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12:30 AM
balpha moved from PM to Design team, is now a "Design Developer". stackoverflow.com/company/team#Design
1:43 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Finding talent agents for software developers by Kovit on freelancing.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Bus routes in Delhi, India? by Sandhiya Rao on travel.SE
2:12 AM
WordPress Development lost two mods in quick succession: Rarst resigned, s_ha_dum got demodded for inactivity (last seen in May 2016).
3:36 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword in username: How to add a class to comment submit button? by obat sipilis on wordpress.SE
4:11 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Why do noble gases bond with themselves but not other elements? by juan on chemistry.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Detecting cigar/cigarette smoke levels by Joseph Frasca on diy.SE
4:59 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword in link text in answer: Is it ethical to host ads on institute provided homepage? by rosesandra on academia.SE
tell me, raccoons aren't normally this chubby
7:06 AM
@JourneymanGeek I've voted to re-open your network-wide visibility for changes question. My comment stands, however.
@rene I think whether SO should be the overarchingly important product or not is above my (unpaid) grade ;p
@Shog9 @Jon hey can any of you please use your CM magic to make this answer on Recent Feature Changes accepted, bumping it to the top? Thanks!
(guess direct access to the database?)
@rene hmm? Drama?
@zaq huh.... downgrade? And what exactly is a design developer? Pure CSS programmer?
@Telkitty raccoons aren't normally this chubby
I thought so, best way to trap a raccoon really - feed them until they are too fat to crawl
@ShadowWizard where? what? How have I screwed up this time?
7:25 AM
I do think though (with a greatly obvious bias, since I mostly hang out with the SU/SF and other site folk) that we matter too.
I don't think I say you don't matter?
It is more of an factual observation?
@rene oh, I asked the question because I feel we do, and there's almost no official requests for input on main meta ;p
There is merit in your question.
7:47 AM
@rene dunno, when you reopen things I get suspicious.... ;)
MSE NAA @Bart @rene
8:12 AM
done some voting
@ShadowWizard just admit you're here solely for the drama ...
@rene me? innocent look
noted ...
Let the rep come in. I answered a question tagged c#, javascript AND jQuery. If that doesn't give me an gold badge I don't know ...
@rene only if the answer is one line
It ... can't be done ...
so no vote for you! ;)
handing over an "n" to @rene
8:31 AM
o problem
hey @Stij
9:28 AM
I'm using a beautiful coffee cup today
@Stijn nice! Where is it from?
No idea, found it in the closet here :p
I have the SO mug, but it's too big for coffee.... :/
I'd like one of those
@Stijn at work? So probably it belongs to one of your co-workers... ;)
9:30 AM
Somebody probably left it here years ago. We have a cupboard full of mugs
Wait... why the cup is empty? @Stijn
@ShadowWizard half-empty, at the time :)
@Stijn oh, can't really see. lol
@ShadowWizard no mug is too big for coffee. If it's a problem, send it to me
Never got any swag anyway
@Bart really?! that's... undepictable!
so, who to send the mug to? @Bart or @Stijn? hmm..... :P
@Moosebot randomchoice Bart Stijn
9:33 AM
@ShadowWizard Command not recognized.
you could do the wheel of blame
whoever gets blamed gets the mug?

Bart or Stijn?

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aww :(
9:34 AM
@ShadowWizard It's Shadow Wizard's fault.
Also @Stijn using Smokey won't be fair, @Bart didn't talk for a while, he's probably off the list oh, oops, blonde moment
Ooh, I see I've voted to close a question that's being discussed on MSO :D Oops
@Bart are they referring to you as a power-hungry moderator?
those are the best
those are the Bart-est
@Stijn not yet. Question has 2 close votes so far after having been reopened
9:39 AM
@Bart yeah, there should be an indication when a question is discussed on meta. ;)
@Bart close wars on ordinary questions on SO itself are rare...
The MSO question is at -18, so I hadn't noticed it until now. And I think this is still too broad stackoverflow.com/questions/42229016/…
@Bart why too broad? The answer is trivial: Application.DoEvents
that's what the OP is looking for.
Oh ... hmm ... I may have read more into the visualization and delay than there's to it
If that's what he's looking for, you ad an answer, I retract the vote?
So he doesn't really want to delay anything, but just print intermediate state?
> When I try to update the height of the objects in the code below, it only shows the final result
So yeah, think he just want it to show in each iteration of the loop.
Okay, retracted. Let's see
9:47 AM
Post a trivial answer? hmm...
And a sleep followed by a DoEvents ... something about that makes me shudder. But it will do
Trivial answer posted. Feeling bit dirty. ;)
Oh hey @balpha congrats for your new role! :)
Plot twist: @Derpy is balpha's sock (this might explain lots of things.... ;))
Another new role? Weren't you a PM?
9 hours ago, by zaq
balpha moved from PM to Design team, is now a "Design Developer". https://stackoverflow.com/company/team#Design
hah, did the change finally make it to the team page?
Thanks :)
9:55 AM
@balpha why, when did it really happen? :)
oh, lol... so for how long were you a PM?
officially since June I think, but I actually started the PM gig end of February
so it was close to a year
@balpha oh, nice... so why the change? If I may ask...
Also, design team means you're responsible for the new SO top bar? ;)
9:58 AM
@ShadowWizard Back in the UO age, I was pretty active as a paladin / virtue knight. Since the order VS chaos faction system was still centered around the virtue problem, that meant that I was often found discussing with with chaos player, especially one chaos player that was basically "the devil advocate of virtue un-ethics"
@ShadowWizard the design dev role is much closer to where I see myself growing, so when that opportunity came up, I jumped the PM ship :)
@Derpy no idea what it means... processing
@ShadowWizard well, I started PM'ing it, and once I had left that role, Des took over. I did work on it as a dev as well, but not the only one
For some reason I never understood, for a long time many players believe we were actually the same player playing two opposing roles. At the same time.
@balpha I see. but isn't it a downgrade?
@Derpy oh. I see now. lol
10:00 AM
@ShadowWizard I don't think so, it's two different career tracks really. But even if it were, that wouldn't be a good reason against following your passion
@balpha cool. So now you're back to writing code?
@balpha of course, doing something you like has greater weight than money or title. :)
@balpha you like to ... designing small unicorns?
I know right, it's very tempting
10:01 AM
@Telkitty that's not his doing, his unicorns are bigger. :D
I think we should halt this conversation right there and then ... awkwardness if we continue - infinite
... you're probably right ... or left? Not much time left for edit... :D
@Telkitty I'm a design developer, not a designer :) The idea behind the DD role is that of a an expert in one particular area of the "full stack designer" spectrum
designers do everything from user research to designing to prototyping to implementation
we have an expert on one end of the spectrum (Kristina, our UX researcher), and I'm the expert on the other end
@balpha isn't it what you essentially did already with winterbash and April's fools projects you wrote from scratch?
but now it's my job title ;)
10:05 AM
oh, lol
@ShadowWizard @balpha has much more important priorities right now....
Jan 13 '15 at 15:05, by SPArchaeologist
still believe balpha should remake that service with pony flash puppets.
Mar 10 '15 at 16:14, by SPArchaeologist
@balpha Just saying. Isn't the time mature to redo that unicornify service using actual mlp flash puppet models?
Jul 21 '15 at 13:08, by SPArchaeologist
@ShadowWizard @balpha doesn't have time for this. He must work on important stuff, like my request for an alternate unicornify service that uses MLP:FiM flash puppets. ^_^
lol someone here is eager
Still waiting for MLPfy
@balpha so the upcoming April's fools of 2017 will be yours? :)
no idea yet
10:09 AM
Again, wrong priorities there.
oh no, not much time left... month and half.
that's just 6 weeks
The correct question was "so the upcoming April's fools of 2017 will feature candy colored ponies?"
Will the April's fools of 2017 be that there's no April's fools running?
April food fools day theme: small unicorn support Joel's stand on 50 shades of grey sticky head bar :p
go for Eternal Darkness style sanity effects. Fake notification sound for no-existing messages, fake questions that disappear as you click them, randomly upside down flipped avatars, wrong css, whole page rotation/tilt (just 1-2° so that it won't be noticed immediately), enable the "@Telkitty lag script" for all users and so on....
10:16 AM
Oo, don't forget to thank the Trolls for their good year of work
How much one needs to endeavour to re-brand April fool's day as valentine's day for trolls?
Don't know about other 1337 trolls, coz 1337 trolls are all individualistic, but personally I accept free reps
10:36 AM
@Telkitty here you go
^ the hacker known as Telkitty
@Stijn I always suspected her to be hacker :P
@nicael is a script kiddie compared to her!
10:57 AM
@Oded are you still on bug watch? Something that might be small, but annoys users with lots of accounts, is this bug,any chance to have a look? Thanks! :)
11:13 AM
No one wants the fat bounty (tfw) meta.stackexchange.com/questions/260484/…
@54D still 5 days, I've pinged Brian in chat... really nothing more we can do.
I understand... what happens if no one claims the bounty?
@54D nothing. The bounty will vanish.
Why won't it be given back to the person who issued the bounty?
@54D hehe, one of the most common questions on MSE
Q: Why aren't bounties refunded if they are not awarded?

fahadsadah Possible Duplicates: Bounties and non-valid answers? How does the bounty system work? I have a question with a bounty that will expire in a few days. It looks like nobody will get the bounty; only one answer was posted during the bounty period, and it has no upvotes. In cases like t...

tons of dupes all around, but that one appears to be good.
11:18 AM
Ty ^^
this also seems like a good day to ask the usual question. A bounty on a bug report - what kind of answer do you expect? only the dev can provide a solution.
Q: Missing font on some error and dupehammer info popups

André BorieSome popups like the dupehammer explanation popup or the validation error ones on the contact form do not have the right fonts - the browser has to fall back to a default and quite ugly font instead. Interestingly, this does not happen for validation popups on posting a question - those remain f...

it worked just fine for me.
It's about 1:100, but still better than nothing.
I offered 228 bounties on MSE, think that 5-10 brought an actual response from the team.
What I meant is that a bounty on a bug report has the purpose to increase visibility, not to reward someone with rep. Even if the rep was lost because the bounty wasn't awarded, the purpose has still been fulfilled in a way.
> "No one wants the fat bounty"
even if I wanted it, it not like us poor normal user can provide an answer :P
@Derpy many times users can provide useful information that will make it easier to fix the bug. I got a T-shirt for exactly such a thing. :)
(which is better than bounty ;))
Or, many times users can write scripts to bypass the bug, which is also reason enough to give a prize.
@ShadowWizard On the IOS app?
11:28 AM
@Derpy oh. No, not really. but the other reason is still valid. :)
yep, well worth the prize if they manage to user-script that :P
12:09 PM
@ShadowWizard you should suspect me to be hacked
you know, all those negative things about 1337 trolls are fake news
we 1337 trolls strive to entertain the mass while educate them
I mean, there are always rotten apples in every barrel
mediocre trolls have tainted our reputation
12:26 PM
Q: Hasty deletion of accumulated work otherwise considered productive by earnest contributors

Douglas DaseecoWhat recourse do we have if a deletion of what some considered valuable occurs? Consider the following sequence. A newbie humbly asks a question about embedded C++ persistence in a Linux appliance (which is understandably somewhat broad because he is a newbie and engaged in the architecture st...

LOL, who VTC'd this as no-repro?
12:37 PM
@M.A.R. not me
12:53 PM
Q: Community Building doesn't exist in Data Explorer

Andy"Community Building" doesn't exist in the data explorer. Instead it is still listed as "Moderators" Other (seemingly) related issues: Meta posts don't load from mobile apps Meta post oneboxes look different and are missing elements Post/comments don't onebox in chat

1:06 PM
looking at old R&D sample/test....
I found my old experiment at adding a file to a not-really-existing SharePoint folder.
working with streams in .NET is so infuriating at times... Oh you want to leave the stream open after reading it? Sure thing, but then you also have to specify another thousand options that would otherwise have a default value.
@Pandya better be posted on MSE, which is the meta for SEDE.
oh, oops. Already reported:
Q: SEDE should pick up on changes to community metadata

AndyIt appears that site meta data isn't updated in SEDE. As an example, Moderators.SE was renamed to Community Building in December 2014. It is still listed in SEDE as Moderators.SE, as of July 2015. To search for Community Building data, we need to search the "Moderators" community: It is not l...

Can we have blinking marquee as a feature-request
Q: Greyed out flag options

KazNot sure if status-bydesign or not: When reviewing an already-raised flag (in this case, Rude/Abusive), I found the option I had selected greyed out (as expected), but also the spam option greyed out as well. Is that supposed to be the case?

Because it looks kewl
@Stijn not just streams, many methods got irritating overloads :/
that's one thing where JS is better than C#
1:31 PM
@ShadowWizard js = javascript?
@ShadowWizard hello. I would like to remove header (This question may already have an answer here) from question about rep values. Does closing by me and reopening by you lead to removing it? :)
Oops ... I don't have a close as dup button already :( Forgot about it
1:49 PM
@Derpy not only (assuming you mean client side javascript), e.g. node.js
anyway, you just claimed that js is better because you can just forget parameters, right?
@Derpy yup, true.
sorry to have to ask, but I needed the info for the the "transfer user to Stack Exchange 's salt mines" work order.
yes, it can lead to weird bugs, but...
@alexolut you have, the "Yes, it solve my problem" will insta-close the question, then I can reopen.
@ShadowWizard I did edit and revert it ... so now I see no button:
1:54 PM
@alexolut oh, weird. Well, it's just a banner, no harm, and the close vote will expire in few days.
(I can in theory close and re-open all by myself but that doesn't feel right, just for sake of removing a banner, sorry. If it will somehow be closed let me know though and I'll reopen. :))
@ShadowWizard ok ... will wait for it ;)
@ShadowWizard someone already revert one close vote
@alexolut yup, hopefully @gnat though I doubt it.
(as we didn't really agree with each other in the comments.)
2:19 PM
@balpha fatal bug on mobile web, any chance you can nudge someone in the mobile team to fix it? (it renders the mobile web view almost useless)
(guess all the developers are busy with the new SO top bar, hence no response yet?)
that may in fact be my fault
will look in a few
@balpha oh, lol... OK, good luck with that!
confirmed, my fault
@ShadowWizard It's Pandya's fault.
2:25 PM
We put it on the agenda for your next salary review ...
Oh well, Smokey is usually wrong.
@balpha heh, just curious, what happened? (i.e. what did you try to do?)
well, this is what happened, really:
I have a new inspirational wall decoration https://t.co/yE9PBU9qfE
hmm... that pic is familiar...
I hear you're in berlin balpha
btw @ShadowWizard
2:32 PM
@ShadowWizard fix pushed, will deploy as soon as dev is done baking
@Magisch yep
Notice how almost no SD report makes it through to here today
what's your product in the pile
@Magisch yup, Charcoal is thriving?
@ShadowWizard We're now at 3 autoflags
So time to deletion has been cut short drasticly
@balpha thanks! Will you post an answer on the bug report?
yep, writing it right now
2:34 PM
needs one more vote ^
hours ago....
We need @Bart :D
@ShadowWizard You may not see many reports here at all anymore during daytime in europe or the US
@Magisch well, @hichris123 and @Jason will be happy, less cleanup for them. :-)
I never understand these bug reports. Based on their report they know how to write code. How do you debug issues in your own dev environment then?
2:47 PM
Jason Punyon?
@rene They dont
These are the kind of developers who ask colleagues every time an error appears
you OK, @rene? Need water?
@rene it's the same with the whole "uch ugly floaty/sticky top bar feedback". Surely most of them are developers who have to deal with useless, non-specific "feedback" all the time. Why on earth don't they do better themselves?
@Magisch you mean they ask SO
@Stijn They always ask their colleagues first. The tosh that we get on SO happens when their colleagues tell them to shove it
2:55 PM
@Magisch tosh?
@Bart As much as they're developers, they're also humans. And unsubstantiated venting is more catharthic and easier then constructive criticism.
what @Magisch says
@ShadowWizard s\crap\shit\garbage
@rene and be rightfully ignored in the process
sure, for good reason
2:58 PM
Join me for today's game of "Spam or nonsense?"
Q: I don't get the point of this place

Vitali PomI'm asking a Q. ~25 of responses are how bad what I offer. In 99% no one even cares about what I ask. 99.99% of Qs I see, are either auto voted or people who also where threw away by automated robots. No one reads what you write guys. Why now one cares? I don't to talk to a robot, if I would I ...

@Bart 320 rep on SO, not spam
... I needed to look at his profile to come to that conclusion
That's not a good sign
@Bart after venting they felt much better
@Bart rage quit in 3... 2... 1...
het is een sof
Maybe Soldier of Fortune?
3:09 PM
it is a sof? @rene
yeah, a deception I think is a good translation from Dutch
But apparently he meant Stack Overflow ... thanks to Servy
nah, that is boring let's ignore Servy
Short On Facts makes much more sense
heh, lol
3:16 PM
I've settled for Shit on Fan
@Bart you tried that?
This can be an entertaining experience. :D
Not me. It's just how I imagine he wrote that post. Dump on a fan and turn it on.
@Bart nah, not enough brown.
More like typing with eyes closed due to extreme rage.
> It says in Psychology, if the guys that are sitting next to me did smoke sos thing, maybe I shall hear their voices
I'd say he did smoke something
@Magisch Lol. Brb I have to go put some product in the pile.
3:30 PM
Ah, and now we're at September 11th somehow ... I'm out
@Bart Lol
Now I want to go write a markov chain rant generator.
I wish I had enough rep to view deleted posts on mse
Just get some mechanical wheel to roll over your keyboard
It would be fun to write a text generator using all the lowest voted posts as input
@Bart OP deleted?
3:36 PM
No, Animuson and I
the mob and you also down voted it!
So maybe it's more than rage in his case. Oh well.
Give him a break, he was just taking a stand.
in that case it was wrongly tagged
3:42 PM
My favorite line is definitely "I don't want to frighten anyone, etc."
@rene tag isn't ready yet. Or is it?
Yep, and we keep that for the next 6 to 8 years. In the meantime announcement type of posts are not allowed.
lol WTF?!
same person as the one posting this crap?
could be
but... why? Can't see any possible reason. Just trolling?
3:46 PM
I'm not that good at mind reading ...
@rene -1 not enough efforts
I'm a bit annoyed by these new users that report bugs that have existed for so long that I no longer notice them ...
> <a onmouseover="this.firstChild.firstChild.firstChild.style.left='-125px'; this.firstChild.firstChild.firstChild.style.top='-178px';" onmouseout="this.firstChild.firstChild.firstChild.style.left='-143px'; this.firstChild.firstChild.firstChild.style.top='-178px';" id="ctl00_fullscreenmodeBtn" title="Focus on Content" onclick="SetFullScreenMode(true);PreventDefaultNavigation();return false;" href="../_catalogs/masterpage/#" style="display:inline-block;height:30px;width:30px;">
actual piece of code in default, out of the box, SharePoint page...
@rene downvote them
please notice the wonderful "this.firstChild.firstChild.firstChild.style.left"
4:02 PM
Maybe it's not hierarchical, but just a way to really really really make sure you get the first child?
Once for fun I had a fluid api that defined method that did nothing at all just so that the code looked more English-like
David Robinson on February 15, 2017
Since Stack Overflow was founded, we've described it as "a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers." It supports both experienced developers who code as part of their work, and people who are learning as part of a university curriculum.
resulting in some stuff like.
> withMySiteCollection.IfListExist(......).ThenDo(......).Else(.....).InEachCase()‌​.AtTheEndDo()
Still better than the programming language I wrote in Uni which pretty much was in my dialect
but that was a joke, not production code on a market-leader product
4:07 PM
@Bart already did ...
4:43 PM
Is there a good tool to make mockups of site designs for design proposals?
What's that called? Wireframes?
Ideally a free one. I see Balsamiq in Google results and I recognize the name from somewhere. It's not free though.
Bonus points if it helps me illustrate site flow and not just how each page might look.
Cursory research suggests good old pen and paper.
@JasonC We use that sometimes, but our designers seem to prefer invisionapp.com .
@JonEricson Oooh, they've instantly gained cred by offering me a free t-shirt!
Oh wow this looks awesome. Maybe overkill for this project but holy crap productivity.
I might try to push invision for a totally different project that I wasn't even thinking about for this. Posting mockup images on asana for that project isn't really cutting it.
Holy crap what have you guys done to me, I just willingly turned the sticky nav bar back on.
Nooooooooo, don't look at me, I'm a monster.
5:06 PM
@JasonC I have used wireframe sketcher to produce this. It is a local install and if you hate Eclipse you might not like it ... it seems to have a pageflow design page but I didn't use it ... free for 30 days or so ...
@rene Oh cool I'll give that a shot.
I'm in the seemingly strange group of people that actually really likes Eclipse.
You like Eclipse and turned the sticky navbar back on ...
5:44 PM
@rene did you really close as duplicate and downvote a bug report by se staff
Do you even know with how much fire you're playing?
@Magisch yes. If this sites thinks it gets much better if staff post bug reports they friggin' need to fix themselves then I have no mercy. Specially if a duplicate exists from 6 to 8 weeks ago ...
You know
@Magisch yes, but I use my flamethrower instead ...
With the bar not sticky I feel like something's missing. But with it sticky it gets in the way. I kinda wish that just the rep/inbox could be made sticky.
Actually I want to see if I can make a user script to make the nav bar collapsible. If so maybe I'll propose it as a feature request.
@rene do you realize that not all devs work on the nav/top bar, etc?
and that we can post bugs just like everyone else?
5:49 PM
@JasonC vNext will tap into your mind to decide when to be sticky and when not.
@bluefeet Lies. We know you're all part of the same SE dev hive mind.
I see blue feet
@JasonC that would be interesting
blue footed boobie to be exact
@JasonC "We are SE. Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated"
5:51 PM
"Userscript is futile. Prepare to be sticky."
@bluefeet yes, I do. Still, search first should be a general guidance I think? And I'm not that serious, so please let everyone do as they see fit.
Hmm, reading that back I realize that sounds pretty offensive, that is not my intent at all.
I'm just trying to be flowery, that is all
@rene soft flower, sticky flower, little globule of sap...
I've posted bug reports that duplicate bugs I'd already reported.
@JonEricson Oh, I dunno ... I guess that doubles the 6 to 8 weeks to get bugs fixed?
Well, I've reported a bug in a Chrome userscript as an SO bug twice. That's never gonna get fixed.
Especially since I've uninstalled the script.
5:59 PM
They don't make shog's size.
@JonEricson I was about to report a bug with the new nav when I noticed it wasn't the new nav, it was a userscript I use that wasn't compatible with the new nav.
Btw a borg mask should totally be a hat next year
Maybe for upvoting a certain number of meta posts made by the staff and tagged status-complete.
6:27 PM
@JasonC tagged announcement ...
Or just if you filled in "US" as your location...
@ShadowWizard I can't talk smack on my latest PM for a while. He took a hard fall last night and busted up his face pretty good. Now he's in the hospital, surgery this week. So... project problems are kinda small time for now. Poor guy.
A kingdom for a PM
We dont have one and I have to do a theorethical PM's job too while writing some ERP software currently
Like coordinating meetings and getting ahold of people
Yeah that was my thing for one of my bigger clients. Up until recently, 10 years PM-less, with me doing like six people's jobs. Development (like 3 separate people's worth), in-house IT, PM, project IT, freakin' nightmare. It's why I [tried] to stop doing freelance work.
7:04 PM
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 18 mins ago, by JAL
This is really important: The keyboard waffle iron is on sale on Woot today for $45.99 here
for those who can't get enough wafflez
Those are huge waffles.
7:54 PM
what is this‌​, except an off-topic question?
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