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2:00 PM
Today, there's no snow in Holland
@TimStone That, and beating Jon Skeet, but as we all know, that's impossible
@NickT Watching the radar last night, the weather appeared on the lake and disappeared over us. On loop.
@YiJiang I commented on one of Jon Skeet's answers earlier to correct him and he deleted it. Does that count?
@TimStone On Meta? Is that why I see a question with him having the latest activity but then see nothing when I view it?
2:02 PM
Oddly familiar
I suspect not, since he would have deleted it for the reason in my follow-up comment which I wasn't able to finish typing before he deleted it, meaning that he had the power to read my thoughts and therefore still wins.
It's strange, but my degree of connection from Jon is pretty high, because I work the web dev beat pretty exclusively
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah :P
@YiJiang That like Degrees of Kevin Bacon?
@TimStone Oh, on Meta... well, than it doesn't count, so no :P you haven't beaten Jon Skeet yet, and the world hasn't came to an end yet
2:03 PM
@NickT Yeah, I think there's a SO API app built for this
Hm, and only one up vote (from you?) on my question, despite my many FHC. Unacceptable! ;)
@TimStone Yeah, that vote was mine :P
^ QFT :P
2:18 PM
@YiJiang Yep, according to odata you haven't ever 'met'
(On SO, that is)
Okay, the random message generator is complete, but I'm not entirely sure how well it works
The algo could certainly do with some fine tuning
Here are some of the results
> And if I put one in a chat will it still give someone a notice in their inbox if they've never been before?
> I suspect not, since he would have deleted it for the reason in my follow-up comment which I wasn't able to finish typing before he deleted it, meaning that he had the power to read my thoughts and therefore still wins.
> @littlegreen replace your user number with the one of the offending user, put this in a userscript and poof!
^ Obvious duplication of original message, need to improve algo more
Mmmhmmm... this is bad, the code is duplicating whole messages far too many times
2:47 PM
Found several bugs, fixing them right now
Q: The election page allows changing votes, but the button highlighting is confusing.

radp Please note. I toyed around with the election page so you don't have to, and I encourage you not to do so, unless you are willing to cast your serious vote for the Math elections, like I did. I have put some half-assed humour and some references here and there in the body of this question...

Well, there are still a few bugs, but the there are results now
> @MarcGravell don't spend too much time in the timestamps :)
> @MarcGravell @radp Hey, I claim so it works as expected, matching all comment which I wasn't able to finish typing before he deleted it for another place where the internets end, and it's our star power combined...!
@radp, "please don't litter", LOL, you live dangerously :)
> Yeah, but I'm still works though?
3:02 PM
@Benjol I do? I wasn't poking fun at a certain professor.
I'm pretty sure the one about @MarcGravell spending too much time in the timestamps is not a real message
Here's another one:
> @TimStone on a question rendering.
> @YiJiang for SE site, everything else is just put up there?
> @GeorgeMarian Weren't you going to say the reason in my many FHC. Unacceptable! ;)
Okay, this one's really mixed up;
> That's because .comment isn't the "offending user" is popular in Excel, VBA scripts that act on all of the radar last night, the right side ad bar
Let's see... 8 messages spliced together
> Lake Michigan dumps snow on me for details.
peeks in, decides she doesn't want to know, and wanders off again
@YiJiang you've a bot for chat.Meta?
Sorry a message generator.
Whats it for?
3:31 PM
@RebeccaChernoff, @YiJiang - Do user scripts have any diagnostic alerts in them? I keep seeing "False" alert boxes on SO.
does anyone else get a javascript alert when they navigate to stackoverflow.com?
@Dexter - Me.
I guess it's not the user script.
It's @RebeccaChernoff 's fault
@Zypher - Did the Wheel of Blame say so?
@RebeccaChernoff Markov Chains.
3:32 PM
@Zypher Does this have something to do with @balpha's latest tweet? (;
haha nope that was erm another issue and nothing to do with systems ;)
LOL @ the recent questions on MSO
@Zypher because honestly my first reaction to the tweet was to think rut roh!
lol ... oo that reminds me
and MSO is why we don't need monitoring :-D (but we do have it anyway)
actually funny statistic ... jeff gets tweets about stuff being broken faster than the resolution on our monitoring systems
3:39 PM
Eight questions about that JS popup? Really?
I count 10
and one on msf
This must be a scam to make poor questions posted later today unclosable.
@Wes Nothing, just something I thought might be fun to do
> @YiJiang Cool Hand Luke "What we broke the styles at the appliances that we can actually shove a certain professor."
> That's because .comment isn't the "offending user" is stupid in the same way that .next() and .prev() work, in a userscript and wash rice for some point in beta.
^ Hahahaha... eh.
I chose a poor time to check the newest questions list on meta
@MichaelMrozek You don't enjoy voting to close?
You don't belong on Meta!
3:49 PM
holy crap that's a shitload of dupe questions
@PopularDemand I missed the close voting, it's just a sea of already-closed posts
And the first post about it got 30 upvotes. I need to quit finding obscure bugs that get 1 pity upvote and just mass refresh the homepage looking for ephemeral commit mistakes
So is there an origional?
Also wasn't that ninjas one a duplicate too
Q: What does #ninjas do?

SLaksWhat is supposed to happen when you visit an SO page with #ninjas? It doesn't appear to be working correctly

I don't have a clue what he's talking about in that post, but it probably is
hahaha I wish I had permissions "The ninjas tag has no wiki, would you like to help us create it?"
Yeah SO says false but says true if there a url fragment with #ninjas
Surely that shouldn't be a valid tag on meta?
@MichaelMrozek It is, you can tell by reading some of the dupes.
3:57 PM
As keen as I am to avoid work, I think I'll skip reading the dupes
Q: The flag pop up on heavily downvoted posts has grey text

perbert Go to any random heavily downvoted answer Click on the flag button . Is this status-bydesign?

Then do something about that.
Er. Did 5 people just quit simultaneously?
I would fix that problem, but the SO team continues to refuse me access to the source code
@MichaelMrozek I feel like you shouldn't let that stop you.
I wonder if they have a klaxon set up in the NY office that watches for a sudden burst of MSO posts tagged [bug] and goes off
Thats not the type of can do attitude we like.

If your not part of the solution your part of the problem.

(unfortunatly I know people here at work who genuinely take this attitude)
4:03 PM
So we're all in agreement that the JS bug was @mmyers fault then
The Wheel of Blame is a harsh mistress/master... with a crazy soundtrack. http://twitpic.com/3edbj8
Protip: if byobu asks you if you want to nest the sessions, the correct answer truly is No.
I really hate when i forget to actually press "send" on an email
@Zypher I hit "save draft" a lot when I mean to hit "send."
4:14 PM
@TylerChacha Hi there... btw Triton is very impressive!
My most recent contribution on WebApps.SE:
> You look tired.
Q: How do I clear my Facebook status

ahsteeleI'd like to clear my Facebook status. With the most recent profile changes (December 2010) your status no longer appears at the top of the page. How do I clear my most recent status without posting a new one? What my profile looks like:

D'oh. Thanks, @radp.
@PopularDemand re deleted comment?
4:21 PM
@radp For changing "posts" to "answers."
@Fosco I'm still not sure what it is supposed to be :(
I cleaned up the body of that question but missed the title.
@PopularDemand You're welcome.
I somehow got the Enthusiast badge on WA. There's almost no way that's possible
I'm never there
This is somehow @RebeccaChernoff's doing
4:27 PM
Yes, let's all blame @RebeccaChernoff for convincing @MichaelMrozek that he should focus his energies on WA rather than Unix, because WA is the superior SE site.
If I'd actually focused my energies there it'd make sense, but I can barely remember going to the site in the last month, let alone every day
@MichaelMrozek So you're not denying that she's convinced you that WA is the superior site? Or that she's the superior mod, for that matter?
I'm sure she's the superior mod; convincing me WA is the superior site would require some impressive debating skills
WA is superior because WA is about the clouds and the clouds are up.
4:33 PM
That said, many games take place in space. Space is above clouds.
...since you can't go above space...
Gaming is the supreme site!
A: Lol Debugging are we? - SO homepage alerts false

Matt ShermanThis one was my fault. UPDATE: Our 5 Why Assessment of the situation Problem: there is an alert on every page of Stack Overflow Why? Because Matt deployed a version of the Careers ad code with a debugging line in it Why? Because he forgot to remove it before pushing his change Why? Because...

@radp Checkmate
I didn't even realize SOIS had a hierarchy beyond "Jeff/Joel -- Everyone else"
@radp Pshaw. If you go far enough, you'll hit clouds again. Foul, toxic clouds on some gas-laden planet, but clouds. And if you keep going farther, that planet's core. Followed by more clouds, then space again.
So it depends on which planet the clouds belong to, which point in space, blah, blah, blah....
@MichaelMrozek What makes you think it does?
@PopularDemand There are infinite directions and only so many planets and stars, so the chances of hitting more clouds is abysmal.
@PopularDemand The first revision of the post @RebeccaChernoff linked started:
> This one was my fault. David (my boss) is doing a "five whys"
@MichaelMrozek Ah, revisions. Very good.
@radp It's all in how you choose to draw your reference frame.
@PopularDemand I've read The Little Prince too.
@radp Ah, yes. The book with all the pinks.
(I first read that in French class, and I used an online translator for the parts I had trouble with; sadly, it converted "rose" to "pink," which I somehow suspect was not Saint-Exupery's intent.)
5:01 PM
who's a mod on programmers.se here?
Q: Functions in Objective C

user517814int HoldCardInt1; NSString holdCard1; - (IBAction)precentage { int hold1 = convertingCard(holdCard1); } - (int)convertingCard:(NSString*)x { if (x = @"Two") { holdCardInt1 = 2; }else if (x = @"Three") { holdCardInt1 = 3; } return holdCardInt1; }

Check out that code sample. It might be good on snipplr, but SO is for questions...
@Jin did you update the site-design for P.SE anymore after the cyan update?
@radp WIN!
@drachenstern no, i'm working on a new one. are you a mod?
5:08 PM
LOL I need something on meta to alert me to mentions of me. First @radp's post blaming me, now I see @TimStone's post about RCEs. Oy.
@RebeccaChernoff retinoblastoma control element s?
Apparently not.
Q: Malformed HTML causes Chat Ads to display incorrectly on Meta Stack Overflow

Tim StoneThere appears to be some malformed HTML in Meta's sidebar that's causing the chat advertisements to be displayed incorrectly. The module which contains the "Frequently Asked" question list has a "linked" container inside of it, and either it or its parent module element appear to be missing a clo...

pinging @chrisF
> (complete with FHC and RCE (rchern-compatible emoticons))
We should totally get that on WP!
5:10 PM
I'm not sure that's necessary.
Tweet of the day: There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's HTTP 408 Request Timeout.
@RebeccaChernoff ;) :P
@Fosco saw that one yesterday, thought it was fab
(; d:
5:14 PM
Donation to Wikileaks: $10
Running a Wikileaks Mirror: $20
Denial of Service on Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal: Priceless.
my mirror: leaks.iamfos.co
for those of you seeing scrapers rank above #stackoverflow can you reply with your exact google query terms? (plain text only, no urls)
&*$ scrapers
curious to see if they can make a dent with the LOIC
Is it okay to flag for mod attention with the message "please ban the OP of this post"?
what post?
5:23 PM
The exact dupe (and I mean that literally) ((and I know what literally means)) of "Misuse of reputation."
Q: Misuse of reputation

santosh Possible Duplicate: Misuse of reputation I have found several times that people misused their reputation in closing questions on Stack Overflow.

At first I thought all the comments from yesterday had been deleted by a diamond mod.
In any case, this guy is unable or unwilling to learn, even beyond the obstinate behavior shown by the usual MSO nutjob minority. Or a troll, potentially. Either way....
So, Amazon is getting DDOS'd?
@drachenstern Hardly...
Paypal didn't go down IIRC
i wish the Anons would fix Tumblr instead
@Jin lol
@radp that's rather my point. Why would they lock on to amazon with the LOIC?
Did somebody call?
@Jin Yes
5:36 PM
Q: Misuse of reputation

santoshI have found several times that people misused their reputation in closing questions on Stack Overflow.

The funny part is that his question just got closed by a mod..
oh my
@Piskvor:You are right my situation is so much like Julian Assange's.Here america is SO user and classified data is "misuse of reputation". – santosh 19 mins ago edit
@TylerChacha Was actually merged with a previous question stating exactly the same thing
@Zypher I guess it's good that he switched from calling us communists. Somebody should probably make a Hitler comparison soon though
I'll wait for tomorrow's post
@MichaelMrozek It's always Hitler this, Hitler that on the Internet. There were other despots, people!
5:51 PM
@PopularDemand you mean like Hitler?
@PopularDemand yeah, what about poor forgotten Mussolini!
@radp Paypal did go down.
@Fosco orly? Worrying.
@PopularDemand Next time it comes up I'll mention Hitler and you can misuse your reputation to change the reference to someone else
@MichaelMrozek I appreciate it. We make a good team, you and I.
5:56 PM
@PopularDemand do you want to go historical or more currnet despots?
@Zypher Whenever.
ok, Moamar
@Zypher ya know, just more despoty. Like Hitler.
Heh, "Developer Question" seems to be grabbing more than just software questions from SE developerquestion.com/how-to-defend-6pool
@Nick yea those sites tend to just scrape everythign they can
6:10 PM
Q: Report high-Google-ranking SE scrapers here

Popular DemandThis tweet by Jeff was posted in chat: for those of you seeing scrapers rank above #stackoverflow can you reply with your exact google query terms? (plain text only, no urls) Tweeted by codinghorror on December 9, 2010 at 7:59 AM Since some of us don't use Twitter, I thought it'd be helpf...

Q: How do I stream .flv files from SQL database

NiklasI want to store .flv files in the database and not in the file system. This is what I can do right now: Successfully convert .wmv and .mpeg to .flv with ffmpeg. Store images in SQL Server and show them on my page with an httphandler. Same with .avi and .mpeg videos. (It's up to the user's softwa...

wicked interesting question
At some point everyone goes through a phase where they think it'd be better if all site data were stored in a database instead of on the filesystem. They're generally wrong
> I am going to begin comparing lengths of time to the duration of a hypothetical waffle buttering session. "I could probably get that upgrade done for you in the amount of time that it would take me to butter, say, 87 waffles. Sound good?" – Evan Anderson Sep 4 '09
People butter waffles?
6:21 PM
absolutely... butter and syrup
@MichaelMrozek No, but Shog9 does.
interesting captcha:
> some Hurists
6:45 PM
What's up @Diago?
Whoa, it's a @Diago!
> @Dillie-O @thephpdeveloper I updated the post to include a picture of me with my beating gloves on – David Fullerton♦ 1 hour ago
Is there a way I can retag a bunch of questions without putting them all on the "newest" page?
Q: It should be possible to retag a question without bumping it to the front page.

MatthewWhile bumps are generally good, there are niche cases where they are harmful: I recently decided I would consolidate two tags on Stack Overflow: "openoffice" and "openoffice.org". They refer to precisely the same thing, and having two tags for them just fragments the organizational structure. H...

On beta sites it's a lot more obnoxious though
It seems like the 10k retag tool shouldn't bump; that would be a handy feature
I just read the jQuery AJAX source..
@MichaelMrozek But then people like me will be able to create ridiculous and potentially offensive tags with impunity.
7:00 PM
I feel more stupid by the line..
10k SO -> 2-2.5k Beta?
@NickT 2k
or whatever that equivalence is for user privileges
hahaha, encyclopediadramatica.com/Main_Page ... ah ED, you make me laugh "A message from some asian"
I normally ignore the recently deleted post list on SO, but I decided to poke through it -- there are an absolutely ridiculous number of deleted posts on SO every day
We had 885 deleted posts in the last 24 hours
7:22 PM
I wish I could hear through walls. My boss is interviewing for my replacement. I'm curious!
you don't have a webcam and mic already setup ??!!! @RebeccaChernoff
Haha, no, can't say that I do.
@RebeccaChernoff Where are you going to work now? I missed the discussion
7:25 PM
@Zypher Man, give her a break.
She's changing jobs.
She had to move the cam and mic to the Company Proprietary storeroom.
oh ... well why didn't she say that :-D
Priorities, man! It was implied!
ahh ... yes i forget not everyone has a webcam/mic on wheels
7:26 PM
Hmm, can Rovio stream sound? I should've put a Rovio in there, rofl.
There should be a daily meta post asking who the Rovio should stalk that day, and whichever answer gets the most votes is who it follows
@RebeccaChernoff only if you're using IE :(
the odd part is it start emitting static out of it's speaker ... making it less than ideal for spying
7:28 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Hahah, I was hoping you wouldn't see that. Or, you would, and everything that @YiJiang had said in chat prior would be far worse ;)
@Zypher Oh. Damn.
@TimStone LOL
Heheh :P
@TimStone, you can /blame @balpha. I didn't see it until he bumped the post.
Q: Links to duplicate questions no longer displayed when a question is closed?

matt bNot sure if this feature still works like I remember, but I thought that links to the duplicate questions that the close-voters listed were displayed once the question was closed. This question, at least until it was edited by other users, did not display the link to the dupe after the vote to c...

awesome tag
should just be [not-sure]
7:31 PM
@RebeccaChernoff A silver badge? Really?
Clearly everyone wasn't quite as offended by the popup as they claimed ;)
@PopularDemand all I did is link it shrugs
wanders back to trying to write down everything she knows.
@RebeccaChernoff Wasn't accusing you of anything -- this time -- but what I said would have been nonsensical out of context, so I used a reply.
Oh! @TimStone, vendor-who-shall-not-be-named needed me to explain in great detail what I meant by sql injection. They are so beyond clueless.
You should have prepared a live demonstration. ;)
"Why is this an issue?"
@RebeccaChernoff types a few keys
> As I press this button, please wave goodbye to your database.
7:38 PM
"We're going to have to call you back, our database just got destroyed!"
I mean, I can understand an incompetent programmer or ...five.
@RebeccaChernoff To be fair, are these technical people?
But the whole company? :P
@PopularDemand These are the programmers for this vendor.
Not some business-y people in the middle. The actual web dev team. Doing the coding.
7:40 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Oh. I see. Um... are you sure about that?
@TimStone Wow, that question is some train wreck. What a moron. ...oh. Er... sorry.
@PopularDemand The fact that I even posted a question-type post at all shows how crazy the sleep deprivation had made me, so blame any convolution on that. ;)
@RebeccaChernoff SQL inject them with one or both of the above links.
I'm convinced it is hopeless. It took them 3 hours of searching to figure out how to make a link open in a new window. IE, adding target="_blank".
Also, they didn't know the concept of session.
...and I'll just quit there. No need to continue the rest of the day...
7:46 PM
Just another week or two, right? ;)
@RebeccaChernoff You should tell them about this amazing site: stackoverflow.com/search?q=html+link+new+window
@RebeccaChernoff Sounds like you need to submit story to TDWTF, though SQL fail seems old-hat
@MichaelMrozek SO or not, how does it take 3 hours to find it on google anywhere??
Hm, that's what you should probably write on the top of your notes on how to be you. "Abandon all hope ye who enter this position, for the very vendor whose cooperation you seek with be your undoing. Just kidding, but they are quite bad. (:"
@TimStone The smiley was a nice touch
7:48 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Your "everything I know" document should include the phrase "further discussion on this topic is beyond the scope of this document" frequently.
@MichaelMrozek I assume this is how @RebeccaChernoff finishes most of her sentences.
Note the vendor in the "Audience" section, of course.
"I leave opening links in new tabs as an exercise to the reader"
7:49 PM
@MichaelMrozek No, don't do that! They'll open the link in the same window, and lose the conversation with Rebec... ah. I see.
"I have a truly marvelous method for opening links in new tabs which this space is too small to contain"
False http://twitpic.com/3ef0r9
Clearly I need to abuse my coworkers more
Q: Suggestion: detect when user has read a full question and suggest upvoting

hheimbuergerCurrently, the SE engine detects a few situations and suggests actions to the user. For example, I remember that... if you upvote an answer on your own question, it suggests to mark this answer as accepted. if you downvote an answer, it suggests to explain the reason for downvoting in the comme...

Has the SO dev team developed mind-reading JavaScript?
Heh. I had to switch tabs so that I wouldn't bust out laughing reading the convo. Maybe y'all should just write this thing for me. (;
7:53 PM
@RebeccaChernoff We totally should. You should know that's a terrible, terrible idea, but I'm willing to overlook that for the comedic value.
in Chat feedback, Nov 1 at 6:20, by Marc Gravell
@rchern we haven't yet attached the "brain-suck 5000 psychic neural interface" to the system (it is still in user-trials; the 4800 and 4900 both had bitterly disappointing results, but hey: we had signed waivers, and the doctors say they will probably wake up)...
in Chat feedback, Nov 1 at 6:20, by Marc Gravell
... so we don't know exactly what is of interest to the user.
Ah ha! But they're working on it.
In that case we can tell the OP it'll be ready in 6-8 weeks.
"This document intentionally left blank, except for this paragraph, because the reader won't understand it anyways. Yeah, that's right. What're you gonna do? Fire me?" Submit that along with a freshly opened ream of blank paper.
@PopularDemand No real paper. OneNote document.
Well, at least you don't have to worry about the price of ink.
7:56 PM
hitting enter a lot doesn't have the same effect
@RebeccaChernoff Download a random huge image from the Internet. One of the Hubble photos, or something. Change its name to R_Chernoff_legacy_document.one. Congratulations! Your remaining time has basically been converted into paid vacation!
@CRoss it's hit enter, ctrl-a, ctrl-c, ctrl-v, goto 20 ...
@PopularDemand I like this idea...
@drachenstern Actually if you want to go that route, I can write Word VBA
@CRoss Oh god no.
7:59 PM
@CRoss that sounds like more effort than a bit of ctrl-typing, aka work. aka which I can do without ;)
@drachenstern Depends on how often you want to make big blank documents :-)
@TimStone That's what I said ... accursed Outlook macro ...

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