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2:18 AM
People work at odd times.
no I don't
wait, what?
2 am isn't an odd time, it's an even one.
I need my computer to not tell me about unhandled exceptions at 8:00pm
Tim you should write me a couple of oneboxing mechanisms
does anybody know if there's a direct API pull I can make from the SEI chat servers to get a single message as JSONP so I don't have to look it up?
2:20 AM
Especially ones which involve a regression which would have been prevented had I written a proper unit test the last time I encountered the same thing.
as in, I don't want to look it up, will you do my lazy for me?
@mootinator ouch
@jcolebrand Ask me again after I finish this mini-userscript and finish more documentation. ;)
@TimStone speaking of mini userscripts
next week I need to write something for this server
it won't take too long
@jcolebrand I don't fully understand what you're asking.
Presumably I'm involved in this somehow? :P Well, I certainly won't be going anywhere.
I want to supply chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/705559#705559 and get a json response with a P callback
2:22 AM
Unless the hurricane washes me away, then maybe..
it is coming right for you
are you guys evac'ing?
Pssh, a little water..
No, I'm not in a particularly coastal region, so.
I am pretty close to sea-level, but that's not a huge issue.
you're in a fricking coastal state
your entire state is a coast
I'm surprised your state has anything but coastline
I was actually kind of hoping that the weather was going to get extreme soon enough that I'd have an excuse not to go into the office tomorrow, but the forecast says it's going to be completely sunny all day, until around 4:00.
2:39 AM
Has anyone heard of Bloodshed Dev-C++ (an IDE)?
Well, that's what my instructor wants me to use for my Intro to C++ course.
It's interesting since the last update on the website seems to be from '05...
And, it only runs on Windows.
I'm about to find out if it gags on Win7.
ok ...
have you seen that new fangled hammer they invented?
it totally looks like a hornswoggler
oh, that's right, once a tool is good enough, there's no reinventing it
2:43 AM
Right, but the last version of it is 5 beta 9
Like, no final release, just a beta.
ok ...
Hah, it just prompted me to choose if I want code completion.
Whatever it is, it is.
Should I be concerned that the CS Professor's page has animated GIFs on it?
Since it's a C++ course, no.
Ok, let's see...
Yay, I can haz blank window.
And now back to my regularly scheduled setting up my wordpress site.
2:50 AM
Noooooo, WordPress!
Wait, one of my siblings (don't remember which) asked me earlier:
"Why is it called a unicorn, shouldn't it be a unihorn?"
wordpress, oy!
Does anyone know why the C in unicorn is not an H?
actually, to be fair, setting up wordpress as a custom cms wasn't entirely horrible.
The WordPress insidey bits are scary.
2:53 AM
I didn't look at any of the core stuff. Just cms stuff inside a separate theme.
so are my insidey bits
@Moshe I suggest asking skeptics
or EL&U
Thankfully I don't have to ever debug you.
@jcolebrand Skeptics? Why?
@TimStone keep dreaming pal. One of these days we're gonna be playing lasertag, and something is gonna go horribly wrong ...
@Moshe um ... really?
@jcolebrand That was me, being skeptical of your suggestion. :P
2:55 AM
@Moshe yes, that's why you should suggest it there
see, it all works out
@RebeccaChernoff I thought I'd give it a shot, since my company theoretically supports it. Though its insides baffle me.
@Moshe Because horn isn't horn in latin.
Though more the template designey side, which I'll likely never have any need of knowing anything about.
@TimStone pffft, make him go ask
then we only have to explain it to him once, the internet gets slightly smarter, and we save our fingers
I think it should be unichorn.
2:58 AM
I'm almost afraid to ask what is supposedly going to happen to my fingers.
@jcolebrand You, Sir, have just explained StackExchange's philosophy.
@Moshe lol
@TimStone you're supposed to be working them to the bones on code
or driving to NJ, one of the three
I'm voting for underwaterness
@jcolebrand I think even the dictionary has that answer, though. :P
I'm also near water. Not sure what I'm gonna do. Prolly stick around. It's a melted blizzard.
3:00 AM
@TimStone you should ask him then why he didn't consult the OED
I repeat:
@Moshe you, sir, are not privy to a private conversation that without two days of backfill would escape you. Just understand I was giving Tim a moment to smirk at me
Ms Irene Hurrican is nothing more than a melted blizzard people. Get. Over. It.
I was going to make a joke in relation to your previous message, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate.
see my prev message ;)
3:01 AM
why do I like this track so?
@jcolebrand Ah, got it. I don't got it.
aye ~= oy
3:02 AM
As a side note, hurricanes are fundamentally different from blizzards due to the amount of water that must be removed in a given period of time.
I was editing a gist
I should finish that
You were editing a gist
Hong Kong actually has a whole network of huge undercity reservoirs to capture all of the run-off from major typhoons.
You should indeed finish that.
A console window just flashed on my screen unexpectedly. Should I be nervous?
Oh, I forgot, I'm running an installer. Nevermind.
@jcolebrand Somehow I didn't anticipate this being the song you were talking about.
3:04 AM
@jcolebrand Starred for later, so I can look when I'm on Mac.
Also, noticing that the network of student-facing college sites are rife with spelling errors.
yes they usually are
most of the internet is
Well, I don't know enough C++ to do anything useful. Can anyone point me to some tutorial that makes something interesting?
@TimStone Also, we don't get hurricanes in Saskatchewan.
Yeah, if a hurricane shows up in the Prarie Provinces we're all screwed.
3:14 AM
you never know, it could happen
Okay folks, going to play UrbanTerror for a few and then off to bed.
Enjoy the weatherperson's sensationalism over Ms. Irene. (We should really give her a last name.)
I used to play UrT on a semi regular basis.
Can 10K users see the moderator flag queue? Someone on Photography - Stack Exchange seems to be able to see it.
@DragonLord yes
it's a way of helping out
When did this become possible? A mod on Super User once told me this was not possible...
3:30 AM
it's been recent
Thank you very much. Good night.
3:52 AM
@TimStone I'm also digging this one:
Is it ironic that I find names made up names ending in -ify annoying?
Given that my handle is a made up word ending in -inator
4:19 AM
I have made a logo consistent with my approximate design ability.
4:44 AM
@mootinator I like it :)
5:37 AM
Cool, pundit badge.
Though, I am curios to know which comment triggered it.
@GeorgeMarian yes.
So, in other news. I've finally managed to remove the duplicate ATI Catalyst Control Center entries in my menu.
Alas, I'm not so sure I've determined cause of hangs nor fixed them. Though, it may be that its not caused by the proprietary drivers.
What wasn't so nice was the scare I had when I rebooted to a console because xorg.conf wasn't removed. LOL
5:58 AM
Hmm...I wonder if my monitors will go to sleep correctly now. Do I dare give it a try?
Ok, I can chalk that up as another accomplishment. I just hope it remains accomplished. :)
6:30 AM
@GeorgeMarian congrats!
Thanks. It was unintentional, but I'll take it.
Well, that reiterated that I have not fixed whatever is causing my system to hang. Though, yet again, it seems related to the a Firefox window.
6:47 AM
Hi there!
I was wondering if anybody could advise me on the question I raised here: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/103976/where-to-ask-question-regarding-online-solution
6:59 AM
@ChrisSE Web Applications is the goto place for most webapps
but, as you mentioned in your Q
> I wanted to ask whether anybody knew of a good place to publish "blog
that'd be either here, or Root access
@Sathya Thanks. So, do you know any website providing this kind of service?
@ChrisSE are you looking at webhost?
> whether anybody knew of a good place to publish "blog"-like articles which would provide a permanent public link to refer too, without the hassle of creating an entire blog for a single article
Have a look at tumblr or Posterous
7:15 AM
@Sathya Intriguing suggestions, I hadn't heard of those
@Sathya Hmmm, they are still big blogging platforms, aren't they? My ideal (don't even know if such thing exists) would be a service a bit like pastebin, providing a public link to a single page, but unlike pastebin, the page would be in a "blog"-like format. The idea is to publish one or 2 posts and share them on social networks (or by email), but without having to start a new blog.
@ChrisSE your use case fits posterous or tumblr perfectly. They aren't "big" - you can use a bookmarklet or send an email to post them
@ChrisSE For example: my tumblelog or posterous
@MTibbits Really? 'm surprised.
@ChrisSE Other alternatives are something like friendfeed or Google+
@Sathya Actually Google+ is the reason why I wanted to use something like that. I wanted to publish a quite long article (for a "wall" anyway) to some of my circles and the "blog" format was what I wanted to go for. But at the same time, I didn't want to start a new blog just for one post
@ChrisSE well, it's a one time thing. Plus if you have Gmail, you already have an account. shrugs
@Sathya Ok. I'll check these site in greater details and see if they match what I want. Thanks a lot for the suggestion
7:26 AM
@ChrisSE you're welcome.
@Sathya , I live in a box... ;O)
@MTibbits hehe :)
1 hour later…
What the...?
@balpha Nice one :')
9:17 AM
@DragonLord 10k users have partial visibility into the moderator flag queue but they can't see everything
Oh, @balpha, I went to answer this question, but I realized that I didn't have anything official to link to as justification, heh. Presumably it's in UTC because that's what makes sense for the transcript, and the oneboxes are prerendered? (or is that not true?)
we couldn't figure out any way for the transcripts to be in any other timezone than UTC
I don't recall the exact details, but it's a hard problem
ah yeah, I forgot to answer that
checking the twitter onebox code...
yeah, it's UTC
(which is what twitter returns)
Jon Skeet Time, JST
9:21 AM
@JeffAtwood only in winter
we work on IST. Indian Stretchable Time.
Also, 'ello Jeff. Sorry to disappoint, by the way, heh. :/
@Sathya Hahah, what?
their process is bullshit IMO
long story, but it also turns out they "weren't actively looking" which I wasn't aware of
@TimStone IST. Indian Stretchable Time. Keep the meeting at 15:00 & they'll stretch the designated starting time to 16:00.
Ah, well it was basically a new experience anyway, so it was educational either way.
Ahh, yes. :D
9:24 AM
I sprayed so much cleaner in my mirra it's very damp to sit in now
yeah, working at home seems like a good idea until you realize the cat threw up on the mesh part of your Mirra.. THREE DAYS AGO. Ick.
Eww, that's pretty nasty
@JeffAtwood fun times.
I figure they don't cover that in the warranty, huh?
@TimStone Act of God clause?
9:28 AM
@JeffAtwood for the newsletter?
no, we're looking at a form of an automatic bountying system to get attention to "important" questions
since bounties are so rarely used outside SO.. how many are there on SU right now? 4?
Heh. I had a cat short out a monitor of mine with some up-chuck.
determining "greatest hits" is surprisingly difficult.. views is best, but we also want to factor in anonymous user feedback too.. the "voice of those who cannot vote"
Q: "AOC monitor" lock & unlock OSD

SjBhow to lock and unlock "AOC monitor 21' " OSD ?

9:30 AM
essentially, which questions represent the face of your site to the outside world?
AOC monitors must have real complex UI :/
those are the ones that need to be maintained.. the ones that have a lot of votes have already been touched by active users, for the most part
@JeffAtwood agree. 16k views and only 4 upvotes on question, 2 on answer.
we're trying to decide if we want to give "free" bounty pool to high rep users to use on other people's questions, or let the system assign automatic bounties
we're going to increase the # of active bounties you can have from 1 to 3
@JeffAtwood very much prefer the former
9:33 AM
@Sathya What does that question even mean?
@GeorgeMarian That is messed up.
I don't know what "locking" a monitor even means @YiJiang
don't ya have those child-proof thingies on your TV/remotes?
hit a nunch of buttons and the buttons don't do anything?
They have those for monitors? ...Why?
hmm, no, if I do, I never knew about it
9:35 AM
An on-screen display (abbreviated OSD) is an image superimposed on a screen picture, commonly used by modern television sets, VCRs, and DVD players to display information such as volume, channel, and time. In the past, most adjustments on TV sets were performed by means of analog controls, like potentiometers and switches. This is still used in modern monochrome portable TVs. After remote controls were invented, digital adjustments became common. They needed an external display, which was LED, LCD, or VFD based. Including this display increased manufacturing costs. When electronics bec...
A lock for this?
@TimStone Yeah, it was a pretty good monitor. I forget if it was 19" or 21" CRT, but it was the biggest monitor I had up to that point. I did get a new monitor out of it, as it my gf's cat. :)
@YiJiang yes
Ohh, I suppose that makes a bit more sense.
@eat will be excited, I believe he asked for more than 1 bounty at a time for a while now
@GeorgeMarian Heheh, well that's not a bad trade I suppose.
9:36 AM
Q: Why can't a user have simultaneous bounties any more?

Eat more TwistersTo celebrate the new bounty system, I was just preparing for a shopping spree - for example, I need a good YAML parser for a project I'm working on, and thought I'd add a bounty to this question from 2009 to find out whether anything new has come up since then - only to discover that after starti...

@TimStone Yeah, the monitor was getting old. So, I guess that was as good a way as any for it to go.
Hmm, will high-reputation users be motivated enough to go out and award new bounties, even if they're free? I imagine if they have a list of user-highlighted questions to choose from, they will...although there might still be some hesitation if their name is going to be attached to the bounty.
I guess that's what the bounty categories takes care of, though.
AOC International (, formerly Admiral Overseas Corporation) is the house brand of TPV Technology Limited (, ), the world’s largest manufacturer of computer monitors. TPV Technology Limited is a Taiwan-based company. The group designs and produces a full range of CRT and TFT LCD monitors as well as LCD TVs for distribution globally. Overview TPV Technology Limited is an investment holding company. The company manufactures CRT monitors, LCD monitors & LCD TVs mainly in China and sells to Europe, North and South America, China, India and other Asian countries. TPV has a total production ...
Apparently this is "AOC"
Why have I never heard of this brand?
@TimStone I actually favor letting the system do it; for one thing on many SE 2.0 sites we don't have enough high rep users. And the mods have enough to do already.
9:39 AM
@YiJiang pretty huge here in SEA..
@Sathya I am in SEA
I suppose I could be convinced the mods should get the free bounty rep pool to use on /questions/greatest-hits
@YiJiang oops.
Community user already auto-bumps a certain # of questions per hour; that user could also assign, say, 1 bounty per day. If we can figure out the right criteria for it.
the advantage of letting users assign free bounties is that they could then decide the award, too. Bounties for "improvement" are rather subjective in how you award them.. it's one thing to award a bounty for best answer, but .. best edit? best series of edits?
totally different thing
Hm, yeah...Trying an automated approach would be pretty tricky I imagine, since people are (well, at least usually) better at judgment calls than some heuristic.
9:42 AM
I'm not convinced a lot of users would be wanting to deal with the care and feeding of these improvement bounties
@JeffAtwood Community also bumps questions that have been abandoned by users - you need to distinguish those to be not given the bounty
@Sathya none of those are really related, only things on /questions/greatest-hits would be considered, broadly speaking
btw, @Jeff there was talk about something like Stackathlon being looked in to - any word on that?
there really aren't enough multi-site users with significant rep for it to be anything other than ultra-niche.. I do like it, but I also have seen the #s of people it would be applicable to, it is maybe 100 network-wide
granted that is probably 100 of our very best users
it's still on our list, just may take a while. by then maybe we'll have so many sites and so many users that multi-site rep will be a bigger deal
9:49 AM
@JeffAtwood I think it would work on sites like Gaming, since there seems to be a number of users who are directly invested in maintaining the site on all fronts, but I'd also believe that isn't the case for every community.
well, the basic improvements in the bounty system are coming first
e.g. bounty reasons, and > 1 bounty active per user
@TimStone Oh, guess what may just lead to me using Chrome more often? I haven't figured out the cause of those hangs, but they always seem to happen while opening, closing or displaying a Firefox window.
I might favor giving the mods a pool of experimental free bounty rep to use as well
when is Chrome going to switch to the rendering style used in Firefox and IE9 now?
traditional font rendering seems very old-school now
9:54 AM
Hm, right, documentation writing... @Sathya, when this (project) is all over, want to join me in burning Visio to the ground? If I ever see another diagram again, it'll be too soon.
@TimStone I'll be glad. The flame thrower's ready.
@JeffAtwood Explain. What's the difference in the front rendering?
Firefox 4+ renders more or less the same way, so replace IE9 with Firefox as well to taste
9:56 AM
Unless that tells me that IE10 will have pushState support, I'm going to be disappointed.
@GeorgeMarian Well, Firefox 7 is on the way with all these new stability improvements, right? Heh. Also, turns out the whole version number thing was just a big misunderstanding. ;)
> IE9 bypasses OS font smoothing settings in favor of Microsoft’s DirectWrite text rendering engine, which makes type look incredible. It also ensures that all IE9 users will see type rendered the same way. Firefox 4 will reportedly also use DirectWrite for text rendering.
@TimStone Ironically, I'm using Firefox 5, since it seems to be less hangy.
Thankfully, I kept all those old versions around and I just have to change a symlink.
@JeffAtwood great!
9:58 AM
26 mins ago, by Jeff Atwood
we're trying to decide if we want to give "free" bounty pool to high rep users to use on other people's questions, or let the system assign automatic bounties
This sounds interesting, too.
the answer to so many of these problems is "insanely high DPI displays" , but except for on 4" diagonal phone screens, good freaking luck ever getting there
@JeffAtwood So, this is worthless on my Linux desktop. :)
it's open source, so when it's broken you get to keep both halves
Yeah, I've given up on my desires for a high DPI monitor.
@JeffAtwood LOL
@GeorgeMarian Ah, good thinking.
10:00 AM
@JeffAtwood Yeah, I'm feeling that pain these days.
A: What is the significance of the new text on the buttons of the Flag Dismissal dialog?

Jeff AtwoodThe names were changed to more accurately reflect the intent of each flag dismissal state. Helpful The flag was helpful in some way, even if the moderator did not agree with it or take any specific action as a result of it. and Declined The moderator can't see any utility in t...

Add yet another MSO question to my list of favorites for me to forget and simply ask @TimStone to find...
Hah ;)
10:19 AM
HI everyone
There are a lot of people thinking that facebook.stackoverflow.com is their support for questions like this stackoverflow.com/questions/7202271/delete-a-old-account/… and this facebook.stackoverflow.com/questions/7202393/… .. wouldn't it be better to create new SE site for this purpose?
man fb needs to clear up that any question on SO line.
Ahh, so web applications.SE is for questions like this?
10:25 AM
@genesisφ yeah, I'm interested to see how this plays out - whether the masses can be educated not to ask actual FB support questions there.
@Eat But when would be new SE created it would eliminate such problems
@EatmoreTwisters looking at I'm really skeptical. And on Super User
@Sat why?
Q: Synergy specific entry page

Matt JenkinsWe are linked from the Synergy support pages ( http://synergy-foss.org/support ) as the first port of call for support requests about Synergy. They currently link to http://superuser.com/questions/tagged/synergy Quite often people who visit us through that link don't realise that this is a gene...

> Thanks for raising this - I didn't know it was an issue until yesterday. We've created a new site for our primary support channel (synergy-foss.org/osqa) but still refer users to Super User as an alternative
@Sathya yeah.
@genesisφ maybe, but a new SE site would have to be thought through really well. Plus it would have to have strong community support to get going
10:34 AM
@EatmoreTwisters I'm going to propose it on area51. We'll see
Hmm ... Technology?
@genesisφ proposal for what? facebook? why? It'll overlap Web Applications :/
I meant for facebook as a whole. Facebook itself and programming, too
Something like we have FB.So now
That's far too widely scoped.
@genesisφ way too broad & again, overlap.
I don't think so. It would be just a mix of SO & WA
10:38 AM
why?!?!?! would be my question.
I think saying it's a mix of two existing, and intentionally separate sites just proves @Sathya's point.
Okay, screw it ;)
@genesisφ you're free to raise the proposal. Just don't be surprised if it gets closed down.
Sure I know. But I think it would be closed in less than a hour ;)
Well I'm interested to see when these questions will be only about programming, next one facebook.stackoverflow.com/questions/7203417/…
@genesisφ already flagged.
10:50 AM
me too
Wait. Flagged, or just voted to close?
@genesisφ I don't have VTC privileges in SO, so flagged.
stackoverflow.com/questions/7203464/… plzzzz give me teh codezzzzzz
I forgot it. I have no chance to flag it as offtopic when voted to close
BTW could someone tell me does this question meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/103863/… get downvoted 3 times? What is wrong there?
Not sure. Perhaps because it didn't have any context initially
@Sathya good point. However it get downvoted AFTER that edit
@genesisφ no idea, tbh. I wouldn't have downvoted, nor would I have upvoted (prior to the edit). After the edit, yeah I'd have upvoted. But shrug.
11:00 AM
@Sathy okay, thanks. At least somebody...
@Sathya seriously, someone is going after me. And not for the first time. Yesterday - stackoverflow.com/users/764846/genesis?tab=reputation
well you've had 3 other people upvote
Yes I know.
-2 16:57 downvote How to post feed on application's facebook wall from an android app?
-2 16:56 downvote Referring page to app
-2 15:56 downvote $.getJSON - ajax is sent but callback function is ignored - Internet Explorer
-2 15:56 downvote What's wrong on this query?
-2 15:55 downvote How can I get color ("white", "yellow") instead of rgb(255,255,255)?
@genesisφ happens, it'll get caught by the suspicious votes scripts anyway
I know it will :)
I just feel it's the same person. I've got no idea why... It's sometimes better not to comment when downvoting
@Sathya aren't they executed at midnight?
not sure..
11:24 AM
@sathya, what's the link for only-retag?
I wanna make script witch will give me direct links to retag, so I wanna know link to that
@genesisφ not sure. You have 10k+ right, you should have inline tag edits
No. I have only edit
@genesisφ you have inline tag edits too. However the cursor near the tags
whoops, you'Re right. thx
Posted by Jeff Atwood on April 6th, 2010

We’ve had inline tagging as a moderator-only feature for quite a while, and it’s been fairly stable, so we decided to roll it out to all users with 10,000 reputation or more.

If you have the requisite 10k reputation, just mouse over the tags on any question page, and an “edit tags” menu item will appear. Click it, and just the tags will become editable.

This is the standard tagging UI, except loaded inline rather than on a separate editing page.


11:31 AM
hmm. facebook.stackoverflow.com/posts/7203423/edit-tags? however, there was option to non-inline-editing
@genesisφ try without the facebook. subdomain
Dammit. must include at least one tag not related to Facebook - why?
12:07 PM
Q: Burn many movies to a Video DVD

PallavanI bought a DVD with 4 ninty mins movies. Now I was trying to write such a DVD, but don't know how to do it. I tried to write it using DVD-Flick, but it says 98% for single ninty mins movie. Anybody knows the best solution. FYI: I have windows 7 pro x64bit DELL Desktop. and my movies are 700mb d...

do the above post is encouragble in stackoverflow
voted to close
@genesisφ dont vote it for close, move it to Superuser
I voted it to move it to Superuser
It needs 4 votes
me to did the same
@Damodar I think you didn't. You do not have enough reputation
12:12 PM
@genesisφ i have it in SO not in MSO
Damodar, Hyderabad, India
415 16
415 rep is not enough
@genesisφ iam able to flag on others if it is reasonable.. also check my flag weight
for flaging only 15 rep is required
I know it is
but it's not close/migrate vote
your flag weight is 370 - and?
it's like 10 posts or so if I remember
@genesisφ iam not getting you dude
3 hours later…
3:34 PM
@Damodar what @genesis mentions is you're flagging, not voting.
3:53 PM
user image
@Sathya Programmer protests! What's that bill for?
@TimStone Anti-corruption
The Jan Lokpal Bill (), also referred to as the citizens' ombudsman bill is a proposed independent anti-corruption law in India. Anti-corruption social activists proposed it as a more effective improvement to the original Lokpal bill, which is currently being proposed by the Government of India. The prefix Jan (translation: citizens) was added to signify the fact that these improvements include input provided by "ordinary citizens" through an activist-driven, non-governmental public consultation. The Jan Lokpal Bill aims to effectively deter corruption, redress grievances of citizens, ...
Ah ha
4:09 PM
What happens to my classes if we get hit by Irene? The Subway says they are likely to close down.
@moshe - I sort of assumed subways were mostly immune to above ground things
Water has an interesting way of succumbing to gravity, heh.
@Moshe I assume if it causes significant disruption they'd postpone your classes a few days, but I could be wrong.
@TimStone Yea, I just called a friend who's been there for a couple of years. He said that if anything is cancelled, I'll get an email.
@awoodland The news was discussing the MTA's pumping systems and how they're probably inadequate, despite millions in funding for the pumps.
Well, we shall see. Hopefully everything is ok.
I already got a frantic phone call from a relative asking where I'm going for the weekend, since my whole neighborhood is being evac'd.
I didn't hear of such plans for evacuating.
Oh well.
4:44 PM
@Sathya wait, this can't be true, girls don't know how to program.
Do I really need to add a joke tag to that everybody?
my browser doesn't support the HTML5 joke markup anyway
5:22 PM
Btw, tweeting @irene doesn't deliver any messages to the hurricane. Sorry.
That's clbuttic right there
5:46 PM
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