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7:01 PM
anyway... If I may complain about the We7en taskbar for a bit...
it's great for switching between individual windows
subject change...
but doesn't provide any way to raise the entire pile at once
which would be really useful when using, say, The GIMP
or several tiled Explorer windows
Tried Shift-Right click?
what's that supposed to do?
Gives a menu with options like "Restore all windows" or "Show windows stacked"
7:03 PM
or alt-tab to the pile, and then ctrl-tab a few times to pop them all to front
doesn't help if they're not minimized
@Fosco yeah, well... that's what i do. But it's tedious
diago passes out
best motto it could have had
that's really all you should ever hope for.
@devinb well...
7:14 PM
@Shog I meant you personally
in that case, I... agree?
(what were we talking about again?)
Q: Synonym-Request: Please add "STL" as a synonym to "c++-standard-library"

litbEdit: Synonyms in Stackoverflow seem to be two-way. That is, i now think se should not add this synonym anymore. Because making STL synonymous with standard-library is just plain wrong. What I meant in my original post is a one-way relation: Make questions tagged by STL being retagged to standard...

rather a shame... I agreed with his original suggestion, except... [standard-library] is a lousy tag
Q: How do i get one flair showing all the associated account's reputation ?

Paresh Mayani Possible Duplicates: How to get a combined flair like the one on area51.stackexchange.com? How can I get all users' total reputation across all sites? As everybody knows, we can get the flair of a particular account by clicking on the "got flair?" link given below the gravatar and re...

@Troggy You still around?
diago falls off the couch
7:18 PM
Do we have a way to encourage people to not abuse rollback? The usual method is no good, since you'd be downvoting a user, not a post.
I am considering closing that as an exact dupe and then locking it
But also don't want to get involved
Well, the editing issue aside, it is a dupe, so I voted to close.
(It was closed several minutes ago)
@PopularDemand Two:
@random, what?
7:20 PM
1) sit there punching "rollback" until they get the message, or
2) flag for moderator review and scream "LOOOOOOOOCK!"
(See the revision history)
@Shog9 I usually opt for 3) Leave a scathing comment questioning the intelligence of the other user, and leave it alone
good ol' random
@MichaelMrozek I try to avoid commenting... Mostly unsuccessfully, but...
@Diago Why yes, I am.
@Troggy Sorry - Wanted to ask you to test something but it is broken
7:27 PM
@Diago: If it is web site related, this is most likely not a great time to ask me to go to random web sites. uhhhh coughworkrestrictionscough
@Troggy Aah
Phew...that was painful...finally went through my blog and daily tags on delicious and added them to google reader. It only took me ab out an hour and a half.
@Troggy Sounds like you got something in your throat there... burninated any good countrysides recently?
Yes, my burned peasants/week ratios are down this month.
@GeorgeMarian Sounds like a job for a script
7:31 PM
@MichaelMrozek Yah, maybe. Though not everything in with the blog tag was appropriate.
Thatched roof cottage demolitions have increased by 23% this last quarter though.
@Troggy Well, that's good! In the face of increased national security initiatives, no less.
You know you spend to much time on your computer when you can troubleshoot, and find a bug, while intoxicated.
Well, so much for doing some reading. I have to get back to packing. =/
@Diago An alarming number of your chat messages are about how you're intoxicated
7:39 PM
@Diago I do some of my best and most creative development while intoxicated.
@MichaelMrozek Well, we are in a tavern.
@MichaelMrozek Cause I am. I should probably go through and clean the transcript a bit. But as I said to @balpha earlier:
> @balpha I do not take responsibility for anything I say or do while under the influence :)
@Fosco Scarily so did I when I was younger :|
@Diago Maybe you're actually bad at troubleshooting, but the drink made you fail at being bad at troubleshooting.
@PopularDemand That's deep. Really deep. And worth investigating
New goal: attempt to fail so hard that I fail at failing
7:47 PM
@Michael, I highly doubt you'll succeed.
Not a problem; as long as I fail to fail to succeed at failing to fail I'll be fine
why do the last 45 minutes of the work day seem the longest?
Coffee's wearing off.
I just hit the first energy drink here.
@Fosco Could be because the long workday tired you out. Could be because you're looking forward to something after work that you're not allowed to leave and go to yet.
Could be what @devinb said.
Could be that you're done with your tasks for the day and you're twiddling your thumbs. Could be that you have a lot left to do and you're stressing about it.
7:57 PM
Could be that it was a rhetorical question. :) it's 3 of 4 of those things
@Fosco Could be that I wanted to build up a streak and you've now ruined it.
Could be that it's still going and you just need to stay positive.
It's ruined.
I can't work under these conditions!
don't you sometimes just want to scream "WHY?!" at the monitor? stackoverflow.com/questions/3560526/…
Ah, another one of the people most commonly referred to only as " those users."
8:01 PM
how do you post it like i've seen where it pastes actual content from the question in chat?
Just post the URL by itself
Q: Have Visual Studio 2008 run solution upon startup

Tony_HenrichVisual Studio 2008 can load a solution upon startup. Can it also run it automatically after it loads it? Like clicking on the "Run without debugging' button?

@MichaelMrozek Thanks!
this chat app is absolutely brilliant.
@Fosco It supports a bunch of other sites, if you haven't already noticed
A: What links and sites are handled specially in chat?

Juha SyrjäläThe current list of integrated (we call this onebox, or oneboxing, ala search engines) sites is: Stack Exchange Questions Stack Exchange Answers Stack Exchange Users Stack Exchange Chat Messages Stack Exchange Chat Rooms (though not really pretty yet) Amazon Twitter Wikipedia XKCD YouTube

Q: What sites should have hyperlinking (onebox) support in chat?

Juha SyrjäläSome sites are integrated to chat . What additional sites should the chat support? One suggestion per answer.

8:04 PM
@MichaelMrozek Beat me to it again.
@PopularDemand We actually linked to different ones; I linked to the current list, you linked to the proposed list
@MichaelMrozek I know, I had them both up.
I was going to link to them both initially.
But you already posted the one that I had copied when I was pasting it in.
8:07 PM
Ugh, the tooltip gets mangled.</nitpick>
a known glitch. I'm around - I'll take a peek...
I wouldn't put it past Randall Munroe to put some malicious code in his tooltips. Seems like he'd get a kick out of that.
@devinb Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...
What? I didn't say that!
@Popular that's sweet of you to say, but I'm not interested.
8:14 PM
@PopularDemand build server is whirring...
@Marc you shouldn't be sitting close enough to hear it whirrrrrrrrrrrr. You'll jinx it.
Given that I'm at least 3k miles away (and possibly 5k - I can't remember where that server is currently), that tells you how loud the disks are.
@MarcGravell +1!
Yeah, I was looking for the +1 button for having fixed xkcd :)
The odd thing is I could have sworn there was an MSO for this, but I can't find it.
8:25 PM
@MarcGravell You have a roving server? I'm not sure whether that enhances or detracts from security and stability.
Q: Encoding problem in tooltips in chat

adrianbanksThe tooltip on this image posted in chat has been encoded incorrectly, meaning that is shows as It&#39;s pi plus... instead of It's pi plus....

@devinb Depends if it can fight back when attacked
It is more likely to be the aggressor, to be honest. It is on the lamb.
@MarcGravell ... did you set an appropriate thisServerBecomingSkynetCost?
@MarcGravell StackOverflow servers involved in daring daylight robbery of downtown bank. Details to follow
8:29 PM
@devinb They just snuck in and plugged in to an unattended Ethernet port... they transferred it all!
Hello folks
any process on table support for the editor?
btw i yesterday looked into my /reputation and found it says "rep cap was exceeded on 150 days" . w00t, does that mean i get something legendary next days?
@litb Sounds like it. Congrats!
ohh i see! thanks xD
@Popular i'm like "what does this meeeaaann?". It was my first visit to that file at all yesterday! ahaha
smacks lips
That was tasty. Only problem is that now I just have smoke a cigar.
i gave up on smoking long ago xD i regularly got dizzy from it. the coolness didn't pay off
8:38 PM
Yah, that's probably a sign that you shouldn't smoke.
I used to smoke cigarettes. I'm glad I finally gave that up.
great =)
I'll probably just chill for a bit, let the food settle and then get back to packing.
All this talk of vices... [pours self whisky]
@devinb, re your comment elsewhere, I don't think you'd get put in prison or banned for life FWIW, but I agree that going by the book is definitely a good idea in Swissland
@Benjol Heh. A nice single malt is on my list of things to buy for the new apartment.
@GeorgeMarian, I only fairly recently acquired a taste for the stuff.
8:47 PM
@Benjol Same here, in the past few years. A good friend of mine got me interested. He's into single malts. I bought him a nice 15 (or maybe 18) year old Glenlivet. We drank most of it that night. :)
Received one of these for a birthday 3 years ago - took me 2 years to finish it!
Unfortunately, it does oxidize. As one blogger put it, when 3/4 of the bottle is done, he invites some friends over and finishes off the bottle.
That reminds me, Borders has a wine encyclopedia from 2008 in the discount section. I have to remember to buy a copy.
(finally found it...) Currently working my way through one of these
The Singleton is pretty decent, though I almost got in trouble at a company picnic with that once. :)
Plan was to share it, but very few of my co-workers took me up on the offer.
@Benjol I'm pretty sure I've heard of that, but I've never tried it.
@GeorgeMarian, I'm so ignorant, I've only heard of the ones I've drunk, so that's two so far.. :)
8:56 PM
LOL Well, I have to thank Modern Marvels for most of my whiskey knowledge.
Which brings up another book I need to buy.
Hello All
hey chacha
@Chacha102, hi, I was just wondering - what did he do to get followed by BarackObama? Then I realised I was too ;)
@Benjol Oh, noes! The government is following you...
@GeorgeMarian, auto-following followers is so stupid, even sco**izer worked that out. But then, what do I know, I'm on twitter about once every 2 months...
9:07 PM
@Benjol Agreed. I especially dislike those that want you to follow them back. If I have an interest in your tweets, of course I'll follow. Otherwise, I have a hard enough time keeping up with my current (relatively small) list.
I mostly use it to follow friends, news and some web/tech stuff.
(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:(?:(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\031]+(?:(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t]
)+|\Z|(?=[\["()<>@,;:\\".\[\]]))|"(?:[^\"\r\\]|\\.|(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t]))*"(?:(?:
\r\n)?[ \t])*)(?:\.(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\031]+(?:(?:(
?:\r\n)?[ \t])+|\Z|(?=[\["()<>@,;:\\".\[\]]))|"(?:[^\"\r\\]|\\.|(?:(?:\r\n)?[
\t]))*"(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*))*@(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\0
31]+(?:(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])+|\Z|(?=[\["()<>@,;:\\".\[\]]))|\[([^\[\]\r\\]|\\.)*\
](?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*)(?:\.(?:(?:\r\n)?[ \t])*(?:[^()<>@,;:\\".\[\] \000-\031]+
What's that, a brainf**k parser written with regex?
Owww...my eyes.
Dang it. I hate how gmail ignores my wishes to open a link in a new window when using chrome. wTF?
@GeorgeMarian, I've got firefox which opens links in a new window, even if I'm sure I've set it to open in a new tab...
I'm actually using both, though I've switched to using gmail in chrome.
Which brings me to my need to buy Windows 7 Ultimate Full. =/
9:39 PM
wow i had no idea about odata.stackexchange.com . that's incredible useful!
@Benjol figured what out? That twitspam is more effective?
@litb yeah. Shame about the domain name. statoverflow was so much easier to remember
@Shog9 Somebody was trying to get people to call it stexdex for a while, which is admittedly cool-sounding
now this stackexchange thing is a huge platform. and i'm slowly losing track of all the features it has lol
needz site map
1 hour later…
11:02 PM
I just noticed synonyms show up in the tag auto-complete menu with a (s) where the number of occurrences would go. That's handy

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