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12:02 AM
Q: Daily reputation limit of 200 points

MartyAs a relatively new user, I'm curious about something I read in the help topics about reputation points. The help text states: You can earn a maximum of 200 reputation per day from any combination of the activities below. Bounty awards, accepted answers, and association bonuses are not subject ...

@iStimple I just tried running a query for Jon Skeet, it really is too slow, he has too many answers, you'd have to process them in smaller batches.
@bjb568 Still not working for me: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'unsafeWindow.fkey.value')
Appending a script might have been more reliable (sorry).
12:22 AM
Just how?!
By the way, I've seen 3 edits from that user only removing the tag name from the title (nothing else), so watch out for that.
1:23 AM
@AstroCB there was anything else to improve that the editor missed?
@Braiam The wording at the bottom could certainly be modified: deleting four characters isn't worth the two rep he got for the edit.
It's mostly a problem because he's done the same on a few other posts.
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 49 mins ago, by MBraedley
Dear Apple: when I update iTunes, I most assuredly don't need to restart my computer. If you think I do, then you either need to better understand Windows, or fix your stupidly bloated software that I only use because the music I want isn't on Google Play Music.
^ that always puzzled me... can anyone explain why?!?
1:38 AM
@AstroCB Heh? Works on Ninjakit on Safari. You can try unsafeWindow.fkey().fkey. Or grab the hidden input element thru document.
@AstroCB Inviting them to the robo party...
@bjb568 [Error] TypeError: HTMLInputElement is not a function (evaluating 'unsafeWindow.fkey()')
@bjb568 It...auto-downvotes?
Weird: no errors now, but all it does is downvotes.
Flags, too, but doesn't post to chat.
I'm not liking how you don't know who reviews VLQ flags anymore: now that mods are handling them, I'm hesitating to flag that way because I know that the review queue will delete them, but mods will decline the flag.
Why was my NAA flag on this declined? stackoverflow.com/a/24263619/3366929
1:53 AM
@AstroCB Sometimes. Sometimes they all get approved (some disputed).
@AstroCB It is an answer (however low quality blah blah blah).
@bjb568 If it makes sense to delete, though, it will be deleted. Mods are looking for specific things, and not all NAA/VLQ have them.
@bjb568 But it's not. The question has three other perfectly fine/acceptable answers and that should be an edit, not an answer.
@AstroCB Almost all questions on the home page should be deleted.
@AstroCB "This fixed it" is an answer.
@bjb568 Your edit makes it seem more that way, but it certainly didn't seem like it when I came across it.
Using this, I might add.
@bjb568 How about this: VLQ is for things that cannot ever be salvaged. If the close reason is 'why isn't this code working... requires code' or Unclear what you're asking, it's automatically salvageable.
Really, nothing except for gibberish and really horrible stuff (really bad questions) should be flagged VLQ if it's a question.
Like really really horrible stuff that should disappear like now.
1:59 AM
stackoverflow.com/questions - anyone else seeing really old questions there?
Also, since when did I get to undelete-vote my own posts?
Since always.
At least a year+.
Really? Never noticed it…
I remember last time I tried to undelete it I had to flag for a mod since it was deleted by a mod (Community user).
2:01 AM
Well, you haven't had many questions deleted. :P
Huh, I guess.
I got plenty of self-deletes on SO tho… From the dark ages…
^ Robos. Flag for mod, I gtg.
See ya!
@bjb568 Definitely this one: he approves all of the "too minor" edits.
@bjb568 All of the reviewers on this edit need to be invited to the robo room.
@George Please don't remove the JavaScript tag from jQuery posts: jQuery is still JavaScript. — AstroCB 9 secs ago
wrnog tag?
2:40 AM
This is the best "official response" that has ever been given for :
A: Provide a setting to hide Meta posts in the Community Bulletin

Shog9There is no escape from meta. It will find you. It a̳lwà̝͉ys f̖ị̧͙͓ṉ̼͓̭d̪͇͖̤s͙̰̻̭͖͍͢ y̸ͅo̡̜̬̣̘͢͡u͔̘͘͝.̡̨͎̰͇̭̠̕.̙̮̭͇̣̘̬.̘̜̤̤̙̥̰̱̼ See also: Can the watermark for the Community Bulletin be raised?

@bjb568 : it injects the button on tag pages.
@AstroCB It's a !
@Unihedron Right. .
When the flag prompt is being slow...
user image
@AstroCB time to change ISP
2:50 AM
@AstroCB It also probably injects into the revision history.
@hichris123 Nope: there's no .post-taglist there (it must use a different class for the toolbar there).
[Error] undefined is not an object (evaluating 'document.getElementsByClassName("post-taglist")[0].children')
Yes: it uses .post-menu.
@bjb568 Needs to make the @include more specific.
Or at least check to see whether .post-taglist exists before trying to modify it.
3:20 AM
You can run into a lot of 'interesting' things on the internet, today I have discovered this channel
secluded people broadcasting their lives on youtube - priceless!
@chmod711telkitty Is that the internet version of TV?
3:38 AM
@Unihedron reality shows about nuns!
@AstroCB How? I'm a noob.
@chmod711telkitty wat
what about it?
3:58 AM
@bjb568 That question was asked earlier, but the OP found the older question and voted to close it as a duplicate of his own because his was better-worded: look at the comments for an explanation.
@AstroCB That's 3 pings.
@bjb568 Four (now it's five)(now it's six).
tripledash ---tripledash---
@AstroCB // @include /^https?:\/\/stackoverflow.com\/questions\/\d/
Is that regex?
4:03 AM
Why does my regex never work? Ugh.
@Unihedron Not AstroCB's solution. Mine is.
It's like a write a regex with \d and it's like Y U NO WERK? Well, \d doesn't match hex numbers… :P
@bjb568 I couldn't get it to work, either, so I was just about to tell you to use @exclude.
I blame Ninjakit.
@Unihedron you must feel dirty...
@bjb568 Also, make sure you check if(document.getElementsByClassName("post-menu")){...} so that you're not trying to do it on pages where it doesn't exist.
@AstroCB Where would it not exist? Deleted posts? Does it even matter?
4:10 AM
Where can I get Core Training Testcore pro?
@AstroCB gone
@bjb568 Revision history (unless you make the @include more specific).
@Unihedron This?
@AstroCB Ugh, K.
in Please don't approve minor or invalid edits on Stack Overflow Chat, 13 secs ago, by Mike Precup
Fair enough, I'll be less lenient on minor edits.
^ I feel like a dirty priest, converting everyone to my way.
Of course my way makes sense, but I still feel wrong somehow.
And right at the same time.
1 hour ago, by hichris123
@AstroCB It also probably injects into the revision history.
@AstroCB Nah, it just does nothing. Strange how there isn't even an error.
4:14 AM
@bjb568 I'm conflicted too, now that I can actually review suggested edits and I don't have to make them. I appreciate minor edits, but they're not worth 2 rep and I leave comments for the people who suggest them on the posts telling them so. There's just too much wrong with the post to only fix one typo or add one tag.
@bjb568 It gave me errors.
@bjb568 I'm pretty sure we use the same browser.
@AstroCB Are you using ninjakit?
@bjb568 Yes.
@AstroCB Yeah. On one hand, it's an improvement. On the other hand, 2 rep, bump, wastes reviewer's time…
4:16 AM
1 hour ago, by AstroCB
[Error] undefined is not an object (evaluating 'document.getElementsByClassName("post-taglist")[0].children')
@AstroCB Then upgrade it. Or downgrade it or whatever to what I have.
@AstroCB [improve]
@AstroCB Fine… :P
Once you improve it it immedialy passes
@Unihedron It immediately passes without you improving it. Or rejecting it. Or doing anything for that matter, too many robos.
damn you autocorrect
Does return; in global GM scope stop executing? Or do I have to make a long if?
It stops executing!
4:19 AM
@bjb568 Race to improve, uncheck the box, and add a trailing new line?
@bjb568 Post-to-chat still isn't working for me.
@Unihedron Meeeeeh.
@Unihedron That's vandalism.
4:21 AM
@Unihedron Inserting random formatting like bolding things that shouldn't be bold is considered vandalism.
@bjb568 Ah, yes, I overlooked to race. Sorreh.
Invited the approver to the robo room.
Where's the robo room?
(btw, I'm too lazy to flag robos now, so free flags to those who flag them)
@bjb568 What do you say when you flag them?
> This is a robo-reviewer: commence destruction.
4:26 AM
Aug 12 at 22:13, by bjb568
Flagged http://stackoverflow.com/users/131407/steve-guidi as:
Bad Reviews. stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5526118 stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5526120 stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5526119 stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5517337 stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5517312 stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5517305 stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5517306 stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5514690
@bjb568 Ah.
Well, I'm out of flags for the day, already, so I can't do much there.
You need to fill the box up to character limit with examples, else your flag will be declined.
Made 2 meta posts about it.
The mods need examples.
@AstroCB About the chat posting not working, did you try console.logging response.responseText.match(/hidden" value="([\dabcdef]{32})/)[1] in the onload of the GET ajax request and comparing it to the fkey that you get with fkey().fkey typed into the console?
@Braiam If only me attempting bounties were more successful, I wouldn't have to...
4:47 AM
There's CV's in the CV room. Close them!
I'll go to bed now. Goodnight!
Also, bug (fix it!): Pushing LQ will duplicate the chat post.
5:17 AM
Hiya @Inf!
Hiya @Uni!
Slept off last night, saw the party invite now @Cupcake
6:03 AM
morning morning
6:43 AM
"the only way we can be sure avoiding unforeseen side effects is to work with nature not against it" -- thus, our pills
7:02 AM
(Sam waves at everyone)
(iStimple ninja unicorn kicks everyone)
@animuson, this makes no sense: stackoverflow.com/revisions/6220897/2
That answer was posted June 2011
The blog post is dated 18 September 2012
7:06 AM
Just a chain of plagiarism all over the place :P
Wow, wtf?
Where's the actual original source?
As far as Google can tell, it looks like that 2008 one is the first one.
7:10 AM
Everyone else is a dirty thief :P
> So a bunch of robo-reviewers just approved this stinky turd of an edit, give them all the harshest review bans possible, and ban the editor while you're at it please.
7:15 AM
@Cupcake THANK god I didn't approve it, I had to throw it here because if I did I'd stab myself
Saw it while it was in the queue
At least the editor went back and fixed it:
Sort of.
Review bans for everyone who approved that one as well :P
He has to propose three edits in a row?!
I improve-rejected his last one, since he didn't deserve 6 rep (imho)
@Sumurai8 I was actually editing that post when that edit got approved.
@Cupcake lol
Can someone flag that post for mod attention that the comments need cleanup.
He completely ignored the other problems with that post as well.
7:20 AM
And mention to give bans to the reviewers who approved that 2nd edit.
I can't flag the post twice, I already flagged it because of the first bad edit.
Place the moderator attention flag on a comment or the main post?
Main post.
All the comments are basically obsolete now.
Well, most of them anyways.
7:21 AM
hi. Mitch Wheat... my caps key is working fine and i am not using caps key it means i have not enable it.. any idea plz suggest me. — Srinivas Rachumallu 15 mins ago
That is just bizarre.
Like, could he not see that his question was in ALL CAPS???
Don't forget to mention the review ban for the 2nd group of robo-reviewers.
All caps virus perhaps?
Lowercase vaccine :/
7:26 AM
I take it back, this 2008 article has to be plagiarism too dotnetgems.blogspot.com/2008/12/…
I just can't find the original source.
@Cupcake Got it!
@Unihedron thanks.
"Thank you for reviewing 20 suggested edits today; come back in 16 hours to continue reviewing."
7:29 AM
someone copied brad larson :O
Another user adding "thanks" to a post.
@Unihedron Quick! Make a new account!
Oh wait, wrong link...
It's also a terrible edit because it makes the formatting worse.
@Unihedron Yeah, that's the one.
7:31 AM
Hey, your block quote that says "The ThreadAbortException is thrown when you make a call to Response.Redirect(url)...", do you remember where you got that from? I'm having trouble trying to find the original source of that quote through Google, because it's actually been plagiarized a lot by multiple people :/Cupcake 1 min ago
I hope the OP remembers :P
@Unihedron He's basically rolling back my edit, and blockquoting the code.
@Sam In order words, farming rep by exploiting the reviewers.
lol, the edit summary "give proper question"
I like the "Many thanks." he added at the end.
7:33 AM
So polite :P
It was there at first, which Sam removed. So essentially it's a (bad) rollback.
I hate these guys so much:
> Response.Redirect(url) ThreadAbortException Solution
Type that into Google, and you get a ridiculous amount of plagiarized content.
I can't find the f**king original source.
7:38 AM
That's rotten.
What's the current stance on edits that solely add a fiddle link?
@Sam I try to reject them for too minor if there's something else to fix, or skip if there aren't.
I give up.
Plagiarism wins...this time...
It cannot be! The comment! It's our last hope!
7:44 AM
@Cupcake Don't give into the Dark Side. They lied about the cookies, remember?
7:57 AM
This is the best link I could come up with, but it's not the original author's work either, it links and cites one "John S. Reid" as being the author, from March 31st, 2004: derekreynolds.wordpress.com/2009/10/27/using-response-redirect. The original article seems to be gone now though. — Cupcake 50 secs ago
I found the original author, but his article is gone now for some reason :P
2004... tears
8:14 AM
The Way Back Machine saves the day!
@animuson ^ original source.
It's the dawn of anti-plagiarism! Cupcake saves the day once again!
8:14 AM
There are 2 plagiarizers in Google, Gopal whatever his name was one of them.
8:35 AM
Gopal is in india what is Jones for the US
8:59 AM
@JanDvorak I'm not awake yet...I started editing that question to make it less VLQ...
Users.Find("rene").Insert(new Coffee());
Yeah, I'm on a Coffee diet now...
You'll want to add a try { } catch (CaffeineOverflowException) { } to that then.
9:07 AM
but I already voted to close that :'(
9:32 AM
help vampire
You have an account for 1 year and 8 months so I consider that as plenty of time to read-up on the stuff in the help centre. Look at your question from my point-of-view: Why should I invest my valuable time in your question if you don't want to invest any time to ask a decent researched question, meeting the required quality standards on the correct site? Anyhow, good luck with your question. — rene 22 secs ago
Yeah +100 !
What is the idea behind "diy" as subdomain for a home-improvements SE?
"diy = do it yourself"
oh; I guess that makes sense.
9:43 AM
AstroCB's post is really inspiring and influential.
A: Can we make this meta site work for mentoring?

AstroCBIn some way or another, I knew that this was coming. I was foolish to think that it would get to the commitment phase before it did, though. The Problem I really think that Stack Overflow Academy was a good solution to a messy problem: how do we teach people to use the site without them knowin...

@Qantas94Heavy how did that get an upvote?
three of them???
don't ask me :P
12:08 PM
@Unihedron: only moderators can delete them, not sure if your flag will be declined or not though
Only one way to find out:
We wait!
12:27 PM
@Unihedron HA! looks with what the link start saying:
> This is hack i found on stackoverflow, from Neil Traft ’s answer
(bursts into laughters)
carefully collects all laughter and puts it all back into @Unihedron, then fixes all the leaks that "bursting into laughter" causes
You really should be more careful...
(bursts into laug....) .... oh wait...
puts duct tape over all the leaks caused by *nearly* bursting into laughter <-- luckily the damage wasn't as severe...
45 minutes to go...
12:42 PM
What's happening in 45 minutes?
To burst into something?
My evil plan will finally be finished
Nice way to conceal it
I shall have finished my evil contraption that will turn all hornless unicorns into fake unicorns, and I'll sell those unicorns for big moneyz
It will be amazing :O
I will be rich
and famous
12:45 PM
and banned
And unwelcomed
But if I have all the moneyz and the the amazingnessity, how can I be banned and unwelcommed from this place :(
Because you have to learn to share. ;)
You mean by clicking the share button? But there are no share buttons on moneyz and amazingnessity.
Actually, in 37 minutes I might be able to go home
Where's your home?
12:53 PM
not at work
my home resides on top of an other home, which is on top of the planet Earth, which is spinning around. Some say it is impossible, that it would tip over, but I believe this not to be the case.
Ah, I've heard of Earth as well, beautiful planet.
meh; I bet there is a much more beautiful planet out there. I just haven't had a chance to move my home there.
1:08 PM
ugh, is the auto-login to sites broken for anyone else?
I assumed that was because I logged in from my work, but it is sort-of broken yeah
@iStimple Are you using https?
@Sam tied with both, neither work
Hmm, I've only had trouble with https.
Openauth login?
1:16 PM
I haven't a clue then. Please wait for someone more experienced to show up... plays elevator music
this isn't the first time this has mysteriously stopped working
i remember they said they had a file with 2 million exceptions in it or something, i think maybe some were related to this , idk?
@Sam ** Elevator Music **
The ants go marching one by one hurrah hurrah
The ants go marching two by two hurrah, hurrah!
1:32 PM
That's not elevator music.
@Unihedron That's what it should sound like.
@Sam Kill me...
You should totally try jQuery instead.
1:47 PM
@Cupcake It's funny how these plagerizers will copy the answer , and leave in the Update or EDIT , when they never made an edit to the answer obviously.
So maybe a query choosing answers that include UPDATE or EDIT in them but have never actually been edited could also help to find plagiarized posts.
I see what you mean now. Statistically, it will be more accurate!
@Unihedron only thing is if a user did in fact make an edit , but it was < 5 minutes after posting , so it doesn't show up. Not sure if SEDE includes those edits or not, probly not.
2:12 PM
@Unihedron no
... Looks like VLQ. So I flagged it for VLQ.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: UBUNTU OS FRESH INSTALL OFFLINE on askubuntu.com
3:09 PM
Today's Listening | Electronic / Hip Hop (Mixsets day 16)
We are starting our read only test of our Oregon data center: http://stackstatus.net/post/94861337469/read-write-oregon-data-center-test-august-16th-2014
3:25 PM
Q: Burninate specific event tags

bjb568onload, onload-event, onunload, onbeforeload, onbeforeunload, onbeforeprint, onchange, oncheckchange, onmouseover, onmouseout, onmousedown, onmouseup, onmousemove, onmouseclick, onclick, onclicklistener, ontouch, ontouchlistener, ontouchevent, onblur, onchange, onreadystatechange, onfocus, onkill...

Ahhhh! READ ONLY!!!!!
in main site chat
Oh but it works on MSE.
Oh yes.
It good that it werk.
Argh! I was almost at 3k!
We'll return with full functionality soon. ** Elevator Music **
darn clipboard
3:30 PM
I can listen to that music while playing that game. Someone ping me when the site is back. ^^
in Please don't approve minor or invalid edits on Stack Overflow Chat, 28 secs ago, by bjb568
@anon 5551312 is too minor. 5551229 doesn't really help much. 5551232 changes the meaning of the post too much, especially for an anonymous edit. 5551238 adds a tag that I don't think should exist (in fact, here's a burnination request). 5550415 is vandalism.
Out failover test to Oregon is underway now.
10872 points!
@Braiam 11197, first try
game's too easy
@Unihedron not at around 10k
3:41 PM
@JanDvorak I bet I'll get to 20k this try.
11906 and the board is empty:
3:57 PM
Someone give this guy a medal.
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