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2:08 AM
Aaand, yeah....
2:31 AM
Oooh, shiny.
Breaking news: Former client figures out how to add a marquee to her homepage.
3:35 AM
"Can we add a Flash intro page to our site, I'm worried our clients might be able to find the information they're looking for too easily."
Did you respond with "I dunno, can I break your kneecaps?"
@TimStone Not a real quote
Ah, whew. I see now.
3:51 AM
1 hour later…
4:52 AM
Man, I really need to get around to installing Trac and learning how to use it.
I really need to go back in time and prevent whoever came up with this design document template from doing so.
It comes with a guidance document, but the guidance document basically says the same things for all sections, heh.
I think my favorite documentation WTF had to do with product managers always including a boilerplate "must meet SLA" requirement, without knowing anything about the SLA.
4:59 AM
Just because I'm a developer doesn't mean that I know these things. Not to mention, that they were in a better position to get that information.
That said, I knew that five 9's was ridiculous. That was a good laugh.
Yeah, no kidding. I feel a bit in the same boat, heh.
I wish I knew what I was doing, meh.
Heh, maybe that has to do with the fact that your document needs a document to explain it. :)
Could be. I'm willing to admit that I'm just horribly inexperienced in this area as well.
Well, designing the solution is the hardest part. Documenting it is the annoying part.
What's giving you trouble? Putting it to words or wrestling with the template?
I'm just not sure what I'm expected to put in this section.
5:11 AM
Ah. What's the section called?
It's the API section under System Design. I imagine I'm supposed to do something more than link to javadocs, heh.
Heh. Probably.
I'd expect that to detail the API. I.e. function signatures, et al.
The guidance document just says "Application Program Interface - An application programming interface (API) is a source code interface to support requests for services made by the computer program. An API specifies details of how two independent computer programs interact." as if I didn't know that bit already.
Beyond function signatures, of course, describe them. :)
Depending on the complexity, it could also be useful to provide guidance for using the API. I.e. a high level view to point people in the right direction.
5:24 AM
Can the API be looked at in sections, based on usage?
Well, it's a web service...but I guess I'm supposed to describe the APIs of the components it interacts with as well.
Hmm. I would expect to see that in the document, but I don't know if I would want it in the API section. I think that the API section for the design you are documenting should be about its API.
I would expect something like that in a section about dependencies or what it interacts with.
This document doesn't have a section for that.
5:30 AM
Hmm. Well, what are the sections? heh
:661287 Well, it could be worse. :)
Short of not having one, I'm not sure about that (for more than just this reason, of course...but yeah)
Under the System Design section, Requirements, Database Design, Data Conversion, API, UI Design, Performance.
Ok. Now, what were you expecting to say about the other component's APIs?
How to use them, I guess.
Well, that belongs in the design documents for those components.
Although, this is probably a good time to determine what you mean by components.
Basically this web service acts as a thin bridge between a workflow and a component that I wrote outside of the scope of this project that's been mandated as a requirement to use by the people who awarded this project. Hopefully I'm being vague enough that I don't get myself into any trouble :P
5:39 AM
So, is that component documented?
I've recently uploaded the javadoc to the web, but it's an open source project, so it definitely doesn't have this mundane documentation. Actually like most open source projects the documentation is a bit lacking, but uh...hahah.
Maybe you're feeling guilt for not documenting it then. ;)
Well I think I'm mostly just extremely overstressed and worried that I'm going to be berated for doing the wrong thing, but possibly that too. ;)
If it's a thin interface to the component, aren't you basically documenting the component's API. :)
It goes something like Workflow -> WebService.doStuff(params) -> (make some Component API objects) -> Component.doStuff(apiStuff) -> Workflow.notify() (somehow)
5:49 AM
Does it basically mirror and expose the component's API?
Hm, hard to say.
@GeorgeMarian Basically the workflow calls a single method on the web service which calls a single method on the component that does all the work.
Then it should be fine to document that method in this design document.
Seems reasonable to me, thanks.
6:03 AM
6:31 AM
@Sathya Would you again?
Jun 15 at 16:35, by balpha
@Sathya would you compare download speeds for http://sstatic.stackexchange.netdna-cdn.com/js/full.js and http://sstatic2.stackexchange.netdna-cdn.com/js/full.js for me?
sstatic: 188ms latency, 670ms total. sstatic2 196ms latency 696ms total. @balpha
is that going through your london proxy again?
//note to self: test at home.
that'd be great; thanks so far
you're welcome!
6:56 AM
What an odd feeling. I think that I have managed to do everything I intended to do today. And, with minutes to spare. ;)
My to-do list continues to grow. I think I'm doing something wrong.
7:27 AM
Heh. I have plenty left on my to-do list. (Hence the comment earlier about installing Trac.)
It is raining Outside :)
7:44 AM
Good Morning Octavian :)
Goddamn skateboarding ... I wonder why on earth I thought it is a good idea to start with it again after over five years of inactivity.
How are you?
Kinda ok.
Shoulder hurts
Why? What happen?
Hi Tombull89 :)
7:47 AM
I fell on my hand.
What is the meaning of 89?
probably his year of birth
Oh! Is it okay now?
I was thinking so :)
7:48 AM
And, yes, it's my year of birth.
Nope, it happened yesterday and it still hurts :)
How did it happen?

back soon, apologies for any inconvenience.

downloads folder and devsite still online
yeah...I'll be working on that over the summer.
Ok :)
I am feeling like someone is stroking hammer on my head.
@Manjot Due to a failed fakey late shove-it
7:52 AM
We don't have place to do fakey here :(
You mean a place to skate?
Even don't have time also
If I'll go there then people say this is not an age to do skating :(
Ignore them.
If you feel like it you can do it.
Hmm,I want to do.
@OctavianDamiean You do skating regularly?
Its being decade I did.
I did half a decade ago.
for almost a decade (I love that word)
8:05 AM
I used to do when I was in 10th standard
Its almost more 10 yrs
2 hours later…
10:06 AM
Can I legally use a snippet from a StackOverflow answer in my project?
@AndreaAmbu as long as you attribute the poster and post, I'm fairly sure you're OK.
Q: Using code posted on StackOverflow

jodesI was wondering what kind of restrictions there are, if any, for code posted on StackOverflow? In other words, I'm hoping StackOverflow has a clause that makes any posted code completely free of restrictions for reuse? (Both questions and answers).

> user contributions licensed under cc-wiki
Do we have a StackExchage site for Role Playing?
Yep thx
can still be useful
I've been on the site before I guess :P
10:35 AM
cheers @TimStone
A: Weird repost of last picture in chat

balphaThis is a very ugly Chrome bug that causes the IFRAME that is the target for the image upload to immediately re-POST the previous request when it's added to the DOM. I couldn't reliably reproduce it, until I found this very probably related Chrome bug report (it might also be related to these tw...

Am I the only person who finds it weird how the android SO.chat community has 10 rooms
That may be a slight exaggeration but they have at least 6 active rooms
@balpha Ah, brilliant. Unfortunate that it required such an ugly hack, but at least there won't be 5000 duplicate images uploaded to imgur any more. :)
Also, I'll be damned that I never realized those were the repro steps...hahah.
Q: display image instead of text for hyperlink

sunjieHow can i display an image instead of a text for a hyperlink? Please see my example, here you can see the text "x" and the background image. I want to show only the background image for the hyperlink. http://jsfiddle.net/8rfyT/

Mediocre question generating some very mediocre answers /sigh
so if using a mobile phone in public is rude, and you're suggested to 'please use it at home'
what's the point of a mobile phone?
10:48 AM
Well, there's always texting.
@YiJiang At least it hasn't attracted a wave of up-votes.
@TimStone 10 mins. Just you wait...
tombuil89: I'm not publishing it, I want to use the code on my project... where should I mention that?
@AndreaAmbu (btw you spelt my username wrong)
In a comment, somewhere along the top, I would think.
43 mins ago, by Sathya
Q: Using code posted on StackOverflow

jodesI was wondering what kind of restrictions there are, if any, for code posted on StackOverflow? In other words, I'm hoping StackOverflow has a clause that makes any posted code completely free of restrictions for reuse? (Both questions and answers).

11:03 AM
Q: Printing 1 to 1000 without loop or conditionals

Saurabh GokhaleTask: Print numbers from 1 to 1000 without using any loop or conditional statements. Don't just write the printf() or cout statement 1000 times. How would you do that using C or C++?

This question has gathered 3 close votes. Would it be a better idea for a mod to lock and add the 'significant historical question' warning instead of closing it?
11:14 AM
Have any one work with youtube integration(video upload)?
11:30 AM
Hi Moshe,How are you?
@Moshe Do you know how to upload an recorded video in iPhone on youtube through app?
Hi @Reno, How are you?
@Manjot Sorry, never done it. Does Youtube have an API?
If they do, their documentation might explain how to do so.
@Manjot Try this link
@Manjot Also, try the the Youtube developer website. Looks like you'll need an API key from them.
12:14 PM
Hu... anyone having problem on meta ?
I can't see question when clicking "question" button?
Just blank page with pages numbers...
Works when clicking on meta icon thought
eh oh
@Mvy Did @balpha accidentally the entire questions page?
Yes he did, yes he did...
the unanswered tab still works.
Time for a "Eeeek, where did my question page go?"
12:16 PM
also liez
All are broken now
A: Sorting questions by votes is broken

Marc Gravell The pattern repeats every 1000 questions, so after 2000, 3000, ... yes, no prizes for guessing the block size that some of our caching (for this screen) works at ;p Good spot, thanks. I think this should now be fixed everywhere.

all hope is gone....the <center> cannot hold :(
12:17 PM
update in progress?
Marc's in trouble now ;)
looks like Jeff needs to beat more people.
Jun 24 at 5:05, by Jeff Atwood
sysadmins are being beaten as I type
12:21 PM
So long as they aren't poked with sharp sticks.
@badpssockpuppet The threat of bleeding out is a great motivator, I'm sure.
@TimStone It was mentioned in the "now hiring" page. "You will never be poked with sharp sticks."
Dunno if it's still there.
> employees will never be poked with a sharp stick
ha! what about a blunt one?
.... and it's back
meta's back!
12:30 PM
Almost at 8K...
Which, in the grand scheme of things is just another K on the way to 10.
(Which is just another K on the way to 11...)
All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
@Fosco Says the man who recently hit 10K himself. :-D
decided to have the graphic designer work on an icon instead of a textured UI
:D Yeah I just walked in, saw what you were saying, and made a Pink Floyd reference.
which might have been a mistake
@Fosco Ah, I didn't get it, but I see it now. Looks like a lyric.
Actually, just realized that I gotta get to synagogue. Be back in a bit.
1 hour later…
1:43 PM
Back, anyone still here?
Yeah, lol.. no one said a word while you were gone.
Me here :)
@Manjot - Did my links help you?
@Fosco - I have an appointment in 2 hours at the Apple Store. I suppose I should back up my source code now, but I want to spend the next hour coding. What to do?
@Moshe What's up with the game you were working on?
1:47 PM
@Moshe I am reading
There is some developer key required
Basically,I want to upload an recorded video from iPhone
like person is recording and after recording get an option to email or upload to youtube
@Fosco It's my summer project which I'm doing with my friend. For me the summer hasn't officially started yet. Also, my uncle wanted that app, although it seems he doesn't need it, I'm going to try and finish that up. It's nearly done.
Isn't there already an iPhone app to upload to YouTube?
@Manjot I understand that. Like I said, I haven't done that before, but I'd really recommend going through that site. I'm sure it answers at least most of your questions.
@tombull89 Perhaps he wants that to be a feature in his app, not the whole app.
@Fosco But yea, still working on it.
@tombull89 I thought that was built-in functionality, but I could be way off... it's built-in for most android versions.
@Moshe Ah.. cool.. well, you know what still doesn't exist? A mobile StackExchange client that can ask/answer.
@Fosco Don't forget, Google == Android && Google == YouTube, it's be evil for them not to bake integration in.
1:51 PM
@Moshe Have you work with Blackberry app development
@Fosco You want me to scrape SE? Because as of now, that's the only way to do it.
It is very difficult man :(
Actually, @JeffAtwood, if you and @Spolsky are interested, I'm looking for a job, since I'm starting college in September. I'd love to work with you guys on an iOS client. (Thanks @Fosco for the idea.)
@Moshe I'm just throwing it out there... amazed that it hasn't been done / isn't easily possible.
There's a nice client on Android, but you can't actually log in or do anything but view.
@Fosco The API is read only and nobody has had the patience to scrape the site.
1:53 PM
I could definitely scrape the site.. maybe I should give it a shot. I'm not sure scrape is the right word for it..
I did it on iPhone's safari
It works fine
@Fosco Well, yea, you basically need to use the regular HMTL pages as an API, instead of a proper API.
That's why I wanted to work on a mobile userscript browser - So I could just skin the site to be awesome in Safari.
@Fosco - Found it:
Read the first line:
> ... read-only ...
I realize that :)
I know, just pointing out the reference.
I would take a hybrid approach... using the API for reading, and posting to the normal pages.
1:56 PM
But, Fosco stop giving me ideas, I have a "personal project" to-do list already.
@Moshe Lol you asked me what you should do!
Oh, good point.
Hehe, ok.
@Fosco, let's try again:
Given the following choices, what should I do now? I have an appointment in 2 hours at the Apple Store.
a) Back up my data
b) work on iCanteen
c) work on Gabbai
d) work on Fahrii
e) Work on an SO app
f) ...take a break? :P
@tombull89 zing! Here's a star for you.
\o/ three starred comments in the sidebar at the same time.
2:00 PM
@tombull89 four :P (kidding)
Oh, wait, just remembered. I was working on an API as well. (Part of c)
@Moshe do A first, please... then B.
then A again. :)
Is putting my code on a USB drive a bad idea, if it all fits?
Not at all.. just make more than one copy (regardless of what you put it on, more copies = more safer)
pokes @tombull89 with a blunt stick to see if it hurts. (In the name of science of course.) Does it, @tombull89?
@Moshe oi! course it does, I'm not an SE employee.
but if you're doing it For Science, then I can't blame you.
2:08 PM
@tombull89 Well, in that case... reaches for the sharp stick before reconsidering
@Fosco - Do you have your iPad handy?
The real Steve is older than 43 and has a lot more bling.
And Apple does follow the 80% rule, suppose that's accurate enough.
(Satisfy 80% of your customer base.)
@Moshe Nope, it's home, I'm at work.
Ok, @Fosco, I'll TestfFight iCanteen, just want to get some outside hands on it. You can "feed back" later.
Note that there's no icon yet.
ok, sounds good..
Thank you.
2:16 PM
@Moshe hhehe I hope he has the iOS badge and Objective C
@tarrasch Hi,How are yo?
i just wanted to ask :can i reopen a question with a bounty of mine, that timed out with a higher bounty ?
the question expired with the bounty not going to anyone, because there were no usable answers
i want to reask the question, this time with a higher bounty, because i think its something thats of use to not just me
thanks for the nice welcome btw :)
Maybe you should ask it as a new question...
wont it be closed down as a double?
Q: Should SO introduce a Re-Bounty feature

rjstellingI recently created a bounty for a question on Stack Overflow The bounty deadline came and went without a suitable answer (IMO). Because I wasn't happy with any of the answers I didn't accept any. Thus the bounty was awarded to the top answer. I have no problem with the community awarding the bo...

Is that what you want?
2:19 PM
yeah i read that
You could delete the old question, since it resulted in no usable answers.
it has 7 upvotes
so i cant delete it
@tarrasch I think you just have to wait.
but it doesnt give me an option to reset a bounty
wait for a new answer?
its already up for a week
@tarrasch but the latest bounty ended 20 hs ago
I think you have to way maybe two days again
2:21 PM
ah ok
thats ok then
i feel like this is of importance to not just me
thanks for the advice
Anyone has knowledge of Blackberry app development?
2:35 PM
Can anyone repro Area 51 being down for maintenance?
@Manjot No. I read in a BlackBerry development book at a local bookstore that RIM charges $200 per year for up to 10 apps. That was enough to convince me to put the book back. It also made me realize that Apple isn't so expensive after all.
Blackberry is a joke... the platform that only exists for the 'Enterprise'. A bullshit brand propped up by unfounded corporate, not consumer, interests.
comforting thought of the morning:
> Remember... the the heat index is measured under shady conditions... and direct exposure to sunlight can increase the heat index as much as 15 degrees.
@Moshe OK for me.
Never realized that, @jcolebrand. Thx.
me either. Looking at the heat advisory in my area on wunderground, and finding out that it's going to be ~100 on the HI scale ... holy effing .. eff
> Today is forecast to be Warmer than yesterday.
2:45 PM
@balpha sstatic: 318ms Latency, 672ms total sstatic2: 390ms latency, 990ms total
(mornin' @Jco)
@Sathya believe it's t'evening for you eh?
@jcolebrand well, into the night. ~ 8:20pm
@balpha np. the numbers are as expected or something's off ?
A wild balpha appeared!
2:47 PM
sstatic2 is the cdn with the hong kong node (supposedly) activate -- so in theory it should look a lot better for you
what was that link where it you show which node I was hitting/
says Amsterdam, @Balph
@tarrasch np! :)
@Sathya should be I think, but that seems to not tell you where it's at
(just a 404)
Jun 15 at 16:44, by balpha
@Sathya is Amsterdam or LA for you?
Hey @balpha, seeing as you're here and chat is your baby, are there plans to offer SEChat as a stand-alone product? Or are there any Open-Source clones?
2:51 PM
none that I know of (to both questions)
@balpha ok, thanks anyway.
@tombull89 Got any iOS devices?
@Moshe nope :P
whys that?
@tombull89 & @balpha It is definitely the best web-based chat system ever created, hands down.
Indeed. That's why I asked, I'm after something to replace our featureless VLE chat room.
(just in case you weren't sure about featureless)
3:00 PM
Q: Sample UITableViewCell Icons/Thumbnails Download.

LegolasI am looking for a Thumbnail / icon to place it on the left of my UITableViewCells. I will be adding a custom UITableViewCell and I can place it there. I would like to know if there some icons that area already created and uploaded in some website (that can be downloaded for free). Are there any ...

Please close.
Aaaand, I'll be back after the break.
@Moshe helps to give us a reason to close
3:26 PM
@jcolebrand Completely off topic. OP asks where to get images from. Is that a code question? No.
@Moshe I was just saying "VtC pulease" vs "VtC Completely off topic (where to find iconsets that google could disclose)" are two different things.
3:50 PM
@jcolebrand Ok, np. Got it.
@jcolebrand: Hi
@jcolebrand @SankarGanesh hi
@Shog9: i rectified the problem in the washing machine, the problem is in dust the motor and the belt
^^ not mine, but a buddies
We're pretty sure he's on Internet2
3:55 PM
@SankarGanesh Dust you say?
@mootinator Hi mate, i need your help tell me how you motivtate yourself when your self confidence is low
Internet2! The bandwidthening!
@SankarGanesh I generally do things that I'm good at and feel better that I conquered the smaller things ;)
@Shog9 yes, it has plenty of dust in it we simply cleaned all that parts and reassmebled it got works
@SankarGanesh good work
3:56 PM
@jcolebrand :)
@Shog9 Thanks for the tip you gave otherwise i would went for calling an service man to do that Thank you very much
@SankarGanesh I take a break :)
@mootinator cannot get you, man
@SankarGanesh I don't get me either.
@SankarGanesh he means, he doesn't let the pressure and stress build up, he takes a break from working so he can feel better
we also call it "recharge your batteries" here in the US
sometimes that means a short vacation
sometimes it means a new project
3:58 PM
@jcolebrand ok
Sometimes it means finding an entirely different outlook/approach to things.
@mootinator ok good man
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