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12:39 AM
I try ;)
Good to see you too
1 hour later…
2:09 AM
grr.. grumpy morning...
2 hours later…
4:36 AM
Recent SENT (Stack Exchange New Theme) on GD.SE and GameDev.SE were posted by Jon instead of Catija...
Oct 24 at 18:11, by Catija
Stack has a great parental leave policy... fortunately it doesn't require that I leave entirely. I'll be around for social stuff rather than work.
Ah... stupid me >_<
5:32 AM
@Somewhat well she is officially not working, so it makes some sense. :)
Through guess she can still do such things unofficially.
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 4 mins ago, by rene
Any particular reason I can't edit this question to remove the tag?
This is one try from me incase a dev wants a unique log entry: stackoverflow.com/posts/19346206/edit-submit/…
1 hour later…
6:54 AM
7 hours ago, by JGreenwell
he doesn't have 1,063,468 rep so I'd think he's not quite of Skeet caliber yet
350k rep at MSE is basically 1,000,000 rep at SO in difficulty.
7:16 AM
There are 2 new questions on the active tab that need close votes
I will vtc if you will read this hilarious article about halloween costumes and AI : nytimes.com/interactive/2018/10/26/opinion/…
7:28 AM
@TravisJ reading ...
@TravisJ I like the landing a plane example. In an Airbus near you soon ....
@rene Nothing like zeroing it out.
7:57 AM
The 10 year anniversary post has also been unfeatured. I wonder if we'll get another contest
the DAG team updates doesn't mention planning for it either, although it does mention winterbash
8:24 AM
I have the 22th gold badge on MSO :D
what is "OpenID removal" supposed to mean in the product team updates?
I think a few specific forms of open id were being removed
@Derpy killing any routes to openid.se
still not clear.
I am pretty sure I am not the only one whose account is SE based - I don't use federation with other auth providers.
20K sum meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317459/mathematics-problem-sum (needs more) /cc @ShadowWizard @JourneymanGeek @Bart @TravisJ
8:47 AM
22 messages moved to Chimney
@Derpy yes, there is a small userbase left that still uses openid.se
20K status meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317460/… /cc @ShadowWizard @JourneymanGeek @Bart @TravisJ
@rene oh, well, if I discover my account suddenly goes "poof"... I suppose it will make decisions more easy.
20K date format meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317461/… /cc @ShadowWizard @JourneymanGeek @Bart @TravisJ
20K chart meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317462/… /cc @ShadowWizard @JourneymanGeek @Bart @TravisJ
@rene oh, right, I had forgotten that one.
I think I already suggested back then that the post could use some rewritting to clarify what it was supposed to mean (especially because we seem to keep forgetting people in the network aren't supposed to be 100% developers, and for many of them "openId" probably is just one more empty name).
9:02 AM
wait so the "stack exchange" login using only email and password is going away?
Thanks, crossreferencing the two posts I think I get what they probably mean.
@Magisch If I read correctly, they are going to block external OpenID providers and switch the OpenID based SE only login platform to use OAuth instead.
@Magisch no, it is no longer using openid.se to offer that option. They moved that feature under their own control
cause I only have an email login attached to my account
i log into stack exchange using my email address and a password I set
yes, that will still work
Yep, I think that only mean that the "SE only" account will use a different "infrastructure" instead.
Obviously, to understand that you probably need to know what OpenID is.
9:07 AM
yes, that is true
@Derpy which is no longer OpenID provider. Just plain email/password which can't be used to log into other sites anymore.
I believe those who only use OpenID login have been emailed to add alternate login to prevent them from getting locked out
9:23 AM
Only those using non standard openid i.e. not in the premade list.
9:38 AM
I see the local erinaceus is felling especially "witty" today
@Derpy Never make 'promises' you can't keep... such a thing sounds like a bad idea.
Like those signs theme parks have '30 minutes waiting time from here' and then you're behind an entire class of small school children + some less abled people that can use the wheelchair access and you end up waiting 45 minutes to an hour and have your mood ruined :P
@Tinkeringbell oh, nice, you just gave me an idea. Since you mentioned theme parks, can I just ask you something out of curiosity?
(I'm only in here when I'm bored anyways so any conversation is better than none :) )
As I said, I am just curious because you mentioned parks and waiting times.
Are we the only country that is so lame, pathetic and greedy that theme parks have started selling premium "skip waiting line" tokens or it is a common practice everywhere?
@Derpy Nah, you have them here too, they're called 'fast lane passes' at the theme park I'm closest to. They come in bronze, silver and gold, and can cost as much as 50 euro's for a day.
9:53 AM
@Tinkeringbell they are "day" based?
ours are "number of uses" based
And I know Disneyland Paris offers fast passes, but those are 'free', you just pick them up at a machine in the park itself and then return at the appointed time
hey @tink
@Derpy It looks like they are. You make a reservation with your phone, and can then return at the appointed time. If you take e.g. bronze, your waiting time will be the same as the actual (expected) waiting time, only you don't have to spend those 45 minutes in line, you can go and do something else and then check in at the fast lane at the appointed time. It's a weird system.
you're back from your vacation :D
@Magisch Yeah... ;)
9:55 AM
@Tinkeringbell that is a different thing altogether then. Ours are more of the shady type.
At least for now. If y'all tire me out too much, I'm taking another :P
@Derpy Hm? How do yours work?
need more colorful parrots
@Tinkeringbell "Don't want to wait in line for 2 hours under the sun while your kids pester you the whole time? Just buy a skip line token and skip the line now!"
what if so many people buy skip line tokens that there's a lineskipper line?
@Derpy Ah, yeah, that's ... going to be problematic.
@Magisch They raise the prices, as that means the line tokens are too cheap :P
Or they add a bronze,silver,gold token system :P
10:00 AM
@Magisch well... it is 80€ for an "infinite times" daily skip token, multiply that for # of family members and you have your reply
We usually go to theme parks on 'regular' days. There's usually a few school classes and not many other people. No need to skip the lines ;)
most would only buy a three uses 25€ one. And you still need to buy one for each family member, because you can't split the rides on multiple peoples
@Tinkeringbell that was my strategy too, back when I had time to go there.
@Derpy :/ Talk about an expensive day out... usually entrance fees alone are also already near 30 euros (if not more)
@Derpy I have another strategy too :P A friend that uses a wheelchair. But that kills your back too.
pro tip, if you plan to go to amusement parks, go during weekdays outside of school holidays
usually empty then
10am on a random wednesday you never have to wait in line
@Magisch That's those 'regular' days I meant ;)
10:04 AM
We once went to Walibi, and my little brother was the only kid in the 'small kids' section of the theme park. Had an employee that started up the rides for him, let him ride as long as he wanted, then walked with him to the next :P
@Tinkeringbell yeah last time I was in a water park we spent 7 hours just chain riding that one wildwater raft
where you usually wait an hour
the platform where it finished was designed to allow you to skip directly into the new one
@Magisch oh, once I was so lucky on a work day that the park was so empty that the staff didn't even bother to make you dismount some rides....
@Magisch Nice! I never was one to stay in one ride that long. I was able to spent entire days in ... it's a weird thing, let me look up a picture if I can find one.
@Derpy the wildwater raft was just amazing
10:07 AM
no need to make you go back in line when the line doesn't exist in the first place
depending on how people in your raft moved it, it was different every time
That was so fun when I was younger :P
thats cool
@Magisch wait... what? WHY you mentioned wildwater raft? That was exactly the ride I was on
(ok, it was more of a boat than a raft, but still...)
we had this circular raft
10:10 AM
@Magisch anything like these?
if that is the case, yep, we are basically talking about the same thing
@Derpy I really, really dislike those :P I always end up on the wrong side of such rafts
@Derpy yes! exactly these
we rode it literally all day we were there
usually the line is so long and this is so fun in the summer
This is my favorite summer ride Look at the top right: see those two yellow cannon-like looking things? That's where you have to be, to aim at other people in the ride! :P
@Tinkeringbell are they coin operated?
@Derpy Nope :D
(at least, last time I was there they weren't )
10:22 AM
@Tinkeringbell I guess then we still win the "pathetic-est clowns" crown then
OOOH! I didn't play that in a very long time. Perhaps I could do that again tonight :)
think I saw someone trying doing that. In Roblox.
@Derpy there is a ride at the park where I went to where you can pay 1€ per 30s of spraying water at people on the ride
like outside water cannons
@Magisch .... by now, I am starting to fear you may live next door to me.
I expect to see a big cactus enter the office door any minute now
10:26 AM
you're not in germany, are you?
no, still somewhere in Europe but not there.
then there's no danger
10:42 AM
@Derpy France?
@ShadowWizard you already got enough info for today :P
furthermore, it should be clear.
Not as crystal
@ShadowWizard Start from the Big Ben, second to the right, and straight on till morning.
Feb 18 '14 at 14:41, by SPArchaeologist
@ShadowWizard - would you believe me if I said that I am a tea ceremony student?
10:53 AM
@ShadowWizard Since when did Japan move to Europe? :P
@Tinkeringbell dunno but @Derpy said morning and Japan is where morning begins first. ;)
@ShadowWizard I thought that was some island near New Zealand? (As they always show up on the news each year as being the first to celebrate New Year) :P
@Tinkeringbell he also know that I can be very Discord-like at times
@Tinkeringbell well Japan is the Land of the Rising Sun, no? 🌞
11:16 AM
may have to ask a question about Linux, timeshift and clamav / clamtk. Is superuser fitting enough?
could be pretty easy. Or pretty hard, I don't know
that said, I am always pretty uncertain on where questions about Mint are supposed to go.
@Tinkeringbell Kiribati, Samoa, and Tonga.
also, unrelated, why is the parrot in the Den?
why is the flower in the Den???
11:35 AM
well, it is common knowledge by now that the flower is uncouth and probably related to an anagram of "serial murder". But the parrot looked so innocent...
@Derpy I got bored ;)
And kidnapped
And the Den could use some culture? :P
@Tinkeringbell they are a lost cause, I've already tried to teach them the pony's ways
@Derpy she was summoned and bound.
Needed powerful spells but we did it! :D
@PaulWhite Exactly those ;)
@ShadowWizard Nothing can bind me ;)
I'm just allowing you to think that :P
@Tinkeringbell start talking about ponies or other heartwarming shows. They get bored pretty quickly
11:39 AM
@Derpy Oh, but that's not how you educate people :P
@Derpy she teach us the Ways of the Bird.
the button is still there.....
@ShadowWizard Next lesson: How to be a frenzied ball of feathers XD
It's really simple: Log out and do some stuff in real life :P
11:43 AM
@Tinkeringbell This is harder than you'd think.
@Mithrandir I only lasted three days. Tell me about it ;)
That's longer than I did.
Mithranhere, Mithranthere Mithraneverywhere
I literally set up an extension to block SE for myself. It didn't help :P
That's where 'log out' comes in. That at least requires you to make a conscious decision to log in again and gives you a few seconds to realise 'no, not what I want right now'.
11:46 AM
I did that too... problem is, I have the password saved in. *rolls eyes at self*
@Mithrandir That can be easily cleared ;)
Sure, but then I'm not sure I'll remember it when I want to get back in :P
@Magisch I didn't personally flag, but there were flags raised.
@EKons It got enough exposure. While there's a maximum amount of time a post can be featured before the system automatically removes the tag, it's there just to catch someone forgetting to remove it manually. I tend to remove it once a post has seen substantial engagement because it makes way for others. I don't know if any are planned, but I don't need to, it's just the way I handle them.
Imagi-nation's today episode is another re-air.
and the Ingress anime episode, too
probably going to skip it then
12:10 PM
Do you keep track of all of this with post it notes?
never miss an opportunity to make post puns :P
congratulation, you just earned a PUNdit badge!
12:26 PM
@Somewhat It's almost magic :P
@Tinkeringbell it is almost friendship!
@Derpy Friendliness is cool. I don't like people on SE unilaterally deciding I'm their friend though, just because I act friendly towards them...
I'm fairly sure tim's completly sick of all the post puns
I'm also fairly sure his kids will be once they hit secondary school and every single computer nerd in their grade starts making post puns :D
@Magisch Time for you to move on to a post-post-pun era then? :P
Hi, I'm your friend! Let me share my downvotes...
12:29 PM
I don't ping him with these on purpose because I imagine getting pinged for something so low brow would be classed as pure annoyance
@Somewhat Heh. Just make it community wiki then :P
@Magisch Getting pinged in general is annoying ;)
Unless it's a reply or people actually need me...
@Tinkeringbell I need you!
@ShadowWizard creep :P
For what? XD
Umm... Bird food!
If you're going to ping me because you need me, use your chat character limit and make it so I can just read a single message and see why you need me... why don't people ever understand that?
Conversation from yesterday:
coworker: Hey Tink!
me: Hi! What's up?
coworker: Oh, nothing much, how was your weekend?
me: Great, but if you don't actually need me, I have some programming to do...
coworker: Oh, no, I have this bug I need you to fix
me: details please?
Soooo tiring.
I can understand a little smalltalk, but not using IM when we're both working from home...
12:35 PM
@Mgetz Yeah.
I get 'this is wrong'... okay, cool. I can probably fix it IF I KNOW WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE!
Turns out I had to replace two parentheses...
Smalltalk is an object-oriented, dynamically typed, reflective programming language. Smalltalk was created as the language to underpin the "new world" of computing exemplified by "human–computer symbiosis". It was designed and created in part for educational use, more so for constructionist learning, at the Learning Research Group (LRG) of Xerox PARC by Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls, Adele Goldberg, Ted Kaehler, Scott Wallace, and others during the 1970s. The language was first generally released as Smalltalk-80. Smalltalk-like languages are in continuing active development and have gathered loya...
The rest was just someone messing up somewhere when manually transferring code changed from a development to test to acceptation environment..
Anyway, why am I receiving llamas on DeviantArt?
@Tinkeringbell Go, Pidgybell, I chose you!
@Somewhat I think I once heard trading llamas is a sort of meme there
12:43 PM
@Tinkeringbell But let me sing you the song of my people (an hour of middle aged coworker's life story) before getting to the point!
@Magisch Heh. I've been back for just a few hours and I'm already ranting again... there goes good intentions, I guess.
Can we go back to discussing theme parks? :P
@Tinkeringbell don't visit the TAS meta room then :p
@Magisch Already caught up there. Sorry I wasn't there to help out?
Seems like you all did fine without me though. I should take more breaks ;)
Theme Park and Theme Hospital
I think I heard a co-worker mention Theme Hospital once... it's a game, right?
12:57 PM
yep :)
What's your opinion on it? Coworker described it as fun(ny)
I think it's indeed a fun(ny) game, like the disease name and its treatment...
I might try it sometime then... Although I don't know where to get the time for it :P
I prefer transport tycoon
TT (and its OpenTTD)'s also fun~
1:02 PM
@AndrasDeak I played it's open source counterpart, OpenTTD, a long time ago. I'm not too good at it, just like I wasn't too great at SimCity... I always end up with underdeveloped parts
Coal trains ftw...
coal is good, it doesn't go bad
anyway, there's a recent spiritual succesor to Theme Hospital:
Two Point Hospital is a 2018 business simulation game developed by Two Point Studios and published by Sega for Linux, MacOS, and Microsoft Windows. A spiritual successor to Bullfrog Productions' 1997 game Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital puts players in the role of a hospital administrator tasked with constructing and operating a hospital (and, by extension, an empire of hospitals in the fictional Two Point County, where the game is set) with the goal of curing patients of fictitious, comical ailments. The game was designed and developed by some of the creators of Theme Hospital, including Mark...
I can still remember the joy when it was finally time for maglev...
though I can't say much because I haven't played it
1:04 PM
yeah, I keep seeing that game in GOG newsletters
1:29 PM
I'm probably not the first one to mention it, but there are a lot of blatantly off-topic questions on Meta.SE today ...
We do have a new 'Featured on Meta' post, but that couldn't be the reason, could it?
umm, that could be the reason...
still not as bad as inbox message though...
1:41 PM
yeah, I remember that. That was the last time I ran out of flags (I had <3k rep back then)
I don't remember it... can I get a story?
@Tinkeringbell "long ago, in the magic land of Equestria, two loyal sisters....."
@Derpy Okay. I want a specific story, one about inbox messages :P
A: Statistics regarding users who recently flooded MSE with blatantly off-topic debugging questions

TarynThe Terms of Service inbox notification hit the inbox on April 19th, so I ran some numbers since that date to hopefully answer your questions. Since April 19, 2016, there have been: 194 questions asked, by 166 different users, of these 153 had an account on Stack Overflow, of which 15 users...

Oh... that's boring :P
But it sounds like a lot of questions for just 3 days..
1:52 PM
Everything about off-topic Qs on MSE is boaring :(
Hey cat
How's things?
looking for a cat in Tavern
I meant catija
I don't like pinging staff for frivolities. They'll answer if they want to :p
I want to say that unlike regular users they even get payed to get pinged :P But I know Catija is not on duty right now so this argument doesn't stand
2:15 PM
Yay. Bendy and the ink machine final chapter is out.
Yay, the plot was as bad as I expected!
I really don't get how things like FNAF, Hello Neighbor or Bendy manage to become viral
2:45 PM
yet you watch it voluntarily? :)
@TimPost yeah... was probably a bit surprised when I suddenly saw the sidebar getting much shorter without announcement :P
thanks for explaining your habits :-)
3:06 PM
@AndrasDeak ... I was kinda curious. Until chapter 3 I hoped it would get better eventually . Then I just watched it out of curiosity to see how they were going to waste a great art style on a lame gameplay.
3:19 PM
and in meantime, totally unrelated... I found Konata singing Cha-la-head
@Tinkeringbell Heh. Sounds like we're discussing nohello again! Didn't you learn from workplace.stackexchange.com/a/119200/25356 that even quietly finding this frustrating makes you a terrible human being who deserves to be shamed? :P
@MarkAmery :P I don't do 'nohello'. I just put my hello in the same message ;)
And I can also live with a 'hello'
and then a problem
But not hey, hi, how are you, how was your weekend... uhh, why are chatting? :P
@Tinkeringbell HTTP 1.1 HELO?
aaand nerd joke fail
@Mgetz Perhaps :P
@Tinkeringbell That still is nohello! nohello.com shows the same thing, after "If you feel it's brusque to simply say "Hi" and ask the question, you can do something like this:"
3:24 PM
@Tinkeringbell just require people who get hello comments to respond with: 100 CONTINUE
@MarkAmery Oh, I guess. Still. I don't want to force my co-worker to do 'nohello' :P
or have a bot do it automatically
Just not discuss the weekend etc. for around 10/20 messages before even coming to the point.
Gotta run or I'll miss a bus ;)
Okay, made it ;)
@Derpy not as epic as that, but Conan also sang Truth
spoiler on the joke: Conan Edogawa is the main character of an anime Detective Conan, and Truth is one of the opening song by TWO-MIX...
and the singer of TWO-MIX is Minami Takayama, who is also the voice actor for Conan...
3:47 PM
Especially when she basically goes Retsuko at the end of the song.
1 hour later…
5:04 PM
10 messages moved to Chimney
does anyone consider this spam: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317458/… given the about me of the OP?
Can we delete it?
Definitely delete. But the post itself is not too spammy.
@rene not spam
Do we have any feature-request that pop up a dialog box and ask for a (non-compulsory, possibly anonymous) feedback on downvote?
Voted to delete though.
@user202729 tons
@rene seems like an ill fated attempt to self actualize
I think the about me might be set to endear people to the idea that she's a subject matter expert and to liken them to accept the proposal on that merit
Assuming good faith, I wouldn't consider that spam
5:13 PM
Okay, delete votes needed then, @Bart maybe ^^^^^^^ ?
Q: Could the down/up-voter be given the option of adding a reason?

gerryLowryI've looked at several related threads; some people would like to know why they get downvotes specifically. I'd like to have the optional ability to state why I'm voting something up or down. One can optionally explain the reason for her/his edit of a question, so why not the reason for an up o...

@user202729 ^
20K live chat meta.stackexchange.com/questions/317496/… (needs 1 more) /cc @Bart @JourneymanGeek
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in body (99): KeyOne Oreo upgrade issues ✏️ by Bansisingh on android.SE
@ShadowWizard I mean, something that makes the process of leaving feedback easier.
(dialog box with canned comment?)
@user202729 That is exactly the goal of the above, no?
5:41 PM
can we ban pets from hnq
No tweet no ban
Some person thought Worldbuidling was the reason Tim posted discussion about HNQ
hmm true there don't seem to be any tweets about it (did a search)
todays favourite stackoverflow hot network question https://worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/questions/114033/how-can-santa-keep-his-lists-when-gdpr-is-around
@ShadowWizard Blue Tick is what matters. Not the tweet ;)
@SomethingBadHappened define we
5:54 PM
@NogShine followers, but usually blue tick (always?) means lots of followers anyway...
@SomethingBadHappened the cat abuse one?
6:05 PM
yes. i haven't read it and i don't want to.
Then don't click on it. Solved. Next problem!
Where does a spork outperform both forks and spoons?
Eating soup with a load of vermicelli?
Hmm. You've given me some good food for thought.
Or meatballs. Soup with meatballs :P
6:15 PM
@scohe001 -1 no cheese
@Tinkeringbell Normal Somewhat
@SomethingBadHappened Kay
@ShadowWizard it's rough when all the cheesiest ones have been taken :(
Cheese soup? I thought that was called Fondue...
stackoverflow.com/users/1535357/mehdico is a curiosity that I don't understand. Can't tell if the account is being used for nefarious purposes or not. There's a wild change in user activity this year - a wholesale shift from asking only questions to only answers (often plagiarised), plus the curiosity of posting "Thank you, it works now!" verbatim on a slew of random posts on the same day. Have flagged, but am trying to puzzle out myself what's going on.
I've never seen anything like it; there's a weird mixture of actions that seem like a spambot and actions that seem like a legit user.
WTF, there's definitely something strange happening here. I used SEDE to look for other comments with the exact same text, and the only other one I found since June was this one: stackoverflow.com/questions/48432846/…
In which some answerer randomly comments on his own answer to, uh, thank himself for it? Only half an hour after the weird slew of comments with the same text by the first user I linked to.
So now I've got two users, both with a history of contributions that makes them look like human beings, both suddenly engaging in the same random, bizarre behaviour within half an hour of each other
6:39 PM
Hey @Mark, I'm baking a pizza, can I borrow some tinfoil from that hat? :P
This looks to me like evidence of some bad actor having compromised some accounts and testing out what they can do with them - is that what it looks like to others? What's the logical next step in trying to make sense of this?
6:52 PM
@MarkAmery mod flag an answer of theirs and give as much detail as possible. mods should have some more tools to look into it
@Dragonrage Yeah, have done. Meanwhile am trying to uncover more weirdness using SEDE
7:11 PM
I didn't find any - but I did learn that looking for duplicate comments in SEDE is a great way to uncover obnoxious users spamming random answers with requests for help with their latest unrelated question :P
7:35 PM
Is it a known bug that if you flag NAA on a deleted post, the flag is marked helpful immediately? If yes, any meta with a bug report?
:D quick, here's our chance to get our flag accept rate up!
yeah, I saw that loophole already but was fixed by Jeff and Marc
7:50 PM
nvm, there were no NAA flags on a deleted post
It is just my common mistake to jump to conclusions too early
and without (enough) context
1 hour later…
9:09 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer (86): "Too many redirects" ONLY when trying to access wp-admin page by yashpal singh on wordpress.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user (68): Does anyone know this song fom Mako mermaids seanson 2 ✏️ by Mako Island on musicfans.SE
@Sonic I think your observation about the user string is good and Stack's position here is problematic.
MSO and MSE are Something Bad on Questions. Other metas and mains seem okay.
9:29 PM
Write a Twitter rant about it
@rene you can flag an answer as NAA, then cast the final delete vote for an instant helpful flag
The latest build is being rolled back.
silences pager
And if so, why doesn't it get listed under my deleted questions?
6 mins ago, by Jon Ericson
The latest build is being rolled back.
9:39 PM
Ah, I blame shog9
Sites instability is getting in the way of my procrastination
can we fire shog9 and hire someone that knows what they're doing?
or spend the money on something more productive, like buying everyone on Stack Exchange pet brine shrimp?
would be interesting to graph tweet count over time relative to each outage
find the peak whiniest hours not to deploy changes in
What's more interesting, people complaining on twitter... or....
I dunno if Shog9 still reads what's going on here (not pinging him!) but if he's in need of a smile, he should have a look here
9:50 PM
@EvanCarroll Are those pet brine shrimp?
According to google image search
(never seen any)
mmmm a tall glass of brine
Only know it from the Sierra games and back then there was no google...
(yes, I'm an old fart)
Back when I was a kid, this is how google worked:
9:53 PM
@Fabby it was a super popular toy some Nazi created and marketed, but now you can buy them under the generic name on eBay.
that's actually a pretty classy theme.
@EvanCarroll I'm German, so are you referring to the 1930-40 nazis or a proverbial Nazi?
American Nazi
Found him
9:56 PM
Yea, that dip shit.
He's worse than Shog9; but, brine shimp are cooler than Shog9.
To put things into perspective.
It sounds you're walking on thin ice (slippery slope, etc.) guys :3
@EvanCarroll Shog9 is actually a nice guy...
(Polite, communicative, and good natured)
Perhaps, but I'm totally putting "Better than the guy who invented Seamonkeys" on my business cards now
he sometimes has to execute unpleasant tasks, but that's his job not the person itself.
^ Yes, he is, and I don't see any reason why he should be subject of discussion here!
9:59 PM
@Shog9 :D :D :D
@Shog9 As you're here anyway and need a laugh:
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