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1:19 AM
Wow, I go away for awhile and suddenly CHAT ROOMS. Too bad no one is around right now.
chirp chirp
Darn crickets.
So. Anything interesting happen while I was gone? Whenever I disappear for a month or three it seems a lot changes...
some sort of contest on SU
Leagues? Huh. I was wondering when the constant "justice league" references would become more than mere references...
Oh, and Neil Butterworth deleted his account and left SO, and darkness and confusion reigned supreme across the land
1:28 AM
Really? Huh. Go figure. He was certainly an interesting character, but we just rubbed him the wrong way I suppose.
who knows? maybe he got a job...
Have you been participating on area51 recently?
1 hour later…
2:41 AM
@Pollyanna proposed "cheese". Not really wild about "participating" too much there - I really don't have the time to devote to a lot of SE sites, so seems disingenuous to spend much time on proposals.
2:56 AM
@Shog9 Crap on a crutch ( ref ). You really did propose
No onebox for Area 51? That's disappointing.
@PopularDemand technically, ChetA proposed it at some ungodly hour, but since it was deleted before I'd even had my first cup of coffee, I re- proposed it
+1 @
A: [opinion] the same as [subjective]?

Shog9Blacklist? How 'bout, make opinion into a kiss of death: Go through the questions so-tagged, and vote to close them. If they're already closed, vote to delete them. If they don't deserve either, then re-tag them.

heh... i blew through all my close votes for a couple of days on that, then got distracted and moved on.
@Shog9 Oh, wow, I didn't realize that was a serious comment. I didn't participate until after the ChetA days, or at least the tail end of his presence.
yeah, apparently his new game is to propose serious topics with serious questions on A51, just to see how long it takes that to get him into trouble
3:04 AM
If they're serious, why do they get him into trouble?
because it's him proposing them
(FWIW, the answer to "how long" is apparently "four weeks ago")
That seems... well, wrong. Was he really bad enough to deserve whatever the opposite of the benefit of the doubt is?
("detriment of the doubt"?)
I suspect at some point, most users will have forgotten about him (or, like you, never really paid attention to begin with) and it'll all blow over
SE is big enough now to attract real trolls and hoards of clueless newbies, so the value of having one person serve as some sort of figurehead for "everything that's wrong with the site" is reduced
3:59 AM
@PopularDemand The assumption of malice? Yeah, I think it's pretty safe to make that assumption
4:25 AM
I see.
@MichaelMrozek it was PolygeneLubricants:
A: Stack Exchange Data Explorer

polygenelubricantsOne word: STEXDEX.

Yeah; I'm the one upvote :)
1 hour later…
5:54 AM
@PopularDemand Yes, he was.
3 hours later…
9:18 AM
2 hours later…
11:36 AM
I say "moo"
11:57 AM
Do I spot mad cows decease?
12:12 PM
Doubtful, if he had that, he would probably say "Moooahahahaha"
with mad cows decease he'd be dead :)
ah, yeah, you're right
12:26 PM
'afternoon / 'morning Marc / Nick
@MarcGravell - what's the logic behind the time stamps? Could it be placed on all chats?
morning all
12:32 PM
@Piers - it is every [n] messages, or [m] minutes - whichever comes first (to avoid filling the UI with times)
I've forgotten the n/m, but I think 6 and 10?
Hi tavern
@MarcGravell ah, I see, thanks Marc
Greetings Sergio - how are your pies today?
Still in the oven afraid to say T_T
So what's up? Are you guys at work?
working from home with SO and meta chat keeping me company
12:45 PM
working from home = far more productive
well, until they went and created this anyway :)
whenever I use that phrase, I put it in quotes... "working from home".. since I am easily distracted.
@Marc & @balpha - killing productivity since '10!
well, we are creating this from home...
swings and round-abouts - I have learned a great deal from SO and met lots of very talented people on here
12:51 PM
role-playing games goes public beta in a day, can't wait - I bet that'll be a hot bed of action
You mean computer games or D&D games?
I've wanted to play a dungeon game at least once, but I can't find a group of people.
Just for shits and gigs
in addition to gaming?
oh.. i'll avoid that one :)
throws dice to see what action to take
2 hours later…
2:34 PM
it's dead in here..
@Fosco Not anymore -- I'm here
How is everyone doing?
tired but fully functional, you?
2:40 PM
Fine; nice to see you again @Chacha102, I'll try to remember it this time.
Fully functional, yet tired..
Have I mentioned that I hate NHibernate and think it's one of the stupidest creations ever made?
Q: Why NHibernate fails to lazy load depending on SetMaxResults argument?

zzandyHi, we have one to many to one relationship which we are trying to implement in NHibernate. This is a rephrase of my colleague's question. There is Block with a collection of GroupPartnerInterests every of which has a Company. Following test method passes with SetMaxResults(3) but fails with Se...

Have I mentioned that Trade Chat makes baby jesus cry?
Something so easy in SQL can be made so convoluted and unreliable
in Meta, 22 mins ago, by Popular Demand
So there I was, happily munching on a maple-syrup-covered waffle and editing a question for grammar, when I noticed that the OP, who was reporting an error message, didn't write down the error text correctly. The meaning of the message was more or less the same, but the text was pretty different. I pasted in the correct error message, but that feels like a pretty big change. Comments?
2:41 PM
And I am now singled out as the only person who plays WoW...
@Chacha102 What's Trade Chat?
@PopularDemand See last message.
@Chacha102 I figured it was related, but that doesn't tell me what it is.
I play WoW...
@Chacha102 how long have you been playing WoW? are you a raider?
2:42 PM
@Fosco Since Beta-Vanilla | Yes
@PopularDemand Basically WoW has different Chat channels. Trade chat is the one everyone uses for pretty much everything.
@PopularDemand Including telling every that Jews are the reason the world is screwed up, and telling people to vote for Palin in 2055..
@Chacha102 Got it, thanks.
@PopularDemand Think of Meta in Chat form, with no flags, downvotes, or any form of moderation..
@Chacha102 I was a UO player for 2+ years and an EQ player for 4 years.. I've tried every MMO since but failed to get hooked on any of them..
@Chacha102 No, thank you.
@PopularDemand You are messing with my head..
2:46 PM
@Chacha102 I haven't played WoW in ages, but I thought they dealt with that by making the common channel global
Whoo-hoo, great election results last night. Looks like we'll have a conservative in the Senate again.
Yeesh, who posts unintelligible questions about Flex on Meta?
@Chacha102 Huh? What'd I do?
more information pornography on the rooms page: chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/info/89/the-tavern-general
@balpha I've never heard anyone use that term but Jeff; did he come up with it?
but it fits quite well :)
2:59 PM
Hey balpha
hey chef, wheres ma beer?
hands @balpha beer
I'm so frustrated at not being able to queue things up for bounties, or do more than one at a time. I can't keep track of all the issues I need to promote.
Can someone make a StackOverflow OverflowManager?
Something that will keep track of all my stuff on SO
You mean a sort of... "meta" stackoverflow?
3:06 PM
@devinb @balpha careful, dev's not the chef; that's probably spiked.
he wouldn't do something like that
or would he...
I should note, sir, we're normally a "bread and wine" type establishment, but for such an eminently important person such as yourself, I'd be honoured make an exception.
@devin - quit trying to get the mods drunk, you're not getting admin rights!
@Nick Sir, I've already warned you about your belligerent accusations. If you continue, I'll get the proprietor to throw you out.
3:12 PM
@devinb quit trying to get the mods drunk to throw me out!
hands @Nick a glass of... suspicious... wine
On the house, sir.
@devinb quit posing as an employee of the house!
*hands @Popular a glass of...* enticing... *wine*

On the me, sir. I *insist.*
I need an adult!
3:21 PM
hmm... Mobile view works pretty well... Needs access to history though
Hmm really? I wonder if it has been improved since I tried on my iphone a couple weeks ago.
What can Blue do for you?
Where's my drink?
@Diago Have you checked your hand?
@PopularDemand Erm. (Looks at recently opened Red Square) Oops. I forgot I was home.
3:31 PM
I'm trying to participate in the Game Development beta site and I can't do anything with only 1 karma.
Can't answer, can't ask, can't vote. It says I need at lest 5 points. How do I get them then?
How much Karma do you have on Area 51?
Hmmm... From what I understand that it will only give you the rep bonus on a beta site if your Area51 karma is more then 200
@SergioTapia Earn another 50 rep on MSO, then associate your accounts?
And it should happen automatically
You can always ask questions
Can't you?
and you can always answer
@Diago Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?
3:33 PM
@PopularDemand Well he has 1k+ on SO and it didn't give the bonus
@PopularDemand Checking.
This is news to me. @Sergio, for my own general fund of knowledge, did you try disassociating your GameDev and SO accounts and reassociating them?
How can I do that?
@PopularDemand: I mean..
But what if a user doesn't have any accounts whatsoever on the platform, does that mean he can't participate at all?
As of now, with 1 karma, I cannot: ask, answer, vote up, vote down or leave comments.
No, they can ask and answer questions? As @rchern pointed out
I can't do anything on the site.
3:36 PM
Sergio, Bolivia
Well, I can't.
@Diago It's not karma, it's EXP
@devinb Bad devin! Bad! Don't make me get the spray bottle.
(hands @PopularDemand the spray bottle)
Ok, what the heck. Now I CAN ask a question.
@Diago Ah, thank you. I'm kinda not as angry anymore, since I didn't have to get up and get it myself.
3:38 PM
Please don't! I'll melt if even a single drop of water touches me.
@PopularDemand @SergioTapia Ok. I just created an account there and here is the message I got: You've associated your Game Developers and Area 51 accounts: +100 reputation
Mine wasn't associated and I have accounts on pretty much every site.
It completely ignored my other SO account
3:39 PM
@Diago I've always wondered how the system chooses the account to associate with, but never thought it was important enough to ask.
@SergioTapia Yours is associated but you need more then 200 rep on Area51
@PopularDemand I think it is worth a question on MSO since I can't find one that does answer it
@Diago Fair enough.
@SergioTapia What happens when you try and ask a question?
someone mark this as a duplicate...
Q: When a user removes his/her question from Stack Overflow is it completely removed?

M LOHITWhen a user removes his/her question from SO is it completely removed from SO? I think the question should remain in SO because users generally remove their down voted questions to save reputation, but the question might be genuine answer with the solution to a question, thus it should not be d...

(on phone, searching is tedious... Look for "shawn")
@Shog9 On it
@Shog9 I am just going to close it as a dupe of the FAQ. It explains it completely.
3:45 PM
Well, wait.
It's also a feature request.
He's requesting that when an answer is deleted it be not deleted.
(I am reading it)
@Diago Hmm... to create [diago-said-so], or not to create [diago-said-so]....
(I am going to start suspending people if they continue referring to answering questions as discussions. Seriously. Just Saying...)
@PopularDemand For what question? :)
@Diago When did you become so cantankerous. You used to be cool man.
3:48 PM
The one I am asking because of the message I just replied to.
@devinb What? Diago still cool! You pay later! Later!!!
the feature request is for disassociation instead of deletion... Devinb might remember that request, he wrote something long disagreeing with it
I.... pay?!?!?
(not that that really narrows it down)
@devinb I am sorry. I get cranky when I've just come home from work. Give me another 30 minutes and the alcohol will kick in.
@Shog that sounds like something I'd do.
3:49 PM
Uh... Simpsons reference. I tend to throw it around liberally whenever "you used to be cool, man" is used.
@diago, you need a proper timezone. I just had coffee...
A: Optional anonymity to hide ignorance

devinbI feel like 'Anonymous posting area' would end up becoming a bathroom wall of posts. Anyone who is frustrated or angered by something could seek refuge there. If your question is embarrassingly easy, you should think long and hard about whether or not it is worth being on stack overflow. If you ...

To quote @PopularDemand "What is this timezone thing you keep referring too" :)
Q: How does the SE system choose accounts for automatic association?

Popular DemandUsers with >200 rep on any SE site automatically get a +100 bonus when associating with another SE site. The association process is handled automatically for existing SE users who open accounts on SE sites they haven't used before. How does the system decide which existing account to associate ...

Q: There needs to be a way to delete content or disassociate your account from said content.

ShawnI know this has probably been beaten to death, but there really needs to be a way to remove yourself from posted content. I understand deleting content has its issues, but certainly you should be able to transfer something you posted to an Anonymous account. I'm really going to open myself up t...

@Shog, that's the duplicate you were referring to.
3:54 PM
Three cheers for @devinb!
@PopularDemand Well know that deserves an up-vote
doesn't it just associate with all accounts linked to the open-id? </uninformed guess>
So do I close it as a dupe?
@popular I find it offensive that you can put a limit on how many cheers I deserve :p
@Diago, I'd say wait for 5 normal users.
@rchern that would be the obvious answer I'd pick..
3:55 PM
@rchern Meta Stack Overflow is not a place for uninformed guesses, it is a place for questions that can be ans... baaaaaaaaaaaahahaha, sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face through that.
@Diago how did your VS plugin fest 2010 go?
you'll notice i said it here rather than posting it as an answer :P
@devinb Good Call
@Fosco It didn't. I never even got time to sit at my desk today
@rchern It does auto associate. But the rep bonus is slightly different
@Diago ok.
@devinb Hey, I'm not prohibiting other users from cheering as many or as few times as they wish. I'm very libertarian about acclamation.
3:56 PM
Does it matter which account drives the bonus?
You get 100 free points.
If everything is all associated together anyway?
I feel like maybe I'm misunderstanding the issue, hrm.
Woo hoo, __4k__ rep! What reward do I get for this milestone?
What, really?
is there any ... punishment ... for baiting other SO users in comments?
@Fosco Getting flagged as offensive?
There's another nhibernate question and I reallllly want to post something that will make Pascal Thivents head explode..
Apparently "4k" is not bold-able.
3:59 PM
Q: Tag box on top of Questions page doesn't show markdown highlighting

Lance RobertsIf you make a Tag Wiki entry, you can use the markdown single quotes for emphasis and it shows it on the Tag info page. If you then go to the Tag Questions page, it just shows normal single quotes. Tag Info Page: Tag Questions Page:

@Fosco And after 6 flags loosing 100 rep?
6?... that's pretty lenient.
instead, I just offered a +100 bounty for a different nhibernate question.
for the investor badge, of course. ;)
How do you underline in markup?
@Lance you can't.
@lance underlines is for links.
@Lance, with a permanent marker.
4:09 PM
@devinb excellent, thanks!
@rchern I feel like Stack Overflow Internet Services is not responsible for any damage to computing equipment that may result from reading or following advice, instructions or suggestions made in The Tavern. is coming soon.
I think these differing metas will give us a lot of duplicates.
@LanceRoberts Really? I thought it was fairly clear:
Hmm, my multi-line messages keep getting cut off after the first line.
"What's up with this one question?" - per-site meta
"How do I behave on this site?" - per-site meta
"How does the machinery for this site work behind the scenes?" - MSO
Perhaps it's because I'm ending them with colons.
test of a line not after a colon:
test of a line after a colon
Oh, I don't know.
I don't think most people will sort it out that way.
@LanceRoberts What do you think will happen?
4:16 PM
I just posted a post on Meta SuperUser, that probably has parallels on some of the other sites, though I don't have time to research it.
Q: Top 20 answerers link broken

Lance RobertsThe 'top 20 answerers' link is broken in the Tag Wiki page.

It's not broke on SO, but since they just rolled out the new Tag Page functionality it's probably broke in a few other places.
Still a software issue. I'd go with MSO. Especially because it might affect more than one site.
What's this "schedule" tab on the room info page?
@PopularDemand ha
Q: Incorrect link to top answerers from tag info

serg555On the tag info page where it says: Tag wikis can be edited by users with more than 2000 reputation, provided: They are in the top 20 answerers for this tag or They have a total score of 100 or more for this tag Link to top 20 answerers is incorrect I think. It should be /tags/...

Wow that happened quicker than I expected.
Looks like I was wrong about SO working.
5:19 PM
At what point does someone posting many questions in a few hours change from being "Excited User" into being "Spammer"?
5:34 PM
depends on the quality of the questions I suppose
Do not visit MSO today if quality is a requirement
Eh, it's been too long since anything was starred.
I prefer the star I got earlier
But I know it's bed time when I see 8 posts from the same user in the same day. And all of them get downvoted
@PopularDemand (Hands him a drink) Would it help if I say I am sorry?
5:38 PM
Note that I will re-revoke that star if this turns out to be one of @devinb's "special" drinks.
Off all of them however this is my best answer of the day
A: Should feature proposals which got many upvotes require SO admin feedback?

Jeff AtwoodIt was upvoted 14 times, to be precise. There are a few things in front of it.

@PopularDemand That was from my personal stash, I doubt @devinb has been near them
I've never been to zaire
@LanceRoberts Was this answer actually sarcastic and everyone missed the sarcasm, or truly honest?
A: Self delete or expire time sensitive questions

Lance RobertsThat's a great idea. They can just allow the user to check a box that it's a timed question, and they have one week to get an answer, then it all dissapears (except for the rep gain, which will still be there to encourage good answers). It'd probably be a little more work for the database engin...

@devinb And no one ever will be again. DR Congo, on the other hand....
@devinb You may have your countries mixed up, then again, it may as well be :P
5:41 PM
south Africa.
I remember your profile said ZA
and I made a mistaken mental leap.
@devinb @Diago Give the man a drink.
hands @man "a drink"
(hands @devinb a drink)
(Going to need to run to the store just now at this rate)
runs to the store
I keep thinking it was me that answer a question whenever I see @LanceRoberts answer something. Since we have the same surname :|
5:43 PM
@Diago ... this is an Internet-based chat. These are virtual drinks. You're not pouring actual beer into your tower, are you? That's alcohol abuse!
(Or over your laptop, or onto your iPad; whatever the case may be.)
@PopularDemand No, I am pouring real drinks down my throat while you guys virtually enjoy yours :)
@PopularDemand My MacBook :P
@Diago I'm still stuck on how you have to run to the store. Are you having a drink every time someone in The Tavern mentions a drink?
You'll be in the market for a new liver, soon.
@PopularDemand Pretty much. But the fridge is stock for now. So I actually walk to the fridge.
ponders bringing the cooler case with bottles to his desk
Someone take a screenshot. Top 5 questions on MSO home page is negative votes :P
@Diago I realize you're a computer guy, so just so you know... installing a new liver is slightly more challenging than installing new RAM. Even in a MacBook.
@PopularDemand goes to the market
5:47 PM
@Diago Will this be the new "Welcome to Meta, new user!" image?
@Diago yes, I was serious about the idea, but looking back on it I'd go for a longer timeframe. This would help get rid of the old useless computer rec answers that are no longer applicable.
@Diago All edited by Random
@PopularDemand If my liver goes, then I may as well be cremated and put out of my misery
@PopularDemand I can just imagine the blog post Jeff will have to do as to why I am no longer a moderator :)
@Diago I always say you can trust a guy named 'Roberts'.
@devinb True, but looks good. @PopularDemand Like the new welcome message idea. @LanceRoberts You almost got upvoted
@LanceRoberts That's debatable from country to country :)
What badge can you get for a comment upvote again?
I really need to say something amazing so I can get one
5:50 PM
@Diago pundit
@devinb Ta
> Left 10 comments with score of 10 or more.
I think that Tony_Heinrich should take some time off. His reasonable suggestions are getting downvoted terribly.
You gotta be kidding me
Try as I might, I can't think of a questionable Roberts on the world stage. Were you referring to someone in particular?
@devinb I don't think he gets the picture.
5:52 PM
(Previous comment directed at @LanceRoberts)
This is fun...
There is really something about seeing Jessica Alba in heat
Interesting, you can still click the "left-turn" arrow on a removed message. Even if the target message is also removed.
@Popular you can also reply to a "removed" message
@devinb What reasonable suggestions were those?
5:57 PM
The "show answers when editing" is reasonable
I don't think it's necessarily a good idea.
but a suggestion like that wouldn't be downvoted so hard very often.
I didn't understand the utility of that one; how often do you cite answers in the question? Data is flowing backwards
@devinb it's a reasonable feature, except that he apparently wants to use it in lieu of commenting - which is unreasonable.
Normally you comment on an answer to address something, you don't import the answer into the question so you can comment on it inline
@devinb Edit it so I can remove my downvote
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