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12:00 AM
I would have been if I hadn't been inactive for the past half hour.
I went from 289 helpful flags to 310. Wow.
I went from 500 to 3300 in a month or so.
The fact that I can't get flag-related hats makes me a sad panda.
(Oh hey, hat idea for next year. Employee = sad panda.)
@AnnaLear You're 10k anyways
@ColeJohnson Ehrm.
12:03 AM
@ColeJohnson Could still flag stuff as a 10k. Mod/employee - not so much.
@AnnaLear Solution: Take away your own diamond; flag a bunch of stuff. Reapply diamond, handle it all. Profit!
@AnnaLear But you are a mod.
What @UndotheSnowman said
Come to think of it, I don't know if we're excluding mods from the helpful flag check for hat purposes the same way they're excluded from the Marshall badge.
That would be mean.
Look at the code
12:04 AM
I could. But I'm lazy.
@ColeJohnson I am just about everything. :)
@AnnaLear wanna make me a mod?
@ColeJohnson Nope.
so i can delete bad questions without having to flag
@ColeJohnson CMs are very cautious with the diamonds.
A crazy diamond would be a very bad thing.
We don't want bad things.
@UndotheSnowman except that I'd be an elected mod
12:06 AM
Is it just me, or did close votes stop expiring?
We don't?
No, they do
@Mysticial Should still be expiring.
See, I know stuff too
I've noticed 3 questions, that have close votes that don't seem to go away even after weeks.
@ColeJohnson That requires an election, not someone just giving you a diamond. ;)
12:06 AM
Unless they happen to be coming in at the same rate.
@Mysticial links?
gimme a sec
@AnnaLear But if you're a CM, you can just edit the DB
@ColeJohnson CMs don't have direct DB access. And also, why.
@ColeJohnson Yes. But we want the code to edit the DB, not the CMs.
12:07 AM
@AnnaLear direct
that sock question i voted to close a long time ago, so yeah, it expired
the other two i VTC
Now that you VTC'ed that will reset the timer. But the 2 close votes on the other two have been there for a long time.
@AnnaLear what would the CV queue look like if they didn't expire?
So unless someone happened to cast another one just as one expired.
@ColeJohnson It would look very bad.
12:10 AM
@UndotheSnowman I need stats
@UndotheSnowman No
No SQL for me
So you're asking someone else to write the SQL?
Sounds... lazy.
@UndotheSnowman Moot point. No close vote/flag data in SEDE right now that's newer than June 25
12:12 AM
@UndotheSnowman I know SQL, I just hate writing it
@AnnaLear When's the next update for DE scheuled?
Oh, @AnnaLear, question - do sites get 'their own' CM that kinda has the job of watching that site, or do the CMs just kinda float around all the sites?
@ColeJohnson The data is updated weekly. The schema update is planned for some time early next year. We have to do some data center upgrades first.
Isn't it every Monday?
@AnnaLear Then why aren't the close votes up to date?
12:13 AM
@ColeJohnson see above: schema update needs to happen.
The Great Close Vote Refactoring of 2013 changed the DB schema for how all this stuff is stored.
@AnnaLear do you know when or is it just a 6-8 weeks thing?
Q: Please add close flags, duplicate links and review data to the public data dump

Shog9Over the past year, a lot of meta data has been changed or added to the system: Review tasks and results Duplicate links (separate from close votes and ad-hoc editing conventions) Close votes as a distinct type of flag (previously they were stored as votes) However, none of this is in the pub...

@ColeJohnson 6-8 weeks
Might be literally 6-8 weeks if all goes well.
6-8 weeks isn't literal?
A: The Many Memes of Meta

Robert CartainoMeme: 6 to 8 Weeks Originator: Jeff Atwood First Heard: May 13th, 2008 Cultural Height: In about 6 to 8 weeks Definition: The time estimate given "off the top of my head" when the Stack Overflow team has only a vague idea of how long a task will take because they have little-to-no formal sche...

You must be fun at parties
12:15 AM
@UndotheSnowman A bit of both. Each CM has a list of their "default" sites, but we're not limited to just dealing with those.
@ColeJohnson Anti-joke chicken is my patronus.
@AnnaLear Are the close votes in 3 questions that I linked really old and never expired. Or were there actually new ones coming just as the old ones expired? (ignoring the 2 that came in just after I posted them.)
Obviously I can't see that information.
I'm still looking.
@Mysticial Looks like you're right. We're having some, uh, technical difficulties with the scheduled tasks that take care of this sort of thing.
Aha!!! Glad to point this out to the team. :D
I'm not gonna go post it on meta though. Since I'm very against the closing of the 1st and 3rd ones that I linked.
And linking it on meta is going to make that happen.
12:26 AM
@Mysticial Why are you against it?
@Mysticial Yeah, that's cool. We're fixing it regardless.
@Mysticial yeah, don't worry, we have plenty of data about this already and the proper authorities notified. Just gotta fix it.
Offtopic != delete
On the bright side, the close queue backlog should drop significantly once it's fixed.
@Shog9 I'd rather just you run a script that deletes all the questions in the queue
12:27 AM
@ColeJohnson The first one is actually a very specific question with a broad-sounding title. The 3rd one is borderline, but I think that answer saves it.
@Shog9 Numbers?
@Mysticial Again, close doesn't equal delte
we can close questions and still keep them
@ColeJohnson that one hasn't been running either. So yeah, lots of work to do.
@ColeJohnson Sure. But that doesn't mean we should close questions that don't need to be closed in the first place. (Not talking about these three, necessarily, but in general.) If Mysticial feels they're on-topic... that's his right.
...ok, I do need some egg nog
12:29 AM
@Shog9 "All men are created equal"
are you saying that because my thoughts are not his thoughts, he's not human?
"we hold these truths..."
"We the robots of Stack Exchange..."
(on that note, heading home)
I pledge allegience to the all powerful overloads of Stack Exchange, and to the sites for which it stands, one district under Jon Skeet, indivisible, with reputation and closing for all
12:44 AM
@hichris123 9,544 close votes would age immediately; more within a few days.
Wow. So many
That is a lot.
should run in a couple of hours. Grab your drinks & snacks now
grabs popcorn
Close queue should drop by almost 5K immediately, and be fairly brisk for the next few days.
12:59 AM
What time is the script to run?
also 8.5k questions will be deleted
So 2 hours.
this is all really dramatic when it hasn't happened in a while ;-P
that's one way to get back below 100k ;)
I'll expect some emails
1:01 AM
And get a boatload of Meta questions on "How did we just jump back below 100k!?"
You need to post something Warning, close vote queue is going down by a lot so people don't freak out.
@hichris123 people freaking out is half the fun!
Then you have to bring out your mod powers and post a lot of
There we go.
Gotta get that silver badge somehow
got completed and declined; how am I ever gonna complete the set if folks stop freaking out about stuff?
Post every bug you find and fix?
1:06 AM
If you can't find any bugs, just make a few and fix.
I don't fix things; I just make them break reliably
Honestly, you should create a sock-puppet to just post all bugs, then "fix" them.
Like you "fixed" the close reason on Arqade?
(it is better though...)
A flag in The Tavern? How quaint.
1:12 AM
I don't know how to respond to a flag in The Tavern.
point and laugh
I like flags
I am disappointed by the lack of cats in Anna's new profile picture.
So... are we going to handle that flag, or just let it sit there on my avatar?
1:14 AM
I'm going to just enjoy the novelty of it for a bit
I wait for the day that I can see flags...
Got to go now, have fun watching that blue badge thingy
Why is chat.stackexchange.com different from chat.meta.stackoverflow.com?
why is this night different from all other nights
because I'm here for the first time
1:16 AM
chat.meta was the first chat. Well, the second chat, I guess. The beta chat.
and I'm still awake at 3 am
which isn't ideal
It's ideal if there's work to be done. Otherwise, kind of a drag.
I got a lot done twixt 12 and 3 today.
Well... there's work to be done but I'm here instead of doing it
you should fix that
Like I fixed the close reason on Arquade ;-P
Maybe. I don't get paid for it though, so there's not much to keep me going
That's something we should do
I'm waiting for the results of this first:
Q: Are there grounds for getting an extra custom reason close slot?

badpLessPop's close reason was rejected recently by Shog for being too generic and catch-all, but we can only do so much with our three given slots. Here's what we cover(ed) in our close reasons again: No piracy, no speculation about future, no unreasonably private betas No game design, no game dev...

1:20 AM
oh yeah... I was hoping there'd be a bit more discussion there
@ColeJohnson just wow
that audit
yes it's old
but still
@Qantas I just got it
Okay, I really think MySQL hates me.
1:32 AM
The question is from Nov 28
It's been like this for a few hours.
@hichris123 That's not possible. It's not MS SQL server
@ColeJohnson When it gets stuck there 3 times, you have to wonder.
@hichris123 protip: wait
What the heck is Jonny three-hats?
40 close vote queue reviews in a dayv
@ColeJohnson I can't...
Johnny-three hats is 3 hats on a site
1:36 AM
@hichris123 protip: mysql is designed for Linux, not window
How did I not figure that out myself
@ColeJohnson I don't feel like firing up my Ubuntu VM.
You probably overthought it.
But seriously, Johnny-three-hats
Yeah. I see it now
1:51 AM
Who wants to write an essay for me?
@ColeJohnson topic?
If a windows PC freezes at irregular intervals, what the heck can I use to diagnose it? Anyone know?
@bluefeet Any persuasive essay
I would perfer to be gaming now
@ColeJohnson What is this for?
@jmac Use jQuery.
@hichris123 English class
1:57 AM
@ColeJohnson Oh, joy. I'm also working on an essay, but I actually wrote it.
@hichris123 I suck at English class though
@hichris123 Wow! That just solved my problem!
Oh wow. The NY Times' website now uses subscriptions
(but really though, I want to know if my hard drive is about to die)
Now I need to find another source
@jmac S.M.A.R.T.
1:59 AM
@jmac SMART, I agree
@ColeJohnson Wall Street Journal? It's subscription, but if there's an article you want just Google it and click on that link.

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