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3:00 AM
@sudorm-rfTelkitty Am I not old enough to sit at the bar?
@sudorm-rfTelkitty Don't worry. I bring the average up well over 16 I'm sure.
@sudorm-rfTelkitty Um... sorry? :P
@Doorknob Was 91 for a bit..
@Seth 95, I believe. That was weird.
SE won't let you be 12.
Everyone is born at 13 for them.
3:02 AM
@Seth It's legal issues, at least that's what they said in the email when they deleted my account
don't ask, don't tell
@Seth correct :P
@TheWobbuffet Yes, legal issues.
When I was 12, someone invited me to careers.
No one has done that for me. And no computer. :P
oh yeah I got one of those too.
I was like "Seriosuly?!? I have two questions and two answers on SO"
Yeah, I only had 100 rep
in Software Recommendations on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 27 mins ago, by Nick Wilde
If so do we have a time to expect the floodgates to open (ie If so and I know it I'll try to be online at that time since whether or not I'm a voted a PT I have higher rep and can deal with some of the junk anyways)
In reference to public beta starting.
@Shog9 --^
"sometime tomorrow"
3:08 AM
That's what I thought.
why voting is locked for some candidate (hexafraction) ?
anyway, @jmac - since these lazy folk aren't going to upvote that question past 100 I think you're gonna have to settle for that "death of an employee" post a while longer
@NullPoiиteя he withdrew
@NullPoiиteя because he has so many downvotes?
> withdrew 4 hours ago
3:12 AM
have you seen one other candidate he has got -1 votes
@NullPoiиteя There are others that have worse vote counts.
@Doorknob hey you got my vote ... : shame on your meta participation which makes me to do that :P
@NullPoiиteя Thank you :)
@Shog9 Are you guys still going to choose PT mods before public?
@hichris123 what?
3:16 AM
@Doorknob yours very welcome ... and i can do it anytime for meta guys :)
@Shog9 For Softwarerecs. Are you still going to choose Pro-Tem mods before public beta?
@hichris123 no, probably shortly after
or rather, they'll be appointed shortly after
they may or may not already have been chosen
Okay. Curious to see how SR turns out...
@Shog9 Perfect CM answer. :P
why its showing the message that i need 20 rep for chat (in welcome message ) chat.stackexchange.com/… i mean i am logged in and have 27k network wide ?
@NullPoiиteя Um... chat bug maybe?
3:21 AM
it shows this message only once when i opened that page
@NullPoiиteя Same happened to me.
Hmm, it looks like someone from here is digging through my profile.
@Shog9 FYI, this feature request was completed: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/214750/245764
3:38 AM
@Shog9 Thanks, I think? I still don't think this is an ideal way of doing it though -- if the question lacks appeal, even through the stickied post here, I don't think it will gain critical mass. The goal of the hot questions (gaining eyes) and the sites (gaining more users) are going to be at odds indefinitely.
@jmac if a question lacks appeal, then what's the point of putting it in front of thousands of readers?
@Shog9 To attract the ones that do find it interesting. I would rather have 1,000 visits and 20 new users than 20,000 visits and 10 new users.
(from hot questions, not in general)
@jmac what makes you think you'll get more users from less interesting questions?
assuming there are 20K people interested in A and 1K interested in B, why would B's audience tend to stick around when A's wouldn't?
Are you suggesting that B is more representative of the sort of questions one might find elsewhere on the site?
@Shog9 Something like this, yes.
@jmac based on...?
3:49 AM
As Joel said on the podcast, The Workplace often sounds like "a self-help group for commiserating"
A lot of the questions that get on the hot list fit something like that.
@jmac eh, yeah... Is that really what you want to encourage?
No, I want to discourage that by preventing questions like this from getting on the hot list and making people think that is acceptable for The Workplace
Because while that question itself isn't necessarily a bad question, it sure as hell doesn't deserve 200 upvotes, nor did TWP deserve the dozens of horrible questions asked afterwards by people who figured they would be on-topic based on that question
Yeah, I know, and that one is actually a decent question
Also note that it has zero answers from non-regulars.
(which is a good thing)
Personally, I would prefer the one that's hot to the one you like. It's actually close to something I could use.
3:52 AM
Yeah, I didn't want to pick the one that was already on the hot list
What I always say when talking about TWP is that none of those hot questions are what will drive up the value of our site (the one currently there may be, but the super-popular ones won't).
Nobody is going to search google for "How should I deal with an employee who has slept with my wife? "
But plenty will read our top viewed question, "How Should I Indicate Language Proficiency on my Resume? "
I would not dare try to predict what folks would search for. I've seen some of the stuff folks search for. Folks are craaaazy.
Well, yes. That too.
But in an ideal world, we want to help with practical things that have a wider appeal. But a lot of the hot questions are borderline primarily opinion-based and skirt the good-subjective bad-subjective boundary
@jmac sure. The ol' bikeshed.
And the reason for that is because anyone can say how they think you should tell your boss he should treat developers better, but you actually need expertise to tell people how to list a skill on a resume.
And those types of non-sexy questions are the ones that will drive large amounts of search engine traffic to the site, and those searches are what will give our site value as a resource.
here's the thing though: lots of bikeshed questions are popular, but popularity does not itself indicate a bikeshed question.
3:58 AM
So the conundrum for me is how do we attract people who can answer the expertise questions? And having questions about how to deal with an employee who slept with your wife on the hot list isn't going to attract any HR managers.
I totally agree with that. There are some good questions -- death of the employee one in specific is a good general question for TWP.
But that's the exception rather than the rule from the ones I've seen on the list.
Part of the issue is TWP's problems with voting early and often, which I'm trying to get people to do mroe
there may be some sampling bias here too
just sayin'...
Probably is a fair bit of sampling bias. I notice most when it impacts my moderation experience.
But there isn't any sort of lasting record of those questions anywhere to do more detailed unbiased sampling
so I'm kind of stuck on that front.
I have to run off for a bit, but I'll be back to continue later. Thanks for the back and forth.
time to eat here anyway
4:33 AM
@Shog9 You eat at 11 at night? Or are you not on EST?
@3ventic Yeah, you participated in an election on gaming
@jmac Okay, 9 at night then. :P
I eat at 9pm regularly. Is that abnormal?
Nah, though 11 is...
It looses the abnormality with two hours. Thanks for pointing that out @jmac. ;)
4:46 AM
@hichris123 No problem. He does try to hide since he doesn't share any info on his profile
Which is exactly what I would think sekritive CM's would do. :P
@Woobuffet Most welcome.
2 hours later…
6:31 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: NEED HELP RIGHT AWAY on math.stackexchange.com
Had a question abut tagging of Javascript questions, and posted this meta.stackoverflow.com/q/221687/251765 , note that it is not stated as a feature-request, nor a opinion as in "this is how it should be". My question is (because of the rapid down votes) if this is a bad question?
7:03 AM
Did the hammertime thing come to a halt
7:32 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: JSP PAGE NOT RUNNING ON ECLIPSE on stackoverflow.com
7:47 AM
@Bart: I also got a declined flag, but it is ok because the author updated the link-only answer into inline content. This is the minority though, so I will not stop flagging those.
A: How to send messages to article writer and @user in your comment when post your comment?

fweeweAs the cheap online store of the Basketball jerseys, we offer you a large selection of new San Antonio Spurs jerseys. The NBA Store has it all in every popular size. Shop the latest Spurs custom apparel and basketball clothing as well as San Antonio Spurs jerseys. Visit the official NBA Store reg...

spam in several occasions with the same content....
looks like worthwhile to remove the user?
wait, I gave three downvotes in a row for his posts, so I might be a serial downvoter.
User was removed
@Benjamin, btw, I will update my answer to your meta-question with the fact that upvoted answers do not lose the reps.
and in your case, even that was not an issue.
should we have honeypot questions for spammers to answer?
8:26 AM
@JanDvorak we use that
(we as in the company I'm at)
8:43 AM
One benefit of the entire election thing: 400 views on my SO profile, 50 on careers and 10 on linkedin
A: create a button on product form in openerp

testadads sg s g s s gs s s s s s s se se

and quite some random upvotes as well
I got an upvote on a simple mathematics.se question I asked 9 months ago (one and only question there)
9:01 AM
9:12 AM
what's new?
That hammertime thing was hilarious to read
Good morning all :)
Is there a way to report robo reviewers? I mean, this is just so awful.
9:28 AM
flag any of the posts they reviewed, and link to relevant info
OK, thanks
Agree all three must get review ban for at least a month, better forever.
Anyone got the gist to generate election statistics nearby ?
saidesh kilaru had 11 edit suggestions approved, and 28 edit suggestions rejected ouch ... and still that one got through.
9:38 AM
9:50 AM
one hour left for my morning...
10:52 AM
@Bart looks like spam to me.
That's what I thought. Flag got declined though
I've raised a spam flag too, perhaps it'll get accepted this time.
Heh, that was fast. declined - flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention
Although the question is removed now.
I believe it's declined because in the strict definition of spam, this isn't it
it's a poor quality question that is not a question at all
VLQ or Unclear what you're asking would probably be the appropriate course of action
but that's just me guessing mods their decisions
I was expecting a problem out of a math textbook.
@TimPost just making sure
11:31 AM
oh right, free sleeping clothes
11:42 AM
@JeroenVannevel looked like reasonably well disguised spam to me. But well, at least it's gone.
12:35 PM
Heh, say @Manishearth, what keyword did that one trigger on? I have an idea ...
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WIFI NETWORK SETUP on networkengineering.stackexchange.com
12:51 PM
@Bart download?
Disappointing @Manishearth
@Bart the keyword?
Or the graph?
Keyword. My mind made different associations there
But I'll leave it at that.
Graph is cool though. Surprising dips in some graphs
@Bart not sure how accurate it is though. And note that I didn't start collecting data till esterday
@Bart oh
1:02 PM
@Bart Why is there a 300-vote dip for vcsjones?
yeah I can't really explain a couple of them
Invalid votes would seem strange with a 150rep voting limit
1:48 PM
I'm afraid I'm spoiling Oded's day... meta.stackoverflow.com/a/221779/158100
It does force some people to handle the CVQ though...
Q: Bit confused about the points

Bharat soniI am a bit confused about the points a user can gain on this website. There are many users who have points like e.g. 250 And many users who have points like e.g 15k So can you please explain the difference between these points values?

can I have the support of all the present to upvote if I reply something along "It depends on the nationality of the user: when you see the K, it indicates that his reputation is measured in Kelvins"?
We could all vote until you have the reputation equivalent of 0 Kelvin?
@SPArchaeologist yes
@Bart come on.... it can't be a serious question :P
I refuse to take it as serious.
So don't answer
1:59 PM
Then flag it
There's nothing flag-able or close-able about it
Unless there is a dupe
> This question appears to be offtopic because the asker seems to be a troll
Oh, seems like he just legitimately didn't understand the 'k' suffix
Looks legitimate indeed. I didn't know what "k" meant as a kid until I started playing Runescape.
@SuhosinPony maybe, but if you do want to close...
2:02 PM
@Stijn Everquest for me
When I started selling platinum :P
@JanDvorak dash
... well, maybe it is only me seeing spam everywhere. Forget this one (still, it seems to strange to ask - k is pretty standard as 10^3)
Also, it aborted
2:07 PM
@Manishearth why should a hyphen matter?
or, did you mean Rainbow Dash?
@JanDvorak I test allcaps by asking "is it only caps and punctuation?"
And the hyphen wasn't part of the punctuation
Because otherwise it trips up on unicode and encoding and all
2:08 PM
@Manishearth you should change that to "has no lowercase"
@JanDvorak ...it then trips up on unicode and all
@Manishearth Do Python's string upper/lowercase functions not support Unicode?
(I meant to reply, not star :P)
is that a problem? All-unicode titles are rare enough
(mine trips on them, and I've never hit a positive)
@Manishearth why not go the other way around? Title which does not contain a lower case English letter will be reported by the bot
@Doorknob If I do upper(str)==str, that would include stuff without uppercase
@ShadowWizard which trips on unicode
2:11 PM
@Manishearth wait, why? upper("no uppercase") != "no uppercase"
See, there are many legitimate titles that don't have lowercase
Don't think unicode is valid language to use in titles
@Doorknob as in things that don't get uppercased. Like unicode
@ShadowWizard some sites
It gets escaped.
@Manishearth show one
2:11 PM
^ that
and anime
and Physics
@Manishearth that's why I was asking, "Do Python's string upper/lowercase functions not support Unicode?"
and Math
> 知らない方がいいって事もあるんです
well then :D
@Doorknob The thing is, uppercase(す)==す
has up-case and has no down-case?
2:12 PM
@Manishearth so, the answer is no. :(
@Manishearth this looks like a pacifier
is there a unicode uppercase importable thing or something? :P
@Doorknob Um, no, the answer is "why do you want to uppercase something that fundamentally isn't uppercaseable"?
@Manishearth oh, so that literally has no uppercase
Not everything has an uppercase variant, @Doorknob
2:13 PM
@Manishearth but many unicode chars do
příliš žľuťoučký kůň pěl ďábelské kódy
@JanDvorak true. Not sure if python supports that
how about any(lambda c: lower(c) == c, str) or something? (pseudocode)
okay, I have to leave. bye all
The basic issue was that the allcaps filter had too many false +ves, so turn it on
2:15 PM
Stop breaking stuff @rene. Poor Oded. ;)
You guys are making it hard. Why not just remove "-" from the title before checking if it's all caps?
Why do we even have caps lock keys any more?
@TimPost hey, it makes the crapdetector work :p
2:24 PM
@TimPost there is still key labeled "Pause". And no, it does not pause media. Guess that like DOS, they will always be there, lurking in the shadows.
@ShadowWizard /me can't find
@Manishearth Next to your F keys: Print Screen - Scroll Lock - Pause/Break
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: IMPRESSORA MP-2500 TH on pt.stackoverflow.com
strange. No one posted the ctr+alt+canc keyboard?
@Stijn I know, I used to have one. Not on my keyboard anymore
@TimPost ^ look, pt.SO is growing up!
2:26 PM
or at least the Monkey Island Easter egg "press F15 to continue"?
I didn't realize localized sites ended up in the main question feed.
@TimPost MSO does too
they do
also, private betas do
@TimPost any chance for a questions-and-answers feed?
also, having a different favicon for SO and pt.SO would be nice.
2:28 PM
@Manishearth Answers are kind of hard to context in that sense. You could use the API though, but that's not quite the same
@TimPost that's .. heavy, very heavy
@TimPost "Realtime content"
@TimPost We'd like to observe every answer as they go by
Or just "realtime crap", because that's what answers are most of the time anyway
polling the API for all answers for a question anytime the question gets bumped is impractical
and literally off-limits (unless we batch the calls, resulting in stale data)
@TimPost The realtime feed already bumps for each bump
2:32 PM
Does anyone else have some input here: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/221664/161198 Seems they are somewhat disgruntled and feel like we've shut them down twitter.com/trek
Don't think it's likely to happen soon. You could it, but you'd need to have some good reasons from a visitor to stackexchange.com perspective.
or, should I implement said batching (up to 100 elements - the API limit - and 10 minutes - to prevent stale moderation state)
@ShadowWizard free hand circle detected. Must. Star. It.
@TimPost a support question has already been done and (pretty much) ended up self-answered via reverse-engineering.
2:35 PM
@ShadowWizard I am going to break into your house and write "WASH ME" in that dirt.
@Manishearth should I implement that into your detector, or mine?
@TimPost while you are at it, could you also remember the cleaning staff that the floor of my office has the same color? (sigh)
@JanDvorak API batching? Not going near it, go ahead :)
I think it's easier to do in asynchronous way. In any case, OOP task queues are pretty much needed
@TimPost actually my house is clean, we have cleaning lady. Even the office is clean. Even my DESK is clean.... well, no used coffee cups at least. But hey, you're always welcome, no need to break into anything. :-D
2:37 PM
pulling latest changes and g2g, bye
@TimPost maybe the view of a man garbed in ninja clothes running around the building may give them the scare they need (yes, we tried many time to make them their work already)
@SPArchaeologist the beauty about Tim is that ninja clothes are his day to day outfit. Part of his job, you see. :P
@ShadowWizard - would you believe me if I said that I am a tea ceremony student?
@SPArchaeologist nope. ;)
@ShadowWizard ye saw right trough that.... actually everybody knows that I am a sumo fighter.
2:45 PM
@SPArchaeologist Ninja clothes? I dress up like a Cabbage patch kid when I do office invasions, no one suspects those things!
Cabbage patch or Garbage pail?
@SPArchaeologist nah, don't buy that. No need to hide anymore. We all know that you actually work for Microsoft, leading the SharePoint development team and spying in leading sites to see how other programmers treat your product. ;-)
@TimPost no one but me. I suspect of every vegetable I see since the Eggplant Wizard from Kid Icarus ruined my nes-console years..
@ShadowWizard ok, I will spill the bag. SharePoint is actually a product we invented to increase the sales of Maalox and other related product.
didn't the Bayer logo in the company partner page on msdn give you any wonder ^_^?
@Undo wasted energy. I had already voted for you before :P
@SPArchaeologist hehe, thanks. I was somewhat bored and was trying to figure out something to do to try out Bootstrap again.
Nicely done, @Undo :)
thanks ;)
@Undo but I must also say that I was under impressed. You could at least hide an acrostic in the paragraphs first letters ^_^
3:17 PM
googles acrostic
A yes! I must think up a haiku!
The character limit in the nomination is really restrictive..
I rewrote my nomination just before the actual votes began to only include the main points
and I had like 10 characters left to use...
an haiku would help. Maybe not to win, but you would get at least 10k unicorn dollar for the consolation prize.
Oooh, fake Pekka rep?
3:19 PM
The original one of mine was at -50 when I finished writing it
I need some jQuery with a unicorn flying across the screen or something.
Maybe we need to add special symbol to candidate users now, e.g. semi transparent diamond with tooltip "vote for me"? ;)
@ShadowWizard Have you ever had those one type of ants come out of your keyboard?
@LowerClassOverflowian A 'vote for me' ant?
is confused
@Undo I'm trying a search to find it, but like some ants love electronics. I found this totally unuseful post here answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080216030556AAeFXwq , so don't read it since this isn't what I was looking fo
3:25 PM
Yahoo Answers are everything but answers
@LowerClassOverflowian small, brown, and very hungry?
@LowerClassOverflowian did you ever though of forming a group with deadmau5?
you could be called deadants14
(he started with a mouse inside is pc case after all ^_^ )
@LowerClassOverflowian think you mean this?
@ShadowWizard Probably. It happened to me a long time ago. One day I was just going on the computer, and then I felt stuff crawling on my hands, and I was like WTF!>!> And they were all over the keyboard and inside crawling around... But they were like no where else. It's like they came out of no where.
This was up North.. most the articles I found where just mainly about ants found in the south.
This was up North.. most the articles I found where just mainly about ants found in the south.
@ShadowWizard why, hello princess What's-Her-Name. It has been a long time.
This isn't a picture of me or my keyboard, I promise! mopo.ca/uploaded_images/dirty_keyboard-756388.jpg
3:36 PM
@LowerClassOverflowian not a pleasant experience, that's for sure! Did you keep using the keyboard afterwards?
lol, @SPArchaeologist!
I think I just threw it out and got a new one.. and the ants disappeared thankfully.
@LowerClassOverflowian probably got bored at some point. glad it's all behind you!
Grrr I heard a ping from somewhere and I can't find it >;(
@LowerClassOverflowian On the more serious side, do you have the habit of eating while working at the pc? maybe some sugar felt on the keyboard and then attracted them.
Yea I did when it happened. However, its like they magically formed inside the keyboard. I don't think they came from outside or anywhere. They were just magically created somehow inside the keyboard. I'm having a tough time with google.. I know I found a good article on it before.
4:11 PM
Pff, how do you protect and user against himself? I'm sure this Maurizio posts with the best of intentions, but this is heading towards nothing positive.
invite him to a private room?
Myeah, don't really have the time for that atm. Let's hope the comments he's been given now suffice.
4:41 PM
@LowerClassOverflowian @ShadowWizard I once printed out an earwig. It was flat.
4:53 PM
Software Recs is slated for public beta today. Wish us luck.
We have an extreme (graduated-site-level) amount of activity without the world being able to get in :P
Ehrm... you're welcome?
@Undo So no one except people who were in the area51 proposal thing can join right?
@LowerClassOverflowian Yeah, until we go public
Which will probably happen today.
Well, you can join even if you weren't part of the proposal
yes, but you're kinda not supposed to :P
I will accept my punishment when it comes
5:09 PM
how this image thing works in this profile security.stackexchange.com/users/16228/adnan? ?
@NullPoiиteя It's hotlinked to their server and they keep track of whether the IP requesting the image has clicked it
its really cool ...
There's someone somewhere that did tic-tac-toe with theirs.
Hmm, I just joined Software Recs without committing, and it says it's still in private.
So what exactly does private mean?
@Geobits It used to mean private, now it means public as long as you know how to get in to it.
5:16 PM
"Know how" meaning click the "join" button?
ssssst, don't just make that process public
Well, semi-public. If the masses can figure out how to get into the Tavern to find where I laid out "the process", I'm fairly confident they can figure it out without it :)
@Undo thanks
5:38 PM
Am I going insane, or is there no change here?
.. a change that made it a suggested edit, but was subsequently undone?
Undone by... what?
You can't edit your suggested edits.
By the user suggesting the edit.
... I believe you can
5:41 PM
Can you do that?
Hmm, how to test that ...
They did also suggest an edit to the excerpt, so it's possible that they somehow added a new line to the end of the text without realizing it, which got submitted along with the excerpt.
We want answers that explain how the recommended product matches the requirements and fits the purpose of the question. What you've written here is little more than a link to the product. Could you expand it to demonstrate how this product fits? See this meta post for tips on writing an answer. — Undo 1 min ago
Yes, I did feel weird posting that to an SO mod :P
I have a shiny userscript that gives me a button to push to automagically leave that comment.
heh, i've already edited the answer :p
5:48 PM
I only have one day left of unlimited downvoting. :(
Then I'll really have absolutely no reason to visit that site ever again.
how does the voting work when someone steps down from the moderator team?
@LaszloPapp I don't understand the question.
IOW, what is the procedure in such a case?
5:58 PM
They'll just add another position to the last election and recalculate the votes to see who the next elected person will be.

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