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@nicael Please don't start turning the room into an RSS feed of your posts again. We can watch the meta front page if we're interested.
in Shadow's Den, 6 secs ago, by Mooseman
@nicael Bots have feelings too.
Q: My 5 months old baby Hair is getting Tough

user16777Moms in the house,,pls what can I use to my 5 months old baby hair'? Her hair seems tough ,,clogs ,and always dry regardless of any moisture I put/apply on her hair''she cries when i try to comb and kinda breaking out at the back' lol! Pls am earger to hearing possible solutions am a FTM;Thank you.

@JasonC Are you doing that just because you don't think his bug is significant enough? It's not uncommon to selfpost bugs here…
@bjb568 No.
Well, then why don't you remove my bug reports?
6:09 PM
No I am not doing it because I don't think his bug is significant enough.
@Dronehinge I'm not following you here ... care to explain?
@bjb568 "Sorry, it appears you have a baby werewolf"
reinstalling Windows just to solve an issue with Visual Studio
@rene He's wondering how many of those 1-rep users should have been automatically deleted by the system, but weren't because of some auto deletion throttle. I.e. he's questioning how many of those 1-rep users actually still belong in the user list.
6:16 PM
That's unfortunate.

 The SO Tavern (Free Snacks)

Room 5 was frozen for inactivity even though it was once an ac...
well, actually just refreshing Windows, VS won't compile properly as it doesn't want to install the SDK, even reinstalling doesn't help
@cybermonkey Sounds fun. :p
apparently an issue with Windows Installer
6:22 PM
Far too much space between the pseudo-site name and "couldn't find". Report?
Oh yeah. Definitely report that bug. It will likely be incredibly well-received.
And do I care? I have many repz to loose, will take a while :D
scrap that, I'm just going to reinstall
in Teenage Programmers Chatroom on Stack Overflow Chat, Apr 30 at 18:01, by Awal Garg
Solution to your Windows problems: upgrade to linux. Solutions to your Linux problems: stop being a retard.
@nicael TL;DR: All of SE's front end is suck. It was hacked together by incompetent front end devs and glued together with frameworks and libraries. Look, they use table layout.
Like, tables, man.
Their QA is nicael.
6:34 PM
bluefeet is CM now that they have the chest full of jewellery :D
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: How was this token decoded? by lol on security.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Determine input frequency of square wave w/ ICR in Atmega328p by user3753934 on electronics.stackexchange.com
@bjb568 My approach to such things is to pair the word search with parameters for near-roomba eligibility. Still working through "please help" on math.
Q: I Wanna disable SEO for my website

user3457183People struggle to increase the SEO of their websites, I also do the same for my other websites, always studying the SEO training videos, reading blogs for SEO, but for a website I made for a school I need the reverse, I want this website not to be listed in any of search engines, becuase the web...

6:46 PM
Empirical observation: users who post decent questions don't feel as much need to beg or thank for help.
this question will be more suitable in Web Master Stack OverflowTun Zarni Kyaw Mar 25 '14 at 7:04
@SmokeDetector ignore
@Mooseman Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
7:02 PM
Shopping cart spam is back. .
well, all reinstalled
VS now installing
We have detected anomalous unconscious voting coming from your account. Remain calm, helicopters have been dispatched to your location, the people with horns are your friends. — Tim Post ♦ 8 mins ago
7:07 PM
I'm flagging answers as spam, but questions are theoretically just OT, right?
Does that e-commerce software stop off-topic questions like this from being asked here? — cybermonkey 6 secs ago
7:22 PM
@JasonC what is the criteria then to remove those users? An extra where clause is not much of an issue....
Is it possible to match a variable declaration (e.g. var a, b = function(one,n,two){asdf=foo}, c = b; baz() matches "a", "b", and "c") without full parsing of the JS?
Yes, I misread on mobile
@cybermonkey Why's the bottom bar so fat?
7:25 PM
@bjb568 games programming uses many windows, it's easier to switch, especially since I can't use my old monitor on my new 290X GPU
I see you're being very productive now.
just reinstalled
var[^;]*\b(\w+)[\s]*[,=;\n] to begin with... @bjb568
A: Can't post question on freelance. Says 'this looks like spam.'

Shog9There is a spam-detection system that blocks posts which have a very high similarity to posts previously detected as spam. It's pretty conservative. But we made it a bit less so recently, due to a flood of spam from scammy tech-support companies. In spite of this, the false-positive rate on det...

7:30 PM
@HomegrownTomato I can already match the whole thing with /(var)\s+((?:\s*,?\s*(?:[^\s=;]+)(?:\s*=[^,;]+)?)+)(;)/g, but getting the variable names out of that is difficult…
The capturing group in my suggestion is meant to be a variable name.
@Shog9 I need to start using "ire". People with ire or stupid people won't be able to figure out what it means, so they won't be even more ireful.
Don't guarantee anything because regexing on mobile is hard. I was evicted from the office by construction.
I agree, you should write more like me.
7:35 PM
@cybermonkey :'(
@Shog9 You do write well.
@Mooseman still works, been trying to sell it for a couple of weeks
@cybermonkey I'll open bidding at $1.00 USD (Assuming seller pays shipping)
it's 19", whilst my main monitor is a 27" HD one
7:41 PM
^ now with spam answer
+1 -1 -3 :D today, despite of so much effort :)
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted website: Shopping cart solutions by graigj on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in body: Solving Ax=b, with A symmetric and diagonally dominant by laplacian on mathoverflow.net
7:43 PM
Can someone spend a Leave Open vote here?
I made a mistake
In the mobile theme, badge name is unreadable on badge pages, for example stackoverflow.com/help/badges/8/citizen-patrol Is this just me? Was this reported?
(Related: just got Unsung Hero on SO, yay)
@HomegrownTomato the onhover makes it readable...
@rene Yeah, hovering on a smartphone...
Hover! With your index finger! How hard can it be? You're not trying!
7:51 PM
@rene Don't ask me. I'm not quite even sure what criteria or throttle he was referring to. I was just attempting to translate.
in Sandbox, 1 min ago, by nicael
1 message moved from [‮Unicode Whitspace ](http://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/rooms/886/unicode-whitspace)
lol, automove message is borked :D
You mean from the rtl marks?
@HomegrownTomato I can't find a recent report
@nicael "cats"
7:58 PM
One rolled ankle, pausing for a quick urgent care visit! #milehighops
Am I supposed to be able to cancel stars? It's a mod-only feature, as far as I recall....
@nicael RO's can cancel stars.
@JasonC Ok, didn't know.
In this case, I've found one bug! :)
8:04 PM
@hichris123 dangerous business ...
Martijn with the quick draw.
@JasonC Oh right I don't have 10k. :(
Is that really what is?
a link to a question?
It is on site.....
I think...?
I really can't tell what they were asking.
8:08 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: NUMERIC MAP FOR THE AERODROME by LazyBrain on aviation.stackexchange.com
I'm beginning to think that all Magento questions on SO should be declared off-topic and at best migrated to Magento
I mean, what is this even. stackoverflow.com/questions/30852632/…
@Shog9 thanks!
8:39 PM
> The one where your R session crashes and you get to read the 6.5GB csv file again. -- Jason Punyon at 1:19 PM - 15 Jun 2015 via Twitter
SE Adventures in Big Data
LastPass was hacked.
9:18 PM
@hichris123 That's...ironic.
Lol, and he haven't cleared cookies for longer than a year?
9:34 PM
Cryptography election announced. The site is still in beta, but they are not calling the election "experimental" like on Blender and Network Engr.
There is no Question Collection thread yet; usually Grace posts these simultaneously.
I probably want to edit 25 posts there...
Find moar repped unregistered user! :)
9:51 PM
2 edits per day is enough to have 150 rep by the end of election, if one starts at once (as I just did)
If an unregistered user clears their cookies, do I get their rep?
The Cookie Monster gets it.
already did: Last seen Feb 8 '10 at 4:26
10:06 PM
Shopping cart spam seed, nuke please: stackoverflow.com/questions/30855732/…
How they don't get tired of writing such elaborate posts...
One more I missed earlier: stackoverflow.com/questions/30854796/…
@HomegrownTomato Wait… maybe TheUberKid is Cookie Monster.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted website: Shopify VS WooCommerce? by mireiellelwo on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector tpu- missed that one too :(
10:16 PM
@HomegrownTomato same here ... stackoverflow.com/a/30855816/1699210
My current spam hunting strategy, sorting by active to see when answers appear.
> put on hold as off-topic by Marc B, eldarerathis, Chris, Jon Clements♦ 9 mins ago
Welcome Jon!
one of the lessbad dogs
Both of the same kind
@SmokeDetector ignore-
Well what I've learned in making the syntax highlighter is that a) it's hard, b) JS regex needs lookbehinds, and c) regex really needs to be properly syntax highlighted.
someone askingfor flags : gaming.stackexchange.com/a/223802/93824
@bjb568 or rude ... as you like
those are the same thing…
@bjb568 exactly :)
10:57 PM
@Doorknob nice let's add it to the flag reasons
Yay, Brown is here!
oh goody, the tsunami of irrelevant bugs has resumed
Hey, those are perfectly good bugs.
each to their own
11:06 PM
Jun 4 at 2:18, by bjb568
user image
food source of the future
11:21 PM
@santiago inb4 nicael is suspended again, just to stop the reports.
@HomegrownTomato lol
@HomegrownTomato that would not be appropriate IMHO
@bummi roomba?
@bummi True. Kidding.
11:24 PM
The [web-traffic] tag is something to look at.
@HomegrownTomato or CMS :/
The wiki of web tag says: "Use this tag for questions related to general questions related to all aspects of the web. For specific portions, use the specific tag for it, such as [uri], [websites], [html] and [http]."
I'm pretty sure [websites] isn't particularly specific, nor is recommended for use.
why did the roomba not catch this one? : stackoverflow.com/q/29582686/1699210#
@bummi because it was downvoted only a couple minutes ago by some homegrown vegetable.
11:30 PM
@HomegrownTomato ahhh :)
The [web] tag is also something interesting. "My website is not working on IE8, I don't know where to begin"
another (benign) link collector stackoverflow.com/q/5669381/1699210
@HomegrownTomato the problem IMHO is close votes will age out very quick, if there is no joint work in one tag, like rene's "close room"?
11:39 PM
Yeah. For now I'm focusing on what roomba can do there. Or, I was until running out of votes.

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