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12:06 AM
Q: Area 51 Commit Percent

CasebashHow is the commit percent decided for Area 51? I know it is based on rep, but how exactly does it work?

12:16 AM
OK well since this is The Tavern, and today was a rough day, I for one am doing some shots! Anyone else want one? :-)
Time to kickoff this weekend the right way!!!
Hahah, depends on your poison of choice :P
I'm doing Lunazul Tequilia and a giant Killain's Irish Red, but drinks are on me, your choice!
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, I'm not a huge tequila fan, more of a whiskey and vodka man myself. ;)
12:32 AM
Thanks rchern!
Hi all, do I get shot for asking js questions during happy hour? :)
I'll toss out a "yes"
Yeah, I definitely read that as "...do I get a shot..."
Oh, I read it correctly. I still said yes. (;
I figured as much. ;)
12:37 AM
OK, in which order? :)
@Benjol It would be a little uncivil of us to shoot you under the assumption you'd ask a JS question, so I imagine question -> shot -> shot
We're civil?
@rchern I think it's a requirement for Happy Hour
The only requirement for Happy Hour is drinking, isn't it? :)
@Benjol I'm not sure that disagreeing with me is helping your cause here ;)
12:42 AM
tests new functionality on my own without asking question, et nya ;)
it doesn't work
I'm nice.
I'm promise.
If you do have a question though, feel free (though there's always the JavaScript channel on chat.SO, where I'd be equally inclined to answer :P)
hang on
double checks before question -> look stupid -> shot -> shot
12:47 AM
Sorry all, stepped AFK. Sure @Tim and @Benjol, name your poisons, drinks all around!
@TimStone Haha, I did too. But I have an excuse :-)
@Benjol You haven't even gotten to step one, but you're already adding additional steps? Well, at least you know you won't get shot for six to eight weeks.
it's a bit /script-specific. I wanted to show the command list in alphabetical order, is there a better way than this? for (var c in commands) cmds[i++] = c; cmds.sort
What... what just happened to me?
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, I'm not so lucky, heheh. ;)
A: Do you think this question warrants a close?

every_answer_gets_a_pointYes. These types of questions should be closed IMMEDIATELY. they should be reported to jon skeet and martelli

12:51 AM
@Benjol I don't think so, with the exception of using cmds.push(c) instead of bothering with i++
@TimStone, fine by me, one less variable ;)
(this is also the beginnings of /help, by the way)
I swear, SO is doing most of this guy's homework
or /man or /? if you prefer
@MarkE Yeah... oh well, what can you do?
@PopularDemand nada, help the guy out like everyone else
1:01 AM
I just would like to announce that I am not completely idle.
@JoePhilllips Me too (waves hand) I'm here! Heeerrreeee...!!
1:48 AM
I'm installing phpBB mods
tries to muster up enthusiasm
2:15 AM
@Benjol Awesome, gotta check that out :-)
@TheUnhandledException, it's actually quite nice :) don't know if you can get it where you are. I bought it in (showing off) Nairobi :)
2:27 AM
@rchern It's been so long since I've heard anyone doing anything with phpBB, heh...really takes me back.
I meant that more as a "I haven't worked with it in a long time", since that probably could have been taken another way. :P
2:40 AM
Hmm...I really need to get better about doing time recording, heh.
Definitely finished everything, just forgot to mention it to the system. :P
@TimStone How did you get four month late on some of those? :P
I don't have to go to the system to know what I have to do, so I usually forgot that there's tickets assigned to things, heh.
@TimStone, in my old job, we had to account for the whole day, in 15 minute chunks :)
good job that was before stackoverflow existed :)
@Benjol Oh, wow. Ideally I should keep a very accurate record of my time since time-to-completion is very important for us as far as future planning goes, but I get tied up in the code and forget to switch tabs at the end of the day, heh. ;)
It doesn't help that my "day" isn't really regular either, I suppose.
@TimStone I'm sure you could take something for that...
2:51 AM
@rchern Hahah :P
shakes head
3:13 AM
Hmm, the code I need to rewrite is 400 lines long...good stuff.
3:23 AM
@Jin About the new logo...
Otherwise, it's pretty nice
3:51 AM
A: Allow specifying sites for the new tag formatting (at least, to some degree)

KennyTM              discussion        discussion        discussion              interview-questions subjective possible-hom...

Such shamelessness. :P
4:10 AM
> <!-- Don't ban me :) -->
Do those work in tag wikis? Somebody needs to add it to the feature-request wiki
heh, your message in chat.se asking if I was around just appeared in my inbox when I refreshed. I'd refreshed the sites a few times since you said it though and it only appeared now.
Nice. I've been refreshing stackoverflow.com/inbox periodically
He wrapped the whole thing in a kbd element! +100 for irony!
I linked to that hours ago. Old news (;
I would have given him imaginary extra upvotes if he had put [status-bydesign] before the part at the end.
4:18 AM
@rchern If it's worth linking once, it's worth linking again
I should build a bot to repeatedly post this every few hours till it gets the upvotes it deserves :P
...So, who wants to fix this code for me? ;)
@MichaelMrozek does.
@TimStone Well, let's see what it looks like before deciding shall we?
4:23 AM
I'd show you, but I'm almost ashamed. :P
@TimStone What, your epic 20 functions jQuery chain?
@rchern As if I'm competent enough to fix mistakes instead of causing more
@YiJiang Nah, this is Java stuff.
Clearly I have no shame when it comes to jQuery bastardization.
somebody needs to write a $.growMoneyOnTrees() plugin
@rchern I keep that as a side project in a private repository.
So far I've only been able to produce Monopoly money though, so it's pretty useless...unless you're a board game kind of person.
4:27 AM
@rchern Nah, $.cureCancer has been keeping me busy
Incidentally, creating something called the "magic variable syntax" led to very unmaintainable code. Who would have guessed?
4:59 AM
It's like a song or something...
6 hours later…
10:49 AM
is it me or the game is completely broken here
@radp Works okay for me, but it doesn't completely capture keyboard events, causing the page to scroll as I use the directional keys
I also can't figure out which keys are for the (two?) GB buttons
@YiJiang oh, because it's a glitchfest on Chrome dev :)
@radp I managed to play a one player game - the blocks were moving as expected
Didn't bother to try to win a point by filling in a line
@YiJiang oh, the blocks move okay, it's just the display that is completely fscked up.
I think Level 0 is a little too easy
10:58 AM
although still screenshots do not really give the idea.
11:15 AM
Oh wow cool!
Q: Help us choose a sort order for the Stack Overflow homepage

wafflesA overwhelming amount of feedback for Help us redesign the Stack Overflow homepage was: "Keep the way the front page looks, just tweak the question order" Interesting algorithms were suggested by Kip and radp, but there was no real playground to experiment. Enter Home Page MiniCollider™ Questi...

There's now an experimental hompage that reorders the questions with the new algorithm: stackoverflow.com/new-home
11:33 AM
oh, so that link is public now? :)
11:46 AM
I put an Amazon Wishlist onto my SO profile a while ago. Today I got the first book from it from a SO user. How neat is that! It was a really great saturday surprise. Thanks @Einar Petersen.
12:16 PM
@waffles I find it funny that after the short interchange we had, GMail decided we are "friends"
12:30 PM
jsfiddle.net/yijiang/kM7QY/2/embedded/result%2Chtml%2Ccss There we go, Mr Atwood, what do you have to say now?
I had a free afternoon, so I decided to convert the tables used for the posts + comments interface into valid and semantic HTML + CSS
1 hour later…
1:37 PM
@YiJiang where's the community wiki box? Why doesn't "700 up flag" stay on the same line?? Why is add comment on its own line??? Where is the edit button for comments????
@radp Why does the number of question marks you use increase exponentially???????????????????
Okay.... how did this question get three [oop] tags?
2:29 PM
@rchern ''morning
2:49 PM
3:08 PM
@YiJiang 1. it increased linearly 2. to underline the fact I wasn't completely serious
@YiJiang synonyms I believe
@radp Ah. That explains it
I couldn't get the CSS to play nicely with IE7 in a satisfactory manner. Actually, that could be a plus rather than a minus
@YiJiang see, the CSS change is a problem however. There are now a dozen sites with their own CSS now.
@radp Yeah, they really should have cleaned up the HTML before they got Jin to work on it
feels pity for Jin
I understand branches + decent versioning wouldn't make it too difficult to test the changes on just one site and have the HTML++; version roll out gradually as Jin adapts the styling again
but having some sites lagging behind is so SE 1.0
3:32 PM
Q: 2 biggest stackoverflow problems

Col. Shrapnelat least under PHP tag People have no idea what is their answer for. Really. "It was asked" is the only explanation. People never used to use a feature/technology/code they recommend to others. That's a real problem. "use this, use that" - everyone just repeats after everyone. But none of them...

This question amuses me for so many different reasons.
I really feel like posting a snarky comment on Jeff's answer about the sort of HTML that you see in questions everyday and the sort of HTML used by SO
Hahah ;)
2 hours later…
5:49 PM
@TimStone What's wrong?
@YiJiang, want to help me go mercilessly assault the people responsible for the new version of Windows Live Messenger for committing the worst design fails in the history of IM clients?
@PopularDemand Disappointed that developers can't just leave well enough alone. :P
@TimStone Error #1: you're using Windows Live Messenger.
@TimStone Hmmm? I use Pidgin, but what's the problem?
Can't be that bad, right?
5:52 PM
"If this isn't a case of the pot calling the kettle black, I don't know what is. – Aarobot"
"@Aar This is the case of the entire wholesale kitchen supply store calling a teaspoon black. – Rosinante"
@PopularDemand As far as individual IM clients go, I've actually always been partial to it...just...not recently, heh.
@TimStone Does MSN allow for custom smiles?
@YiJiang It does, unless they've gone and removed that feature. I'm just disappointed that they felt the need to change them, since there wasn't anything wrong.
Also, more importantly, does it recognize ): ?
Personally I feel like they should have worked on the functional parts that aren't so great, instead of completely ruining the design.
5:54 PM
@TimStone This just reminds me of a story I heard on the radio on the way to work. "Track and field athletes at Wakefield High School have been forced to stop wearing team shirts after the superintendent asked what 'WTF' stood for."
The previous version changed the whole UI...it was like they found some interns and gave them Photoshop and asked them to assault my eyes.
@YiJiang Voting to close as Blatant pandering to someone who isn't even here.
@PopularDemand Yeah, I liked that too. I linked to that whole question earlier because the entire scenario amuses me. :P
@PopularDemand Hahah
@PopularDemand It's important! I mean, if MSN supports lopsided smiles, then it would be a huge win for the coalition for bi-directional smiley support!
CSS4 will have a bidi-smile property!
Q: Are strongly on-topic questions about predicting the future allowed?

Popular DemandAre questions allowed on SO/SF/SU if they're strongly programming/sysadmin/computer-related but ask about the future? For example, every few days, someone asks a question on Stack Overflow about closures in Java 7; the most recent one I've seen, and the inspiration for this post, is here. I hav...

5:58 PM
Hmm, that's a good question.
@PopularDemand Seconded. @YiJiang's country isn't even supported yet, he surely can't be trusted to predict feature support of future CSS revisions.
@TimStone Oy!
@YiJiang You know your name and avatar appear right next to every post you make, right? You can't make us think rchern came in.
Plus, we all know that @rchern likes to ping me twice in the same message, I'm not fooled!
Q: Avoid new Random for each instance

user455497Trying to get this code off the ground: Random random = new Random(); public Particle(int mouseInputX, int mouseInputY, int[] RGBBounds){ this(mouseInputX, mouseInputY, 6, 12+ random.nextInt(10),RGBBounds); But netbeans espouses that I can't reference random before the superclass c...

Bah, someone edited the title.
@TimStone @TimStone this is true.
6:05 PM
Heheh ;)
Originally it read "Java construct this schenanigans"
@TimStone Wow, based on Gravatar color, I thought you asked that, and I was surprised.
@PopularDemand Yeah, I'd be pretty ashamed if my first question looked like that too. :P
I'd also probably have to fire myself, so thankfully it wasn't me.
@TimStone Heh. I feel like all my questions are really elementary compared to other questions I see.
+1 @FileFormat.info for [character info]/browsertest.htm
(Wow, did I get that wrong.)
6:10 PM
:( Why don't people like bi-directional smileys? ):
@PopularDemand I don't get that impression, though I suppose I've only seen a few of your question.
@TimStone I suspect that it's partially that I am already somewhat familiar with whatever it is I'm asking about, but random other questions are totally new to me.
Yeah, that makes sense.
6:36 PM
It fits!
@TimStone Booting up facial recognition/tracking software and searching publicly available databases....
(Seriously though, congrats.)
Hahah ;)
@PopularDemand haha
Thanks. :P
@PopularDemand that's funny
6:46 PM
Meh, this computer's slow enough as it is. You win this round, Stone.
@PopularDemand I actually believe I live relatively close to someone who's been/is in this chat, heh. Who exactly, is the question. ;)
@TimStone Ack! Potentially hoisted by my own petard!
@PopularDemand Indeed! You're probably better off blackmailing Jeff into more free giveaways :P
frowns at @TimStone's empty location field (;
@rchern Hahah :P
in XMPP, 6 mins ago, by balpha
Yeah, the session isn't tied to an IP (just like on the main site). Imagine the uproar if people suddenly got logged out just because their ISP decided to give them a new IP.
Poor @YiJiang..
6:54 PM
Er. How often do people get new IPs?
Mine has been the same I think since I moved here 18 months ago
@MichaelMrozek Apparently @YiJiang's ISP mixes and matches them to clients as if it was a speed dating circuit.
Makes sense. Always keep them guessing
@TimStone you've said once I think. MD maybe?
@rchern I've actually never said it. ;)
Though you probably have enough information to make an educated guess. :P
@TimStone Sure, rub in my being off by 10 minutes.
@TimStone To the transcripts!
6:59 PM
Oh. I was thinking Baltimore. Maybe I'm getting you confused with someone else.
(by which I mean let rchern and Mrozek search the transcripts, and I'll hope to reap the rewards)
@rchern I was just in Baltimore for that conference, actually.
@PopularDemand Sorry :P
@PopularDemand I'm not too concerned about where @TimStone lives :)
@MichaelMrozek The fact that I'm not on your hit list makes me happy. :)
7:03 PM
@TimStone Ah. In that case I don't think I have any clue. Though I'll randomly guess the eastern timezone shrugs
Heheh :P
The best timezone!
The best timezune!
@MichaelMrozek untrue!
@rchern Which timezone is best?
7:05 PM
Tim is in EST; you can tell by his git commits
I'm guessing rchern likes -5
(she's wrong)
At least for now. Tomorrow she will become right
Is it really time to adjust the clocks again?
I think so
@MichaelMrozek It is.
I just wait until my computer clock changes and assume the computer knows better than I do
7:08 PM
I was telling other people who are stuck working today that it'd be fun -- not for real, just in a vague hypothetical way -- to work all day tomorrow and see if the timecard software will let you enter 25 hours for one workday.
@MichaelMrozek they usually do (;
Hahah, nice.
7:53 PM
Arguing for four hours on whether or not gaming videos are gaming enough for gaming.
"but they're video!" "but they're gaming!" "they're still video!" "they're still about gaming!" "so what!" "so it's not the same!" "i disagree!" "there's no 'disagree' close reason!" etc.
@radp Argue instead about why I'm getting "Cannot instantiate the type AjaxCheckBox."
@PopularDemand Because you cannot instantiate the type AjaxCheckBox, try instantiating CheckBox
@radp Icosahedrons!
You're right, it's an abstract class, I misread the documentation.
You're welcome.
(I still don't know what the context is at any rate. I'm glad it wasn't necessary.)
Wicket, of course.
With an additional context of "making stuff work", I suspect. :P
debates about breaking backward compatibility
7:58 PM
That one was totally my fault, but I still say Wicket's documentation needs improvement.
@PopularDemand From what I saw, I got the same impression. Of course, my own documentation is terrible, so I suppose I don't have much room to talk.
Whoa! Did anyone know about the consecutive days calendar?
Wow, I totally didn't
@rchern When was that implemented?!
8:08 PM
Q: Implementation date for the consecutive days calendar

Peter MortensenI just discovered the neat calendar that displays on which days one was active (illustrated below). When was this feature announced and/or implemented? Before After

Man, nearly all of my missed days are Sundays. Tomorrow's the last Sunday before Fanatic....
@rchern Thanks!
@TimStone - Congrats on the T-Shirt ..
Thanks, finally had time to put it on, heh. :)
@TimStone ... how long does it take you to put a shirt on?
apparently quite a while |:
8:11 PM
Yeah yeah yeah :P
I didn't get it until Monday for some strange reason, then was away at a conference for three days, and then...forgot yesterday.
Wow... uh... I visit SO and MSO... a lot.
Ooh, now I can figure out which day I missed on SO and MSO but not SU (of all sites).
We clearly need an SO calendar of everyone wearing their SO shirts
@MichaelMrozek That's a ban-worthy suggestion.
8:54 PM
"NoScript filtered a potential XSS attempt from..."
Q: String to Leet (1337) Speak in PHP

KirkDoes anyone know where I can find a good starting point to code a function that would take a string and convert it to leet speak? function stringToLeetSpeak($string) { // Logic return $leetString; }

It seems so fitting..
@PopularDemand Exciting stuff
@TimStone I don't think it was malicious, just a hack on some web developer's part.
Ah ha
...unlike that SO question you linked.
Who converts to "leetspeak"?
@PopularDemand Yeah, really. Converting it to a LOLCODE-esque dialogue would be far more reasonable.
Relatedly, I'm a bit surprised that there's not a built-in function for that purpose.
9:01 PM
on april fool's day once, a coworker and i put together a presentation for our boss proposing that we switch to LOLCODE.
@rchern Which was accepted, I bet. No wonder your customers can't figure out how to use your code.
@rchern Brilliant. I'd have given you extra points if your boss had agreed.
Sadly, boss did not agree. ):
@rchern It's a shame, audio clips of code reviews would have been hilarious
9:06 PM
@TimStone "Here should has bukkitsort"
(Because chat needs more Taco.)
Hahah :P
> PL/LOLCODE, a project headed by Josh Tolley, makes LOLCODE available as a server-side programming language inside PostgreSQL.
I was hoping for more answers on meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/69571/… :) need to convince @Jeff to tweet it
Is it intentional that the rep requirement to create tag synonyms on Area51 sites is not lowered like all other rep limits?
@waffles Yeah, but answering that involves me thinking seriously, which I'm not prepared to do at the moment. :P
no idea
@Tim lol
9:15 PM
"access to moderator tools" requires 2000, "create tag synonyms" still 2500
@Jan well I am not convinced we want to lower it
@JanFabry By "Area 51 sites" do you mean betas?
every tag synonym becomes a maintainability issue ... when a site starts out I am not sure you really need heavy use of the feature
@PopularDemand Yes, beta sites
Currently we are discussing it on WordPress.SE
@waffles Lies!
Unless you also had no idea then, in which case I'm just confused. :P
9:18 PM
@Tim I thought it was referring to A51 ... not SE sites :)
Ah, gotcha :)
9:46 PM
I hope the brew proposal goes live soon
@JoePhilllips Wow, you are really excited about that proposal.
10:16 PM
10:27 PM
I e-mailed that proposal to a guy at work that likes brewing. His response:
> Seriously?
> Step one - Boil the shit out of some starch. Step Two - Feed the boiled starch to yeast. There is no step three.
How's everyone doing tonight?
@MichaelMrozek Heh :P
@TheUnhandledException 'Ello, not too bad. Doing work and such.
@TimStone Ug, work on a Saturday? I hate that
Then again it's not much better over here, I've been doing housework and cooking all day, LOL
Nah, it's fun stuff, otherwise I'd be putting it off as usual. :P
Mmm, food, heheh.
Good, Saturday should be reserved for fun work :-D
@TimStone Yeah, cooking enough steak chili to feed an army, LOL
I should say, my roommate is. I am just helping slice vegetables, in exchange for eating privileges ;-)
10:34 PM
Hahahah, good deal.
@TheUnhandledException Tell my project that.
10:54 PM
@PopularDemand Sure. Is it coded in JavaScript? project = $('PopularDemand').find('project').match({current:true}); project.setDeadline(project.deadline + 2); project.setSecedule(project.schedule.without(new Date('Today'));
I demand that you find a way to combine that into a single chain.
That outta do it. Oh, and, (new Beer(popularDemandsFavoriteBrand)).giveTo($('PopularDemand'))
Nice finishing touch.
I would settle for backPain--; right now.
Also, according to SO, one of the first ways I tried to whip this code up should have worked. Stupid undocumented hidden behaviors.
Heh, of course.
10:58 PM
@PopularDemand Seriously, what language, maybe I can help?
@TheUnhandledException Still Wicket. So, Java.
Q: Is it possible to nest forms in Wicket that are independent of each other?

Lord TorgamusIs it possible to nest forms in Wicket that are independent of each other? I want to have a form with a submit button and a cancel button. Both buttons should direct the user to the same page (let's call it Foo). The submit button should send some info to the server first; the cancel button shoul...

Validators, apparently, can set a non-validating required attribute to null.
Hmmm... Sorry, been way too long since I worked with Java for me to be of much help :-(
Hm, perhaps it wasn't the validator's fault.
Eight hundred eighty-four?
11:07 PM
@radp Oh boy..
What happened?
A picture is worth 884 messages' worth of words..
\o/ for crossing everything on my todo list for today
11:11 PM
Congrats @rchern!
@rchern Well done.
At last I know that \o/ is apparently a good thing. I've been trying to piece together context clues for a while now
Better than @radp, crossing off everything in his chat room from today...
@MichaelMrozek I think it's cheering
Right @rchern?
Oh, I rather like that. Now that I understand it
11:13 PM
@MichaelMrozek Throwing your arms in joy in the air
@radp aye
@TheUnhandledException That, or she's being held up...if that's the case, she should probably move to a safer area, since it seems to happen a lot.
as opposed to /o\ which is a double facepalm.
@radp Or just an indication that it suddenly started raining.
11:15 PM
I didn't think I'd be done for another couple hours. Now what am I going to do? Hehe.
@rchern Throw a party to celebrate being done so we can all enjoy, of course.
@rchern More work of some kind?
Or find something else to add to the userscript.
...Or help me rewrite this code. Oddly enough, some of us haven't finished the things on our todo list yet. :P
I use RTM, which doesn't have the ability to show completed tasks with strikethrough
It's very demotivating
I use TODO and FIXME comments, which don't have the ability to fully disappear from source files. It's very demotivating.
11:22 PM
I have a FIXME: I totally broke this in my task list, but I feel like I fixed it at some point...heh. :P
I wonder what the @Rchern Java annotation does.
(That's y'all's cue to come up with amusing hypothetical functionality for such an annotation.)
Yeah, I got nothin'
11:31 PM
Postgame report: SO was correct, and I have no idea why the code didn't work the first time I wrote it that way. There must have been a separate error gumming up the works.
We need to start seeding "rchern" into the comments of every project we all touch, until eventually somebody notices and starts wondering what's going on
Sorry stepped AFK to slice a crapload of celery
@TimStone I wasn't aware this establishment was in such a seedy area of town!
@MichaelMrozek I pledge to stop using bar as a temp variable and use barchern instead. Similarly, my examples will henceforth retire "Alice" and refer to "R. Chern and Bob."
Anyway, I'm off to rot my brain with some videogames. Catch you all later!
@PopularDemand good luck with the project!
@TheUnhandledException Thanks.
11:34 PM
@PopularDemand oy.
@rchern You're right, that's a terrible idea. "Bob" is retiring too. My examples will be presented by Rebecca and Michael.
If I'm going to be involved in this I get to replace Eve
@PopularDemand foo → mroozek
That settles it. If I need counters in my next homework or something:
for(int mroozek = 0; mroozek < 10; mroozek++)
    for(int barchern = 0; barchern < 10; barchern++)
        doStuff(mroozek, barchern);
11:57 PM
@TheUnhandledException You'd be surprised
@TheUnhandledException Enjoy!

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