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4:01 PM
So uh...Who chose the colours of the Stack Exchange Shiny Hover Tag Information-o-Matic?
@TimStone I'm guessing Jin, because the Shiny Hover Tag Information-o-Matic style has designer written all over it
I mean, the color combination, slight top bevel highlighting and drop shadow is pretty good
I saw orange links and was like "..What?"
<a title="subscribe for email notifications on this tag" onclick="javascript:subscribeTagSE('feature-request', 'False')">subscribe</a>
@TimStone I like orange on black, it's not too bad
No, it's not bad by itself, just in the context of Meta I was confused.
@TimStone What, are you actually surprised by that? Please...
4:06 PM
I guess since it's on all sites, it doesn't matter.
@TimStone It's that color on all graduated sites. Sketchy has a different one though
@YiJiang No...but....
If you need reminding, this is the div that contains the votes, view count and answers:
<div class="cp" onclick="window.location.href='/questions/74332/what-does-subscribe-in-the-stack-exchange-shiny-hover-tag-information-o-matic-d'">
On balance, that is an absolutely horrible way of accomplishing the task
4:09 PM
Our Solaris Backup Server is complaining...
Solaris? Eww!
This frightens me
@TimStone I <3 ZFS
But I may replace this server with FreeBSD
I actually don't have a lot of experience with Solaris, I'm just talking shit. :P
since apparently it's not healthy
@TimStone ZFS is amazing, it's the best filesystem EVAR
oh lordy. I overdid it
4:10 PM
Sounds like one of the disks is bad, no?
@radp I'm scared to ask what it was that you overdid.
@TimStone it does sound like that. These are virtual VMware disks, on a SATA drive
@TimStone It wouldn't help!
So methinks the SATA drive may be bad!
@radp NEVER!!!
@Josh Ah...yeah. :/
@radp Are we already beyond the point of saving?
4:12 PM
@TimStone Not yet.
Whew. There's still hope then.
4:43 PM
'Ello there @balpha
hey hey!
'Ello to you as well, @ChrisF
@balpha That's mildly disturbing as a greeting
Heh :P
Evenin' all
Just back from exercising the dog on the park. It's bl***y freezing!
4:46 PM
It's gotten a bit chilly here too, and it seems to be snowing outside...Which means that my sick self and I will be staying in.
Temperatures have risen by some 10 degrees (C) here in the past few days, almost frightening
It's like in spring
That's a lot. We're still in the middle of a cold snap - though not as cold as December.
Yeah, I just got used to the cold and to be honest, I liked it.
The air felt cleaner than ever before
It was the coldest December in the UK for over 100 years - averaged -1° C
On the up side, next week would have been my turn to keep the sidewalks in front of the house free from ice. Seems I'm getting around that this year
4:48 PM
I'm a big fan of the cold myself. Keeps me alert, unlike my terrible sleeping habits.
Hah, lucky break then. ;)
Got down to -15°C and even -20°C in some parts at night - which is cold for the UK
@TimStone yeah! They're supposed to be ice free at 7:30 in the morning
Oh wow, I'm hardly ever even awake at that time. That would be...problematic.
@TimStone yeah, same for me :)
@ChrisF Oh wow, that's pretty cold for most places. With the wind chill, we're down to -6°C here at the moment, with similar temperatures forecast for this evening.
4:51 PM
We had -7°C some mornings (8 am) - at least according to the thermometer in my car.
@ChrisF where in the UK are you based?
You're not telling in your whois record :)
East Midlands
@ChrisF Right!
@Pekka Well I don't want stalkers ;)
@ChrisF yeah, I can understand :)
We have to disclose an address in Germany, even if we're private individuals
For purposes of delivering court mail
We have to disclose an address in Germany, even if we're private individuals
4:56 PM
I suspect that the courts can get the ISP to disclose the address in the UK
We have to disclose an address in Germany, even if we're private individuals
speaking of whois - I've just discovered that the .com version of my .net domain is available at a reasonable price. Should I get it?
resets @Pekka
Sorry about the hiccup, I had problems with my connection
@TimStone :)
I thought there was a bit of an echo :)
4:58 PM
@ChrisF Hmm, why not? :)
I wanted to commend @balpha and @marc for the gracious way chat deals with outages, but it's not 100% after all :)
@ChrisF why not, if it's not too expensive.
@TimStone That's what I was thinking. The only problem is that my .net renewal's not due until May and I'd like to synchronise the dates. However, if I wait I risk someone stepping in.
On the other hand, I cleaned up my domain portfolio recently
If I look at the money I spent needlessly for domains to be "complete", I could weep
That would have been a small holiday somewhere
Ah, that's a fair point.
So my general advice is, if you're not a company with a valuable brand, keep it lean
5:00 PM
@Pekka £9/year
@ChrisF sounds not too horrible.
Heh, I need to pick up a new domain for myself. I have a Rackspace cloud server that's just been idling, waiting for me to move things over from my old shared hosting...But I've never had a personal domain really, only one for the web development that I used to do.
@Pekka Indeed - hence my question. I just need convincing :)
@ChrisF yeah :)
If you can, get a robot account with a direct NIC / Nominet / whatever registrar
They can be much cheaper (seeing as they pay something like $0.50 a year for a .com domain, IIRC)
But usually, they have a minimum of 40-50 domains so it's not always worth the effort
I got the .net domain when I was out of work a couple of years ago to see if I could get any business. I got some hits - but only when I was back in work!
5:05 PM
Always funny how stuff like that likes to wait until after you need it to play out, heheh.
I'm keeping it going "just in case".
It's certainly good to have a back up plan. I'm a little lacking in that area, but aside from catastrophic company failure, I should be good for the next few years, heh.
Hi @RebeccaChernoff
We've still got a lot of migrated questions on Programmer's that haven't be reattached to their rightful owner
Oops - should have posted that in the Teacher's Lounge. Sorry
Q: Why is so many features hidden?

Ladislav MrnkaI wonder why do you implement so many nice features without showing them to all users? I am visiting Stack Overflow for about 5 months. 2 days ago I asked something here on meta and during it I found plenty of interesting information here. For example: I had no idea about Search! I didn't know ...

5:16 PM
Because of the joy of discovery, of course!
@TimStone Ha! Not really, when you have to keep reminding people to 'discover' that they aren't really pinging me when they keep writing '@Yi Jiang'
I'm not sure that you count as a hidden feature :P
But yeah, that's true.
Yey for black bean soup and new virtual machines! \o/
(My two activities of the day so far :-)
As with all cooking that goes on around here, my room mate is in charge. Which is a very good thing, t's why the food is delicious :-)
5:28 PM
Ah, interesting...someone's apparently reviewed the software I wrote on YouTube.
But then you'd know what I do! ;)
This is true :-)
My attempts to trick you always fail @Tim! ;-)
Though actually you already do, but you probably don't remember. :P
5:32 PM
@TimStone I remember it had something to do with software for managing / analyzing very large/complex data sets, if my memory serves me correctly...
which it doesn't often do, so I may be incorrect :-)
That's kind of close ;)
I don't think you ever gave details ;-)
I also think my memory may be mixing your job responsibities with @Sathya's former job description, LOL
Nah, but I showed you the output of the program, which had the name in it, heheh.
@TimStone AHAHAHA, ok, yes my mind did forget this point ;-)
5:40 PM
Heheh, yeah, it was when we were talking about the database thingadongdong.
Oh noes! I made an oversight, hrm.
better than an undersight
Yeah...this is kind of annoying though, now I have to figure out how to work around this.
I don't know specifically what you did obviously but I can relate to annoying oversights
Yeah, I fail miserably at time estimations, hahah
I may create a sockpuppet on programmers and ask for advice
5:52 PM
Good point ;)
@TimStone Just what I need is some client using that to argue a bill, LOL
Well, I guess it's only really an issue if you're done more quickly...I find that my misestimations work in the opposite direction. :P
Ah, yes..
Someone's going to come in here and see a ton of (removed) s and think WTF???
I'll just tell them that you were talking about something dirty, it'll be OK.
6:01 PM
Aww, wee little Chat Feedback.
Introducing The Tavern, and it's sidekick, Chat Feedback! Applause please :P
Poor Chat Feedback looks like a toy house :(
6:05 PM
@TimStone Yeah, well like they say, some rooms just aren't destined for greatness :D
Hahah :P
I would like to see the zoning permits for this.
Plus, chat feedback looks awfully close to the airport
@Pekka This isn't Sim City ;)
@Pekka Chat Feedback must be low income.
@Tim yeah :) To be fair, it isn't in permanent use, so it should be okay.
But it looks infrastructurally... challenged
Seeing as the roads are not leading anywhere
But I like how the Tavern is connected.
6:08 PM
@Pekka Blame the local town concil road construction AI
Yeah, it does seem to be a bit isolated.
@YiJiang impossible! That calls for reelections.
But the Tavern has it really nice. An Airport and a train station across the street, can't complain
Q: When a question is off topic, it takes too much effort to get directed to the correct site

hunterpHello, I've asked questions that I thought were on topic, and really should have just been, but the questions get booted as off-topic on over 4 different stack exchange sites before one accepts them. This process is inefficient, embarrassing, frustrating, and causes unnecessary tension. There ...

@TimStone Towns and cities always start out without roads in between them, unless they're ridiculously close
Is that a discussion or a feature request? It's certainly not a bug.
6:09 PM
The player is the one who's suppose to do the connecting
@YiJiang Ah I see, I'm not familiar with the game
@YiJiang Yeah, I know. I started up the game, but haven't played yet ;)
Dammit, the competing AI player is finally making money... after about a dozen bankrupts
6:35 PM
LOL @ cPanel install messages:
Warning !!! Warning !!! WARNING !!! Warning !!! Warning
Waiting 5 seconds........Done
This install will take 10-70 minutes depending on your hardware.
Now is the time to go get another cup of coffee/jolt.
Note to self: answer this tomorrow.
@radp It's kind of a dupe, but meh.
Now that I realize what he's really asking for is arbitrary migration paths..
ok, time for lunch at P.F. Chang's! \o/
Very nice. I should consider eating sometime soon...
Just realized that it's almost 2 O_o
6:52 PM
@TimStone It's TTM 1952
(Timezone That Matters)
so you should be readying for dinner.
Ok, what happened to the "Where is the FAQ" FAQ on Meta?
6:55 PM
hates mini markdown and causes trouble elsewhere
Now you're eating with portals.
@radp How cool is that
@radp (:
Hm, I really want to get done this work so I can work on the userscripts :( shakes fist at it
in the commitment phase of an area 51 proposal; can the subtext under the title of the proposal be edited by come users?
7:27 PM
@user10926 Yes, you need 1k Area51 reputation.
Moderators can also do that.
8:06 PM
why has my netflix stopped playing
My computer can't handle 4K flash video :(
Not that it really matters, because I only have a 1920px wide monitor
Seems fine on my laptop. I chose "original" size. Am I doing it right?
buffering super slow, i imagine the file size is huge
Good grief, ~5fps.
New Sandy Bridge system this month, none too soon.
How do you see FPS on YouTube?
8:20 PM
just guesstimating it
it seems pretty smooth here
i just have a core i3 laptop with radeon 5650
C2D, nVidia 7600 (I think). Maybe 4.5 years old. Time for something new.
@MichaelPetrotta move to Europe! No Netflix here. (For now.)
wait this is an i5 not an i3
@Dan: braggart :-)
8:23 PM
@DanGrossman Right click → Show video info.
@radp: I love me my netflix
Anyone here familiar with recent Intel CPUs?
i7 > i5 > i3? heh, thats about all i know
it got way too complicated to keep track of processor models the past few years
used to be simple, now they have multiple naming schemes going simultaneously every year
8:29 PM
Yep. As evidenced by my question, which boils down to: 990X vs. 2600K, price is no object.
it seems to be an argument in favor of one of those processors vs. the other
but I can barely parse a sentence of it :)
> Anyone like the OP (glw165) can certainly benefit from a vanilla P67 given their specs and an additional GTX470, a pair of 470's won't need more than x8 each. But if planning a 500 or 600 someday with the P67 board, might as well get one with an nF200 or Lucid Hydra for extra lanes
good arguments, but boy, the 990X is a little sun, compared to SB, and will end up being harder to cool/noisier, as well as requiring a video card. But there's bragging rights in a 990X.
six cores/12 threads.
Dunno, I'd favor low power consumption and size over raw power in most cases
this is for a desktop, but yes, power consumption matters.
neither of these will ever be manufactured in a laptop
I ditched a home media server in favor of a 5 watt plug computer primarily to save on electricity... and switched from xbox to google tv for netflix on the TV to save on power and fan noise
^ new home server, sharing that USB drive on the network and running nightly backups
8:42 PM
Heh. I have that same shelf to my left. Router and print server where your drive is.
In a few years I'll be able to run Windows 8 on that thing, heh.
how much is the plug computer?
no, ethernet and usb ports
so it's located near a router
8:44 PM
neat. my htpc is running out of disk - this might be a good may to bump it up.
2 hours later…
10:46 PM
Man, I so wish I was using Python.
Having to massage the C standard libraries is irritating.
what, you don't like strcat()? :)
@GregHewgill I don't like strsep() and now I'm screaming at openssl/des.h :P
since the only sensible use of DES is the triple DES, doing it like that takes three times as much massaging.
t_cryptokey get_random_key(){
    t_cryptokey result; //yes, it's an array, too late to refactor this.
    return result;
waits for @GregHewgill to recover from the groaning
heh, okay
does whatever crypto library you're using not have 3des functions available?
it does, thankfully.
(I'm not requiring handholding right now; since the work is mainly a proof of concept afaik I can get away with noops)
    void DES_ecb3_encrypt(const_DES_cblock *input, DES_cblock *output,
           DES_key_schedule *ks1, DES_key_schedule *ks2,
           DES_key_schedule *ks3, int enc);
(const_DES_cblock is unsigned char[8])
note to self: know the libraries you're going to use before you design against them
11:08 PM
@radp Alternative: Rewrite everything yourself; libraries can't be trusted

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