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@cVplZ offensive/abusive
^ yeah, that
history looks fine, except possible robo-reviewing. That's the only one edit within like last 2 months though.
4:18 AM
I have lost faith in any kind of site related to meta. cough shog on acid
@bjb568 Really? Why do you think that? It's doing fine IMO.
There's no questions to be asked!
And no questions or users.
only 27 visits per day
Oh, wow, didn't see the 27 visits/day. That's... not a good thing.
4:20 AM
Q: Changing the name of Moderators SE: the saga continues

PopsI'm Pops, one of the Community Managers at Stack Exchange. A little while ago, the team got together to talk about your request for a change of this site's name. What we've heard from you is that you don't like the name "Moderators" for a few reasons: when outsiders hear "Moderators Stack Exch...

@Doorknob yea, drupal gets that many per day just from spammers
I just got review privilege on android.se and... 325 first-post queue :O
This is a more promising proposal:
4:23 AM
Wet Shaving

Proposed Q&A site for this site is for enthusiasts of wet shaving, shaving with Single Edge, Straight Edge, and Double Edge Safety Razors, Badger Brushes, and discussing different techniques, as well as opinions on different shaving soaps and creams.

Currently in definition.

Though I guess neither bjb nor Doorknob are interested yet.
don't forget hichris ^
And Santa.
And Undo.
And AstroCB.
I wasn't going for a complete directory; just mentioned the two immediately above my post.
So basically 95% of the Tavern.
Arbitrary Area 51 comment of the day: I highly doubt Lifehacks will succeed. They're going to have to basically nuke the Too Broad close option, and it'd probably just devolve into a forum-like collection of "tips and tricks."
4:32 AM
yesterday, by Rafflesia arnoldii
What will be the next private beta to launch? Five Area51 proposals are neck-and-neck: Coffee, Arabic, Engineering, Lifehacks, Music Fans.
I'm guessing Coffee. Do stupid things faster with more energy.
falls asleep
Right on schedule. Happy hour!
5:44 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Increased muscle growth and strength by Matt Haddin on drupal.stackexchange.com
6:10 AM
@cVplZ Hah, glad to see the system considers my post high quality!
flagged all three, no effect
flagged, didn't get nuked
Flagged all, nuked one
6:33 AM
6:43 AM
7:15 AM
The drupal spam is gone, and so am I
@JanDvorak deleted by vikram sharma 3 mins ago
7:36 AM
good enough
8:22 AM
any spam alive?
drupal is spam free :)
for now :D
yes...why aren't you wearing a hat uni?
I know, I'll get myself a hat.
8:27 AM
ok :D
I will start enjoying now...
Haven't seen a decent [minecraft] or [bukkit] question in weeks...
8:48 AM
9:12 AM
Hey, I found "please delete me"!
9:30 AM
@Unihedron Speaking of which, I'm on my first 8x8...
LOL, I realized that I've only added one number after the entire hour as you pinged me...
@Uni How do you use the pencil? (puns incoming)
Oh? How?
Yeah, I can't figure it out (facepalm)
Well, you click on the "pencil" button, then you click on the numbers. You get little numbers surrounding the cell, and it makes the cell unboldable.
Unless you use javascript, which is hard because the names for the functions are obfuscated.
9:37 AM
Oh I see, thought it would allow you to use decimals.
There's no decimal, and all division hints means that the division has no remainder.
One for the smoke detector to train on?
Smokey parses the title, so it would only be effective if we manage to notice a word combination to blacklist.
I'll watch /realtime...
Check, that explains why it might be missed.
9:42 AM
Correct. Not sure when post body check will be implemented.
The URL in the post would have been a dead give-away for a Bayesian filter.
v3.1.5 of Jan's script is not working??
Shog posted the results, just as he said he would. Results indicate positive trend. His question has 4 cv's already :(
@MartijnPieters gone now
9:49 AM
Eek...change that color scheme @uni, else you would require glasses by the time you finish school. Choose colors which are soothing for your eyes.
@InfiniteRecursion Looking at a bright backlit screen isn't soothing, hence the inversion.
White hurts the eyes.
Islam.se is full of weird questions on that topic, don't read anything on that site @uni.
ok...your eyes guys...you know better.
stop showing islam.se questions in /realtime, noone really cares to help that community :D
Only if you also stop showing arcade.se ...
wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) to simply buy a MICR reader? — rene 20 secs ago
funny how people seem to like to invent complexity....
10:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Muscle Building Supplement by prem pusti on meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 93.6690: Muscle Building Supplement on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@Unihedron Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
10:20 AM
@ShadowWizard Can you undelete answers? If so, have a look at this one: stackoverflow.com/a/26839914/578411
That answers the question and with the image makes it a better answer than the current ones....
10:53 AM
@AndrewT. VLQ
SPAM ^^ ??
yes looks like SPAM to me
> Nice it's really soft and smooth and creamy love these so I'm excited to star in this one also got these two Revlon Color stay are Color burst I'm sorry month map of CosmiMD month lacquer bomb I'm wearing the lacquer mom
What kind of spam is that?
skin ?
@Unihedron Have a look here, I use it every day myself....
11:02 AM
@InfiniteRecursion means it needs only one more before I can cast a reopen vote. ;)
@rene you're worth it
I know, thanks
Better now @rene?
@Bart This is censure — jlandercy 13 secs ago
I guess not
@Bart lol
11:18 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Thursday readies to these questions muscles by Alison Steele on drupal.stackexchange.com
^^^ SPAM
Is for male testosteron booster .... I use it .... wait ... wait ... wait
@SmokeDetector tpu
11:21 AM
@TGMCians Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
11:42 AM
@rene done, need one more vote.
@ShadowWizard tnx
12:11 PM
\\o \o/ o//
\\m \m/ m//
12:26 PM
Hi is there a way to refresh the cached copy of a Stack Exchange page (like Wikipedia's 'purge' command) without making an edit to it? I found a page that seems to have glitched out.
@Boann Do you have an example? There are one or two servers that are behaving strange since yesterday.
@rene see tags & userbox at the bottom of the question: stackoverflow.com/questions/904502/…
@Boann How does it look now?
If it is fixed for you please report a bug.
12:41 PM
@rene Fixed. Is it a bug? It could just be a one-time glitch.
This was edited by me:
undefined method `'blog_entries_path' for #<ActionView::Base:0xb6848080>`
I added a closing ` at the end
The renderer shouldn't fail in such a way that the layout gets screwed up, so it is a bug. As it is your find, please report it @Boann
@rene I rolled back and the issue didn't reappear; it was a one-time glitch I think.
I just wondered if it there was a command for fixing it without editing.
@Boann Not that I'm aware of...
But I assume the revisions in the db should look different ... still strange...
See wikipedia has this trick for flushing server caches: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page?action=purge
12:54 PM
A: Part of a question doesn't appear. Missing a "Read More" Link?

balphaThat's an extremely old and long fixed bug; once in a while these still show up, because posts are rendered once, and then stored that way (note that the last edit was from 2008). The solution is to make a dummy edit to force re-rendering. I just did that, and now it looks fine.

based on that ^^^^^we did the right thing....
@rene Huh. Okay then.
1 hour later…
1:58 PM
2:16 PM
Q: Will there be hats on Meta SE?

nicaelThey were on MSO previous year, but since the split occurred, I would expect them to appear here, on Meta SE, this year. Will it happen (or any discussion on it)? I want hatz!

I assume they will be, because fun is on-topic on Meta.
But I'm not sure so I won't answer it.
By the way:
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 13 hours ago, by ManishEarth
Guess who's on Firefox's about:credits!
Manish is on the Firefox credits list!
2:35 PM
@nic You beat me by a few minutes. I logged in to ask if MSE will have hats :)
@InfiniteRecursion You have a better chance: answer it :)
@Inf I already answered there. didn't you see it ? ;)
Answered :D
@TGMCians: Ohh noes...you posted that cat gif again !!
> Source : Meta Post
2:58 PM
@InfiniteRecursion very bad choice :P — TGMCians 46 secs ago
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 63.3467: Thumbnail With Next/Prev Links Not Showing Next Post? on wordpress.stackexchange.com
And @Inf saves the day.
3:19 PM
Hats! :D
Police Hats! :D
They're both a drop in the bucket, @canon; most comment flags come from Andy and cVplZ. I'm using them as a proxy for knee-jerk reactions by authors here. — Shog9 ♦ 2 days ago
Time to put up my graphics software and 3D-ify my character!
and add a hat
You can add a tilted hat to your present avatar @uni ...be creative
3:25 PM
It won't work. it will require space outside the margins, which the current box limit stops it from happening.
This isn't an unreasonable idea, I'm not entirely certain why this has received so many down-votes. I'll be writing a more detailed answer as to what would break (and break badly) tomorrow - this is something I've tested a few times (not as a hidden service) - stop and think about the premise for a moment, it's interesting :) They aren't saying 'let's do this', they're saying 'think about what would happen if ..' - not suggesting that the idea is good, just .. what would happen? Think about it before voting, all I'm asking :) — Tim Post ♦ Nov 16 at 17:41
^ I hope he writes an answer, I am looking forward to it
Old times... Now my account is twice older :)
4:08 PM
Apparently :)
Then and now..you are a very unique SE user @nic. You stand apart from the rest of the crowd.
4:43 PM
@InfiniteRecursion <3 :D
5:00 PM
Any way to find out which tags you've created?
On github, if I have a file, and a commit number, how do I look at just the changes to that file in that commit?
I'm trying to see a specific change to github.com/LWJGL/lwjgl/blob/…, but the commit in question (github.com/LWJGL/lwjgl/commit/…) involves 326 other files and is impossible to browse on the web site.
You mean the diff?
But just for that file.
It seems like "view diff for this file in this commit" would not be an uncommon use case... I just can't figure out the UI.
@nicael <3 :D
^ check if you get an empty notification for that in your global inbox @nic, I think smileys are excluded :D
5:44 PM
@Unihedron This query tries to do this, but it seems the results are not accurate.
@Unihedron Try some of these queries instead
Just tried all of them. The first one you linked returns too many tags, while I did create a few, 80% of them were false. The "taxonomist" queries from searching SEDE either timed out or was broken altogether; the stuff it returned was not helpful.
6:05 PM
@TGMCians plz send teh coffee
@SmokeDetector t3.gstatic.com/…
6:28 PM
> Viewing the changes from a commit for a specific file is not possible currently, but we might add it in the future. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll add it to the Feature Request List so the team can see it.
Super lame.
UX fail.
@Unihedron It seems that SEDE does not have enough data to answer this question. The Tags table does not have a column for the author. It links to excerpt and wiki, which are linked it to author... however it's very possible to create a tag without creating either of those, or to create an excerpt for someone else's tag. Want to post a ?
This does look like an oversight, especially since TagSynonyms have both CreationDate and OwnerUserId.
6:57 PM
Fixed DD bug, I think.
Review, plox
OOH! Youtube works now in Safari.
Good since Chrome makes my laptop 200 degrees.
of Kelvin?
Because Chrome is that cool.
@Jan did you see my comment in JS room ?
do you know what was the reason for that issue ?
@JanDvorak Of celsius.
@TGMCians I'll get it fixed today; I've started working on a new version and I didn't know someone else was actually using my script.
@JanDvorak for me ?
Ah Ok thanks :)
cv-plz** ^^
Since I got Convention badge on SO without posting on the main site, I looked if anyone else did this. Turns out, several did -- but only because SO used to be linked to what is now Meta.SE. The link was severed, but they keep the badges on SO. Lucky bastards.
7:35 PM
@Oded why close vote queue taking much time to load next question ? ~8 seconds for me even I'm at good internet connection and reviewing today questions..
see now nothing is working
/me stuck on this..
after refreshing whole page..
then when I click on next button
then still loading...never end :/
6 hours ago, by Unihedron
hey it's me!
^ @Shog9 Just tell your revenge victims to get a -1 version of a hat like that next time.
stackoverflow site and other sites is taking around 1-2 seconds to load entire page
7:45 PM
@Oded see now that's hapenning!! ^^
@TGMCians Just be thankful it's not 10-20 secs :P
@JasonC Yes
7:46 PM
… Why does it work for me?
Hmm not sure..only for me :/
@bjb568 Maybe it doesn't, and your immediate memories are a lie.
@bjb568 'Cuz you're fishy.
@Sam hehe
I tried 3-4 times still same issue :(
I should use cv somewhere now
@Uni do you have a sede query ?
What is ;o;
Is that "crying"?
@TGMCians sede?
7:50 PM
I guess it could also be "winking, with a patchy goatee"
8:10 PM
how frequent runs the tag badge script?
Once every 24h iirc
A: Welp, project due in an hour

Parth PatelThis is Susan Quick, I see that you are trying to cheat on your project and this goes against the academic integrity of this course. Since you submitted your code on here, I will go through the submissions to find your code and you will receive a 0.

8:26 PM
deleted 15 seconds ago
... and closed
@JasonC meh
@JanDvorak shrug I wouldn't hold it against you if you approved it.
I'd hold it against @AnnaLear though.
Go right ahead.
/me holds it against AnnaLear
8:50 PM
("not useful")
sure, whatever the cat says
I wish hw dumps on Math were met like this...
In stackoverflow.com/questions/27082169/…, what is the formatting rule that turned that one sentence into a larger font? Looking at the markdown it doesn't look intentional. But following it with a bunch of -'s on a line makes the text bigger? o.O

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