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5:00 PM
@tchrist What do you do in real life that's responsible for your crazy vocabulary? Or do you just always have a thesaurus on hand?
What do you mean?
I'm always learning new words. Today's word is "cottoned".
Here, this is more flattering. It has @Roombatron5000 at #4. :) data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/257679/…
@JasonC What crazy vocabulary??
@tchrist Maybe mine just sucks. I have to hit the dictionary at least once a day when you're in the chat room, lol.
Are you a writer?
@JasonC with mac, dict is one tap!
> I’m Tom Christiansen, author of Programming Perl and Perl Cookbook from O’Reilly. I work for Grant Street Group, who are always looking to hire more Perl programmers.
@bjb568 Hey that's cool.
@tchrist It says 21,200 words estimated.
5:08 PM
@JasonC Oh well, that explains it then. :)
I seem to be on the low end of the native speaker range, lol.
It estimates me at more than 2x that.
Sad trombone.
That means that every other word I utter will be a new learning experience for you!
I've got the 2 and 3 letter scrabble words nailed down though.
Dammit, not again. Looks up "learning"... "word"... what is all this garbage...
Wow, I'm around the 15th percentile. I suck. How is this possible? Thanks for the depressing revelation, @tchrist.
5:13 PM
20400 words
@bjb That's pretty good though, I think, aren't you like 8 years old or something?
@JasonC Well, cats don't live very long, so how much is that in human years?
Well, it's like twice people of my age usually get. Not a fair comparison tho as everyone is an idiot.
5:14 PM
@AlexisKing Good point.
23,000 words here
@bjb568 I'm sure you'd do much better if they counted "kewl" and "lulz".
16k here
They need more programming stuff.
I know, right. I totally know at least one definition for "{".
5:16 PM
Like "vanilla JS"
@JasonC Data is data. Whatever bathetic toll it may take on one’s own subjacent affect is peculiar to each individual. :)
@JasonC Is it a brace or a bracket? :P
Unihedro 2014-05-10 09:26:41 6306 1367 6486 82
@hichris123 Brace :P
5:17 PM
@tchrist Question time: data is or data are? I think the latter is technically correct, but the former is used more...
Or a curly bracket if you roll that way.
@tchrist ignoring the first complicated half of your sent ance, I don't find my results peculiar.
@hichris123 moar context
A: Data is/are in a global context

tchristABSTRACT:             First I will explore several different corpora in several different ways, including original research. I will also provide a cautionary tale of how to deceptively misuse and abuse Google N-Grams to provide a pretty picture that seems to prove whatever point you care to mak...

I just ignored the whole sentence because I refuse to acknowledge ’.
5:18 PM
@hichris123 It's is. People who use are are prescriptivist pedants.
@hichris123 Data is plural, much like cookies. Datum is singular. But data can be inferred as information, which in global context is singular.
Eh, noodles, not cookies.
@bjb568 Use it!
5:20 PM
bai bai o/
I am collecting some data. The data is kewl. The red data and the blue data are for different users.
waits patiently for @hichris123 to finish perusing his brief treatise
Just talk normally. Like as if we were selling you a burger.
inb4 bjb scares doodlers with 100mb kewl data which they can't understand
Are you selling me a burger?
5:22 PM
@bjb568 Vegetarian.
bai @uni, sleep well :)
Actually, there are better words for it, but they would just annoy you.
> since *datas not only
markdown fail?
@hichris123 By no means whatever.
@inf thanks, stay safe :D
5:23 PM
@tchrist Better words for "vegetarian"? Like "wuss"?
@JasonC no
violently uses proper grammer
eats the burger while they try to sell it
@tchrist Okay, done. ;) Wow, that's... interesting.
5:24 PM
I didn't realize ngram smoothed their graphs.
@JasonC hey!
@Unihedro do you play NEXUS mc?
@hichris123 Yeah you can change the smoothing on the query.
> What notation and symbols are commonly used here?

An evolving list of common abbreviations used on this site can be found here.

Symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) are used to describe pronunciations of words. Transcriptions in IPA are normally contained within slashes (e.g. /kæt/) or square brackets (e.g. [maʊs]).

In addition, some linguistic symbols are used to make it clear whether examples are to be taken as proper English or not. These include:

*: Used in front of an example word or phrase to indicate that the example is ungrammatical (e.g. *Me enjoy eating coo
Dec 19 '13 at 23:13, by hichris123
Vegetarian here.
5:26 PM
I have a love-hate relationship with IPA.
@JasonC How does ichthyophagous grab you?
It's cool that it's so expressive, but at the same time it's never helped me to actually pronounce a word when I look one up.
@tchrist Okay, but it renders as "**datas*"
@JasonC That’s odd.
5:27 PM
@tchrist That's a good one. Usually I call them pescetarian though.
(Yes I already knew "pescetarian". [Yes, I'm getting defensive about the words I know, now.])
@hichris123 Fixed in the next release.
@Frank Negative. Never heard of them
@Unihedro Have you ever played on a bow spleef server?
5:29 PM
@tchrist It's because I'm not familiar with it. It's like a whole new language and alphabet. I'm just lucky if I can say my ABC's.
@JasonC Sea monsters are piscitarians because they eat fishermen. :)
@Frank Affirmative
@Unihedro It's fun.
@JasonC Most people learn it by high school, at or the latest college.
unless someone has a kit
5:30 PM
@tchrist no, in mc
I'm curious, will anyone be nominating themselves as a participant in the mod election?
@tchrist In what crazy universe does that happen? Or is that a new thing? I was never exposed to IPA before wikipedia started using it heavily, and I don't know anybody in real life who was.
Alexis King said she will
@JasonC Anyone who has studied language.
5:31 PM
@Unihedro nope. We'll have an empty election.
All bilingual dictionaries, for example, and of course the better monolingual ones, too.
@Unihedro totally me >:] I've got this
You have no rep there ;(
5:32 PM
That makes sense. All the basic dictionaries I remember always used whatever that system is called with the apostrophes and bold syllables.
@Unihedro acc. bonus
Do you have enough socks to seed rep??
And the upside down e's.
@Frank should enlist the help of @nicael.
@AlexisKing wat... NO NO NO NO NO
5:33 PM
@JasonC Um, schwa is an IPA symbol.
        * Azerbaijani, ...
        * lowercase is 0259
        x (cyrillic capital letter schwa - 04D8)
        * Pan-Nigerian alphabet
        * all other usages of schwa are 0259
        * uppercase is 018E
        x (latin small letter schwa - 0259)
        * mid-central unrounded vowel
        * uppercase is 018F
        * variant uppercase form 018E is associated with 01DD
Will @Jan run for mod?
I have no such plans
Will @uni run for mod?
5:35 PM
@tchrist Wow, I never realized those systems were such a mess.
ɘ != ə
@JasonC Yes, the crap used in America is crap. It is unusable.
@inf all evidence are against
Mind you, I was educated in America and was taught IPA.
5:36 PM
That's it, I resolve to go on a mission to familiarize myself with IPA.
The OED uses IPA. That should end the discussion. :)
At least that renders in Chrome...
My OED subscription ran out a long time ago, I forgot to update my billing info. Is that why I turned stupid?
Will @Inf run for mod?
5:37 PM
Will @Jason run for president?
A: 'pescatarian': synonyms & etymology

Janus Bahs JacquetUsage and alternative words A simple answer to this one: no, there is no word for pescetarians that is more commonly used or understood than pescetarian (or pescatarian, if you prefer that spelling). It is not a concept that has been spoken about commonly for very long, and pescetarian is, to m...

I am the evil RO of the Tavern :D
NB: Piscivores do not eat piss.
@Unihedro +1
5:38 PM
Stupid autocorrect, meant mod, but you can answer the president question too
@Unihedro Impossible. I don't have enough media exposure to justify getting enough media exposure to have a chance. Don't get me started on my down-with-the-system rant.
@Unihedro Why would anyone ever run under “autocorrect”? This is a serious question.
@JasonC still a better candidate than anyone running in 2016
@Unihedro If I ever were to try and be a mod here, it would be on Ask Patents.
@tchrist it comes back when I unroot my phone.
5:40 PM
But I suck at committing to things so probably never.
@Unihedro Ick!!!!
@tchrist Uni is bjb's sock using autocorrect.
Will @tchrist run for mod?
@Unihedro Your what hurts? I am fundamentally unsuited for that position.
5:41 PM
I know what makes a good one, and that’s not me.
@InfiniteRecursion I use autocarrot instead.
Will @bjb run for mod?
It's all in the apostrophes. @tchrist uses those weird ones... thus he's not suited for the job.
gnat will make a good mod IMO
5:41 PM
@AlexisKing I might.
I hoppe notte
Shog help us all.
Did you know that gnat is really tang’s evil twin?
@hichris123 Maybe these days, but I always think of Larry Agran and get really angry and ranty.
Will @bluefeet run for mod? They've been doing great, they should be double mods
5:42 PM
@Unihedro Two diamonds!
Double trouble :D
@AlexisKing Five spades!
You still need three for a pick axe
@tchrist Fold.
Did anybody test Markdown-HTML yet?
Should I post again on CR?
5:43 PM
I did.
Did it work?
@JasonC interesting.
The test was cheesy though, I recommend ignoring my test results.
Let uni sleep, he has school tomorrow...
5:44 PM
@Unihedro Did you type stuff into the playground to see what it spat out?
@InfiniteRecursion heneednosleep
@hichris123 They banned him from the debates too, solely because he wasn't interesting from a media ratings point of view, since nobody knew who he was.
It happens when you decide to soak the part of your mind in charge of making sane decisions in distorted techno music for hours
Actually it's holiday :D
For an entire week!! luxury
@Unihedro How could you tell it was distorted? :)
@JasonC yeah, I saw. Funny, as that's kinda a catch 22: you can't have enough media attention without being in the debates, but you can't be in the debates without enough media attention.
@bjb568 heneedstostayawayfromcatz
5:46 PM
And the f'ed up thing is, nobody cared. It was such a massive transgression of democracy but nobody gave a single crap, because it was all on the DL.
"I should use less unnecessarily devastating adjectives." http://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/3253626#3253626
@JasonC More seriously, learning just the reduced IPA subset of Kenyon and Knott is plenty good enough for you in English. You don’t have to learn all the other sounds used in other languages to get a great deal of good out of it.
@InfiniteRecursion :o
@tchrist Yeah, but if I don't master the whole thing, I can't be a proper IPA snob.
^^^^^ agreed with inf
5:48 PM
Keep in mind that my goal is not to expand my knowledge. Rather, it is to be able to confidently talk down to other people.
@Unihedro Perhaps merely using fewer of them while maintaining their equally unnecessary devastation would suffice. There is no reason to compromise your standards. :)
Lol @ trying to be a better person.
@tchrist :D
You're so smart!
@Unihedro A one-boxed tweet of a link to a chat message. Nice.
to be able to confidently talk down to other people -> contact bjb for inglish lessonz
5:50 PM
Haha. @bjb will u take me on as ur student?lolz
Your english skills will decline but your self-confidence will rise sharply.
@JasonC yases!
omg kewl
Coming soon: cats in the tavern
@InfiniteRecursion Ever seen a cat on a hot tin roof?
The embarrassing thing is, I totally just opened /r/CatHighFive in another tab.
Good night! dies
There they pay the price for trying to look down on people.
Tavern needs a timeout before cats invade.
5:53 PM
Gud nyt uni
Night uni!
@Unihedro Coming soon: a higher priority for bjbTrnsltr.
Here we go again.
@AstroCB Where is Speaker to BJB?
5:56 PM
Don't worry, I'm exercising self-control here. bjb, on the other hand... (although, his current silence is kind of creepy, I wonder if he's OK).
...needs to be kicked
@tchrist lowercase
@bjb568 ¡qɾ̣q ʻʞo
You forgot 568. bjb1-bjb567 are confused.
6:01 PM
I hear the retired models are fetching fabulous prices at antique auctions.
I just ran into a question on SO that ends with the line:
> How to realize it cleverly?
@AlexisKing What is your question?
Q: Finding nearest objects from clicked spot on canvas

Збигнев АланI have a Canvas where there are different Polyline objects drawn. I would like to find the nearest Polyline from the point that the user pressed on the Canvas. For example, we are looking for the nearest polyline within a 10x10 pixel square centered at the clicked spot. How to realize it cleverly?

One of rare times when I visit English.SE is when I want to find a link clearly saying that "large amount of people" is ugly and wrong and ugly. Sadly, the accepted answer here does not do that.
> Amount is normally used for nouns that can't be measured. [...] But it can also be used for things that can be measured
6:12 PM
So clear.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I see that SF-3.14’s 30k suggestions total –57. That’d rather stunningly (poorly) received.
@pizza I think that answer gives a poor example. Using "amount" with money is idiomatic, imo.
@AlexisKing I don’t understand the complaint. He wishes to realize it cleverly.
@tchrist Are they deleted? I can't see them. :(
Amount is for mass nouns, number for count nouns.
@AlexisKing Oh well, there is that. :)
6:16 PM
@tchrist How can you see them, then? o.O
I prefer not to say. :)
@tchrist Yes, and the answer saying that is in 2nd place and not accepted. Outscored by 2x by the accepted answer.
@tchrist Are you one of @nicael's socks, too? D:
@pizza Downvoted the accepted one and upvoted the other, just to put a drop in the bucket.
6:20 PM
@tchrist Probably left a tab open.
@pizza See Dorothy Parker’s horticultural observation.
Putting together my next lecture; this one’s going to be fun. http://t.co/nIaJJpJR7b
@pizza Actually, I think that Rob’s answer does say that. It just isn’t phrased that way.
What, no techno?
6:39 PM
Huh, I never realized the Ionic Breeze was Sharper Image's downfall. I just remember noticing that their stores weren't around any more one day.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer, Email in answer: Visa Germany 2 times - Schengen Visa by mohad0 on travel.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tp
@AstroCB true/tp cannot be used for answers because their job is to add the title of the question to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'. If you want to blacklist the poster of the answer, use trueu or tpu.
@SmokeDetector tpu I guess
@AstroCB Blacklisted user.
6:49 PM
@AstroCB It’s spam from Mohamed.
Rather stupid spam, too.
Where is Athena when we need her?
Can you blacklist that email address from appearing in a post?
@tchrist Yeah but then they use a different email.
@bjb568 The graph should be a bit faster now. I went from jQuery 1.8.2 -> 2.1.3, dropping IE 6, 7, and 8 support in the process.
gr8, m8
@hichris123 benchmark graph or nothing happened!
7:04 PM
@Sam <- is awesome as usual.
>>log 3255937
@Pham del
My work here is done.
Yay I'm on a downvoter list
@Braiam I did make Google Analytics async though...
7:08 PM
@Unihedro prolly
How should sources be cited in the markdown? Inline, or numbered with list on bottom?
This is a source[[1]].

[c1]: [The place somewhere which has the informations and stuffs](example.com)
eg ^
@Undo So much for your chances to get elected as a mod, then.
@pizza Usually people get yelled at on nominations if they don't downvote. Or at least that's what I've seen in past years
It's different now, since people won't just vote based on rep.
yeah, now they'll vote based purely on a different number
7:17 PM
@bjb568 Or will they?
yet another level in the sports
@Undo Yes, there is also a difference between meta-regulars debating the nominations, and main site users voting orthogonally to those debates.
@Undo if you don't downvote... umm... wait
@bjb568 I'm not sure if it matters. Normally I just do the latter if I want to write a footnote describing the source itself for some reason.
7:25 PM
in Unix 2014 Election on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Jun 16 '14 at 19:49, by Gilles
@derobert yup. For example I wouldn't elect a moderator who doesn't downvote. That tells me he's probably not going to close/delete what needs to go either.
wasted 7 minutes searching in the wrong room
We have liftoff.
... of?
rofl, that's awesome
@AstroCB now why is that displaying in horrible quality in chat?
@hichris123 Define "horrible quality"
7:31 PM
Looks okay here
does it work with dis?
@Braiam Presumably POB not DUP.
@tchrist recommendation fits the best
7:35 PM
@AstroCB Does this mean that all my work on a English2bjbese tool is for nought now that you have a bjbese2English tool? :)
this fills the typo category? stackoverflow.com/q/28645618/792066
#!/usr/bin/env perl
# English2bjbese - convert English to teenager txtspk
# Tom Christiansen
use v5.14;
use strict;
use warnings;
use open qw(:std :utf8);
use re "/xi";
my $C = "bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyz";
my $V = "aeiou";  # no y
my $L = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz";
#binmode(DATA, ":utf8");
if (@ARGV == 0 && -t STDIN && -t STDERR) {
    print STDERR "$0: reading from tty, best type something...\n";
while (<>) {
    s/ \b easy \b 		/ez/g;
    s/ \b easier \b 		/ezr/g;
    s/ \b easily \b 		/ezly/g;
@AstroCB You using a translation dict?
Oh the code is right there.
var translations = {
    "thx": "thanks",
    "plz|plox|pls": "please",
    "rly": "really",
    "werk": "work",
    "yea|yases|yas": "yes",
    "dese|dis": "this",
    "suk": "suck",
    "translatr": "translator",
    "kitteh": "cat",
    ":[Oo]": "I'm surprised",
    "gr8": "great",
    "m8": "mate",
    "dis": "this"
7:38 PM
Adding fonts.googleapis.com to my hosts file was the most satisfying thing I've done all week.
Oh kay dat seems gewd but without machine learning thingz yer dict will grow very big and will need manual updating
@JasonC Why? You enjoy your websites looking terrible? o.O
@AlexisKing I enjoy my websites loading.
@bjb568 True, but there isn't really a way to automatically update userscripts; turning it into a bot would be interesting.
@bjb568 Watch your language!
7:39 PM
So turn it into a bot!
@Undo Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Nominations start in 1 day, 0 hours, 19 minutes and 57 seconds.
@SmokeDetector Ooh.
Who's planning on running?
Haven't we had this conversation already?
@AstroCB I'll probably break down and run
and yes
7:42 PM
@bjb568 My Python is a bit rusty.
Use JS.
var translations = {
    "thx": "thanks",
    "plz|plox|pls": "please",
    "rly": "really",
    "werk": "work",
    "yea|yases|yas": "yes",
    "dese|dis": "this",
    "suk": "suck",
    "translatr": "translator",
    "kitteh": "cat",
    ":[Oo]": "I'm surprised",
    "gr8": "great",
    "m8": "mate",
    "dis": "this"
    "oh kay": "okay"
    "gewd": "good",
    "dat": "that",
    "thingz": "things"
    "yer": "your"s
But oh right, nobody is educated in actually using JS properly.
don't even know about .textContent vs .innerText. N00bs.
@bjb568 JS chatbot? I don't know about that.
@bjb568 Except @bjb, who is basically the god of Vanilla JS.
7:43 PM
Me god!
@AstroCB I run an IRC bot written in Node.js.
Right, you will also have to correct grammar. Single word replacements won't work for everything.
@AlexisKing Oh, right: Node.
7:46 PM
A: CHATBOT: Programming a chatbot with Perl

Alexandr CiorniiSee http://poe.perl.org/?POE_Cookbook - simple bot is described here: http://poe.perl.org/?POE_Cookbook/IRC_Bots Documentation for Bot::BasicBot, which is a wrapper around POE::Component::IRC. http://www.drdobbs.com/web-development/184416221 Source of famous bot GumbyBrain, which of course uses...

@AstroCB huh
oh god, perl
To work for everything, you'll basically have to make a bjbLang interpreter.
Be careful of the bot becoming sentient.
@AlexisKing No, tchrist.
@tchrist ewww
2010 question...
sometimes one should not dig the past
7:48 PM
Before you were born, I know.
eh... no
actually I was... er... what I was doing in 2010?
waiting for a better year?
@Braiam Chatbot::Eliza is from 2014. :)
recommends IRC::Bot::Hangman::Response::Profanity

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