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12:00 AM
@animuson I would ask you to post a screenshot... but you can't... :(
wants screenshot
@animuson how much damage have you done?
I'm pretty sure that's anonymous enough to tell us
especially if you portray the numbers as a percentage
out of 510, right?
out of about 2,000
12:02 AM
that's only 25%, he must have plagiarised some content as well
Sometimes, when I'm bored, I actually sit there and go through all of their answers expanding the vote counts so the scores will fix themselves...
how cruel!
12:26 AM
Q: Software to split one display into two or more virtual screens?

UndoFirst: this is going to sound weird at first. I might be the only person that wants this. I've used two-screen setups every now and then, and I find that the separation between them helps me be more organized. On OS X, especially (and probably other platforms), maximizing a window causes it to...

^ Am I absolutely insane in wanting this?
Hmmm I've slowly knocked the queue down to 137. :x
anyone want to help me pick the best of the 8 domain names I've thought up (and not buy them all to troll me :P)?
@DoorknobofSnow Sure
gets his wallet out
here's the form I've made (to give to friends IRL): i.imgur.com/5DR078f.png
@animuson :P noooooo!
12:34 AM
I kinda like crispbit.
What is the site about?
@animuson programming :P
programming in general (not one specific language)
@DoorknobofSnow What about it?
@hichris123 not really anything specific... just a place to put my programming stuff and maybe a blog or something.
I agree with Undo, crispbit sounds pretty nice.
Definitely not keyboardthunder...
That just sounds... awkward...
12:37 AM
they were generated automatically :P by bustaname.com
@hichris123 You should drop a comment to the reviewer who approved; he/she only has 2696 rep so maybe doesn't know.
@DoorknobofSnow I feel kinda awkward if I do that... I don't know.
How else is the reviewer supposed to learn?
Mod fire? :P @animuson tell us what to do, O Master. ;)
12:44 AM
@animuson Why are there so many comments deleted?
Like you don't already know.
@anim @undo Okay, thanks ;) I'll give that one an extra 2 votes
@animuson I don't flag that much...
1:19 AM
it is now a tie between #4 and #5 :P
1:51 AM
how does this have an upvote and is not closed?!
Q: What is the single most influential book every beer enthusiast should read?

Travis JIf you could go back in time and tell yourself to read a specific book about beer, which book would it be?

asked 1 hour ago
2:05 AM
A: What is backend and frontend programming?

Sudha KIf you are working as a server(back end)then you only can make changes in the data base as a administer. The browser(Front end) or client can see the changes in the data and he only insert the data and cant do any changes.. EXAMPLES: FRONT END: HTML,ASP.NET BACK END:MS ACCESS,JAVA

@LaszloPapp I would if I could... but it's deleted now and I can't CV. :P
if you mean the former, yeah, animuson purged it. :D
@animuson it would be better if it said "Do I have to use jQuery for this?" at the end.
2:20 AM
@animuson I see you deleted my plz don't use read the manual as a close vote converastion. :P
I deleted a lot of comments there.
Am I supposed to be happy about that?
He read it, so I'm not worried about it.
where is the post that says that CW are not about the quality/propose of the question but about the "help us to improve this"
2:24 AM
Grace Note on August 19, 2011

When you mark a post community wiki on a Stack Exchange site, that means …

this post can be edited by anyone with 100 reputation

this post does not generate any reputation for anyone when upvoted or downvoted

The main advantage of community wiki — more editing — was nerfed when we introduced suggested edits. With suggested edits, anyone, even an anonymous user, can edit anything — so long as another experienced user reviews and approves their edit.

This leaves many wondering — what’s the point of Community Wiki? …

@DoorknobofSnow Give me the cv powar plz. :P
serial upvotes @hichris
I'm over a third of the way there from 2k to 3k... so bounty anyone? :)
@Shog9 btw, can you kill this? aparently there's fun again in AU
@Braiam They posted a mSO answer... burned within a few minutes on mSO. :P
I... just got mentioned by them...
And flag the comments too.
2:35 AM
@hichris123 wat? O_O
With an open finger? What does that even mean?
@DoorknobofSnow You don't want to know...
@animuson Your guess is as good as mine.
Does he realize that if he posts another answer that it will be auto-protected, and he won't be able to post here anymore? — Doorknob of Snow 15 secs ago
"it will be auto-protected" - intentionally being vague to scare him off :P
I'm not really lying...
2:36 AM
@DoorknobofSnow This user (not sure if the same one or another account) posted... fill in the blanks...
@hichris123 I can see deleted answers too -_-
I'm not 100% sure the auto-protection pays attention to deleted accounts. I think it might require an actual number there. We'll find out I guess.
@DoorknobofSnow Well then, nevermind. Good thing I don't have to deal with that...
@animuson T-3 ish minutes for another post maybe?
@animuson I thought it was 3 deleted posts by <10 rep users.
@DoorknobofSnow But a deleted account doesn't have a reputation.
2:38 AM
ah, yes.
He posts like every 6 minutes... so now ish.
maybe my comment stopped him! (hopefully)
Pingy me if you need a flag...
@DoorknobofSnow Well, he probably does now. Not sure you did anyone any favors by cluing him into that, honestly. — HopelessN00b 2 mins ago
that's got to convince him :D
(not sure if that was intentional or just actually expressing disagreement, but it could have the same effect either way)
@Doorknob Can you see deleted comments?
2:42 AM
@hichris123 Only mods can.
Oh, okay.
I still see the comment in my inbox...
@Undo is going to be sad he missed this. ;)
I thought anyone who has certain amount of reps can see deleted comments too ... or is it only deleted answers?
Only deleted posts.
deleted posts = deleted questions & answers?
2:55 AM
@hichris123 that gravatar creeps me out D:
@Braiam It should. :P
Q: make all textviews scrolling

Kelvinhow to make all textviews scrolling at once i have 6 textviews i want them all scrolling

> voluntarily removed by its author
I'm suprised they were smart enough to delete it...
A: How to zoom in display of device for android?

Steven TriggThis question is inappropriate as it's not a programming question. However what you want is magnification gestures. This was included into Android 4.1 but may not be included by all manufacturers.

... so why'd you answer it?
3:11 AM
@hichris123 huh? nope...
> Post Undeleted by Kelvin
occurred 1 min ago

Post Deleted by Kelvin
What? Why?
'cuz OP is smart
I just rolled it back, it's a completly different question.
@mods please freeze this question
OP keeps vandalising it
I'm getting a bit tired of reverting it
see edit history
@animuson ^^ locky maybe?
3:14 AM
also guys, don't downvote, you'll just feed the trolls
I've already flagged it
now DV is feeding the trolls... this is getting ridiculous
but mods haven't responded yet, so I decided to come in here to report it for faster action
@joeytje50 When you ping mods... stuff happens. :P
idk who the mods are
Animuson is a mod... he just rolled it back again.
And... he locked it. Yayz!
3:15 AM
@joeytje50 just keep pinging everyone in the room until you get a mod
next time I'll just ping one random most-recently active person
@Braiam I should make a tool to do that... gets idea :P
3:17 AM
Generally just posting a message here will get someone to ping a moderator for you, if you're not aware of who they are.
those are kinda worrying though
@joeytje50 don't do that either...
both those edits are really very good, and it's good this Jim guy spotted it
sometimes the more recent user is someone saying "bye"
so what I did was best?
3:18 AM
@joeytje50 Reviewers need to actually look at the edit. Those are good edits...
@hichris123 I know, that's why I approved them both ;)
but what I'm saying is that others didn't, which is worrying
@joeytje50 Yeah, if it's an extreme case like that don't hesitate to bother us here. ;) If, of course, it's not a private matter.
well, a little bit
it does show that reviewers are just hastily going through the list without paying real attention
@joeytje50 It is a real problem... people are trying to figure out how to fix it... it's an ongoing discussion and a hard problem to solve.
@hichris123: nah, the question is back now. :)
3:20 AM
I have a feeling if he had used a more detailed and clear edit summary, like "Destruction of own content, rolling back to original version" - those edits might have gotten more approves.
perhaps, probably the summary on the second rollback edit was particularly bad
"Please stop the madness" certainly isn't a very good edit summary.
indeed, but still the first one should most definitely not have been rejected so easily
@LaszloPapp Yeah... the first question still isn't a good one either. ;)
@animuson Curious, if they gave me a diamond would your life be a lot easier? :P
Hey all. Where would I report suspicious behavior?
3:23 AM
What kind of suspicious behavior?
@binarysubstrate Depends what kind.
Two, brand-new, users posting code, then editing, then re-rediting it. Has nothing to do with the question:
String scriptExecute = "cmd /c start d:\tryCommand.bat hi sun"
Darn, I just flagged the wrong answer. :P
@binarysubstrate where does it say that?
@joey, check the edit history on this one: stackoverflow.com/a/21593263/3182836
3:25 AM
Or, no I didn't. Nevermind.
Seems like he's fishing for an exploit or something.
flagged them both.
@binarysubstrate in the future when you see suspicious behaviour, and it's not urgent, you can just flag it and a mod will get to it.
From what I can tell it seems to be two random users that just happened to post utter crap on the same question.
The fact that they both just deleted their answers within a second of each other makes it look even more suspicious though... Hmmm
@animuson perhaps 2 friends who decided this would be a fun waste of time
3:31 AM
Yeah, it feel really dubious to me. It's the same person using two accounts, editing, re-editing, deleting before it become a community wiki and then probably moving on to another post.
3:45 AM
@Manish That's not a phone number...
Meh, close enough!
Ooh, @Undo fun stuff happened while you were gone.
@hichris123 What did I miss?
I'm having a hard time in my transcript-parsing
4:32 AM
Go to the post I put burn-plz beside...
Also, I have returned to once again find SR still in existence. So it has been a good day and I am happy.
@Undo Also, I'm 70 rep from 2500
@hichris123 Do I really want to click those links?
Nope, I didn't :P
Not really, no. But clicky anyway.
I got that as a comment to me too...
A comment? But how?
4:34 AM
I don't know. It still shows in my inbox though... :(
Should I ping you a bunch and make it go away?
Nah, that's annoying, and you don't want to be annoying, right?
I suppose not.
I did get 1 more flag/day on Meta because of it. :P
No one's removed that pesky SR nomination yet. ;(
4:37 AM
And? :)
... I still can't figure out what to do with it.
Sleep on it. Again.
I suppose...
You have a couple of weeks to think about that.
If the site is still even around at that point.
Yeah, forgot about that part.
4:39 AM
And then you commit to the Moderators site. :D
Meh, I'll lay off deciding on it until I can see just how much help SR needs.
5:17 AM
5:40 AM
Do we have something like catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html, but tailored to StackExchange? The ex-TA in me is itching for something that elaborates on everything that's touched on in the help center regarding question asking
5:56 AM
@hichris123 improve the regex then!
1 hour later…
Good golly miss molly, people SURE love their caps lock keys
I worked with a guy that used caps lock for shift. He would not press shift, he would press caps lock, the key he wanted shifted, then caps lock again. The nerd rage I felt from seeing that was legendary.
@TimPost definitely a strong case for adding caps filtering to the quality filter
both title and body
maybe I'll make an MSO post and steal some easy internet points
8:22 AM
@Flyk Here, have internet points.
I shall add them to the box I keep the rest of my internet points in
@TimPost I've known good software engineers who do that, just because they developed the habit very early on and it's now so muscle-memorized that it would actually not be a productivity gain to learn the right way at this point.
@TimPost This is a lot more normal than you think. At least in Japan. My personal pet peeve is the Japanese habit of adding formatting seemingly at random every other word in a sentence to show that it is important
On Japanese keyboards you usually have to hold down shift-caps to actually get it to switch over, my personal theory is that whoever designed keyboards here was equally peeved and realized he could do something about it.
@jmac - you never played Zelda, didn't you? :P
I wish I could say that the subsequent ALL CAPS comments weren't predictable @Flyk :)
8:33 AM
@SPArchaeologist I seem to be missing the punchline here. What does Zelda have to do with caps lock?
@Bart well, I aim to please
@jmac - formatting- formatting everywhere.
they feel the need to make every "important" word in each sentence red
I love the games, but that is the only thing that still gives me nerves each time.
Yeah, that's a Japanese thing.
They love it. Red underlined sentences everywhere. It's like a disease.
8:36 AM
@TimPost is just a troll restrained by his Stack Exchange masters
holy buzzing, this meta post is turning my phone into a vibrator
@bard - was just going to upload that. Kudos for preceding me :P
My favorite part of my last job was when I was asked to translate presentations, complete with proper red underlines. I pointed out that in English it's bad form. They said, "But you need to include the red underlines, they are in the Japanese!"
A lot of people voting to close it without realising it's a different question
c'est la vie
@Flyk It's hilarious that you think we have any control over Tim.
@Pops I see, this is interesting information that I can use in the future
8:38 AM
@Flyk the contrast between this sentence and the one that follows really makes me fear for the future of humanity. Please tell me that these two are not related.
I am now less than 100 reputation away from 4k rep on MSO
@jmac oh... er... I... :$
Have you seen @TimPost?
no, let's quickly change the subject before this escalates quickly as well
so, them cakes
Ahh, 4k rep. Notable because it's the first thousand-rep threshold that is in no way notable.
so tasty
@Pops yes
I am going to get to at least 10k on MSO this year.
@Pops 4k rep is actually 7640 rep, if you're missing two fingers.
because 10k is another boring rep threshold
8:40 AM
4k rep. The first time you think "That's quite some rep .... what am I doing with my life?"
I love it when people give me unexpected outlets for purely juvenile behavior. Thanks, @Flyk.
the only interesting privilege levels are at 125 rep and 20k
@TimPost no problem, I hope you're going to reopen this post as not a duplicate when it gets closed :P
oh, that's not going to happen, people are retracting their close votes
@Bart I thought that was "rep-capping on meta."
what a good feature that is
now, if only you could retract delete votes
wait a minute, that sounds like a meta post
@Bart eh, I got 30k rep on gaming in "6 months"
Nooo @Pops. No, that is a good and very useful thing that happened to me 60 times now and is by no means a reflection of how miserable and empty my life really is ...
8:43 AM
For April Fool's can we remap everyone's keyboards to dvorak?
@jmac Too far, man. Too far.
Jan Dvorak @jmac?
@Flyk Behold the power of caps.
Okay @Pops, you're right. That is too far. Can you unsuspend all users who got question banned for a day but make that change just to them? Or is that cruel and unusual punishment?
I've got a Razer black widow (2013) - I disabled caps lock, and re-mapped other useless keys to be useful.
Like programming m1 - m5 to hold links to memes, because that stuff is important.
8:45 AM
@TimPost -.-
I heard a song for the first time yesterday
it's not a new song
but it contains the lyrics "I am a fire, you're gasoline"
@jmac slaps @TimPost around with a large trout
which I felt was symbolic of the relationship I have with certain people on here
but then it followed on with "come pour yourself all over me"
and well... that's just dirty
my phone is still buzzing
Know what's even worse than saying it without acknowledging its dirty nature? Saying you acknowledge it's dirty nature while still sharing it.
I think I have that bug @FEichinger had the other day?
@jmac I acknowledge the dirty nature
Wish I could figure out how to map alt and ctrl bindings for the m1 - m5 macro keys on this keyboard. It seems like it should be possible.
8:48 AM
@Flyk - they just sent me a notice about a new pc game... you could post that on Arqade and see the reaction
What I don't get is why peripherals and wireless routers are so bloody user unfriendly.
Goat Simulator - alpha stage: youtube.com/watch?v=WgTQglGvNUs
You need to be a rocket scientist to figure either one out. The concept of plug and play has become plug and pray. Totally worthless user interfaces that require an internet engineerâ„¢ to figure out.
@SPArchaeologist oh, @GnomeSlice already posted that
you can't beat @GnomeSlice at finding the weirdest games
..... mumble... I really should extend my account to that site and have some fun.
8:52 AM
careful, we're a picky bunch
they had compared me to James AVGN so...
ah, I guess I'm getting closed afterall
Ping me if that happens @Flyk
9:10 AM
Any SO people awake yet?
Q: Crawling the chat transcripts

PeeHaaI want to make a usable chat search and in order to do this I want to gather the chat messages from SO. AFAIK chat is not in the data dump nor is it available through the API. So I want to crawl the chat transcripts for messages. As a test I will start with the transcript of room 11 by starting...

@PeeHaa you would expect that if you implement something to back-off when you get 503's and have a useragent that is tied to your effort you should be fine. I experienced ip based rate-limiting once when I was hammering as a 'normal' user on the new login functionality on meta.
Yeah I assume that too, but I would like to prevent 503 when possible and just want to be a nice guy and ask before starting up the crawler :)
9:27 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: IIS 7.5 / WFF / ARR
@Flyk - The goat simulator game has opened a door that should have remained closed. I have discovered that "The you testament" had a sequel. Way to go... Offensive for a bible based game, total nosense as a game.
10:08 AM
I put a suggested edit in the queue ^^^^
10:29 AM
@Bart it happened
Done @Flyk
how disappointing
wtb less roboreviewers
@Bart ta
^^^nope @Manishearth
need one more reopen vote
for great justice
12:21 PM
Great, page 9 of the formatting sandbox breaks IE11...
I assume microsoft does something usefull with the memorydump WER just send to them?
1:00 PM
Don't the tags counts update on a daily basis at the end of the day? I thought so, but my answers from yesterday have not updated my tag counts.
And you did get votes?
Which tag?
All your answers from yesterday (if we're talking SO) are 0-score.
Yes but there is like x80 for java and acm-java-libraries x 2. The latter should be x6 I know.
The former x85 now
Ah, you mean the "number of posts" figure
1:08 PM
yes that is it
Not sure on what schedule that updates.
Or if there are other reasons. Are there some that are community wiki?
No, none were community wiki I don't think
Did questions or answers get deleted?
No still there
Or at least other q and a would not be deleted at that clip
There are 10 that are community wiki. So that wouldn't explain it either. stackoverflow.com/search?q=user%3A236247+%5Bjava%5D+wiki%3Ayes
Can't find any info on this. I'm guessing something that should have run didn't. Maybe see if it's still the case tomorrow.
1:17 PM
Ok I'll check back then.
If I look at the answer times for your acm-java-libraries tag they are not answered yesterday but today
2 are 1 day old, 4 are answered between 22 and 23 hours ago
The stackexchange day has not yet ended for those answers
I have the feeling some text is missing on questions. Didn't there used to be some text right above the 'asked', 'viewed' and 'active' statuses on a question?
Hmm, can't see I find anything to be missing
I could've sworn that upper right spot used to be more populated
On SO or meta?
1:23 PM
You're right
Meta shows the tags in upper right corner
SO doesn't
I knew something was missing
I'm seriously surprised by how much stuff I just ignore on sites.
1:47 PM
I'm a little blind to the right sidebar after five years of practically ignoring it. These days I notice it mostly just to check if a feature post had propagated to the bulletin.
Someone is really upset
What is it with askubuntu getting the most "pls mod meh" people?
1:50 PM
Ubuntu is the preferred operating system of those enduring puberty, obviously.
Wow, I see he's persistent as well with multiple (now deleted) accounts
@Manishearth can you upgrade the smoke detector to also detect new users with offensive names?
@Bart A few thousand or so at last count

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