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6:07 AM
Hey hey. Woot-off in progress :) woot.com
I just missed a TV I wanted :(
@Dan, how many TVs do you need?!
@Dan, how many TVs do you have?!
I only have one. I also have an old monitor jury-rigged as a TV in my bedroom. Got a cable box going into some adapters to s-video input on a monitor, then an RCA-to-stereo adapter into USB powered speakers for the sound. Of course there's no USB power source without a computer, so they're plugged into a powered USB hub.
There was a great deal (over $100 less than Amazon) on a 26" LCD TV with built-in DVD player a few minutes ago. I clicked "I want it!" a dozen times but it had sold out. Their caching proxies just hadn't told me yet.
ok. You shouldn't watch tv in your bedroom anyway ;)
6:19 AM
I have to get up and walk over to the speakers to adjust the volume. No remote control. It's like living in the 50s.
@benjol, yes, I press now the big Google button and surprisingly it works
@badp, is it screwing up your account associations too?
@benjol Somehow, no, but I didn't really look too hard
see you later
6:40 AM
Is it just me or is the blog not loading very fast? like minutes
@Benjol Same here
It's working overtime hehe.
Not really tempted by unicorn dollars, I admit.
read 2 lines up (:
@TimPost, the executive summary is SEIS = SOIS + $12m
6:46 AM
Yay, more VC
Ha, I thought the 'surprise' ending was us getting stock :(
(meta rep obviously counts double :)
7:23 AM
I'm such an a**
Breaking: Joel Spolsky announces he will no longer be the CEO of Stack Overflow Inc. http://bit.ly/ebHJRD
@balpha I didn't see that in the announcement, who's the new CEO?
:o M&M's
@balpha, cheeky so and so :) (by the way, you spelled that wrong, it's a*** :)
lol, naughty @balpha
@RebeccaChernoff I'm having the same issue as Benjol. After experimenting, I now find myself with SO using the big Google button (so.com/users/19818), SF using profiles.google.com (sf.com/users/1121), and webapps using google.com/profiles (webapps.se.com/users/300).
can you login to them all?
because if you can, you can do whatever you want to your openids (:
7:39 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Yes, except if I use the Google Profiles button on the OpenID selector to sign up for GIS, then I only see SF as a common account for association, and if I use the big Google button it doesn't see any associated accounts. I've confused myself now to the point where I can't decide whether all that is intended behavior or not.
@StephenJennings did you see my comment on your question?
I used to see all of my SE accounts when I signed up for a new SE account using google.com/profiles. I understand why using the big Google button can't do automatic association.
I think I just need to decide if I want to change everything to the normal Google endpoint or if I want to go around changing everything to profiles.google.com
and that should probably fix everything.
I think having to talk it out like this clarified it in my head what was going on.
@StephenJennings, but the big question remains: can we still trust google profile? or just use the straight google account? I'm not sure...
@Benjol Yes, I just removed the edit entirely now that I properly understand what my options are.
@Benjol That's what I'm worried about. Google never publicly said that they supported google.com/profiles/username as an OpenID, they just implemented it and as far as I can tell neither encouraged nor discouraged its use
So maybe we should switch to the straight google account. @badp, still there? What do you think?
7:48 AM
And as far as I can tell they don't mention that profiles.google.com again works as an OpenID, so they would be justified in taking that backas well.
I didn't have any problem in the "transition"
@badp, but have you gone through all of your accounts updating them to have the same openid?
@Benjol No.
I logged in using the big Google button on Gaming, it let me in and my open ID still is a profiles one.
Because as @StephenJennings says, if you sign up to a new site (like I just did) it'll only associate the ones that have the same openId (apparently)
Hm, let's see. Now, what's one of the 15 sites I didn't sign up for...
7:50 AM
And I'm not sure what that does for notifications either...
@badpssockpuppet Wait really? Your gaming one is a profiles OpenID even though you pressed the big button?
@Benjol Yeah, I can repro. If I use the big button on new sites, it won't associate
@balpha, dev knowledge required, does the global inbox use the same sites as the associated accounts?
If I use the big button on old sites, it'll log me in normally however.
@badp, even if I used the profiles button it didn't associate, because the url has changed
7:52 AM
I was using profiles everywhere you see, and on the newest site I couldn't log in with 'google.com/profiles' ('cos it doesn't exist anymore), so it didn't get associated (worse, it's pre-beta, so I couldn't get in at all).
I also was using profiles everywhere, @Jeff suggested to do so after all.
@Benjol Not sure what you mean
ugh sorry, back
@balpha, with the google profile changes, when I logged into mechanics for the first time today, it didn't associate with my other sites, because the url of the profile openid has changed. Does this mean that my inbox in mechanics won't show anything from SO (and vice versa)?
7:55 AM
the inbox works off of associated accounts surely...
So what's the point of deleting closed questions again?
Ok, get this - from SO, I only see Area51 and mechanics in associated acocunts, from meta too. Weird?!
@Benjol the single most important thing w/r/t the global inbox is your user guid: api.meta.stackoverflow.com/1.1/users/130064 ("association_id")
except breaking permalinks and erasing history for effectively all of our users except those 5 or 6 people who do have 10k on Gaming.
@balpha association_id?
7:57 AM
8:10 AM
Q: Account associations gone funny with Google Profile OpenId change

BenjolBear with me... I went to sign into mechanics pre-beta, but couldn't because it couldn't associate the new url of Google Profile OpenId (profiles.google.com), with the 'old' one on Area51 (www.google.com/profiles) So I switched/updated my OpenId on Area51, and managed to sign in to mechanics - ...

Q: Account associations gone funny with Google Profile OpenId change

BenjolBear with me... I went to sign into mechanics pre-beta, but couldn't because it couldn't associate the new url of Google Profile OpenId (profiles.google.com), with the 'old' one on Area51 (www.google.com/profiles) So I switched/updated my OpenId on Area51, and managed to sign in to mechanics - ...

(you can remove one of those: connection problems)
Q: CSS: Truncate table cells, but fit as much as possible

SidniciousMeet Fred. He's a table: <table border="1" style="width: 100%;"> <tr> <td>This cells has more content</td> <td>Less content here</td> </tr> </table> Fred's apartment has a bizarre habit of changing size, so he's learned ...

we engineers are such spoiled princesses ;)
We deserve it. Engineers take what used to be an 8-hour-a-day job for a staff of 5 and turn it into a bash script that runs in 300 milliseconds.
hence the princesses :)
8:20 AM
Then those 5 people become unemployed and we are murdered in our sleep.
It all ends with an engineer writing the program that does the job previously done by software engineers. Live it up 'til then.
@YiJiang Haha, he's anthropomorphising tables to make you like them :)
Meh, we write the tools other engineers will use to write the program that does the job
@Benjol Switching to CSS equates to murder, however.
goes to get a coke
I'm glad the coffee isn't free here!
8:25 AM
Hmm, falling asleep at a reasonable time resulted in the same person sending me six emails..
I do miss the free soda
Diet Mt Dew all day
Anyone ever heard of "Cuelogic Technologies" in India?
Google says it's their number that's called me every day for 8 days without leaving a message
Probably someone you've been Nice to in chat :)
always calls at ~9AM when I'm still asleep
@YiJiang Which part are you pointing out? :P
8:36 AM
@YiJiang I wonder if the tag badges go both ways
> You have earned the "jQuery" -bronze badge. See your profile.
Well, I always wondered if the auto question block thingy also applies to answers
zomg_jquery 1 • -1
prods at @Jin What is this .narrow .votes, .answer-votes { background-color: white; } nonsense?
> This being Anonymous, even the press release was being trolled by other Anons, hence the "Stop trolling around you d---s" note at the bottom of the work in progress.
In case it wasn't Jin's fault, @RebeccaChernoff, go blame whoever made that commit. :P
8:42 AM
where is that?
Note the suspicious lack of grey boxes in @YiJiang's screenshot above.
@TimStone Unless its @RebeccaChernoff herself, of course :P
Also, the front page of SO/MSO
@TimStone I think it just was removed, @Tim.
But now it's ugly. :(
8:43 AM
Yeah, well, just make sure you don't call it a bug :P
@TimStone gasp You're right! (pulls out giant stick) Right, who will it be this time?
yeah...stick with blaming @Jin q:
@TimStone Actually, I hated the whole 'gray vote box touching side of question element' thingy so much that I had my userstyle give it a little padding to separate them
@YiJiang Honestly, I somehow hadn't noticed that before, but I'll probably be annoyed by that now too.
But not nearly as much as I am by... that
@RebeccaChernoff I might have to tax him some bacon. :P
For "pain and suffering", of course.
8:49 AM
@TimStone there's a potential lawsuit in there somewhere - for retinal damage :)
Well, it's not quite that horrible...Close! But I should probably limit my reaction in case greater travesties come along. Like more single-column tables (which are certainly not Jin's fault).
On the other side of the coin, brownie points to whoever made the responses tab. I'm not entirely sure whether or not I actually need any of that information, but I'll take it.
@Benjol Looks like Jeff fixed the problem for us.
@StephenJennings, @badpssockpuppet, @Benjol - account associations and google profiles should be good now.
@RebeccaChernoff, ok, I'll go and check out my associations...
This is a photograph of the sun.
9:01 AM
ooh, blog update. I want me a unicorn dollar. blog.stackoverflow.com/2011/03/…
I only have one size of envelope. Do I fold it in three to stuff it in another envelope for a sticker?
Maybe they could fax me a sticker, to limit the cost :)
@Benjol You can get them to mail it to me, and I'll drop it in a mailbox in Belgium when I go there next month :P
@tombull89, yeah, there being no £1 or 1CHF notes, sending coins doesn't seem like a good idea
I don't want to send 62p via post :P
9:07 AM
Can't the do the same as DailyWTF and let us send anything? :)
@Benjol well we've got their address so I'm sure they woudln't say no to a box of cookies.
@Benjol they didn't think that one through...could send £5 note and get multiple.
or £10 and get it signed by Jeff?
I live in the UK, how many stamps am I going to need to put on the envelope?
Cookies are not accepted at the main office. Those go to the Saint Louis office.
@Barry I don't want to think about it.
I'm just going to send a £5 - I might send some naff goodies in the hope I get a t-shirt
9:11 AM
@RebeccaChernoff So you can distribute them to the community, right?
@RebeccaChernoff do we have an address for that :P
You guys are thinking small. When someone wanted to get on the good side of Twitter, so they'd change his username, he brought them cake.
7 cakes. Carried into the office unannounced.
@DanGrossman I better send a lot of cookies...
@Barry If I were you, I wouldn't worry about a t-shirt or stickers...
> I imagine most users are not going to want to have all of their Twttr messages published on a public website.
9:14 AM
@RebeccaChernoff why? don't tell me they're about to change the logo!
> How do their shareholders feel about side projects like Twttr when their primary product line is, besides the excellent design, a total snoozer?
@Benjol you're not @Barry. (:
@RebeccaChernoff Ok, now I'm worried...
as long as they don't change the logo to use Comic Sans, I'm OK.
@Barry, quick, lock the doors, they're coming for you :)
9:16 AM
@JeffAtwood If this is an exact duplicate of that, then the second one can't possibly be [status-completed] since it's still broken...
@Benjol runs to the basement
@Barry don't be. Really. I promise. (:
@Barry I was going to say "I'm sure they won't leave your diamond unpolished," but that just sounds wrong.
@TimStone That sounds really wrong! haha!
@TimStone works ok for me, or I'm not looking in the same place as you (flag -> it doesn't belong here -> back)
9:21 AM
@Benjol Flag -> It doesn't belong here -> Exact Duplicate -> Back -> Cancel
It should be Flag -> It doesn't belong here -> Exact Duplicate -> Back -> Back
@Barry We all know what I actually meant, hopefully :P
@TimStone ok, I see, pretty edge-casey. I guess it's cos when you get to that point, you're not flagging anymore anyway, you're voting to close.
Well, really it's because the cancel -> back button switch was implemented incorrectly, but.. :P
@TimStone Give them the fix now, you scoundrel :)
I was going to, then Jeff went and closed it as a duplicate!
Maybe I'll get lucky and in the next deployment it'll be magically fixed. I won't hold my breath though. ;)
@TimStone In my version I had to actually select the radiobutton for it not to work.
Try asking the question again, but with better screen shots :)
and some FHC
9:30 AM
over-used meme is over-used ):
Well, apparently using nice, clean screenshots gets me nowhere :(
What's something interesting to buy on Amazon?
@Benjol I'll probably just fix the problem and then post on the other question. :P
@RebeccaChernoff which meme is that, backwards smileys? :P
9:32 AM
Nice idea, let's replace banknotes with slightly stiffier banknotes.
@DanGrossman I know a guy who stays close to the Cuelogic office ;)
Do you want to me send a 'message' to them ?
@DanGrossman In no particular order, this, this or this :)
One of those I don't (yet) own ;)
:guesses it's the watch:
I don't really wear watches anymore, already have the book, not sure what to say about the DVD ;)
9:45 AM
@Dan unlucky :) It's the book. On my wish list though. The DVD was - ostensibly - for my kids (of course)
@Reno Heh, I don't think I want to have the power to personally send a real-world message to someone on the other side of the world.
@DanGrossman Quite pleased with the watch, it's radio-controlled, so the right time all the time
GEB's overrated I think. It's good but not that good.
Plenty of Godel in this book and I found it a lot easier to stay interested in
9:59 AM
@DanGrossman adds to wishlist
going meta on consciousness :) I like it.
@RebeccaChernoff Hm, I still tried to make an account on pm.SE with the big Google button without getting any association
Oh, I see, you fixed the small Google button
@badpssockpuppet I just deleted and recreated the associations on one site, and it fixed them for all sites
Sigh, our stats teacher has been wasting 30 minutes on defining P(a < X < b), completely forgetting what he wanted to say.
Indeed, he now moved on, ignoring the whole point of the notational exercise.
nerd snipe him with the race car problem :)
10:13 AM
This one has a reputation for being a troublemaker. Continuing being quiet in the corner sounds like a better plan.
10:25 AM
And now he's using the formula he forgot to give.
Luckily this is just review of previously studied stuff.
Outlook, however, is not good.
gngn, how do I link an image? I'm sure I've already done it
in this case I'd just upload it
bah, too late now
I'm not sure where chat and SE figure in there, just under landline maybe? :)
I don't know where Landline is anyway.
That red 1 is powerful though.
Actually much more compelling than any flag counter.
Looks like a good site, hits RSS
1 hour later…
11:38 AM
Not sure where to mention this, but on photo.stackexchange.com the notification bars cover up the login link and others at the top of the screen.
@oKtosiTe, ask a question on meta.photo.stackexchange.com
but check first to see if someone hasn't already spotted it
Local news: "The Raw Feed is a new browser that blocks Charlie Sheen from your computer"
o.O I didn't realise my comic-sans logo change got three stars.
11:58 AM
@tombull89 4 ;)
also, comic-sansifying the site would be an...interesting...april fools.
A long-forgotton videogame website once replaced all images with hand-drawn duplicates saying all the images had been "stolen"...something could come into play here?
hehe, @tombull, you gave me and idea...
@tombull89 Well, that would just be the Sketchy theme SE 2.0 beta sites uses
@Benjol no...way...
@YiJiang only really spent time on MSO, SF and SU so not sure about the themes.
12:09 PM
@YiJiang hm, that was my idea... ;)
Q: Banner hides the Search Bar

Michael StumJust spent a minute looking for the Search Function until I realized that the "Welcome to this site, here is the FAQ" banner is hiding the top banner and therefore the search box. On StackOverflow, the banner pushes down the content, which isn't that esthetically pleasing but doesn't hide the se...

@Benjol: Thanks. It was already posted, seems to have been the case for months.
@oKtosiTe, you're welcome, It's probably complicated by the fact that the header in photo.se is pretty unique
A: Careers 2.0 Featured Listing: Web company needs successor for retiring unicorns

BenjolA nice easy one - switch to Sketchy theme for the day :)

has recently earned the Cleanup badge
@Benjol Unique isn't the only word I would use to describe it... ;-)
@oKtosiTe, don't get me wrong, I think the weekly photo totally rocks the site. I just haven't managed to get one in... yet
12:21 PM
@Benjol Sorry, I'm entirely new to photo.SE. That's probably why I bumped in to this "issue".
Ahh, I see. That is neat.
There used to be a question somewhere on the meta with all of the winners, can't find it right now
Q: Image of the week "hall of fame"

friolYou may know that http://photo.stackexchange.com/ (this site's parent :) has a "Photo of the week" contest. Here are all the images featured on the homepage from the beginning in cronological order. 4 November 2010 11 November 2010 22 November 2010 29 November 2010 6 December 2010 ...

So, if I want to get some data on each element of the periodic table from Wikipedia, what would be the easiest way to get it?
It would probably be a one time thing, because the data isn't likely to change
@YiJiang, remind me again how to do image titles in markdown :(
@YiJiang you just want the periodic table, or you want info from each page for each element?
@Benjol You see the autogenerated image url at the end? Do [2] http://image.url "Title!"
@Benjol The latter
12:34 PM
@Benjol Uh huh, but those are pretty standard info - atomic mass, proton number, but nothing more, like say isotopes, electronegativity and atomic radii
I meant use that as an entry point, then follow the links to each element. From there, bets are off :)
@Benjol Uh huh.. now I really realized why I should've learnt a desktop scripting language like Python or Perl
I'd imagine cURL + a parser like beautiful soup should make short work of it
Tell me, how does replying in Gmail works?
I've just received an invitation to an event from a mailing list a couple of hours ago, and now I'm getting replies which are suppose to go back specifically to the person who sent out the email sent to me because they apparently replied to the mailing list address instead
12:49 PM
@YiJiang don't know if that's specific to gmail or to mailing lists - I think on mailing lists you generally have two options: "Reply to list" or "Reply to originator", sounds like yours is the first
@Benjol I just tried to click on the reply button on Thunderbird, and indeed it does do that. Still, in Thunderbird at least the sender's email is listed clearly, so there's no reason why they shouldn't be replying to that instead of everyone on the list :|
1:25 PM
>_> Now how am I suppose to find his profile ion the correct site?
@YiJiang Using SEDE?
I don't know if you can query all the sites at the same time from there
@LoïcWolff Totally overkill; the link URL gives it away
But no, the SEDE won't work. The API will however
Ah, someone got to it before me
@YiJiang Or Google :)
"STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED" site:stackexchange.com
and the original trilogy manually if nothing comes up
1:58 PM
@TimStone Did you pose the CSS for answer count boxes?
2:08 PM
Hey there @Zypher
9 hours ago, by Zypher
@TheOutOfStarsException quad octo-core?
Yup. Quad 8-core AMD
32-core? \o/
@Jin If you're going to start updating SO's CSS, please have a look at that old userstyle I built for it; it solves a lot of the minor visual problems I find annoying with SO's design
@Nyuszika7H Yeah. I love it
2:31 PM
@YiJiang where's your user style?
Q: One Hundred Paper Cuts - An UI Improvement User Style

Yi JiangI've been keeping this to myself for a little too long... its a fairly long user script that attempts to fix some of the UI bugs on Stack Overflow, as well as a few minor enhancements. Enhancements are of course always subjective, so if you dislike any of them, simply rip them out from the code. ...

@YiJiang thanks. i haven't started tweaking the visuals on SO yet. it was just a simple removal of the vote background color.
Folks, I need some help. I know that goes without saying, but this time I need advice too.
@TimPost You know the rules, shoot first, ask about asking questions later
I telecommute to work and have root access to about .. 2500 servers
2:34 PM
Last April 1 I ejected all of the CD ROM drives to set off the cage tamper alarms at once
I gotta top that this year
@TimPost Ask in here, these guys need some entertainment and also will have great ideas:
@TimPost That's gonna be... difficult
What's a 'cage tamper alarms'?
@YiJiang alarms when the cages are tampered with
2:36 PM
Thought about using something like distcc to play music from the micro speaker on the motherboard that seems to come from 'everywhere'
@TheOutOfStarsException Eh, what does that have to do with servers?
@YiJiang servers are in cages
@YiJiang for certain levels of compliance, we need to know when someone even tugs on the door to a server rack
42 CD ROM's hitting it at once is enough to move it sufficiently to set off said alarms
the NOC thought someone broke in, it was so funny
I fired up the camera views, ran a script and laughed my butt off
hm...depending on the amount of control you have over the servers see if you can get the fans to play a tune, al-la top gear and the UK national anthem - youtube.com/watch?v=41kEbvZjtso
@TimPost that's hysterical
in The Comms Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 39 secs ago, by Bart Silverstrim
My favorite joke is to run shutdown -h now.
2:40 PM
@tombull89 I can't mess with the fans, unfortunately .. but I do have remote control over them
I can't do anything 'destructive'
@TimPost, I guess if you know the physical location of each server, you could do a sort of 'mexican' wave, shutting them down briefly in rotation
@Benjol - that would reboot about 200 virtual machines per server
@TimPost, I meant the fans, not the servers
2:42 PM
is the internal speaks a fully funcational speaker, or is it just able to beep? Get a technician in there then run whispering and laughing through them
in The Comms Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 51 secs ago, by Bart Silverstrim
Run a cron job that spawns another forked ping to a random server within the network, migrate it out to other servers. Claim they're just saying hello to each other.
@tombull89 It's your standard MB mounted piezo buzzer
My favorite so far:
in The Comms Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by Bart Silverstrim
Replace the shell with a modified version of ELIZA.
@TheOutOfStarsException Better yet, pico :)
2:45 PM
You know, I think there is a way to run emacs lisp in a bash loadable. Root logins could result in a visit to the emacs psychiatrist
"Open the Server Room doors, HAL."
I hardly see those guys. I send neat gear to them for holiday gifts, but I think they look forward mostly to my April 1 pranks
Heh. I must be on a roll, I've (at the minute) had 10 stars today, on three comments.
You've all finally accepted me! I'm so pround tears up sniff
@tombull89 espically that HAL means fish in Hungarian…
Wait, what?
2:54 PM
@Nyuszika7H o.O...tee hee.
@TimPost Well whatever you do, we want to see the video ;)
@mootinator fish in Hungarian is “hal”
Speaking of which, did you hear about the amateur fisherman?
He just went fishing for the halibut.
...wait for it...
<--- migrated to bad joke room.
@Benjol I think I have a few ideas now, but I'm worried about how to top it next year :)
previous school one user complained that her computer was freezing, so as it was april 1st the network manager told her to put her coat round it to keep it warm.
2:56 PM
@mootinator did you switch to decaf or something?
went down a few days later because it was freezing...again...but overheating :P
@TimPost Yes, actually.
Kevin, you can't force these things. But it was cute.
You earn a "heh"
You really had to be there.
AFAIDK, this is a tavern, right?
2:59 PM
be where for what? I was talking about :557442

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