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11:00 AM
regex orgasm in 3...
@JanDvorak Here's the plot twist: I don't.
then... because you love the challenge?
@Unihedron because that is the only bot-code you found written in a language you were familiar with, love has nothing to do with it?
@Unihedron compare against the latest commit in my repo please. At least events work there :/
Branch vogel that is...
11:08 AM
#Inf: Perhaps, I did code it from scratch though..
@Unihedron I meant found for participation, not found pre-written code, sorry
Oh. :P
*being written from scratch
English... hard.
Scratch is a free desktop and online multimedia authoring tool that can be used by students, scholars, teachers, and parents to easily create games and provide a stepping stone to the more advanced world of computer programming or even be used for a range of educational and entertainment constructivist purposes from math and science projects, including simulations and visualizations of experiments, recording lectures with animated presentations, to social sciences animated stories, and interactive art and music. Viewing the existing projects available on the Scratch website, or modifying and testing...
11:11 AM
@Unihedron you sound like....ahmad :P
@InfiniteRecursion Ahmad who?
@JanDvorak :D I like the fox
I thought it was a cat?
(the other one was only for the sites, this new bug was in SEDE and the portal)
girls may also click...
11:14 AM
@rene yup, fixed
> You need at least 3k reputation to review close votes
I have no rep, will answer more and get it :D
"guys" is actually gender-neutral
^ I am ignoring that
11:15 AM
@InfiniteRecursion only 2500-ish reputation to go...
@JanDvorak so is dipshits
although not the most friendly way to greet people
@JanDvorak you should learn of the Japanese and Dutch, just use "it"
Oh, those dutch types again....
so, what is "guy" in dutch, @rene? ;)
@ShadowWizard Man / Jongen
11:18 AM
@rene too easy to get ;)
@ShadowWizard why always ask @rene, @bart is dutch too
@cVplZ we don't like @bart's
@cVplZ He left for Switzerland, so he doesn't count as real dutch anymore
bart is not a real dutch anymore
That ^^^^ needs to be pinned...
11:21 AM
@Unihedron it's a cat "better cat"
@InfiniteRecursion :D
mm... -6, no boom :(
atlast spam gone
11:30 AM
finally nicael lost his rep successfully
@InfiniteRecursion -5 downvotes mean there is something wrong with the answer i guess.. if i couldnt figure out what was wrong i thought deletion was better
@vba4all okay
are the bounties green on MSE? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/242517/…
on SO, they are blue for me - i.sstatic.net/pq1Qc.png
11:45 AM
They're... orange.
@InfiniteRecursion nah, just don't NAA flag accepted answers. Those go straight to mods, and mods deal more strictly with accepted answers.
@hichris123 ok :)
i don't remember when i received any bounty
@SilentKiller it's easy, you can see all bounties in your profile's "bounties" tab
none earned only offered
11:48 AM
1 earned for 50.
ok, I earned 3, gave 1 for 200
Earned 3, gave 5, on SO :)
11:49 AM
@JanDvorak That's just VLQ.
And/or NAA.
I think it's obvious that it has nothing to do with the question.
Deputy badge on SU
> This is a profile page virus. Add me to your profile so I can multiply.
Did you mean to post this on Space Exploration? — Oded ♦ 11 mins ago
I was amazed to NOT find a spam link in that post
12:05 PM
@ShadowWizard: did you see green for any of these bounties?
or just answer his post saying it's blue already, and get that bounty :D
@InfiniteRecursion that one is blue, but Nicael means in the summary tab:
(taken from Anna profile)
@ShadowWizard mm... that's not a bounty
@Braiam oh, oops
let me see then
upvote on answer...
Low Quality Q (37.9%): How to set emoticons in the edit text in android, by user4204805, on stackoverflow.com.
12:19 PM
^ too broad?
oh well, going to give Tom +500 soon so will see the color
@Sam yes too broad
caching or all queues are full for SO?
12:26 PM
@Braiam what do you mean?
9 suggested edit, 48 Low Quality, 10.8k Close Votes
yeah, caching
@Braiam weird, numbers are different... but no, no queue is full afaik
what's wrong in the above? ^
that's the only sane explanation
aaand 15k user link-only answer...
@Vogel612'sShadow check other answers you'll find many link only answer. i already warned her twice about this.
GameDroids reviewed this 5 mins ago: Approve
Seriously, 2 people approved that
12:42 PM
well at least this one didn't pass.....
... Should'a Rej & Edit'd to remove thanks :)
@ShadowWizard cv-pls the Q
I'm back, btw
welcome back @uni
@SilentKiller thanks!
12:43 PM
bye @uni
@ShadowWizard Unfortunately this one did.
@Unihedron wb
(rolled it back already)
Bad Tag Used: [crash] | PayPal manual credit card entering crash, by Martin Kovachev, on stackoverflow.com.
@Sam looks like many users really believe this is good usage of backticks. Maybe we need to block backticks only edit.
@ShadowWizard some backtick-only edits are good
Maybe we should block edits smaller than six characters.
@JanDvorak actually unclear, how one can "solve a function"?
12:47 PM
Wait, no, that's a bad idea. Also, it's already in effect.
@ShadowWizard You can look for its roots (zeroes)
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about customer services for PayPal, not a specific programming problem. Please take a tour. — Unihedron 10 secs ago
@JanDvorak rare, not worth the flood of backtick spamming we currently have
Low Quality Q (17.9%): I want to change the color of following highlightened things, by Sai Nalla, on stackoverflow.com.
yay! I've got a yearling on MSO
I have none ;(
1:10 PM
If a tag wiki is expanded but still doesn't contain usage guidance, should it be rejected? Rejection doesn't help locate it, but the rejection reason does technically apply
@JanDvorak Reject it. The author of the suggested edit can repost another suggestion, but with new advice to follow.
Rejecting gives out the signal of what edits are expected of editors.
@SilentKiller +1
1:13 PM
@JanDvorak Sufficient for approval, IMHO
The abbreviations don't need to be explained
What about the change MDC to MDN, @Cerbrus?
@JanDvorak This was my point for approval.
That 1 letter is too minor for a suggested edit
that's why there is the expansion, to bypass the limit
1:16 PM
@Cerbrus I though "too minor" went out the window...
Low Quality A (62.6%): noperrinonopinopenopinopinopinope, by wqqqwwww, on gaming.stackexchange.com.
Yea, and that's really not the intention of the limit, right?
@Cerbrus that. The edit seems useful despite being only one character
@Pham Only 62.6%?
@Mooseman The filters are currently being recalibrated.
1:20 PM
Low Quality Q (38.6%): Need a PHP verification code, by isaac mathias, on stackoverflow.com.
The important thing is that Pham round the number to three neat digits, unlike some other bots I could mention.
404 useful flags on SO... what's the subliminal message?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii He actually rounds to 1 d.p.
@Mooseman effort not found?
1:24 PM
@JanDvorak All is lost -- cannot be found :o
@Mooseman 404 - spam not found
This'll be up for deletion in 2 days... stackoverflow.com/q/26780336/1234256
Low Quality Q (39.5%): I want some advise concerning an App that i want to do?, by user3334222, on stackoverflow.com.
@inf that naa flag approved.. :)
@Mooseman What kind of code do you want - the ad code you want to prevent from affecting scroll?
@JanDvorak Whatever is needed to reproduce the error. I removed because it was a unique tag and realized the question was useless, anyway. It's probably not possible to write an MCVE though for the ad code.
that. I wouldn't say that it's an issue that needs debugging. Rather it's one that could use some theoretical approach.
One interesting thing to include, though, is - how is the ad placed into the page?
1:42 PM
@ShadowWizard Thanks for checking
@SilentKiller yay!
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Pham is up and reporting only when Sam is around, but bots which run when dev is not monitoring them need more verbose reporting, if front end report is rounded, dev has to check the logs corresponding to those messages for the actual values.
tl;dr weird decimals are helpful :P
/me wants to change my username to weird decimals
weird decimals ???
1:58 PM
divisible by 0
2:08 PM
rips off everyone's arms and runs from the room laughing
2:21 PM
> Thank you for reviewing 20 suggested edits today; come back in 9 hours to continue reviewing.
Any SO 20K user willing to undelete this one? stackoverflow.com/a/26781214/993547
@Braiam Done
> This edit deviates from the original intent of the post. Even edits that must make drastic changes should strive to preserve the goals of the post's owner.
(not me)
2:25 PM
@ShadowWizard yeah, because I deleted the self answer from the question body
which is the best that could happen to that question in that state..
@Braiam Approved.
Ten of this user's last 11 posts all refer to the same JIRA plugin
I'd like an opinion on whether they are spam or legitimately trying to answer a question
@Braiam Real-time version of that search (so one does not go into what was already retagged): is:q [replace]. When sorted by relevance it puts the questions with only that one tag first. (Except that SO search ranking promotes two questions with very high score).
2:36 PM
A couple of the questions suck, but not all are recommendations
@Andy he's trying to answer most, just that they are asking for plugin recommendations
Q: QR Code as link to new div in Phonegap app

LutzI am writing a phonegap app with jquery mobile and want users to scan a QR-Code which after scanning presents a button linking to display div 'st03' instead of 'st02'. The QR-Code has the following content: Very good, now you may advance further: Station 3 My problem: the link works but the op...

3:18 PM
3K @ meta :)
@TGMCians Thanks
@Vogel612'sShadow Will post when home
3:36 PM
> Sure, there's some internet points involved too, but that is not actually the reason people spend the time to review your code.
make it worth it..
Q: To use some storage in google chrome browser for using on 1-5 different websites

ViktorijaIs there any solution to use some storage or session in google chrome browser, with some data in it that will be available for using on 1-5 different websites with same *.domain.com?

Q: Expanding div, div below not moving

GrantI have this page and the expanding div - click "DETAILS" on any row is not pushing the content underneath down http://www.theukwebspace.co.uk/comparebreakdown/quote-car-local/

Low Quality A (100%): that is easy get the cheats. just look on ga..., by cody sik, on gaming.stackexchange.com.
Travel spam gone.
the gaming post is spam
... Yes, I think so. The link to "cheats" has no relevance to the question.
4:09 PM
Q: Why don't I get 2 rep for accepting my answer?

MoosemanI answered my Stack Overflow question "Q&A style" (at the same time I posted the initial question.) Two days passed, so I accepted my answer. However, I was granted no reputation. Understandably, the +15 is not awarded. (I can see how this would attract spam) But I think the +2 should be awarded...

@Mooseman Eh, accepting self-answer gains no reputation, that's documented in the help center.
Need one more close vote here.
@Mooseman There is no action that adds to your reputation with no other user involved. And there should not be. 7 self-accepts => able to upvote => sock puppet ring. Even if this is unlikely to happen, the principle "you can't give rep to yourself" is simple and logical enough to be followed.
Well done, @ProgramFOX.
4:13 PM
Spam A (100%): **** ******************** *** *****, by *********, on english.stackexchange.com.
@Pham clean
@ProgramFOX Would you please delete your answer so I can delete the question?
@Mooseman Sure, done.
@ProgramFOX Thanks. Done.
4:17 PM
spam eaten. nom nom nom.
4:28 PM
handle pls, probably dupe or closeworthy stackoverflow.com/a/9073015/3622940
Q: HTML Images not lining up

tjarmanThis is my page http://suntmormon.ro/jarman-home-page/ and I want to know why my four smaller images are staggering and not aligned. I use wordpress.

Q: No message when flagging a comment

MoosemanWhen I flag a question or answer, I get this: When I flag a comment, I get this: No confirmation that the ajax request was successful. Nothing. Can we have a message when we flag comments?

Eh, I'm not going to like seeing popups after every comment I flag. ;)
@Unihedron It'd be many, I know. But I think there should be some confirmation that the flag was submitted successfully.
Hover over the message, there's no more upvoting icon and the flag button turns red.
4:52 PM
@Mooseman I'm perfectly aware ;)
@SmokeDetector False positive, wrong Baba.
@Pham del
Q closed.
4:59 PM
gg no re
Something about the existence of this gives me hope in humanity...
> Daily close vote limit reached; please try again in 6 hours
I want more close votes!!!
5:07 PM
Low Quality A (40.1%): ifhkhdxzfyh d yxkrh vncfymjsrxfc nyrfh ok???..., by not Merril, on physics.stackexchange.com.
user image
Good night!
5:08 PM
@Unihedron oh really great. I should learn something /
Low Quality A (46.4%): Yes, you calculate the mass. Okay???!!!??, by not Merril, on physics.stackexchange.com.
^ rude, imo.
The user posted three such "answers" in a row. This pattern qualifies as abusive.
5:46 PM
/me breaks the silence
5:56 PM
Q: Fill specific XLS cell with DB data

The RiotI have an .XLS file with an shopping order with data of order/client. And I wanna know if there's a way to fill an specific cell with my DB data.

One more:
Q: Expanding div, div below not moving

GrantI have this page and the expanding div - click "DETAILS" on any row is not pushing the content underneath down http://www.theukwebspace.co.uk/comparebreakdown/quote-car-local/

6:12 PM
Moose, please do like
6:42 PM
Spam Q (62.5%): Apollon vs Borussia Mgladbach Live Stream 2014 Watch Online, by Rabb Shukrana, on sharepoint.stackexchange.com.
@cVplZ Well, you know, real hammers don't put the nail in a queue of nails to possibly be pounded in by others, lol.
Well, depends on union rules I guess.
@JasonC i've hammered two nails at once before, but yea, not 5.. seems like it would be fun to try
@Pham ok
created account
ok flagged
Flagged, Gone
6:50 PM
Warning: creating an account on Sharepoint Stack Exchange can result in unpredictable behavior, performance degradation, and use of an astoundingly difficult-to-maintain product.
I think @Jan also enter here like same.
SPAM, flag :D
When I entered here I had only one account
now 23 on different sites
still going on..
just for flagging spam
@TGMCians Meh, I've got 62 ;D. I think @Uni has more though.
yes I will have same as like @Jan soon
6:54 PM
oy hey Jan
what's up ?
@TGMCians Me too; I just counted 73.
you counted ?
Yeah I don't know where the number is displayed.
Is it?
It says on your profile.
6:58 PM
@JasonC you're kidding right?
I mean on SO or some other site.
Next to the Badges section.
look between answers and bounties meta.stackexchange.com/users/230261/jason-c where it says accounts
Yeah, it's weird that the network profile lists all accounts but does not say how many you have. ?
7:00 PM
Low Quality A (64.5%): Complete RIPOFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, by SLR, on apple.stackexchange.com.
yea, feature request!
@cVplZ Oh on the actual profile. Thanks.
I never even use that account list, I think I always forget you can scroll down.
oh just had a skype call, i was afk
I want to do it!!
7:02 PM
@JasonC Do it. I'll post a bug report instead.
Here's my bug report, leaving FR to @JasonC
Q: Display number of accounts on network profile page

Jason CThe user profile pages (example) display the number of accounts next to the account list: The network profile page (example) does not display this info: I think it would be handy if the number of accounts were displayed on the network profile page, and also consistent with the accounts list...

Gah, I forgot to add a freehand circle. Oh well.
7:31 PM
link only ^ flag
Any feature request for penalizing users who upvote a question closed with VLQ marked helpful?
@Ahmad I've just gone through your rep history and it seems you've had quite a few down votes over the past few weeks/days...
Which is legit cause for the ban to be raised.
@Sam let's address one closed question which I already edited ithttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/26636268/how-to-set-the-default-font-of-con‌​trols-of-a-from
@Sam but most of down votes where on Meta, does it have any relation?
7:46 PM
o/ Ahmad
@Ahmad From what I know, no.
@Sam my questions are most ok, stackoverflow.com/users/2651073/…, and also on those you closed I left a comment, the answerer also admit its on-topic, I also edited, it could you check it again? stackoverflow.com/questions/26636268
@Ahmad, you have 5 out of 27 posts in negative score territory. You have 19 with a 0 score. Ask (and fix) your questions to be better received.
A: What can I do when getting “We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”?

Robert HarveyWhy am I getting this message? As stated in the about links on every page, Stack Exchange is a network of question and answer sites, not help forums. This implies that all posts are expected to have some value for later visitors too. To enforce that, and to prevent help vampires making the answe...

That is not counting deleted posts, which I can't see. Deleted posts also count against you
Additionally, your two most recent questions are at -1, which is probably what triggered the question ban
> This question was caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced or a simple typographical error. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a manner unlikely to help future readers. This can often be avoided by identifying and closely inspecting the shortest program necessary to reproduce the problem before posting.
^ There's not much you can do to get that question reopened.
7:53 PM
@Sam now I turned it to more general request about how to set default font, which can not be easily find in the web, and also doesn't need reproduction and is a streight question
@Andy Thank you, right my recent post had some negative points while most of them specially one with -3 was not fair, and just out of my debates
@Ahmad Look, you've caught me at a busy time, I have to sort some stuff out for a few mins, then I'll be right back and we can continue if you want...
@Ahmad Focus on improving your questions with 0 or negative scores. Edit and improve them.
@Sam, I see, sorry! see you later
@Andy what should I do with that closed one? or any closed one? should I delete them? one has already an answer
@Ahmad Personally, I'd focus on improving the ones that are still open. It's easier than attempting to get a negatively scored and closed post reopened.
And, you can't delete some of those questions anyway because answers on the question have upvotes.
@Andy I may not try to reopen them, what about to easily delete them, its a good or bad action, sorry to ask much

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