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12:07 AM
hey @JeffAtwood
How goes?
Whhaaaaa ....
He sneaks in and out like Batman!
He was just checking to see if people were still starring oy messages
Everytime you star an Oy @JeffAtwood sheds a tear
so @drachenstern you really feel the drive is going bad?
I think he's checking to see if I'm going to pester him before he says anything :p
Any other ideas on how to confirm? I was going to copy a file to it and diff the file to compare, and repeat a few times
@Josh which drive? the one that badblocks is puking on? idk ... I'ld have to be in front of it :( [sadly it's when I do my best troubleshooting]
It could just be that the install of badblocks is corrupted
are you able to restart it and fsck the thing?
12:13 AM
@drachenstern Yes. The one you said "I'm pretty sure that means it's hosed" ;-)
@drachenstern This is one of our VMware servers, meaning I need to schedule downtime. But I may just have to do that
ok, so do this:
find another server or somehow get the md5 of a copy of badblocks that runs with no problem. get the md5 of your copy of badblocks. compare.
if a != b then you know that the problem is most likely
if a == b then you need to schedule downtime for last weekend
Great idea
That at least gets you one piece of troubleshootin
it's different on the new server
and they're ostensibly the same version?
12:17 AM
then they wouldn't match
The version that is segfaulting may just be out of date
sorry, figured that was by default clear
OK. I copied a different version of badblocks, the one from the failed server, that one also segfaults
but it does run on the bad server
and those two should have been the same version?
did you copy it to the same path or a new path?
12:20 AM
@drachenstern new path :-)
@drachenstern bah, just checked, no, dying server was a point release newer
then yeah I would try and get a new version of the binary that does execute on your box
cool thanks
but you see what I'm looking at for this one yeah?
> Scientists using NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have detected beams of antimatter produced above thunderstorms on Earth, a phenomenon never seen before.
woot, now we can refuel our warp drives with thunderstorms
12:25 AM
ok to hell with this, I'm going home and getting a fresh start on it in the AM ... stupid javascript doesn't like a single \ ... domain\username -> domainusername and domain\\username -> domain\\username ... wtf man
@drachenstern Want help with that?
12:37 AM
I wish there was a way to label my Outlook emails, so when I get the generic ones from copiers sending me a scan, I could make it obvious what they were.
@LanceRoberts I'm not an outlook guy, sorry...
Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The project strategy is modeled after Mozilla Firefox, a project aimed at creating a web browser. On December 7, 2004, version 1.0 was released, and received over 500,000 downloads in its first three days of release, and 1,000,000 in 10 days. History Originally launched as Minotaur shortly after Phoenix (the original name for Mozilla Firefox), the project failed to gain momentum. With the success of the latter, however, demand increased for a mail client to go with it, ...
1:03 AM
@Josh if you know the answer ('twas the point of the rant ;) )
@RebeccaChernoff Thanks.
@lance you could flag them with a certain flag. I wish outlook worked like gmail
Time to cook dinner
@drachenstern Yep, I just flagged them as important and left it at that.
1:21 AM
@lance set them to orange?
@YiJiang what am I missing from an hour ago (follow the posts up)
@drachenstern My 'important' flag color in Outlook 2010 is purple.
@drachenstern We once again saved the world from boredom.
1:36 AM
interesting website monitoring tool, lovely design
1:59 AM
:doesn't understand how a load average of 0.06 with 4.9%us translates to "50% cpu usage" on linode graphs:
and apparently all these empty HTTP requests pinging the server add up to 1mbps
2:27 AM
@DanGrossman you aware that says session error?
no, I viewed it in an incognito window so assumed everyone could see it, guess not :/
2 hours ago, by Pekka
"Session expired" ahahahahahaha
2:56 AM
oddly quiet in here for a tuesday night
Indeed it is
but what're ya gonna do?
Would someone here be able to address a question I posted?
Q: Can the subtitle of an area 51 proposal be edited during the commitment phase?

user10926I created a "Dermatology and Dermatopathology" proposal at: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/22278/dermatology-and-dermatopathology With that being said, I wanted to know if during this commitment stage a moderator might be able to edit the subtitle of the proposal to something a bit m...

welcome back doc
also, I need some more experienced SE users with bad rashes to sign up
well if you own it, and you can't figure out how to modify it, then I don't know but to let it set on meta
2:59 AM
You can't modify anything during commitment because it's expected that your site has a set topic by that point.
But Robert et al can modify that at any time, if you have a convincing need to do so.
@TimStone I grok the point, but surely making the subtitle a bit more enticing is a good reason for a community coordinator to enhance it no? :p
I so want to ping our resident blue lady for her attn on this one :p heheheh
I didn't look at the question, but I'm not sure how willing they are to make those kinds of changes.
I have a big opportunity to get the national derm interest group (DIGA) to use the forum, which is composed of derm-bound medical students
Surely the subtitle won't turn them away ...
so I want to make sure the subtitle is inclusive of them, and other skin enthusiasts
3:04 AM
Try and get it advertised in a timely community oriented publication too ;) :p
In that case ....
I would suggest that you compose an email to Robert and explain to him with at least three solid points why he should change the subtitle, and explain that it's not going to be detrimental to the site-in-progress, then include the link to the question in the email.
Ah, I see. That may be reasonable...Robert just answered another question, so it's possible he might spot that one and reply.
Or that
This is actually partially my bad too, I read that topic statement when you linked to it the other day and had meant to point out it seemed very limited in audience..
ok, I will wait to see if he replies.
thanks again for the help
3:06 AM
Tim do you ever use the /review route?
will bbl
Don't tell Jeff (even though he's lurking right there) or waffles, but not really. I've actually been meaning to, I've just been busy, heh.
I need to repro a behavior
it offers me the room to close a question, except the close confirm button is grayed out
need a pic?
3:09 AM
And you have close votes left?
I can't repro it, the button ungreys when I select a close reason.
I haven't tried to repro, didn't want to refresh in case I should look at something
Hm, screenshot then?
it looks like it aborted on one of the "window changes" cos I refreshed and no such repeat
Ah :P
But it doesn't remove it from the list after I VtC
that might be a meta worthy question
instead, I'll try this @BALPHA!!!!!!1
3:15 AM
@drachenstern I guess that might not always be desired.
isn't he the one working on that at times?
Like if you vote to close as duplicate, but then want to request a merge or something..
hmmm ...
A: Making Mysql Igore "The" from the start of a LIKE

SarfrazTry: SELECT * FROM company WHERE name regexp '^(The)d'

I think it was just waffles, but I might be wrong.
Ok well @BALPHA!!!!!!!!! can tell me when he gets here :p
3:19 AM
Ah, there we go @user10926. :)
Oh, he left, heh.
He just left about ten seconds before you hit enter
OK, good...I was worried that I only imagined his gravatar there when I went to type that, hahah.
that's ok, I'm pretty sure I am hallucinating on something I was doing at work before I left
That uh...sounds like it could be problematic.
I'm so sure that my header value showed a domain\\username and a domainusername depending on which I pushed in
it was pissing me off, so I left
3:30 AM
Ah, so you were seeing double on the first one?
yeah but as you see it's not reproducible
brb, walking my mutts
that was uneventful
Not necessarily a bad thing.
It's actually snowing quite a bit here at the moment, rather glad I don't have to venture out.
I wouldn't mind some snow, but it aint happening here, all we got was ice
plenty of snow in the DC area
and by plenty, I mean more than the DCers are used to and what NYers might call a dusting
4:01 AM
Yeah, I'm a bit north, towards Philly. It just started a couple of hours ago, I think.
oh i hear it's supposed to me much worse near philly
Yeah, I think they cancelled schools already and stuff. I guess I should look at how much we're supposed to get, hahah.
it probably doesn't matter
Only 4 to 8 inches, not that much.
unless they're canceling work...
at least
i stopped looking at the weather
because i'm still going into the office tomorrow
better i be surprised when i leave the underground parking
4:06 AM
Hah, I suppose so. I mostly work from home right now, so I won't have to drive in it either way.
so i set out compiling gcc yesterday
this, it turns out, is quite the adventure
well I'm trying to experiment with sixgill (sixgill.org)
and it turns out there's this unresolved compiler bug it depends on, but the author wrote a patch for GCC
which is all fine and dandy, except it requires recompiling GCC
the compile ran for 2 hours and my computer core-dumped somewhere in the middle
need to retry tomorrow
but er, compiling a compiler using the compiler you're compiling
seems sort of goofy
@MarkE The GCC binaries are always done that way, I think. They compile the new version with the old version, and then use the new version to recompile its own source to get any new optimizations the old version didn't have
@MichaelMrozek oh I figured as much
I was lost in dependency hell for a bit until I realized I could apt-get the missing libs
1 hour later…
5:42 AM
a compiler compiling itself is, if I remember those classes through the haze, a milestone in any compilers development...
5:57 AM
Ah, @marc, there you are again, climbing up the gravatar list without saying anything :)
OK 'fess up people, who's received the survey results?
@Benjol that's 'cos I'm still reading backwards over my team's discussions
@MarcGravell, ok :)
The term self-hosting was coined to refer to the use of a computer program as part of the toolchain or operating system that produces new versions of that same program—for example, a compiler that can compile its own source code. Self-hosting software is commonplace on personal computers and larger systems. Other programs that are typically self-hosting include kernels, assemblers, shells and revision control software. If a system is so new that no software has been written for it, then software is developed on another self-hosting system and placed on a storage device that the new syste...
@Benjol Anyways, Executive Summary: respondents are surprisingly happy with their jobs. A heck of a lot of them are working in very small companies. Developing for the web. They've got more influence than purchasing power. SQL is the top language :) Windows7 the top OS. They spend lots on gadgets.
And I'm 'old', but not too badly paid :)
6:27 AM
@waffles, thanks for your comment, I've updated a bit to try and make things clearer
Currently pondering what to do about answers containing requests for further information, from users who don't have sufficient rep to use comments.
no worries ... its just the the convert to comment thing is a bit of a double edged sword .... most of the time stuff should just be deleted
@waffles, so you're thinking in terms of the moderator seeing the flag and opting to convert to a comment? Maybe we need to add a moderator policy too :)
Dev question, I didn't see a way to make my answers CW, is that no longer possible, or I don't have enough rep, or something specific to meta?
@Benjol true dat
6:56 AM
bout 6" of snow on the ground so far
It's snowing in the Puget Sound area as well. Tomorrow should be interesting. Good thing I don't have to go anywhere.
7:26 AM
I guess you guys all saw the latest blog post?
@GeorgeEdison the Twitter one?
my job has been hindering my twitting rate! i need to file a complaint somewhere..
Did you read to the bottom? :)
@GeorgeEdison the comments?
7:30 AM
No, the post!
@GeorgeEdison oh nice. just saw it
I've put it on StackApps now.
Q: StackBot - Making it easy to post StackExchange questions to Twitter

George Edison About StackBot is a small C# application that is designed to post interesting questions to a Twitter account at specified intervals. License StackBot is released under the Ms-PL license. Download You can find instructions on using the application, project files (for Mono and Visual C# 2010...

user image
Thanks :)
he's all like "wassup yo?"
7:35 AM
reminds me of the michelin man
Lol. I just took the SE logo and drew limbs and a head on it with the Gimp.
You can see him in context here: quickmediasolutions.com/stackbot
@MarcGravell Yes, my thoughts exactly.
Linode says my VPS is doing 1000 blocks/sec of disk IO, while iostat shows 0.00kbps reading or writing (as it should)
@GeorgeEdison He kinda resembles Cookie Monster there. Well, they eyes and mouth.
7:38 AM
@Dan: Are you happy with Linode?
@GeorgeEdison Aside from not understanding these monitors, yes
it keeps alerting me of high IO rates when there seems to be no IO occurring
@YiJiang looks nice. that's my fav shade of blue
so i could be biased..
@YiJiang Main text font looks a bit scrawny for me on Chrome+XP+ClearType
@YiJiang Comments on the content or the design?
@Jin Ha!
@Benjol Screenshot?
@GeorgeMarian Design, though content would be interesting too
7:40 AM
@YiJiang processing...
@YiJiang the menu highlight on scroll is a nice touch too
@Jin That would be @Ivo's work. I only did the static CSS
@YiJiang I agree with @jin, that's a great shade of blue.
I may just steal it. :)
Oohh, I like how the menu updates the highlight as you scroll.
@GeorgeMarian Go ahead, I didn't spend a couple thousand dollars researching people's favourite shade of blue... unlike Microsoft :P
7:41 AM
that was google
Was it? I distinct remembered it was for Bing
> Based on user feedback, the team estimated the best blue color could generate $80 million to $90 million in ad sales.
"Yes, it’s true that a team at Google couldn’t decide between two blues, so they’re testing 41 shades between each blue to see which one performs better."
7:43 AM
Ha! They both did their homework... not surprising, of course
@Benjol Oh #%^&* Chrome strikes again...
and let's not forget about Apple...
"Section 7.1.2 of Mac App Store Terms of Service: "Your application's primary icon color must be some shade of blue."
i'm going to make stackoverflow.com all blue
because people love blue
Okay... lemme see... looks like I'll have to turn off text shadow then. Sigh... this sucks
@YiJiang FWIW it looks great in all browsers, on OSX!
@Jin Windows Chrome specific problem - Chrome doesn't handle cleartype with text shadow correctly
The Twitter media page also suffers the same problem
@Benjol Eh? What am I not seeing?
7:48 AM
@GeorgeMarian Cleartype anti-aliasing is screwed up for Chrome on Windows, on text with text shadow applied to them
@YiJiang do you see the same problem with question titles on cooking.stackexchange.com ?
it has a text-shadow
@Jin Not on Windows right now, sorry
Would've spotted this sooner if I was
@Jin, checking now...
i don't remember seeing it since I tested the site on windows browsers
i think it has to do with the text size too. probably doesn't look good when they're smaller
7:50 AM
@Jin, it doesn't look the same on ffx/chrome, but it doesn't look anorexic either...
@Benjol because they're on a cooking site, they have plenty to eat
@YiJiang BTW, the code bits don't exactly look monospaced in Chromium.
@GeorgeMarian Huh? That's not possible
Okay, hang on, lemme see... This is the font stack: Consolas, Inconsolata, 'Bitstream Vera Sans Mono', Menlo, Monaco, 'Andale Mono', 'Courier New', monospace;
Which of the font do you have?
@GeorgeMarian can you inspect computed font used?
7:54 AM
@Jin font-family: Consolas, Inconsolata, 'Bitstream Vera Sans Mono', Menlo, Monaco, 'Andale Mono', 'Courier New', monospace;
@GeorgeMarian yeah but what's the computed font? (the actual font used)
Very weird. Surely they didn't break the font-family property in Chromium?
@Jin Looks like the default sans font to me
@Jin Wrong George.
@Jin How do I do that? That's under the "Computed styles" section.
I don't can't see why it should do that. Let me test it here with Chrome beta
Well, that was on interesting eff-up. I was posting a link on delicious.com and some how when the tag entry area should've expanded to a second line it ate the preceding tags instead.
@radp Is that like 4 popped collars cool?
how did he get red eyes
oh i guess its from the strangling
@Reno No comment. :D
@Reno Your inner power is more than proportional with the amount of ties worn.
0 ties → +0 power, 1 tie → +0.1 power, 2 ties → +10 power, ...
Next time you don't know what to equip on your Mage, go with ties.
:P im into hoods and lightsabers
8:24 AM
SF just launched, and the moment I got in, I got ninja'd to a question... nice :D
Q: Novel about genetically engineered children who don't need to sleep

BevanA couple of years ago I read a review of an interesting novel, but I lost the details and have never read the book. The background premise was that genetic engineering had progressed to the point where those who could afford it were "improving" their children. Many of these children had no need ...

The answer is obviously Beggars in Spain, the answerer posted 11 seconds after I started writing out an answer...
A: Are book / movie / TV series identification questions allowed?

LessPop_MoreFizzI'm going to say no. Clearly, this is going to be a contentious subject, but I'd point you to this discussion over on Gaming.SE's meta to get a sense of some of the arguments both pro and con. The key thing to keep in mind about the Con argument in my mind is this: While 'Identify this X' questi...

Beware the LessPopMoreFizzHammer.
You know, it's not bad that I actually know the answer to that question, given that I was born before the novel was published
I read the novella version in a 'Best of' collection, heh. Can't believe it's that old...
@YiJiang ServerFault? ;)
That is going to be a problem for SciFi.SE
@GeorgeMarian Ha, SciFi. Geesh, I need to try to remember not to call it that next time
8:29 AM
You should probably poke @Jin about it and get a new icon.
@YiJiang Yeah. I figured it was SciFi from the context w/o clicking through. But that won't always be the case.
Because in some circles, SF will almost always refer to Science Fiction
@YiJiang yes, but in here SF will almost always refer to Server Fault.
@radp Not anymore if we start talking about Science Fiction, heh. I don't think we talk about Server Fault that much around here, do we?
8:32 AM
Three pages of hits in here, although that includes SF used as "San Francisco" and this recent discussion.
Waits for @Zypher to punch him in the nose
rolls eyes
feel free to ignore the problem
dude source forge
see if I care :P
Speaking of SciFi .. does anyone here believe in atlantis ?
8:36 AM
Oy...The Register butchering the English language again...
> Such DDoS extortion scams have fallen out of favour of late, partly because of a run of high-profile prosecutions. There are fewer ways to make money via cybercrime, including click fraud, scareware and spam distribution.
Actually, that's butchering meaning through the English language, but anyway.
8:48 AM
Whatever happened to @devinb?
And @JonB
anyone know if it's possible to give default values to parameters in SEDE?
Darnit Microsoft! I leave the computer for 20 minutes and Windows decides to reboot and kill all my windows.
@Benjol I probably don't, as I don't know what SEDE is. :)
@GeorgeMarian, data.stackexchange.com
MinDaysSinceSeend eh?
@GeorgeMarian, it is horribly complicated to edit queries on there - sometimes you see the edit link, sometimes you don't, sometimes it saves, sometimes it doesn't... I'll try though :)
Yup, edit > modify > save > no change :(
9:40 AM
:wishes Photoshop was a lot cheaper:
@DanGrossman You don't like GIMP?
Not a bit
9:57 AM
Alex Martelli hasn't logged in in the past 50 days? :|
@radp Turning into a stalker are we? ;)
@GeorgeMarian Nah, just an interesting data point from @Benjol's query.
@radp, you might be interested in this one too: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/s/509/…
Unsurprisingly, the higher rep you have the less likely you are to give up...
@radp Oh yah, it's Benjol's query. I was thinking of the wrong person. :)
@Benjol Well, duh?
(Martelli has 150k rep)
I guess^W^W He's the highest ranked Italian on the table :)
10:01 AM
@radp, yup, that is non-negligable rep
...only to be called "Alien of Extraordinary Ability"
oops, just got random logged out of SO
then auto-logged before I could login
10:30 AM
im curious about the male to female ratio on SO
therest : rchern
-badam tiss-
rather, sadtrombone
oh yeah :D
10:35 AM
@Reno I fear you're going to stay curious for a long time, for that statistic...
i know i know there is no field for gender
@DanGrossman Neither do I. I'm really waiting for an application to do for Photoshop what OpenOffice did for Word users: Essentially, an Open Source clone with improvements.
Can't beat Microsoft UI research: They are good, despite all justified criticism and all
@Pekka I dunno. OpenOffice is nice and all, but I still format my resumes in Word.
Candidate for marathon answer of last week:
A: The Wikipedia of Long Tail Programming Questions

AarobotDuplication is a Hard Problem, and not one that is going to go away by sheer force of will. We can all bloviate all we like about how bad the situation is but what's lacking is a comprehensive solution. So far all we have are scattered suggestions that attack tiny fragments of the problem and m...

@Benjol tl;dr
10:47 AM
@GeorgeMarian, no worries, there's a picture too, look at that :)
@Benjol hehe Pictures are always good.
Yup, answers with pictures always get more votes, even when they shouldn't :)
tl;dr version: "you should make this interface to reduce dupes"
@GeorgeMarian, look at my two most-upvoted answers on English:)
I'm curious to know how many people are visual thinkers. I used to think I was "left brained." I did well with math in school. I prefer directions given to me in terms of streets and such. However, I now know that I'm a visual thinker. I did well in math through sheer will and effort. (My dad would tan my hide if I had done poorly.) And, I prefer directions in terms of streets (with some landmarks) because that's easier to look-up, right down and verify.
10:58 AM
I don't think left-brained-ness is solely about visual/non-visual. If you like your code to be structured, that's left-brainy
But they say a picture is worth a thousand words :)
@Benjol Part of the problem is that it isn't as clear-cut as left-brained vs right brained. That's an over simplification.
However, I do prefer my code to be well structured.
So, I dunno about that theory. :P
@GeorgeMarian really? In my experience, OoO is pretty close to perfection when imitating Word's formatting abilities... Except for a number of book-related things OoO doesn't do as well yet.
@Pekka It may be the fact that I was working on a resume that was created in Word, instead of OpenOffice. However, it kept complaining about some formating that may not be preserved and the paragraph formating didn't correctly display my space tweaks. (That is, the space after paragraph was always zero, even though there was obviously extra space.)
Im 90% visual thinker according to my IQ tests
@Reno I wish I had realized it in high school. It would have made some things easier.
11:11 AM
yeah the first test that i took was after my high school .. I had a lot of interest in art back then
i drew this back then (:
Yup, I had an interest in art, but little time for it. I dunno that I would've wanted to become an artist instead of a developer, but putting some more time into art would've been useful.
@Reno Nice!
Dayum, and at 13...
Im trying to start drawing again ,,, but coding has made me lose a lot of patience
:D back then i didnt know whats copy paste
Yah, I've found the same thing as I've tried to do some sketching recently.
I can see improvement, but damn it, I dunno that I can wait so long to get to the point where I'm -- somewhat -- happy with my skills.
11:19 AM
@Reno very nice work
thank you :]
Q: Best place to meet female programmers (for romance) ?

ShawnIn your experience, where is the best place to pick up female programmers? I have tried craigslist (strictly platonic), but I haven't really met any women I'd consider meeting in person. Most of them didn't even know the difference between AJAX and DHTML. I have exhausted pretty much every onlin...

these answers are funny
The question is funny too
yeah female programmer and romance in the same line
what was he thinking
@Benjol Yah, I LOL'd by the end of the 2nd paragraph.
I re-read "the <center> cannot hold" post yesterday, someone commented about trying to read it without laughing. Impossible. I've really got to get myself a t-shirt with that on.
11:26 AM
@Benjol Cafe Press
Started yesterday here, but couldn't find a hi-res version of the so logo :)
is better than wearing a plain white tee
Dang it, delicious.com! From where do you pull the titles? May I suggest the <title> tag?
@Reno Yah, but even the initiated would wonder WTF?
ru-roh was that a light flickering that i saw?
11:43 AM
@GeorgeMarian if you have a high rep you can wear one of those to an interview lol
@Reno Now that's an interesting idea. Though I usually dress-up for interviews.
Yeah i know it will only work for startups , not corporate interviews (with the exception of companies like google )
still i dont think that interviewers will get the joke since most of them are managers and SO is kinda hip
Yah, good managers are hard to find.
Not a bad start
Meh, there's a SVG version on stackapps
11:58 AM
@YiJiang, ah, that's what I was looking for. me goes
Q: SVG Versions of the Logos

George EdisonLegal guidelines for using these trademarked Icons Icons Download SVG Download SVG Download SVG Download SVG Download SVG Download SVG Packages If you want to download a ZIP file with the SVG files and PNG files for many common icon sizes: Download ZIP -- be sure to review ou...

"Do not use the names or logos owned by Stack Overflow Inc. on any apparel or merchandise without our permission."
@Benjol Oops :D

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