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3:00 PM
^---> @MichaelMrozek
@radp Skype uses it's own protocol, doesn't it?
@YiJiang yep.
@radp and @MichaelMrozek if I were way more skilled than I am now, I could build into XMPP edit and delete support
3:04 PM
@TheUnhandledException wouldn't that mean changing the protocol?
that's what's so great about XMPP -- Extensible Messenging and Presence protocol
@TheUnhandledException If I were a monkey, I could have a banana right now.
@radp it can be extended :-D
oh. right. :)
But, it means the clients would have to be rewritten also
3:04 PM
but would a client support this ext---
yeah. I was afraid so.
It's all XML, so it's not like some crazy, reverse-engineering task, but
A: "Hello world" as a Gmail plugin?

SLaksYou cannot create Gmail plugins. (Unless you work for Google)

@YiJiang, hi
@rchern '''orning
3:19 PM
Hey @rchern
@rchern What do I do now? I'm all out of github-fu - how do I update my fork to point to your last commit?
Argh, I need to rework the problem report form from our system's admin...
@YiJiang (;
We have a "Report problem" link in the admin of our software which generates a dump of the environment and sends it to the development team... but no matter how I word it, or how I tell people about it, people keep using it for basic support requests...
Like, "How can I change my email address?"
@Benjol merge?
3:21 PM
Anyway, why is Google giving me elvish (or something)
@TheUnhandledException "If you use this form for something that is not an advanced development issue, your account will be permanently closed and your credit card charged a non-refundable fee of $500."
@rchern, on github, or locally? Really opaque for me at the moment
@PopularDemand You are a genius!!!
Heck, just do the credit card thing and tell the devs that it's fake.
3:22 PM
@MichaelMrozek pffft q:
Oh this is brilliant...
WebApps.SE to the rescue!
(as soon as I find the question I'm looking for...)
Q: Google: what language is chr, and why is my homepage set there?

Paul BiggarFor reasons I can't fathom, my Google searches keep ending up at http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=chr. What language is 'chr' (I don't why I can't find this by searching Google, but I can't)? More importantly, how do I stop it? (Note: going to 'settings' and setting my language to 'English' was no...

3:28 PM
@rchern comment posted as answer
A: Google: what language is chr, and why is my homepage set there?

Frank AbelYes Tim! The Chrome thing was the problem. I guess the problem was using Xmarks with all browsers together at first, then switching to FireFox Sync. The FireFox Sync add-on saves and misinterprets the Google Chrome settings leading to this funny problem. Another question: did you all use Window...

go go lecture!
why dont proposals have shorter urls... grrr
"What language is chr"? @rchern, you have your own language?
@JoePhilllips goo.gl
@rchern Amazingly, I think I saw that question before. I just didn't associate that with the problem I'm having now
I remember clicking on the link that is in the question and seeing the characters. I knew they looked familiar when you posted your screenshot
3:31 PM
@rchern, help to the rescue :
git remote add upstream git://github.com/rchern/StackExchangeScripts.git
git pull upstream master
awesome image:
does it bother anyone else when url shorteners use lowercase L or capital i in the urls? It makes it impossible to copy it via eyeballs
Hmmm... none of the answers seem to fit
I don't know why Google thinks I'm in Native American territory
Nor am I using XMarks
@YiJiang One answer/comment does mention a Firefox bug.
3:33 PM
@rchern Yeah, I wish there were better ways to handle these situations.
Perhaps a regexp to catch those messages and show a warning in a similar vein to the "likely to be closed" warning?
...except there's no answer title and I'm not sure they can be caught via regexps at all.
@radp The bug is the one about Firefox Sync
In this case, user has only visited 1 day and hasn't been back since.
Who wants to build a castle?
Q: Allow specifying sites for the new tag formatting (at least, to some degree)

Grace NoteThe new ability to apply special formatting to tags in questions and answers is great! But I'd like to make a feature-request and hopefully not get shot for this horrendous abuse. Can we allow some level of site specification for this? I can see that being able to specify any SE site would be pr...

So the comment won't do much.
Which isn't the problem I have right now - I just checked language, and all is fine
3:38 PM
@YiJiang I suspect that Google has started to form a partnership with StackOverflow, the deal breaker being that Google has to enforce "Singapore: UNSUPPORTED "
Okay, I changed search settings. Hope this will be permanent
@TimStone Hmmm... you're right, that's probably also why they're selling Android phones here eight months after their US release
back later... off to the park with MiniMe :)
Of course.
Heh, it was funny, the Europeans who came over for the conference I was at all made a side trip to the Apple store so they could buy iPads for the same reason (well, that, and the fact that the Euro is crushing the US dollar right now, so the price ends up working out better for them).
Oh dear:
Q: Allow specifying sites for the new tag formatting (at least, to some degree)

Grace NoteThe new ability to apply special formatting to tags in questions and answers is great! But I'd like to make a feature-request and hopefully not get shot for this horrendous abuse. Can we allow some level of site specification for this? I can see that being able to specify any SE site would be pr...

@PopularDemand Stop giving them ideas!
@YiJiang whistles innocently
3:46 PM
Reminds me of the SO question where someone wanted to show that they could make an entire keyboard layout using the key tags..
@TimStone I think that was the same question where the castle was posted. There were two keyboards, one with proper spacing, one without.
which keyboard layout? (;
The normal one ;)
This is hard without monospaced font.
A: Formatting Sandbox

Popular DemandSome Grace Note-inspired abuse:     i like     this and     my first thought was meta-parent linking as you said furthermore i think that it might be good to enable some other very related sites perhaps using the same algorithm used by the close menu ...

Will delete that in a minute or two.
Hahah :P
3:59 PM
@rchern Are you aware that Stack Flair is broken?
In other news, I just passed a CAPTCHA in which the second word was upside-down. Thanks, fliptext.com!
@TimStone Ummm, I was not.
Did you change something, or did it really just decide to start working? :P
4:03 PM
Haha. I did not change anything.
Damn you SO API, damn you!
@TimStone She used her lopsided frown on the server!
But yeah, the JSON parser was complaining about a "<" showing up, so I imagine the API wasn't returning JSON, or something? Iunno, works for me now as well.
@balpha Done.
4:07 PM
Oh hey, the flag icon lights up red after you've flagged someone.
Is that blue thingamabobber by design once a message has been flagged?
Ah, nifty. :)
@PopularDemand SyntaxError: "thingamabobber" could not be parsed
4:12 PM
@balpha Hey, mind clearing the flags? That blue thingadingdong is really distracting
@PopularDemand refresh the page and you'll see a flag counter in case anybody else has flagged it.
btw did I get kicked out of here while I was offline for a minute? :)
when I reconnected I saw messages loading, then a redirect to the room list.
@radp Interesting. Too late for this one though, as it's been deleted.
4:15 PM
to be fair the same happened in Bridge, so it probably wasn't a kick.
@radp @balpha: globalKick(radp)
wow, there's an object named after me?
@radp Everything's becoming more Michael Mrozek-y.
19 hours ago, by Michael Mrozek
I see you all as objects
Thank goodness I'm far from Indiana, and, therefore, potential real-life encounters with him.
@radp are you sure it was just a minute? auto-kick needs 10 minutes offline
4:20 PM
@balpha "a minute" was figuratively speaking. I don't see why auto-kick is required at all however.
Chat is so good at catching up...
The kick also did not avoid the catching up from happening.
@radp because if you're not in the room, why should you make everyone else believe you're there?
@PopularDemand That formatting sandbox onebox broke XMPP again...
@TheUnhandledException You're welcome.
Buy me some German food sometime, and we'll call it even.
4:22 PM
Will do, next time I'm in your area (where I never have been, but...)
@balpha Couldn't I just be shown to rejoin the channel then after this long break then?
@balpha What is this auto-timeout you speak of?
Or maybe have the chat stop trying after 10 minutes of unsuccessful updates.
@TheUnhandledException If you leave the chat, your avatar drops off of the list of people in the room after ten minutes.
I think it is like a ping timeout on irc. If you don't ping home after 10 minutes, the server considers you gone. At least, that's how I've interpreted it.
4:23 PM
Oh. yeah, ok, I knew that
That's why I try to stay in chat all the time even if I'm AFK, and update my "about me status"
@rchern That's fine, I'm just commenting what happens when you do come back
which I forget to do sometimes because I now have 5 of them
@radp, what do you mean?
1. Lose connectivity for 10 minutes, do not touch the browser.
2. Return online
What happens is, chat loads everything that happened in the last 10 minutes, then kicks you out to the room list.
Well I'll be... it was &nbsp; that was breaking XMPP
4:26 PM
@radp funnily enough, if you stay offline longer, it might work as you expect :)
@radp Hmm. That I have not seen.
I think that the kicking you out may be unrelated, as I've had it happen before (but not most of the time)
Actually one time I was kicked out of every channel, and I was online the entire time (I guess, I wasn't at my computer). :P
@TimStone That was just diago having a power trip :P
(not really, just kidding)
Hahah :P
OK @PopularDemand, now try to break it! :-)
You'll still be able to, but I made it more robust by stripping &nbsp; s from the XML stream
4:30 PM
Huh, this question is tagged [support] [tags] [tags].
Must be a side effect of synonimization.
only 2 tags?
you saying that reminded me that I saw one this morning that had [tags] x 3. I just realized I clicked away from it forgetting about it though.
Nice try though Mr. Fosco!
4:32 PM
Nope :-)
Hahahah, WTF is that user icon?
Oct 1 at 14:51, by Diago
18 messages moved to Chat feedback
@TimStone Adium, an IM client for OS X:
4:33 PM
That...disturbs me.
Oct 31 at 15:29, by radp
in XMPP, 5 mins ago, by rchern
var M = {
        MessagePosted: 1,
        MessageEdited: 2,
        UserEntered: 3,
        UserLeft: 4,
        RoomNameChanged: 5,
        MessageStarred: 6,
        DebugMessage: 7,
        UserMentioned: 8,
        MessageFlagged: 9,
        MessageDeleted: 10,
        FileAdded: 11,
        ModeratorFlag: 12,
        UserSettingsChanged: 13,
        GlobalNotification: 14,
        AccessLevelChanged: 15,
        UserNotification: 16,
        Invitation: 17,
        MessageReply: 18,
        MessageMovedOut: 19,
@TimStone When you get an IM, the duck flaps it's wings
@PopularDemand Loses most of the formatting in Adium, but no crash!
nice work Josh!
@TheUnhandledException ");DROP TABLE(REPOSITORY);--
4:34 PM
@Fosco Thanks! :-)
@PopularDemand ...where'd my sockpuppet go?
@Fosco Nope. Shows in XMPP exactly as it does here :-)
how'd that one render, josh?
in Sandbox, Oct 23 at 0:09, by Yi Jiang
in Sandbox on Stack Overflow Chat, 18 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
6 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
8 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
7 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
8 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
6 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
8 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
7 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
6 secs ago, by Yi Jiang
Hello world
Quote pyramid!
4:36 PM
Anyone tried U+200? I don't know how to type it, but it always wreaks havoc with comments.
The pyramid effect is lost, but the stream connection remains!
1 hour ago, by Yi Jiang
@PopularDemand he's working with XML
so you should try
4:37 PM
<transaction><action>delete</action><target><everything/></target><policies><prejudice level="extreme"></policies></transaction>
@TheUnhandledException XMPP: Supported!
@radp Nice try but it renders exactly like that
@PopularDemand Haha, awesome, thanks :-)
What will probably break it is other HTML entities:
A: Using Ruby, how can I confirm that an XML snippit is valid?

Joe HildebrandThe actual error in this case is your &nbsp;. According to XEP-0071, section 8, point 5: Section 11.1 of XMPP Core stipulates that character entities other than the five general entities defined in Section 4.6 of the XML specification (i.e., &lt;, &gt;, &amp;, &apos;, and...

Well, if I can't break you, I can still punish you.
4:39 PM
waits for an &rarr;
*I pity the foo
@PopularDemand I think you meant: foo
I meant: foo
well? what happened to gist oneboxing?
@PopularDemand +1 for effort
4:41 PM
@PopularDemand HAHAHA
Oct 17 at 21:03, by radp
gist: 631092, 2010-10-17 18:11:14Z
Oct 1 at 16:42, by Tim Robinson
gist: 606459, 2010-10-01 16:42:26Z
20 GOTO 10
Woo, starred-list hat trick!
@JoshsSocks ha! I broke it :P
4:43 PM
OK, lunchtime, bbl!
@JoshsSocks c'mon, it's cold outside, get on my feet!
@TheUnhandledException ...okay...
1F000	🀀	🀁	🀂	🀃	🀄	🀅	🀆	🀇	🀈	🀉	🀊	🀋	🀌	🀍	🀎	🀏
1F010	🀐	🀑	🀒	🀓	🀔	🀕	🀖	🀗	🀘	🀙	🀚	🀛	🀜	🀝	🀞	🀟
1F020	🀠	🀡	🀢	🀣	🀤	🀥	🀦	🀧	🀨	🀩	🀪	🀫
1F030	🀰	🀱	🀲	🀳	🀴	🀵	🀶	🀷	🀸	🀹	🀺	🀻	🀼	🀽	🀾	🀿
1F040	🁀	🁁	🁂	🁃	🁄	🁅	🁆	🁇	🁈	🁉	🁊	🁋	🁌	🁍	🁎	🁏
1F050	🁐	🁑	🁒	🁓	🁔	🁕	🁖	🁗	🁘	🁙	🁚	🁛	🁜	🁝	🁞	🁟
1F060	🁠	🁡	🁢	🁣	🁤	🁥	🁦	🁧	🁨	🁩	🁪	🁫	🁬	🁭	🁮	🁯
1F070	🁰	🁱	🁲	🁳	🁴	🁵	🁶	🁷	🁸	🁹	🁺	🁻	🁼	🁽	🁾	🁿
1F080	🂀	🂁	🂂	🂃	🂄	🂅	🂆	🂇	🂈	🂉	🂊	🂋	🂌	🂍	🂎	🂏
1F090	🂐	🂑	🂒	🂓
4:45 PM
Lame, wikibooks doesn't onebox. Now I've lost the race to shove 80 obscure Unicode characters at a time down XMPP's throat to radp.
Cool. Are these dominoes?
@YiJiang I think there's proper unicode support for dominoes
if all else fails, there's APL.
@JoshsSocks Hahah
Looks like the SO diff engine actually has a sense of humor
Heh :P
5:00 PM
I'm not sure if I get the humor
I get it, it's just not funny.
The resulting text is The question is removed. Goodbye.
Well yeah, but isn't that what diff is suppose to do? Oh...
Well, I had to chuckle when I saw the diff.
then again, I'm known to be weird ;)
Then again, it could all just be a hoax since you linked to a screenshot, not the actual revision. (;
</conspiracy theory>
5:08 PM
@rchern Photoshop is a lie!
Damn. Now I have to find another reason to call shenanigans.
@rchern He's a dev, he probably edited it in the database before linking to it
@rchern That the user serg is really one of @balpha's sock puppets, and did all these just to annoy @MichaelMrozek?
@YiJiang +1, this seems most likely
5:12 PM
So...I'm on a conference call. Listening to someone type. There was 30 seconds of speaking at the beginning of the call and the last 10 minutes have just been the guy typing. Typing loudly.
@TimStone About as likely as @AidenBell assassinating JFK, that's for sure
@rchern You have too many conference calls
It has all the necessary elements to be fact...the unnecessary complexity, the red text....the annoying @MichaelMrozek
@YiJiang Ah yes, I've heard that he was the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. Glad he's finally come clean on that one.
Well, we're supposed to be having a discussion. And the discussion is needed. I'm just not sure what we're doing now, ha.
@rchern Talk to him through IM, since he likes typing so much
5:14 PM
It appears to me you're typing as well, @rchern...
@balpha She's muted her mic, though, so it's okay.
@balpha Clickerty clack! Clickerty clack!
I once had somebody on the phone accuse me of just pressing random keys on the keyboard as fast as I could to make it sound like I type fast
@MichaelMrozek But really you were pressing random keys as fast as possible just to annoy them, right?
5:16 PM
@MichaelMrozek To be fair, that sounds like exactly the sort of thing you'd do if you couldn't type quickly.
@MichaelMrozek Whatonh hd ? What fdhwuef were ofhw you saaying? I;m -jfjie don't ie do that ? fjiefjdwdcd no, I kd deny it DQF SDF
@DavidFullerton You can haz wrath of Jeff!
@TimStone Through years of practice I've honed many ways to be far more annoying than that
@PopularDemand Jeff told me "fine, I don't have strong feelings about it"
@balpha Yes, but I'm just a minor participant in the call. Not the person who's supposed to be leading it. And I also don't hammer each key when I type.
5:18 PM
@MichaelMrozek This is true, I'm ashamed of myself for implying you'd pick such an unrefined technique.
I actually enjoy the sound the keyboard makes as I do "asdfasdfadfafasfdafasdfafasfasdfassdf... "
@rchern I assume you have added keyboard shortcuts to skype, so you don't actually have to talk
@DavidFullerton That was just to buy him time to fish out the giant [tag]
@balpha /activate rchernBot
@rchern Just pipe the audio out into Skype and we'll start pinging you repeatedly, maybe that'll get their attention.
5:20 PM
@DavidFullerton +1! I agree with you. Tag sets are really for the sites you don't live in, but you might like to visit there once in a while. << This describes cooking for me, but I don't have tags on cooking I'd want to limit things to.
it isn't a Skype call.
@balpha hahahahaha
Oh, why did everyone keep implying that? :P
@rchern Well then, even easier. Just dial your computer's speaker volume up to 11 and turn on chat's notification sound
@rchern Say "STAR" out loud every time someone says something you agree with
@TimStone people like to imply things about me. thinks of beta chat passwords |:
@rchern Right, right, but that was fact. ;)
I do sympathize about the conference call though, half the time when I'm talking to my boss, someone will call him on his cell phone and he'll start talking to them instead, heh.
5:25 PM
Oh look, I have 1351 reps. Time to down vote Jeff's posts again so that my reps remains a multiple of 5
Oh look, @YiJiang has a rep that's a multiple of 5. Time to downvote.
@rchern OY!!
Oh, chat, one day when there are no witnesses I'll make you wish you'd never rejected a single one of my edits
@MichaelMrozek You don't scare me
5:28 PM
): Feeds' gravatar didn't show.
fixed already
still had the old sstatic address
@Feeds the chat fights back!
I need to dig out my old IBM 8086 clickety clackety keyboard.
"QuietKey" keyboards are a waste unless they're completely silent, which they never are.
@Feeds We need a dedicated feeds user for messages like that
user image
5:34 PM
This call has turned into the following:
Them: We get an error using your code.
Me: You're not using it like I showed you in the code samples (that are really actual implementations they can just use instead of partial samples *grumble*)
Them: Ok, let me **clack clackity clack** away for 5 minutes. It still doesn't work.
Me: Are you doing <x>?
Them: No.
Me: The readme says to do <x>.
<rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat>
maybe write him a greasemonkey script that does <x> for him...
prepares the death ray robots
@balpha Or a userscript that replaces the user.
user image
@balpha The code they're trying to integrate is already doing A-Y for them and they just have to do Z pretty much.
5:37 PM
Install User Replacement modifications?
This extension can access:
     Your soul
When people complain about some part of their jobs and I offer to write a script to do it for them, I intend it to be friendly but it tends to come off as "you're easily replaceable you know"
@TimStone Resource not found.
@rchern hmm... with that instruction, I'd be confused, too :)
The code they're integrating? People internally call it "the Rebecca file"
Here, improved.
5:39 PM
@rchern Who in the world is that? :)
@PopularDemand Damn unreliable dependencies
@MichaelMrozek You could write a script that tells people that a script could do their jobs. Then you could ignore the dirty looks.
@MichaelMrozek some weirdo.
@rchern Did you remember to tell them they have to type the command in backwards?
catch (DirtyLookException e) {
    // drop it like it's hot
5:40 PM
@TimStone oy.
catch(BackwardsSmileyException e) {
    // do nothing, they'll deal with it
@rchern, customer or fellow dev?
catch(PasswordLeakedException e){
  raise new WhyDidWeTrustRchernWhyOhGodWhyException();
@rchern .yo
@PopularDemand dev at 3rd party vendor
5:43 PM
@radp Proper capitalisation is important - ..RChernWhy...
@rchern Just get them to install a backdoor so you can fix the issue yourself. ;)
@YiJiang raise new ExceptionTooLateException()
@TimStone They wouldn't be able to install the backdoor correctly.
It'd be hanging off of the ceiling, or something.
"There's an error in your code, we keep walking into the wall when we try to leave."
you don't understand. that's basically what I did. They need to include a couple javascript files, call a constructor, and call myObj.go() and they're done.
Ah, there's your problem, there's three steps involved.
5:45 PM
@rchern No disrespect, but... have you tried just saying that sentence?
@PopularDemand they'll reply ReferenceError: myObj is not defined
"Well, I could come onsite to fix it for you. $150/hr plus expenses."
I don't have high hopes. We've already dealt with having no clue what session was in terms of the web, and finding out they spent half a day figuring out how to get an <a> to open in a new window.
@rchern This isn't... that company, right?
@rchern hey at least they know what a session or an <a> tag is to begin with!
5:48 PM
@radp they knew session existed, they had no idea how to use it.
@TimStone ?
To go back to square one, try calling it the "anchor tag."
Different company than the one responsible for the rolling, timed sessions?
@rchern <a target="_new"> ? I can't remember the last time I used that
But hey, you're getting paid for it, right :)
@rchern Haven't yet reached three rollbacks, so it doesn't qualify. Yet.
> We're preparing your download now. In the meantime, please watch this thing spin around and around:
Yah man! That's so hypnotising
5:52 PM
I like how the ajax spinner was replaced by the other spinner.
Gives you a sense of progress.
You should make a spinner that cycles between four different spin styles :D
@YiJiang Is it just me, or does it appear to be shifting position as it spins?
@YiJiang I see four rollbacks.
@TimStone It does, yes. Hmm... it's stopped now
@PopularDemand My mistake, so it does now, eh... well, it's pretty mild compared to those Wikipedia ones
@PopularDemand Added rollback and mod flag.
@radp Aw, you collided with me.
5:55 PM
Is it CW yet?
Occasionally, even experienced lose their heads and devote every waking moment to over the most trivial thing. This page documents our lamest examples. It isn't comprehensive or authoritative, but it serves as a showcase of situations where people lose sight of the big picture and obsessively expend huge amounts of energy fighting over something that, in the end, isn't really so important. Back in the good old days, people would just get out their swords and guns and fight a duel; nowadays physical combat has been replaced by careful inciting of , strategic templating and , timely ...
@PopularDemand your turn now
> List of numbers that are always odd
The scene is all yours.
Am I confused about the definition of "odd number"?
Wow, I had no idea there was a whole Wikipedia subculture.
5:58 PM
Oh, it's descriptions of numbers that are always odd, like "The tenths digit of an FM radio station"
I was picturing a giant bulleted list with "1", "3", "5", etc.
> Edit war over what pictures (if any) to include of an invisible parody deity, and how to caption them. [66][67][68][69][70] It is later decided to use an image of a pink unicorn silhouette with a gradient fading to invisible. Also included is an image of a pink unicorn with its alpha channel altered to form an invisible image of a pink unicorn.
> Should the font size for this userbox be 10pt or 14pt? 3rr violations, page protection, and vitriol spilling onto multiple talk pages ensue. Nobody is surprised. And then end result of the fight? - to make the text 12pt.

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