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1:16 AM
For those who were asking: GoFundMe page.
1:45 AM
A: Questions missing in "active"

Monica CellioThat's right; the main page is meant to highlight decent content. The vast majority of visitors to a site aren't regulars; they're the people coming from Google, the people following a link from a tweet, and so on. They don't know much about SE. If they see a bunch of junk on the main page, th...

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2:49 AM
Interesting talk from Tom Scott about communicating truth on the internet: youtube.com/watch?v=leX541Dr2rU
2 hours later…
4:56 AM
@MonicaCellio I saw your GoFundMe page. You say if it's possible, you want SE to settle with you. I have one request (if possible): please make sure the terms of the settlement (if any) are public, not "undisclosed".
5:19 AM
So is editing answers to reply okay on Meta, or is it still bannable for normal users and just a special rule for mods?
@cde There's a special case for answers to announcements
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog I'd encourage @MonicaCellio to get whatever is best for her, and would be happy to hear only that she's satisfied with the outcome.
@DeNovo Ideally, if I were in a similar situation, I'd want to litigate this case and try and get a ruling in my favor, so it can be used as a case precedent in later similar cases, and so that the defendant cannot deny wrongdoing. But that would be asking for too much, and contradictory to what she wants. At the very least, the terms of the settlement should be public.
(The U.S. uses common case law)
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog Sounds like an animal farm situation...
6:16 AM
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog I thought at first it was a hint for HATS! looking at their profile picture ...
6:43 AM
Can I award bounty to the community-wiki answer?
ok. I will be awarded to original author. (as per FAQ post).
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog that should be up to her. All this should have been have been handled with a lot more privacy and sensitivity than it was
Some parts of it are necessarily going to be public
And tbh, the best outcome is for folks to just talk and settle this
7:01 AM
gofundme doesn't take paypal for private campaigns
time to figure out how to get them to accept my debit card
@mag Prepaid cards are plentiful in my country, though they charge a small fee
I might have to get a prepaid credit card yea
7:25 AM
that first step seems to go well but I guess that is just enough for an attorney to pick up the phone....
suing for defamation is famously expensive yeah
moderately complicated case can run mid 6 figures
I'm hoping at some point someone realises at some point this isn't going to go away and is costing the company money and goodwill
seems like we need to kickstart that feeling
Oh I think the latter is pretty obvious at some point
no I mean the money part
7:58 AM
8:24 AM
8:38 AM
I was waiting for another smokey message
@JAD we can't count on Smokey
Oh god the flags
8:49 AM
something something popped up in another chat about workplace.
@Shadow didn't want to break the combo :(
@djsmiley2k-CoW oh keep forgetting SE chat show all flags to all 10k users
so yeah, not flags 'here' per say
@JAD all good, we all do it. Even @Bart. :D
@Shadow Fake news!
8:57 AM
There :D
@Bart u fake
@YetAnotherRandomUser this is the generic chat room for all discussions. But we have to keep those discussions civil. Yours was not civil, hence removed to other room. Nothing was deleted or flagged. So if you have something to discuss in a friendly and civil way, without throwing accusations or pointing fingers at people, go ahead.
!!/coffee Bart
@Shadow brews a cup of Macchiato for @Bart
Now we can discuss why Bart got coffee. ;)
9:24 AM
A question I asked on SO in 2011 has just received an answer. It's the answerer's first post, although he's had an SO account for four years. This is kind of cool.
@TRiG but the answer is good?
Like I said recently, now it's the time for fresh meat new users to fill the gap left by the leaving/striking long time users.
is there any ongoing poll requesting shutting down meta?
Yeah, the answer is no ;)
@202324 didn't see such
But likely there is, somewhere inside SE...
@TRiG what happened to the rest of your name?
revoke my ban on posting questions, and I'll post a request to shut down meta
9:34 AM
And I'll vote to close it as off topic.
Oh, so that's what was up with those edits.... I don't think we need a request to shut down meta, so there's no need to revoke the ban either (and no-one can do that anyways)
question bans are an ad-hoc algorhitm, they can't be lifted
@Tinkeringbell it's possible to "give a hand" by dis-associating problematic questions from the account.
calling it a ban is even a bit of a misnomer. Every time you post the system runs a check to decide if your allowed to post, based on past post's performance. If that check returns false, you can't post, except 1 question every 6 months
oh that's good, didn't know
twice per year is a reasonable cap for MSE
9:47 AM
@Shadow a celebration scene is in order: youtube.com/watch?v=ylovNkQzacg
@Shadow did they invent time travel while I was sleeping?
It doesn't matter when they invented time travel.
...that's kinda the point of time travel.
@user58 depends. If time travel works by moving on the imaginary axis of a 2 dimensional time plane, it could matter.
@SPArchaeologist-様 who? Think you didn't get my point... :)
GoT was ruined without any time travel.
Just lazy writers.
9:53 AM
@Shadow Looks good, yes.
They got what they wanted (money) so they spent zero effort on the last seasons.
@Shadow no, I mean that you need time travel to "save Star Wars from utter destruction".
@Shadow I decided to make my MetaSE name match my name on the rest of the network. Not entirely sure why.
It is too late. You know, Disney
@TRiG Nice. So why no upvote? (from you)
@SPArchaeologist-様 well I disagree. The recent films were OK. Not awesome, but still good. Like middle seasons of GoT. (not first three which were awesome)
@TRiG interesting. :)
9:57 AM
@Shadow I was going to test it first, but perhaps I should just go ahead and vote.
@Shadow TRiG is still Timothy Richard Green, but no longer feels the need to say so. ;)
@TRiG yeah, I don't know anything about it so upvote doesn't feel right, but guess you can vote based on quality alone.
@TRiG hehe... so it got nothing to do with the "situation"?
@Shadow Not directly, anyway.
Perhaps the sight of so many other people changing their names made me think of it, but my change was not in any meaningful way a protest.
I see. Mine was, but I'm going to change again.
@Shadow You will once again take up your robe and staff?
@TRiG plus a nice dress
Need to find proper avatar
10:10 AM
My avatar is proper but not for a wizard.
Sha512 the encrypting wizard
@Shadow I don't think that's entirely fair, I see on an everyday basis what pressure can do to an artist and their work of art.
Let's toss coins
Heads, GoT S8 sucks, tails, GoT S8 sucks
Now that you feel so strongly about it
I haven't seen it anyway
@mag good for a future name. Noted! :P
@M.A.R. it ends in the most silly way that anyone could ever think of.
Ben Popper on October 29, 2019

This week we chat with guest Chloe Condon, a Cloud Advocate working on Microsoft Azure, and Iheanyi Ekechukwu, a senior developer at Github working on Github Actions. The pair, who had never met before, talked to us about about their favorite languages, getting retweeted by Smash Mouth, and what it’s like to be a software developer with ADHD.

Chloe Condon has a great post about how she created her medication reminder app and an official endorsement from Smash Mouth. 

You can find some writing from Iheanyi Ekechukwu on our blog here and you can find his podcast here.  …

@Shadow Jon Snow turns into Santa Klaus
Oh snap
10:16 AM
@M.A.R. nope
Santa Klaus turns into Jon Snow
There's so much blood that he just throws up and says "alright, I quit"
Wait, yes?
Whoopsie, spoilers
The throne gets pissed off and burns Drogon. Wait.
@M.A.R. actually zero blood in the last season, they made it PG3
Which is another reason why it's so bad.
So, in that case, as soon as Night King drags a sword, we cut to the scene where he's deadundeadded.
I like the staccato in that.
10:20 AM
To undo undeadness, you can unundead.
Oof, Unitato
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica Hello stranger
10:24 AM
Faces I haven't met for a long
Dangit will you let me finish
I was in the middle of a rush of nostalgia
Alright, hang on. . . . In a looooong time. Read in Morgan Freeman voice
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica ಠ_ಠ
consternation all around
hey @UnitatosaysReinstateMonica long time no see
@Shadow CPR?
yay long time no see as well
also I just happened to view the huge shitstorm
10:27 AM
It's mostly just a damp evening now
and its very surprising, considering how SE used to be very reasonable
Makes you just not want to do anything
Yeah, same
it is literally damp here, coz of monsoon
16 mins ago, by M.A.R.
@Shadow I don't think that's entirely fair, I see on an everyday basis what pressure can do to an artist and their work of art.
the rain is relentless
10:28 AM
I guess I should extend that to "everyone"
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica pH=2
fortunately its not that acidic
I want soda rain
Sculptures be haters, so be it
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica Yeah, it would only kill the buildings and the trees and Disney castles and that one portal we will use to save humanity in the future in case of a Bruce Willis and monkeys scenario
although I would find the carbonated soda sploshing all over a little weird and tingly
which is also why I dont drink soda
I don't drink soda anymore because 19 is over.
I bet @user58 is drinking soda at the moment.
I also like how the Chemistry SE Meta doesnt seem to care about all this drama
although I surely do care
10:37 AM
Right? I doubt anyone besides Loong noticed it
Unless they're a multisite guy person
True, I saw in other child metas theres always the talk of how they lost all active mods
and some sites are modless
crazy situation
Crazy is the new normal.
^ That's gotta be a movie quote
I hope Christopher Walken said it
2 mins ago, by M.A.R.
Unless they're a multisite guy person
just googled Christopher Walken
10:40 AM
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica I think MSE is the only meta that should talk about this drama (except for moderator resignation notices). It's about SE as a whole, not really about any single site.
I am always consistent
damn my general knowledge is so bad
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica Meh
ahh that makes sense @Raedwald however it is weird that not a single post was posted there
My Lieutenant knowledge is worse. Harharharhar
10:43 AM
also oof, jonsca decided to suspend
@Raedwald If there were a reasonable way to get visibility of those threads on the other stacks, sure. Sadly, there isn't
@JAD heh, a lot of folks on SU are suprisingly aware of all this
Wasnt there the hot meta posts bar?
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica removed recently
Thats how I found out
10:44 AM
also that links to the child metas
apart from ofc my general snoopiness and love for drama
Hot MSE posts are only shown when they are featured
although what happened to Monica is so unacceptable
I havent talked to her much, but she was really helpful when I posted a worldbuilding question for the first time
question was received poorly, but she did offer lots of help
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica it reached even you?? So yeah it's bigger than I thought.
I only hope that SE really fixes this, and doesnt become another "controversy" like Reddit faces
smh Shadow, I'm always snooping around lol
I was reading this shitstorm for the last week
but wasnt signed in
10:47 AM
So, two Uni's are back. Waiting for UniKitty to return too..... :D
should I add a speech bubble to my avatar that says "Reinstate Monica"?
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica as you wish
I wanted to change the pfp, but I love my potato too much
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica seems like they're on corporate lawyer said we need to sit this out mode
Some add, some don't.
BTW those efforts are not going unnoticed. twitter.com/MonicaCellio/status/1188880974001643525
10:50 AM
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica there was some hope two or three weeks ago. A smidgen. A tinge. A Opens thesaurus to find word for minuscule and/or infinitesimal. I'm one of the more optimist people but sorry it probably ain't happening.
@M.A.R. what isn't happening?
What's worse is that the long overdue supposed apology now makes me skeptical a positive step from the company is not whitewashing something somewhere.
Once the crap is out, you can't put it back inside.
Negative trust? I dunno. That stuff.
This is also making me even more cautious of revealing my real name
Thankfully, even the one on ChemSE isnt my actual name
10:51 AM
@Shadow Is that a wizard proverb? Facepalm
@M.A.R. nah just a fact. :D
@M.A.R. the second apology has from its high of +600 score pivoted to -200 now
@Shadow A good Disney live-action movie
I really hope the protests dont die out
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica we all know you're Joe.
10:52 AM
@Shadow well I find facts about flower more pleasant than the fertilizer.
or else it would mean SE got their way
Also a proverb. About proverbs.
oh noes, my secret identity has been exposed
@rene gimme some facts
Yeah having a compartmentalized identity is very useful. Tech companies these days want us to link everything together (though to be fair, that's been the case for 15+ years).
10:53 AM
It's just so much they can't hide it anymore.
My theory is every time you notice something bad that's been happening for so long it's because they're doing something worse now.
@M.A.R. fertilizer gets unfair treatment. It helps the flower grow, yet everyone considers it just as crap.
@Shadow It's NAA. Our policy is clear.
although I simply dont understand
whats to lose from apologizing
either this is a really childish "wont accept I'm wrong" issue
or something really really wrong like MAR says
No no no, we guess what that is. Legal repercussions.
Well, I guess it. People at tech firms have seen or experienced it.
There's an answer that illustrates the corporate legal playbook very well
10:56 AM
Ask @mag, he's a . . .
Well let's see Mag in action
@Mag BTW it's kinda bothering me that your name doesn't start with a capital.
- never admit fault
- never let someone you wronged back in
- never give your opponent ammunition by apologizing or giving reasons
- never settle unless with a strict confidentiality clause
ahh that makes sense
@mag only that this isn't quietening down
it will eventually
activity is already dropping off around the issue, even if they have to wait it out for a full year they will
@M.A.R. same as @rene. And @user58. And @bjb568. And more... ;)
10:57 AM
the brightest flame burns out the fastest
Pessimist vs. Optimist Journey debate
Debate of the century. Or maybe just today. A debate going on for a century sounds really boring
And that game plan mostly works if there's no real organised opposition.
this legal playbook defintion makes me very very slightly feel sorry for them, they cannot do anything to satisfy the community without putting them under legal stress
And @balpha who isn't pingable anymore. :(
but ofc, only very very slightly
10:58 AM
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica the easiest way to win that game is not to play at all.
what they did to Monica is unacceptable, and they probably deserve this
true I guess
@UnitatosaysReinstateMonica there's good folks in the company still
I'm the realist here. Clears voice Go eat your vegetables, your body needs antioxidants
filing and fighting a defamation lawsuit is very expensive (more expensive then what we can collectively pay for via crowdfunding, even) and not certain to be a winner, even with these facts+
and .... ones that seem clueless.
10:59 AM
Like right now.
but with how its around, I bet they can only postpone the game
they're betting monica can not come up with the 6 figures required to fight this thing
cant completely ignore
@mag on the other hand, bad publicity would possibly affect the IPO
@JourneymanGeek Hey, you were supposed to be the (uber-)optimist
Does anyone ever get their dialogue right in this thing
10:59 AM
@M.A.R. nope
I couldn't say, but apologizing has the potential for more bad publicity. With the press, not with our community here

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