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12:47 AM
How can I find list of all duplicate questions using tag. [Duplicate]
Or closed questions
I searched it but could find any page
1:21 AM
@Pie Search operator duplicate:1
Or closed:1 for closed questions (including duplicates), or closed:1 duplicate:0 for non-duplicate closed questions
1:45 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Thanks it worked.
5 hours later…
7:01 AM
I bit surprised SE let SEDE live... with Area 51 killed and attention focused on SO only, was expecting they'll let SEDE die slowly too.
7:50 AM
31 messages moved to Chimney
8:02 AM
morning :)
Gezellig dit.
The Dutch have arrived. Let's party!
8:07 AM
בוקר טוב
weird emojis
@rene I'll put the chairs in a circle, if you would be so kind to make some coffee? :D
On it ...
@Tinkeringbell you know party doesn't require circle of chairs.... ;)
8:11 AM
@Tinkeringbell Ew to both, I'm going to sulk in the corner
@Shadow9 A proper Dutch one does ;)
@Gimby Biertje?
@Tinkeringbell I only like beer commercials, not beer itself. youtube.com/watch?v=6OXgjl-sR2A
Yes I'm a lot of fun at parties :)
Shadow party:
Silhouette party.
See? Lots of fun.
8:16 AM
Challenge of the day: find me in that pic. :P
@Shadow9 Its the shadowy one
Probably one of the ones with their fingers in the air
@Gimby No worries... In real life, so am I ;)
If I can go to bed before the party is finished... I will.
The last time I was at a party, I was security :D
@JourneymanGeek Okay you win
8:22 AM
I ought to have the shirt somewhere too
@JourneymanGeek nope. I'm in the back! :D
@JourneymanGeek as teenager, used to visit a club named "Virus". hmm... wonder if it still exists...
How do we know that? the people in front might just be really tall.
Dang.... the club is looooooong closed, for at least 10 years. :(
@JourneymanGeek too bad :P
...why is this attracting delete votes? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/339896/…
@Mithical some people are militantly anti fun
8:35 AM
... weird.. reply didn't work?
They should make a general rule that meta posts about events started by SE are on-topic. There are far more important things to pucker up about.
@JourneymanGeek For some measures of fun... the top answers aren't there 'for fun' ;)
8:53 AM
@Tinkeringbell in a sense - its the same mindset of militantly anti fun :D
Okay, half a point to that.
Let's see if more than a 100K people will blindly copy that spelling error too ;)
Everyone around me is freaking out about it, and a lot of the stupidity hurts my head
Dutch people are dumb...
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, must be not so much fun if you're in the middle of the hysteria :/
@Tinkeringbell there's been relatively few cases
This morning the news here said it was less contagious than the common flu :/
They did add a 'so far' disclaimer.
8:56 AM
Someone linked a video that supposedly was from a local mall sent by a friend of a friend... of some woman collapsing
@Tinkeringbell still, without a vaccine or cure, it's very scary.
@Shadow9 the scariest thing is bad information, fear and ignorance.
@JourneymanGeek yeah there's a line between "better safe than sorry" and total anarchy.
@Shadow9 I can agree on the vaccine, as that's apparently important for people with pre-existing health conditions... but there's no cure for flu or a common cold besides just being sick until you're not.
@Shadow9 so lets say I was exposed
or possibly exposed
I stay. the heck. at home
8:58 AM
Also, high death rate.. 10%, I think? Common flu has much lower death rate.
If I'm in the epicenter of an epidemic, going to another country is the worst thing I can do
@Shadow9 uhm
Flu can kill
@JourneymanGeek Offices idiotic culture says the opposite.
@Shadow9 Common flu does... that's why mom has to get a flu shot each year.
@JourneymanGeek true, edited my message
She works with elderly/compromised health people and if she carries it to them, they can die.
8:59 AM
You go to work and spread the flu to your coworkers. Because that's the best way to show that you are a great worker and deserve a promotion. Right?
@Shadow9 and tbh, outside medical workers, I work in a place that's really likely for anyone exposed to pass through
@Shadow9 I still wonder if that's true.
They say the deaths here are from people with pre-existing health conditions too...
@Tinkeringbell well, didn't dig into it.... maybe
I can't find any numbers quickly on how many of those die each year of 'common' cold or flu
(also, I just talked to someone about irrational fears, and I feel like I should be panicing more :D)
9:03 AM
The numbers that we have are legitimately scary. The deathrate is NOT 10%, but more like 3%.
@JourneymanGeek Nah.
That's how you get mass hysteria ;)
also my immune system tends to curbstomp nearly anything :D
Q: Was Wuhan corona-virus made in Chinese lab?

Matas VaitkeviciusThis idea was discussed in Washington Times. The article discusses whether the Wuhan coronavirus was made in a Chinese bio-weapon lab. Was Wuhan corona-virus made in Chinese lab?

knock on wood but I haven't had either a nasty cold or flu yet this year...
@JourneymanGeek They had to debunk a similar rumour about an English patent here yesterday.
@JourneymanGeek Yep. If I were you, actually getting sick would be the least of my worries.
@Jolenealaska 0_0
what should I be worried about? :D
9:07 AM
Well you did say your apartment would have a bomb proof room! :P
You're in a panic zone. In an airport.
@Jolenealaska ah that's true
but airports, like casinos are designed to funnel people one way :D
and I know all the other ways
The stuff that actually scares me, I can't talk about :D
(Actually, I have a cold-email about an opening I heard about unofficially to write, which actually scares me, and matchmaking which actually has me stressed out :D)
@JourneymanGeek spiders?
@JourneymanGeek I used to work for NSA and I can't say that!
@JourneymanGeek Meta SE future?
9:22 AM
YES finally done with all the dental work.
@Mithical BTW, why not wait until you're in the army and get all of this for free, and likely more accessible?
You went to private doctor?
Went with Clalit.
My parents got Platinum so it was fairly cheap, as long as I did it before I turn 18.
Well what's done is done, but keep in mind that during army service, you should get any medical treatment for free.
9:27 AM
@Jolenealaska i'm fairly confident the coronavirus would hit me like a flu (e.g a week or two of mild discomfort) so I'm not particularly worried. But I am worried about a local panic
or overloaded hospitals/doctors offices
@Shadow9 also I kinda needed to get one of them taken care of, it was starting to really hurt
But... after this wears off, no more numbing! *celebrates*
@Magisch It would be dangerous for me to catch it, but I don't expect to run into it anytime soon.
But the world is one big tinderbox today.
This is truly potentially really, really bad.
I think if we do see a global pandemic at scale (e.g 15-20% of the world pop catch it) then the main issue won't be from the mortality rate
the main issue will be that society and it's supply chains can't sustain that and will collapse hella fast.
@Magisch agreed
@Magisch Time to start growing some vegetables! looks up what grows at this time of year
9:32 AM
And the supposed leader of the free world is ....
I don't think we have a single world leader?
Of course we don't.
I mean, I know they often refer to presidents of america, russia, china, germany, and france as such...
Oh good.
People aren't that delusional yet then :D
But one office is often called that and it's sarcasm.
I'd be weary of calling it sarcasm...
People often seem to mean it these days.
9:34 AM
MY comment was sarcasm.
Good :)
@Mithical now go eat some sugar! :D
@Shadow9 can't eat for another two hours
@Tinkeringbell time to start hoarding all the monster bunnies before people think of using them as food
and then you have a cuddly entourage
Forward, my army! :D
9:39 AM
is a herd of bunnies called a bundle?
I think it'll be at least 2 years before I have a.) my apartment and b.) the garden in such order it will suit a bunch of bunnies ;)
@Magisch It is now ;)
@Tinkeringbell what about car?
@Shadow9 Slow going, but in progress too...
I'm very annoyed at the process and this will be my 3rd/4th/final attempt. If it doesn't work, I'll just stick to train travel.
Do you have to re-take the driving test?
Oh, not that process, and no.
Just the process of getting a company car.
9:47 AM
They're the ones that keep suggesting a car is better than trains.
I did the math on getting an electric scooter some time ago (thats the fastest thing the government will let me drive) and it's not worth it
like, at all
@Magi can't you drive a car?
no, my eyes are screwed up
9:49 AM
@Magisch :(
glasses don't sufficiently fix it and I'm not letting anyone laser into my eyes
@Tinkeringbell It would be an additional 30-40€ a month in insurance, charging and depreciation, and I would lose ~25 minutes a day that I would have to spend exercising to maintain current exercise levels I get from cycling everywhere.
@Magisch Yep. That's one thing I'd lose to when I get a car. Walks to/from public transport to wherever I need to be.
It doesn't sound like much but it adds up.
@Tinkeringbell Why walk when you can fly?! :P
@Shadow9 I'm modest.
9:51 AM
Yep. I notice the walking / lack of walking as well.
right now I'm cycling 5.5km per workday just passively. I hardly notice it anymore and it's not lost time because it's a commute. If you look at it that way, cycling is really, really worth it
free exercise + cheaper
@Magisch took my body almost 20 years to realize I stopped doing any kind of exercise and gain fat. So you might be still good to go. ;)
@Shadow9 It's easier to stay healthy if you keep exercising throughout
meh... I didn't get sick all those years.
I'm not you. I put on weight when I eat an extra 100kcal a day. I have to watch what I eat and how I exercise and keep track.
my health is precious to me
9:54 AM
hmm.... well yeah each and their own body.
But in general, I just don't buy the "You must stay fit to stay healthy!1!" idea.
My dad also got back problems at 35. And I'm in a super sedentary job. Just standing up every 10 minutes won't save me forever
I'm going to toot my own horn here. I lost 1/3 of my body weight (went from mildly obese to a healthy weight) the same year I turned 50, and I've kept it off for almost 3 years.
@Jolenealaska It probably took you some effort though right?
I'm a super lazy git so I optimise every variable I can integrate into my routine so I don't have to actually work for it
Um, some, yes. But my innate laziness helped too.
And my Instant Pot.
And math.
And liking bean soup.
math is great. so much fuzzy stuff is actually very quantifiable and doing the math once can set you up to not need to again
9:59 AM
I'm a mod on cooking.
I seriously like to quantify food stuff.
@Jolenealaska Instant Pot??
Bean soup is nice, agree. ;)
I pretty much lived on bean soup for like 5 months.
I played with the recipe and the nutritional profile.
And the weight fell off.
Until I was done.
Now if I need to, I just go back to living on the soup for a week or two.
That's... interesting diet.
10:08 AM
It worked great for me, saved money and is medically sound. Win/win/win
Whole grains only, a low-fat protein, and dense veggies in every batch.
The only nutritional imperfection is that I tended to like using a lot of sodium.
Definitely not fat :)
I'm pretty sure I never will be fat again, but I have been fat most of my adult life.
Well, 24 hours is a goodly amount of time to think, and seems progress is being made.
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE Okay. This shall be my last attempt at a 'soft' approach... If you come back after a suspension, you don't immediately start referring to/complaining about/reminiscing about said suspension again. You're still walking on eggshells here, I advise you find more solid ground.
Sorry for being so pessimistic.
@Jolenealaska I need that recipe for once I live on my own... I'm still working on getting rid of being morbidly obese :/
@Tinkeringbell Talk to a nutritionist, please. Don't wing it yourself. There are so many triggers for a body to maintain a high fat percentage and a lot of them have absolutely nothing to do with eating too much or eating hamburgers.
10:22 AM
It's super easy. My units are weird 'cuz I am, but here is my most recent recipe:
@Gimby Blegh. Those are overpaid/overrated. Calories in < calories out.
@Tinkeringbell agreed
There's nothing physically wrong with me, though the doctor keeps suggesting I quit hormones.
I won't. So we're at an impasse.
@Gimby Used to think that. I used to be rather overweight (had about 25kg more then I ought to) but was able to get rid of it just by counting calories and eating less
no extra exercise, no other changes
There are some things that lower your base metabolic rate and make you burn fewer calories, like some conditions, etc. But at the end of the day you can beat that too by just eating a bit less then other people
10:25 AM
@Tinkeringbell I was a resident advisor (RA) in college, and so it was kind of my job to enforce the rules. I got free room and board for doing so. But at the same time, if I could smell the marijuana in the hall, I had to be like "uh, people, you're doing it wrong...and they're going to be on my tail for this when the parents come through on a tour".
So I understand the gray area where you're not really authority but you kind of have to go around doing authority-like things.
It's different every time. I make notes if the batch is noteworthy.
In the end the body is not capable of violating the second law of thermodynamics so if you expend more energy then you take in, it's physically inevitable to lose weight
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE If that's a promise to do better from now on, it's a convoluted one.
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE What grey area? Tink is authority here.
10:27 AM
@Magisch At the same time though, you want to lose fat, not muscle ;)
That recipe will require translation.
So exercise is as important as eating less.
@Tinkeringbell a baseline of it is. I didn't lose any muscle and all my exercise is 40 pushups every 2 days and 5.5km per workday as cycling
@Jolenealaska I'm still curious to see what you managed to make of bean soup ;) The one grandma makes is the only one we eat here, and it's gross.
@Magisch Yeah, that's exercise :P
@Tinkeringbell No it isn't. For health, yeah. For weight loss, no amount of exercise will make it as fast as eating fewer calories.
10:29 AM
The typical arguments, but what works for one person does not work for another unfortunately. Losing weight by eating less only works if you are in fact eating too much. But if you are eating normally yet are eating mostly an unnatural diet... eating less absolutely won't work for you, in fact you will put yourself in the danger zone.
The literature is pretty conclusive.
Well, that's a huge if.
Eating fewer calories without exercise will mean that you also lose some muscle, that's what they taught me. Losing muscle comes with a lower base metabolic rate, so you'd want to avoid it, apparently.

Of course just eating less is faster than exercising more, but I'm not sure if it's the most healthy way :)
(It's not being advocated as such here)
Does the drama around these parts ever end?
@Tinkeringbell now with 20% more ink in each can.
10:32 AM
@Gimby Well, so far moving a bit more has worked for me... I just hate exercise/sports, I prefer to spend the little free time I have reading/crocheting/gaming (in that order). It feels like such a waste of time to go chasing a ball...
taken a quick look at meta reciently
@Wes and?
Seems like every post I see is an angry "community" post not community bot.
@Wes The flag queue seems to indicate not ;)
@Tinkeringbell see, my exercise is under 20 minutes a day
10:33 AM
@Magisch It's still exercise ;)
It's apparently enough for you to keep up what muscle you have.
I'm not super fit, yeah
How I lost 1/3 of my weight was perfectly healthy for me, my Drs are in complete agreement. It would be a healthy diet for 99% (made up #) of fat but otherwise healthy people.
@Wes so you have some weird filter.... I really don't see so many now.
Stared items on this room. are also seeming to relate to drams
shog9 monica, moderation, another leaving.
*athlete wondering how people don't go stir crazy moving so little*
10:34 AM
on a note just how powerful calorie counting is. When I started doing this I ate just under 400 kcal a day less then my BMR. This made me drop 15kg in 2 months entirely passively
@Wes Not my fault. There's a pinned message welcoming a new room owner too ;)
That's no drama either:
Q: Increase discoverability of collapse/expand function in achievements dialog

GlorfindelThis morning I discovered by accident that you can click on the headers ('Today', 'Yesterday', 'Last 7 days') in the achievements dialog to collapse them: Can something be done to increase the discoverability of this feature? Yes, the cursor changes to a 'hand' when hovering over it, so I shou...

@Mithical person with MS wishing I could move more
I'm not blaming anyone. @Tinkeringbell
@Mithical I don't sit entirely still ;) Crocheting/reading keeps you busy too, just in other ways ;)
@Wes ... needs a humor tag ...
10:36 AM
@Tinkeringbell Sure. I can easily read for five, six hours straight, but I'd also need to get up and move for at least an hour afterwards.
Why?! :P
I'm as previously established a lazy git
could be confirmation bias on my behalf.
If I get 5/6 hours of time to read, straight... It's bedtime after that.
unless there's something cool to see I'm not moving voluntarily
10:42 AM
"SE Explained With Anime: Lesson 1 - Orange Road"
The company is Kyosuke, Madoka is the money they need to make and Hikaru is the community
@BlueSoul Not following the refrence. I'll check google.
@Wes I actually checked meta this morning and went "huh, no drama".
yep, I guess that would have worked better in the Anime chat room.
@terdon another mod resigned today
although that isn't strictly speaking drama
10:47 AM
@terdon I think its because on stack overflow I got to the "Featured on Meta" post which links to everything else.
@Magisch where?
I'm probably just reading the same posts over and over again.
@BlueSoul world building
as they all link to each other.
@Magisch Monica, James and Tim 45 minutes ago.
10:51 AM
@BlueSoul hm?
@Magisch looking at meta. Three gone in the last day.
haven't seen that
Monica posted her notice yesterday, James about 15 hours ago and Tim 47 minutes
@Magisch here.
ah, monica wasn't a mod on there anymore before though
still relevant
10:53 AM
yep, I was just counting the "goodbye" messages.
Sorry for being unclear

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