Huh. Looks like urban dictionary has it: urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bacontarian
Entry #4 looks fitting for you, @Flyk
> A person who claims to be a true vegetarian but knowingly supplements their diet with small amounts of bacon, bacon bits, and bacon fat.
but bacon... it's so nice
I was a vegetarian until ~14
and then I tasted bacon
and it all went horribly wrong
@Flyk - you lost all your vegetarian superpowers like Evil Ex #2 from Scott Pilgrim?
I don't get the reference
I'm bored and I need more hats
I feel like I've clicked on every single link on Arqade looking for hidden hats
and I still don't have them all
@Flyk Arqade?
1:54 PM
that links the logo
it turns into logo
I typed the text
1:55 PM
@Flyk - yep, I know the site. I was just meaning "do you are implying that there are site specific hats?"
@SPArchaeologist I'm not implying anything
Arqade is the site I use
all of the other sites just... exist
You use MSO too
if they're lucky sites, I will appear every now and again and do som editing for them
just to keep ahead of me in rep on it
so they can reject it as "an attempt to respond to the question"
because the review queues need boobytrapping so that half asleep users get banned from reviewing more often
@3ventic no, I would never do that
innocent face
1:58 PM
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Dec 6 at 14:23, by kalina
I'm only active on MSO at the moment to generate some distance between @3ventic and I before he passes me
that's by kalina
I am Flyk
I do not know of this kalina person
except that you have both profiles in your network account
@Flyk - Sorry . I don't know why I assume that all users are Stack users. Must be my rotten dev brain.
my experience with SO is a really bad experience
2:01 PM
I got my association bonus from SO
and that's when I went looking at the other sites in the network
and got stuck in arqade
Arqade is the best Stack Exchange site
and now I notice. Why there is a banner for ANIME.stackexchange showing a screen of Ni no Kuni on Arqade? Did I miss something? It's a game, not an anime....
Because community ads
because cake
cake is the answer to everything
and they're expected to be gaming related I assume
2:09 PM
@3ventic - well, I suppose that the Abcdabra/Wiz Handbook could be considered a manga, considered the whole sheer of Gibli made art it contains ^_^
I don't know anything about anime/manga
Does anyone in here know why the quotes in the last sentence of my answer here are breaking my attempt to italicize said line?
Removing the quotes around Page_Load causes the italics to happen.
@Flyk - thank. Now the whole office is laughing.
It's the underscore that screws things I up guess @jadarnel27
2:19 PM
@Bart Oh yeah?
Ah, weird.
Try escaping that one
@TimStone has an embarrassingly vast knowledge of how the markdown parser works. Perhaps he knows if this is a bug or not.
@jadarnel27 *Note: I use "Page_Load" as an example, you could put this code in whatever method you want.*
@Bart That works!
that's interesting
backticks don't codify in mso chat
2:20 PM
ah, you already got the answer anyway
@Flyk Thanks for checking that too =)
If I remember well it's "one of those markdown quirks" @jadarnel27.
You could use <em> too
2:22 PM
@Bart Haha, that wouldn't surprise me. Pretty common answer to markdown stuff =P
@3ventic Interesting. I never use the actual HTML tags in posts here, but that's good to know.
I sometimes use html when markdown does something weird
2:40 PM
@jadarnel27 Hmm?
23 mins ago, by jadarnel27
Does anyone in here know why the quotes in the last sentence of my answer here are breaking my attempt to italicize said line?
@Flyk, had me on the brink of exploding into laughter at my desk - "The traditional binary foundation of 1s and 0s is deeply problematic: 1 is inherently phallic and thus misogynistic. Instead, we have 0s and Os as our fundamental binary logic gates. They symbolise/-ize the varying, natural, and beautiful differences of the female vaginal opening."
Please someone else reject this awful edit: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/3612811
@Duncan I would but nobody has bountied me up to 3k rep yet
or 2k, whatever the priv is at
2:49 PM
Can't believe two people have approved that. Roboreviewers are the bane of my life.
And the roboreviewers win.... Rollback it is..
52 mins ago, by Flyk
because the review queues need boobytrapping so that half asleep users get banned from reviewing more often
@TimStone What took you so long? You weren't doing..."actual work", were you?
@TimStone doing actual work?
I mean... er
One of the approvers: NagarjunaReddy has approved 293 edit suggestions and rejected 0 edit suggestions. Those are some robo-stats!
3:10 PM
Which makes this unsurprising @Duncan.
Q: Can we do something to reduce the amount of poor quality reviewers there are working the queues?

FlykThis seems to occur on all Stack Exchange sites and I'm not going to provide any specific examples as that is basically naming and shaming. However, as many of you who work the review queues know, and maybe even some people who submit content to the review queues to be reviewed; the quality and c...

Ummm - some mods online - let's retry my question.
Has the Yeager badge been spoiled yet? The unicorn was. Sadness.
I still don't know how to get the unicorn
@jmac Badge? you meant hat?
3:16 PM
@3ventic 5x2upvotesonmeta
@SPArchaeologist Yes, I mean the badge.
(I mean the hat, of course, there isn't a Yeager badge...or is there?)
To any mod listening, anyone know if the chat eggs were removed?
Cthulhu one don't work anymore, and so does many other.
insert coin doesn't work on the bridge either
We all know Stack Exchange hates fun! ;)
@ThiefMaster which is why we celebrate the end of the year with...hats?
3:18 PM
@jmac . No, there isn't a badge. There is the Hacker badge though.
Hats are srs bsns!
dammit @ThiefMaster you Thief
@Flyk Amen flyk.
Speaking of hats, an octocat with a cat on top is awesome!
Hats haven't been serious business since TF2 became a thing
3:19 PM
Celebrate @3ventic? This is no celebration!
"we're going to lose the all the hats", I believe the NHA (National Hat Association) has something to say about that: "I'll give you my hat when you pry it from my cold, dead hands"jmac 8 hours ago
Doge hat isn't real. ;_;
Let us mourn the end of 2013 with hats
@ElfSlice yes it is
@Flyk I want it to be true
3:20 PM
you need to get a comment on MSO with "very", "much", and "wow" in it up voted to 15
Oh really?
I still think this is a good proposal:
Q: ಠ_ಠ button for chat

ElfSliceI think this would be really useful. There's a Chrome plugin that provides some great functionality, but sometimes you just need to break out a disapproving look immediately in another browser, and I think SE chat needs to support this. Can we have a ಠ_ಠ button please?

@jmac and that exist. I know it. I have it. Had to resort to PROGRAM it by abusing greasemonkey features... but it is there.
@SPArchaeologist Why don't you use jquery for that?
3:22 PM
@Flyk Is this a joke
I use jquery + grease to run the script for the appropriate stack pages :P
@SPArchaeologist Nobody can defeat the quad jquery!
@jmac Haha, the mooninites are the best.
3:26 PM
@Flyk So... yes?
yes, I have no life, I know....
@ElfSlice yes
@Bart Just a matter of time then..
@Flyk - I saw on SharePoint a IG-88 secret hat. You may want to search for that... I suspect it is bounty related somehow
3:41 PM
Q: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() with Windows Vista, PHP5, MySQL and Apache2

TerryGreetings (this is my first post, so if I made "posting" faux pas please forgive me). I am struggling to get PHP to connect to a MySQL database in an Apache environment. I have tried to solve this issue by myself (tis a great way to learn), however, I am at the point of spending too much time on...

Clearly, the "hello" filter isn't working.
I object to being referred to as the "hello filter" @ColeJohnson. But well, I did my work.
@spa really? Or did you html manipulate the badges?
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish - as I said the Hacker badge has the sole purpose of begin hacked. So I actually hacked it on my personal pageview via greasemonkey.
URGH... I don't know if they are mooking us or what, but a list posted on meta showed all the available hat sprites.
4:00 PM
@Bart my sincerest apologies.
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish not so sure.
Last year there were a couple of unnumbered meme/troll images in the sprite too
They were not hats
This year we have doge and rainbow dash
@ColeJohnson haha, accepted.
4:01 PM
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish Yea, but I actually posted a picture of Benny with Rainbow Dash horn and hairs on meta just some days before the bash started...
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish so it seems too much of a coincidence.
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish or they are just referencing my joke in some obscure and nerdy way.
@jadarnel27 I'll blame the baby, although the last day or so I have been doing actual work for some reason O_o
@SPArchaeologist Rainbow Dash is not a unicorn and therefore has no horn
@spa the sprites image was already ready quite early, just hard to find. I managed to get it a day and a half before winterbash.
I'm still trying to figure out whether I answered that remote/not question right...
@Mr.PeanutMonopolyMcManish my proposal was dated 21 NOV.... :P
look... still have the prototype lingering around:
4:19 PM
@TimStone Ah, fair enough. I'll accept that excuse. Babies are so needy, amirite?
Apparently so
So... now that I donated $1 to Wikimedia, does that mean that they'll quit asking me for money?
Is wikipedia.org down for anyone else? Chrome keeps giving me a No data received
Works fine here
Oh, it works when I go to en.wikipedia.org, but www.wikipedia.org no worky.
I sure hope they use that dollar to fix it.
4:26 PM
www.wikipedia.org works fine for me.
@SPArchaeologist Go try that in Root Access or maybe Comms.
I read something about it working there.
It used to work there.
Ha, that's quite fun @SPArchaeologist Is that an Easter Egg?
4:27 PM
@Bart yes - just fixed back
Q: What Easter Eggs do the chat sites have?

MosheAccording to balpha, the SE chat sites may have individual Easter eggs, depending on the site. If you find them, please post. Edit: Because it's so easy to make this stuff up, a screenshot as proof would be nice. (Although Photoshop ain't that hard either...)

@bart but it doesn't work here
@SPArchaeologist Yeah, that's a chat.so easteregg. Chat.m.so is a whole different system.
Hehe, that's awesome.
My Precalculus book has a typo: twitter.com/5urd/status/413344650389626880
@SPA * isn't a command in BF
@ColeJohnson Send them a little to collect your fee for finding it.
My browser really doesn't like that
4:31 PM
@Undo Knuth didn't publish the book
Your browser doesn't like what?
The easteregg
@Undo were you being serious with the "collection fee"
"Discovery fee"*
@ColeJohnson Nah, but you could try
4:43 PM
Apparently, my audtion went well enough last week. I've been asked to attend rehearsal tonight to play on Sunday. So...\o/
Audition for ...
Hi all
What did I get the "I'm not listening hat" for?
4:59 PM
@Bart A band! I'm doing keyboard and vocals.
Should be fun. I thought I mentioned that in here before, which is why I provided no other context. But now that I look, I don't think I have mentioned it.
Ooh, cool @jadarnel27. Now there's something I have no talent for. :) I can make a triangle sound out of tune.
@Bart I would say that's a talent all its own =)
I really love playing music. There's a whole room in my house dedicated to musical instruments and other equipment.
My local arts council begs to differ. I did not qualify for their support program. They called me "unique" ... including the finger-quotes.
@qwertynl not listening ;)
Haha, wow! That is pretty harsh @Bart =)
5:03 PM
@ColeJohnson :-P
Someone might have suggested something @qwertynl ....
@Bart huh? What do you mean?
That's all I'm giving you. It should be pretty easy to figure out from there.
@Bart I am still quite confused :-(
I almost went to school for music. My twin brother actually did go for music (as you can tell if you read his contributions on Musical Practice & Performance).
I decided to go for Computer Science, because I wanted to have a job.
5:06 PM
Ha, same reason I did not go for the art academy in the end.
@qwertynl you've gotten it for a specific site. So what did you do on that site recently?
me too... was deciding between violin performance and IT...
glad i went with IT and make enough money to do music as a hobby
@Bart I posted something.
Close, but nope
@Bart but but but... I did do that...
sure, but that didn't get you the hat
5:10 PM
@Bart Someone responded to my post?
@Bart I downvoted?
"Suggested" was probably the key word in Bart's clue.
I would guess.
I actually don't know how to get that hat.
Yep @jadarnel27
I don't know how to get most hats
even out of those that I have
5:12 PM
We don't just throw that word around, willy nilly, around here.
@jadarnel27 I suggested an edit yesterday, but it was rejected.
And that was yesterday...
@3ventic Yes.
thought so
So you get it by getting a rejected edit?
Dunno.... Again... that was yesterday, I got the hat today
So what did you do today on Meta @qwertynl ..... it's right there.
5:16 PM
@Bart Oh!!!! Thank you :-)
Now ssssstttt
:secret wink:
Oooh! We get to see flags we've already handled in the 10k tools now!
100 unicorn bucks to whoever made that change.
5:24 PM
Wow, I haven't answered anything on Meta since the 7th? Such a slacker
I haven't answered anything on Meta since I posted a pointless nonsense answer about stickers.
It's too easy to get rep on Meta. I'm trying to keep my SO rep above it (for some reason).
And it's a lot harder for me to get rep on SO.
Somehow I got rep from this silly question...
I abandoned that noble goal a long time ago. :)
Still below 10k on SO.... the shame.
@Bart Clearly haha. You're not quite as bad as @Pops. But there's definitely quite a disparity there.
Me too...less than 10k.
I don't have 10k anywhere though.
In fact, I'm worse than Pops. And I'm not even hired.
5:30 PM
If I wanted to keep my SO rep above my MSO rep, I'd be so very late.
Holy cow. You are worse than Pops @Bart. I didn't check before I said that.
I also didn't realize your Meta rep was quite that high. Nice.
Anybody for closing this
@jadarnel27 Not quite as what as who?
Oh...uh, hey there, @Pops. How have you been?
Bad, apparently.
5:43 PM
But seriously. You and Bart both have Meta repz that massively eclipse your repz on any other site.
Maybe "bad" was not the right word =)
I guess the merits of such a situation are open to interpretation.
When they hire you, they look at which one is greater and assign you to community team or dev team accordingly.
Hahaha, nice.
No, although now I have a new proposal to waste everyone's time with.
6:03 PM
yes I did just spill coffee on my nexus 7
Can anybody have a look at the revisions for the stackoverflow.com/posts/3625311/revisions
On revision 12 there looks to be tried to add links to questions somehow?
I'm not into flask at all and the user who did the edit is high-rep so I'm unsure if and how to edit...
being a high rep user isn't an automatic guarantee that they're right
but... what are your intentions here?
@rene it looks fine? what are your concerns?
I don't see the problem either.
Oh, sorry, didn't mean to pile on there.
(me too!)
(me three!)
6:11 PM
Yeah let's do that!
It now looks like if a user edited it in his problem. It might be just a layout issue. I would expect a link to a 'most asked question'. It now seems like vandalism but I understand that it is just me...
@rene I'm seriously not seeing what you're seeing. revision 12, right?
oh wait, I got it
read up a bit - they have a "Frequently Asked Questions" section in the wiki
Yes, they do but I expected a link to a question. I guess it is just the layout that made me jump. At least we did have party...
6:42 PM
I wish SO rep was as easy to get as mSO rep.
I've found that the SO people don't take kindly to pictures of unicorns as answers to Objective-C questions. Spoilsports.
They even deleted my proposal for my nigerian prince friend to give them a bunch of money!
I heard something about a party and can only assume there's food involved, where is it?
It was your job to bring the food, Tim!
Now not only are you late, we're all still hungry.
I uh...brought a happy cat instead?
@TimStone We shall eat the happy cat.
6:47 PM
To teach you not to bring a cat into The Tavern.
I blame @AnnaLear
Poor Anna had to give up the cats on her avatar so that balpha could make hats out of them.
@jadarnel27 I feel a weird mixture of pride and disappointment
@UndotheSnowman it's cool. I got this awesome hat instead.
So balpha traded you a little ribbon bow thing for all those poor cats?
Sounds like a fair trade.
6:56 PM
This whole LinkedIn thing is getting more and more ridiculous. I'm now getting endorsed for skills I don't even have. And I thought getting endorsed by people who don't even know what a certain skill means was strange.

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