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6:00 PM
I don't think it faired well on Cooking IIRC
Cooking's is at -4
Q: Write an Elevator Pitch / Tagline

Robert CartainoWe closed the domain naming thread (click for details). Instead, let's start with a killer "elevator pitch!" Joel will be blogging about the elevator pitch approach to naming, but to get you started: The Elevator Pitch This isn't as easy as it sounds. Imagine the user who will never read you...

At least there's participation on this one. The one at Math was answered with a 660 words treatise on why this is A Bad Idea™
That doesn't surprise me. They certainly have fun over there. Hehe.
I've just solved both sites' problems in one fell swoop.
user image
(To be clear, I didn't create that. It's a t-shirt design based on a webcomic.)
6:09 PM
Geez, -4. The community is not happy
Hey @chacha102
Cooking.SE makes me really hungry...
Here, have an unknown Italian cookie
Q: What is this Italian Cookie called?

Joe CasadonteI'm looking for a recipe for an Italian cookie that I remember having as a child. Are there any good sites around that I can describe what I remember and have any chance in hell of someone helping me? Thanks! EDIT: OK, here's what I'm looking for. The cookie is shaped like a gnocchi or cavate...

6:14 PM
I just saw that..
I'm not an expert on Italian cuisine though..
Do we have an SE on Poker yet?
Also, what in the world is "bacon powder"?
@Chacha102 Card and board games should fit, right?
Bacon very finely grinded
Bah ... 7 questions tagged [Poker]..
6:16 PM
That's probably what baconnaise is, huh? Just mayo and bacon powder?
I'm really hungry now..
Man, the West is great. They have bacon powder. Those Jehadists don't know what they're missing out all these time...
Q: How to deal with flooding on a beta SE

Brian CampbellWe have a user flooding http://boardgames.stackexchange.com/ (in private beta now). He is posting so many questions, all formulaic questions about specific poker strategies, that I have run out of close votes, flags, and downvotes for the day. I have warned him, and opened a thread on the meta si...

Which is dangerous because my school now has a cafe
@PopularDemand I would guess so
6:18 PM
It's sure hard to get things deleted or undeleted on the small sites. Not enough active voters.
@Chacha102 The poker-specific SE only has 36 committed so far: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/3425/poker
@PopularDemand I imagine I would like boardgames.stackexchange, but it is very low volume
I guess I should starting asking questions/giving answers
maybe put up a bunch of self-answered questions
Why did we remove CW?
@Chacha102 It was being abused 90% of the time.
Couldn't we make it a 5k ability then?
5k to use it on your own questions, or convert any question?
6:26 PM
@Chacha102 Feel free to suggest it.
I don't have strong feelings either way on that proposal.
When did CW get removed?
If we were to make something to convert other questions to CW, it would have to be a 10 vote mechanism honestly..
But I think you should still be able to, at some point, mark your own questions as CW
It's been a while, like 3 weeks maybe @Moshe?
Making it a vote has been shot down a few times. Letting 5k users use it on their own questions seems ok though
@Moshe 14 Oct
I like the idea of letting 5K users create CW questions. For now, can't mods still create them?
6:28 PM
@TheUnhandledException - Ah
It still is there on the beta sites, apparently
@Michael I was close :-)
@Moshe Not on Unix. Are you looking at the answer box? It's only disabled for questions
@TheUnhandledException I hate it :)
@MichaelMrozek No, my question seems to have become a CW on Apple.SE.
6:29 PM
@Moshe Definitely not
Actually it should be made harder to have questions turn into CW.
It was a dumb question to ask.
@Moshe They can still become CW naturally (enough edits), and mods can convert them. You just can't make it CW from the beginning
@TheUnhandledException Because CW questions really don't belong in the first place...
Makes sense
6:29 PM
@radp I think the only way it could be harder than it is now would be for it to be impossible ;-)
There's chat for chit chat.
I agree, now that we have chat
@TheUnhandledException For generic poll questions, 30 answers/10 edits are easy to get.
Especially on SO.
Which has both the traffic and the 2kers to make either or both happen.
Didn't you notice the CW attitude has gone from "please make CW you horrible person" to "no worries, just answer spam it and eventually it'll go CW"
instead of "oh god not another poll CLOSE"
Ah. No, actually I didn't, but that's probably because since chat appeared I spend 90% of my StackOveflow time on here instead of answering questions XD
6:32 PM
@TheUnhandledException Same here really :D
I'm confused as to what happened with this question of mine:
Q: What to tell Windows fanboys?

MosheI know this question sounds subjective, and if I were arguing Mac vs PC, it would be, but I think in this context it is not. (I just had a frustrating argument about this and I want to clarify the following issues with logical coherent arguments.) How do you justify the high cost of Apple produ...

I know it is a provocative title.
@Moshe "Post Made Community Wiki by Chealion♦"
However, Apple.SE is for Apple users and I was not expecting "PC fans" to hang around
And there are 7 answers
So how are there 4 downvotes?
Also, I'd -1 you if I actually had an account there
ug, @Moshe, ug. -1 and I don't have time to debate this with you :-p
6:33 PM
I think t's a fair question based on the circumstance
Yeah, I'm surprised they even left that open
Indeed. You've been around long enough to know better.
@YiJiang @TheUnhandledException - I'm not looking for debate.
I was looking for the reasons why Apple is considered to be higher quality, hence the higher cost.
Perhaps I should change the question.
@Moshe Phrases like "How do you justify" are pretty invective
@Moshe There's actually 8 downvotes for that post, see the timeline: apple.stackexchange.com/posts/4028/timeline
6:34 PM
You could have worded that very differently @Moshe and you wouldn't be seeing -5
It's half a step away from "How DARE you use Apple products"
Too many weasel words, and the wording make it sounds like you've already taken a stance here, which really doesn't help
I hear.
Okay, so how would y'all rephrase it to be as objective as possible
I'd like to fix the question
I probably wouldn't ask it at all, it's not a particularly helpful discussion
@Moshe You called them
6:36 PM
I doubt the question is suitable at all for that site
@Moshe It's not a window dressing issue. The core of the question isn't suitable for SE.
@radp - I called who?
Remember that SE is for questions which have specific answers
@Moshe You're calling me, a Windows user, right with that title, now I feel offended and feel the URGE to tell you how I'm not a fanboi just because I use Windows.
What makes Apple products high quality?
@radp - I actually have been using Windows since I was 3 yr old. I'm not anti or pro anything.
6:37 PM
I agree with @Michael. However that's better wording right there @Moshe
@Moshe Different issue, if you're wondering why Windows users appeared all over the place it's because you've called them.
"I'm looking for logical reasons why these practices make sense without making Apple consumers look stupid." is pretty argumentative
I'm going to give you the standard "English is a second language" benefit of the doubt, but "fanboy" is often a loaded word.
@radp - But it's an Apple site!
Apple products are consistent because Jobs is a tyrant with a consistent view. Turns out consistency is good.
Here, have your objective reason :P
6:38 PM
@Moshe Not an excuse, geesh...
@PopularDemand - Nope, sorry. English is my first. ;-)
@YiJiang - I know, I was just not expecting Windows users to hawk an Apple website.
@Moshe You must be new to...well, the Internet, really
@MichaelMrozek - Nope. Been making websites since sixth grade.
Anyway, if I had enough rep I'd vote to close.
@Moshe The one comment is cute: "we have all those thongs at Apple in the UK"
6:39 PM
@LanceRoberts - Yea, I noticed.
@Moshe No, but from the point of view of a StackExchange User, it's a bad question, since it's argumentative and subjective and doesn't fit the SE model
@YiJiang - I'm not arguing any of this.
If this had happened only once or twice, then fine. But it's a pattern with you, which means you're either unable or unwilling to change. So regardless of whether you're a low-grade troll, you're getting real close to my personal "ignored" list.
@PopularDemand - What else fits the pattern? I'm willing to change. Be blunt please. I want to know what I'm doing wrong.
6:42 PM
Your questions are consistently not-SE-style, which we and others tell you in chat and in comments.
And yet you continue to ask questions of the same style.
I'm sooooooooo glad that my school has a cafe
Also, you post dupes to MSO with some regularity.
and it has wifi too
@PopularDemand - fair enough.
For what it's worth @Popular I don't think @Moshe is a troll... But @Moshe you do need to heed what the community says with closer regard
I'd like to see you become a more valued member of the community @Moshe
6:43 PM
@PopularDemand For what it's worth, it's not that hard to post dupes on MSO, given how long MSO has been in existance
@PopularDemand - for starters, I'll try to stop posting on MSO altogether unless I've already thoroughly searched for similar questions.
Damn firefox and it's auto-tab re-opening ... it just re-tabbed a migration script and totalled a db
@YiJiang that's true but it's not that hard to search either ;-)
Though to be fair, it should have been POSTified
@TheUnhandledException Am I a valid member of the community?
6:44 PM
@AidenBell Ow.
On MSO, I've skimmed the suggestions, but I really should be more careful.
@Moshe I appreciate it.
@PopularDemand Thanks.
@PopularDemand - Lucky it was a dev system
Ah, the excitement I miss when I go off to lunch. :P
6:45 PM
@chacha102 what, you? no, never! ;-) j/k
Anyway I need to head to lunch myself. bbl!
@AidenBell Shouldn't you have at least added a "Yeah, sure I want to wipe my db clean" button? :|
@TheUnhandledException Have... er, a good meal of yourself??
You'll be missed.
@YiJiang - It was just a throwaway, ran once lol
Roasted, grilled or boiled?
@PopularDemand - As far as the SE questions - You're more correct on the SE sites than on SO itself, but I see what you mean.
6:47 PM
@YiJiang - And it didn't wipe it, it sort of crashed two databases into eachother creating a horrible state-merge
@radp Let's star it, because that's what starring is for - to take otherwise normal messages out of context and make them funny
I need to go now, that swarm of mosquito is closing in and looking for fresh blood
@YiJiang I'm just surprised you gave the first star!
Just to try and salvage the situation, I've rephrased the Apple.SE question and hopefully it will get closed now.
@radp - I just starred that - "Roasted, grilled, or boiled?"
Erm, what's that star about?
@Moshe - I just starred "@radp - I just starred that - "Roasted, grilled, or boiled?""
6:50 PM
And i just starred...
jk - unstarred
@Moshe - What, don't you enjoy recursive humour?
Okay, I've got to go wrestle with ActionScript
@AidenBell - i didn't say I don't enjoy it - it ends up in a StackOverflow.
@radp - +1 for autotwittering
sorry, not -+ , just +
@AidenBell - is that minus or plus one? :P
6:51 PM
You type too slow :P
@AidenBell - me?
I peck, not type.
@radp - Make an account called "MSODigest" and pipe the stars there ( 'pipe the stars' sounds like a prog-rock band)
Really, my ActionScript is getting restless and it's starting to growl at me from within its cage. Bye!
@AidenBell No, no, no, everybody should be autotwittering their own stars! On their own twitterer accounts!
@radp - Pfftt, na, put them into a big feed
6:53 PM
@AidenBell How would you alienate your friends otherwise?
I want to follow pointless waffle in one place
oh, I already do that lol
I don't tweet or twat or whatever you do on Twitter
Why is Firebug still borked for Firefox4? Lame.
Firebug is borked for Firefox 3
@AidenBell How?
6:56 PM
@AidenBell 1.7 Alpha is available for Firefox 4
@PopularDemand - .ajax() success/error events don't trigger
@YiJiang - That's what im using
@AidenBell Thrilling.
Apparently it's behaving very alpha-y
6:57 PM
@PopularDemand Quite.
@AidenBell "Spam" is the word.
I've seen someone spell "bork" as "björk". Pretty sure he was Scandinavian.
@AidenBell - I've just starred "@Moshe - I just starred "@radp - I just starred that - "Roasted, grilled, or boiled?"""
@YiJiang You and your non conforming star announcements.
We need an owner to pin his own message.
And end the meme asap.
Argh, grammar.
@PopularDemand u grammer nazis lol
7:02 PM
@radp It actually made a difference in this SO question.
@PopularDemand their is'nt anything wrong with our grammer. Wer'e perfect.
The OP asked how to do something for an attribute, but what he really wanted was for multiple attributes. So my answer was wrong, even though... it wasn't.

Starry starry night

17 mins ago, 14 minutes total – 55 messages, 7 users, 17 stars

Bookmarked 19 secs ago by Yi Jiang

@YiJiang Double facepalm.
7:04 PM
Only one star per minute on average. I'm disappointed, really
@PopularDemand Still nowhere as bad as a qrpalm.
@radp How did someone create a Google map of a Minecraft world?
And what are those Portable disposal unit thingy?
@YiJiang Lava
Throw stuff in lava, stuff is gone for good.
in Minecraft Talk on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 hour ago, by Fosco
@JavadocMD https://github.com/brownan/Minecraft-Overviewer
> although you see me as a celebrity, a member of the cultural elite, a kind of demigod, I was actually a student here once much like you. I came here in the fall of 1981 and lived in Holworthy. I was, without exaggeration, the ugliest picture in the Freshman Face book.
7:19 PM
> When Harvard asked me for a picture the previous summer, I thought it was just for their records, so I literally jogged in the August heat to a passport photo office and sat for a morgue photo. To make matters worse, when the Face Book came out they put my picture next to Catherine Oxenberg, a stunning blonde actress who was accepted to the class of '85 but decided to defer admission so she could join the cast of "Dynasty."
> My photo would have looked bad on any page, but next to Catherine Oxenberg, I looked like a mackerel that had been in a car accident. You see, in those days I was six feet four inches tall and I weighed 150 pounds. Recently, I had some structural engineers run those numbers into a computer model and, according to the computer, I collapsed in 1987, killing hundreds in Taiwan.
geekporn note: a 23" screen is much larger than a 19" screen (uh-duh) and I think I'm going to have moving down again if ever I have to
is currently coding at 3am in the morning because he can't sleep
@drachenstern To be fair, when upgrading to the screens I have now I didn't realize just how much bigger it was (though I don't have a 23", no way I'd get three of those on my desk).
@TimStone exactly. Came back from my haircut (to be honest, just getting in for the day, but I dropped my bag off beforehand) and ta-da, new monitor.
didn't they just order it friday?
7:27 PM
Awesome, and yeah:
2 days ago, by drachenstern
It guy just skyped me: it is on it's way :D
exactly. let's hear it for good IT guys ;)
@drachenstern Haven't met one yet. grumbles
We accept beer as thank you
@Zypher I was thinking a bottle of glenfiddich 15yo for xmas
@YiJiang that's a shame, and nearly enough to make me cry
that i would not turn down :-D
7:30 PM
oh lord, I think the front panel is a touchscreen for the menu controls
@drachenstern Lemme guess, the actual buttons were underneath :P
I forget the name, capacitive touchscreen?
@Zypher what does it being a thank you have anything to do with it? Just accept beer! (;
almost a strain gauge
lol@rchern too true hehehe
I'm still gonna see if I can keep the third monitor, but for now I'll be happy with just having two
@Zypher You'll be happy to know that I answered a SF question, on SF (instead of just camping). ;)
@drachenstern You might need a follow-up photo to illustrate how much the new monitor dwarfs your old ones. :P
7:35 PM
oh wow I could just cry. This is wonderful. How have I managed all this time with less than 1920x1080? ;)
@TimStone it's not quite that extreme, but I might. ;)
@radp LOL. Eating myself, would that be recursion?
@drachenstern By not thinking about the existence of larger screens. (Sent from a 19" 1440x900)
I don't imagine I'd be very tasty
@TheUnhandledException You missed this

Starry starry night

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Thanks @YiJiang, reading now
7:38 PM
@YiJiang very true. Now imagine my sadness when I go back to my laptop ;)
@drachenstern It really is painful.
@YiJiang Seems like a good snapshot of the insanity that is The Tavern
I open Eclipse and weep over the lost pixels.
@TheUnhandledException Yup. That'll be what I'll be using the next time someone asks what's happening on MSO
@YiJiang That was such a disappointing read. What the heck?
7:40 PM
XMPP -- the interface for SO chat without all that crazy starring nonsense ;-)
@TimStone I just opened SSMS and VS and already weep for the fact that I now have three screens to develop own :D
@rchern I agree but didn't want to hurt his feelings ;-)
Hmm. TweetDeck isn't letting me create a local group instead of a twitter list
@rchern It was missing an injection of your smiles, of course!
7:41 PM
You'd gotten half a dozen stars if you had posted a "oy." or "(:"
oy vey (-:
@TheUnhandledException Nah, too late :P
ok time to get 4 hours of work done in 30 minutes
Oh, TweetDeck got rid of their local Group feature. ):
@TheUnhandledException if you're Dalì, yes.
8:55 PM
@TimStone you seem to have better searchfu than me. fogbugz and Community Wiki ... any meta or SO posts on it?
@room, general question, since SO emp's sometimes lurk here: what do you think the portability between fogbugz and SE is? Reckon the code for CW stuff could be backported in any way to fogbugz? I know Joel is heavy in both sites, albeit they're not the same sites
SOunds like no so much a "@room general question" as an "@StackOverflowEmployees question"...
Damn I wish I could edit via XMPP...
lol, but if anyone else in here uses FB and hates the wiki like I do ;)
they might have an interest
I haven't checked it out, but I should.
also, I just remembered there's a fogbugz specific SE site ... /facepalm
Do you use it just internally @drachenstern or do your customers use it?
8:58 PM
I think it's internal, I haven't looked at the userlist lately
but we still break it up by customer-site/project
I am looking for a good trouble ticket / email / crm system for our staff to use to communicate with customers/leads...
Using OSTicket now but everyone hates it, staff and clients alike.
well the email/crm part I don't think FB is a good fit, but that depends on how you use it. I'm pretty sure the CRM part wouldn't work with FB. I could be wrong however.

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