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12:22 AM
12:52 AM
1:11 AM
I want to die. Just a peaceful, quiet death, and without making a mess. Other than that, not much.
I want to hug my chickens and live in my current state (mental & physical) for ever
sigh, deleted already?
> funny, i thought you embraced downvotes – Memor-X 2 hours ago
I had to laugh at that...
(post was complaining about downvotes, author created the auto-downvote script)
user image
1:44 AM
Why is that so satisfying
1:54 AM
Maybe the fact that you are satisfying 5 chicks cute, fluffy parrots at the same time? & you get that warm fluffy feeling yourself.
I have to admit, I am trying to imagine 5 chicks with one hand, and rather than finding it arousing, I find it extremely confusing and headache-inducing.
I don't think it can be done. At least not at the same time.
As RO I find it important to set a good example of appropriate chat topics.
Jesus, what have I become.
room owner
2:15 AM
-25 votes <3
3:17 AM
beep boop
3:28 AM
Zzzzzzzzt... poof
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sd k
@Shog9 what happened to that Non-latin question title filter?
4:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating characters in answer: What do the "ALL"s in the line " %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL " in Ubuntu's /etc/sudoers file stand for? by Charles Garcia on superuser.com
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sd 8k
5:17 AM
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sd 2k
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sd 2k
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6:14 AM
sd k
6:24 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer: If salt crystals make a cube shape, what is this 'X' marking? by Dr. Farhan Ullah Khan on chemistry.stackexchange.com
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sd 4k
@rene where's it gone?
6:39 AM
@JamesENL to the question graveyard i.stack.imgur.com/JQZT6.png
7:01 AM
Hi guys, I've been trying to find a dupe, but can't find it. My question is: When a user doesn't have enough rep to vote (either up or down), it says that "the votes are recorded", even though they don't affect the score or rep of anyone. So, if in the future that user does gain enough rep, will the votes then come into effect?
@Shog9 @ShadowWizard
@Fiksdal Nope
@rene Is there a dupe of this question on Meta?
I'm looking, hold on
ok :)
@rene That fuel question was awesome btw :)
Gnat being sassy is always great
@rene All useful. thanks :)
I can always count on this chat when I'm unable to find duplicates :)
Yeah, Tavern on the Search
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7:32 AM
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8:17 AM
My mum once said "you don't need high fence for fat chickens"
that's probably what she meant
8:40 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Are steam engines still in regular use anywhere in the world? by Chris Bellis on history.stackexchange.com
9:07 AM
@Shog9 There are even userscripts that spend your daily 40 votes for you in a minute or two. People use those to get copies of the "Electorate" badge on multiple sites. (Maybe because the gold badges are counted together on the user card and its a until-now risk free way of unduely inflating gold badge count)
@Magisch Was it called "gimme hats"?
I don't have a link handy
9:42 AM
Treat your community like chickens long enough and soon that's all your community will consist of.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Are steam engines still in regular use anywhere in the world? by Chris Bellis on history.stackexchange.com
@Telkitty I have been treating you folks like ponies for a while now, but I still gets just cats, eyeglasses, flowers and penguins.
How's that?
Turn all to ponies. Now.
maybe you have too high of a standard, ponies are in the eye of beholder
9:57 AM
What a nice pony.
I always wanted a pony like you.
Pony, do you want to be my friend?
(kudos to those who get the reference)
@Derpy You're an enigma
Are you a sock of shog?
@Magisch You mean that I am a berry? Nope, just a pony.
(this one reference instead should be a little easier to get)
10:15 AM
How to respond/handle this? :
Q: Reliable citations

Vineet MenonLately, I have been seeing answers that are quoting blogs. Citing blogs can be very problematic as circular citations are a likely possibility i.e. the blogs would in-turn cite Hi.SX as source and vice versa. Can we enforce some sort of guideline or mandate a certain quality from sources being...

10:51 AM
@Pandya what do you mean? What needs to be "handled" there?
@Bart We need to shutdown the press or wikipedia ...
Say no more. I'm on it. Keep an eye on the breaking news
on SE it works in a little different way:
- Skeet awakens one day, and felling very trolly, he decides to post some random claim as an answer somewhere.
- some time later, an employee at Microsoft reads the post, and knowing that Skeet is always right assumes that there must be a bug in the framework that prevents it from behaving the way He expected
- Microsoft schedules the "bug" for fixing, but since we are talking about Ms here, they introduce at least five different other bugs while attempting the fix. Also, the final fixed product doesn't work neither like it was originally intended nor how Skeet described in His joke
- at this point, Skeet coding sense starts to tingle, so He updates all his answers to reflect the current real working of the framework.
11:07 AM
Once I saw someone who tried to start a rumour by stating the same lie using 3 sock puppets
Joseph Goebbels once said: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating..."
11:23 AM
@Derpy More like "Skeet writes code how he thinks its supposed to work, the corresponding frameworks monitor that code for future releases"
> "The Skeet is definitive. Reality is frequently inaccurate.
In cases of major discrepancy it's always reality that's got it wrong."
11:44 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Can I permanently give another player a weapon in Grand Theft Auto 5? by huey freeman on gaming.stackexchange.com
12:20 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Losing your concentrate by marlenetroupe6 on arduino.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body, blacklisted user: London to Brighton Cycle Race by Starfish on bicycles.stackexchange.com
1:18 PM
@Oded if you got a minute, can you please purge/kick/nuke the varnish cache? Poor @gnat is getting wrong Sprites from the server and all icons are messed up for him.
(IMO user with 14k flags and thousands of valid close votes deserves some special treatment ;))
1:37 PM
why is this so badly received: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/283815/… it is just a discussion
@rene which turns into kind of a feature request at the end. To which the reply is "No, let's not do that." ... Meta is weird
Yeah, OK
the first revision didn't help either
I make funny spelling mistakes
@rene Pollination
2:03 PM
@rene I second @Bart - this is a feature request under cover. Personally I'm neutral on this so no vote, but those are against the feature most likely downvoted.
@Magisch Oscillation
@ShadowWizard Ok, noted
2:31 PM
Hiya there...
question about the data-dump ...
the datadump hosted at the internet archive seems to have last been updated in 2014
SEDE seems to not have somewhere where I can download the dump
and the blog-posts only mention the old host ClearBits and the archive. Also there seems to have been a quarterly schedule, but I just can't find newer datadumps
where did you find that???
The internet
But if you go to archive.org/details/stackexchange and click on "show all" in the download options, you get there
3:26 PM
How do you disable the ticker feed in chat? I thought there was a way. It kind of looks like not. But I don't remember.
@Vogel612'sShadow The dump is on SEDE it's just not in an obvious place. I just had that same confusion. Click "help" up top, then in the header of that page there's 3 big blue buttons. One of them is the data dump download. It's a torrent.
@JasonC for everyone? Or only for you?
@JasonC userscript/css hack?
add its div to AdBlock I think...
3:50 PM
Alright, just tested. With AdBlock, it's gone.
@rene Only for me.
And yeah I just ended up doing it with AdBlock too, I kinda figured.
Today's xkcd comic (Proofs):
1 hour later…
5:06 PM
Kaitlin Pike on August 24, 2016
Welcome to episode #72 of the Stack Exchange Podcast, recorded Tuesday, August 2 at our headquarters in NYC.
5:32 PM
Q: It’s time to retire the term “rep-whore”

JaydlesGoing forward, “rep-whore” (and its derivatives) will be treated like any other term that’s inconsistent with the community’s “be nice” policy: it will be removed. It’s totally okay if you’ve used it in the past. Nobody’s judging the many users who’ve used it. And users will NOT start being s...

What about "Help vampire"?
You know, I used to get on to people for using that term too.
Yay, let's make a list and piss off a few users
"In order to solve a social problem created by your behavior, we need to give you a pejorative label so that we can identify you as an undesirable and exclude you from the group, instead of teaching you what behaviors are unacceptable so that you can create value in the group." - I think Clay Shirky might approve of this. I don't know, he's a sharp guy.
5:51 PM
@AaronHall Obviously you need to do both.
Ever meet a help vampire in real life and tell them to their face that they're a help vampire?
@AaronHall No, everyone is a different person on the internet.
Or perceived a different person.
That's not the point.
I agree wholeheartedly with gnat's answer.
@AaronHall Probably not, but closer to "you're annoying".
You take some words away, people add others. Fix the root.
Name calling is abusive or insulting language referring to a person or group, a verbal abuse. This phenomenon is studied by a variety of academic disciplines from anthropology, to child psychology, to politics. It is also studied by rhetoricians, and a variety of other disciplines that study propaganda techniques and their causes and effects. The technique is most frequently employed within political discourse and school systems, in an attempt to negatively impact their opponent. == As a cognitive bias in propaganda == Name calling is a cognitive bias and a technique to promote propaganda...
6:41 PM
@DEAD oooh, oooh, can I join? Can I?
You're on the list ...
7:40 PM
@Bart no
7:52 PM
grabs popcorn, waits for smiting stick
He @DEAD quick language question this comment is in support of me, right?
party begins
@rene yeah
8:32 PM
I'm not sure what you want to do with this @rene but I'm fairly sure it's related to this morning... meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/333116/…
1 hour later…
9:38 PM
@rene yup. It's a justification of moderating SO.
9:58 PM
@AaronHall Yes.
@AaronHall The point is "rep whore" isn't used to disagree with people. It's used to categorize them in meta discussion.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: how to add solr to run on startup? by OliviaU on serverfault.com
11:06 PM
@bjb568 so that you can disagree with them.
> Autobots wage their.battle to.destroy the e-vil forces of... the Decepticooons...
so metal
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer: What's up with Nami's breast size? by Joan Hardy on anime.stackexchange.com

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