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9:00 PM
But you can email an address that FB can monitor and get new messages as new tickets, and replies goto existing tickets (I guess based on SUBJ) and you can reply from FB
you can also email from FB directly, for CS type stuff
Yeah I figured FogBugs was more for developer use... like Trac
That's what we use internally, I love Trac
Anyone else have a customer ticketing system they use and love?
Hey @Fosco, how goes?
@TheUnhandledException eh it's ok.. you?
hanging in there @Fosco... way too much work, not enough help.
I am thinking about putting my name in the job search hat again... probably going to update my resume and post it tonight.
@Fosco where are you at? What platforms do you work on?
9:10 PM
@drachenstern Northeast Pennsylvania.. C#, PHP, MSSQL, MYSQL, Javascript, etc etc..
I forget @Fosco, do you know Prototype.js at all, or just jQuery?
@TheUnhandledException I used prototype a long time ago, haven't really kept up with it (but it wouldn't be hard)
Man how I wish my company had the budget to hire new talent right now...
Yeah, me too... I'd love to telecommute.
Our CEO has suggested that the next major project we land we'll bring on some new PHP/Javascript to assist us. I'm hoping that's sooner rather than later, as right now me and my team have enough work between now and 1/31/11 for a team twice our size
9:14 PM
Keep me in mind :)
@Fosco ever do any work with MSMQ || NServiceBus?
@drachenstern I am familiar with MSMQ and general SOA, but never actually used it.
I sure will @Fosco -- with your XMPP work you've proven your ability already as far as I'm concerned :-)
hah, that was nothin!
Awesome, because what you did there was well done. Finding good people to work with can be tough! Often the quality is just not there. Actually I've already mentioned you to my business partner @Fosco, so hope we land a big job soon because I'll probably shoot you an email ;-)
9:18 PM
Excellent :)
It's not like I'm out of a job, but after 6 months here I can see it's not going to work out long term. They aren't willing to use any new technologies, are proving to be micro-management happy, and there's no room for advancement.
@TheUnhandledException Not if I steal him first! (Just kidding, we seem to work with slightly different technologies :P)
@Tim watch out, I'll sick @rchern on you!
Uh oh!
@TimStone What technologies do you work with?
9:20 PM
@Fosco I had that on my last job, as soon as I got my degree, sad to say, I was out the door ... within 4 months I was with CurrentEmployer and I am much happier
@drachenstern What was I searching for?
@rchern: Edit: oy
There, fixed that for ya
@Fosco Java mostly, but yeah.
9:21 PM
@TimStone I already realized I was looking in the wrong place thrice over, found what I wanted, and going with "nm"
mostly it turned into a case of rubberduckdebugging
Ah, very good then. My actually doing work and being away from chat paid off. ;)
@TimStone ah yes :)
@TimStone hehehee, perhaps so
I say that we collectively interview @Fosco. Let's play "let's stump @Fosco"! (;
right on @rchern
9:22 PM
We do fun Java though, because Enterprise Java makes me sad. Right now I play with Play!
@rchern I'm game, but not now.. it's closing time!
See you all later.
Later @Fosco
lol, beer thirty strikes again!
Running scared. takes notes
See ya.
@rchern Cowardly subordination is a +/-1
9:23 PM
observation: Fogbugz on a 1920x1080 is overkill
yay for static width formats with auto-margins :(
Since I'm sure y'all noticed, yes I know that meta isn't showing up in StackFlair. (;
@rchern I actually did. ;)
Then I came to whine about it, but you looked idle at the time, so I forgot. :P
I didn't, but I don't check my own site very often because I never post anything there, LOL
saved by my idleness!
9:28 PM
ok, now this is just sad ...
I figured too that with the keyboard navigation bug still looming I had little room to talk anyway ;)
Reasons I love my coworkers, #17 (img uploading)
Wow it sure isn't working @rchern
/me goes to check the web interface to see if images posted via XMPP actually work...
They sure do not
the black outlined box to the right is actual HTML view (static width, snipped to the important part), the rest is chrome debug. Notice all the spacing? Notice the 6col span? /facepalm ... why couldn't it go after the name of the report???
I dropped below 10k!
9:30 PM
Yeah, I wondered why mine was missing about 3K worth of rep.
omg I've created monsters, and didn't even know it. They're using three lines of code to do what one line would do ;(,,,,
@drachenstern Sorry I'm confused
oh crap the black box didn't follow me from paint.net
@TheUnhandledException just know that my coworkers make dumb decisions
moreso than me
<asp:PlaceHolder ID="PlaceHolder2" runat="server" Visible='<%# Eval("GroupName").ToString()== "Alerts" %>'>
    (<asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButton1" runat="server" Text='Remove this Subscription' CommandArgument='<%#Eval("ID") %>' CommandName='true' OnCommand="FlagAlertOnCommand"  />)
Wow coming back to the real SO chat interface after using XMPP for a whole day makes me really disappointed in how XMPP works. A big -1 for me, LOL. (Though it's not really my fault, it's the nature of XMPP, but still...)
@rchern I can't help but notice the official combined flair includes meta
9:33 PM
Oh snap, he went there.
But no black theme nor sites where you have <200 rep
should be <asp:LinkButton ID="MeaningfulName" runat="server" Text='(Remove this Subscription)' CommandArgument='<%#Eval("ID") %>' CommandName='true' OnCommand="FlagAlertOnCommand" Visible='<%# Eval("GroupName").ToString()== "Alerts" %>' />
which is unix and gaming for me, despite how hard I try.
@TheUnhandledException I don't want either of those things :)
@MichaelMrozek Ouch.
9:34 PM
I have ~190 rep on unix and can't break 200! Frustrating. And 199 on gaming! Sucks
@rchern I don't actually use combined flair ever, so you're not losing a potential user
Not my fault the API isn't returning properly. (;
and @Michael black looks so much better on my personal site!
@rchern Unless you made it angry.
9:35 PM
Oh, wow, when did that happen?
2 days ago, sweet!
Hahah, clearly you're committed to the unix.SE cause ;)
I want to go back to StackFlair and add more layouts. Not sure if it is worth it though.
@TheUnhandledException Go crazy and retag everything
I am @Tim, but I can't find unanswered questions I know how to answer
Ah, fair enough :)
9:37 PM
I need to really dedicate myself, that's how I got my SU and SF rep. It wasn't that easy
so sad!
Ha, that looks really weird via XMPP
@TheUnhandledException That is vastly better
What are you buying a sample of for $1.23? ;)
9:40 PM
It's probably something he's writing himself, or that price is a huge coincidence
@Michael wins the prize
That's disappointing.
I'm writing a javascript to pull "1 Sample" out of that quantity menu and create a new "Order Sample" button for one of our clients
@TheUnhandledException For obviousness? :P
9:41 PM
@rchern Your disappointment is the real prize
@TheUnhandledException Ah ha :)
Sometime I need to earn 25 rep on Unix. Then I can just use all my daily votes to downvote @MichaelMrozek. <_<
Q: How do you center dives using only CSS?

angeloHi, I currently use the way to center divs using a table and CSS: <table width="69" border="0" align="center"> <tr> <td width="59"> <div style="position:relative;"> <div style="position:absolute; text-align:left; top: 100px;">div2 content goes he...

This is what I'm ordering:
9:42 PM
The vote fraud checker clearly wouldn't pick up on that, right?
@rchern You'll have to keep getting upvotes occasionally to stay over 25
I've always wondered how I could perfect my diving technique using CSS as well.
I've never seen anyone show up on the vote fraud checker, so I'm a fan of this plan just to see that happen
I would definitely pay $1.23 for that
Assuming the fish bowl is included
9:43 PM
@MichaelMrozek heh. So you'll give me 3 upvotes daily?
All my test products are LOLcats :-D
@rchern You'd have to post something
Details schmetails.
geekporn note: the new monitor blows the clarity of the old monitors out of the water. Was I having eyestrain problems before? </rambling>
I want a triple monitor setup
9:54 PM
heh I want to merely keep mine for now ;)
10:11 PM
@rchern Gimme your account details, i'll do that for you ... gladly :P
10:35 PM
Hmm, the problem with having to replay all of my games on my new Xbox Live profile is that I can't decide which one to play first..
10:48 PM
@AidenBell (;
11:00 PM
Woohoo! I finally hit 2000 on SU, let the editing begin (yeah I'm a neat freak).
@LanceRoberts congrats sir
@LanceRoberts - Whoop. Good stuff
11:17 PM
@TheUnhandledException I was over a friends house last night.. he has a 73" television... as a monitor. I thought my 40" was insane.
@Fosco ....
@TimStone yeah. I have since gone back to using a 24" for most things. The 40" is my second monitor and used for watching videos, etc.
grrr I hate arrogant users with high reps ...
Q: Creating Application/Virtual Directories in a site that POINT to that site to simulate multiple sites. Good idea?

punkouterWe need a way to say www.site.com/india www.site.com/asia www.site.com/usa etc... But we want all these requests to point back to www.site.com and not have to physically create the files and directories for every type of site... so if I just create a virtual directory (www.site.com/india) and...

it's ok tho, I rub back.
@Fosco that can't be good for the eyes
@drachenstern :) I still see pretty well.
@Fosco Yeah, I've been meaning to properly hook up my desktop to my TV for video-watching purposes. I'm not sure how I'd cope with 73" though. :P
11:23 PM
@Fosco you said it was his 73" "monitor"
@drachenstern oh ok.. yeah, nevermind.. thought you meant even at 40"
lol, nah, 40" seems reasonable for a fourfoot interface :p
@drachenstern Ah, to have blocks of code the size of small children..
@TimStone lol
@drachenstern so who thinks I'm the arrogant asshole in the wrong on that question? anybody? yeah, I got snarky, but I wanted the OP to see another way to do things, not just provide a frigging googlelink
I opted not to form an opinion about either of you. :P
11:26 PM
@TimStone well thank you for your honesty :D
am I wrong to think a user with 117k rep should do more than a googlelink?
11:42 PM
I just discovered the fact that chrome knows how to autosearch stackoverflow by using the following in the uberbar stackoverflow.com how to ask (for instance) to get the URL automagically http://stackoverflow.com/search?q=how+to+ask
I'm duly impressed
hehe, i've edited the settings so that on mine i can do "so <search term>"
yeah but this was purely organic, I did nothing.
it automagically put the "search?q=" in the middle and the `+`s
11:59 PM
@Fosco That's awesome. I'm saving up for a nice LCD TV, maybe when I move I'll buy one

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