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1:41 AM
@Anndreaminginthesun While its (mercifully) better than it used to be - if its important (and not ultra time sensitive) why not use the contact us link? It can get handled by any CM and won't get lost in the shuffle.
Alternatively, invite to a separate room, then ask that the room be made private
I've done that when I've wanted to talk with mods in a private room before
Not sure how successful that'd be with CMs tho
@cairdcoinheringaahing I guess fundamentally the issue is - stuff gets lost
and even when we have a direct line - tickets are useful for letting staff keep track of things,
Yeah, I've mainly used that when there's a specific issue I'd like to talk to a mod about, away from public eyes. Rather than, say, an ongoing issue that a ticket would work best for
Depends on the issue Anndreaminginthesun wants to discuss
2:01 AM
@JourneymanGeek Because I can't guarantee that it would be something that would need handling.
that's precisely the sorta thing that needs ticketing
If its something that dosen't need handling (or needs no action right now) it can get reviewed appropriately
2 hours later…
3:49 AM
@JourneymanGeek But the thing is, if it does, then it needs to be immediate.
@Anndreaminginthesun If it needs discernment like that, then a ticket is still a perfect way to go. Start that Contact Us process! It's much better than waiting for one particular staff member to make a chatroom, getting in there, explaining the problem there and needing to have them reroute the request, if it's problematic, to the relevant people for them to take care of it. There are a lot of snags that you could run into along the way that the Contact Us link would skip right over.
@Anndreaminginthesun How immediate are we talking? Like a security issue? I can personally vouch that tickets from Contact Us are at least looked at fairly quickly, having recently contacted them about an issue and received a response in under 2 days.
@Spevacus It's not a normal "Contact us" issue, and I pinged Catija over any other staff member for a reason.
@RyanM Pretty immediate...
4:06 AM
@Anndreaminginthesun she also kinda officially works us office hours - it's not really fair to impose on her after that... Even if it's time sensitive
It might also be midnight there...
@JourneymanGeek I did check to see if anyone objected (no one did) when other users ping a CM for a private chat room, before I did. Also, I'm not imposing anything on her right now.
4:39 AM
@MetaAndrewT. late afternoon/early evening...
(I have NY time set on my phone from some time back)
Hmm? I thought my (our?) timezone is almost around 12 hours ahead...
@MetaAndrewT. she asked at 6 am our time
so it would be 6pm?
@Feeds Observability thrives, when oneboxes don't die.
@Anndreaminginthesun The user didn't get an answer either
+ I'm pretty sure there have generally been objections to CM pinging
@JourneymanGeek ah, right, didn't notice the first ping, then hours have passed...
4:48 AM
which is why raising a ticket is superior
2 hours later…
6:54 AM
@Anndreaminginthesun you can also send her an email, it's private. (kind of)
@JourneymanGeek if she needs specific CM for a reason, email is the best option IMO.
7:08 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 True that, they list it on their profiles for a reason, or if they don't list it it probably is also because of reasons ;)
I submitted my first ticket to our IT provider through Jira today :)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 If they're aware of the issue, maybe. Still, there's no good way to keep track of what's going on
The only times I've emailed a CM directly, was by request on their end, with .... particularly thorny issues
@JourneymanGeek yeah, but if you have a very strong reason as to why only a specific CM should/could see your issue, then email is your safest bet
@Luuklag well -in which case, assuming a CM was already read into the issue, I'd still mention it on a ticket .
Unless it involved a specfic CM, and I didn't want them to see it, but at that point we're at epic level drama...
(Not that this has happened)
Yeah, I also don't know what is going on, but if you want only one specific CM to see things, a ticket won't work.
But we can't know why without asking, but asking defeats the purpose of keeping it private which...
7:16 AM
at least I'm glad I was able to submit a ticket of my own to work today :)
about email being broken :)
though. I guess tickets > email > pings IMO :D
Yeah definetly tickets first.
@Luuklag kudos!
@JourneymanGeek CM can tell the one sending email to open a ticket, if they think it's better. :)
@JourneymanGeek hopefully not @Magi's thorns? :D
@JourneymanGeek we can ask @M.A.R
@Luuklag why not submitting it via email then? :P
7:32 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 badum tsssk
No the issue is that they don't prevent the computer from going into hybernation when office updates are running, so I came back this morning after starting updates last night to a computer that only updates 2 of all the office apps, and was midway a third
7:44 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Ah no :D
@Luuklag I have an app called Kaffeine that works well for that
Also our company got a new website, with a search box that does some sort of "tag search". Which is a great vector for spammers and trolls as it keeps all entries listed that people put in there...
how can one be so stupid
No program survives contact with.... people
8:07 AM
@Luuklag lol that's sad in a sad way ;)
@Luuklag LOL, had such thing too in ancient website I developed, client asked to nuke it after... less than a day.
Yeah now it is only "test" things, but who knows
Well it's actually a "shoutbox".
8:50 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 doh!
@DavidPostill selling NSFW toys on ali express, nice catch
@Luuklag Actually it was SD's catch. I just nuked it on SU :)
9:42 AM
North South Fast West
10:29 AM
Did I split the bullet points appropriately here? Should some be split into separate answers? Moved to other existing answers? Merged into two or one answers?
There's also one point I posted as a comment - should it be an answer, incorporated into one of the existing answers, or left as is?
cc @Makyen since you're good with organization
2 hours later…
12:49 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog You've listed a bunch of edge-cases, and grouping those into different answers like you've done isn't too bad. The comment can remain a comment, or you could put it with this one, in a sense Jeff was an SE staff member too.
...and meanwhile in Israel...
Somehow this quarrel reflects well the overall country status. :/
We never get physical fights among politicians. Our politics are boring :P
Our parliament is better than sport channel for boxing lovers. :D
1:15 PM
ummm how 4k rep user is blacklisted???
I would guess naive username matching
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 User is not blacklisted.
@SmokeDetector yes he is you just reported it.
1:17 PM
meh, Smokey isn't perfect. lol
But seriously, if there'll be spammer named "Dan" we'll get thousands of false positives every day. That's bad.
(bad logic.)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 doesn't a FP remove the blacklist automatically?
Guess we're very lucky spammers choose rather uncommon names for themselves. :D
@Luuklag yes it is!
> Marks a reported post as false positive. Additionally removes the user from the blacklist, if that was the reason that the post was reported.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I think it did, but we should ask some Smokey wizzard to be sure
Yerpyderp :)
So having a "Dan" spammer isn't EOW.
1:21 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 In case you were curious, they were blacklisted for this report: metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/post/331423
@Spevacus huh. Maybe change Smokey code so that above X rep, user will be blacklisted only after several reports?
Good morning. I hope everyone is doing well.
Morning! o/
Well morning for me anyway. :) I know it's afternoon/evening for some of you.
1:23 PM
4:24 PM here
aka 16:24
15:24 here :D
Think we're out of milk at work so should go and buy some, the coworker who usually do it already went home. :/
Well, that should bring you close to the end of your workday ;)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Eh. Having a bunch of rep protects you from some/a lot of detection reasons already. We could probably tweak our desired feedback for what seems to be test posts from higher-rep users (which is what that post looked like) but we typically do red-flag nonsense like that. All that aside, one extra Smokey report is easily dismissed with some false-positive feedback. Not like that user was gonna get autoflagged by any means.
And I want my choco pops soon, so milk is needed. :P
1:25 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 do you rotate or is there is a designated milk buyer
morning Rosie
@Tinkeringbell this Sunday at 1 AM our times will match, it will become 12 AM.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I think that won't last long, I think we'll move from 3AM to 2AM ;)
@Tinkeringbell ohh lol!
1:26 PM
Extra sleep! :D
@Tinkeringbell yeah, true.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Next Sunday too :)
DLST throws me off so much especially because not every location observes it and it doesn't happen at the same time for everyone. I don't think we set our clocks back till the following Sunday
@Spevacus so blacklist isn't matching names? That's fine then.
@Tinkeringbell huh, it's a race! ;)
So our times will match for... two hours?
@Rosie yeah it's a mess, I read that many countries (e.g. Russia) just ditched it altogether and don't change their time.
If you go from 1AM to 12 AM, and we won't change until 3AM, I think it'll match for three hours if my calculations are correct ;)
1:29 PM
@Tinkeringbell you're the math expert. :D
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Yeah, the "Blacklisted user" reason is just for folks who, at some point, had a post of theirs reported that received k or tpu feedback (or someone manually blacklisted them). The "blacklisted username" reason involves someone actually adding that username to the blacklist. That's a lot more rare, and if they're on the username blacklist, they've probably done something really wrong to deserve it.
@Rosie designated buyer, he has the boss credit card. ;)
(so he buys for everyone, for office only of course.)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 We have a designated orderer. They order it and the supermarket delivers and bills it :)
But he... doesn't really plan ahead, so many times something is over and he's away.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 nice. We have a designated buyer here too. When I lived in Ireland for a bit as a college student I volunteered in the schools and the kids had to take turns being the ones to get money from the teachers so they could run to the store and buy milk and biscuits for the staff's tea time during recess
1:32 PM
@Luuklag lol this can work too, but with 6-8 people (really! ;)) we don't even reach minimum order cost, usually. :D
Plus, supermarket is 5 minutes walk, so it's kind of weird to order from there.
@Wolgwang ping attack, or you just never click it, like @rene? ;)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 There have been discussions here (and more broadly in the EU) to abolish DST as well. Since some people experience quite some physical harm from it.
I once got 100 from ping attack in chat, so I revenged with 200. :D
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Didn't click for a ≈month XD
1:35 PM
@Luuklag huh. And? Declined?
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Ping attack?
@Wolgwang oh lol!
@Wolgwang yup
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 It's the EU, it will take about 10 years before they decide things

The Ultimate Ping Revenge Attack

Jun 11 '15 at 21:40, 1 hour 19 minutes total – 200 messages, 1 user, 0 stars

Bookmarked Jun 11 '15 at 23:01 by Shadow Wizard Is Vaccinated V3

LOL you have even bookmarked it
1:37 PM
hmm @Wolgwang did you rename from Wolfwang to avoid being pinged when @Wolf is pinged? lol
Noi Noi
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Does that actually ping ? 🤔
@Wolgwang of course, that's one of my best moments in chat. :D
@Wolgwang what is?
@Droid will ping any user with name starting with, well, "Droid". ;)
User was called DroidDev.
And it worked. :D
I think writing "@<name>" many times doesn't ping...
in Sandbox on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Aug 18 at 5:34, by AviFS
@Wolgwang @Wolgwang @Wolgwang @Wolgwang @Wolgwang @Wolgwang @Wolgwang @Wolgwang @Wolgwang @Wolgwang
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Ohk XD
@Wolgwang I think it pings once
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 "expert" XD
1:41 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 That looks like legacy version of stack overflow :)
@Wolgwang true, but it is one message every line.
And he loved it! :D
in Shadow's Den, Jun 12 '15 at 5:37, by DroidDev
@ShadowWizard gotta say, I am so busy that I can't even sleep properly, but this, this had to be honoured ;)
ahh, good old days in Den.... ;)
@Wolgwang only 6 years ago... :)
(he was using black skin userscript of course)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I first misread years as days.
@Wolgwang LOL
nah he's gone for years now. :(
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 That's nothing compared to Taiwanese parliament: 1. Lengthy multi-person brawls, 2. Water balloons and bottles, 3. Chairs, 4. Pig intestines:
@Rob looks like fun! Where to enroll? ;)
1:44 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I will break the record of 200...maybe 1000 😏
Made in Taiwan
@Wolgwang meh think rene reached way over 1000 before it was cleared by accident
-_- Whoa
@Rosie huh, nice. Less nice about school, sounds more like slavery lol. ;)
I can't judge, in primary school I made coffee for my teacher every day.
I don't remember how it started, not sure she even asked.
I have very few memories from that period of time. :(
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 "tea service" was the highlight of the day at primary school here :P It was like being "class help" and getting to wipe down the chalkboard at the end of the day: A honour :P
1:48 PM
Ah, the '60s
nobody here is that old.... I think?
80's for me.
It felt strange to me too but I never had to run errands as a primary school student. We did take turns banging erasers and cleaning the boards.
@Rosie I see. I'll risk and ask.... what's "banging erasers"?
It's when you take the erasers outside and bang them together to clean all the residue chalk off them
Well, the elementary school teachers were born in the 60s, so that affected the subject matter.
1:50 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 In pre-school I doubt it has some correlation with the adult banging
My daughter doesn't even have a board of that kind in her classroom anymore
It's all digitalized these days
Just press delete and the board is empty
yeah it was chalkboards then whiteboards and now digital boards

my nieces and nephews don't learn cursive anymore
@Rosie oh! lol never done that.
@Rob hmm.... think my teacher was born in the 40's, maybe before. She was already 40 or 50 when she started to teach me.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I think we used sponges
@Luuklag exactly!! That's why I was careful.... :D
1:54 PM
Most of my teachers are now retired but my 1st grade teacher is still teaching 1st grade at the same school I attended
@Luuklag good for you.... here in Israel only few school are digitized. :/
@Rosie How cool is that. My mother is a teacher as well, and she had kids in her class of whom she taught their parents
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 They were yellow ;)
oh wow @Luuklag what grade/subject does she teach?
1:55 PM
@Luuklag and had friend named Patrick? ;)
@Luuklag huh, neat.
@Rosie I don't think she teaches any actual class anymore these days, she mostly tutors special needs kids, and has to deal with their parents
But she works at a school for 4-12 yo's
@Sha, they'd play music at the last 5 minutes of class (through the puny monophonic announcement speaker), so we would hear stuff like this: youtu.be/2WMA3LVi6Zg and every Tuesday: youtu.be/jEGNsc89rBA
that's wonderful I have so much respect for teachers it is not an easy job
Found it!
rene, 6 years ago.
773 unread inbox items. :D
@Wolgwang ^
(yeah I like digging ;))
@Rob 90's and early 00's :P
2:00 PM
Now that's a Ham.
@Tinkeringbell my highschool/army! :D
Off to meetings. Have a great day and rest of the week, everyone. :)
@Rosie thanks for stopping by, we forgot to give you tea or coffee...
Lucky she's not in the Taiwanese parliament, off to beatings everyone ...
Would be interesting to have it in Zoom.
Will they break stuff in their own room?
Lots of backlog for @Mith to read this time.... coffee?
!!/coffee Mith so they can read better
2:03 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 brews a cup of Mocha for @Mith
Prashanth Chandrasekar on October 27, 2021
Organizations and leaders have a responsibility to ensure people are heard, to build high levels of trust and enable them to show up authentically— all so they can do their best work.
@Feeds strong onebox
who dareth to ping
@Mithical I do!
I'm King Pinger
hmm how Shog called it?
Feb 9 '17 at 21:48, by Shog9
@ShadowWizard nope. You're the king in that arena:
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 That's do-able 😏
@Sha Does this ping you?
2:06 PM
@Wolgwang yes
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 those are suggested edits, not inbox items
Short ping works up to 48 hours after pinged user was last active in a room.
Full ping works for a full week.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 How do you know so much?
@Mithical oh no. lol
self kick
@Wolgwang Shadow's been around for a while :P
@Wolgwang he is the master of ping
umm well rene did post screenshot with over 1000 inbox items
> chat user since 2011-03-29
I was in primary school when Shadow started chatting :P
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I know you are digging.
2:09 PM
@Wolgwang trial and error, and other people teaching me. For example had no idea about short form not working after 48 hours, ProgramFOX told me.
@cairdcoinheringaahing LOL
At least not a baby! ;)
Its 13 to use SE right? Still got a couple more years to go before you start chatting with babies :P
in Shadow's Den, Jun 11 '17 at 12:34, by ProgramFOX
but I'm sure I've read that short-pings are available less long than full-pings
@Wolgwang ^ (I had no idea until then.)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I was a toddler back then, does that count :P
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica lol, yes! ;)
@cairdcoinheringaahing And I must have just got admission in a school XD
2:12 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing 16 for EU
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 You are finding this by search option?
Then even longer before chatting with european babies :P
@Wolgwang yup, searched for "short" posted by ProgramFOX
@cairdcoinheringaahing You remember the old "age" field that used to exist in your profile? You put your birth date in, and it'd show your age on your profile. I discovered that you couldn't put in a birth date that would show up as younger than 13...
@cairdcoinheringaahing :D
@Mithical and you couldn't put date making you older than 99, I think
@nicael used to rant about it.
2:16 PM
Does @wol ping me?
Can someone ping me by it?
@Wol pings both you and Wolf (if they were here in the room in the last 48 hours, otherwise they're not pinged.)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 90, at the time
@cairdcoinheringaahing huh, so unfair! :D
2:17 PM
Crazy that it took 7 years to be fixed, seems like an easy fix
Hey, SE is hiring someone for the Netherlands, yet speaking Dutch is no requirement.... That sounds like a fail
Mission to make you all nostalgic accomplished. XD
@Luuklag Could be worse
Q: Why exactly is *German* a requirement for a role that is India based?

Journeyman GeekAmusingly, I'm not actually sure if this goes on meta, but this is probably the place it's most likely to be seen. I was looking through the "work here" page and looking at one of the roles - Enterprise Account Executive, Teams (Bengaluru). While it's not a role I'm personally interested in, I fi...

@JourneymanGeek yeah that was a nice one, it probably was a copy pasta error though
2:30 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Who are you calling not old? ;)
@DavidPostill but.... 60's? ;)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 A book was written about your experience:
Ping You In. Fits! :D
@Rob but this ain't no king?
The king penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) is the second largest species of penguin, smaller, but somewhat similar in appearance to the emperor penguin. There are two subspecies: A. p. patagonicus and A. p. halli; patagonicus is found in the South Atlantic and halli in the South Indian Ocean (at the Kerguelen Islands, Crozet Island, Prince Edward Islands and Heard Island and McDonald Islands) and at Macquarie Island.King penguins mainly eat lanternfish, squid and krill. On foraging trips, king penguins repeatedly dive to over 100 metres (300 ft), and have been recorded at depths greater than...
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 According to statics I have < 20 years to live, so that make me old ;)
2:39 PM
Can somebody tell me if they can see “QQQQQQ” without clicking “read more” on this page? (This for testing a bug.)
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica Where on the page should it be?
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica I see it halfish, a bit faded out
And it links to example.com
@DavidPostill at the bottom of my profile description.
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica It depends on whether using Firefox in desktop or mobile layout.
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica none of it
2:47 PM
For those of you that cannot see the “QQQQQ” in my profile description, is it right behind the “read more” button?
No, it's a little higher ...
Ok, thanks for the help!
@DavidPostill sorry to hear.... :/
In addition to my Firefox screenshot, it's completely different on Chrome; so you can't position text in a specific location and hope for cross-browser compatibility.
@DavidPostill You're only as old as you feel. :D
2:51 PM
@JourneymanGeek Quote from the Queen? ;)
Though I read she's now pretty sick, so...
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica i.stack.imgur.com/4q5Fm.png 4k fullscreen I'm running vivaldi, which is a blink based browser
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica i.stack.imgur.com/pkYQ8.png running on FF on widescreen monitor
4:03 PM
@JourneymanGeek show off
4:43 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 All knowledge has a price.
Except on Wikipedia.
The knowledge on Stack-Exchange has a price :O
5:26 PM
@M.A.R. *Jimmy Wales intensifies*
6:20 PM
In the opavote for SO's mod election if you click "View Ballots", each ballot has a weight. Does anybody know what those mean?
i'd assume that's a measure of how much that ballot affected the result, you could for example find other ballots where they either didn't cast 6 votes or had the winners last had a smaller weight
but i don't know for sure
Opavote says the weight is something that's input beforehand where eg a weight of 2 is like two ballots with a weight of 1.
7:17 PM
@bjb568 scrolling that page is really trippy for me
7:38 PM
@bjb568 OpaVote says that whoever is running the election can assign different weight to each voter, while this answer proposes something completely different and a seemingly irrelevant weighting factor.
@Rob was about to post the same answer
That's actually two answers, so twice the weight (and wait). 😀
7:53 PM
Hmmm 4 downvotes is apparently not enough to trigger vote reversal...
Pretty sure they are correlated/targeted though
This looks too much of a coincedance to be legitemate votes, or am I seeing things here
8:08 PM
i mean, it's possible it could be from 2-3 sources
2 votes can easily fall under the radar, the additional votes that came later are a lot more spread out
If you had anything else occur on that site that could have drawn negative attention, it wouldn't be surprising for more than 1 person to be drawn
@Luuklag The last 2 could be serial, there's less support for the first two; but two of those posts have enough downvotes that an additional one isn't suspicious, it's not like all four are +10/-1; suggesting that the lone voter didn't agree with anyone:
Also, you see "removed" while we cannot.
8:31 PM
@Rob oh that's cool, so if I search the ballot file for what I voted I can see how many other people voted the same way.
@bjb568 That's what that answer (wrongly?) claims. Why should that be a weight? --- What if there were 100K voters, 5 positions and 5 candidates. 99,999 people voted identically but one person reversed the order of the last two candidates; so everyone has a weight of 99,999 except one person has a weight of 1, their vote is thrown out - yet obviously with 5 and 5 everyone sits, so why throw out one vote?
Well, sort of a moot point because such an election wouldn't be run...but they're still different ballots. Also, none are being "thrown out," each voter still has a weight of 1 each.
by weight it wouldn't count.
@Rob I know :)
It would count, just for less.
8:48 PM
@Luuklag Chance of the "removed" being involved in the other votes is near zero: meta.stackexchange.com/a/268608/282094
@RyanM Yes, I'd say 1/99999 is "less" - almost zero, like I said.
@Rob Yeah I know, that was an answer I downvoted that got removed
how dare you downvote something that was apparently worthy of deletion
9:13 PM
@KevinB it was self deleted by post owner.
11:00 PM
@Catija Is there any way I can contact you in private?
@Xnero Her email's in her site profile (but she's out of office at the moment, so your response may be delayed).
@RyanM I'll wait. It's a simple request (can be done by any CM) and not urgent.
If it can be done by any CM, you could also use the contact form.

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