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1:02 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ thinking
2:49 AM
Quit smoking only 4 weeks ago, and today I just passed $1000 in savings. That number is ridiculous.
Wow. Congrats!
Thanks! Still not out of the woods yet.. I've 'quit' many times before. This time though, I don't think I can actually afford to smoke anymore, with the taxes here
@JourneymanGeek delete-ready.
@Rob is that 1k directly off quitting smoking?
2:53 AM
A pack here is $36-40 (AUD), and on average I'd smoke a pack per day
.... ow
1k is about half my take home pay ;p
Huh, today 1SGD=1AUD exactly
@Rob Ouch. I thought NYC was bad - my packs run about $15 (which is about $20 AUD)
@JourneymanGeek What's the average salary there? When I visited, I found Singapore pretty expensive compared to here
@Rob Well depends?
2:58 AM
... stop smoking! :P
but for a grad, 3-4k
How was the dinosaur game, @AdamLear ?
I make about 2.8k before mandatory savings scheme (-20%)
@AdamLear Yeah, they've steadily increased the tax over the years. When I started, it was around $15 per pack. It didn't help though that I moved overseas and heavily upped my smoking where it was around $3 per pack.
but I'm single (for now!) and live with my parents (cause I can't take advantage of the lovely government subsidies as a single first time home leaser owner)
3:01 AM
@Catija Really neat. It actually licenses a bunch of stuff out of the Jurassic Park/World movies (down to Jeff Goldblum doing some of the voiceovers). In the career mode, you're given an island with some challenges and have to evolve dinosaur species, keep guests happy, etc. It's fun so far.
also I pack lunches and take public transport so...
I save most of what I earn
Is that savings fund readily accessible? Or is it a retirement fund?
kind of the latter
you can invest part of it or use it to help fund an apartment
@AdamLear Sounds nice!
ugh morning
3:06 AM
Ah, right. That 2.8k number is pretty close to what I'd expect here for a grad too. However, our retirement (9%) is typically tacked on top, rather than taken after the fact
its a bit opaque and a pain in the ass to actually get funds out of, unless you're using it for pubblic housing
oh, your employer pays a share too
Though ours is pretty tightly locked away. Inaccessible until you retire or you have extremely extenuating circumstances.
I believe you can tap into some of it when buying your first property, but I don't know all the details
Does "retire" mean at a specific age or can you retire early?
In Singapore, the Central Provident Fund (CPF; Chinese: 公积金, Pinyin: Gōngjījīn) is a compulsory comprehensive savings plan for working Singaporeans and permanent residents primarily to fund their retirement, healthcare, and housing needs. The CPF is an employment based savings scheme with employers and employees contributing a mandated amount to the Fund. It is administered by the Central Provident Fund Board, a statutory board operating under the Ministry of Manpower which is responsible for investing contributions. == History of CPF == British colonial authorities in Singapore created ...
All of that sounds so foreign to me... har har.
3:08 AM
It goes by age
It used to be 55, now it's up to 60
> CPF savings can be withdrawn on the following grounds:

Malaysians who are at least 50 years old and residing in West Malaysia.
Anyone who has renounced his citizenship or PR and leaving Singapore and West Malaysia permanently.
Upon death.
Conditional partial withdrawal for those who are certified permanently unfit for work, such as physically or mentally incapacitated.
basically you need to die, or ragequit the region
So if you die, your spouse/heirs/whoever is in your will gets it?
In theory
It can get tied up in red tape
(I might be a bit grumpy - dad tried to withdraw that sum for his operation and.... twas messy)
But TBH that's kinda money you never think about :p
Until you need it
I don't even know how much I have in there
3:23 AM
They don't send you any sort of statements on an annual basis or anything?
I have it.... Somewhere
Well, I guess it's not that important at thsi point.
I know it sounds silly but, money's not that important? Especially if you can't actually do anything with it
Well, I don't really spend the money I get to hand either unless I have to, lol
As long as you stay on your mom's good side and she doesn't make you go get an apartment. :P
That's what I'm apparently saving for
and lol
3:31 AM
Well, if you find a wife, you can skip the apartment and go straight for the house. :D
She was bugging me to buy a singles apartment
oh, not in singapore
too expensive
Oh. So the place you were talking about earlier would be an apartment?
Even dual income, and future mrs geek would need to find a job here
Ah, gotcha. It was unclear.
The Housing & Development Board (Abbreviation: HDB; Malay: Lembaga Pembangunan dan Perumahan; Chinese: 建屋发展局; pinyin: Jiànwū Fāzhǎn Jú; Tamil: வீடமைப்பு வளர்ச்சிக் கழகம்) is the statutory board of the Ministry of National Development responsible for public housing in Singapore. It is generally credited with clearing the squatters and slums of the 1960s and resettling residents into low-cost state-built housing. Today, as many as 82% of Singaporeans live in public housing provided by the HDB. == History == Shortly after achieving self-governance in 1959, Singapore faced a serious problem of housing...
Public housing
3:32 AM
But it takes two years to get a place? That seems like a long time.
Wow, 82%?
Build To Order (abbrev: BTO; Chinese: 预购组屋制度) is a Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat allocation system that offers flexibility in timing and location for owners buying a New HDB flats in Singapore. Eligible buyers planning to shift into a new HDB apartment in the near future, can apply for apartments in their preferred location from specific sites launched. Tender for construction will be called only if the number of applicants is at least 70% of the number of apartments in a specific contract (50% since 2011), otherwise, the project is not built. The waiting time for new flat applicants...
Oh, but that says four years...
well that then
My friend took 2
i donno yet
Probably depends on how close to the 70% the building is when you buy in.
3:35 AM
Not really planning that far ahead
or go for the balance 30%
but ehhh
How do you even pick how many rooms... guess? or is it just based on what you can afford...
Well, mostly the latter
and you can always upgrade later
My brother bought an older 5 room resale flat
I think 3-4 rooms makes sense?
But those are more expensive? why?
3:36 AM
better areas and you're paying cash over valuation
Ah, I see.
Newer HDB flats are mostly in 'new' areas and you're paying market value
+ the subsidies are sometimes better
So there aren't as many amenities and stuff around as in the older ones?
How much would a 2 bedroom apartment go for there?
about 80k if its public housing
@Catija those are built in, just further from the city core
about 10x as much if its a condo
but these are 99 year leases
3:39 AM
What's the difference between a condo and PH?
Ah... Well, with your current job, city core is less of an issue for work access.
@Rob quite a lot of money
Well yeah.. but I mean what's physically different? ;)
+ condo amenities, swimming pools etc
Ah, gotcha
3:40 AM
oh, the big thing to me is longer leases
condos are on 999 or freehold land
HDB buildings are 99 years
Condos can have better resale value + they are under URA not HDB rules
so you can rent out the whole unit
The leases are transferable to family, I assume?
@Catija its treated like something you own
the government used to acquire older estates to redevelop, paying market prices to owners but... they seem to have indicated they're moving away from that
So ya, you can transfer it to family, will it to your cat, or sell it
When it sells, is the lease extended back to 99 for the buyer?
which many people didn't realise until recently
So some of the leases only have like 30 years left, then...
3:45 AM
well ya
well not really
at worst 50?
Singapore's 50 years old. The modern housing system's from the 60s and 70s
SOME older estates have undergone renewal
Yeah, I was thinking 60 so that'd be 40 years left... math brain at night isn't great.
(government owns the land, so they buy back the leases, and build new blocks with fresh leases)
also I think I can get most of the grants, except the parent proximity one
(First time homeowner, there's a grant for new builds...)
Hmm, the prices for the condos pretty much the prices here, then. But we don't really have easy access to PH
alternative is working across the border ;p
Housing costs in Melbourne are seriously insane. People staying with their parents later and later
Being 30 and living with parents isn't unheard of here
3:49 AM
which would be amusing, but I don't think my job would be happy
I'm 35 34
Only about half my friends have moved out, I'm 30
Austin is slowly getting more and more expensive.
sightly over a month to go
And I pay a stupid amount of rent for a one bedroom apartment
... I'm older than y'all.
3:51 AM
@Catija well if you own...
@Catija married with a kid though. Yer a responsible adult...
Well, yeah, we do. But we're still paying the house off.
@JourneymanGeek "responsible" is questionable.
Also, I'm over half way to having two. :D
I WAS GOING to say one and half ;p
living with parents is a pain
He's going to be sooooo teeny!
3:52 AM
my dad was annoyed that I wanted to go to sleep at 11 instead of half past 10
and I wanted to catch up on... internet stuff
Yeah, I'm living with my MIL right now... Andy's at a conference in San Jose.
He's got so much swag to bring home he's probably going to leave some of it in the hotel room because he can't fit it in his luggage.
also, lol
IN A SENSE, I'm kinda my mom's stand in daughter lol
I'm the one who gets dragged along for shopping and such
(stuff future mrs geek hopefully can handle too ;p)
It's sweet that you go with her, though.
3:54 AM
Baby swag? ;p
@Catija who else would? ;p
Yeah, it was weird... one of the companies was giving out onesies.
also my dad's stand in PA
also socks are... kinda the in swag
He got two more pairs today... so four total.
A bunch of dev swag.. and a hotsauce bottle? How's that fit in?
its swagsauce
3:55 AM
The company has the name "sauce" in it, so they gave out hot sauce.
@Catija Most people assume that when you're living with parents, they're taking care of you
Ah, lol
for me, its a lot of the other way around, just that you don't get any respect at all ;p
Like the latest bit of the brother saga?
I was blunt about "look, don't get too excited, and don't show any weakness"
and parentals were all "what would you know"
but hey, if people listened to me, we wouldn't be in this mess ;)
3:58 AM
All hail the all knowing JG!
not really
I donno how to get people to listen to me when I'm right ;)
or have any real agency XD. Stuff just happens no matter what I do
So I fret a lot, and let the universe do its thing
I think that's what they call "life".
Like my most recent thing.
You didn't even have to wait for the weekend and pester him...
or well...
"Oh, that friend's daughter accidentally gave the site ID of someone who seems..."
Interesting? ;p
(or how I got this job)
4:03 AM
Applying for a bunch of stuff and crossing your fingers that something would work out?
and then getting a call for something I didn't even apply for
Oh, weird.
Applying for jobs is hard.
hence me joking about letting the universe do its thing
but we're not really creatures happy with "predestination"
We kinda want agency and something better XD
and lol
this is why I somehow manage to be a pessimistic bundle of nerves and positive and happy at the same time
I like flexibility but I'm ok with predestination. :P
oh, If I'm not hippy enough to just let go ;p
also you always have a choice
4:09 AM
My last job and current one both have the same problem despite being opposites... the schedules are too strict for me.
this job is... boring
except when everything goes wrong
even then, I rely on others to fix things
But I am sure I can manage here for a year and that puts me in a better place
or 2 if I need to
I'm sure you'll learn how to fix them yourself at some point? Or are you not allowed?
unless I get switched up to L2 apps support
not really the path I want - kinda want to be on the datacentre or sysadmin side if I'm staying in tech
4:12 AM
Do they have that option somewhere in the chain?
not here
and I might still be keeping an eye on SE in future
but probably will try amazon and google again
For a CM thing or something more tech?
whatever fits ;p
It will be interesting to see what they have available next.
I've been looking back at the CM hiring dates and it seems like they haven't hired anyone since mid/late 2015
(based on the blog post)
I went through and read the posts for all of them I could find, though, apparently Abby doesn't have one... or it's not linked to from the CM MSE post.
there's good mobility in SE, but I'm not a dev, and I don't feel technicallly good enough for SRE
But a lot of the new hires seem to be replacements
Abby's ex CHAOS
4:24 AM
If I want to leave a comment and put a path in a comment to someone but the path has an ending of a backslash and I want it to be backtick quoted and end with the backslash in the quote, how do I make that happen? I've tried double backslash, double backtick, etc. no luck
I feel like someone I was talking to ... maybe Jon... a few weeks ago was saying that they want to hire CMs who want to stay in the position... they've lost 3-5 or so to other parts of the staff in the last year or so.
Try this... C:\path\path` or C:\path\path\` or C:\path\path` or C:\path\path`.... wtf
Alex Miller on September 15, 2011

For the past couple months, we’ve had a new team starting up out of our NY office, CHAOS (or if you’re not into that whole brevity thing: Cheerful Helpful Advocates of Stack Exchange).  You’ve probably seen them around some of the sites or run into them in one of the chat rooms – but here’s your official introduction:

CHAOS works directly with Joel and me to come up with, and execute on, new ways to promote all of the new SE sites and bring in new users.  Looking at the original job posting we put up, you can get a bit of a feel for what they’ll be doing: …

annoyingly, I don't really remember a good chunk of those folks
I mean "I tried these" above ^^^
@Catija well, that's a bit tricky
4:27 AM
@JourneymanGeek Ah, that's better.
I've heard of a couple of them but only know Abby.
@PimpJuiceIT Like thi`s: meta.stackexchange.com/a/192137/300713
You'd need to find someone who gets devs but isn't one, or someone who's a good cultural fit and isn't a dev
@Catija oh, I know Abby, I think Sam was active..
Aarthi was good fun
Yeah, I've heard of her and... maybe Laura?
(also, half bramin tamil so...)
I remember Laura's mug ;p
4:29 AM
lauren != laura
there was a CM called Laura
had a mug from a british coffee chain
The left nav post doesn't deserve a negative score :/
Laura Dobrzynski <<<
@NogShine People are grumpy. Poor Joe.
ah, was a PM
Good ol days, I guess the network was smaller and easier to wrangle ;)
4:31 AM
I think I've seen people retweet the CHAOS one on Twitter...
and we saw folks like that more XD
Oh, they're the same one.
@Catija half of the dv are from passersby without checking reported bugs and FR's or without even reading question completely.
@Rob I read that over and tried I think all but I cannot figure out how the heck to simply escape a folder path that ends in backslash in a comment specifically and have it formatted as a backtick formatted like a code sample in a body that is backtick formatted and still show the last backslash.
@NogShine Pretty much.
4:32 AM
@Rob Like..... C:\Folder\path\ but that enclosed in backticks in a comment and still have the last backslash show
Anyway, I should sleep. Have a good day!
@PimpJuiceIT Like this: C:\Folder\path\. Source
@Rob Absolutely like that....
If this works.... you are awesome @rob C:\Folder\path\
@Rob I guess I did not double backtick the entire path and assumed it was the ending backslash.... thanks man!!
4:40 AM
No problem
@PimpJuiceIT Was that you?
If it was.. please reverse it. Vote on posts for their content, not as a thanks to their author
hey guys1
hello CommunityNodiamond2
how is your time been?
5:22 AM
Flying by...
5:59 AM
Hammer time...
@NogShine I suspect people are still cranky about other stuff
6:40 AM
People are always cranky
I'm not always cranky
That's what a cranky person would say
It's not your fault.
Crankyness is on the rise
I know it's not. I believe it's in the eye of the dog
dog nose
6:45 AM
That's what I drew, a dog nose with a line in it.
I wonder what a nose can say about what's happening on a computer screen.
Noses can't talk, silly.
There's a cranky kong.
7:04 AM
39 messages moved to Chimney
If a user was removed and it caused the 200 reputation cap to be missed for a day, even if there had been enough reputation to get passed it, does the extra reputation ever come back?
(from my observation it seems that, no, it doesn't)
@TravisJ smelly
@SomewhatMemorableName you don't have the hammer
(SO chat reference, there is a bot that always goes "HAMMERTIME" if your message ends in stop, or stahp)
@TravisJ that bot trolled a user here once
7:14 AM
It is owned by rlemon

HAMMERTIME err.. something like that.

Feb 18 '14 at 2:29, 25 minutes total – 198 messages, 10 users, 8 stars

Bookmarked Feb 18 '14 at 2:54 by ɥʇǝS

@Doorhandle HAMMERTIME!
heh, chat user not synched with site user
better than bjb's !comp
LOL.. just realized that @Doorknob most likely knew exactly what's going on and kept posting "stop" in the end of his messages to troll that poor guy... :D
Heh, 8 minutes after he posted his MSE question I was the first to comment on it :P
That transcript is pretty funny though
Too bad no one found the german one with hammerzeit
@TravisJ heh, you keep it bookmarked somewhere?
7:23 AM
Yup, that is my goto reference I pull up when anyone asks me about chat.
But really, in the transcript he links to a question asked at the top. I was just surprised that I had commented on it.
chat epic failures archive
@ShadowWizard oh LOL
@TravisJ we use a version of that on SU ;p
7:28 AM
I wrote a custom one for SO chat, but I don't use it here.
@ShadowWizard I think there was a Lizzy somewhere that was a MLP fan too. Oddly enough, she unlisted some of her videos on YouTube. That said, you have odd priorities.
hyper-v is so much fun
@ShadowWizard probably is.
In Japan they indeed have "Gold Ice Cream".
There should be pearl ice-cream too
Might as well add egg shell ice cream to the list
@ShadowWizard yanno, the other conversation there is... oddly precient
7:53 AM
@rene also... we have a Nobel price holder on Physics SE???
@SomewhatMemorableName yup funniest thing ever!

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