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12:00 AM
poor egg ):
Comical site-enter button:
12:24 AM
today was not a good day...
I need a beer, is the bar still serving? ;-)
12:38 AM
'ello 'orld! 'orning 'eople!
'ny 'ody 'ere?
I am, but not for much longer
Going to get takeout soon
How goes it @Yi?
@TheUnhandledException Goes what?
Life, the universe, and everything :-)
@TheUnhandledException 42-ish, that's all
Well on that note I'm headed to get foods
Later guys
3 hours later…
4:08 AM
Still active, I see. ;)
'Ello @rchern, how's things?
alright, you?
hmm, just had an idea
Not bad, one more day of this conference and then home. :)
What idea is that?
@rchern 'o
There's a bug in the /del command
4:22 AM
@TimStone keyboard shortcuts for the site >_<
@YiJiang o:
@rchern This line here: var elements = $(Selectors.getMessage(id) + " .action-link").click().closest(".message").find(".delete").click();
After getting the selector, in your code the string that's appended looks like:
+ ".action-link").click().....
The missing space there is causing the problem
We're expanding the awesomeness of the chat userscript to the main SE sites? :P
missing space? I see "<space>.action-link" in the code
heh cool, it is broken
@TimStone I'm thinking particularly for voting.
Ah, interesting. How would it know what you're voting on? :)
4:26 AM
Ah :P
@YiJiang, I'm guessing a merge regression. I know there was a space in there at some point...
@rchern Line 713
That's odd. Hmmm... this git thingy is harder to use than I thought :P
701 is in the edit function
You mean 713? (:
4:28 AM
@rchern I never made that mistake! Ah ha!
rolls her eyes
I'm going to commit like 500 things when I get home so I can get caught up ;)
Hmm, someone pinged me in here earlier but I didn't check who it was because I was on my phone...
suspects @AidenBell
I'm partially rewriting /profile so that it'll show you more details before you decide whether to post it or not
It'll now give you a preview of that user, and put the URL into #input but not press the send button for you so you can decide
Did you insert the space for /del?
@MichaelMrozek Ah, thanks :)
@rchern Yeah, but you can do that too. It's just a single character, you know
I know!
Such a major change!
Maybe we should create a new branch for this significant of a change.
4:34 AM
You better be careful, this conference has put me in a very productive mood. ;)
I'll add ten spaces!
And a comma.
(for good measure)
@TimStone (stares in horror) Noooooooooooo....!!!!! (proceeds to pull out hair)
Oh, sorry.
I meant ten tabs
We don't use spaces. ;)
4:38 AM
looks accusingly at @YiJiang
4:50 AM
Alright, I've been up something like 19 hours now, so g'night all.
5:14 AM
There we go. The new and improved /profile
5:53 AM
@YiJiang, nice work. I think a /glv or /update command would be cool
My next task, maybe :)
@Benjol Erm... what would either of those do?
send you to the url of the latest version of the script :)
@YiJiang, good idea/bad idea?
@Benjol Interesting. Very nice idea.
@YiJiang, the only thing I can't decide is whether to open in a new window, or whether opening in the same window will force the browser to also refresh properly when you come back... (I also think /update is best)
hm popup blocker :(
6:09 AM
@Benjol Don't use window.open!
@YiJiang, so I see :) You're going to say "use jquery", aren't you? :)
Actually, this should be enough:
window.location = 'https://github.com/rchern/StackExchangeScripts/raw/master/SEChatModifications.user.js';
Weird, it worked, but said 'error processing command'...
actually, I think I've got something screwed up here, because firebug is still telling me "oldHighlights is not defined" :)
@Benjol Yeah, @rchern's stackflairs.com flairs seem to be returning 404
it's the same thing as the layout bug from yesterday. For some reason in this room, I've got two versions of the script turning in parallel or something
6:13 AM
@Benjol Go check the "Manage Script" interface in GM
yeah, I have rcherns version, and my version - but hers was disabled, maybe not disabled enough. I'll delete it...
6:32 AM
You know, I think I just found a brilliant solution to the double notify problem with the SuperColliding DropDown and the Envelope system
Destroy one of them?
@MichaelMrozek Every time you click on the inbox button, it fires an ajax request to the envelop page
$('.genu').live('click', function(){
7:25 AM
@yijiang. ok, everything back to normal.
Just noticed that my /hl modification has broken the restore from storage functionality :) Good job I didn't push after all
@Benjol Leeme see the code?
@YiJiang, well before it said commands.addhl(highlightStore.items[i]);
replacing that with commands.hl(highlightStore.items[i]); is no help, because it toggles them off instead of on :)
@Benjol oof... hmm... I guss you might want to retain the old commands?
for the moment I've just copied the logic from the add part into the loop
@Benjol Also could work, slightly messier, but still good
7:29 AM
@YiJiang, yeah, I did consider that, reverse compatibility is not all bad :)
called for urgent debug
back, not my bug :)
    update: function () {
        window.location = "http://github.com/rchern/StackExchangeScripts/raw/master/SEChatModifications.user.js";
        return CommandState.SucceededDoClear;
weird, that works, but notifies me of processing error, with no error message
@Benjol Parsing error where?
processing error (from the execute function)
line 88, e.message is empty, apparently
It's this try - catch statement:
try {
	returnVal = commands[name].apply(this, args);
} catch (e) {
	returnVal = CommandState.Failed;
	showNotification("Error processing " + name + ":  " + e.message);
yeah, I know, but how come it throws, but no error message, any ideas?
yeah, I know, but how come it throws, but no error message, any ideas?
@Benjol Double post. Not sure what's wrong there. Hmm...?
7:39 AM
@YiJiang, timeout + retries
7:58 AM
@YiJiang, /addhl (with a space behind) has interesting effect :)
8:49 AM
@Benjol sigh... (goes off to add in $.trim() for the arguments)
Feature request: change room name to $.tavern()


Broken caps lock, anyone?
@YiJiang Fixed
Should've tagged plz-to-send-teh-codez
@radp Man, I wish there was a way to upvote you for that edit
8:56 AM
Even then plz-end-teh-codz question still gets the close vote from me
@YiJiang I'm waiting for the rollback.
Q: Is this safe against "spam" and "automation bots" ?

CamranI have a classifieds website, and I just asked a question regarding if I need to use captcha or not whenever users post a new classified etc. Some places on my website (like contact forms) do need some sort of authentication (captcha etc...). But I don't know whether I need one when posting a n...

Look at the last two answers
(Please flag as appropriately)
@YiJiang one (or both?) has been flag pwned already
Oh.. I guess my flag vote must have tipped it over the edge then
@YiJiang, another question (tell me when you've had enough), is there anyway to make those notification windows disappear when you've clicked in them?
9:04 AM
Evil antispam measure of the day: in a standard comment form, put a very simple captcha saying "itsatrap" and hide it (change the image alt="" text accordingly for older browsers, I guess). Bots will likely still solve it and fill in the invisible field...
@Benjol I'm not entirely sure. The problem is that as far as I can tell, the notification method is a black box, since #inputerror is used by the chat js itself, so there are probably other code that are operating on it
Which is why I've been thinking that we might want to replace it with our own system.
sometimes it hangs around a terribly long time, and no amount of click/escape etc will make it go away
+1 for that idea
I'll label it with your name ;)
@Benjol You can attach a event handler to the notification window in the showNotification function, but that's it really
The problem is that there are certain commands for which this may not be desirable behavior
$(".notify-close-info").click() ?
@radp That's just security through obscurity.
@radp The notification system the script uses is different from that slick bar that drops down from the top
9:08 AM
security? I thought all you wanted was having a keyboard-only way of dismissing the notification.
@YiJiang nevermind me then.
@YiJiang, I'm also thinking about a command to clear all highlights (I guess '/delhl ' worked up 'til now :)
@Benjol I've actually had a /clear command before, but @rchern ripped that one out of the script when she rewrote the highlighting code
ok, considering adding link in the /highlights popup, but not sure whether to also create an associated command or not.
thinks, why am I bothering? I'm not even sure what to use the highlights for :)
[thinks: /me commands look better in square brackets]
also disagrees
9:15 AM
OK, how about with the /me still in front?
/me not so sure why you'd want that...
/me thinks it looks ugly
ok, I dunno, I just think that for someone who doesn't know the convention, it's not too clear, but then I'm not from planet IRC :)
<@radp> irssi formats stuff like this
* @radp doesn't really miss IRC.
2 hours later…
11:30 AM
@TimStone - I resent being suspected of anything I didn't do :P
(Looks suspiciously at @AidenBell) So you mean you wasn't the other shooter on the grassy knoll who killed JFK?
Hardly possible.
(Looks suspiciously at @AidenBell) Neither were you responsible for the Challenger disaster?
How about 9/11 then, were you responsible for that?
suggest that we all stare at @AidenBell 'till he owns up
11:51 AM
Alright I admit it ... I was the iceberg that sank the Titanic.
@AidenBell Ah ha! We have you now!
Listen, I was cold and adrift in life, I didn't know what I was doing.
A drifter without a cause
12:15 PM
@YiJiang, I rather think you have some explaining to do: bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-11692364
@Benjol Woot! Something interesting actually happened here! Oh, the plane didn't crash. How disappointing...
12:33 PM
@spoulson 'ello
Slow day in the chat room
@Fosco 'i
@YiJiang, howzat? :)
12:38 PM
TheOatmeal has a new comic
@Benjol Very good!
wiping the seat is good enough
Not for me
Proper ass-to-seat etiquette is a must.
@YiJiang I started looking at one boxing for new.bbc, but as far as I can tell there is no API, so it's scraping all the way :(
Think of germs like wet paint. Wiping it just smears it around.
You need that 5 micron barrier of paper material to protect you from herpes, shingles, or whatever disease the last crapper had.
12:42 PM
@YiJiang That's not entirely true. I wrote /delhl.
Don't forget E. Coli. Some of those public toilets flush the crap right onto the seat.
12:54 PM
@Benjol Here's something to get you started on: james.padolsey.com/javascript/cross-domain-requests-with-jquery
Getting around cross-domain restrictions is important if you want to do scraping
@YiJiang, thanks...
Hmmm odd.. his site isn't loading for me. Here, have this direct link to the repo instead: github.com/jamespadolsey/jQuery-Plugins/tree/master/…
There won't be the explanation on how this clever piece of code works though
The ad suggestions on GMail are interesting... most of the time it's obviously related to a keyword in my email, but this one just makes me wonder: "Removing Head Lice"
@YiJiang me neither, if that reassures you.
@Fosco Does the email mention hair troubles? :)
1:01 PM
@YiJiang nope.. it was showing just on my inbox screen
@Fosco, it's 'cos they detected you'd just visited theoatmeal :)
@Fosco if(user.age > 50) adType.push('hairLossProduct');
hey now.. do I look 50?
if(user.age > 50) ad_types.push(hair_loss_products); else ad_types.push(penis_enlargement_products)
1:04 PM
hey now.. do I look else?
it doesn't matter what you look like, it matters what your spam bin looks like.
In d&d terms, being in this room has an effect of -20 to INT, CHR, WIS, and STA.
I'm so frustrated right now, with life.
it's okay, because the SO -2 T-Shirt gives a +30 boost to CHR and +2 to INT.
You see here: a cursed -2 productivity chatroom
You try to move, but can't! Somebody may just reply with another bad joke!
1:16 PM
knock knock
you're no fun.
Anyone else interested in Xbox Kinect ?
microsoft packaging that doesn't suck? wtf? ( read more )
@radp It's for mac users... the only people who care about that kind of shit.
I guess I should uninstall Windows immediately then and sell my soul to Jobs
@radp, actually, I think with Jobs, you actually have to pay to render your soul :)
I was going to take an example screenshot from Windows Update, then noticed it's installing Windows™ Live™ Essentials® 2011™© behind my back
good thing I don't use it...
1:45 PM
@radp Why does that packaging have confetti on it?
don't interrupt my ranting
returns to clicking furiously on mspaint
@radp, don't forget the freehand circles, whatever it is you're doing :)
2:14 PM
@radp Trying to read those freehand writing makes me want to stab people
@YiJiang every word is written in blood
@radp I'm not sure how to respond to this.
@rchern do you feel I'm wrong or do you feel I can't live to my own standards?
oh a wharrgarbl dog :D
2:27 PM
1 hour ago, by Yi Jiang
You see here: a cursed -2 productivity chatroom
@radp Well... if your standards aren't perfectly kerned 12pt Helvetica then I see no reason why we should talk to you :P
@YiJiang and yet you do :P
2:44 PM
Cool... it's actually possible to access the API of closed beta sites
Try /profile physics nold (in the sandbox, since it matches a single user)
so a private site isn't private if you have a clone that works off an api
Like I create a read-only replica of stackoverflow.com, and instead point the api to physics.stackexchange.com
@YiJiang, done, strange thing is I got a completely empty notification box
You can just post question links here too, and they'll onebox; we figured that out in the early chat days
2:52 PM
@YiJiang didn't you know?!
it's been like that since ever
Yeah, sites are included in the api starting Day 1
Physics and Physics Meta via StackMobile.
@rchern Does livequery affect all existing matches, or only newly created ones?
@MichaelMrozek It affects existing ones too
@MichaelMrozek, it will act on existing ones
2:58 PM
OK peoples, 'see' you later...
You know, with the update, /profile now has the largest number of loc out of all the commands
Don't know if that's a good thing or not...
oooh do I have a pull request?
/profile is now 120 loc's long
@rchern @Benjol just pushed I think
Wait, I'm just wrapping up the changes to /profile, fancy doing a three way merge? :P
^^ bunch of screenshots posted from a truly incredible game.
@Fosco Eh... you know, that really is the wrong place to do this. Gaming already has it's own Minecraft room
3:04 PM
it does? :\ i didn't realize.
@YiJiang Nonsense, this truly incredible game was played programmatically.
i see it now.. thx.
@PopularDemand while cooking.
@radp you play minecraft?
3:08 PM
I used to, can't anymore.
I played the free weekend. It was enough to answer a lot of questions on SE, however.
Now I'm stuck on .12 while everybody plays .20 :)
it's only $10
$10 more than I can pay on the net
3:09 PM
Credit cards aren't issued on birth you know.
@radp They're not? Tell me more of your strange Italian customs.
ah.. i keep forgetting that a lot of people on here are young..
I got a VPS yesterday and set up a minecraft server
my boss joined and built a giant golden structure and lava-fall..
...looks like XMPP keeps crashing this morning... sorry guys, I've been too crazy busy with work to chat or work on XMPP much. I'll try to restart it when I see it goes down. If anyone's seriously using it and it crashes, just IM me: [email protected]
@PopularDemand Those half-assed elections where you pick chambers but not the president? We don't have them.
When we do elections, we renew everything.
@radp 'cept Berlusconi, it feels like. (Yes, I know he hasn't served continuously.)
3:20 PM
@PopularDemand That's government falling on their knees on their own.
People should lose rep if they post a question and the duplicate was specifically listed in the "uh... maybe this is a duplicate?" list on the ask question page. They should lose douple rep if it's listed on the first page and they didn't even need to scroll
@MichaelMrozek Although I have to say, that list is pretty un-user-friendly - the space is tiny, and having to scroll through such a long list of results, some with pretty horrid titles, just isn't going to work for people who want answers now
@YiJiang You remind me of the Simpsons episode where Homer complains about the three-day waiting period to buy a gun. "Three days!? But I'm angry now!"
1 hour later…
4:34 PM
Bah, Sportsmanship. I just went to a question, started writing a reply, upvoted the existing answer so I wouldn't forget to do it later, remembered that Sportsmanship is only awarded if you upvote a competing answer, un-upvoted, posted my answer and couldn't re-upvote because it'd been 11 minutes.
@PopularDemand Edit their answer :). To work around a flaw in your original workaround
SO is fun
Does Sportsmanship really not count if you upvote the answer before posting your own?
@MichaelMrozek I thought about it, but I decided it would be overkill.
I typically read the question, read all the answers and upvote good ones, and then post my own if none were complete, so apparently I'm never going to earn that badge if it really works that way
@MichaelMrozek Yes. I brought this up before, and Jarrod said they'd think about changing it. Haven't heard anything, so I'm asking about it now.
Q: Modify the "competing answer" rule to ignore when votes were cast

Popular DemandAccording to the announcement by Jarrod, the logic for the Sportsmanship badge only counts votes cast after a user posts his own answer. I questioned that logic in a comment under the announcement, but here's the gist: It's not uncommon for me to scroll down a question, reading the answers, u...

4:59 PM
Woo hoo, within 1k of 10k, never mind that it's on the least useful SE site of all!
@PopularDemand I badly want 10k on MSO :)
I'm ~2500 away, I'll race you
Hmm. On the other hand, we had the same rep a month ago, so cancel that
I'll be content with 3k
I want 10k so I can see the many, many deleted MSO questions
2k was a big moment though; people never cleanup MSO posts for some reason
Well yeah, me too.
I'm just not close to there, lol.
So I'll be content when I hit 3k
@MichaelMrozek +1 to everything you just said. Offer void if anything is edited.
@rchern Valid bug reports, popular feature requests and the occasional well-timed joke post will get you there fast.
5:06 PM
I'm working on it
553 to go
@rchern Hybrid joke/serious posts don't work so well, though, I discovered yesterday.
your welbog post got downvoted to oblivion?
@rchern Not to oblivion, but it got downvotes.
I actually did want an answer there, as I mentioned at the end of the post; shouldn't have played along with the "what can we learn from X" format.
I don't even see it in your profile. Deleted?
Aside: am I the only person who thinks "balrog" every time the word "Welbog" comes up?
@rchern Hm, I don't see it either. I didn't delete it, I guess Jeff did.
5:13 PM
You should be able to see your own deleted posts on your profile page
Q: How do I find questions or answers that I've deleted?

ChesterI deleted one of my questions yesterday on SO and would like to un-delete it... How do I go about doing this? If I can't, I think this should be a feature request since you shouldn't be prevented from seeing these posts, especially when they were your own. For a work around, feel free to vote ...

Q: Allow users to be able to see their own deleted questions

KragenI've just stumbled across this poorly worded question - if you look through the comments it appears that the user previously asked an identical question that was deleted - it occurred to me that this question may well have been deleted before the poster had a chance to read any of the comments / ...

@rchern Michael was saying it'd be nice if we could, not that I ought to be able to and I'm doing something wrong.
When you view your profile it should be the same view diamonds have, with deleted posts displayed with a red background
"you should be able to" to me, says, "the feature is there, you should be able to"
@MichaelMrozek incorrect.
(or at least, so I've been told by staff and other mods)
5:17 PM
No, I meant what he said, both times. Sorry, it was confusing
"it should" as in "they should rewrite it to be this way"
Who do we blame for ambiguity in the English language? Somehow I don't think we can pin it on balpha this time.
I never realized how ambiguous "you should" is until now -- I definitely use it both ways without thinking
5:28 PM
@PopularDemand no blaming @balpha? this is a sad day. ):
try(blame(balpha)) catch(UnbelievableException) { try(blame(marc)) catch(SadDayException) { /* this point should never be reached */ }}
Everyone knows blame(balpha) never fails
Eh, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right:
try { blame(balpha); } catch(SadDayException sde) { try { blame(marc); } catch(UnbelievableException ue) { /* this point should never be reached */ } }
I feel like I should be able to blame @MichaelMrozek somewhere in that chain
5:44 PM
if(message.contains("(:")) {
} else {
Permission denied.
sudo blame(rchern)
@radp IllegalArgumentException
yesterday, by Yi Jiang
@PopularDemand make me a sandwich will be the only valid argument, and will result in that xkcd comic been printed
@rchern thanks for catching my edit collision with Community.
6:07 PM
17 questions have been posted and subsequently closed on MSO in the last two days. What is the deal?
The fastest you close a question the less time you waste on it the more time you can idle here.
Oh, I don't disagree with the closings, I want to know why so many duplicate or useless questions have been posted suddenly. Did the search feature stop working two days ago?
6:29 PM
OK. Finished the first project of the day... before starting on the second I grant myself 30 minutes and not a minute more to fix the XMPP bug which keeps causing it to crash
Or should I fail, I'll post a StackOverflow question :-)
6:57 PM
I know nothing about that user, but that's a great avatar.
7:17 PM
oops, sorry, wrong room
OK guys, try and break XMPP again! ( @radp @rchern @Sathya @YiJiang )
@Fosco Damn you
did it break?
is it watching this channel or the XMPP channel?
@Fosco Both
Your room onebox killed it
7:21 PM
@Fosco Not the first word that came to my mind ;-)
@TheUnhandledException would you like some /dev/urandom love?
Here I was all cocky that I'd fixed it
@radp LOL. No, thanks :-)
I'm fairly certain that would kill it
Given that Fosco's onebox did
So, not totally fixed, but improved somewhat
SO question will follow...
But sadly I must now return to work
@PopularDemand (:
@rchern I blame Community. It totally should've known I was in there already.
7:40 PM
Community's edits were rolled back by Popular Demand...
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