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12:00 AM
wb @YiJiang
@drachenstern Erm... hi!
1:01 AM
Xbox 360 red-ringed :(
oh no, goodbye CoD
@TimStone RROD? It's still there for this generation of Xbox 360s?
I have a very old 360 :P
And it came back to life, but then immediately froze.
Time to take it apart for kicks and if it doesn't start working again when I'm done I guess I'll run out to Walmart.
@TimStone if you think you can manually fix a RROD ... :p ok
@YiJiang that rel question you just edited on SO
did I read correctly that he's setting the rel but not clearing it?
@drachenstern Think so, but I don't think that's he's problem
1:05 AM
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by Raynos
@drachenstern I know but im using it for obj["function"] because obj.function looks ugly in my syntax highlighter :p
why does that sound bad?
I just update my syntax highlighter
I have no idea
Just change the highlight color
@YiJiang yeah I wonder about the syntax being correct on his select. I would check for the rel tag in the onclick, but it's a plugin, so ....
@TimStone How old?
They extended the warranty to three years for RRODs.
Mine just failed a few weeks ago, and I got it back this week.
@drachenstern He just added in the removeAttr line
Q: Setting a rel attribute dynamically

MikeI am using PrettyPhoto lightbox, and trying to set a rel attribute on a link when another non-jQuery javascript library makes that link active (it sets the links class to active) so the PrettyPhotot lightbox will open. I don't want the link to open unless it is an active link. I am successful in...

yeah yeah, :p ... they always seem to do that when you ask for clarification don't they?
1:07 AM
He needs live for this
@PopularDemand Yeah, I think mine is slightly over three years, but I might be wrong. I have no idea where the receipt or anything is, heh.
@YiJiang I thought so, you gonna answer that one?
actually ... hmmm, with it being a plugin that doesn't ... hmmm
@drachenstern No, I need to do something else right now
@TimStone If you go to Microsoft's website and punch in your serial number, they'll tell you if it's under warranty. I had no idea either.
Ah, good stuff. Thanks!
1:11 AM
@TimStone No problem.
"Your standard warranty expired on February 25, 2008" I see. :P
oops (;
Wikipedia doesn't even list the configuration that I have either, weird.
1:18 AM
Hahah ;)
This reminds me of a very, very late trip to Steak and Shake one night many years ago. Somewhere I've got a crappy video of flying vegetables.
Talk about a random memory LOL
Why uh...were there flying vegetables? :P
The video somehow offended my graphics driver.
@TimStone Um, because it was 2am? Do you need any other reason?
@TimStone nVidia doesn't like sandwiches, then? :P
1:22 AM
Also because my friend was waving them around saying they were going on a magic carpet ride. shrugs
yes, we need more details ... we can guess that you were drinking ;)
Surprisingly, we were not.
@rchern I like how you can say that so nonchalantly :P
@YiJiang AMD (or ATI, however you like your branding), as it turns out. :P
@TimStone ha
1:25 AM
@TimStone according to MaximumPC there was a study and AMD is more recognizable than ATI so they're dropping the ATI as of Q4-2010
Yeah. :)
I'm not really confident that it makes much of a difference, since you either know or you don't care, but whatever floats their boat. :P
wow, that's actually older news than I thought
And as far as nVidia versus ATI goes, my motherboard supports SLI and Cross Fire, so I can swing either way.
I wonder if I still have this video
I doubt it ):
But if you do you'll share? :P
1:28 AM
@TimStone +1
grrrr .... rchern what's the link to your readme/site? I can't find the pinned version either ...
It's pinned in the JavaScript room for future reference.
and in SE's chat feedback
oh sunvab
I thought I looked there /facepalm
1:30 AM
@rchern "Chat not as totally awesome as you'd like? There's a solution!"
1:46 AM
> @Michael Can't I get the weekend off from editing things? – Chacha102 7 secs ago.
@TimStone (:
Oh, if I make enough progress on this side project I'm working on, I'll finally have somewhere to put my Stack Flair, heheh.
My god, I want to cry. The school just upgraded to IE8 and Firefox 3.6. CSS3 here I come!
new stats graphs for all (non-beta) stackexchange sites: hewgill.com/~greg/stackoverflow
@YiJiang That's a beautiful thing. sheds a tear
@GregHewgill Very nice :)
2:00 AM
@GregHewgill, that's such a great idea to do that for sites besides SO. >_>
yeah, it's great that the latest data dump includes so much more
@GregHewgill There's a chart for SO that's errorring out because Google saiz it's too big to process
yeah I haven't fixed that yet :(
hopefully if the torrent filenames stay stable, I've now got a script that will regenerate all stats for all sites
previously it was a bit fiddly and manual
Given rep. histograms like this
(Won't onebox :( )
You might want to ignore 101 rep users too
2:05 AM
which site was that one?
@GregHewgill Almost all of the new ones, actually
Actually, almost every site except SO. The one for SU is even worse
whaddya mean it won't onebox? (;
oh I see. I think that's fine
2:06 AM
@rchern -_____-
it reflects reality (whereas 1-rep users is just overwhelming noise)
@YiJiang, you don't know whether that is a legitimate new user or the association bonus.
@GregHewgill Well yeah, but the rest of the graph is almost tiny
heh, actually on mathematics (the one I looked at), there are 1079 101-rep users but only 889 1-rep :)
@rchern The likelihood of a significant number of users with exactly 101 reps? Not very high, ya know
2:08 AM
that will smooth itself out in time
@GregHewgill The SU graph says otherwise
well there really is a very small fraction of people with 1000+ rep there
Even smaller of 10k+ users
bah .. superuser?
Why would you test an app using SuperUser data.. :P
2:10 AM
cute picture :)
I hate it when I know what kind of image I want, but I can't find an image that fits when I search for one.
can we help @rchern ?
@drachenstern None of us is as stupid as all of us!™
2:15 AM
Iunno. I'm trying to illustrate something like a computer lab on a college campus, midterm programming project due the next day, pizza boxes on the table, etc. Not a huge image. 600 x 400 maybe or smaller.
General chaos kind of feeling.
Haha nice. I was thinking more of a crowd/lab scenario though. Good backup pic though. (:
That looks alarmingly like the office of one of my undergrad professors
iunno, this is closer to how it felt for me and my friends most of the time
or that
2:44 AM
ok, that's a harder task than it might seem. I'm gonna quit :p ...
Wow, this is some really gummy thermal paste on these heat sinks.
there's no way to directlink to a comment is there?
Don't you have the main-sites userscript installed too? :P
@drachenstern Yeah, I didn't think it'd be so difficult. Thanks, though.
Even if you direct link them it still doesn't guarantee you'll actually be able to see those
2:48 AM
It doesn't onebox though.
They might not be the top 5 comments
I want to directlink to someone without the userscript
to a comment under an answer
@drachenstern, is the comment displayed on page load?
@drachenstern The link still works, if the comment isn't hidden by default.
@rchern yes
2:49 AM
@drachenstern Grab the comment id, then use the url#comment-id method
k, thanks
In that case it doesn't matter if the recipient has the userscript installed.
explosively sneezes
@rchern did you ever find a suitable pic?
Nah. I kinda gave up. (;
3:00 AM
I didn't want to feel too bad for giving up on you ;)
for SO stats: this sucks
@MichaelMrozek ya ya, I realized that too late
thanks tho sir
the 0% accept rate is way too high
the last two are very interesting, the time to first answer, time to accept ...
1 hour later…
4:16 AM
Turns out that getting the heat sink clips back on the 360 is....not so easy.
lol, do you have thermal paste to put back under the heatsink in the first place?
Yeah, it's already done.
4:34 AM
Seems to be pretty dead now, ah well.
5:17 AM
meh, we're all just doing our thing I guess
down to 160 points till my next transition point :D
just think, if I can answer ten more questions tomorrow and get upvotes on all of them ;)
Hahah. I haven't answered many questions lately...hrm.
@drachenstern Oh, and I meant the Xbox. :P
The chat too, but. ;)
yarr, I figured but I was looking to drive convo
Fair enough, heh.
6 hours later…
11:01 AM
Oh wow... woke up from a nap, and suddenly the weather is cold
Well, cold in Singapore terms anyway. WA still says 25 deg. C with 94% humidity. wolframalpha.com/input/?i=weather+Singapore
I mean, it's so cold that I'll have to put a shirt and some pants on
Oh god... are we still perpetuating the "Search engines hate display: none" myth?
Q: tabs and seo issue

hdmy customers are eager in showing news categorized in tabs and i recently developed it for them. as my experience in web designing display:none is used widely in implementing tabs. and as i know it is not good for SEO of site. is there any way to have tabs but without hurting SEO factors?

5 hours later…
3:54 PM
Guess I'll need to go grab a new Xbox 360 today.
4:25 PM
@TimStone Aw man that sucks!
Yeah, it served me well for the last four years though, so no big deal. :)
How do
@AidenBell Very well
Aiden knows he was gone to long when all his starred messages have gone
@YiJiang much been going on?
@AidenBell No, not really
Doing a code refectoring question right now
4:27 PM
Hello @rchern
'Ello @AidenBell
hello @TimStone
'Ello @rchern
And an after-the-fact 'ello @TheUnhandledException ;)
4:31 PM
hmm, I didn't get sound notifications.
4:51 PM
damned bridged interfaces
my vm script decided it would be wise to have br0 share the same IP range as wlan0
then the vm slapped a dhcp server on it and all hell broke loose
Ah ha
But Fedora13 now installed
14 even
Also, FF4 is a massive improvement on FF3 .. but I want full HTML5 form support
@AidenBell No you don't. Haven't you seen Chrome's crummy "support" for HTML5 form inputs?
4:56 PM
Q: Drinking, SO and Copyright Violation

Aiden BellDear MSO users and related staffers... Recently I have taken to drink to cope with wading through boring SO questions to find some juicy nuggets. Unfortunately, this mix of heavy drinking and SO has resulted in a small Stackoverflow logo following me around: Would redistributing such images o...

Makes me want to pull my hair out
(for good measure)
I know, there was an actual question behind the humorous delivery
Now you'll have to live in fear of retribution since you don't know the answer, shame on them.
5:00 PM
In all seriousness. Fools.
shakes head
5:34 PM
(From Sara V./19/F/LosAngeles,US)
Any body here to know which one is better?C++ or visual basic?...please answer me

(Type 'pass' to skip, or 'more' for extra options.)
types 'more' to see if 'close' is one of them
@radp Classic answer: It depends
5:52 PM
Given that they asked that question, the answer is Visual Basic.
6:11 PM
@TimStone update on my plumbing plight: I think (hope) I just repaired my reverse osmosis water filter
I had forgotten to mention that, in my attempts to fix the clogged disposal, I had used a plunger which I had thought completly f*cked up the RO filter
because it had started spurting water out of a hole in the side of the faucet =o
However after some troubleshooting this morning I found that it's drain was clogged with lettuce from that awful night, and after clearing that out it seems to be functioning normally. Which is good because that saves me ~$200
Hi all
@TheUnhandledException - Hi
I'm having some classic trouble with AS3 and FLVPlayback component
I'm still unhappy about the lack of rep for editing all of the poorly written questions on SO.
@TheUnhandledException - What happened with your plumbing?
@Moshe I edit all the time and don't expect rep
It's my way of giving back and helping others

rchern Strikes Back!

2 days ago, 2 minutes total – 21 messages, 6 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 2 days ago by Yi Jiang

That's what happened to my plumbing :-(
@TheUnhandledException - I hear that.
6:18 PM
But it seems to be all better now, yey!
Anyone heard of a game called Civilization Wars?
It's on a bunch of Flash websites.
@Moshe Pretty cute Flash game, yeah
How illegal is it to repackage it and sell on the iPhone app store?
@Moshe Well you'd have to be able to do that first, which is unlikely unless you hold the source
6:29 PM
If I have the SWF file, and the game seems to be in public domain.
SWF decompilers are easy to come by.
@Moshe Is it? I doubt so. The public domain part, that is
I doubt it too, but how do all of the sites post it then?
Who created the game?
@Moshe The reason why so many sites have this game is because the creator allowed that to happen
Geesh, how can you make that big a logical leap?
@YiJiang - So who created Civilization Wars?
I'd like to package it for iOS.
@YiJiang - I understand that the creator allowed it, but why?
@Moshe The ad revenue - the game contains ad, and the hosting is free, so why not?
Cave of Wonders studio
6:33 PM
Ah, ok
need an opinion: I just asked a question that I didn't find via pre-search or via Google. I agree the question is a dupe of an earlier asked question, but am not sure if I should vote to close as exact dupe or just delete it. What's the preferred behavior?

@ahsteele - vote to close. I recently deleted a post if mine and I regretted it later. Someone posted an answer before it was closed and I couldn't read it.
@ahsteele Looks like a dupe. Just leave it there, no harm in doing that
@YiJiang absolutely it's a dupe :) just wanted to know which path to take :)
Don't delete it. The point of closing dupes is so that the next person that comes along may use your search terms.
6:35 PM
For anyone who cares, XMPP now has basic write support.
@TheUnhandledException \o/ !
@rchern okay I was kind of figuring that but wanted to be sure :)
So, anyone for me repackaging the game for iOS?
alright now that I have both questions answered how's everyone doing today?
6:37 PM
@YiJiang - Ah well, there goes that idea.
Any other Flash games to repackage?

Write Support

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Bookmarked 9 secs ago by The Unhandled Exception

I'm headed off to lunch. Feel free to break XMPP everyone ;-)
Wow, "I was told there'd be no math" got deleted? ...wow.
@PopularDemand ?
@YiJiang There used to be a MSO question titled "I was told there'd be no math," but it's in the list of deleted questions now.
Q: Deleted Questions Archive

Lance RobertsSince the Team keeps deleting questions with lots of discussion both relevant and/or historical, and we can't search on deleted questions, and they lock some of them so that they cannot be undeleted, I'm putting this question out, just for links to be posted, so that those 10ks who want to find t...

As I said in a comment, I thought it was the best MSO question title ever. And it was a valid question, though it was admittedly outdated.
7:32 PM
@TheUnhandledException Oh wow, you really got hit hard by bad luck on that one eh? Good to hear that it seems to be working now. :D
returns with a shiny new Xbox
@TimStone No dice on the warranty, huh?
@PopularDemand Nah, turns out that I bought it in '06.
It also turns out that I had forgotten that I had opened it before, which kind of made the whole thing irrelevant anyway, heh.
@TimStone Ah, too bad.
At least you have an S now (I assume, since you said new).
Yeah, and a 250 GB hard drive to boot. My old one only had a 10 GB one, which I'm confused about since that configuration apparently doesn't exist.
@TimStone I think I have a 10GB too. I think that's the size they sold in the "Live ready pack" or something, for people who had Arcades and wanted to start playing more.
7:47 PM
Ah, OK. At least mine wasn't some phantom version then. :P
But yeah, mine lasted a lot longer than the ones that my friends owned, so I'm happy with the use I got out of it. I think the new one was $300, which isn't nearly as bank-breaking at my PS3 was, heh.
I've seen people use the title for the first sentence of their posts before, but never the first half-sentence:
Q: I use a nickname to identify my posts, not a

user153432user + number as shown when I log in. How do I cause the log in process to log me in as my nickname and not the user + number id you have assigned Is this perhaps 'OpenIDs are wrongly identified'? By the way my nicknames: intrader or mozillanerd depending on the occassion Thanks

Eh, $300 is still a lot of money. I'm glad you're at peace with it, though.
@PopularDemand Heh, that's...interesting.
8:05 PM
Nice, my rep on SF and Gaming are both 146.
@TimStone From now on, if I downvote you on either site, I will be sure to downvote you on the other one, too.
I wonder if there's a cross-site serial downvoting detection algorithm.
Thanks, I appreciate that. :P
@PopularDemand - If you made some kind of rotation in a matrix of partner matches, it'd be hard to detect
Maybe @YiJiang should make a Wheel of serial-voting
@AidenBell Might as well go all the way:
foreach(account in the associated accounts)
so is jQuery syntax all we need for demonstrating the solution to any problem? Is there any problem that can't be solved using ECMAScript and presented in that format? ;)
we could always limit that to questions worth solving :p
8:17 PM
Nov 2 at 21:11, by rchern
it is hard to beat $.cureCancer()
I guess that's a yeah then?
woot, 21 consecutive days of visiting the site ... I might make 30 ;)
@TimStone Haha, I did, but I just tasted the new water and it is without lettuce flavor, so I think I dodges a bullet there and the bad luck wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been!
@TheUnhandledException Non-lettucy water is definitely a good sign, hahah
8:27 PM
@TimStone: people pay extra money for that: wwwprovenancefoodandwine.blogspot.com/2010/03/…
"Drink the Spinach Water"
@drachenstern Heh, I just dropped one on SO. Stupid migraines. Going to drop a bunch more on vacation next month though, hopefully.
@MichaelPetrotta Hm, he may have blocked himself out of a side-business there then :P
By the way, @TheUnhandledException, I did reach into my disposal, it turned out to be an old beer bottle cap. It got so dirty and beaten up in there that I thought it was just a rusty patch the first time I looked in.
Seen too many cases of [status-bydesign].
I wanna badge whore, anyone wanna give me a stackoverflow.com/badges/23/nice-answer ?
I need +1
@PopularDemand aw durn, I hoped it was a screw
@drachenstern Depends on the post. Link?
8:30 PM
A: Practical rules for premature optimization

drachensternMy vote goes for most people optimize what they think is the weak point, but they don't profile. So regardless of how well you know algorithms and regardless of how well you've written your code, you don't know what else is happening outside your module. What do the APIs you've called do behind ...

@PopularDemand Yikes!
Glad it didn't do too much damage
I'm glad it wasn't a screw, the rubber opening in my sink might have let a screw fly out, but a flattened bottlecap was stuck down there.
@drachenstern Beer bottle cap is probably better, a screw probably has a function which it would not perform well after a few trips through the disposal!
probably so
@PopularDemand Another good point, and brings new meaning to the phrase "Screw you"
8:32 PM
@TheUnhandledException instantrimshot.com
@drachenstern I don't know enough about the topic to know whether that's right. All I know is that people yell at me for prematurely optimizing when I ask theoretical questions because they assume I'm actually trying to do whatever it is I'm asking about.
lol, I understand
you can discuss a specific optimization as a thought exercise, but the problem is there are often other factors that aren't being considered, so most of the time until you profile it's a moot point.
How long does it take to update the Data Explorer once a data dump is avalaible?
@AlexandreJasmin I thought there was an MSO post about that but I can't find it.
9:03 PM
I think it's still done manually, so it takes however long before waffles gets around to doing it
If anyone here wanted to help with XMPP but doesn't know Ruby, I could use some JavaScript /jQuery help...
@TheUnhandledException Our skills in that area might be a little stronger. ;)
What's up?
There, you're all set, go make XMPP work.
Awesome, thanks @PopularDemand!
hehehe, somebody asks for javascript/jQuery help and everyone lights up the room
9:12 PM
> I know kung-fu
> show me
@Tim et al, what I'm looking for is an easy way for users to get their fkey and cookie
fkey can be found via: fkey().fkey
It's also in the page source, heh.
9:13 PM
for the cookie, what I'm looking for is the somusr cookie value
@Tim yes it is, but I want an easy way to find it. Like maybe a userscript or bookmarklet which will pop open a div from where it can be copied
Right, right.
I could do this myself, but it's a very low priority for me now since as you said @Tim, they're both easy enough t see via source or dev tools
Yeah, gimme a few minutes. :P
9:16 PM
haha, thanks!!
This code is a bit of a mess right now. In like 5 places I am creating new objects when I should be looking up existing ones
Meaning, for example, every room has it's own copy of every user, so if you auth to one room, you're not authed to all rooms :-(
I'll be asking some questions on StackOverflow later for help cleaning up my atrocious ruby code :-D
man, I'm loving XMPP write support though!
(poorly implemented though it may be...)
9:42 PM
@TheUnhandledException I'm sure the implementation is fine. :P
@TimStone Haha, thanks. It's not, but I appreciate the support! :-)
Netscape Navigator running the Acid 3 test. http://bit.ly/9VKZ6P
(see above, also, it doe zero checking of the SO chat server reply to see if the message was actually posted or not. not production quality ;-)
@radp HA!
That's hysterical :-)
So the screenshot doesn't go down :)
@radp you were just mentioned in my XMPP update ;-)
A: Offer an XMPP method for chat

The Unhandled ExceptionUPDATE 2010-11-14: My XMPP Bridge now has write support, albeit very crudely built. In addition, rich text messages now work and the code is fairly stable. It was running for almosta whole week, 24 hours a day last week. (I forgot what finally crashed it, probably a message by radp, he's always c...

9:49 PM
goes do a ninja edit
@TheUnhandledException Hm..I think that somusr might be HttpOnly, so I'm not sure if there's a way to get it from a userscript.
@TimStone ahhhhhh
that's why I was having trouble and had to pull up wireshark this morning
which sucks because that's the harder one to obtain
Yeah, one sec.
> Due to the unreliability of third-party cookies in modern browsers, our scheme uses HTML 5's localStorage to store login credentials under the StackAuth domain. Browsers supported by global authentication: IE8+, Chrome 4+, Safari 4+, FireFox 3.6+, Opera 10.61+.
Nov 10 at 14:53, by balpha
Everyone, there's now a GlobalAuth test & help page on chat.stackexchange that tests some common issues. If you're having trouble logging in to chat.se, please check out that page (it's linked from the login page, too).
goes to read the source
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