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12:14 AM
I made nearly all my apps free for for a day yesterday and got almost 200 downloads. \O/ (A few paid ones too!)
1 hour later…
1:18 AM
I think I need to quit Facebook, Twitter.
Why's that?
'Ello there @AlexMiller
Knowing what other people I know are thinking annoys me.
Ah, that is very understandable, actually, heh.
I never started using Twitter anyway (due largely to my lack of anything remotely worth typing out), thankfully enough.
1:27 AM
cocos2d-iphone.org/archives/1572 <--- cocos2d-iphone ported to webOS, just weeks before the TouchPad/Veer cancellation...
(I was interested in that...)
1 hour later…
2:51 AM
@TimStone not due to my lack of trying tho!
3:22 AM
@jcolebrand Are you around?
I'd like to discuss the save files, which i'm kind of implementing now.
I be
Remember we discussed autosave, and you said that I should do that in favor of manual save?
Well, here's my question, assuming unlimited save files, and manual saves, when do users get to name the save files, and how do label them in a menu?
I remember us discussing that
Oh? Ok.
ok, problem #1
what to you is an autosave?
3:25 AM
/me is listening.
for me it's when I hit the home button and it knows what I'm doing
if you want to give resettable checkpoints then you need two save points
a save cannot occur during a battle nor during a transaction in a store
I'm talking about the checkpoints.
@EatmoreTwisters You could always become a famous athlete first. Or a sailor. Or an aide to a man of the cloth. And if all else fails, become the victim of a crime.
@jcolebrand What is a transaction in a store but a battle between two people over price?
3:29 AM
my point Moshe is that what I'm talking about is how you recover when there's a mega failure (home button counts here or a crash). I would rather have autosave
if you want to go back to the place you were on monday because you shouldn't have bought that one sword ...
then you need a different save mechanism
and if you're doing that, call them two different things
(One of my friends just started working as an immigration attorney, and I've been hearing about all kinds of special cases secondhand.)
they will work the same
now, as to what to do about that ... are you going to always have the same map? (makes things easier)
What do you mean by "always have the same map"?
I'm using a bunch of smaller map files.
3:31 AM
are they auto generated on the fly or statically known at compile time?
Static TMX files (base64 data wrapped in XML) loaded in.
ok, so you know the map-id when they're on a map
and you know the coordinate of where they are on the map
you know their inventory and stats
you just need a way to store all those things together
map location, stats, inventory, time of game (assuming you track this) and any other game-state that you keep in variables.
like bosses fought, current quest, etc
but all those are going to be attached to the user at some point, or to a global object in memory
it would be so much better to illustrate this as a JSON object, but I'm not sure that you can use that for where you are right now
3:50 AM
@jcolebrand Right, I'll be using an object called "SaveFile".
You sure do disappear
I'm sorry.
The artist is finishing the first tile set and we're a bit overexcited.
I'm not quite able to use JSON in this case, but an NSManagedObject should be close enough to that.
well yeah, that's rather my point isn't it?
that should be good enough
you know what the structure looks like, serializing it is a matter for the datastore most times
3:54 AM
I suppose I need to work out the petty things then.
what's a petty thing?
Core Data relationships.
Which serialized NPCs/Items are mapped to which save file, etc.
Also, how to display the save files.
I'm thinking Avatar+Name and perhaps playing time/some other significant stat.
I would always keep the autosave in slot 0
then put the savegames in slots 1..N
So the play menu would look like this:
New, Last Autosave, Cole, Kevin, Tim, Moshe, <Close Button>
the slot is just a slot, there's going to be a title for the slot
something like that, yes
only, I would limit the number of save slots
you get three, or five, or whatever
4:00 AM
That's helpful, actually, especially if it's showing more than just a list of text. Avatars may be more complicated to mess with movement, but meh, I'm being lazy there.
4:28 AM
Hello, @MichaelPetrotta
Hi Moshe.
4:54 AM
Ah, see your registration. Cool.
5:46 AM
how do I take my googledocs offline for selected documents?
2 hours ago, by Popular Demand
@EatmoreTwisters You could always become a famous athlete first. Or a sailor. Or an aide to a man of the cloth. And if all else fails, become the victim of a crime.
That sounds like a great idea. So I have to acquire a qualification that no one in the US has. Simple!
@EatmoreTwisters sounds about right.
I think you should totally do that.
How about castle-keeper. I'm sure I could learn that in Scotland.
Seeing as you Americans don't have castles, I should be pretty unique.
we have castles
Rats. Where?
Aww man
@jcolebrand: Hi
I'm not sure what I did to get singled out, but hello
But then, there need to be some so I can find a job.
I could get a degree in fortification chemistry. You know, the guy who mixes the tar that is poured from the castle walls onto oncoming attackers.
that would be helpful
I see that it has become 1am
time for me to go pretend I know what a pillow is
5:58 AM
Makes sense!
well tbh I hadn't realized it was so late
a few of us are going to do the nodeknockout competition in a couple days, so we're trying to get the last minute (the stuff we should've done first) things in order
Yeah, that can happen!
so I've been hand wireframing (ya know, on paper) the room layouts
@jcolebrand I don't know what that is but I'll find out straight away
Me, I'm just having my morning coffee.
Time zones are a weird thing.
it's fun stuffs with node.js ;)
@EatmoreTwisters yus they are
6:01 AM
Ah, interesting!
Nice. You are participating? A few of us = a few from this room, or friends/colleagues of yours?
from chat.so moreso than this room
but after the competition I have a feeling several people from chat.*.se are gonna join in
Nice. Good luck.
I'm even curious if balpha is gonna toy with it :p
@jcolebrand: i had created a new blog for poems
6:04 AM
we want to recreate this chat system in node and html5
so javascript and HTML front to back
Wow, cool!
I hope so
But in two days? That sounds like a massive undertaking
especially if we can pull it off
well, there's three of us, and we all think we're pretty good at coding ;)
that's why we're doing the prep work this week leading up to it
that's why I'm up at 1am ;)
I see, I see. Wow, impressive! Looking forward to seeing how it works out.
6:06 AM
but think of how many times you've had someone ask for these chat room as a software download
"where can I download the chat software to use on my site"
if we can provide that to them as a package that runs on linux or windows as a standalone server that can be mined later ...
and make it nearly feature compatible with this site so that it is familiar in operation
I would love to have a copy internally at work
Chat would have a lot of uses for many people and organizations.
something I want to do afterwards tho once we have a good build is I'm considering if they should be federatable
so like alerts cross server
or cross pastability of messages (the way this chat oneboxes messages, etc)
@jcolebrand sounds interesting, but I'm not sure how much it would be used
6:08 AM
but that's for once I have a working app
I'm not either
@jcolebrand yeah.
that's why I am leaving it way on the back burner ;)
It would be perfect for special cases, networks of chat sites etc.
that's what I'm thinking
or internally for a company with many chat servers, one for each department
allowing dissemination of system messages rapidly
@jcolebrand yup.
6:09 AM
or allowing managers to cross post information
Gotta think big ;)
I just don't want SEI to get pissed at us :p
but since I was reminded of a meta post about the legality of the SO clones, this is pretty well covered
@jcolebrand Yeah, like say, huge organizations, government institutions where everyone runs their own servers
you know where my mind is going too ;)
and the system is designed to be self-publishing forever, so it should stand up to SOX etc
and we may finally have the ability to remove starred posts from somewhere other than the room :p
Do you plan to build in I18n from the start? i.e. dictionary placeholders instead of hard-coded english messages?
oh ... fudge ... no
I think we want to get a system up and then come back on stuff like that
there's not that many places with hard coded strings are there? "Starred" ... "Other rooms you're in" ... "send/upload/clipboard/fixedfont"
@jcolebrand Yeah.
It would probably be too much for the contest, but I would recommend you implement a dictionary early
6:12 AM
the views would have more hard coded string data, the chat windo itself would be easier
That's a great point, I'll keep that in mind as I'm building things. I may actually implement it for the contest depending on the time. I have someone I could get to do portuguese, and I imagine I could tap you or a couple others for German, yeah?
I could probably pull spanish too
@jcolebrand Definitely!
might be a neat trick to earn us a few points, have the interface changeable during the competition.
but yeah, probably postmortem
Anyway, I have to run! Good luck with the contest, I'll follow it as much as I can.
Good night and see you later!
yeah, I should be going myself
I'm sure we'll keep the room here posted
and thanks Pekka!
You're welcome!
If it all works out, your application will be the first thing I dabble with in Node.JS.
Later then!
6:25 AM
@jcolebrand Hell yeah I will. Any code public yet?
man we can't start the competition until UTC saturday midnight (7pm local for me)
we're not supposed to write even one line of code before then
and even if we don't get any kudos from them for the project, the people that have asked for this on this chatroom alone are gonna kinda make it worth it
you just wanna see how close we come to your setup :p admit it ;)
it's gonna be a couple months at least I imagine in our spare time to match up to anything close to what this system does
and why am I still not in bed?
that I can't help you with
rhetorical ;)
shit there's a lot of views and stuff to plan out for this ...
@balpha what do you think your original investment in time was on the first release?
6:31 AM
two fulltime people, ~2.5 months IIRC
(although I had to learn all the tooling first, and Marc came in a few weeks later)
@balpha you and Marc?
tooling meaning MVC?
and I started as part time, actually
was this your first project?
6:32 AM
@jcolebrand before this job, I had never used visual studio in my life
and never written a line of C#
and yeah, this was our debut/test project
well this will be my debut/test node.js project ;)
I've written a couple scraps of code in it so far
well, I have my major sketches done
now I have to work out all the smaller bits and pieces
and work on several subviews
good thing my wife has a doctor's appt in the AM
night everbody
6:37 AM
6:52 AM
@jcolebrand 'night
7:31 AM
@jcolebrand Am I reading this right? You're planning a re-write of the SE chat engine?
Sounds awesome.
tee-hee - MSO Rep at 1024.
4 hours later…
11:35 AM
Seems I'm just a second too slow. :P
2 hours later…
1:56 PM
@jcolebrand That does seem like an insane timeframe. But I'd be interested in helping out. Or at least spectating. (I saw the word "contest" in there, which leads me to believe that there may be rules/restrictions I'm not yet aware of.)
This is the first time I noticed the word contest.... What contest is this?
8 hours ago, by jcolebrand
a few of us are going to do the nodeknockout competition in a couple days, so we're trying to get the last minute (the stuff we should've done first) things in order
Thanks Balpha... always the helpful one. :)
I may quote you in the future ;p
This after he shared that "I'm a phony" link yesterday.
2:05 PM
That was jcolebrand who shared that link... it's on the starred list, staring you in the face right now :)
@Fosco And he's the one who is in the nodeknockout competition as well. I don't see the problem.
I thought you were referring to Balpha. Nm.
Timing is not your friend.
> A leaked GameStop memo indicates that employees are to open the regular PC release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and discard the included OnLive coupon.
And now they've announced they'll stop selling it entirely until they get pristine coupon-free boxes.
Stay classy, GameStop!
(in other news, all GameStops in town shut down last year. One was replaced with a sandwich shop. Really good sandwiches.)
Lol.. I really don't like that store at all.
2:23 PM
@Shog9 Now I'm hungry.
heads to get a snack
2:40 PM
So hungry..
2:51 PM
digs in for a 3 hour session of waiting.
Training day.
3:21 PM
3:41 PM
Client: "What does this error mean: Database 'xxx' is already open and can only have one user at a time."
Me: "Ask whoever is doing maintenance on the database."
Client: "Ooooooooooooooooooh...."
love it!! totally obvious error messages.
very nice of you... I would've probably re-stated the error message.
4:01 PM
Sorry Moot! :P
O rly
Frustrating that there was nothing I could do to prevent that catastrophe.
2 hours later…
6:16 PM
@tombull89 that is correct.
@PopularDemand yes, but we're not going to do a rewrite of everything
just the core functionality at first
we'll probably throw it all away and rebuild it after we find the pain points from the first version
What I'm debating is to make it in such a way that it can tie in with an SEI/OSQA rep system for sites running both together
I don't think I want to tho, as that would not suit the purpose of this chat system initially.
However, if the OSQA folks wanted to put together something similar to the SEI but for frees and on your own hardwares, I wouldn't be opposed to helping them. Just not something I want to pursue
It has so many uses beyond sei/osqa that I wouldn't associate it..
That's my initial thought as well
so many internal teams would be able to use something like this side-by-side with other avenues of communication
once we perfect oneboxing, the thing to do would be to have a comparable gist clone attached to this, as well as a copy of the imgur stack for image upload embedding
So the things we're leaving out for sure for the contest: multi-room-notification in the sidebar, image uploading, most oneboxing.
6:35 PM
I'm not sure why everone is dropping jaw, but ok, I'll join in:
what are you rewriting chat in?
so pretty much ground up javascript, but on an evented with redis and couch behind it
also, because it's for a competition.
6:43 PM
what competition?
also, because so many people ask for the software for the chat system, so I want to give back
5 hours ago, by balpha
8 hours ago, by jcolebrand
a few of us are going to do the nodeknockout competition in a couple days, so we're trying to get the last minute (the stuff we should've done first) things in order
5 hours ago, by balpha
I did a CTRL + F cole on the registration page, didn't see you.
and since I've been discussing with various SEI emps about the legality of recreating a comparable system for free and not getting in trouble, and since I was directed more than once to the meta post about the legality of the OSQA clones, and since I want something to do that's not work related ... this wins.
@Fosco hmm, that's odd, I've gotten the emails they've sent me over the course of the past two days
6:46 PM
@Fosco on which page?
you know it has endless scrolling right?
Now I see you. I used their search box and it worked.
I need to work on something that I can show to prove that I don't suck, heh. Here's to hoping I can find the energy for that.
6:50 PM
@TimStone we could technically use a fourth, but you have to be present most of the weekend and write code :p
you could definitely bring your userscript skills to the table and help make the SEChatMod a first class citizen.
@jcolebrand Neither of these things are an issue for me, although I actually did have something I wanted to work on, so my plan was to try and get started on that. How long do I have to decide? :p
tomorrow at 8
In the morning?
maybe sooner for actual registering an additional team member, idk
I thought we were limited to 3, but I see a lot of 4s
no, at night
6:56 PM
So that's a firm maybe?
@TimStone recruitment?
I'll need an email to inject you into the team
You should totally get Tim Stone to join your team... he'd be a great addition. That said, I don't have any plans this weekend, might be interested if he backs out.
Node knockout starts in 1 day & 5 hours
@jcolebrand we are going to rewrite everything potentially
7:01 PM
Based on the way this week has been going, I'm mostly worried I'd actually be a braindead addition. ;) But thanks for the vote of confidence, @Fosco. :D
If the first alpha is solid after the 48 hour sprint we'll continue working on it
@Raynos I meant all the current features
of this chat
ok, I'm late for a 2oclock
it's 5 minutes away. I'll be ok
@TimStone my email is on my SO profile. Send me an email if you want in.
7:03 PM
Ping me if you want to know more info or come bother us in node.js chat
Will do.
7:16 PM
Is the internet down or just me?
I feel like this is a trick question.
@Raynos @jcolebrand while I will be unable to have any part of this I wish you all the best as I've been hoping for an SE Chat clone for a while. Can offer web space though.
@tombull89 No worries. you can help by voting on nodeknockout ;)
I feel like my hosting provider put me on an IP ban
7:34 PM
Good luck @jcolebrand and @Raynos in the nodeknockout competition.
(Pin that ^^)
Be friggin hilarious if they decided me uploading a website was a DOS attack.
"He's using services! That means some of them won't be available for others!"
Ah right, you do have a Canadian ISP.
7:50 PM
My StackExchange pen has run out of ink with barely any usage :(
Weird, mine seems to still work fine
@Fosco - You must be at a really high altitude. :P
@Fosco System message: Your writing does not meet our quality standards. Please revise your earlier documents -- we recommend using the official Stack Exchange Sharpie -- to regain your Stack Exchange pen privileges. In particular, make sure each document has a clear thesis and correct use of English.
@TimStone FileZilla's default settings are indeed apparently too aggressive for them.
@mootinator How did that a move like ten letters?!
8:03 PM
I'm not even sure.
@mootinator Huh, go figure.
Laptop touchpads are mysterious in their ways.
@Moshe I am often high....
@mootinator no, they are not. The only thing you need to know about them is how to deactivate them. Preferable on BIOS or hardware level so they have no chance of coming back. #@!# laptop touchpads.
8:20 PM
I have a Pavilion dm1 and my typing gets screwed up all the time because I touch the touchpad with my palms. I haven't found a way to turn it off yet (but then, I haven't looked that hard... And I do have big hands.)
I'm kinda looking forward to when it will be too cold for kids to play outside. Then again, that means that they'll just play inside...
@EatmoreTwisters I'd love to see Jeff respond to that bug report. " -- this is an issue with Pekka's hands, not us"
8:44 PM
@PopularDemand :D
I would turn my touchpad off but I use it.
9:18 PM
for some reason im banned from talking in SO chat
im not sure what i did
i havenet been on it in a while
since a half hr ago
I must get 10k on so so I can see what offensive thing you said.
@mootinator i have no idea what it was
i just went back to chat for the 1st time in the hr and saw i was banned
wow. ddnt know that got one-boxed
that was accidental
9:36 PM
It was probably because your calling somebody else an Asshat in the PHP room was flagged as offensive by 4 or so people.
That's why Meta is a better place. You can swear in here. Somewhat.
Asshat asshat asshat
only somewhat
and some of us wear asshats everyday
I like mine, it's comfortable and smells of tuna
Tuna, eh?
@EatmoreTwisters haha maybe
but he was being an asshat
and that was hours ago
@EatmoreTwisters pekka - why the new name?
@EatmoreTwisters, thanks for the google heads-up!
9:48 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Should I wait to whine about the new profile popups deployed on Meta? :p
Seems a bit less than ideal, heh.
@TimStone lol
is that only on meta?
Well, I just started dressing up a build for a client. It's moving along fairly nicely. It's depressing to see native controls all mangled together without a nice polish.
@Neal At the moment, yeah
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