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4:10 AM
So is this goodbye minecraft?
Hahah, no :P
Stupid 10-point letters..
Nice play sir
I'm just playing to block the board ;)
I figured INHERES to start would help to that end :P
Hahah, no kidding. :P
"Where the hell am I going to play this Z or Q off of that?"
Followed by my play and "....A J? Seriously?"
4:25 AM
@YiJiang Hahahah
ok I know I play some crap, but GAZARS?
Eheheh :D
> n. A loosely woven silk with a crisp finish.
4:36 AM
See, totally legit.
stupid TV news doesn't know the difference between Operation Payback and zombie armies of hacked PCs
@DanGrossman They think it was a botnet? Ha!
complete with an animation of a single guy and a million computers attacking one computer with smoke coming out of it
It's really a bunch of people stress testing the servers of those websites, coincidentally at the same time. :P
@TimStone out of your arse of course :p ;) Also, I'm kinda out of good options here
4:41 AM
lol, @rchern you can't win with the oy can you?
Hm? You resigned our game. |:
Nice move @TimStone
Yarr dear, I had a V and an H ... I was down by like 60 points. There was no way
You beat me fair and square
I had to do something with WANNNEE
4:46 AM
Now I get to figure out what to do with this hand
(chops off @drachenstern's extra hand and throws it in the pot to make lunch)
Hi all !
Good to see there are some people still alive at midnight
@statuscompleted It's noon here
4:48 AM
@YiJiang I see that we don't live close to each other :p
@YiJiang so long as I'm not washing the rice ;)
checks watch ...
it's not midnight yet
@drachenstern Eating out today :P
@RebeccaChernoff @TimStone uhhh bug?
check :400790
4:50 AM
@drachenstern You got a space after the ...
@YiJiang yarr
that breaks it?
doesn't check watch...
@drachenstern Yup.
4:51 AM
Yeah ;)
oh well ffs
I thought maybe it was the userscript cos of the /me
It's a bit picky. :P
@TimStone so I see
they haven't made the /me official and supported ?
/me is disappointed
@statuscompleted nope, they made a functional chatroom that runs in a browser and is fairly stable (a bit of a feat in itself, if not original). additions like formatting aren't really part of that are they? :p ... at least we have formatting and something else ;)
so what's up with the av? holdover from 4/1?
4:53 AM
Is the rule that tags with no questions get deleted every day at 0:00Z?
I need to write a "you haven't logged in recently, log in to keep your account active" mail... I wish I could find an example of a particularly good one first
@MichaelMrozek "Every 24 hours," so I suspect sometime there or shortly thereafter.
@TimStone Ok, thanks
@DanGrossman have you seen Dropbox's?
I'm revising an answer and I try not to make up facts. At least if there's a high probability I'll get caught
4:55 AM
no, care to share?
Q: What happens to "zombie" tags?

MottiDuring the re-tagging of questions, tags sometimes become orphaned from existing questions. Are these zombie tags ever removed from the tags list? When are the tag counts shown in the list recalculated? Return to FAQ Index

gotta find it, gist is "your dropbox is lonely"
@DanGrossman email me at my nick on gmail
Q: What *currently* happens to zombie tags?

quack quixoteI've been doing some retagging on Super User lately, and the tag page still shows the old, crusty, now-orphaned tags. Worse, these tags are still available via the tag autocompletion, reporting their pre-retagging tag counts. I'm not expecting the retagging to immediately remove those orphans f...

mailed, thanks
@MichaelMrozek Let me know when you do this. I'll be happy to correct you. (:
4:59 AM
if anyone else wants to play a game of wordswithfriends, create a game vs: gfosco
@RebeccaChernoff Jeff's been opposed to two of my meta suggestions in one day (in one case "violently opposed"); I'm on a roll
@MichaelMrozek congrats, as it were
@MichaelMrozek Third time's a charm?
@DanGrossman what I like about that one is that it's catchy (dropbox is lonely), it's really stupid simple, it tells why you shouldn't forget to come back and it gives a URL (need a reminder?) and a url (stop getting our mail) and that's it. Those are the things I like.
5:02 AM
@Fosco I need to get my moral boosted a bit, what is that game ?
I'll see if I can come up with something similar, it does look good
That's why I broke it down by bulletpoints, try for those as content. Ignore the catchy line unless you have one that just works, that'll come later.
but remember "really stupid simple". ;)
@statuscompleted scrabble game for ipad
iOS technically
@Fosco is there a web or pc version of it ?
5:05 AM
since I'm on an iPhone. (:
@statuscompleted not one that is compatible, that i know of.
@DanGrossman I sent you an example of a really crap one
@drachenstern "Log in or we'll come to break your shins."
5:11 AM
their website looks like the kind of thing you sign up for to use once then never again
I'm pretty sure it was :p
@MichaelMrozek You should have told him he could take his violence out on that misspelled tag and wipe it from the face of the earth :P
@TimStone Yeah, but I changed my mind about that; I forgot when I wrote that answer about automatic tag deletion. Before the policy seemed to be "just retag all the existing ones, and hope nobody uses the tag anymore even though it still exists in the system", which completely didn't work
Ah, true.
5:16 AM
I stand by my site icons in the footer thing though. They're pretty...
Alright. WwF is on hold for me. Battery died so I had to plug it in.
They need a web interface to that. Or to finish the android port
@MichaelMrozek The top row is maybe decent. The bottom row is a disaster.
there's a pretty decent clone for android, but yeah it'd be nice.
5:18 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Heheh, I made sure to recharge my phone earlier just in case ;)
All those beta icons squished together.
yeah I'm at 87%
Yeah, forgot to charge mine at work today.
@RebeccaChernoff Well, your FACE is all squished together
hugs his icon footer and glares at @RebeccaChernoff
5:20 AM
uh oh, star alert :p
@drachenstern Well yes, I just spoke
don't make me find Jeff's quote
@RebeccaChernoff You should hotkey that thing
Heh, there's already a star over there from before? >_<
There's probably an "oy<enter>" button on her keyboard to save time
5:21 AM
Dec 12 at 8:21, by Jeff Atwood
you guys have got to stop starring all "Oy" messages
You can do better than that! :p
I thought I could too, but there wasn't many other places to put it for maximum pointage.
Granted, I could have played something else..but that'd have been silly.
Feature request: interactive onebox that lets us all play WwF within chat.MSO
That's ok, I like this idea of being in the lead for more than three rounds :D
lmao, that's a good feature request
@drachenstern Yeah, you're going to win this game.
5:23 AM
@TimStone my first!
TimStone is Kicking My Ass.
There's Lexulous that let's you play via web unless they got rid of that. Haven't played that in a while.
@drachenstern I'm admittedly not sure how I won the other games, I got lucky towards the end I guess.
@Fosco To be fair, that whole DECLAWED thing at the beginning was pretty lucky
was nice I'm actually surprised that's a real word..
dictionary.com disagrees that it is, heh.
Unless it's letting me play French words, in which case I may have to modify my strategy. :P
5:27 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Well, I assume that's a different site; it's not connected to the iPhone app
lexulous.com -> lexulous live -> multiplayer room
@MichaelMrozek, lexulous != wwf
@RebeccaChernoff Right; that removes some of the entertainment value then :)
I knew you would take advantage of that too fast
I have a weird hodgepodge of letters left, heh.
5:41 AM
is there a css/html help stackoverflow
at 5500 rep, surely you'ld feel comfortable posting HTML/CSS questions on SO
An index might be a strange word to some people. Generally it means a list of items that all have certain properties. If you were to create a list of all the cities in the world, you would have an index of cities. If you look in the back of a book, you would find an index of subjects covered in the book. All of these indexes are lists of items that have common properties (being a city, being a subject in a book, etc).

Indexes are extremely useful things while programming. Let's say I had a list of 10,000 recipes. Let's say then that every time someone ran our program, they would type in an
There is a post I just wrote..
If anyone cares to learn about indexes and how they are a marvelous contraption
i hvaent used it in forever
forgot if its appropriate
Yeah, HTML/CSS on SO should be fine
If your question contains code, it is generally fine on SO.
5:44 AM
i am userid 26
what do you guys think of that
jealous right?
Q: IIS executable not executing

SteveHello all, I have been looking at an issue for a week straight and have been unable to figure it out and I am desperate for the fix. On a client site, we have two environments: UAT and PROD. UAT works perfect (Please keep this in mind). We are now trying to deploy the solution to PROD but cer...

@Shawn not so much, no
@Shawn not really.
but I can be if you want me to
thats what you would say if you were jealous imo
@Shawn no shawn
5:46 AM
@Shawn or if I were indifferent
at least, that's what I would say if I were indifferent
i would be jelly if you have userid 27
now thats something
( is refering to club 27)
ok, while this is all interesting, I'm gonna go find a pillow
@TimStone you got a few more minutes out of me tonight, but otherwise, till manana
Hahah, alright, g'night
5:50 AM
where does atwood live
im gonna go hang out with him
user id 1
maybe hell sell me his account
Why are you obsessed with user ids?
sigh, do you want to know the real reason?
I'm guessing not.. but go ahead
5:53 AM
because you have id #1337 ?
when i was a little boy
all of my friends had computers except me
and theyd all play on local BBSes
but my parents wouldnt get me a computer
by the time i finally saved up enough to get a computer
all the good usernames were taken
So you decided on 'shawn'
so now i sign up for every single website the second its in beta
so i never have to relive the horror
I just added 102 to my name and suddenly the entire world was my oyster..
ill never live the shame of being MrMental6 again
5:56 AM
chacha.com - Horrible mobile search company
@Shawn i miss BBS
chacha102.com - Awesome dude who is underage yet owns a Tavern...
The Tavern
Obvious Exits: north, south, east
You notice pool stick here.
[HP=36MP=9]: _
I even have my own Google Search Results: google.com/…
If I legally change my last name to Chacha, I have this internet thing NAILED
first result is a litttle dark
5:59 AM
> Web Developer, Author. Send me a message, we'll talk.
And I just want to get mugged at knifepoint
to get cut enough to wake me up
cause I know that I don’t want to die
sitting around watching my life go by
and what we take from this is what we’ll get and we haven’t quite figured it out just yet
because all of us are all too stuck
strapped to a chair watching our lives blow up
Yes, a lyric about how people sit around all day doing nothing, and how I really don't want to do that
But, in 10 seconds you'll have a new article about indexes
6:01 AM
didn't care much either way. nothing wrong with a little darkness.
The ironic part is that it is a Christian band..
I wonder how much worse off I am for not being able to hear song lyrics.
you're deaf?
partially. that may be why I can't hear lyrics, or it may just be a quirk in my brain.
2pm GMT+8 seems be a pretty bad time to try to answer stuff on SO
75% of the question on the homepage right now looks like they suck
6:13 AM
its 1:12 AM in here, most people don't work at this hour in North America
its 10:14 here.. I don't work...
The Indian sub-continent comes alive... and SO is flooded with rubbish questions
@YiJiang: it is a shame, but true.
> If I was trying a crappy compiler, I would think it's a bug in the compile but it VS2010!!
I started to comment and decided to let it go
@MichaelMrozek Saw that question too, hehe...
6:24 AM
Pleasant surprise. I had over $600 of income waiting for me at BuySellAds. I forgot I had ad space listed there and wasn't cashing it out.
Time to buy a new ferrari!!!
or a decent website..
@YiJiang if nothing is done about it a LOT of SO 10k users are gonna quit
like neil butterworth
before he left , check out those downvotes
6:30 AM
> @Lambert: Apparently you don't know C
It amazes me that people can't correct each other without being stunningly rude
downvotes are an equivalent of cleaning trash here on SO
@MichaelMrozek It's as though some people have made it an art form...
Just, one no one would ever want to see in a museum.
@MichaelMrozek: sigh. Dealing with one of those guys now at work.
Since apparently you don't understand how IComparable works...
is greater than jon skeet
6:40 AM
Somehow force him to deal with a programming project he's totally unprepared for
@Shawn he's got 42
you jelly ?
@MichaelPetrotta like they say dont feed the troll
put him in a room with a c# book and lock it
Speaking of which... shakes head at a recent Meta answer
@Tim: don't keep us in suspense!
Q: Should I answer the question with just partial solution?

matcheekIt did happened to me that I posted a partial answer,but still the most relevant at that time, and after a while someone posted a better answer, mine got down-voted and I ended up deleting it completely. I didn't expect such a level of ingratitude. How can you down-vote a partial, but still corre...

I'll let you figure out which one I'm talking about ;)
He's one of my mentally-flagged users.
6:45 AM
Yeah :P
He poped into the Sandbox room on SO chat and yelled at us for testing kittenBot there -__-
Really? And, after telling that one user he was too good for chat...
I'm curious how far that answer of his was voted down the other day before he deleted it. Last I checked it was at -15.
@TimStone With my new 10k powers I can tell you that it's at -16 right now. It's also deleted through spam votes
Ah, good stuff.
Not really sure that it was spam, but eh...
hum, I wanna see that message
6:52 AM
@statuscompleted Nah, you don't. It's excessively lengthy. :P
was it Evan comming back ?
Oh man... 24 flags right now
@YiJiang Oh, congrats on your 10Kness by the way!
@YiJiang I have a screenshot somewhere of it at 40+; it started paging, which I didn't even realize the flags tab supported
7:06 AM
My cat has been staring at me for a long time. I think he might be planning to kill me
Now every time my cat kneads on me I think of that and get a little concerned
We’re up to 30 flags on SO and I’m all out.
7:22 AM
@DanGrossman I don't know if yours is cached, but we're getting a hotlinking error image
Protip for Chrome: Opening the link incognito will omit the referer headers.
Yeah, it's too late to edit.
@jleedev easier said than done
layers of indirection in Google Image Search make that a 5-step task
@DanGrossman Well, step 0 is to be running Chrome, but step 1 is to right click and step 2 is to select "Open link in incognito window"
I meant for us, not for you
@jleedev I lack your fancy right-click option, but doing that manually works; thanks
Yeah, I’m using a Mac, you can’t right-click on a PC. Wait, what?
7:27 AM
I meant I don't have that option in the right-click menu; my Chrome is probably too old
7:45 AM
'Ello Marc, Diago, George, and jleedev (I think that's everyone :P)
:disappears into the ether:
G'bye :P
@TimStone Party!
Hooray! \o/
7:56 AM
<~ wishes more random website visitors would chat with him at night
g/ nights all
8:27 AM
So somebody won a CR-60 by writing an essay on the future of computing
A particularly scary passage:
> Five years out, wireless connection speed will exceed broadband. Many families will cease having home internet, similar to how many families no longer have home telephones.
There is more to the internet than speed
Reliability and latency is something mobile broadband really haven't improved, and they are quite the far cry from home internet.
I don't care if I get to have a theoretical 10 Mbps via mobile broadband -- my 4 Mbps home connection is so much better.
9:01 AM
please test out the new /review route -- works on all sites
@JeffAtwood It's certainly not very pretty, but I think it works. Though isn't the 'year' option a little redundant?
@JeffAtwood Are you planning on dropping some 10k tools? It looks like you made "new posts by new users" and "new answers to old questions" public and improved them
@JeffAtwood functional
A: How do you exploit the level/perk/experience glitch in "Run Goodsprings Run?"

Kennyquestion, i have layed Vegas three times, but i see that after levcel 30 you get no more cool sounding experience points, but what if i want to level up some of my other skills like Medicine which i only have to level 80?

this was top of the list :)
is there a way to mark posts as reviewed maybe?
9:18 AM
For a large site (ie. SO), I think we need more filtering options
It's slightly frustrating right now, because for non-answer answers there's really no way we can do anything. We can tell them what's the right thing to do, but the answer still exists, and leaving it there just doesn't seem responsible.
This is problematic for unregistered users, because AFAIK, they can't delete posts.
Nice -- "show full post" does actually expand the snippet to the full shebang, where you can vote comment and flag in place
The 10k tools weren't this comfortable.
@radp Yeah, that's pretty impressive
Heh, gaming.stackexchange.com/review/new-answers 's second to last answer-that-really-was-a-comment was already handled by a long comment by Oak. I open the last one and I find another unhandled answer-that-really-was-a-comment. Copy, paste, profit :P
@radp Yeah, one of the two on Unix was a question as answer, already caught by Gilles. Go users
I like downvoting 1 rep users. You send the right "you're doing it wrong" message without messing with their rep.
9:29 AM
@radp It feels kind of stupid for me when they're usually drive-by Googlers who never check the site again
@YiJiang They're usually drive-by Googlers.
we're going to probably have a new answer by new user EULA triggered by some heuristics.
things that might work: length. presence of url. presence of email. presence of keywords like "THANK"
How would you feel about showing the "add comment" button for 1 rep users and telling them that the comment will appear as soon as they get enough rep?
@YiJiang we need to allow filtering by tag for SO on /review
this way, if it is a comment they want to post, we can point them to the "add comment" button. It's confusing to tell people "no you can't comment here" if they can't see where they can comment in the first place...
9:32 AM
you can flag the non-answer posts @YiJiang but other than "heuristics trigger eula on submit" I don't know what else can be done
@radp Letting people "invisible comment" is kind of weird. I'd be a fan of telling them somewhere that they need more rep to comment though, since it's caused confusion in the past
anyways please play with it and see what you can come up with. Imagine a world with 50% less "thanks!" answers. DARE TO DREAM
Maybe stock comments? :P
"Hey, welcome to the site and thanks for your post, but.."
@radp I've got one on my clipboard right now
> Please post a new question if you need help using the 'Ask Question' button found on the top right hand corner. Answers should be used strictly for answers.
Is there a report of average user reputation or answer votes by country?
9:36 AM
no, that would be very hard to do
@Jeff, it would be beyond useful on /review if you could show the comment count
we'd have to geolocate IPs on every row of the database
@radp roll up your feedback and post it on meta
spend some time with it 1st
that would just take a few minutes wouldnt it?
if someone was so inclined to do so
IMHO this /review route is so important I have considered killing off /unanswered in favor of it
9:37 AM
my keyboard's dropping letters all over the place
needs cleaning
@JeffAtwood They're going to attract different users; /unanswered is for answerers, /review is for maintainers; the latter are kind of used to their pages being buried
/review looks like an introduction to the 10k tools
@radp If you do post one you should make it a generic "Feedback on /review" CW post and post your stuff as an answer; I imagine others are going to have feedback as well
@MichaelMrozek Why CW?
I'm fine with that formula though.
@MichaelMrozek Not fair :P We would like having our tools made slightly more polished, ya know
9:42 AM
@radp I guess it doesn't need to be; I just think those sorts of posts usually are. On meta the CW distinction is even less clear than on regular sites, if that's possible
I mean it's fair to not get rep on the question, since I didn't develop the tool
and if I'd post it non-CW I'd get a lot from the question
but I'd like to get rep from my answer.
meh meta rep
post it non cw
@radp I guess you can't make it CW either way, it's up to mods, so it's not your problem
@waffles I like meta rep.
@waffles I'm over 9k now, so I've temporarily suspended my "meh meta rep" policy
9:44 AM
anyway .. feedback here is critical, this is a HUGE problem
the first interaction a user has with the site needs to be magical
@waffles My first post got one pity upvote, which was more than it deserved
I'm downvoting that post now, for karmic justice.
I tried to downvote my own post yesterday, but it wouldn't let me :(
I didn't want to delete it because the comment thread was pretty important, but it ended up being wholly wrong
only we get that privilege, you can't be trusted with it!
Very true
headed to bed. back to the wheel of pain tomorrow!
I love that video, I want it on my tombstone. Mixed with random rickrolls.
frackin' creepy, BMW burns logo into eyes of cinema viewers
10:12 AM
<3 Amazon "search inside this book"
Now I know one of my websites ended up in "The Web Designers' Idea Book [Volume 2]" without buying it.
I was asked to fill out a permission form for possible inclusion of a screenshot like a year ago
10:28 AM
Help close this exact duplicate:
Q: events question

VidsI have a function that is changing the value of an input hidden tag. I have registered a listener that listens to this input("change" event). But since the value of the input is being changed programmatically (not by the user intervention), the handler is never executed. But I want the handler to...

10:47 AM
14 hours left in the first run of the StackExchange™ PeopleEmpowering Diamond-O-Matic™!
Q: 'Random' filter on /review pages

BenjolOn SO, at least, there are more than 600 questions/answers to review. I figure that no-one is going to plough their way through all 600, so maybe a default 'random' sort order would be a good idea, so that we get more eyes on more posts. Just a thought.

Anyway, "/review pages" is so uncool
The feature is now called StackExchange™ BigBrother NewbieStalker™.
I need somebody with a reddit account to make a test for me and post something in the gamerec reddit, then link me to it, please.
I have an account, what do you need me to do?
And will it result in my being banned?
10:59 AM
@DanGrossman No. Just post something, I'm troubleshooting visibility

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