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5:00 PM
@JanDvorak closed
(-6 and no answer, so up to roomba)
magic. ha.
Looks more like a clueless OP. Although it may be that any sufficiently advanced cluelessness is indistinguishable from trolling.
It's a second (at least) question in that style in a short while
5:03 PM
EL&U is not a site for non-english speakers to ask for correct usage, is it?
^ I have no idea, I'm asking.
@bjb568 ... or not.
@Behaviour lol
@LynnCrumbling Correct, which is now pointed out to the OP. The locals will close the questions.
@Behaviour k, thanks.
@JanDvorak Who else is tempted to post an answer that has nothing but an ASCII wall of "VENU" printed?
@LynnCrumbling I'm not
5:06 PM
@JanDvorak Ha. Fine then.
If anyone does, I'm flagging as abusive
@JanDvorak Sheesh, it was a joke :)
Just making sure ;-)
The OP thinks this a a blog?
That's even worse than the people that think SO is a forum.
Anybody here use PHP/PDO to talk to jet/access?
Having no luck helping this person. stackoverflow.com/q/27692268/656243
I personally don't use php, but was figured I'd throw it out there in case anybody ran into this particular oddness before.
Oddness in PHP? Unheard of!
5:12 PM
voted on both @Jan
5:28 PM
@Unihedro k
Stupid LRiO.
6:03 PM
@bjb568 I think it's an effect of many years of C++ development. Worried about @hichris123 now.
Lol, I knew that'd get a bad reaction.
in Lounge<C++> on Stack Overflow Chat, 24 secs ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
Quick, before I'm suspended, give me a good question idea so I can go for 30 Minutes or Less again
LRiO suspended for 30 minutes from chat.
@bjb568 You're not helping, either. If you expect someone to not be mean to you... don't be mean to them. And you're upholding higher moral ground.
Got an email from SE
6:12 PM
@Frank congrats!
A boring one
@hichris123 What are you referring to?
@Frank It's not so boring.
@bjb568 Calling him stupid.
6:13 PM
@hichris123 … Bad behavior in chat – suspended. -26 post to get hats. I am commenting on the behavior.
It's a 'thanks for participating, you're great, here's how to find chat, how to vote, etc, etc'.
type email
@Frank Aww.
6:14 PM
Sorry had to do that... it was great
@bjb568 They send one to all the highest participants in a new beta
Congrats :D
@bjb568 don't poke the bear and expect nothing in return
@Frank Shouldn't they know how to vote?
@bluefeet Meh
@bjb568 Not all of them do really
Or be in chat or meta or the whole thing
6:16 PM
I feel bad for the bear who has to deal with the crazy cat
I don't.
@bjb568 Bad behaviour? @Behaviour! @Behaviour!
I feel bad for everyone who has to endure @bjb568 or his botling
6:18 PM
@InfiniteSnowflakes you feel a lot of bad
Kewl fruitloop
That your hand?
Have you seen the botling @Frank? It makes everyone feel bad
@Frank No
@InfiniteSnowflakes the wolfram alpha thingy
6:20 PM
!comp spam
serving size 245 g
total calories 653 | fat calories 483
% daily value^* |
total fat 54 g | 82%
saturated fat 19 g | 95%
trans fat |
cholesterol 181 mg | 60%
sodium 3 g | 113%
total carbohydrates 8 g | 3%
dietary fiber 0 g | 0%
sugar 1 g |
protein 34 g | 67%
vitamin C 111% | calcium 3%
iron 12% | vitamin E 4%
thiamin 47% | riboflavin 26%
niacin 41% | vitamin B6 31%
vitamin B12 22% | folate 2%
phosphorus 32% | magnesium 9%
zinc 32% |
!comp concatenate "ME NO " "MAKE FEELZ EVERYONE BAD!"
!comp average height of humans in united states
5' 4"
inb4 length of body parts
6:22 PM
wonder if that count's kids
!comp average amount of humans, robots and aliens visiting the StackExchange Tavern
His botling used to respond to the smileys we used, it was terrible. I kicked him once, Shog kicked him twice
!comp bjb568
!find bjb568
Nothing found, sorry
6:23 PM
Maybe I should get the top DDG result.
!find snow
I guess you don't exist, @bjb568.
!find ProgramFOX
6:24 PM
Nothing found, sorry
!find Frank
!find stackoverflow
6:24 PM
Nothing found, sorry
@rene *flow
!find node.js http
@rene The pencil means nothing at all :P
6:25 PM
Come on.. all I need is for five people to tell me what they are! Spoilsports. — Lightness Races in Orbit 6 mins ago
@bjb568 borked
:comp average of cake
@nicael k
@0x499602D2 Lay off her! Even supermodels forget C++ arcana occasionally :P — Pradhan 4 mins ago
6:28 PM
!find SmokeDetector
@InfiniteSnowflakes lol
!find node.js http
[<p>To use the HTTP server and client one must <code>require('http')</code>.

<p>The HTTP interfaces in Node are designed to support many features
of the protocol which have been traditionally difficult to use.
In particular, large, possibly chunk-encoded, messages. The interface is
careful to never buffer entire requests or responses--the
user is able to stream data.

<p>HTTP message headers are represented by an object like this:

<pre><code>{ &#x27;content-length&#x27;: &#x27;123&#x27;,
Post on SO @bjb: Is my botling borked? Halp plox!
6:29 PM
borkey needs 6-8 for fixing bugs
Nice use of hat @nic
!find double
6:33 PM
!find SE-Chatbot
Link to my bot :D
[DDG is kewl] o_O
What's next? [fruitloops are kewl]?
6:38 PM
!concatenate ":2840141 " "fruitloops are kewl"
!comp concatenate ":2840141 " "fruitloops are kewl"
@InfiniteSnowflakes fruitloops are kewl
@bjb568 No thanks, I still prefer while-loops.
6:39 PM
You can never build a botling without fruitloops @ProgramFOX
They're fake and gross
2 hours ago, by nicael
Let's make a conspiracy ;) Someone posts a request to keep the hatz always and we all who are there upvote this question. Who agrees?
don't forget.
in Lounge<C++> on Stack Overflow Chat, 35 secs ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
Q: What is %:%: doing in this macro definition?

Lightness Races in OrbitConsider the following code: #include <iostream> #define f(a,b) a%:%:b int main() { int wtf = 0; std::cout << f(wt,f) << '\n'; } // output: 0 (live demo) How is this possible? What magic is %:%:?!

You are going down the lightness route as well @nic? :(
@nicael no
A: What is %:%: doing in this macro definition?

Lightness Races in OrbitIt's an alternative token for ## :)

Self answers don't even count, right?
6:43 PM
@bjb568: If you don't understand the term you may simply Google it — Lightness Races in Orbit 44 secs ago
inb4 DuckDuckGo
@bjb568 No idea.
I'm pretty sure they don't.
Shog said some users posted all 5 answers themselves. I can only imagine how it ended for the poor souls.
Does the question need to have a positive score?
I think so.
in The Junk Drawer on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 8 mins ago, by Zach Saucier
commenting/voting/vtc on new people's answers and questions should automatically count as a "review" on it and count towards the badge
e will post it.
I like it
6:45 PM
Both LRiO posts are in negative rep range.
@InfiniteSnowflakes Hey, wat? U really think that I can't find a more efficient way to get rid of rep? :D
Is there a script that counts how many deleted answers you have?
(that is: deleted because the corresponding question got deleted)
I know rep doesn't matter to you @nic :D
Truth: rep matters
6:48 PM
It's not about about the virtual points @nic, it decreases your real reputation and credibility. Don't go down that route :D
@Frank totes
You can't have privs on the site without having some rep.
Ha. No way...
Duck Duck Go is out of PA.
@Frank (Paoli)
@LynnCrumbling so r u
small world.
6:50 PM
Headed down to Nottingham to go on a Herr's factory tour tonight.
They still have the lights up I think
Should be fun (yay, warm off-the-press potato chips)
I was just there
in Lounge<C++> on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
bluefeet is a good guy
in Lounge<C++> on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by Lightness Races in Orbit
bluefeet is a good guy
6:51 PM
yeah they give you free chips that are still too hot to eat
@Frank nice. we're touring at 4:30, so by the time it's done, it'll be dark and we can check it out.
I'll wave as I fly by on 272.
I hate driving through downtown, though.
I'm not on 272
Yeah, I just won't be any farther east than that, so it'll have to be a long-distance wave.
I kinda knew Jim Herr, the owner (former, he dies a couple years ago). Nice guy
Wow... is the company still owned by the family?
6:54 PM
@LynnCrumbling Use a huge flare gun - I'll keep an eye out
Lighness calls me sir in jest @TGMCians, he knows we aren't male :D
Is uni still around? or did he go to bed?
@rene I saw him leaving; I think he went to bed.
@LynnCrumbling yeah.
> Jim Herr handed over the Chairman of the Board gavel to his son, James M. Herr in 2005.
Ok, I'll do the close vote event then with who ever is here now...
6:56 PM
in Java on Stack Overflow Chat, 46 mins ago, by Unihedro
I'm going to sleep now, good luck!
@rene ^
@rene In tavern, or elsewhere?
ahh i had some network problem that's why same message was posted two times..
rene /me ready
@LynnCrumbling you can join here
What do you do about that?
6:59 PM
idk, I'd flag it and tell a mod, and leave it up to them
Somebody's CVing the question. Fair enough, I gave my vote.
Question deleted.
I wonder if u can search for offensive edit summaries in sede
I think so.
@Shog Thanks for handling the chat room thing well.
@InfiniteSnowflakes You seem to mess everything. Your real reputation is measured in hats, did you forget? ;)
7:08 PM
@nicael No silly hats on Disney princess please! ;)
@InfiniteSnowflakes Do you see any hats on me??? ;)
hey! That's a hairboat, not a buttboat.
@nicael I see you on a hat :D
Abby Buttboat .. wut
7:11 PM
Dietmar Kühl and LRiO may be in a vote ring.
Do you expect a princess to carry a boat in her hair?
crap ^
@SmokeDetector fp
7:13 PM
@InfiniteSnowflakes Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@bjb568 No!
Why not?
@bjb568 Hyperbolic assumption
@InfiniteSnowflakes I have some evidence.
7:18 PM
@bjb568 Then flag for mods and mention evidence
@bjb568 do you now?
Mods don't have access to individual votes, so I don't think flagging will help.
@bluefeet They're close in chat, on that last question there was bad behavior from both, saw a suspicious answer upvote.
Not a whole lot, I know.
One upvote != voting ring
I know.
@bjb568 very circumstantial
7:22 PM
One vote can be a perfect circle! But only if you bug the system and vote on your own post.
plus I don't think we are going to intervene in a single vote
there are far more important things to worry about @bjb568 than your current argument with other users :)
Ok, ok.
11 mins ago, by bjb568
Dietmar Kühl and LRiO may be in a vote ring.
y'all just need to avoid each other
I think I found another post involving both before, but I can't find it.
A: Does `sizeof` *really* evaluate to a `std::size_t`? Can it?

Dietmar KühlThe standard just mandates that the type of sizeof(expr) is the same type as std::size_t. There is no mandate that using sizeof(expr) makes the name std::size_t available and since std::size_t just names one of the the built-in integral types there isn't really a problem.

+44 answer, pretty trivial, to LRiO question.
7:24 PM
if you find evidence, then flag it we'll take a look. But chatting in the same room and answering a question, receiving an upvote doesn't mean it's a ring.
@bluefeet fine
@bjb568 don't be pissy :)
Be a pussy
@bjb568 trivial answers and double-digit upvotes tend to go together.
7:25 PM
meh fine
for example @bjb568 you post a question on MSE, and it gets some attention in here. Your argument means that if people in here vote, that could be a ring.
That's a valid argument.
@InfiniteSnowflakes gross
In fact, I have evidence of voting ring right here:
13 hours ago, by bjb568
gives rep
7:26 PM
Ur FSM, you deserve it.
FSM is never in rings.
^ suspend bjb please for voting fraud
@bjb568 they are users on the same tag - cross voting would be somewhat expected as long as it isn't completely targeted. Plus they both are long-term/high-rep users, the likelihood they have crossed paths on questions is entirely possible
Wow, I said gross three times on the same wall
@bluefeet I'd say there's still a 7% chance of vote ring
7:28 PM
but like I said, if you have evidence of any such voting, then flag it - we'll check it out, even if you flagged it @bjb568
@bjb568 closer to .07%
> even if your flagged it @bjb568
In related news, Chevron to Integrate Apple Pay at Gasoline Pumps in Early 2015
7:29 PM
just trying to give you some blue-footed words of wisdom @bjb568
I can be nice.... sometimes
Is blue-feeted or blue-footed more correct? non-native speaker
@Behaviour Blue-footed
@Behaviour I used blue-footed because I'm a blue footed booby
7:32 PM
FSM isn't a native english speaker! English must be wrong!
bows down to lord and gives thanks
Yes, I understood the reason; I had an English question.
@Behaviour Wait, you're non-native? Wow, you type/speak like a native English speaker.
7:37 PM
He's FSM, what do you expect?
@hichris123 Emphasis on type. You haven't heard my accent.
@Behaviour Still. You use better English than a lot of natives. :P
He speaks with bjb. Everybody's English looks good when they speak with bjb :P
A CSS question. Back in 2011, @Shoggingthroughthesnow said that spoilers use color instead of hidden to make the text copy-pasteable. But now one can make the spoilers permanently visible by clicking them. Is there still any benefit of using color?
7:38 PM
(I agree that @Behaviour's English is very good. I thought he is a native speaker)
I hate spoilers
You know what's worse than spoilers? Colored MathJax text in spoilers
The hidden blocks, I mean. If I didn't want to know that Snape killed Obi-Wan, I wouldn't be reading the question. Or the site. Or anything.
Unless it came to you in a review queue.
7:42 PM
You're welcome jsfiddle.net/aj6o0bzo
Make it live, Shog!
Way better than current implementation.
^ language trolling by bjb
^ I wonder which part of the gift is worse - the spoiler or the English trolling
Maybe transition should be half a second.
Maybe you will get kicked for 30 seconds (not by me)
Puss in boots :)
7:54 PM
Q: Include tags in generic "Edited Tags" reason

Mooseman is eating pizzaI propose that names of tags added/removed are included in the generic "Edited Tags" Edit Summary. I think this would promote good reviewing and clarify revision history. Example: Instead of Edited Tags we would have Edited tags: -[html] -[css] +[jquery] +[unicorns]

^ Don't vote on that post, @bjb568 will flag for voting ring!
@bjb568 Wouldn't rob a good FR, would he?
Um, the modified tags are right there in red and green.
in Lounge<C++> on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by bluefeet
@Jefffrey when the participants act like 5 year olds, then yes babysitters will appear
7:59 PM
If random edits the tags in your post, you get a piece of poetry :)
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 65.4351: How i recover my icloud username and password on apple.stackexchange.com
that's a weird answer
Yay! bluefeet is babysitting TL, I expect a mod abuse post on MSO :P
8:14 PM
@InfiniteSnowflakes probably
8:26 PM
How can I join the Secret Voting Ring? I hate being left out...I wanna be one of the meanies — Plutonix 6 hours ago
@InfiniteSnowflakes For me, TL usually means Teachers' Lounge... if that room needs a babysitter, we have a problem.
@Behaviour What, you think mods are older than 5 years old too? :P
how many dv-s does this post have?
8:41 PM
@Frank 6.
Q: "View Vote totals" without 1000 rep

Rob W Screenshot About The vote counts are a great tool to determine whether an answer is disputed or not. Unfortunately, not many of us have enough time to join all Stack Exchange websites and get 1000 reputation. This script unlocks the "View Vote counts" feature for those who are not logge...

This isn't a very good audit: stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/6605053
8:55 PM
@AstroCB On what do you want to close it? It contains a mcve and an error message. It contains the expected behavior. It can possible be improved, but I doubt it is closeworthy.
@Sumurai8 I probably wouldn't close it, but as it was in the reopen queue, I didn't think it particularly worthy of being reopened.
wow I ran my truck engine out of oil
Then it spontaneously combusted in a pretty shower of fire?
because then it was worth it
9:00 PM
no it was running great actually...
which is weird, because it should have burnt out.
My oil gauge needs to be replaced
Well, just give the engine a hug and it will forgive you.
Give it some higgs!
I need power steering this year.
You mean next year?
Not much year left this year.
this coming year
When you're going fast, it's okay, but in parking lots and such it's a pain.
Sometimes you have to do a 5-point turn just to get out of a parking space
9:10 PM
Ur old fashioned. Upload ur mind to da interwabs already!
I don't care
9:22 PM
@bjb568 Ilmari Karonen proposed the same thing last year.
A: The CSS for spoilers is a mess. Let's fix it!

Ilmari KaronenMy suggestion is to scrap the whole set of spoiler styles currently in use, and replace them with the following: .spoiler > * { opacity: 0; transition: opacity 0.5s ease-in; /* + optional vendor prefix variants for old browsers */ } .spoiler:hover > * { opacity: 1; } Note tha...

But I wrote it in 2 lines of simple CSS
9:37 PM
Q: How to deimport boolmarks from Chrome

nicaelI recently imported the bookmarks from Safari to Chrome on my Mac and got some kind of mess. So now I regret about it... Is there any way to deimport those bookmarks (remove the imported bokkmarks from Chrome and leave only unimported ones)?

halp, chromers!
Use Safari.
@nicael I never imported anything into Chrome, but opening chrome://bookmarks/ is a reasonable way to deal with many bookmarks at once.
@Behaviour In which you can now copy multiple bookmarks! :)
(that was my Chrome patch)
@hichris123 Nice!
Now if we could also sort them by creation date...
9:52 PM
For so many years I was left-clicking share button, waiting for AJAX window to come up, and then locating Ctrl-C on the keyboard to copy the link...
instead of right-clicking and choosing "copy this link". #lifehack
@Behaviour I personally find it easier to click, then do ctrl-c. I usually find it awkward to find the right option in a context-menu and I find the ctrl-c shortcut on autopilot.

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