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12:08 AM
@Frank they have the art, indeed
Yay! New 15" MBP with 16 gigitrons of RAM!
"Priyank" … Prying and yanking at posts, spamming edits.
Got my Marshal, and am the only SO user to have that badge and be only 101 rep.
1:23 AM
There are over 800 abandoned questions that are not deleted by roomba only because of a "what have you tried" comment. (Which is auto-nuked upon flagging).
@animuson ^ Go nuke some comments
But these are auto-nukkable by ordinary users, no need for animuson to spend time.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Oh, it takes two seconds for animuson. There's a script for it. :D Also, it would take 8 people with the max amount of comment flags to clear through them all, soo....
But we get badges for that! See how proud Frank is of his Marshal?
Gah! SE doesn't use retina graphics!
Even the stars here are blurry!
I always do 3x (or as much as possible) on DevDoodle.
Custom order so this doesn't have Yosemite. Upgrade ALL THE THINGS!
1:33 AM
I project mass migration of users with HDPD devices from SO to DevDoodle.
SE will surely gain that market back in 68... 6 to 8, I mean... years when they upgrade their graphics.
18 rec-tool q's are still active on my flag list.
It's so easy to get helpful flags when you're under 3k.
makes . 3 times autocorrect to …
makes terminal green
@bjb568 Even above, there are auto-nuke comments...
And SEDE queries.
1:44 AM
@Frank Now that you have Marshal on SO... what's the next life goal?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii My goal is to be useful on GL.
I can still flag stuff on SO.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii when you put it that way it sounds so depressing ;/
My current goal is to give sensible titles to SO posts like "Regex problem". If I get to 125 rep in this way, there may be some side effects later on.
Thinking of buying another truck.
1:56 AM
Buy kittens instead. They'll be happy.
'99 dodge ram 1500 club with a 5.9 liter v8 engine
dark blue.
It's in good shape
and it's for only $3500. Like free!
Just busted a rep-farmer. Feels so good to know that their rep will drop even more.
I'm a GL rep farmer.
@Frank you are a plant... you can't farm another plants, that's called cannibalism (?)
2:00 AM
@Frank This guy had a sock ask a question with the exact same body as another post, and then he answered the question with the accepted answer.
The world's dumbest rep farmer: "I've often noticed questions asked anonymously and then answered by registered accounts to earn reputation. I tried it myself and earned 236 reputation from just 4 self-answered questions."
^ was suspended right after posting this.
@Braiam Not 'till I devour them...
@Rafflesiaarnoldii WUT
Uh... wut?
Q: Bootstrap - How i should create this structure using Bootstrap?

GRTZHow i create this structure using Bootstrap3 with div tags ? i have tried this using this code. but not worked here my structure <div class='container'> <div class='row'> <div class='col-xs-4' style='border: 2px solid black'>b</div> <div cla...

Look at the answers.
2:09 AM
Interesting voting too…
Hm… in my flag I said the dup answers were by OP, but seeing as they are different users… Meh, they're probably socks.
Is this spam or just a broken-link NAA?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii: not quite spam yet, but I'd either flag for custom moderator attention (copy-pasted answers) or flag as NAA/VLQ (link-only answer).
@hichris123 Are the Qs spam seeds, to be flagged as well? Look like it to me.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii All except the first -- the first looks legit to me.
2:19 AM
@hichris123 Accepting spam answer is suspicious. Flagged.
@Qantas94Heavy See my starred comment on the right.
2:47 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii "what have you tried" is not an auto-nuke on 1 flag anymore. Hasn't been for a while.
@cVplZ I auto-nuked a bunch of those a couple hours ago.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii ok, so is it only if it just contains the text what have you tried, or the url to whathaveyoutried.com .. b.c that auto-nuked for me, but other ones didn't
Can you post what have you tried and where it is failing. — Subir Kumar Sao May 15 '12 at 5:31
that didn't auto-nuke ^
this will nuke ^
@cVplZ According to Infinite Recursion, WHYT must be at the beginning. My SEDE query is less restrictive than the auto-nuking regex. (Should have removed the % in front).
@cVplZ It did…
What's wrong with WHYT anyway?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii oh i see, thanks
2:52 AM
@bjb568 Not much; it's just that some worthless questions (or non-questions) are saved from 365-day roomba only by a WHYT comment.
@bjb568 it's only helpful if the user shows what they've tried in a timely manner.. so if that comment exists a month or longer, either the OP gave up and doesn't care or they already edited
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Somebody feature-req the roomba to not care about comments.
@cVplZ Then delete the question!
(see you on the other side, restarting into yosemite now)
I would not support such FR. Many useful questions have useful answers hiding in comments. I even have a bookmarklet that uses API to grab them and copy into answer box, with attribution. I edit them a bit, mark the answer CW and get revival badges later... :)
That was fast.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Meh, ok.
Oh wait, that was a partial update, not yosemite.
3:08 AM
^ does my profile pic look super-grayed out there?
@hichris123 no
> Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.
Um... wut?
@TimStone ^
I just got an error when trying to fork a query too
@hichris123 no.
3:22 AM
1 hour ago, by Rafflesia arnoldii
My current goal is to give sensible titles to SO posts like "Regex problem". If I get to 125 rep in this way, there may be some side effects later on.
^ I just gave the final approval on the suggested edit that got you to 125.
You're welcome, @Rafflesiaarnoldii.
@hichris123 Wasn't me! Issue between the web server and the database server, I guess. If it persists please post something on Meta.
@TimStone It seems to have fixed itself, sooo...
> Data updated 9 secs ago
Maybe I just caught it when it was updating something?
It's possible, yeah
yep, i was able to fork! [status-completed]
Indeed, SEDE says "data updated ... sec ago". Which is somewhat misleading because, say, Math data is still week old. The update takes a while, is it possible to say "update in progress" while it is going on?
3:29 AM
Is this wrong?
It says I have socratic on GL.
But I don't.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii usually takes like 3-5 hours to see it after it supposedly updates
Now, yosemite!
@Frank The official query shows 89.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Oh cool.
Getting there..
@AstroCB Great! That's enough sensible titles for SO, "hacking some js" will have to do from now on.
3:39 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii We used to have the dates per-site but that was even more confusing.
And we could probably do that, but...meh. Usually it happens when no one is looking anyway.
SEDE is perfect the way it is
Yes! Let's keep pretending that's true so I never have to do any of the things on my todo list.
All remaining bugs are actually features, like in TeX.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PC SUITE FOR ANDROID MOBILE PHONE by yae lay on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: KOREAN NOODLE EATERS! by David on linguistics.stackexchange.com
4:19 AM
Found an easy question on Biology.
A: Do wolves bury food like dogs?

J. MusserThe habit of burying food in modern dogs is an instinct that came from the grey wolf (Canis lupus) long ago, and originates from a phenomenon called surplus killing, where a carnivore would kill more than it could eat, and often use it at a later time. Many, if not all, carnivores possess beh...

Woohoo, my first rejected edit on Meta.
(same user who tried to spam suggested edit there)
Spam without link, dumb spammer.
Also, pretty girl profile picture
4:33 AM
I don't really get that.
What am I supposed to buy?
They want you to search for "sapibel tv"
Flag it, you can buy stuff later when the Drupal happy hour starts.
Do spammers work on weekends?
On some weekends, the spam attack rises because there are fewer flaggers online.
Why do bjb and braiam have immunity from grammar corrections?
Share the secret with me...plox!
bjb gets corrections on his math instead.
4:43 AM
Braiam does not post that much. (And I recall fixing the grammar of his Meta post or two.)
Wats a plox?
Halp plox
^derived from that
Huh, K
Thanks Rafflesiaarnoldii, that explains it.
The spammer's account exists for more than 2 years!
^read his about me
I raised a mod flag to nuke "sapibel tv" spammer's account
Cool. I was confused by their activity; the three suggested spamedits on SO were rejected back in 2012...
5:13 AM
But otherwise it seems that the spammers took a day off.
There are still auto-nukable comments preventing roomba deletions, after cVpLZ and I whacked a few...
(maybe I should stop doubling k there before someone corrects.)
6:14 AM
6:42 AM
Do comments fall under by cc-by-sa ? AFAIK content licensing, all content contributed by us falls under it. On ELU, I was quoted without linking back to my original content, so I flagged it, and mod declined my flag. So I am confirming here before writing to the team using "contact us" to nuke that comment.
Had it been used in a positive way, I wouldn't be hyper about my content...but this is unacceptable usage of my words.
Yes, same license applies to comments as to posts. "all Subscriber Content that You contribute to the Network is perpetually and irrevocably licensed to Stack Exchange under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license." -- from ToS.
Thanks for confirming :)
I mailed the team.
7:07 AM
Yay, just got my 2nd Great Question badge on Meta.Math; there have been 11 all-time. Now if only SE actually implemented the request...
Yay, congratulations :)
7:19 AM
@Inf can you downvote and flag this stackoverflow.com/questions/3516703/…
anyway I voted to delete that shit question
Downvoted both Q and A, flagged A as VLQ. Looks like a planted question... well, except the user rep.
I did but still need few more...
Why waste delete votes on a question that will be roomba'd in three days?
I downvoted, but won't flag it.
My naa flags gets declined.
@InfiniteRecursion No
for link only
I am damn sure they won't decline
7:25 AM
I already did VLQ there, let's wait if/when it gets declined.
I did 2-3 days back
flag status - helpful
but still answer there /
Ok, but I don't flag link-only's anymore. I tried all combinations. It's not my cup of tea. So not flagging.
@InfiniteRecursion Ah Ok. No issues :)
My downvote made it negative score :D
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I'm not sure if it's auto delete when question has any answers after it has closed...
Ok Inf thanks :)
Again I flagged that VLQ
and writing comment..
7:29 AM
Roomba documentation. I used every clause of roomba deletion over several months.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Gotcha. Thanks I didn't know that :)
My creative use of roomba (downvoting answers with score 1 on closed questions) was once rewarded with 15 minutes of fame :)
7:44 AM
It's a rainy day
8:07 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: KOREAN NOODLE EATERS! by David on linguistics.stackexchange.com
Interesting, how long are they going to keep ja.stackoverflow.com in private beta?
@AstroCB your fixed top bar overlaps and hides the "you've been logged in" message
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: KOREAN NOODLE EATERS! by David on linguistics.stackexchange.com
@nicael my guess is at least one more year
@nicael 6〜8週齢
8:27 AM
My very basic Japanese skill says it should be 週間, but anyway +1 for effort :p
according to Google Translate it should be 6-8週間
@AndrewT. why not just 週?
@ShadowWizard Google is evil.
@Unihedron The world is evil
Poor Kasra, one of his answers is the new spam target meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/32524
Looks like he's going to have dozens of spam suggestions now
@JanDvorak Actually that's a good question. 週 is "week", but for duration in week, we were taught to use "週間" (week + interval)
8:42 AM
No drupal happy hour spam today
Hiya @cVplZ
Yay happy hour! I'm going to enjoy my weekend! :)
@Unihedron ? no happy hour in this tavern
@inf @uni @AndrewT. lots of tool/rec only 1 cv needed :) data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/201658/…
8:56 AM
@cVplZ voted on most, links are faded :(
Oye Hey @Uni
Btw, anyone knows any other "secret" sites? (wasn't announced or make their way throw Area 51)
@nicael like patents?
9:03 AM
@Uni I am also there!
@cVplZ nice, will close them after a few minutes
@InfiniteRecursion /me also started...did 30
Don't forget to downvote bad questions you come upon!
9:06 AM
@cVplZ eh, I know it. I am even a user there :)
@Unihedron Ah sure
@Unihedron only have 1 vote left :(
Oct 20 at 1:08, by hichris123
I'm browsing it on the web -- yay for tricking it into making me an account!
9:08 AM
Anyone else managed to make an account on ja.SO? ^
(I'm assuming hichris123 wasn't trolling...)
@cVplZ Done
the site can be browsed normally on Stack Exchange mobile app though
0 votes remaining
but I didn't manage to make an account there
probably some magic stuff like "Informed" on MSE
9:10 AM
@inf my flag status - helpful which I flagged in morning.
> deleted 26 mins ago
Yay, finally it's gone :)
Rafflesiaarnoldii also did ^ thanks
> deleted by TGMCians, Mike W, Soner Gönül 27 mins ago
@TGMCians cool thanks, don't forgot about the ones with 3 cv's , they need some tough love too
Creating an account on ja.SE, while it's in private beta, should be rewarded with Ninja badge.
Forget tough love @cVplZ, spread the warmth of love....go upvote stuff
9:13 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Anyone can create accounts in private beta, as long as it's not the 1st week
@InfiniteRecursion ok, i'll use my last vote I have left to maybe upvote something if I remember
@Unihedron On normal private betas? ja.SO is locked down better than those, it seems
new question stackoverflow.com/questions/26955420/… , copied from stackoverflow.com/questions/20099545/… but different link in text
Not worth a mod's time. Just yell at the poster and move on. — Will yesterday
^best advice :P
Flag for plagiarism
9:23 AM
and the other users other question is bad too.. suspicious stuff stackoverflow.com/questions/20921980/…
Removed the spamminess of the post @cVplZ, it was fluff
Shocking Revelation: What SE Does Not Want You to Know About LQRQ. (Took me a while to collect the data...)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MPU6050 I2C PIC18F458 by Ahmad on electronics.stackexchange.com
Awesome answer @Rafflesiaarnoldii, I can't stop myself from giving a bounty when I see a well researched answer :)
9:44 AM
@cVplZ shouldn't that be flagged as spam?
@rene IDK? @Jan?
@cVplZ If you ask me, I suggest flagging as other
This question appears to be off-topic because it is a copy paste of other question — Shadow Wizard 36 secs ago
not spam, just a stupid troll who can't even copy properly
^it needs one more cv
@ShadowWizard I admire your faith in mankind.....
9:56 AM
@rene eh, usually it's the other way around, my spam threshold is quite low
I'm on an edit spree after this search: stackoverflow.com/…
@rene wow, interesting, though the others are not copy paste of other questions.... unless they got deleted?
@ShadowWizard could be, maybe a mod should try that with a deleted:1 added...
@TGMCians Is the cat signaling for help?
@rene *humankind
10:08 AM
@rene Not sure. posting random cat gif is my job :D
@ShadowWizard if the beginning of the post says like "0 down vote favorite" or "-1 down vote" or similar it means that it's pretty much an exact copy/past of another question on the SE network, usually though from the same site
@cVplZ Wut? don't tell me that is sexist?
@ShadowWizard use google to search them, it works better, don't need to copy the whole post, just choose a paragraph
@cVplZ I did for random two, neither of them brought back results of older questions with same contents.
@rene next time write "womankind', you'll become the women's favorite :D
@rene yeah, this might work!
@ShadowWizard Well, that would be the first time in my life ;)
10:14 AM
that one is better ^
@Rafflesiaarnoldii this has 9 upvotes but only 6 stars? don't tell me 3 non-taverners upvoted it already... star the message too plz
> That cat REALLY loves soccer
quick, invite this user
to the tavern to turn those upside down
funny last for today
10:20 AM
remove @TGMCians' oneboxing privilege
@InfiniteRecursion Oh No, declined :P
Go to facebook @TGMCians :P
I downvoted answer then in a 6 seconds
> deleted by owner 6 secs ago
10:26 AM
@rene: Instead of editing plagiarized questions, flag them using others and mention "copied from <link>", that leaves an actionable trail for the mods. SO mods are good at handling plagiarism, they nuked copied content, and suspend repeat offenders. I have flagged hundreds of them using Google (as cVplZ suggested), it works, they get suspended and eventually stop copy/pasting.
@InfiniteRecursion yeah, I'll do that.. atm that query just brings up 'unique' crap...
@TGMCians lol, some posters very sensitive
This one has had lots of views so it needs close votes quick. It is basically a question that should show code but does not. Right now it got a bunch of guesses as answers.
(Informed guesses, but still.)
new answer posted by me to this question
10:41 AM
I don't agree with the "have elections and get more mods" part @cVplZ. I have come to a conclusion that there is fundamental difference between what Shog specified in his NAA guidelines, and the guidelines some mods use while judging naa's. I have reached this conclusion based on my MSO participation of past few months. If you see, many of them have documented their guidelines of declining NAA's, and that is the documentation they follow. Let me find one for you...
A: Isn't this answer link-only?

George StockerWhen you flagged it, what action would you have us take? Delete it? No. It conveys useful information (both of those links work and the first one is Gold). Edit it to include the code to solve the issue? There are 16 moderators. Why is the onus on the moderator to edit a post that you can ed...

^read all the 16 links he posted there, if 17 times they documented the same criteria, then they do sincerely believe in it. I, personally, have no opinion now because I am very new to this site and they are far more experienced and trusted members of the community.
It's not as bad as you make it seem.
NAAs are now usually handled by the community.
@InfiniteRecursion that answer on SO was an accepted answer, and had 10 upvotes by March of this year!!! Yes, that one will be treated differently than NAA's that have only 1 upvote and not accepted, or 0 votes and accepted
And in the post you cite from George, the flagger made the mistake of using a custom flag. It should have been declined on principle, no matter how correct. (Principle: don't use custom flags for things that can be handled with the other flags.)
^ true to all 3 of your comments
That's why I mentioned the 16 links in the post. This answer links all the documentation in a single place, so I shared this.
10:50 AM
if you use a search or sede query please sort by newest/creationdate desc
A lot of cases for NAA are not contentious at all "Thank you for the solution." "Can someone help me.", etc. The issue is with answers that are link only. George, for instance, is of the opinion that we should try salvaging link-only answers by editing first (which is how he resolve the case in the linked answer).
I've also heard the argument that cVplZ mentioned that if there are so many upvotes, etc, etc, etc,. Which I utterly reject.
Like George has stated elsewhere though, that we should start Feature Requests asking for changes.
For example, I just randomly came upon like 10 questions on the newest page that are crap. But I'm out of votes and close votes. And even if I had close votes left, it'd take 4 others of me to close the questions.
I found Jon's answer helpful meta.stackoverflow.com/a/276795/2982225
> So unless you are finding really obvious problems of the discount-handbag-spam variety, flagging old posts probably isn't worth the total effort expended. By using up a finite resource (moderator time) you might be actively harming the site as a whole.
Now I only flag according to that^
11:08 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Hmm... if what Jon means is "don't perform SEDE queries to mass-flag old posts", I agree. If what Jon means is "if you run into a flaggable old post, don't flag it because it is old" I disagree.
The quote is ambiguous (given that the issue was someone mass-flagging on the basis of a SEDE query).
And what effect a flag will have on the mods' workload again depends on what type of flag it is.
Custom flag: must be handled by a mod. NAA flag: most likely to be handled by the community.
I should note that, because it was upvoted, the low-quality review queue would not have been able to delete this. A unanimous delete vote would have triggered a system-generated "disputed review" flag that moderators would have had to review and act on. A moderator would still have needed to delete it in the end. — Brad Larson ♦ Nov 3 at 15:50
@Matt - I've formalized this into a feature request: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/243145/…Brad Larson ♦ Nov 6 at 16:49
@InfiniteRecursion The point being what?
LQRQ only soft-deletes, mods need to handle it in the end.
You cannot make a blanket statement like that.
11:16 AM
The LQP queue usually handles posts without needing moderator intervention.
What Brad brought up is the case where a post is upvoted.
In that case, mod intervention is required.
I think there are also other cases.
Most of the time though posts are handled by the community without mod intervention.
And soft-deletion is what normally happens to any post deleted on SO. It is still in the system but hidden.
If you delete your own post: it is soft-deleted. Has nothing to do with moderation, flags, reviews.
11:19 AM
Yes, I understand that part about soft deletion.
Rollback please answer in question: stackoverflow.com/posts/26956150/revisions
@Vogel612'sShadow meh, I left a comment instead....
@rene last vote...
@rene 0 votes remaining
@TGMCians you're done for today. You can go enjoy your life now ;)
12:39 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I don't agree yet with re-opening that
@rene The linked duplicate question is looking for a workaround to a floating-point precision problem. The answer is a suggested workaround. The newer question is asking for specific information about why the results of two mathematically equivalent functions differ, not looking for a blind workaround or an answer such as "well floating-point calculations aren't always accurate, the end".
@JasonC I see, fair point, the re-openers already did their job...so...
@rene So what? You will submit. I cannot sleep unless you completely agree. I would like to continue this conversation, possibly by restating my point 1000 times in different ways until you give in.
@JasonC Ok, I'll wait for your first attempt. I have all day...
@rene If you don't end up agreeing with me then so help me god I will start a new meta post about how unwelcoming the high-rep elitists of the SO community are to new users.
12:47 PM
... Hey.
This will end in ice cream for me....
@JasonC Why don't you post that as an answer?
@rene Exception in thread "http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/276937" jason.brain.InsufficientAttentionSpan
They have pills for that...
12:59 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: NEED DETAILED INFO ABOUT GRID by Humna on gis.stackexchange.com
disputed flags don't count towards a flag ban, right?
the 10K tools for flagging no longer exists
1:15 PM
@rene I wish there was a post on MSE with the actual numbers.
@Frank I assume only declined flags coiunt (as stated by Shog9 on his answer)?
@rene ask on MSE so the next person won't have to.
Haha, 104 rep on GL already today. Unusual for sunday.
1:47 PM
Q: Do disputed flags count towards a flag-ban?

reneA long, long time ago there once was a user who asked about the difference between disputed and declined flags. And it references an answer that explains what a disputed flag is. From that post I quote: Disputed flags are considered neither helpful nor declined Is it correct to assume tha...

Don't tease me again!
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