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3:00 PM
@bjb568 I don't like alcohol either. It also damages brain cells fast.
I just don't get it. My meat eats glucose not alcohul.
interestingly it actually doesn't...
you're using AdenosineTriPhosphate..
@bjb568 What about sucrose, and lactose, and fructose, and all those?
@Vogel612'sShadow Yeah, it gets converted.
… in a confusing process.
3:02 PM
I know plenty of people that enjoy beer with dinner, or before they go to bed. They don't drink enough to "damage brain cells fast." There's a difference between drinking beer, and partying / getting wasted.
@Frank All those too. High fructose corn sugarz!
@Vogel612'sShadow good old ATP. Never leave home without it.
@Bart … you won't
@Vogel612'sShadow In studies, those who drank a lot all their lives had considerably lower brain functionality than those who abstained.
There's talk of beer and all of a sudden Anna shows up ... coincidence?
3:04 PM
@Frank emphasis on a lot
and all their lives
dosis venenum facit
@Bart Chicken butts!
Why not chicken bewbs?
Mods were showing up. I used the safe word.
3:06 PM
@Vogel612'sShadow yeah, drinking a lot of beer as an infant is not the best idea. Makes the milk curdle.
Uh oh, Shog is here. The situation is escalating!
@Shog9 does it? I wasn't aware beer is acidic...
acid isn't the only thing that'll curdle milk
@jadarnel27 Abort! Abort!
@Shog9 sarcasm does so as well. Milk handles it very poorly.
3:10 PM
Wat? I was kicked?
We don't have an adult, we have an ancient
That'll do.
doesn't like being kicked
@bjb568 fructose (monosaccharide) is a simple sugar, the one found in fruit. Interestingly, even in high fructose corn syrup, the main sugar source is glucose (monosaccharide). Glucose + fructose = sucrose, or table sugar, a complex sugar, or disaccharide
not that it matters...
@Frank Huh. Interesting.
3:12 PM
Who kicked you @bjb568? And for what?
@Frank dunno
@bjb568 even wood is actually made up of glucose..
@InfiniteRecursion Dunno, dunno.
Couldn't have been me, I'm rooted in place.
Organic chemistry @uni
3:12 PM
Hi Uni
Oh hai, @Uni
3:13 PM
3:14 PM
the fun thing is, starch and fibre are just different in the orientation of glucose molecules relative to their neighbors
not me
Not me, I'm not RO
@bjb568 evil people..
@Vogel612'sShadow It's why they have the same energy potential per mass
No one ever kicks me...
3:15 PM
though it's usually called kicking the dog
kicking the cat
Aww..I love dogs
@Undo probably isn't happy about the kicking.
@InfiniteRecursion ~blushes
3:17 PM
@TGMCians Thanks. Hit F5 all the time :)
@Vogel612'sShadow your dog :D <3
3:19 PM
~blushes even more
stop blushing, your face is about to violently explode, and that would be messy.
Some might get on me.
And me!
12 hours ago, by bjb568
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Let's start a new Meta.SE about how users are treating spanners' avatars' women like objects and raping them by calling them attractive.
Meh, that?
That was a while ago.
3:22 PM
That or this got you kicked
16 mins ago, by bjb568
Why not chicken bewbs?
One of the two...
Good with mash potatoeys and gravy.
@bjb568 You're so needing to grow up...
feels slightly younger
When I grow up I'll want to grown down again.
Or so they say.
Keep talking and soon you might get yourself kicked again
3:24 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: Grails Tomcat Plugin - DeployTask cannot be found Error by Harry Muscle on stackoverflow.com
lel.. Muscle.. really??
Stop kicking the kitten please. Take off the glasses first.
He should stop talking about anything feminine
till he grows up
Try kicking a tree, so I can see what happens to your foot.
Jul 28 at 19:45, by Sterling Archer
opinions brah, people got em
3:27 PM
Your lipstick is nice @Bart
Q: What is the point of hiking boots, versus any comfortable walking shoes?

J. MusserI've always used any old shoes for hiking. Are there any real benefits to using specially made boots?

@SmokeDetector false
@TGMCians Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
Only two sentences...
3:29 PM
@bjb568 When you fall up, just pick yourself down...
Good idea,
@InfiniteRecursion why thank you. does curtsey
I hate the maddening nonscheduled regular blackouts that my country features so much
feels better
Four stars on that? Wow, MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS!
3:35 PM
~not everything is starworthy
We star frequently to stay on topic @uni
All aboard the star train!
~boycotts the star-train
doesn't know anything funny nor relevant to starwhore
@InfiniteRecursion I stay on-topic frequently to get starred...
3:36 PM
Not with kicked kittens :P
flush star wall: status-completed
@Braiam y?
@Frank 'cause
> doesn't know anything funny nor relevant to starwhore
At least I'm not all over it now...
3:38 PM
reading a changelog to see how his system will break next
Did you call Bart a starwhore @Braiam?
@InfiniteRecursion mm? I don't use the name of who-shall-not-be-named...
@InfiniteRecursion I prefer star escort.
Now that @Inf has said starwhore, I know it's safe!
But not for Braiam of course.
3:39 PM
@bjb568 Is inf your role-model? That's weird...
@Frank No, it's just that I know… it's… feminist.
ponders about male whores
was going to say the h-word
3:41 PM
@bjb568 You seriously have to grow up sometime, kiddo...
I really don't want to.
But now I feel condescended upon.
@bjb568 A bad sign.
If you don't want me to call you kiddo, grow up. Deal?
3:42 PM
updating libc6, crosses fingers
hides more
@bjb568 So, what is all this stuff you're hiding?
my tail
Prepare for a wave of LQQs.
3:45 PM
Low quality questions? From a Low Quality Cat?
Wat? Oh, whoops, need to enable the userscript for it to post here.
There you go.
that's a lot..
where did you get them all?
Please kick kitty again
I got them from the php tag page.
@InfiniteRecursion >:(
@bjb568 Do you mean the one that isn't working any more?
Q: Reintroduce searching for tags in chat

PeeHaaWe always had the ability to search for tags in chat-search using the syntax tag:tag-name, but after the changes in chat search a while back this is no longer possible. I'm not sure when the changes were rolled out or with what goal (because in my experience it only made searching anything in ch...

What do you want us to do with these LQ, LQ,LQ,LQ @bjb568??
@InfiniteRecursion Be annoyed
@InfiniteRecursion Del vote or close vote or down vote
Mission accomplished
He doesn't use tags @Andy, he shouts LQ, LQ,LQ,LQ
@bjb568 Are you seriously going through a tag and asking us to flag everything that is -1 or lower?
@Andy No, just most of them.
I do eval them
3:52 PM
@Andy the votes on MSO carried over and gave them rep?
Why? The PHP tag has plenty of users that can handle it on their own. Why does the extra attention need to be raised here?
@InfiniteRecursion Could you please stop saying that?
3:53 PM
@Andy They're not.
@bjb568 it would be easier to stop saying it if you were doing it...
Mission: Outstar this other chatroom. chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/8595/the-2nd-monitor
@bjb568 they are
3:54 PM
People, can we all calm down a bit and ... "be nice"? If not, then be advised that this is how you get Ebola ... yeah, that's right.
@Unihedron kewl!
@Vogel612'sShadow Can we all stop talking about age in general?
@Vogel612'sShadow Indeed. We have the tactical advantage...
@Bart (agree)
3:54 PM
@bjb568 age and acting grown up are not that closely related...
@Vogel612'sShadow Agree.
Sigh… depends on how you define "acting grown up".
It's about behaviour, not age
no not really..
Ehm ... the site logged me out?
Ok...time to find a Shog quote
Please stop spamming @bjb568
@Bart Doesn't it do that every 60 days or something?
@Braiam we need our own ;P
3:56 PM
@Andy Ok, yeesh.
You do realize you can mute me if you want, right?
Maybe you're just bad at it? — Shog9 ♦ Nov 3 at 20:16
Do you get 100 rep if you use all your stars here?
@rene maybe
@rene oh, totally
Q: When will the "reloaded" profile be back?

nicaelSome time earlier, a new profile page was announced. And, I remember, it was great. Where is it now? Why does going to http://stackoverflow.com/users/reloaded/13249/nick-craver lead to a 404 error? When will it be back?

3:58 PM
@rene Let's find out...
^^ Why is it always 6-8 weeks?
... look up the meme...
@bjb568 because 6 to 8
They use a planner to estimate it @bjb568. Let me find it.
@Vogel612'sShadow I know the meme.
3:59 PM
@bjb568 why are you even asking then?
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: What is the demonym for a citizen of Niger? by user96258 on english.stackexchange.com
@Vogel612'sShadow I'm asking why it takes so long for SE to implement things.
@SmokeDetector fp
@SmokeDetector Nigerian?
@bjb568 because backlog?
4:00 PM
@Vogel612'sShadow Hm… I guess.
@SmokeDetector The swearword is "nigger", you idiot
Between implementation and pushing to production, there are stages
@JanDvorak delete
@JanDvorak flag in 3 ... 2 ...
@Jan, spammers aren't grammar nazi's, they use varients
Aww, used all my stars already. Gimme a break...
migrating to the second monitor
4:04 PM
Take the LQ's to second monitor too :P
@Unihedron Haha, we can still win..
Don't compete and annoy us, please.
^ In case anyone wants to flame
I can't delete, my browser decided to start ignoring mouse clicks
Why are you stuck on the same word @bjb568?
4:06 PM
@JanDvorak time to learn the keyboard shortcuts....
@InfiniteRecursion I thot you were.
Do I need an up arrow? Because my up arrow is broken
I'm just going to leave…
you are so broken, @Jan
4:07 PM
@bjb568 cya!
I'm not, my computer is
Your computer doesn't like you for some reason
@InfiniteRecursion Huh, hard one...
@JanDvorak just for editing messages faster..
It worked! I tricked bjb into posting a LQ stream in that room.
4:11 PM
2 days ago, by Jan Dvorak
She doesn't like me for some reason
Nobody likes him, including his computer
in The 2nd Monitor on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 25 secs ago, by Vogel612
@bjb568 because this room is nowhere near fine with being flooded with LQ requests
That was 4
I thot I was being helpful.
Don't kill me, bluefeet.
(why that autocorrect?)
You are being helpful, but the quantity was overwhelming
@bjb568 what on earth did you do?
@bluefeet I posted an "inappropriate message", a low quality question there after Unihedron said it was ok.
This isn't the LQRQ, don't dump so many LQ's here, please @bjb568
4:15 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I did it before and nobody seriously complained about it.
@bjb568 ... Hey.
I turned off the VLQing so that's not a problem either.
@bjb568 We were willing to ignore you once
@JanDvorak I did it at least 3 or 4 times.
In the other room anyway, I had just arrived and was not familiar with the room's rules.
@bjb568 it was mostly because I had seen the flood here.
4:16 PM
From my point of view, almost everything pointed to it being alright.
and I am not anywhere near willing to have a site's main room "polluted" by not even remotely relevant VLQ requests.
But… cv-pls is fine?
in The 2nd Monitor on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by Pimgd
Secretly it's all a plot to get more traffic and thus more stars
I understand that this tavern is somewhat a replacement for the SO tavern, and thus cv-pls and stuff is accepted here..
but I don't consider it the main purpose of this room.
... but that doesn't mean you can dump search query results here
4:17 PM
it's the chimera that I didn't want the 2nd monitor to become
Aww yeah I'm getting quoted
@InfiniteRecursion ‍
Everybody isn't from SO, everybody isn't interested in LQ's, those posts don't need immediate attention...and you are our friend...so we are linient and don't flag you @bjb568
@JanDvorak Other's have dumped as many as 30 CV requests here…
CV-pls is accepted for CR in the 2nd monitor because, well, it's about CR...
4:19 PM
@bjb568 once
@JanDvorak More than once.
@bjb568 in a row?
@uni what was that?
There's 45 pages of it…
@Frank reply prefix with a null character
4:21 PM
@bjb568 see the interval between the timestamps???
There was a spree on wednesday, here
@Unihedron I just did that..
Those come at regular intervals, they are not shouting, and "please" is a polite word
Nov 7…
@InfiniteRecursion I don't see how that's a valid distinction.
@bjb568 that's about... maximum bursts of 7...
4:22 PM
Ok, maybe "regular intervals", but…
and not a permanent, non-overviewable stream of LQ requests.
for search purposes, we use VTC in 2nd monitor
there's conversation in there
oh look...
My thinking is that it's better to have them all together.
4:23 PM

CV stream

Aug 11 at 23:29, 32 minutes total – 134 messages, 4 users, 3 stars

Bookmarked Aug 12 at 0:29 by bjb568

@Pimgd that's mostly in @CaptainObvious messages though.
hmm yeah true...
I won't say anything, it will seem awfully self-serving and defensive, because you have pointed out my cv-requests as an example @bjb568. I rest my case.
@Unihedron There ya go!
@bjb568 ... Actually, those messages are mostly yours.
4:25 PM
@Unihedron But there was a positive atmosphere, and @hichris was a major participant.
@bjb568 You have your own room for these. There is also another room for them.
That's just on the chat.stackexchange domain
@Andy Yes, but nobody goes to those. I don't often post them here.
@bjb568 I disagree with no one going to the low quality hq.
@Andy I disagree with your disagreement.
Are we still going on about this? Let's make it simple: we're okay with the occasional CV request or Spam notification, but in moderation. Ones you stumble upon. And if it's the whole tag that's a problem ... this room is probably not going to fix it any time soon.
4:29 PM
Ok. That should have been made clear before. And it should probably be added to the room description. But glad that I know now.
it's still september.
It's always September.
It's snowing!
4:30 PM
@Unihedron that looks creepy
4:31 PM
yay smiley train!
doesn't want to talk in the tavern anymore
4:31 PM
@Unihedron Aww, why?
me too...tavern is not talk-worthy anymore
wait, no, spiders don't have lips
 (s) -> s.replace("([;:])\(", groups(1) + ")");
TIL: ASCII art is hard
4:39 PM
... surprise.. especially when you're not using a normalized font.
4:52 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, Phone number detected: fast प्यारा गूगल +91-9950211818 l o v e problem solution baba by rkbangali401 on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@ProgramFOX Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
5:10 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: UPDATE XML DATA USING SQL QUERY ON POSTGRESQL by Yassine on stackoverflow.com
5:23 PM
@hichris123 almost same build from someone else pcpartpicker.com/p/W4Lgqs
^ Spam.

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