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12:00 AM
Is this really ?
More like maybe?
@Alex Yes, it is; the change to reputation gain on upvotes was increased on Meta.SE.
eh, its done everywhere
and tbh, I think we have more to do than quibble over tagging accuracy
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog But you specifically called it a standalone request.
@JourneymanGeek I guess that makes me... bored?
@Alex But the point is, the request was implemented. It may not have been as a result of that feature request, but it was implemented.
I... am not. Maybe I am.
I'm not even sure at this point
also, no better way to get a feature implimented than to ask for something everyone knows is happening anyway
12:09 AM
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog I don’t know if that counts as implemented, so much as superceded and rendered irrelevant.
12:50 AM
and that post took the heat with 11+/39- for a -28 score.
1:13 AM
1:42 AM
I just read the "An Update to our Community and an Apology" post again. Yeesh, that's bad.
I wonder why that post hasn't been deleted.
I know that SE doesn't want to talk about such-and-such for fear of worsening their legal position.
But surely deleting that post would only make things better, not worse.
1:58 AM
@TannerSwett do you have an idea about the reputation boost? I woke up this morning, wanting to check my post and then I get bombarded with awards - I'm happy though :)
@Elfvia Yeah, reputation was recalculated because upvotes on questions are now worth 10 instead of 5.
Wow! That's so cool!
Then how come on all the communities I have 100 more rep?
(and on Sci-Fi and Fantasy as well)
Is the reason why some people are leaving SE because they fired Monica....?
2:02 AM
@TannerSwett damned if you do, damned if you don't. If its deleted SE gets accused of trying to hide things. if it isn't people have something to get grumpy at. They are grumpy anyway
@Elfvia 100 reputation bonus if you have more than 200 on one site.
Oh, that's cool!
Then what about that Monica thing?
And members in 'outrage'?
Its been explained a lot. What's not clear about it?
2:25 AM
@JourneymanGeek all I've been doing was asking questions - that's what Stack Overflow / Exchange is for, not discussing SE matters - which is exactly why I haven't heard it :)
@Elfvia and most people do
But its fairly well documented on meta. Maybe a little too much so
so rather than going through all of it again - it might be nice to just focus on what you want to know, specifically
@JourneymanGeek I was just wondering about that sorry
Just want to know what SE did
that everyone is upset about
Ah, so we need to start at the start.
Mind if I just link you the relevant stuff off meta?
2:28 AM
Yeah, sure!
Now. I'm pretty sympathetic with Monica - so I'd start here meta.stackexchange.com/q/336526/135565 and meta.stackexchange.com/questions/333965/… here
On the longer term, there's essentially an ongoing break between the SE community and the folks who run it and we don't talk as much as we used to, and folks higher up kinda... well seem at odds with us.
On the short term, its just a series of actions that don't seem to have the results the folks who run the company want, seem to often lack follow up, and make things difficult
No wait - is that Monica's account?
I mean that posted it?
That's one side of the story sure but things like SO Inc talking to the register and such is a matter of record
2:38 AM
Wow... Thanks for filling me in, @JourneymanGeek!
Sorry it's not in more detail. This and the surrounding drama has been a big chunk of my time and energy the last few weeks.
1 hour later…
4:03 AM
it's been... interesting to follow
it somewhat reminds me of the whole blackout that happened in 2015 on Reddit after the firing of Victoria Taylor
except that SE somehow handled it worse than Reddit
4:30 AM
Never heard about that, @justcool393.
@JourneymanGeek that's okay, it's enough :)
5:00 AM
!!/test eelphone
> Would not be caught as a post, title or username.
5:41 AM
@Elfvia yeah basically what happened was back in 2015, the liaison for AMAs on Reddit, Victoria Taylor (/u/chooter), unexpectedly was let go by Alexis Ohanian (/u/kn0thing). the subreddit /r/IAmA, one of the biggest subreddits, went private to reorganize and other subreddits, given the bad treatment of moderators from the site employees/administrators took their subreddits private as well
there is actually some tensions on Reddit now due to their recent harassment policy, but it's hard to say when or if that will bubble up
i did a writeup on the /r/SubredditDrama subreddit
6:03 AM
@justcool393 that's a lot of drama
yeah indeed it was
6:18 AM
No blackout here though
6:45 AM
Wasn't an option I guess. We can't set our sites private
7:13 AM
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7:32 AM
@Elfvia sounds like the change in question rep from 5 to 10 put you over 200 for the first time. As a result you get a free 100 rep on every other account (so that you get basic privileges on all sites)
@JAD ooohh cool!
8:03 AM
Morning :)
You're all late ...
I'm sorry?
I was busy focusing on breathing and surviving my commute :P
@Tinkeringbell fair enough ;)
8:17 AM
@Tinkeringbell starting at the basics I see
!!/coffee Elf
@ShadowThePrincessWizard brews a cup of Macchiato for @Elf
8:49 AM
That's cool!
Did you build SmokeDetector, @ShadowThePrincessWizard?
charcoal is a remarkable organization
totally unbiased btw
Oh, okay :)
@JAD Had to, there was a chimney in the same train part as me. Made it hard to breathe.
9:04 AM
We still run on steam in that part of the country?
Some people apparently do.
Evening here :D
@Tinkeringbell chimney in electrical train??
@Elfvia 11:07 AM here
8:07 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Someone smelling like a chimney then ;)
9:08 AM
seems like the new feedback mechanism they wanted to add will be shipped on a friday after all
or today
What're you guys talking about XD
A chimney..?
@Tinkeringbell ouch lol!
@rene here's another one for you: meta.stackexchange.com/q/338789/295232
Presumably someone who smelled strongly of cigarette smoke.
9:11 AM
@mag how's your head today?
@user58 or actual chimney in a steam train...
me feeling like a stranger here
Fact is, I am :)
@Glorfindel awesome ;)
9:15 AM
@Elfvia We're an odd bunch, but mostly harmless. (:
@user58 you the one at The Resturant at the End of the Universe? ^ ^
Yeah, I hang out there as well.
Great :)
BTW I don't mean it to be sacarstic
Guys, guys... big news ;) Reputation values have changed on SO, I just got an e-mail ;)
9:25 AM
Wasn't that already implemented?
Yeah I'm not sure why I'm getting the e-mail a week later, to be honest ;)
@Tinkeringbell never got any
@Hitodama Maybe yours is still stuck in traffic ;)
@Tinkeringbell Lemme check mine
@Tinkeringbell won't be missed
9:33 AM
I guess they can only send 10,000 emails per day without running the risk of becoming labelled as spammer ...
@Tinkeringbell don't have it
I got my email like 3 days ago :D
I usually dismiss all the automated emails
@rene I wonder if that would qualify for the "I will send you a dollar if you receive spam" thing :P
@Hitodama give it a try ;)
9:42 AM
@Tinkeringbell I got one a few days back. Gave me a good reminder to unsubscribe
@Tinkeringbell oof, that sucks D:
making a guided tour for @Elfvia so she won't feel a stranger
@Elfvia ^ suggestion: don't follow the Shadow if he tries to lure you in any place that has "Den" in the name.
@Hitodama like GardeningSE?
10:02 AM
@JAD well, that is where rene lives, so I guess it can be dangerous too.
@Hitodama too late
@Hitodama heheehe
@JAD Whole Word match
@JAD I think I'm unsubscribed for most things?
Yep, I only have 'community milestones' on:)
I dunno why actually. I think it can go off ;)
10:08 AM
@Tinkeringbell I did with my main account back when going on a strike, but my sock got all those emails. lol
Poor sock
Regarding a conversation I had a few days ago about pronouns with one or more syllables, I've found this site which has a list of pronouns which are much longer (e.g. meowself, queenself, and goreself). I'm not sure how to tell if a pronoun is a troll pronoun or not with these examples in mind (with the exception of the famous grimble and gromble).
Welcome to zoo.se. Please don't feed the mods. Respect their habitat. Stay on the footpath. — rene Nov 21 '18 at 20:13
@rene since it's anniversary day, can I please have some cake, just this once? :D
other than me. I've only been a mod around a month :D
Yeah, some people really do everything to avoid parties!
10:16 AM
Means it's also exactly a year ago I survived a full day out with mom ;)
@Tinkeringbell sure, I have an eierkoek for you.
@rene Add slagroom and hagelslag, and I'm in ;)
I'm short on slagroom
@rene Srsly? It's my party and there's no slagroom?!
10:20 AM
yeah, at this point I have to admit I totally forgot :(
Okay. Next year I'll send you a reminder a week in advance :P
Please do. I'm bad at these kind of things
Yeah, I noticed :P
the dutch conspiracy takes form
Conspiracy? What conspiracy? :P
10:26 AM
Lack of cake.
So have shawarma! :D
Oof, that makes me stinky. Can I have chicken instead?
Cake is Better.
Cake is definitely best :D
10:29 AM
hehe, last tuesday we had shoarma for lunch. The entire company smellt like garlic afterwards
I usually don't mind but I have to take a train home tonight ;)
@JAD eww!
I like garlic though (yeh, I'm weird)
I don't think that's weird... any random user on here probably uses too much garlic for everything :P
(Except perhaps @mag ;) )
At least no one sits next to you.
10:31 AM
They usually don't, if it's not crazy busy I usually have a single seat ;)
@Tinkeringbell that hasn't bothered me before
@Tinkeringbell too much implies it's a bad thing
@JAD I'm always kinda hesitant, I don't want to be 'the smelly person'.
better garlic than cigarette smoke
That's true.
Very true.
Guys, what do you think of this song..
makes me happy
cigarette smoke is kinda contagious as a smell too... if someone smelling like that stands next to you, your hair/clothes might start smelling too!
@Tinkeringbell agreed
Got that so many times
Don't be that guy on the train.
10:34 AM
@Tinkeringbell I like garlic too
@Rob Is he manspreading and farting at the same time?!
@mag Unexpected :P
Probably, luckily scratch and sniff screens didn't catch on.
Poor guy looks like he has a rough life.
Anyone with a garbage bag who isn't taking out garbage makes me sad.
Might be pot.
That much pot? No way.
10:38 AM
It's not much.
maybe its pot
@Tinkeringbell nice quote just under the card of that other mod that was appointed before you. They surely must have though she was a trustworthy person to not even ask her to step up again.
a potted plant, that is
A lot to be bringing on a train.
I've seen large garbage bags packed as full as they can be, barely enough to tie a knot in the top.
10:40 AM
@Rob XD. I used to have a cellphone that came in a box smelling of coffee beans (Siemens A52). That box kept smelling for years!
@Hitodama yep, that didn't age well
@Rob A lot of people on public transport just use a garbage bag over here as rain protections.
Or to transport big things.
(and keeping secret what you're transporting)
several kilos of uncut nicaraguan cocaine, probably
In fact, given the time of year there might be more garbage bags on the train soon... a lot of people use them to transport Sinterklaas gifts :)
@Hitodama I have a load of mixed thoughts and feelings on that right now, so perhaps better to just celebrate modding for a year for me ;)
Here's a link, garbage bags full, dumped in a lane.
10:46 AM
Yeah, kinda sad to throw it in the garbage, if you ask me ;)
That's a cake.
(By a friend of mine)
Is it really? Or is it art, made with cake? :P
It kinda doesn't look like it's meant to be eaten and taste nice :P
It's sad when your bag rips.
10:50 AM
That cop looks pretty happy though.
She also makes less elaborate cakes that are meant to be eaten.
Security guard.
Oh. Looks like a cop to me :P
Since he seems to have a gun...
Not a fan of cops :/
10:52 AM
Okay, change of subject then :)
Back to cakes ;)
@Raedwald do you have more pictures of her cakes, perhaps of one that's meant to be eaten?
These pictures include commissions for birthday cakes: instagram.com/tafacakes
Oooh! I love the cookie monster one ;)
Sadly Instagram doens't let you scroll down as much anymore without creating an account :)
Sometimes reloading or switching to mobile dismisses the blackout.
Darn, they caught on. I'd have to use the alternate browser, which blocks the block.
11:27 AM
So much to copy...
11:41 AM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard the animation takes up 75% of the time ...
@ShadowThePrincessWizard doesn't seem to be progressing much either :/
@rene you mean the progress bar that can also go backwards? ;)
@JAD actually it's quite fast, took it ~3 minutes to copy all those files (about a gb in size)
11:54 AM
I go to lunch, and this room falls silent? :P
@mag likes minecraft, right?
universiteitleiden.nl/en/news/2019/11/… < Came across that one in the news letter... sounds interesting :)
@ShadowThePrincessWizard yes
@Tinkeringbell yea, looks interesting
It has to translate the destination directory for each file copied.
12:13 PM
less than 4000 mp3s left to sort :D
Do you like sorting? :)
12:26 PM
@Tinkeringbell sorta
12:38 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW Bucket Sort?
I have some scripts, but... the files are a mess
so I'm helping them along ;)
Been going about 8 weeks now :D
How you sort it?
program called beets
which looks at the tags, tries to identify the album etc.
Auto audio detection, then sort by category/singer?
But, it helps if it's in correct folder with other mp3s from same album
@ShadowThePrincessWizard yup
12:41 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Stack sort is the only legal way here
I have a whole bunch of pirated crochet pattern pdf files that need renaming and sorting by language... any recommendations? :P
(Oh, and some are just a bunch of images, that still need combining into a single pdf file :P)
combining things into a single PDF isn't too hard
OCR on patterns? hahaha have fun.
I knoowwww... Ugh. The drive that they were on crashed, and file recovery got a bunch of them back but they're mostly file0001 etc. Only a few still have their 'original' titles.
I guess I'll just stick to doing a few each week ;)
@JAD Staff > Mods > Common folk?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard gkoberger.github.io/stacksort
1:02 PM
@JAD it doesn't identify code snippets as code
1:56 PM
@M.A.R. can you believe there are more than 40k users in writing and less than 10k users in literature?
What's so surprising about it?
2:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek sup dawg?
@202324 Writing is... about ten years older or so.
I read parts of Iran have internet again.. fingers crossed one of those includes M.A.R's location ;)
@ShadowThePrincessWizard never mind
minding anyway ;)
some weird glitch with a userscript, decided to report on Github instead
for some reason, the background image on the bottom of the page in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe is inverted with it
@ShadowThePrincessWizard It's mmyers's fault.
3:01 PM
> Fars quoted unnamed sources as saying the National Security Council that had ordered the shutdown approved reactivating the internet in "some areas and, according to reports so far, fixed line internet has been restored in Hormozgan, Kermanshah, Arak, Mashhad, Qom, Tabriz, Hamadan and Bushehr provinces, and parts of Tehran".
Looks like it.
(He's in Tabriz.)
Think @M.A.R. got some tricks to bypass internet shutdown anyway.
why'd they shut it down to start?
@mag political unrest, I think.
@mag protests against the government
With internet, it's easy to coordinate.
thats a shitty reason to do that
3:03 PM
@mag it's effective.
@mag Who said it wasn't? ;)
Iran is not a democracy, so.... meh.
here's hoping the government who decides that gets unseated
@mag as opposed to all the good reasons that they might shut it down...?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Don't think so. Ways to evade the restrictions Iran puts on the internet, yes, but a country wide blackout? Nah. Plus, he hasn't been seen since it went down.
3:04 PM
@mag Oh shush... don't meddle in foreign politics ;)
just call me the meddler
@user58 maybe.... let's see what he says... :)
Sounds like you found a new nickname, @meddler :P
@mag people in Iran try to do it for decades, so far without success.
TL;DR: Protests in Iran, things got violent (over a hundred people died apparently), the government shut down the internet to "help restore order".
3:41 PM
I wonder if p2p networks start popping up in that kinda situation
I know there's phone apps to do so, but I've never personally played with any
4:02 PM
4:19 PM
@KevinB totally
nothing is worse, than being deaf on one side ¬_¬
@djsmiley2k-CoW except being deaf on both sides?
well yeah maybe
just feelin sorry for myself :D
I don't actually believe that, obvs.
It just sucks.
Temporarily, or permanently?
4:21 PM
Actually the worst bit is not knowing if i've got my hearing back
well, temporarily
but.... i've likely punctured my eardrum again...
@djsmiley2k-CoW how often do people need to tell you not to put stuff in your ears? ;)
i've had a cold for a few weeks
Oof. Any cold is no fun, but one that lasts weeks is exceptionally bed. Sorry to hear that!
Does it help to command you to get well soon?
@GeorgeStocker it's not really a useful outlet, though. It's mostly an echo chamber where we all sort of complain together while SE largely seems(?) to ignore us.
4:33 PM
by design
without it, people would be resorting to more visible vectors
@KevinB I'm almost thinking you've travelled back to Ancient Egypt and are now only capable of writing using images ;)
They ought to just shut it down and let that type of thing naturally move over to twitter or reddit or whatever else. The collaborative portion of this enterprise is over.
> Oof. Any cold is no fun, but one that lasts weeks is exceptionally πŸ›. Sorry to hear that!
@KevinB o.o how did I mistype that :\
4:34 PM
Oh well, now I get the joke :P
Ah, I see. So long as meta's there, it can be quietly ignored. Twitter... not so much.
well, ignored maybe/maybe not, but it can be controlled there.
That retweet still burns me up.
Easy there, Smokey...
It's criminal that the search userscript hasn't been incorporated outright. It's MIT licensed, right?
@IamMonica might not be as easy to implement as it seems... Run on top of stuff as a userscript? Sure. Add it to a codebase might take more work though ;)
@Tinkeringbell sudo get_better --now
@KevinB we all know, if we actually want SE to do something, we just need to complain on twitter.
@SmokeDetector ooooooooo a new community i'm not yet a member of
4:44 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW Yes, please do :)
And update antivirus while you're at it :P
5:11 PM
I wonder if the data explorer allows create assembly ..., set trustworth, etc
5:32 PM
@IamMonica nope
it doesn't even allow to create functions
@IamMonica also relevant in this context: meta.stackexchange.com/a/333148/158100
6:00 PM
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6:57 PM
@rene ah, thanks.
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