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6:00 PM
@nicael It's to keep the vast majority of text-based email scrapers from grabbing your email address. Whether or not it's actually effective, I don't know, but it makes people feel cozy.
@LynnCrumbling Thankfully, no. PHP is scary.
6:13 PM
@AlexisKing I tend to avoid it...
one vote missing here: stackoverflow.com/q/233088/1699210
one vote still missing here, too: stackoverflow.com/q/29261378/465378
^^ closed
Shog is on spree, declining even his own feature request.
6:30 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: Can't join servers by Flor on gaming.stackexchange.com
@Woodface In case you were curious, your account was Exhibit A in our internal discussion. ;-)
@SmokeDetector ignore handled
@bummi Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
All-caps are auto-ignored, btw.
6:36 PM
If it's already handled, "delete" is enough; it won't be caught again so "ignore" is not necessary.
Does "delete" actually work?
@SmokeDetector delete
now it's too late
There's also "gone"
@SmokeDetector delete
@JasonC That does exactly the same as "delete"
6:37 PM
@Woodface sorry :/ didn't know
Does gone work on not-questions
Oh word
@SmokeDetector gone is the ice cream cone
So, gone=delete
Yes, it's the same. It's handled by the same if statement with a simple or
Why does "fp" sometimes delete and sometimes not? Are there rules there?
@JasonC rules imposed by chat, deleting is only possible within 2 mins
6:38 PM
I see it now: if (second_part_lower == "delete" or second_part_lower == "remove" or second_part_lower == "gone")
I remember @JanDvorak trying "del" which didn't work. No loose matching, I guess.
@ProgramFOX Why == for delete/gone/remove but startswith for the rest? Was there some issue?
I don't think there was. Not sure why that's different.
Q: How can i create a mute button in Sprite Kit? (Swift language)

alexandre Salehvar question = print("How_can_i_create_a_mute_button_in_Sprite_Kit?_(Swift_language)")

@JasonC That should be because "delete", "remove", and "gone" are in reply to a message, while the other commands (starting with "!!/") aren't replies
6:47 PM
So, I know the orange review indicator is overcounting etc... but on Math it's getting ridiculous. I see 75 in the indicator right now. Opening the review page in incognito mode shows 6+2=8 pending reviews. The numbers shown to anonymous people have to be actual current task counts, right?
@JasonC ...unless you're talking about "false"/"fp"/etc, in which case I have no idea why.
@KevinBrown "ignore" and other replies to messages use startswith though (although it is necessary for fp, false, etc to support fpu vs fp and such)
shrug I'm sure I'll still be able to sleep tonight, heh.
@Woodface anonymous people can't do all tasks
@JanDvorak They can't do any tasks. It shows 6 CV, 2LQ. The other queues never have much in them anyway.
Let's look at SO... I see 123 LQ + 91 Triage + 12 HIQ + 5+1 other.
6:50 PM
@Shog9 Hey, I skip audits because they subtract a review task from they puny 20 that I have.
@Woodface they're clogged with audits
I still need to figure out what's causing that bug
Or ban anyone who skips an audit
been doing mostly the latter
@JasonC Fixed, now it uses startswith for them to.
@SmokeDetector delete....
@ProgramFOX Watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
7:02 PM
If you raise a custom mod flag on an audit does it actually make a real flag?
@SmokeDetector Then you should go Triage them, the queue is almost at 100 now.
I skip a lot in cvq, so I end up skipping a lot of audits as well. /me qualifies to get banned
@JasonC and if you do so in a forest, does anyone hear it?
@JasonC I would think not, but I never tried this. Will do when I have access to queues again.
Questions about raising flags should be asked on parenting.
7:09 PM
yesterday, by bjb568
Remind me to send you a sideways pic tomorrow at lunch.
^ pic should be tilting slightly to the right
It should also be bordered by other text at various angles.
And be sure to crop the end of the interesting text out of the picture.
7:30 PM
yesterday, by bjb568
user image
This is hardcore.
7:50 PM
A: What's a real-world example of "overfitting"?

user645715My favorite was the Matlab example of US census population versus time: A linear model is pretty good A quadratic model is closer A quartic model predicts total annihilation starting next year (At least I sincerely hope this is an example of overfitting) http://www.mathworks.com/help/curvefi...

@InfiniteRecursion you don't get banned for skipping...
1 hour ago, by Shog9
Or ban anyone who skips an audit
Oh ... noooooooooo .....
Don't skip audits. Fail them.
A: Help us test the shiny new "User Activity" page! (Plus a bunch of new features.)

nicaelReally who thought that the number of your recent names is clickable? Yes, I know that it was clickable also in the old design, but it's time to fix it. Style it like link Even better, make the whole phrase clickable

8:13 PM
@JanDvorak Well, we've had a good run.
@JanDvorak What a great set of answers all around
I may have just gotten smarter.
Castle is not made from Olaf. — Barafu Albino Aug 20 '14 at 18:14
+ Russian accent = Awesome
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Advice for fighting multiple enemies at once by Gaunt on gaming.stackexchange.com
8:28 PM
@SmokeDetector fpu
@JasonC Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Encontrar erro - Arquivo e alocação dinâmica by Fernanda Duarte on pt.stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector fp
@AstroCB Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Send a customized email to users in a list by jimbob91 on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector fp
@KevinBrown Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
9:33 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in title: Helppppppppppppppppp me on 7/15 on codecademy by Hisham Barakat on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@LynnCrumbling Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
^ a page of total junk
flagged abusive.
@SmokeDetector gone
Do enough offensive flags on a question cause the system to automatically delete it?
9:51 PM
@JasonC 6 offensive/abusive or 6 spam. and they stack.
And enough VLQ flags send it to the VLQ queue? (Or just 1?)
@JasonC Not sure about that...
10:07 PM
@JasonC On sites other than SO, yes: VLQ goes to LQRQ (it does not have "very" in its name). On SO, VLQ answers go to LQRQ and VLQ questions go to Triage. Also, if a post has been through LQRQ once, it won't go there again and will go to mod queue.
And yes, one flag is enough. However, additional flags are taken into account when deciding how many "Looks OK" votes are enough to dismiss the post from the queue.
Each additional flag requires one more OK.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: C# - PROJECT DEADLINE - 30TH MARCH by Daud on stackoverflow.com
^ VLQ. :)
> Basically, I just need someone to lend me a sample of the code so that I can comment it and finish it.
10:09 PM
@LynnCrumbling's badge idea is mentioned in the podcast summary.
@Woodface Ha. The one about getting your question closed by Joel?
Yes, that one. This is the March 6 live-ish podcast
I'm out .. have a good night.
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: mysql database got corruption by samuelgagnon on dba.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu filerepairforum spam
@Woodface Blacklisted user.
@SmokeDetector Smells like a seed question
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Movie airplanes and suction by walter lill on physics.stackexchange.com
10:42 PM
@KevinBrown Could be, but a legitimate user answered it, so I think the question can stay. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with it, it seems.
@SmokeDetector tpu offensive
@Woodface Blacklisted user.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@KevinBrown Blacklisted user.
Also going to mention this answer, contains a filerepairforum link that was missed: stackoverflow.com/questions/29192539/…
10:53 PM
@KevinBrown They're back??
assuming the question was a seed, this one is about a corrupted file too: superuser.com/q/892490/172747
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website, Blacklisted user: mysql database got corruption by samuelgagnon on dba.stackexchange.com
I almost hit rep cap on security.SE with my first answer..
@SmokeDetector Yes, it's important that code blocks in spam are properly formatted.
@SmokeDetector Someone just added the link back
11:02 PM
@MichaelGreen: filerepairforum has been having spam campaigns by leaving posts won Stack Exchange with filerepairforum links, see here. Flag as SPAM. — Unihedro 16 secs ago
@bummi Why did you edit that answer? Both links there are spam. The whole answer is.
@Woodface :( still learning ...
No problem, hopefully the thing will sort itself out. When the file repair links show up where folks aren't familiar with them, there's bound to be confusion.
@SmokeDetector gone, yay
@Woodface Meh, kill them quick enough then.
11:08 PM
Kill the folks unfamiliar with file repair? :(
I meant the spam posts, but we can do both, yeah.
Question flags, queues, edits, roomba, community♦, how does this actually work?.... It's like asking "logarithms, derivatives, integrals, matrices: how does this actually work?" This kind of complexity doesn't get built at once, and neither is it learned...
@AnnaLear With a little bit of youtube.com/watch?v=zjedLeVGcfE, too, I'd imagine. — Jason C 5 mins ago
For sure. And of course a dash of youtube.com/watch?v=DtRNg5uSKQ0 for emergencies. — Anna Lear ♦ 4 mins ago
So following emoticons, emojis and emogifs, we're now in the age of emovids?
> I know these starting points, although I don't really know where it goes from there. Also it seems different per site, adding extra complication (with a subset of what I don't understand indicated in bold). Wall of bullets follows, but that's kind of the point; I think this list is an accurate representation of the confusion (background soundtrack while reading list):
Why the circus theme song @JasonC? :p
11:11 PM
@Woodface Sure; but for example, a cohesive FAQ does not exist. That's all I'm looking for. The system is undocumented.
@Unihedro Do you think I should remove it? I just thought it was lighthearted and funny.
I'm not trying to come across whiney though.
@JasonC It is funny, but it's also confusing.
It's supposed to be confusing.
Not trying to != Trying not to
I'm not trying not to grade today's exam, but I'm succeeding nonetheless.
11:14 PM
Hm. Is it whiney?
I smell a flow-chart opportunity here.
Probably xkcd
@JasonC I went looking for the ABSTRACT.
inb4 closed as too broad.
@Woodface Then the problem remains, and only a small subset of people who have been around a while can continue participating in conversations on meta, and the rest of us stay the monkeys with the ladder...
See, I'm stupid, and you'll never be able to understand what that's like.
At least your question isn't in poor enough taste to hit the supercollider.
(Not that MSE questions can.)
@JasonC It's more like you haven't done enough research. For example, how many delete votes are required: the FAQ on deletion links to technical details
11:26 PM
Granted, under those details you find this:
@Fundamental that looks like a bug in the undelete code; investigating further. — Jarrod Dixon ♦ Jan 5 at 18:20
But that only emphasizes the fact that the system has a mind of its own, which no single person can fathom in its entirety.
Any system that's constantly getting tweeked is bound to look baroque and eventually Byzantine as feeping creaturism ramifies into something only Cthulhu Himself can understand.
11:31 PM
@Unihedro Phone sux.
> If I die in R'lyeh at least I will die free. -- Shog9's chat profile
Shoggoths in Bloom
Anyone got a link to all the Roomba rules? @Woodface?
@Doorknob It's in the Community's profile.
11:33 PM
Yeah in my faves on data.se.
still in doubt when an offense starts (in opposite to an NAA): electronics.stackexchange.com/a/161662/27928 I personally would have seen it offensive, but flagged for NAA
NAA looks right to me.
I'd say offensive/abusive
> This answer contains content that a reasonable person would deem inappropriate for respectful discourse.
Sharply critical, worded in the annoying internet style, so comes across that way.
11:37 PM
...Can a question be closed as off-topic due to cooties? — Parthian Shot 5 hours ago
I project that by 2020 everyone on SE will be sufficiently busy coping with the complexity of the system so that asking and answering questions will be phased out.
Sealab 2020
Early sign: review tubes clogged by audits. Imaginary tasks take over the real ones.
Like me chatting here instead of grading.
Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
11:44 PM
which part makes the difference the damn narrowminded or the LOLOLOLOL all in all it's something I'd have flagged as offensive/abusive before getting some disputed/declines

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