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5:00 PM
Hydrofluoric acid?
have fun
With hydrofluoric acid?
if that's how you define fun
@SmokeDetector primarily opinion based
5:02 PM
@SmokeDetector very low quality
@iStimple are you sure?
@bjb568 uneditably so?
@JanDvorak You can edit it to be too broad, sure.
@bjb568 Why too broad?
@JanDvorak Depends on the food, etc.
5:06 PM
@bjb568 noted
Interesting how the guy's name is also all-caps.
I like jCole's response
@JanDvorak I've actually been flagging each and every one. Not sure if that's really the best way, but I haven't gotten a complaint from the mod's about it yet, so...
@iStimple anyone who's plagiarized once is likely to have other plagiarized content that is not an exact match, especially if they're account is from India.
Sounds racist, but the numbers show that it's true.
5:14 PM
If you find one exact match, start looking through the user's other answers to find if there's non-exact match plagiarized content.
I would start looking at the highest-upvoted answers first.
Because those are the answers that have the greatest tendency to be copied from someone else's answer.
I see, thanks. Yea, I plan on going through their other ones later.
@iStimple ironically, it is Hawaiian shirt day at my office
@AJHenderson lol, chest hair anyone?
5:20 PM
a few
some (myself included) wore a t-shirt under
I didn't when I was actually in Hawaii though
make sure to go around to all the ladies asking if you can lei them
@iStimple Hello. This is HR. Please follow us.
awww...you edited
I sadly don't have any pictures of the fire breather from the Luau we went to while we were in Hawaii online, well not of him breathing fire anyway
but I can safely say the lei's worked as my wife and I came back with a baby on the way
despite birth control pills
Is that what leis are for?
Man, all the photos I've seen have people using them really incorrectly.
@Cupcake congrats on your anti-plagiarism success
5:37 PM
@InfiniteRecursion your 9th grade english teacher would be so proud
@Pops haha, either that or maybe we were just really confused about where babies come from
Also, I just shared this with Code Review, so I guess I'll drop it here as well:
Q: How to represent a graph with multiple edges allowed between nodes and edges that can selectively disappear

PopsI'm trying to figure out what sort of data structure to use for modeling some hypothetical, idealized network usage. In my scenario, a number of users who are hostile to each other are all trying to form networks of computers where all potential connections are known. The computers that one user...

on topic
Q: Female sexuality: Which of the SE sites can I ask this question?

flemingovirusRecently I asked this question on Cognitive Sciences and was told it was off-topic. So I need suggestions so as on which SE site I may get the answer of this question. I am pasting the question here also:- Do girls dont like sex? Or they dont come to that subject unless you go on trying seducing...

@Pops "a number of users who are hostile to each other" ... I see the Tavern features in your question ...
@Bart I didn't just want to say it outright to everyone like that, but....
5:51 PM
@InfiniteRecursion it's not a success until ALL plagiarism is wiped off the face of Stack Overflow :P
OR @Cupcake ... or we can destroy all original sources!!!
Yes @cupcake, true. I will chip in next week, earlier I successfully flagged by manually observing posts, but now I will use your desserts. Just in moral dilemna about the racism which you mentioned, it holds me back.
Q: Why do people downvote so many questions?

JuxhinThis is something that has been bugging me for a while. I'm a young student who enjoys developing software, and I pretty much spend my days doing it for no direct reward apart from self-satisfaction and learning. Whenever I ask people a question on Stack Overflow I dedicate a good amount of time...

Q: Why is there downvoting for most questions these days?

Robert LangdonI've now been using Stack Overflow for more than a year. I have noticed that there has been a certain rise in the downvoting for the questions. This seems obvious and non-argumentative if the question is irrelevant, duplicate, too broad, confusing, has grammatical blunders or such reasons. But m...

Can MSO really mentor?
@InfiniteRecursion No, no it can not.
6:05 PM
@rene, was it you that had a nice graph showing up vs down votes in recent times? I remember getting the base of such a query, but I can't find my message. I don't think it was an answer, unfortunately.
(see above questions for context)
lol its ok Pops, dont be afraid, I guess I'll have to find an answer myself. — flemingovirus 17 mins ago
That's a frightening thought.
@Cupcake just flagged an 8k and 10k user who had about 5 exact copies each
@JonEricson At what point do we pre-emptively contact authorities?
@InfiniteRecursion I wrote this query to find downvoted and closed posts from new users on Meta and...there aren't as many as I would have thought, but there are quite a few.
6:24 PM
Thanks @AstroCB. Deleted posts are not counted, that's why the number looks low. I too have high doubts about the success of mentoring by MSO. Let's see how it goes
@InfiniteRecursion The two DDOS attacks that took down SE were purported from a group of disgruntled users trying to get revenge, — Mysticial 13 hours ago
Hope it doesn't lead to more disgruntled users.
6:38 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Waffles aren't racist. Try going through those, and come to your own conclusions.
@Cupcake what does it take for plagerizes to be suspended?
like I had a couple users with 6 exact copies , and all their answers were removed, but does anything else happen?
i hope they run those users through voting rings too
you started the biggest bust since al capone
@iStimple I've actually got voting ring queries, but they probably aren't nearly as sophisticated as the tools that are available to mods and SE employees.
@iStimple I think they might just give warnings for first-time offenders.
6:45 PM
They probably only give out suspensions to repeat offenders.
Thanks @Cupcake. I will go through those. My racist dilemna is also clearing out, because I did some checks and the unfortunately the numbers seem to indicate a real pattern.
@iStimple Presumably the right SE site for “Do girls dont like sex?” would be a non-English one.
@InfiniteRecursion I can read that statement at least three ways. Which did you mean?
@tchrist I think she's trying to say that she's racist.
@Cupcake is right @tchrist
6:53 PM
Gosh @JonK you are making me more confused....aargh :( — flemingovirus 9 mins ago
@InfiniteRecursion racist against ugly ducklings, who really just turn out to be misplaced swans.
@InfiniteRecursion You mean that your malefactors are predominantly all of one ethnic origin, or that people of who are all of one ethnic origin are more likely to malefact?
The circumstantial evidence is too strong, that's what I meant to convey @tchrist
That’s not racist.
@tchrist: malefactors are of one origin
6:56 PM
If you know there are n cups in the fridge, that the fridge is infinite, that there can't be 0 cups, how many cups would you assume to be in the fridge?
@InfiniteRecursion careful, tchirst is the English Police, don't fall into his traps!
This is not uncommon, particularly if it is a matter of disrespecting intellectual property rights.
@Cupcake You just outed me as a bobbie!
beats his nightstick methodically in his other hand
ducks and hides in a corner
is already a duck, so she just hides
If I know there are n cups in the fridge, I would assume there are n cups in the fridge @bjb
feels happy that @Bart is star-sighted
7:04 PM
@Cupcake Ok, yeah. You’re right. They are. Now what is to be done about all those exact duplicates?
@tchrist feel free to start flagging away :P
I've organized a few SE mods to help me flag a few.
There's this one guy who has a thousand answers.
We've been poring over all of them for the past few days.
But many are still there.
But this confuses me.
7:06 PM
@tchrist you mean they haven't been deleted yet?
There is a duplicate-post auto-flag.
But maybe that is only when the same user posts the same answer more than once.
@tchrist only if the duplicate post comes from the original author.
Not if they plagiarize.
@tchrist that.
I’m really rather down on plagiarists.
7:07 PM
My query matches duplicates against different authors.
@Cupcake Yes.
@tchrist that's probably because no one has flagged them yet.
I've been using different queries and parameters to dredge these up.
The one that you just saw is new, I just used those parameters in the last hour or so.
It just sickens me.
7:08 PM
The sheer number of duplicates?
Oh boy, you haven't seen anything yet.
@Cupcake: Finding plagiarism is good, but a single line of code is almost never plagiarism.
They have no honor.
7:09 PM
@ThiefMaster That isn’t this.
622 results.
Even a tricky python list comprehension is likely to be written the same way by another developer; possibly even with the same temporary variable names
622!! o_O
@Cupcake That query is fucking racist :P
@ThiefMaster sure, that's a fair point. But the majority of cases I've found are rather obvious cases of plagiarism.
7:10 PM
> We do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate in our company those who do.
They have no honor.
@ThiefMaster but it works so well :P
@tchrist you mean "hodor"?
Vermin are not to be tolerated.
greases the guillotine
7:12 PM
I'm sure that for many of those users, they just don't understand what plagiarism is and why it's a Bad Thing.
@Cupcake makes saving throw against disbelief
anyone understand what this guy is trying to do? stackoverflow.com/q/22123835/792066
They are being intellectually dishonest, and they know it.
or more accurately, why it "didn't work"
@tchrist ... and they want you to know they know it
Someone likes my purple tags idea :)
@InfiniteRecursion Maybe make it an option. I could see it being useful, really. An option you can turn on to help you sort your tags on a page. — Kendra 21 mins ago
7:14 PM
@Braiam beats me, but I'm not a domain expert either.
Moderators are directed to annihilate plagiarism on sight, without question, without hesitation, and without mercy.
Whether they do more than that is their own business.
Once upon a time, I worked at company X. We were using an expensive commercial C++ library whose source we necessarily also had. To save licensing fees, our offshore team was directed to reimplement said library. This was a large, complex, and tricky library comprising more than 100,000 lines of code.
Three days later, the offshore team had “completed” the work.
They had simply changed all the variable names in the licensed source, and declared themselves done.
I would give you one guess as to what country they were from, but that would of course be no measure of your perspicacity, for each of you would get it right in one go.
It is not racist. It is theft.
I wanted them all terminated with extreme prejudice.
Personally, I still think that most of this just comes down to cultural differences.
They could have cost company X an incredible amount of money in court-imposed penalties for flagrant theft.
@tchrist: company X should have imposed chinese wall en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clean_room_design
@tchrist so did they get it right the second time, or was there no second chance?
7:26 PM
@Cupcake I categorically reject that notion. It is as the King said: In such times, a man shall judge the same as he has ever judged. For good and ill have not changed since yesteryear, nor are they one thing among Elves and Dwarves — and another among Men. It is a man’s part to discern them, as much in the Golden Wood as in his own house.
Please substitute your unfavoritest races for those mentioned above. It remains true.
Today's Listening | Electro / Dance (Mixsets day 15)
@Andy this one ? up and downvotes over time per week
What's this user going on about?
you can un-flag it, so I can delete the question. @Sam — KaliforniaDreaming 1 min ago
I flagged his Q as a dupe, so it should still be possible to self delete, right?
7:36 PM
I just found someone who plagiarized off of another plagiarizer :P
@Cupcake I found that one too, I bet.
Speaking of which, if you had guessed that these people all came from a place whose name started with I, you would be correct.
But they fibbed about which one.
They only pretended to be belonging to the India.
Whereas in truth they were from Istanbul.
You could tell because every line of code they ever wrote was utterly Byzantine.
And if it wasn’t, it was plagiarized.
Oh boy, here comes the English jokes and puns :P
All forms of humor save one alone is rooted in the misery of another, and that one is therefore the noblest of all forms of humor.
Which is of course word-play.
@tchrist Indeed. Puns are rooted in the misery of all others.
7:43 PM
@Pops Sauf moi.
That is why it is called sophomore humor.
@Cupcake done...
@rene thank you.
@Cupcake This is in<TMETIC EXPLETIVE>sane!
It is a hellhole with no bottom.
@tchrist are you feeling alright there tchrist?
7:53 PM
You seem upset.
I am astonished.
At the breadth and scope of the infamy here perpetrated upon us all.
Your lists are all 100% accurate. And seemingly endless.
Do you really believe that a manual approach is a reasonable use of human resources?
I’ve done like a dozen or two, but it takes so much time.
@tchrist have you been flagging stuff from French Vanilla?
@Cupcake Aye.
So I was thinking about this, and I actually thought that it might be an interesting idea to create a high-level review queue for plagiarized content.
7:57 PM
Too much manual labor?
What do you propose, that the system periodically runs a French Vanilla query every day and auto-deletes plagiarized content?
Simple auto-purge all copies newer than the oldest, and assign a –100 rep penalty to the plagiarist for each one deleted. If they hit 1, give them a 30-day suspension.
What if it gets a false positive?
I found a false positive.
It was: "This is not possible under the current SDK."
7:59 PM
They happen...which is why I think you need a human to review these things.
Actually, there were several of those.
You could assign a complexity metric.
I guess you could reduce false positives by only searching for answers of a minimum length....
Or simply one of length.
"No." turns up as a common false positive among Western users.
Only clever ones.
Because that isn’t long enough otherwise.
8:01 PM
Oh, I never even realized....
I wonder how they snuck it in?
whistles innocently
> Perilous to us all are the devices of an art deeper than we possess ourselves.
I'll propose auto-deletion of plagiarized content as a feature request in a few weeks.
Two suggestions.
First, there must be some notification mechanism by which the plagiarist is notified that this has occurred. Otherwise they will continue to lie, cheat, and steal.
Whether that is an auto-moderator-note, a –100 rep penalty, a suspension, or something else including some combination of the above, I don’t know. I just know that they will keep lying, cheating, and stealing if the hand that steals does not feel the crack of the whip upon it.
My second suggestion is that you kindly explain why you would delay your feature request by several weeks. I am sure you have a good reason. I just wonder what it might be.
Should this also apply to new users?
8:06 PM
Of course.
But that might lead to a third suggestion, and I worry at its cost.
@tchrist I have my reasons. Let's just leave it at that.
I doubt the database keeps a convenient [ length, MD5-hash ] value for each posting to allow for “instant” lookups for copied content. But if it did, these could be blocked upon submission. But the architecture probably is not there to support that.
@Cupcake Ok.
I am just stunned by how bad this is.
@tchrist it's only the tip of the iceberg.
My queries have only been pulling exact duplicate content so far.
8:10 PM
Hmm, but if a new user sees a question (that turns out to be a dupe), and unknowingly answers it with very similar content of another answer of the original question?
But a lot of the plagiarism I've been flagging is not an exact match.
dies too
Which is one of the issues with auto-deletion of these things.
dies three
When you find a user who have plagiarized once, you should look through their answers to see if they have non-exact match plagiarized content.
8:10 PM
wonder how many die are in this game
Some of it is really bad.
I've been flagging at least 100 answers off this one guy so far.
59 mins ago, by tchrist
greases the guillotine
His exact match content was only 19 answers.
@Cupcake That's a whole day's worth.
8:11 PM
So this should only apply to repeated cases of plagiarism then?
@bjb: how many cups in the infinite fridge...you didn't reply
@InfiniteRecursion 2.
1 hour ago, by tchrist
> We do not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate in our company those who do.
If the system just auto-deletes plagiarized content without telling anyone who tripped it, then that could be a missed opportunity to find more plagiarized content that the system wouldn't otherwise detect.
It's trivially easy to defeat these exact match queries.
8:13 PM
@Cupcake sighs
@Cupcake adds a space
To those with no honor, honor must be inculcated with a terrible swift sword.
Hey, swift is a good language.
feels bad for the tag where the 100 plagiarised answerer roams, hopes it isn't android, c++ or java
And the ensuing decollations shall continue until morals improve.
8:16 PM
has high doubts it's android
@InfiniteRecursion well, if the answer actually answered the question, then the question is usually just closed as a dup by the mod
Then it's fine @iStimple.
The SE model is based on reputation. By subverting and defrauding that model, these liars, cheaters, and thieves devalue the entire system. Scoundrel is too milquetoast a term for them. A truly appropriate appellation requires fetching up some term found only behind the sign that reads Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate.
@tchrist don't get burned out flagging those exact matches.
8:22 PM
Someone will get around to cleaning those up eventually.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHAT RUINS UNDEVELOPED FILM on photo.stackexchange.com
I wash my hands of this festering foulness, and leave it to others to do the right thing.
For I should otherwise have no hands left for myself.
> FINALLY AFTER WANTING TO DIE: i ended up getting it detached from the camera and wound (and before that pushed) into the canister.
@tchrist quite the poet, huh?
@Cupcake Not if you were expecting terza rima, I’m not.
8:24 PM
Sighs Nice to see the review counters being useless as usual.
@tchrist: your English is amazing even when you are angry :)
@tchrist: Yesterday, Jesus was discussing English pronunciations, you should have been here to enlighten him with your English
@InfiniteRecursion A writer writes.
this is weird
8:29 PM
You are a poet, you compose. Knowledge enlightens.
so this user asked a question here stackoverflow.com/questions/6885155/…
and got an answer, then like 30 minutes later another user asked a question, and then the original questioner plagiarized the answer he received 30 min ago here stackoverflow.com/questions/6885509/http-error-403-14-forbidden/…
@InfiniteRecursion I would surely be the last to cast a stone at Jesus. But were you to have instead meant Jesús, then en un castellano purísimo le hubiera dado cuatro palabras, si no más.
He's dead, Jim!
^ It worked!
// ==UserScript==
// @name         LQ button
// @author       bjb568
// @version      1.0.0
// @namespace    bjb568
// @description  Adds a LQ button
// @include      stackoverflow.com/questions*
// ==/UserScript==
var parent = document.getElementsByClassName('post-menu')[0];
var lsep = document.createElement('span');
var a = document.createElement('a');
8:33 PM
@tchrist thanks.
Yes @Sam is a real cop. All of us are scared of him/her. — Infinite Recursion 33 mins ago
@InfiniteRecursion Shhh, you'll blow my cover.
Um, isn't this really off-topic?
A: What is the difference between baud rate and bit rate?

Vignesh KumarBit Rate The speed of the data is expressed in bits per second (bits/s or bps). The data rate R is a function of the duration of the bit or bit time (TB) (Fig. 1, again): R = 1/TB Rate is also called channel capacity C. If the bit time is 10 ns, the data rate equals: R = 1/10 x 10–9 = 100 mil...

No, I meant a user who was convincing Jan that he is Jesus, not the real person.
yesterday, by zigi
as you can see I am also a hipster
8:35 PM
@Cupcake I'd say so.
@Cupcake Yes.
Where to migrate?
Too late @Sam
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks for the info. haha I am very new to here. — KaliforniaDreaming 13 mins ago
Isn't it too old for migration?
I don't know.
8:38 PM
How old is too old?
Can a mod move it?
@bjb568 no
2 months, I think.
@bjb568 35?
@bjb568 60 days
Nominated for reopening, since code related to the error has now been included. — Paul Roub 4 hours ago
8:39 PM
Well, I don't think there's a point in closing it, so I'll just leave it be.
@bjb568 yeah, I'll leave it alone this time.
@rene That's the one. Thank you
Are code metrics results even worth the bytes they're stored on?
uh oh, found someone copying , is over 700k btw
Considering how many answers Jon Skeet has, it's actually not surprising that he'll be plagiarized.
8:47 PM
It's statistically a high chance.
Just by sheer numbers.
Yea, I was thinking that someone could create a query running each of Jon's answers through to find all the copiers that way too
@iStimple um, that's actually brilliant.
@iStimple That sounds slow.
8:49 PM
@bjb568 yea, he has lots of answers, would likely need to split it up a lot
Off-topic -> Super User
@bjb568 if French Vanilla can run reasonably fast, then I see no reason why this couldn't be feasible for Jon Skeet either.
It's reasonably fast for me… It's cached….
@ColeJohnson tl;dr 90% of Q's
French vanilla needs 7 users with 100 flags to clear it, else it will take you a week @Cupcake
8:59 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I'll put out a Meta post about the queries later, for "recruitment".
@InfiniteRecursion i'm working on that now
@Cupcake You won't even trust a trusty kitten with details, and you want to publish to meta?
Ok, then I will join in with you guys, too much plagiarism. Honestly, didn't imagine such massive scale.
@InfiniteRecursion tip of the iceberg :P
I not haz time.
9:01 PM
@bjb568 LIES
@bjb568 I've been debating publishing to Meta.
@bjb568 I don't trust you with the details of a particular user, no.
kitten get a diamond first, or get reborn as a duck:D
@Cupcake avoid Meta
@hichris123 LIES
9:02 PM
@InfiniteRecursion good advice in this situation, and good advice in general
Meat is Murder.
And yummy!
9:15 PM
Use the CV room.
@bjb568 I don't get what that thing does yet.
@Cupcake Makes the tavern be less like the CV queue (if people use it instead), and bots!
But there are no bots yet, so why bother?
@Cupcake I'm making a bot. FSM, why so impatient?
@Cupcake see the room.
10:26 PM
They could ask rather than treating me as a criminal. I edited the deleted answer yesterday to add an explanation. Nothing was done about it. I tried voting to undelete, but was told "A moderator has deleted this post and it cannot be undeleted". Not only am I being treated as a criminal without any evidence of guilt, but my appeal is ignored. This is not right. — vladkornea 4 mins ago
A @moderator might want to look into that, he seems to be a tad upset.
I've already flagged 3 of his posts between his two accounts.
Apparently he doesn't want them to be merged.
@Pops I hope you crack down on forums.srvinfo.com hard, the amount of plagiarized SO content that I've found there is ridiculous. It keeps showing up in my search results looking for other plagiarized content :P
It doesn't even retain the names of the original authors, nor the post dates :P
11:03 PM
@Cupcake Noted, thank you.
11:39 PM
@Retsam the guy with the clipboard said my clipboard owed him money, so I guess it wasn't allowed in :( — Sterling Archer 4 hours ago
@InfiniteRecursion did you get the invite to the party room?

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