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2:03 AM
@Feeds I'm a management major and.... I didn't understand a lot of this
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3:11 AM
21 messages moved to Chimney
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5:31 AM
@MadScientist Seeing a superscripted asterisk with no matching footnote gives me anxiety
5:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek you've seen Shog's tweets on the SO Talent stuff, I assume?
@MadScientist significantly after I posted that
/me hasn't been having a good two days ;D
and that's a very reasonable big picture look at what's probably going on
I really don't know enough about the space, but I was a bit surprised that they were having so much trouble making this work. I had assumed that the audience SO has was enough to make this work
I can't imagine they'll remove it entirely, but the only way to do that while not spending much resources is if they partner with a big job platform, and essentially only provide ad space
@MadScientist well its a busy space - and they're competing with, I donno, linkedin, dice (who used to own slashdot), indeed....
and at one point, I'm sure at least some folks in SE considered this the core business
So, while I'm certain Shog is... probably more reliable/100% right, I'd like to get a little more visibility on this :D
6:08 AM
I see two options: 1. a meaningless reorg with some layoffs 2. SO giving up on job ads
@MadScientist 1. is bad
2. is.... well, potentially something that shapes how SE goes in future
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7:41 AM
Is there a more suitable dupe for this?
Q: Is Array Overflow a Stack Exchange web site?

Someone_who_likes_SEThere's a site called Array Overflow at https://arrayoverflow.com. Is it legit? It's Facebook Page says nothing about the operator of the web site, and at the bottom of the site it just says (C) Array Overflow.

As it is not a scraper site.
@Luuklag I could reopen, and someone could answer its not a scraper
That would also work ;)
Well, that site sure is funny... especially the tooltips are very well written! "its learning network" XD
... their TOS might be a copy-paste replacement... there's ONE reference to searchall
7:52 AM
most of their posts are copy pasted from different fora etc.
only 5 more discussion answers for that silver badge :)
Just occurred to me, this might be spam. As I said in the comment, the site appears to be made by a single person.... and that single person might be the one posting that question, in desperate attempt to draw traffic. Thoughts?
If that's the case, my comment should trigger some angry response from OP, and so we'll know. :)
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard lol
Other reports of copycats start with something like "I noticed this question on that site", for example. This one just throws the site in our face.
And the fact OP made account just for that question...
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I actually did some poking and... it didn't seem to be the thing
I mean, it could be someone's hobby project - and they seem... fairly serious about it
but spamming on SE dosen't seem to be the case
8:02 AM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard They have posts their own on SO, they surely would be on their own site then
but I can't find them yet
looks like they registered the domain 2 years ago too
lol, they have 6 different Python tags
@Luuklag no, they're smarter than that. Account created originally to advertise the site, then they added some posts around the network to appear legit.
All good, I'm fine with leaving it be, just... noticed this.
and lets be real here
If someone wasn't a total... pillock, and wanted an SE alternative, we'd be pointing them at codidact...
@JourneymanGeek yup, and got very little traffic so far.
8:06 AM
(granted, I wouldn't inflict quite a few people on codidact, they're nice folks)
@JourneymanGeek not the case, I think. It's someone who wants to make SO alternative, not looking for one.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I mean, advertising on meta would be... pointless
@JourneymanGeek well it did cause several people to visit the site.... even if one choose to stick around that site, post something.... it's a win. :)
And again... just a hunch.
munching the hunch
8:08 AM
I took a look at IP, email, and whoised the domain :D
nah can't be so simple.
If I'm right, they used different IP for sure.
The problem with jumping at shadows is sometimes you jump the wrong way :D
Making such a site from scratch takes lots of work and requires lots of skill, it's not the random newbie.
@JourneymanGeek I know.
argh stupid editor
It shows up as valid links in the preview, but then they don't render
how would I do it: [StackOverflow.com](stackoverflow.com)
why you no work!
@Luuklag no magic links in chat
I think?
8:11 AM
No, this is how I put it in my post, but doesnt render
Isn't it only for comments?
No, works fine for posts as well
but it doesn't recognize it as a link
A: Is Array Overflow a Stack Exchange web site?

LuuklagNo, this is not a Stack Exchange site. You can find almost all sites here: https://stackexchange.com/sites#name. There are a few more "secret" ones. But this isn't one of them. Besides that there is only a limited set of domains used by Stack Exchange. Most sites are hosted as subdomains of stack...

see for yourself
not even when I add www.stackoverflow.com
@Luuklag looks like an alpha editor bug
8:14 AM
@Luu https?
now its all in raw markdown
and you escaped the \
ooh wierd
I didn't touch that!
no you escaped the [ with a \ I should have said
you probably switched between modes
I literally didn't, all I did was edit the first link!
and yeah
8:18 AM
@RocketNikita yup, that does the trick, how annoying
@Luu oops, submitted an edit
@RocketNikita np
@Luu feel free to reject
@Luu ok
8:25 AM
nobody knows @sha
@Sha @Luu is @Luuklag
@RocketNikita oh. But you'll have trouble with Mar.
@Sha just new to tavern
@M.A.R. is smarter, added those dots.
To avoid random pings when Mar's are pinged.
@RocketNikita sure you are.
8:27 AM
Where are you from? @Rocke
the moon ofcourse @sha
@Sha heh, you already know
@Luuklag nice. It is cold on the moon?
Are you neighbors?! @Rocket @Luuk
idk you should ask our comrad @rock @sha
@niki doesn't exist :(
8:29 AM
@Luuk @niki doesn’t ping me
Ohhh but I did love to watch Nikita years ago!!
Yeah I know
@RocketNikita not your friend?
Same name.
8:31 AM
@Sha You know I’m russian
@RocketNikita really? That's nice.
So it's really cold in there.
Stop pretending you never knew me
Oct 13 '15 at 11:59, by Shadow Wizard
I love trolling the trolls
8:33 AM
I bet there are plenty of Nikita's in Russia, just as there are many Yaakov's in israel
Plus, you're cute when you're angry @Rock
@Luuklag Yaakov is common, yes.
My name isn't common though.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I like the nikita part better then this rock:
@Luuklag hahaha!! Good one!
@Luu heh
Having slow WiFi
8:36 AM
I can't help reading @Luu as @Loo
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard maybe
8:48 AM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Well there are a lot of shadow's, so it isn't that uncommon either ;)
@JourneymanGeek Cross-site spammer (on sites you moderate): stackexchange.com/users/21182894/netgear-router-login-care
@Luu 124 pages of nikitas on stackoverflow
Must all have been inspired by @sha s teenage crush
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard this crush
8:56 AM
26 mins ago, by Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard
Ohhh but I did love to watch Nikita years ago!!
do keep up
9:27 AM
@JourneymanGeek I do ;)
@Luuklag lol
9:47 AM
Lunch time. Who's joining?
Hey @Ayo didn't notice your arrival. What's up?
You already using @Luuklag's advice for managing emails better? ;)
Feb 24 at 14:20, by Luuklag
@Ayo Well not all of them are important, so I just scan through. If I don't think it needs anything from me I just simply mark them as read
oh, so tentatively today's my last day, though I'm probably getting rehired to the same role in a few weeks, to a month....
I'm so tempted to inbox zero :D
@JourneymanGeek I'm sorry to hear about Ash. (I know this is kind of late but I only just read your bio.)
(well tonight, cause tommorrow is when my shift ends and I immediately hand over all my junk)
@Xnero He was 16, and had a good life. And i totally miss the fuzzball :(
@JourneymanGeek I'm not a dog expert but 16 years sounds like a good time for a dog to live.
@Xnero Pretty much as old as they get. I think the record is 22, but 16-20 is fairly common for an older small dog
9:59 AM
Yeah, the bigger the dog, the shorter they live right?
He kinda seemed to figure it was his time, had one last adventure, and passed on on my dad's lap
And the more pure their breed is the same holds I think
@Luuklag Ash was a mystery mutt
@JourneymanGeek Are you getting a new dog?
@Xnero not so soon
No one else in the family is keen on it
So, I'd need to move out, and find a job that's not shift work
(But when there's another dog, I'm going to need to call him Journey )
@Glorfindel ._.
(He knows exactly why :D)
10:09 AM
@Luuklag not sure what that "strong evidence" is, but as a member of staff I can categorically say I don't have access to any "secret" network sites :). We do have private and public betas that won't be listed on se.com, but that's the only network sites that aren't publicly listed (although they're generally on Area51). All our current beta sites are sub domains of stackexchange.com so the list of public network sites is a definitive list of anything that we own that hosts a Q&A site. — Dean Ward ♦ 16 mins ago
I destinctly remember there something about having secret sites
As you can't join them all. What was the deal here again
@Luuklag dev.stackexchange.com
I also vaguely remember moonspeak.stackexchange.com
@JourneymanGeek thats not found
though in theory they might 'just' host a full instance for dev
10:27 AM
@Journeyman sorry to hear about Ash, but as you said, there is comfort knowing he lived a full life and you gave each other everything you could.
1 hour later…
11:35 AM
You will have to start by parsing the HTML @Glorfindel — Luuklag 41 mins ago
@Luuklag ._.
@Sha how could smokey delete it's own message? Why?
@RocketNikita if the post is deleted, and the edit window is still open it can
@Luu ahh, ok
!!/coffee Rocket
11:46 AM
@RocketNikita I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and offensive posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
!!/whois admin
@RocketNikita I am aware of 8 admins. Currently in this room: ArtOfCode. Not currently in this room: tripleee, Makyen, Andy, Undo, Thomas Ward, thesecretmaster, angussidney.
Hello, @Glorfindel!
12:00 PM
And see, now it's too late and it no longer deletes @rock
Somewhat laggy but good bot, @Luuk
wow, the formatting on that smokey post is really something
@Tink did I see you (ab)use your mod powers on Glor's answer on Journey's FR?
That's not abuse, it was for moderation purposes!
12:03 PM
Meh just a comment
hence the (ab) ;)
@Tinkeringbell in his defence, it wouldn't have been as funny....
She could spank peck @Glor instead, so he should count his blessings. :D
I bet he would be honoured with a peck on the cheek ;)
How does that work when one has a beak btw?
Find something to get a hold of, bite down?
Noses are much easier than cheeks in such cases, I guess.
12:07 PM
@Luuklag depends... which cheek....
runs away
*bonks @Shadow with a baseball bat*
We could resolve all confusion by going for the eyes instead
@Mithical well thank you! Needed that. :D
@JourneymanGeek I'm in.
@Mith what you doing here?
You're not in some dark army office? ;)
12:10 PM
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Mith has always been here.
Wait, Mith is not a vorlon.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard putting you in your place
@Luuklag small box? :D
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Army offices are rarely dark :D
dingy, yes
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard It's Thursday afternoon
smelling faintly of sweat, sure.
12:11 PM
@JourneymanGeek no light in most toilets I was in during army, so....
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I'm sure most recruits would break their necks showering at 6am
@JourneymanGeek flashlights
in the shower?
@JourneymanGeek sure
Ok, there's certain things I am glad we didn't copy from you guys.
12:13 PM
Well just kidding of course, but it did happen couple of times.
No power in the base, so no lights.
Also means no hot water of course.
@Mithical חמשוש?
@JourneymanGeek faintly? Well, since you get used to it, then yes. :D
We didn't get hot water :D
One more reason to hate armies.
In unit, I used to take a shower during lunch cause the sun would heat up the water to a nice temperature
12:17 PM
@Mithical so what are you doing here? Go spend that little time you have outside army doing things which are more fun.... :D
bonking you with a baseball bat is fun
@JourneymanGeek on regular basis? Ouch, I wouldn't survive.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I mean literally no hot water
Sure enough, sometimes had to have cold showers, but I'd say at least 50% of the times, I had proper hot water.
no 'on a regular basis'. No hot water ever.
12:18 PM
@JourneymanGeek wow. Why? On purpose to make the soldiers tough?
No idea
Oh wait, I'm so dumb. Lol. Hot water didn't depend on electricity at all in army, they all used solar.
solar boiler?
This certainly looks off:
are there other sites besides mathoverflow that have disabled the HNQ?
Don't think so...
repro'd on MSE
12:32 PM
Yup, reproed it on the /badges page as well
going to write it up quickly
@journ If you are done deleting realator profiles, you might want to move on to landscapers ;)
2elementslandscaping, Vancouver, BC, Canada
1 1
Yeah there are quite a few other spammy profiles in that list.
@Luuklag yup. Might change these days, as the army appears to try and adopt "green" methods.
But I guess we don't hunt those down. Understandably, I suppose.
@Luuklag oh mostly su only insurance ones. This probably needs jnat
@Spevacus No, we don't. Journey does when he is bored. They most likely get 0 exposure from just having a profile. So no need to nuke them
@JourneymanGeek nah no need to nuke them as long as they refrain from posting
Well im going into a meeting, so for once im closing my chat tab xD
12:41 PM
Enjoy your meeting! Let us know if it could've been an e-mail :)
@Spevacus its a brainstorm, so no
@Luuklag keep your brain safe!
Will do, were going to be using an online post-it board
hoping that's going to work
What will you be discussing? @Luuk
Anything interesting?
pathways for pesticide emissions from farmyards
and how to mitigate them
12:51 PM
@Luuklag sounds important.
Go show them what you got! :D
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard haha thx, I've got most of it, but I want to have the input of others
@Luuklag the insurance spammers is a hobby. It's oddly cartritic
@Luuklag oh, you lead it?
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard yup
@Luuklag nice. When does it start?
12:54 PM
in 6 mins
oh, it would be... 3pm for you, right?
Good, employees not hungry after having lunch few hours before, and after the initial sleepiness it cause.
more a case of the one option that was available in most agendas
Because everyone is lunching 1-2, then napping 2-3, and they stop working at 4:30?
1:06 PM
@Luuk I hope you closed the tab or at least have it on mute.... ;)
evil grin
@Tink I wish!
Except for the napping... that's pretty much my days :P
1:18 PM
Gurkan's gherkin
1:41 PM
== English == === Etymology === The term refers to being in pickling solution, presumably unpleasant. It was first used in English by William Shakespeare in The Tempest (1611), although the phrase had been used in Dutch earlier. === Prepositional phrase === in a pickle In a difficult situation or a troubling quandary. ==== Synonyms ==== in a fix troubled === References === Gary Martin (1997–) , “In a pickle”, in The Phrase Finder, retrieved 26 February 2017. === Anagrams === paniclike
@Rob "had been used in Dutch earlier"...
I don't know, I can't remember a contemporary expression XD
Oooh, found it! 'in de pekel'.
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