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6:01 PM
Holy shit, how could it be I only now earned the rollback badge.
> Examples have included Cat (under "wording"), William of Orange, Her Late Majesty, Vic Grimes, List of virgins, e (mathematical constant), Template:User admins ignoring policy, Democratic Party (United States) and, yes, even this entry itself.[citation needed] WP:LAME has also survived at least six attempts at deletion, plus another attempt which was ultimately closed at the nominator's request.
> Have you learned nothing from this entire page??? Of course there was a (lame) edit war about Lamest edit wars. Edit wars over which edit wars are allowed to be on these pages, or over how specific entries on this page should be worded (oh, the irony). See recursion; see also tail recursion.
@rchern you were rollbacked within 47 seconds
Can he just be banned already?
@PopularDemand I know.
As much as I enjoy doing things I don't get to do frequently (i.e. rolling back) this is silly.
6:08 PM
@PopularDemand I think I finally fixed it.
Totally lame hack, I agree.
DO rollbacks not count for converting to CW edits?
I now imagine serg in nerd rage trying to find where I live.
Only 12 rollbacks? Geesh
@rchern Apparently not, if not the post should be CW already
Robert comes to save the day.
"Post Locked by Robert Cartaino♦"
6:14 PM
Nothing to see here, back to work, move along.
Glad I got my grammar edit in before Robert arrived.
Note to self in the future: Do an actual edit, not a rollback.
@PopularDemand I'm glad I got my formatting fix too :D
@rchern I guess the idea was to prevent vandals from CW-ifying good posts.
6:18 PM
Q: Can we please have a few additions to the toolbar?

George EdisonI humbly request the following toolbar buttons when composing a new question: Notice the addition of four new buttons. I will briefly describe their functions below: Freehand circle button - automatically infers (based on context) where a freehand circle needs to be placed within the picture...

^----- Your fun for the day :)
That was a superbly excellent try, but alas, XMPP handled your attack marvelously
@GeorgeEdison +1 for humor :-)
I'll give you another +1 for a Freehand Circle :-)
Any extra buttons are welcome :)
@GeorgeEdison a button for the rchern() function, icon: "):"
6:21 PM
Post that as an answer... and I'll upvote it.
@GeorgeEdison You could add a sockpuppet button...
@GeorgeEdison So will I
@JoshsSocks Quiet, get over to the XMPP room and do some real work.
@radp: An upvote as promised.
@radp o:
6:23 PM
A: Can we please have a few additions to the toolbar?

radp): This button changes all backwards smilies in StackExchange™ ForwardLooking ApprovedSmilies™. Useful for quick fixing of heretically-aligned smilies.

@radp Edit: 18
"You have gained 38 reputation"... nice.
@GeorgeEdison circle the buttons and we'll make that 48 ;-)
Circle ALL of them???
6:29 PM
circle something :-)
My socks won't vote on anything without a circle...
I did! The freehand circle button!
Look closely!!!
Oh, I see the freehand circle button, and I already upvoted...
...that was really weird
did anyone else see that as an italic *I* for a second before it turned to a bold I ?
btw, if you didn't see it, I've improved the proposed button for my proposal
6:32 PM
@GeorgeEdison Must be when I posted it myself, because it showed up correctly via XMPP
What did?
@GeorgeEdison My message:
2 mins ago, by The Unhandled Exception
Oh, I see the freehand circle button, and I already upvoted...
What's this about XMPP then?
for a second, in chat, it showed up as I
woah, it did it again there
that showed up as *I* for a sec
No, it worked fine for me.
6:34 PM
^---> XMPP integration @GeorgeEdison
Since when did we get that?
I'm working on building it:
A: Offer an XMPP method for chat

The Unhandled ExceptionUPDATE 2010-10-29: I now have very, very, very basic XMPP support working, written in Ruby as an XMPP component. The code can be checked out from http://trac.digitalfruition.com/soxmpp/browser/trunk and I am documenting the progress in the Trac wiki. At the moment there is no write support but I...

@The have you checked your sock's watch? It looks a little broken.
@GeorgeEdison You haven't read the transcript apparently; it comes up in here ~hourly
And I'm helping!!!! yippieee!
6:36 PM
@radp uhhhh
@GeorgeEdison, you're out of the loop. User scripts are taking over!
it sure does
@Michael: The backlog... what backlog...? I'm confused.
@rchern: I'm not out of the loop!
@GeorgeEdison This chat's backlog. I've been spamming them in here :-)
6:36 PM
only @rchern is ever in the XMPP room, and very ocasionally @radp @balpha or @Sathya
So when I want stress testing I come in here. Plus it's fun to annoy @MichaelMrozek ;-)
Wow... so would you ever consider creating an API for the chat then?
I was hoping the team would do that...
...but if your creation could fulfil that role...
...then I'll hapily use that.
# SO Chat Feed Class
# This class represents a Stack Overflow Chat Room Event Feed.
# It's purpose is to provide a method for other objects to query for events,
# and this class will act as a translation device between the JSON feed of chat
# events and Ruby objects which represent those events
Chat does have an API
I gotta say though - using chat is soooooooo much nicer with keyboard shortcuts and commands.
That's the best I have so far @GeorgeEdison
6:38 PM
I was hoping for something hosted, but oh well.
@radp -1.
@GeorgeEdison Oh. I see what you mean. Like an actual SOAP interface?
@radp Very funny :P
@The: Yeah!
6:40 PM
Well... I have my hands a bit full right now, but, when I finish (if I finish) XMPP, I can roll a SOAP interface out of what I build
Right now I only have ver basic read support working, no support for write, edit, etc
and only two events so far: new message posted and message edit
@The: Still, that's pretty good.
As an example...
I love the duck :P
6:44 PM
Yup, I know.
I knew I recognized him from somewhere.
6:55 PM
@radp By the way, people can't delete questions if they have answers with upvotes
@MichaelMrozek I know actually. That means they shouldn't delete them :)
...silly clients...
@MichaelMrozek Are you sure, I thought it just took more votes it there were upvotes.
Client: I haven't been receive email from you

Me: I just changed some settings on the server, please let me know if you receive this test message.

Client: No. I still haven't received it.
> ----Original Message -----
> I just changed some settings on the server, please let me know if you receive this test message.
@LanceRoberts I'm talking about the OP deleting his own post with a single vote. 10k users can still vote to delete like always (I think it's 1 vote per 10 upvotes on the question and its answers, if I remember correctly)
7:05 PM

Does anyone know...

yesterday, 1 day 15 hours total – 11 messages, 8 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 10 secs ago by Lord Torgamus

How can we get more people on chat?!
Most of those seem like the start of questions that should be on SO
@MichaelMrozek I continue to not understand how chat makes Stack Exchange better.
I'm not sure it makes it "better", but I do like it. People should keep asking questions on the normal sites though, that's why they're there
@PopularDemand It lets us get things out here, instead of bottling up some of the frustration.
Like all the declined feature-requests and bug fixes being swept under the rug.
6-8 weeks.
hiya @TheUnhandledException
7:14 PM
@PopularDemand Truth? Jeff had issues with Campfire (NIH maybe?) and had his minions build this when he finally realized there was nothing that truly suited him. The fact we get to use it is merely a byproduct.
@radp But he could've not released it to the public.
Beeeeeeeeeer! Finally to 100%
@Sathya Hey there
@JoePhilllips Yey!
It is all about community. Would you be having this discussion? talking to each-other like this?
Let's hug!
7:20 PM
make SE an attractive place for the addicts... er... I mean "knowledge experts" to be
@MarcGravell Were we not addicted enough before?
@MarcGravell - Most jokes are 90% truth.
7:38 PM
Was anyone here when I was mentioning about a former customer of mine whose site was just an image of their previous site?
On 11/1? I know @rchern and @Sathya were here
@TheUnhandledException I was there, as was @Moshe
...their new site is up now @Sathya
@TheUnhandledException I remember the message.
Not sure if I was here at the moment you said it.
And they have bought a new product which is in direct competition to my company's product, but far, far, far more advanced...
7:41 PM
So, looks like the joke's now on me :-(
@TheUnhandledException o_0
That ruined my day!
A: Allow specifying sites for the new tag formatting (at least, to some degree)

KennyTM              discussion        discussion        discussion              interview-questions subjective possible-hom...

@PopularDemand, make sure you look at ↑
@TheUnhandledException aw :(
@rchern Good luck to Kenny.
7:45 PM
Oh hrm. Did I just break XMPP @TheUnhandledException?
@rchern So not the time.
Yeah, really @PopularDemand. But to answer your question @rchern, no, it's still working for me:
@TheUnhandledException Tough break. :(
@PopularDemand, you don't like the castle?
7:47 PM
@rchern It's not bad.
Not sure it's appropriate, though.
(If I were, I'd have kept working on mine.)
hrm shrugs
Bah. For all I know, their developers are on here. Pffft.
goes off to wallow in his disappointment alone
@PopularDemand Besides, I'm definitely in the qualifying band for that group...
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, hrm.. (I saw the original message). :/
@MarcGravell Heh. I didn't mean any offense, was just curious. It's a good community.
Well, except for...
Shot in the dark:
Q: Is it possible to nest forms in Wicket that are independent of each other?

Lord TorgamusIs it possible to nest forms in Wicket that are independent of each other? I want to have a form with a submit button and a cancel button. Both buttons should direct the user to the same page (let's call it Foo). The submit button should send some info to the server first; the cancel button shoul...

7:57 PM
You and your Wicket.. :P
@TimStone Hardly feels like "my" Wicket, sometimes.
@PopularDemand I think you need to call setDefaultFormProcessing(false) on the cancel button to avoid validation..
@TimStone Already doing that, it doesn't stop it.
It just stops the onSubmit() logic.
Thanks, though.
Ah, alright.
8:23 PM
@JoshsSocks - Is Josh there?
What was that URL again?
@Moshe He got really depressed and left
I type meta.chat.stackoverflow.com every single time I try to come here
@MichaelMrozek I just type <kbd>c</kbd>, <kbd>↓</kbd>, <kbd>Enter</kbd>.
@JoshsSocks I hear he's made this pretty cool XMPP thing though, so hopefully he'll find a reason to cheer up and come back at some point.
@TimStone Thanks for the encouragement, I'll pass that along. I'm working on cheering him up :-)
8:33 PM
We really should have a chat at meta.chat.stackoverflow.com that we can use to talk about this chat, though.
@JoshsSocks Good stuff. :)
@PopularDemand May I introduce you to WebApps.SE? (;
@rchern You may.
Must. Make. More. Commits.
... Larger commits.
8:50 PM
I need to do more than just merges (;
@rchern What a slow chat. That page hasn't updated once with new information since I've been staring at it.
OK. If I could get some opinions from everyone...
I don't think we ever run out of those...so, shoot.
What does this mean to you? "Jump-In Price: $5,000. It's Easy! Pay the Jump-In price and you get started with our software today. After 4 payments for your first year of use, the quarterly fee drops by 50%! No yearly contracts! Cancel anytime"
9:00 PM
Looks a lot like "Warning: There's been a jump in price." I haven't even finished reading the second sentence, but I'm already in a bad mood.
Jump-In price my words. They have a different catchphrase
Is that $5k per payment, or $5k over four payments?
Wording changed slightly to protect the... something
@PopularDemand Exactly
$5,000 + (possibly) four other quarterly installments of an unknown amount for the first year, followed by a reduction in quarterly fees by 50%
$5k per payment, and Josh will be happy again :-)
9:02 PM
Meh, that's ambiguous copy.
Josh's pricing: $600 setup plus $40 - $125/mo depending on disk space usage
He can compete with $5,000 every quarter :-)
I agree with @Tim, it's unknown what sed quarterly payments are. I chose to believe they're $5,000 because I find that encouraging
I don't know what kind of product this is, but the 50% reduction seems kind of silly.
@TimStone I agree. This whole pricing scheme seems kind of silly :-) Maybe I'm just consoling myself, but...
If nothing else, they seem to be hiring ;-)
It's attractive in some sense, but if you can convince people to budget for the amount in the first year, you typically can "easily" convince customers to pay the same amount the next year.
This is less true for smaller customers who don't have that kind of cash to spend, but at (presumably) $20,000+ for the first year, it sounds like whatever it is is marketed to larger companies.
@TimStone I'm choosing to assume it's 20k for the first year :-)
meaning my company's product remains with nearly no competition in it's pricerange
And I can sleep at night again :-)
9:15 PM
That seems like a pretty reasonable assumption, yeah.
Thanks for the encouragement :-)
@JoshsSocks seems like $5k upfront, and then 5k remaining quarters and then 50% drop in $5k
@Sathya That's what I like to hear!
makes it not 5x as expensive as Josh's product, more like 50x
Speaking of hiring, I think we'll need to start doing that again soon...the interview process is exhausting, but more employees is a bright prospect, heh. :P
@TimStone I hear there's a stack site for that... ;-)
I'd love to hire more coders, but we don't have the budget yet
Next year is what I'm hearing
9:21 PM
Yeah, we're waiting to see if we can secure a few more contracts first, but ultimately we have far too many new directions to move in to not have at least a few more people.
@TimStone That's how I feel!
We have a lot of different improvements we want to add to our software, five different modules of it
Heheh, sounds like us too :)
You may have realized this already but I can't hold my excitement any longer. Homebrew is going live soon!
Initial version of XMPP write support may be easier than expected...
^---> That message was sent from the server XMPP is running on, not my home machine!
9:33 PM
If you send your chat cookie to the XMPP script, it will be able to post messages. The chat doesn't check to see if these messages come from a different IP, as long as the cookie is the same as it is in your browser
@MarcGravell sorry for embracing the vampire theorists for a moment there :)
You guys have been awesome from day 1
and while I only joined #stackoverflow once or twice ever, I'm quite a regular here
it probably has to do with rchern being opped on IRC.
I mean, getting kicked with reason "):"? :P
Hahah ;)
Reddit is leaking its rectal juices all over the internet now
9:48 PM
@JoePhilllips and @radp lol, gross
anyone know who's in charge of making the area51 proposals go live?
I don't know
10:10 PM
@Joe, not sure who, but chances are it'll be in 21 hours.
(that's when they do phase jumps)
10:29 PM
@rchern is SEModifications.user.js broken ?
not that I'm aware of
@rchern I installed it about an hour ago on my work laptop, it was fine
on my home laptop, seems to be broken.
@TimStone, is that what you said you saw from StackFlair?
Yeah. ;)
But we don't make any API calls in SEModifications.user.js, so different issue.
Unless he also has @radp's extension installed, and it's actually that one making the mess. :P
10:34 PM
@TimStone I have @rchern Chatmodifications
@Sathya, is this from SEChatModifications or SEModifications?
@Sathya Oh, are you talking about the chat one or the one for the SE sites?
@rchern I have SE Chat Modifications + SEModifications from @rchern's github repo @TimStone
SEChatModifications is working fine
which one are you seeing that error from though
10:36 PM
on any page or a specific page?
ie, do you have repro steps?
@TimStone hello?
@radp Hi? :P
What mess? :)
Google Chrome, 9.0.570.1 dev
install it.
goto any SE site.
10:39 PM
that's not where you install from
open javascript console.
oh wait
hang on, 9.0.570.1 dev ??
No, that is the problem.
The raw is missing from the URL
linked to the blob, yeah
10:40 PM
So Chrome installed the HTML page instead, heh.
@Sathya, uninstall what you have and install this
@TimStone are you talking about the console.debug spam some versions of SO Live Chat make?
@rchern yeah, fine now :/
@radp Nah, the problem isn't your fault at all. ;)
How did it install correctly on the other laptop :-s
10:41 PM
@TimStone okay, at any rate if there's any modification to it that you require to make it work nicely with SE Modifications, just tell me.
And I'll put it on my to do list. >_>
@TimStone @TimStone, hey, don't let him off the hook!
nev mind, I had installed from stackflair.com/SEModifications.user.js
installing from stackflair.com should be ok too
@rchern yep.
@radp Of course. :) It was just coincidence that the error that @Sathya received was similar to the one that I got on Stack Flair earlier, and the Stack Flair one was related to the API...and your script makes calls to the API whereas SEModifications doesn't....so....yeah ;)
10:43 PM
reads @TimStone's last message and finds her head has started spinning in circles
Although @rchern says that we can't let you off the hook, so I'm gonna have to get out ol' /blame y
@rchern This is why it's typically best that I don't try to explain the connections that my brain makes :P
@rchern Was this a doubly-important reply? ;)
oh, haha. I typed it out, and then decided to make it an explicit reply
10:46 PM
@TimStone It was double-plus good!
Ah, of course, of course.
10:58 PM
@rchern You should see a doctor about that.
...or maybe a priest.
@TheUnhandledException You should see an official party reeducator about that.
...or maybe the nice folks in room 101.
@TimStone You should see a, hm, copy editor about that?
...or maybe you're beyond professional help.
There, everyone's problems solved.
I do feel much better now, thanks.
@PopularDemand LOL
@TimStone Do you? Or do you merely feel like you feel much better now?
11:10 PM
Dr. @PopularDemand now seeing patients?
@rchern Did you you you can just buy lab coats?
say what now?
I was referring to the you you you (;
11:12 PM
It must be happy hour in here, LOL
@rchern Did you know I have been staring at this same class for so long I can't think straight anymore?
I do now!
Er, that is, I was just making sure you were still paying attention. Congrats, you passed!
11:15 PM
This bothers me. Am I OCD?
/ \
Thanks Dr @radp
11:16 PM
@radp Chalk it up to objects being tossed in just so?
@radp Yeah, the water should definitely be pointing all in the same direction
@TimStone the water shouldn't be pointing at all :(
@radp If you throw a rock into a pond, does it not create ripples?
Well, there does appear to be a waterfall in the background, so I have to assume that there's a current...but yes.
11:31 PM
@TimStone that's two waterfalls and one lavafall.
They all cause no ripples.
That's just blasphemous.
The lack of ripples or the lavafall?
The lack of ripples. The lavafall is awesome.
(The wall of stone between the waterfall and the lavafall is, well, solidified lava.)
Does anyone know how long a proposal remains in the commitment phase before going to beta?
I'd ask as a question on meta, but I would think it has already been asked.
I've searched and can't find anything stating it.
11:41 PM
depends on who commits to it
they've got a formula that facts in a user's existing rep score
11:54 PM
Is it posted somewhere? Would this be a reasonable question to ask meta?
Sorry, to ask - just got flamed for asking something :(

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