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9:00 PM
The hyphens do that. You need an empty line to produce an hbreak
Why would the hyphens do that...?
@JasonC because markdown?
It's an underline
If it's an underline why does it make the text bigger? And who would write an underline by putting hyphens on the following line? Still confused.
9:03 PM
What do you guys know that I don't know??
@JasonC too broad
also, unclear what you don't know
Also, lacks minimal understanding of the problem being solved.
9:04 PM
I guess what I don't know is, why would "Text + \n + ----- == H1"
Yeah, setext section header makes sense.
meh, I got it backwards....
btw, for a moment I read "Yeah, sexist section header makes sense."... must be all the sexist talk
Every time I saw underline making a header on SE, it wasn't author's intent.
I sincerely hope DD-markdown will not support this ugly syntax.
9:18 PM
@hichris123 21 downvotes so far. I guess it hasn't been getting enough delete votes.
@Jamal -22
Nanogalaxy Q tech !

Proposed Q&A site for those who wants to know more about Technology and Latest Smartphones.

Currently in definition.

First proposal I've seen with a punctuation mark. I also don't see how the name and description match up.
@Jamal Y'all should just leave it. I sent a warning email to the presumed instructor of that course with a copy of the code from the posted answer and a link. The project's past due anyways.
@Jamal that thing looks like a SPAM proposal
I don't even know anymore.
9:23 PM
^ Area 51 summarized in one sentence.
blogger.com and nanogalaxy.org spam..
> How do I make a Car game with high gravity in Blender ?
that looks like a legit question
I'm thinking "legit but horribly misguided"
I didn't comment about the quality of the question ;)
Better off just naming it "Technology and Latest Smartphones !"
9:26 PM
! "Technology and Latest Smartphones ! - gotta have symmetry
"Technology and Latest Smartphones ???"
Use an inverted bang then
And then each question can sound like a proposal name.
@AnnaLear No way legit. NanoGalaxy is some crappy tech blog and the guy that created that proposal, Nived Kannada, owns that company and runs that blog.
So it really is a spam proposal. I somehow thought it was some kind of smartphone.
9:30 PM
definitely stinks
Spam flags away
@JasonC Upgrading to "loltastically misguided"
TIL you could flag sites as spam; flagged
^ Can "loltastically misguided" also be an official SO close reason? (Or "loltastically" anything, really)
Does the spam system work the same on Area 51 (six community flags deletes a proposal)?
9:33 PM
let's find out
@Jamal And by night, he stars in an *NSYNC cover band.
> You can only Spam flag this post once
Why is spam capitalized?
Because it's serious.
everything is serious in the Area 51
Deleted now, after my flag. (& because of it?)
9:34 PM
Q: General Solution of $y'(x)+p(x)e^{r(x) y(x)}=q(x)$

UserXI solved the case for the non-homogenous constant coefficients case and I wondered if there is a way to find a general solution to a non-constant coefficient case. I don't know how to approach this at all, the substitution $y(x)=\frac{\log (v(x))}{r(x)}$ gets problematic immediately.

I see this answer as an attempt to grab the bounty, asking for a clarification in an answer last minutes before the bounty ends. What should I do?
I removed @JasonC's discussion post, since apparently those don't get removed as well.
@UserX Wrong chat window? Looks like a question for Math chat room.
@UserX Unless that picks up a couple upvotes, nothing. There will be no bounty awarded.
@JasonC That gives me an idea! creates an *NSYNC proposal
@Rafflesiaarnoldii it's a technical matter
9:36 PM
@Jamal flags as offensive
@Jamal flags as loltastically offensive
@UserX Flagging it for a mod was the right call.
@AnnaLear I thought the bounty gets autoawarded to a non-negative score answer if there exists no other answer by the end of 7 days
Okay, the technical answer is that the poster may be motivated by bounty, but unless the answer gets score of 2 or higher, there will be no auto-award.
@UserX Hrm. I forget exactly how it works... I think we only auto-award half the bounty to an answer with 2+ votes, but I could be wrong. The rules have grown over the years. Don't quite have time to dig right now, but I removed that answer.
9:37 PM
@AnnaLear yea but I don't know if it would be answered in time, and I prefer me losing 50 points than someone not worth them getting them. Anyway, no upvotes so no fears, thanks for clarifying that out for me.
@UserX math.stackexchange.com/help/bounty <-- last section, "how is a bounty awarded"
Grr, still no anchor links in help center.
@UserX There's also the factor Rafflesia arnoldii mentioned a couple lines up, which reduces the risk a little.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I don't trust the bounty system. My bounty in Physics SE was awarded to a person I never clicked and there was a 20+ votes answer much better than the one who got it
@UserX "the highest voted answer created after the bounty started with a minimum score of 2". Read the rules carefully.
9:41 PM
@UserX You should have awarded the bounty instead of letting the system do it.
@Andy I wanted to keep the attention as much as possible.
@UserX That's the risk you take then. :)
I assumed it would go to the 20 votes answer
You know what they say about assumptions...
...should have read the docs instead
Well problem solved I guess.
9:43 PM
What happens if the documentation states that the first step is to make an ass out of Uma Thurman?
@JasonC If your name is Bill, you're screwed.
Is mathoverflow in the SE network?
@UserX Yes
It's even got a cute little SE logo in the status bar.
Then why can't posts be migrated between the sites?
@UserX they can...
just not by everyday users..
actually mods can migrate as long as the post is not older than 60 days.
9:47 PM
Oh didn't know that
in Homotopy Theory on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 mins ago, by Jon Beardsley
but yeah, i've got a morphism of cosimplicial spectra in, say the model category of EKMM spectra
Hahaha, the tavern is so much smarter than MO chat.
@JasonC yeah...
More like BORE-phism! Your mom is in the model category of EKMM spectra! Ha ha! KEG STAAAND! high five
^ Can somebody who doesn't mind being chat banned do me a favor and pop into MO chat and say that?
9:55 PM
@JasonC say what?
@JasonC What Jan said?
I live in a field, how could they ban me? :)
Say whaaaaat! No, what I said. Or what Jan said. Or whatever you want to say.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SELECT WHERE PHP by roggie on programmers.stackexchange.com
> A room for anyone interested in homotopy theory, or any nearby fields
Not me^
But anyway...
in Homotopy Theory on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 17 secs ago, by J. Musser
I don't know anything about homotopy theory, but I do live in a nearby field...
We're so useless.
is not useless
If you have over 5k rep somewhere, you're not entirely useless.
10:05 PM
Ah! Erase transcript! Erase!
@JasonC y?
What does my last message show say?
What do you mean?
Does it say 'and' or 'y'?
It says "y"
@JasonC it says and for me.
10:07 PM
@Frank Yeah, that's what I said. It says "y".
(That was supposed to be funny.) But really; maybe something auto-translated it from spanish? Do you have anything that does that in chat?
@JasonC No, look:
What does this say:
That's totally weird.
@JasonC and
10:12 PM
@JasonC wait, no no no that's not what it says for me. It says y.
You guys have some translator action going on.
I was doing that as a test for @Frank. ;P
(to see if and -> y)
What about:
Esta es una prueba.
10:12 PM
Me gusta leer libros.
Dónde está el baño?
I don't like that.
El gato es negro.
@JasonC It says it in spanish. But translating it doesn't even make sense... ser & estar in the same sentence?
And both conjugated?
Don't ask me I'm just typing crap into google.
10:14 PM
@JasonC 'There is there is a quiz' is roughly what it would translate to.
@JasonC I just typed 'crap' into google. Ugh! that was a mistake...
@hichris123 actually: this is a quiz
10:15 PM
@hichris123 Lol, I typed "this is a test".
@Braiam blames it on my spanish teachers ;)
@Frank how about this: t u v w x and z
@hichris123 meh, spanish is easy
Andou mean easand.
10:17 PM
@Braiam Does test translate into anything other than examencito (too lazy to check spelling on that)? i.e. would 'I am taking a test' and 'This is a test' use examencito?
@Frank Andeah that's weird, I totalland tandped "and".
@JasonC Ha!
@hichris123 the heck? "examencito" is just a diminutive of "examen" which translate to "little test", so no
google, you are drunk
(different teachers use different words though. I guess a small test to one is a regular test to another. ;p)
Depends on the size of the teacher, really.
10:20 PM
most words ending with -cito or -ito are just diminutive (little X), -zote, -sote, -ote are aumentative (big X)
@JasonC No I'm not…
@Braiam huh, ok.
^ kind of xmas song...
No soy negro, soy marrón y blanco. Tengo un KEWL GLASSES.
I wonder if spanish teachers really want people to learn spanish... I find that is easier just doing it the hard way™
10:22 PM
@Braiam Steven Sharp Nelson himself.
I kinda wish nice cameras weren't so generally affordable. Everything looks like a car commercial or something.
I like the piano guys.
@JasonC O_O
@JasonC wat
Come on, did you not expect like, a HSBC or Blue Cross or Boeing logo to fade in at the end of that or something?
10:25 PM
I'm annoyed it isn't 4k.
10:36 PM
Well, I did it. I'm getting a new computer.
And no, it's not a Mac @bjb.
@hichris123 ohhhh! Show off!!
getting a Mac, means paying 25% of taxes for me, so don't feel bad @hic
@Braiam Hey, it's my first new computer in... 7 years? So I'm happy.
You have hiccups?
10:39 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 51.7229: Bathtub jaccuzi needs repair on diy.stackexchange.com
@bjb568 Okay, first new desktop in 7 years. Laptop we got 5 years ago.
"first new computer in... 7 years" ==> parse error
My first computer... (it wasn't a mac, either)
10:56 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Don't remember mine
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Oh cool! The first one my family owned was an apple iic.
My grandfather had an apple iii. Which, when he got rid of it when I was little, me and my friend decided to it would be fun to take apart. And we destroyed it. And now it's a relic I regret not having any more.
funny pic
Several years ago I tried to resurrect the poor thing (which never stopped functioning, it was abandoned in favor of ZX Spectrum). It worked but the tapes with programs were too old to be read...
My grade school had a mix of the radioshack computers, apple iic's, and those first macs. I wonder if they've got any of that in storage anywhere, I should pay them a visit next time I'm in town.
Do any of you guys remember that game, Spectre?
11:05 PM
@JasonC Do you remember pong?
Never heard of it. Now that we have a successful History of S&M site, there may be a History of Computers or some such...
Pong (marketed as PONG) is one of the earliest arcade video games; it is a tennis sports game featuring simple two-dimensional graphics. While other arcade video games such as Computer Space came before it, Pong was one of the first video games to reach mainstream popularity. The aim is to defeat an opponent in a simulated table-tennis game by earning a higher score. The game was originally manufactured by Atari Incorporated (Atari), who released it in 1972. Allan Alcorn created Pong as a training exercise assigned to him by Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell. Bushnell based the idea on an electronic...
@Frank No I totally have never heard of that.
Is that some kind of dance move?
@JasonC :)
so fun... not
Man, there was a period in the early 90's where original arcade consoles were kinda easy to get. People were dumping them but they weren't really like, super duper collectible yet.
Now it's so rare to find an original, and they're $$$.
Same with pinball machines.
11:09 PM
I used to have one of these.
@JasonC I have you 50 DD rep.
You guys make me feel old...
I make myself feel old.
I had a PC once.
I just realized that Atari went out of business in '84... wow, time flies
You were alive in '84?
Old trees…
11:17 PM
that was like 30 years ago.
I can't imagine not being alive in the 80's, it must be weird.
Seriously, lol, it wasn't that long ago.
I saw a comment on a 2011 YouTube video today that said "ah, the good old days of the internet". It made me sad.
@JasonC yeah, and you wouldn't have a decent life savings by now either...
@JasonC did you cry?
I cried a little.
Also, I don't have a decent life savings, thanks for making me feel bad about that.
@JasonC yup, np
Planning for the future is not one of my strong points.
11:20 PM
@JasonC bad.
To that end, I should probably get out of nyc.
@JasonC yes.
Very yes.
Very very yes.
I've been meaning to leave but I can't think of anywhere I want to be.
11:22 PM
@JasonC Lancaster Pennsylvania is good.
Raleigh, NC.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SELECT WHERE PHP by roggie on programmers.stackexchange.com
Maybe a cabin in Búmfúkk, Iceland
@MichaelT I need to ask, why do you care where I ask my questions? — roggie 7 mins ago
@JasonC Haha! You won't get decent internet up there (or down there).
why do people become annoying when they go gluten free?
@Frank That's OK. I'll fly into civilization every once in a while when I need to download more console ROMs.
11:27 PM
@JasonC where is Bart's smiting stick when you need it
brings out the trout
You rang?
@Bart No.
@Frank Because only annoying people go gluten free.
@JasonC Ha! I have a pic.
user image
11:29 PM
@JasonC Now I've had a thought. If I post a question, and put a phone number in the title, so that Smokey picks it up, and also put '@JasonC' in the title, will that ping you?
I mean, when Smokey posts it here?
@Frank I imagine it would. It's just a normal chat message. Not really related but I think it also pings people if their name is in the text of a one-box. I dunno.
@JasonC I wish I could test it...
I'll test it. They're gonna get mad at me on mso, but hold on.
11:35 PM
@Frank Of course
@JasonC Does smokey watch the child metas?
@Frank Not sure I am just testing the one-box thing first, not smokey.
Lemme know if you get pinged:
Q: This is just a test

Jason CTesting pings from one-boxes. @Frank . Save your downvotes, soldiers. Deleting in moments. Here's some more text to pass the question filter. And again. Also this. Some of that.

@JasonC No
Of course not.
@bjb568 You say that; but the last time "@JasonC" was in a one-box, I did see it highlighted.
11:38 PM
It's highlighted, but didn't notify me.
I just wasn't sure if it made a sound.
@JasonC No, no sound.
Pings are also a red circle thing next to the posting box @JasonC @Frank
@bjb568 Those have never appeared consistently for me, though.
@bjb568 I know, the notification that I didn't get.
11:39 PM
Oh THOSE circles. Yeah.
@JasonC they appear for me whenever the sound goes off.
The inbox notifications aren't consistent though. (That's what I thought you meant at first.)
Those appear after a while of not responding.
11:40 PM
Users with not enough rep to chat here could send someone here a message through Smokey, if they wanted to. I should create a sock just to try it out.
@JasonC Yeah, if you are gone for long enough without clicking/replying to the red notifications in chat, it'll go to the inbox.
@JasonC that was fixed
Which is why I hate nbeing pinged after I say 'cya'.
We could test the smokedetector title ping but I'm kinda 99.999999999999% sure that one will work. Do pings in @Frank backticks work?
@JasonC yep
How long does it take smokey to notice a bad post?
11:44 PM
I'm 15 years old — roggie 1 min ago
I know, lol.
4 mins ago, by Jason C
We could test the smokedetector title ping but I'm kinda 99.999999999999% sure that one will work. Do pings in @Frank backticks work?
^ does ping in this onebox work?
Heh, the internet is weird. I think another consequence of being born post-internet is you don't quite appreciate that 95% of 15 year olds shouldn't really be able to openly communicate with the rest of the world.
Maybe 95% of any age, for that matter...
@JasonC Of course
11:51 PM
Still waiting for it to detect my phone number MSE title. I'll give it 30 seconds before I give up.
It should really say brown when you do that.
I give up; dunno how long it takes to detect phone numbers but I don't want to be too much of a douche on MSE.
I just got 100% game completion on Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. That was a fun...39 hours.
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 84.2618: Remitting Money To India Towards Home Loan Repayment on money.stackexchange.com
@jadarnel27 Nice
@hichris123 false
11:58 PM
I wanted to get my money's worth out of it =) It's been a while since I paid full price for a brand new game.

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