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1:40 AM
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4:22 AM
@Feeds a space elevator by any other name is just as impossible
4:44 AM
@Rob nope, because it was a dupe of an existing answer on the same post
@RyanM you should use the contact form, or a simple site flag could also work as they get escalated to CM's when needed. CC @Xnero
5:41 AM
@RyanM I think you're not taking into account voter obesity.
What about voter cholesterol?
@MetaAndrewT. Journey's in charge of that, how would I know
oh... :(
6:25 AM
A space elevator is a proposed type of planet-to-space transportation system. The main component would be a cable (also called a tether) anchored to the surface and extending into space. The design would permit vehicles to travel along the cable from a planetary surface, such as the Earth's, directly into orbit, without the use of large rockets. An Earth-based space elevator would consist of a cable with one end attached to the surface near the equator and the other end in space beyond geostationary orbit (35,786 km altitude). The competing forces of gravity, which is stronger at the lower end...
A space fountain is a proposed form of an extremely tall tower extending into space. As known materials cannot support a static tower with this height, a space fountain has to be an active structure: A stream of pellets is accelerated upwards from a ground station. At the top it is deflected downwards. The necessary force for this deflection supports the station at the top and payloads going up the structure. A spacecraft could launch from the top without having to deal with the atmosphere. This could reduce the cost of placing payloads into orbit. As downside the tower will collapse if the...
7:13 AM
@JNat cross site spammer for your backlog: stackexchange.com/users/23102224/surbhi-nahta?tab=accounts
I just wanted to go delete it, but turned out I already voted to delete and since retracted :/
why are those dialogues exactly the same
@Luuklag ka boom
son of ren is mith?!
@Luuklag you can't retract delete vote
oh wait
A: Add the ability to retract reopen and delete votes

Felippe RangelI'd like to start by apologizing for not getting to this sooner! Although we added the ability to retract Close/Reopen votes, Delete/Undelete votes operate very differently within our Data Model. TL/DR: we consider Close/Reopen as flags, while we register Delete/Undelete as actual votes in the da...

Huh, neat.
I'm pretty surprised that no one wants to moderate Freelancing.SE. Two failed elections due to no one wishing to self nominate.
@Snow There were some people in this room, but they lacked the rep
Yeah. I would as well, just to help out. But 101 rep doesn't really cut the mustard there.
7:25 AM
Seems there are a few people there with the rep, but they simply CBA to nominate.
I think @rob was one of them, he lacks about 60 rep at this point
well we can, in theory, give +50 bounty...
So why not employ a touch of creative teamwork in terms of voting?
2 +50 bounties will be more simple, it's not like we need 101 rep.
Can still comment, upvote, and flag with 51.
Exactly. So if Rob wants it, then let's help a bit. I know the site isn't very active, but I wouldn't want to see it go under.
7:28 AM
But isn't it too late? Nominations still ongoing?
going to check
No. Pre Emptore is dues to start Nov 1.
> There are no active community moderator elections at the moment. Below is a historical record of all elections to date:
@Snow oh so is it relevant for @Rob to have enough rep?
Q: Announcing a Pro Tempore election for November 2021

JNatSummary: Freelancing Stack Exchange will begin the nomination stage for a special election on November 1 to bring in two more moderators, as a third attempt after last October’s failed election and last April’s failed election. For full details of the process, see the announcement on Meta Stack E...

They need two nominations. Does any one else have any rep there?
@Snow I think @Spevacus was also intending on it, but they also lack the rep
And then there is this post:
A: Without moderators, this site will be closed - how can the community prevent that?

ValorumMany thanks for coming back on my question, especially with specific useful advice about how we can progress the site and pull it back from the brink. As far as 'burden-sharing' is concerned, I'm a long time lurker on this stack but I've recently started increasing my activity, largely in respons...

7:32 AM
Yes. So lets make this happen.
I would try myself, but when I joined the site, my profile promptly got broken
Q: What should I charge for a custom shirt builder web application?

luisAfter doing some graphic work for custom shirts for a local business, the owner asked me if I would be able to design a website that would allow customers to visit and design their shirts. The web app would start by having the customer choose from different products to design such as jerseys, bag...

It has a bounty now
You are reopening a conversation, and appealing a decision, that has already been made by the CMs and accepted by the user's. EOD.
Well Rob, I leave the decision to you, but I'll put you in a place where you do have something to chose from ;)
8:30 AM
@Luuklag why bring that post up?
@Mithical It's my fault. I was just trying to be helpful to a site that was on the verge of closing.
10:29 AM
@Snow still is, unless I'm missing something?
(on the verge of closing)
Anyway, I wonder, has anyone witnessed such thing IRL?
I find it beautiful, as it's showing the power of nature while not being devastating. Well, as long as people don't go into it of course. :P
If I would have been single now, I'd probably go to see it, lately there are quite a few to choose from lol.
Also, @Mithical quick question: do you know a word חרצין? (not חרצן)
huh Google claims this is חרצ'ין, very close but still no 100% match. :D
11:08 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 no
11:58 AM
@Luuklag That bounty (for a damn good answer btw) is now not quite going to be enough rep for Rob to nominate as he's placed his own 50 rep bounty on another question.
@Mithical heh, so I coined a new word! (In a comment on Ynet article ;))
@Spevacus hehe, need to find a more willing candidate? ;)
I guess.
@Spevacus I guess he doesn't want it then. That's up to him
12:09 PM
bumping into @bjb568
12:36 PM
@Spevacus If y'all checked the history of this conversation you are shoulder surfing you'd know that we already have two (or more?) candidates ready to take over.
@Snow That's fixable IMO :D
@JourneymanGeek Well, I edited the profile. At least now it has my name and photo.
Also - I'd kinda hope the broader problem, that the folks active on the site arn't stepping up is acknowledged ?
I think that's probably it. From what I see, there's some good questions and answers there. It's not as if the site lacks direction or content. People seem to be content just using the high-rep moderator tools available to them.
I'm not sure where the idea comes from that the site (and SE) actively want it to shut down.
12:50 PM
: (
@Snow there's one mod left who is burnt out, and a 3 mod minimum
@Rob Cool.
And I think one of the CMs mentioned it
I really don't want the site to close. There are a few Q&A there that were pretty darn helpful during my brief stint as a freelance programmer.
@Spevacus There does appear to be some quality to the questions and answers there. If the place was dead or had lots of downvoted content, I wouldn't be so interested in trying to help it survive.
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57 messages moved to Chimney
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@Snow Does SEDE lie? - Past 5 years less than 1 question per day, recently 0.1 Q/D. Less than 2 answers per day past four years. Those spikes for the almost nonexistent voting is people earning their Electorate badge, last one is me; handed out several K, but it prompted no increase in the daily visits --- All this has been discussed already. See this activity graph:
If the two others change their mind then moving the content is being discussed / negotiated as we type, nothing is being lost.
6:06 PM
@Rob Yeah, I see what you’re saying there. I do see a decent proportion of high quality questions and answers currently- if it was mainly downvoted trash, I wouldn’t worry so much. It looks as though JNat is going through the motions and appears to want a successful election there. If no one else wants it, then that’s fine. I’m just trying to help where I can - to at least some folks, the site has use.
2 hours later…
7:42 PM
Seems like we have to rename this chatroom and the entire site ... Facebook changes its company name to Meta
Don't tempt me. I'll rename the whole room "Tavern on the Facebook".
Facebook Exchange. Nice.
I hope I can still login without a Facebook account (which I don't have ...)
It's okay, though, you do have a Meta account.
8:04 PM
> "... its shares will start trading under a new ticker symbol, "MVRS." ..." - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_East_respiratory_syndrome
Great, everyone’s going to be posting photos of their pets and kids here…
room topic changed to Tavern on the Facebook: MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS AND BACKLOG! General friendly chit-chat; general discussions about MSE or the wider network also welcome. [bug] [crickets] [discussion] [excuses] [support] [waffles]
unstealths Mithical
Lol! Brilliant. I’m glad I was here while it lasted.
@Braiam *rolls a 16+2 Stealth roll*
8:17 PM
@Braiam Roll perception
Lmao, good lord. My grandparents definitely did this.
I just have to get my grandparents to stop answering those security question traps on Facebook...
watched one answer the "last n digits of your SSN number is your seat in heaven" post yesterday
8:22 PM
no idea if it was her actually ssn, but i mean...
1 hour later…
9:30 PM
Damn, there go my plans to never use facebook :/
10:01 PM
@Mithical laughs in level 20 rouge with 20 manuals of quick action, and an ioun stone of mastery, meaning a minimum of 34 on a stealth roll
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica hang on, lemme pull up my Level 1 Pathfinder Rogue with a +17 to Stealth rolls
gets a wizard to put me into “Leomund's Secret Chest” in which the contents are “irretrievably lost” (according to this answer) [insert evil laugh]
[evil laugh is cut off as your atoms are scattered across the Astral Sea]
10:21 PM
room topic changed to Tavern on the Meta: MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS AND BACKLOG! General friendly chit-chat; general discussions about MSE or the wider network also welcome. [bug] [crickets] [discussion] [excuses] [support] [waffles]
alright, it's back, as I'm on my way to unconsciousness
11:10 PM
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica rouge?

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